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Thursday, January 17, 2019

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We are a nation at war with itself, cleaved in two by racial, ethnic and cultural differences, each side convinced of its own righteousness. These tumultuous times cry out for a leader of wisdom and maturity, patience and moderation, vision and moral clarity.

Instead, we have President Donald J. Trump. He misses no opportunity to widen the gulf between us, to pour fuel on the raging fires of social and racial conflict, to stoke the smoldering embers of historic tensions. He is the divider-in-chief.

Defying good judgment, Trump has continued the unfortunate tirade he started a few days ago, when he threw a hand grenade into the tinderbox of reaction to athletes’ sideline protests. In an interview that aired on Fox News on Thursday, Sept. 27, he said that National Football League owners are “afraid of their players.”

Let’s be clear: There is absolutely no reason for the president of the United States to comment on the decision of some football players to kneel during the national anthem. And Trump hasn’t just commented. He has railed. He has ranted. He has thrown verbal punches, using an expletive to insist that NFL owners fire any player who fails to stand.

It is no mere coincidence, of course, that most of the players who kneel are black. The social movement started last year, when Colin Kaepernick, then quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, sat while the “The Star-Spangled Banner” was played before a televised game. “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. … There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder,” he later told reporters, referring to police shootings of unarmed black men.

Police violence was already high on the list of issues that divide us. According to an Associated Press-NORC Center poll conducted in 2015, more than 80 percent of black Americans said police are too quick to use deadly force and are more likely to use it against blacks. By contrast, about two-thirds of whites said that police use deadly force only when necessary; about 60 percent of whites said race is not a factor.

Statistics, however, help explain the fears that stalk black families, especially those with sons. While black men make up only about 6 percent of the population, they accounted for one-third of the unarmed people killed by police in 2016, according to data assembled by The Washington Post.

The nation needs a president who is judicious, who can defend the difficult job that police officers do — and the police officers who do it well — while helping all Americans to see the racism that still stalks the criminal justice system. Trump is not that president. He ran a campaign that fanned fears of black crime among his base, and he followed up with an attorney general, Jeff Sessions, who has all but encouraged police violence.

Though Trump has laughably claimed that athletes’ sideline protests have “nothing to do with race,” he knows exactly what he is doing. He is resorting to the ugliest sort of pandering to rally his angry and largely white base of cultural conservatives. And there is a pattern here. Whenever Trump is experiencing political and policy failures in Washington — and he has hardly had a string of victories — he fans the flames of racial and cultural resentment. In the last several days, his latest effort to repeal Obamacare failed, and his favored candidate for the GOP Senate race in Alabama, Luther Strange, lost.

This polarizing president has managed to frustrate even members of his own party, many of whom wish for more discipline and restraint from the Oval Office. But Trump is the natural outgrowth of a strategy that the Republican Party has employed for decades: stoking the fears and resentments of conservative whites who are uncomfortable with the pace of social change.

That unfortunate strategy has helped the GOP hold on to power, but at what cost? A country irretrievably broken?

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23 responses to “After Political Failures, Trump Diverts To Race Issues”

  1. Mama Bear says:

    When is this sleazy slimeball of a human going to be handled?

    • InformedVoter says:

      Sorry mama, but you better get used to President Trump being around for another 3.5 years, and then probably another 4 after that.

      • Charles van Rotterdam says:

        The way he’s going, he’ll be lucky to see the end of the year out

        • InformedVoter says:

          Poor charlie, it’s Mueller who will be lucky to finish out the year. When Mueller’s funding ends, he’ll produce a report that will cause obozo heartburn for ordering a politically motivated wire tap on Trump Tower. So far, Mueller has proven that President Trump was correct about the wire tapping.

  2. Richard Prescott says:

    Why is it that so many cannot see what he is and has been doing? I called him the consummate snake oil salesman last year. Few believed me.
    Here we are now watching that snake oil salesman work his crap. As long as he can divide people it will deflect from the real issues.
    He should not have been elected and he should not be in office.

    • InformedVoter says:

      Sorry rich, but it is the left that stokes the flames of dividing the country. They play the race card and just love seeing the country divided.
      President Trump was spot on with his comments about Charllottesville. He’s spot on with his comments about the NFL players too!
      Notice how quickly the players have buckled when threatened with disciplinary actions? If the NFL players are so noble, then why have 28 been arrested for violent crimes so far this season?
      The voters grew weary of the race baiting under obozo. When obozo took office 69% felt race relations were good. When obozo left office 89% said race relations had significantly worsened. So much for obozo and Dems being uniters!

      • Richard Prescott says:

        You are about as informed as you are not a troll. There have been players arrested on various charges for years, it is just that people are less afraid of outting bad behavior than in the past where athletes were on golden pedestals.
        And if you think Trump was spot on about Charlottesville then you have exposed exactly what you are.
        Got back to watching cable Fox News and Hannity, or chasing down Bannon’s rants.

        • InformedVoter says:

          You just can’t help but display your ignorance can you?
          YUP, it was the left, illegal protesters in Charllottesville who started the violence. The right protesters had a legal permit. So you claiming that I’m somehow wrong when I agree with the President’s statement that both sides were to blame for the violence says you don’t know what you’re talking about. You are a clueless follower of the FAKE MSM lies.
          I bet you believe the FAKE MSM polls that said that HilLIARy was leading and going to win the presidency. And don’t even try to justify her drubbing with the crap about the popular vote with it’s 3 million illegal votes for HilLIARy.
          The voters soundly REJECTED HilLIARy!
          28 arrested for domestic violence and rape. YUP, and you condone violence against women. What kind of pervert are you?

          • Richard Prescott says:

            The fighting started when your Nazis attacked 4 ministers who were in front of their church singing and the antifa came over to protect them. All those gun toting militants just stood there sucking their fingers. Keep living in your delusional world.
            I see you have practiced in front of the mirror spouting all the spin tactics used by Trump and his followers.
            And the more you post, the more you show yourself to be a troll.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Sorry rich, but the violence started when ANTIFA folks attacked the peaceful marchers! Many videos proving that one.

            The more you post, the more you reveal yourself as a low information sheep. You believed the FAKE MSM polls that showed that HilIAry was going to win the election. You are still believing their lies!

          • Richard Prescott says:

            Quiet honestly I have had more intelligent conversations with mental patients that I was caring for. You are living in a world between fantasy and desire. You focus on issues that are not even part of the original article because you have a low factual basis to defend them.

          • InformedVoter says:

            I can believe you don’t have very intelligent conversations with your fellow lefties. Lefties, by definition are close minded, intolerant, low information, bigoted and easily fooled. Pretty much describes you doesn’t it?

            YUP, I’m sticking to the subject, it was not President Trump who introduced race into this subject. It was the left, right from the get go! That’s their claim to fame. They wish to keep the country divided!

            You fell for the lies the FAKE MSM put out about HilLIARY leading in the polls and now you’re falling for their lies that the right started the ruckus. If the left had held the ILLEGAL protest a safe distance away, there never would have been a confrontation and the public would have just ignored them.
            But, NO, the left pulled the police out and let the ILLEGAL left protesters break the law that ultimately led to the violence.

            So you were a patient yourself in one of the safe rooms the left set up after President Trump received his MANDATE from the voters. Did you have a good cry like your fellow lefties?

  3. says:

    loyal to President Donald Trump. are you kidding why he’s not loyal to no one and would throw anyone under the but even his kids in a heart beat don’t fool yourself to him being any other way . as for Fox News’ Sean Hannity he is just a plain moron an arrogant POS anyways

  4. says:

    thy had been hoping a trip would help them get over the tragedy of a helicopter crash <( what this part is about and is I don't know it was just there where I found this )suddenly into the room comes DUMPSTER DONNY he was looking angry and cursing out loud . saying YOUR FKING Dr..has ruined me he screamed .Then DUMPSTER DONNY flung Ivana down on the bed then he pinned back her arms and grabbed her by her hair the part of her head he was grabbing corresponded to the spots on his empty head where the scalp reduction operation had been done on him . then DUMPSTER DONNY started ripping out by the handfuls Ivana's hair . as if he was trying to make her feel the pain that the doctor made him feel on his operation .Ivana was screaming and crying all the time while the DUMPSTER was assaulting her the entire bed was covered with strains of her blonde hair .but the POS BULLY COWARD DUMPSTER DONNY wasn't through yet .he then ripped off Ivana's cloths and unzipped his pants then jammed his small hands penis into her . this was the first time is 16 months . ((had to been a very happy 16 months with out tiny DONNY SMALL HAND penis in her ) Ivana is terrified thinking and saying this is not making love ! this is not romantic sex ! its a violent assault ! she later described what the DUMPSTER DONNY did to her in no uncertain terms according to the version's she repeated to some of her closest confidantes thy told her HE RAPED YOU !!! back to the assault after TINY HAND DONNY DUMP pulled out . she jumped up from the bed and ran upstairs to her mothers room. where she locked the door crying the rest of the night . the next morning Ivana mustered up the courage to return to the master bedroom . BULLY RAPIST DUMPSTER DONNY is waiting there for her . he leaves no doubt that he knows exactly what he did to her the night before . as she looked in horror at the ripped out hair scattered all over the bed . then DUMPSTER DONNY glared at her asked with menacing casualness DOSE IT HURT ???

  5. says:

    so lady’s an gentlemen (not the brain dead followers ) what do you think a charming president ? unlike the BULLSHIfT DUMPSTER DONNY was flinging around about Hillary all this I posted are facts of the DUMPSTER DONNY EVIL CLOWN and much much more seek and you will find its real easy

  6. says:

    for the people that are self blinding them self or are just plain brain dead . this is the true evil one in the white house . tell your children how and why you feel this scum bag should be the president . as a matter of fact tell me id like to know myself //// whats coming next ill post it the real and true DUMPSTER DONNY and he is and always will be like this . think how scared and worried his wife now must be . one can be assured she knows all about this and the sad sick part is DUMP 45 told her about it and threatens her till this day with it easy found FACTS for all that want to see and know of the cold heartless evil SATAN in the white house

  7. says:

    through all his lying Hillary mistake was not going in the same ring to fight the scum bag . there she could of told all the truth that would of combatted all his lies for her truth could be found . as for his lies were his fools gold in his pee for brains little hands and mind . Hillary could of and should of used proven and easily found TRUE FACTS its the country America there is no low place one shouldn’t go to make the USA a better place . if one has to go into the SCUM DUMPSTER DONNYS world to save the country and the world from him then its worth it the country and the world would be very thankful and understand that you had to go that deep into the scum world of DUMP 45 to make things right . what Hillary should posted for all to see again and again also should brought it up every time she confronted or talked to or about the SCUM BAG never stopping it making sure all the women and yes men also see just the evil scum ball that want to be TPOUS and what he truly is

  8. says:

    Hillary played it wrong as even Michelle Obama was wrong when she said when thy go low we go high . when going against the lowest for of life there’s ever been DUMPSTER DONNY ones has to go to the gutter in his place the sewer where the scum he loves so much and lives in . its there and only there one can beat the evil Satan clown . as he dose being the PATHOLOGICAL LAIR he is pumps out all his BULLSHIfT LIES and the funny thing is down in the scum sewer’s of his home the thing most that can beat the DUMP 45 CLOWN is THE TRUTH . and where can one get the truth that can help defeat the DUMP 45 CLOWN ? from the DUMPSTER DONNY CLOWN himself . in his evil Satan life he has records of all his truth evil doings .that’s the funniest part about it all is that beating the dirt bag it only takes the truth he has documented him self. but for HIS BRAINDEAD followers normal people can see and believe the truth

  9. says:

    what sucks worse Chailie Brown is being a pathological liar & a blow hard racist pig and try to use with your lie’s to make all the accuser look wrong . but in the blow hard cold heartless chest you knows the lies cant change how you really feel and are ,, knowing you are that and you will always..//

    interesting just heard on the news with the earthquake in HAITI help was sent there in hours from the USA 10 times as much help not days or week + days and thats not even part of America whats wrong with this pic ? 3.5 million AMERICANS are in Puerto Rico . the the important things on DUMP 45 list is 25+ tweets on kneeling and tax’s cuts that he keeps lying saying thy wont benerfit him . as its showing now the taxes for the lower people will go up fron 10% to 12% what is so hard we have comp.s and all types of online checking facts and lies here . as for the country and all the people in it the DUMPSTER DONNY CLOWN thinks you all are stupid ! the funny thing is he seem to be RIGHT ! For the stupid fools that believe the PATHOLOGICAL LIAR //

    AND 5 TWEETS ON AMERICA PUERTO RICO with 35 million Americans there with life or death terror sraring at them every day yes he cares right ?( NOT) CARES FOR NOTHING BUT HIS EVIL SATAN LOOK A LIKE AND IM SURE WANNA BE SATAN SELF

  10. says:

    Did President Trump add $33 million to Puerto Rico’s debt by bankrupting a golf course there?

  11. “Cultural Conservatives”. This is the more appropriate terminology for Trump and his supporters, most of whom care less about political theory, and more about maintaining social habits and policies that maintain an imbalance in favor of the more dominant group. This has been the major feature motivating groups of humans against changes that disturb this inequality among have’s and have not’s. Which is why the GOP is confused, why Trump supporters support Trump, and why Trump is who he always has been—a supporter of the privileges and maintenance of a way of life that favor himself and those who are like him in outlook and appearance.
    And if all it takes is to pander to the aspirations of the less important members of the privileged class to want to identify with the arbiters of power, because they share the same physical appearances and therefore hope to be accepted, then it makes sense for Trump and the GOP, and other so-called political Conservatives, to take advantage of this division and fantasy to be of the favored group—a phenomenon and strategy as old as humankind’s existence.

  12. Charles Winter says:

    So, if the race baiting doesn’t work for him, does Trump de Dumb Dumb start a nuclear war with North Korea?

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