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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Poll: Mitch McConnell Is America’s Least Popular Senator

Poll: Mitch McConnell Is America’s Least Popular Senator

According to Public Policy Polling’s latest Kentucky survey, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is now the least popular senator in America.

The poll finds that only 37 percent of Kentucky voters approve of McConnell, while 55 percent disapprove. His negative 18 percent net approval puts him below outgoing Nebraska senator Ben Nelson, who had been the Senate’s least popular member.

Perhaps due to his extremely public role as the face of congressional dysfunction, both Democrats and independents strongly disapprove of McConnell — 23 percent of Democrats approve of him, with 73 percent disapproving, and just 33 percent of independents approve, compared to 58 percent who disapprove.

Despite McConnell’s deep unpopularity, PPP finds that he is a good bet to be re-elected:

As unpopular as McConnell is, Kentucky is still a state that voted for Mitt Romney by 23 points last month and because of the political lean of the state, he leads all of the Democrats we tested against him in head to head match ups. 3 of them- Lieutenant Governor Jerry Abramson, Attorney General and 2010 nominee Jack Conway, and actress Ashley Judd — come within 4 points of McConnell at 47/43. Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer trails by 5 at 46/41, Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes has a 7 point deficit at 47/40, Congressman John Yarmuth is down 10 at 48/38, former Ambassador Matthew Barzun lags 48/37, and State Auditor Adam Edelen trails by 12 at 48/36.

McConnell’s greatest threat may come from within his own party; PPP finds that only 50 percent of Republican primary voters want McConnell to be their nominee, while 35 percent would prefer a “more conservative” alternative. This suggests that, despite McConnell’s active efforts to protect his right flank (such as hiring Ron Paul’s former campaign manager to run his re-election effort), he remains quite vulnerable to a Tea Party challenge.

The poll also finds that Ashley Judd would be a strong favorite to win the Democratic nomination if she chooses to challenge McConnell — 29 percent of Kentucky Democrats say that the actress would be their first choice in a primary, followed by Abramson at 16 percent, and Conway at 15 percent, with no other potential candidate breaking double digits.

The full results of the PPP poll can be seen here.

Photo credit: AP/J. Scott Applewhite, File

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79 responses to “Poll: Mitch McConnell Is America’s Least Popular Senator”

  1. Lynda says:

    He will face a strong challenge from the right in 2014. Unfortunately that means that his replacement may be more disturbed than Mitch. Heaven help us.

  2. epubcar says:

    Both the Senate & House current membership should be dissolved. Government should be by Executive Order until an entirely new batch of politicos get elected. 6 year terms for both the Senate & House with a non-campaigned “vote of confidence” at mid-term. No re-election. No multi-term campaigning, just work or out they go.

    As far as McConnell goes hanging is the answer.

  3. Jim Lou says:

    McConnell is facing a threat from his right, which is pulling him even more in that direction. This makes him even more unlikable in the middle. As the presidential election showed it was the middle that decided who would be president.

    • onedonewong says:

      No it was illegals and the 47% who don’t pay taxes that put him in office

      • Well wong there you go again, mittens got the 47%, the President got 51%!!

        • James says:

          Warren, according to your figures Obummer received 4% of the independent vote and bought the 47% with Free Stuff,99 wks unempoyment, free Obama phones, Bail outs, Amnesty to Illegal Aliens,free birth control, free Obama Care. What happens when the bill comes for all this free stuff. Best be armed and prepared .

  4. Mitch McConnell has always been an ass. Knew him way back when he was lowly Louisville jerk. He is crass and totally disrespectful back then. Now just a big arrogant gasbag! Go Ashley! Get the mean lowly bum out of all ours faces.

  5. nobsartist says:

    Once the owl man leaves office he will no longer be able to leave his house without wondering who is around.

    I cant wait to see judd send this jackass home.

  6. MARK says:

    I’ll take a smart beautiful woman any day over a wrinkled old dinosaur.

  7. dalnb says:

    Lets hope Ashley OR ANYONE ELSE can see this guy thrown out of office. No person has ever been elected to go to Washington to create failure; McConnell has been paid tax payers money to do exactly that. He has repeatedly said the GOPs primary objective is to see Obama fails. In working to see Obama fail McConnell and his followers have also worked at creating failure of attempts for a national recovery. They knew and continued to stand in the way of recovery efforts for no other reason than seeing Obama fails.

    America can not throw this bum out but the people of Kentucky can. Those same people, as strong Americans as we will find in our nation, have to have seen the problems he has created over the past years and are ready to see him out of office.

    There can be no doubt though he will draw huge sums of meney from throughout the United States to get him reelected. It may not be the people of Kentucky getting rid of him but the huge funding sources from outside the state that returne him to office!

    • latebloomingrandma says:

      What kind of reasoning occurs in Kentucky when the majority want their dysfunctional Senator out, yet look to put in someone more conservative? What’s wrong with this picture?

      • grammyjill says:

        In Kentucky, on the news they have the moron report. One was a man robbed a bank and got away with 300,000.00. Three days later he was caught when he went back to the same bank and tried to open a savings account with that 300,000.00. The state is just loaded with these smart people.

        • latebloomingrandma says:

          That is hysterical! Do most of the “morons” vote?

          • grammyjill says:

            Yes they vote. My son lives in Kentucky and calls me when the moron report is really funny. He told me about a sixteen year old girl that was out walking her pit bull. Some guy tried to kidnap her. The girl is fine, they are looking for a guy with several holes in his legs.

  8. rockon42301 says:

    Ditch Mitch. I have said for at least 8 years, convince George Clooney to run against Mitch. Get Mitch out, then Clooney could return to Hollywood. Ms. Judd will do just fine. Mitch is a loser and a closet racist.

  9. Bye, Bye, KKK blackbird, Bye, Bye!

  10. Bye, Bye KKK blackbird, Bye, Bye. There’ll be much more progressive, constructive work accomplished in America without the obstructionist McConnell and his KLAN!

  11. howa4x says:

    Well if the republican party stays true to form, a tealiban will beat Mitch in the primary. Then they will start making outrageous statements and loose to Ashley Judd. Although we can’t give the Kentucky voter too much credit since they elected that fool Rand Paul. The strangest fact in all of this is that applications for food stamps are up 70% in republican counties. Now we will see if voters are fooled by the republicans, who want to do away with this program, into voting against their own intrests, and that of thier families. We already know the tea party will do this, but how about the rest of them?
    Sometimes you just can’t make this stuff up!

  12. tman000 says:

    I’m sure Senator McConnell doesn’t believe these polls. He like most of Congress represent themselves, not Americans. These guys didn’t believe the polls prior to November 6th either. The polls seem to always be wrong when there not going our way…

  13. one_veteran says:

    I am surprised even one Democrat would favor this ass over ANYONE!

  14. Landsende says:

    Mitch McConnell is the least popular senator but he will still probably be reelected. Are the people of Kentucky really that ignorant and stupid that they would reelect someone who has done more to hurt the economy first by voting for GWB’s policies and then doing everything he can to obstruct President Obama’s efforts to dig us out of the hole Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove and the teathuglicans created?

  15. JudeLawGuardian says:

    Is this really news? Time to bag up this pile of manure and dump it with the rest of the Republican trash.

  16. elw says:

    Not suprising, the guy is a mean spirited idiot.

  17. RR3 says:

    without a doubt he took the entire cake on ” how can I make an a*&^%$s…out of myself”….when you filibuster your own bill……how low can you go…and all of this is after he paraded his famous slogan….”our goal is to make President Obama a one term President…” grat vision and leadership…..but the poor state of KY, we guess that their hate for the President gives them no other choice but continue supporting stupidity….

  18. JOAQUIM says:

    I don’t know why I got the idea the man was a wax dummy, like those you might find on a circus of the XIX century.

  19. He is representative of everything the left hates about the right…another rich greyed haired old white guy with no concept of the damage he’s done to this nation.

    Why anyone even acknowledges his existence is beyond me. Just ignore him. Don’t recognize him.

  20. Can the state that gave us Randy Paul give Foghorn Leghorn the boot?
    Or, do they ENJOY being the laughingstock of the nation?

  21. Sand_Cat says:

    The best part is that he’ll likely be re-elected. So who cares how “popular” he is, whatever that means?

  22. I never liked his looks nor the way he talked through his teeth…plus like Steve says (and he knew him once)..Mitch is an ass.

  23. The Republican Party talks about a plan, well the American People elected Obama because he had a plan. Unlike Mitt the Twit, and his party had none. Obama had a plan and still has the same one, so stop being stupit and listen to the American People. On Ashley, I hope she will run, I will send her some money for her race, I think Kentucky deserve better representation, than an Old Angry White Male Power Graber, and a sore loser that is getting older mentally by the minute.

  24. William says:

    What kind of person blocks his own Bill from coming to the floor, an IDIOT.

  25. Lynda says:

    Ms Judd is just a few point behind good old Mitch. She is an actor, but Mitch has been an actor in the Senate for far too long already. Reminds me of when Reagan ran for governor of California and his theme was ‘why not an actor, we’ve had clown for years.’ Sophomoric certainly, but it was effective. I sure hope that the good citizens of Kentucky wise up before 2014 and elect somebody who puts country before political party agenda driven drivel.

  26. You go Girl………………Heck….I’m from WV but I will send you a donation to run against MR. NO……………………

  27. He is the most disruptive Politician in modern times………….he doesn’t give a rats butt about the Great USA…………….it’s all about him being in the headlines…………..NOTHING ELSE………………

  28. Old chicken lips here of Kentucky is long in the tooth and deserves to be put out to pasture.. ..I can’t stand Kentucky and this clown is the main reason why…How stupid can people be to keep electing this awful person?

    Yes, Ashley Judd can put this right wing tea bagger out of his misery…

  29. CYNICALZ says:

    Support Ashley Judd. She is fair minded, a first class act, and intelligent.

  30. The people of the State of Kentucky need to get active in the political affairs of the state. Mitch McConnell is not popular with the people of Kentucky. He only holds the Senate seat because of complacency by the voters and by all of the other politicians! Vote Mitch McConnell out of office!

  31. Jack Wormer says:

    McConnell is the one living proof that THE EYES ARE THE MIRROR INTO THE SOUL….and his mouth has been reinforcing the impressions thus received!

  32. Wow……some great comments, thought I was somewhat alone out there, but being a so-called outsider and being involved in the politics of things here in Kentucky I’ve found that this guy is a true sick-co, bring on Ashley or anyone with some good common sense.

  33. Barbara says:

    Ashley Judd is a very intelligent woman..remember Reagan was an actor & that didn’t seem to make a difference in his election. When McConnell announced he would make sure Obama would be a 1 term President , I made up my mind to let everyone know what an idiot he was. There should be Term Limits on these old codgers who end up being Lobbyist when they retire & start double-dipping. Too many OLD men are TRYING (?) to run the country. I am an 82 year old Great-grandmother and I’m tired of these Employee’s of the American People going home when they don’t want to vote or pass a bill. If American Worker’s did their jobs like the Politicians do theirs…they would be FIRED!! Most of us are for TERM LIMITS to BOZO’S. As for Social about paying all the money back that was borrowed from it in the past? That is all I have to say..for NOW. AMEN ..Barbara

  34. Barbara says:

    I posted regarding Ashley Judd..don’t know if it posted correctly?

  35. Barbara says:

    Lynda..not if a Demo. like Ashley replaces the old idiot!

  36. Barbara says:

    How come so many of the politicians wives work in Government? I heard that McConnell Japanese wife is in Government also? Don’t these guy’s make enough to support their wives so other women can make a livelihood for their families?

  37. “WHY”? You might ask? Because he is a Self-Serving, Bigoted old Fool who “gets off” on peeing on the little people! He is a sorrow and a pity and I feel sorry for any and ALL Kentuckians who are at his mercy. He is a Prime example of someone who is corrupted by the power they wield. Pox on him and ALL who think as he does.

  38. jimmiethec says:

    Ashley Judd? Oh hell Yes! Would vote for her in a heartbeat if I lived in Kentucky. She’s smart and nobody’s fool and she’s talented as well. Not to mentioned that I’ve had a crush on her since Simon Birch. If she really intends to run I would like to know where I could send a contribution (a meager one since I’m one of the infamous 47%).

  39. Butch says:

    so the excuse for this queen being in office is = Do Not Change a THING! It’s better this way? poor deluded serf’s – grow some folks!

  40. ridemybroom says:

    anyone would be better than this fool…this racist fool !

  41. Stanley W says:

    I agree with Steve Stricker and all the others. I live about 5 miles from Louisville where the butt head is from. A lot of people around here call the idiot B- TCH McCONNELL.He is looking out for the choosen few that grease his palm for his campaign. I will not vote for him. I hope he is nowhere to be seen in 2014. Go ASHLEY

  42. fidel says:

    It’s time to Retire and the others 2 amigos too,Leave the seat to young Senator,they has the Brain more clean .The 3 Amigos ,They work for some Interest from the 2 0/0.Trouble makers .


  44. Kevin says:

    “35 percent [of Kentucky republican voters] wold prefer a “more conservative” alternative.” Huh? What is wrong with these people? Is regurgetating FOX catch phrases all they know?

  45. craig says:

    mitch is the face of treason in the functioning of this country.

  46. Get rid of him and put up Ashly Judd to run for the office. Get rid of this racist . He’s not only the least populer but the most racist and will not do anything to help this country of back to financial respectibility He and his gang should be censsored and make it a mandate that they cannot hold any civil office. (That is from dog catcher and up) LOOKING FOR ASHLEY JUDD////

  47. JerryS says:

    His connection to the KKK reminds me of a bunch of band of members who cannot see out of the holes in their white masks and complain about it causing much discord among themselves.

  48. James says:

    That’s all we need is another Hollywood bimbo.We already have that failed Hollywood comedian in the Senate.

  49. James says:

    Another Hollywoood carpetbagger bimbo.

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