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Monday, October 24, 2016

Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) has touted his ability to win in a blue state as a hardline conservative. But a new poll out Thursday from Marquette University Law School now finds Wisconsin voters seriously down on him — and giving Hillary Clinton a big lead in a possible presidential matchup.

Clinton has 52 percent support, against only 40 percent for Walker. The last time Wisconsin voted for a Republican presidential candidate was in 1984. These sorts of poll numbers, if corroborated by future surveys, could call into question Walker’s electability if he indeed launches a campaign for president.

In addition, Walker’s approval rating is now only 41 percent, compared to 56 percent who disapprove of him. Walker was re-elected this past November with 52 percent of the vote.

The poll also asked about Walker’s recently passed “right to work” law, his latest major accomplishment for the right wing. Only 44 percent support this law, which forbids mandatory dues collection by labor unions at private-sector jobs, and 50 percent are opposed.

The survey of registered voters was conducted from April 7 to 10, and has a margin of error of +/- 3.5 percentage points.

Photo: Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin speaking at the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland. (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

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  • TZToronto

    Well, I guess some Badgers are thinking.

  • Carl Sdano

    The voters of my state appear to be getting a case of buyer’s remorse. They shall now reap what they have sown. It’s so sad what he has done to this once progressive state in regards to education, health care, workers & voting rights, natural resources, women’s rights & on & on. His only aim throughout the last couple decades, has been to further his own political ambition. But he couldn’t have caused all this harm without the acquiescence of a gerrymandered legislature. It’s too late fellow Wisconsinites. You didn’t pay attention.

    • Kinda like what we got in the last two Presidential elections. Nothing Presidential about the Emperor.

  • Dominick Vila

    What is surprising about this poll is that Hillary is leader Walker by only 12 points. Walker is a joke, and an embarrassment. He should withdraw his bid for the nomination of his party to limit damage to our national credibility to his home state, where some people apparently like what he is doing and are proud of his intellectual acumen.

    • FireBaron

      They probably stopped sampling when they saw how bad little Scotty was lagging.

    • mike

      Wisconsin is a blue state!! DUH!!
      12 points is just about right for Hillary’s Marie Antoinette tour, sampling cake and commoners. But what else can she do? She’s got enough genuine inauthenticity to go around — decades of positioning, framing, parsing, dodging, lying. There is a perception of the theatrics of this gigantic political apparatus that surrounds her and directs her movements. Her phoniness keeps oozing out, and it will get worse as time goes on.
      Only in your weak mind is he a joke. Now how many teachers dropped paying their forced union dues???
      Wisconsin’s Act 10, essentially requires the WEAC to mount a recertification drive every year to ensure that a majority wants its representation. The Act also prevents public sector employers from automatically collecting dues and passing them along to unions. Since June 2011, teacher enrollment in the WEAC has dropped nearly a third from nearly 100,000 members, and the smaller union AFT-Wisconsin has fallen more than half from its peak membership of 16,000.

      The fun is just beginning.

      • IBMaxine

        In regards to Hillary and her baggage…. dude, she’s a politician. No better or worse than the rest of the field. The difference is who she is most concerned for and who she will actuall work for. She also is the most qualified for the job. You don’t have to like any of them personally, but you do have to really listen to what they say and how they have worked in the past. Is there any substance to their ideas or are they just ‘talking points’ with nothing to show? What kind of shape are their states in? What is it you find compelling about a candidate? Make sure that what you don’t like or care about is something you think you and everyone else can live with. Got to remember, what they do or don’t do is for the good of the NATION not necessarily the individual.

        • mike

          Qualified my eye!! Maybe for precinct captain. All she has done is be an enabler for Billy Boy and his womanizing. was a failure as secretary of state, a so so senator, but in her eyes and yours a Women that deserves to be president, etc.. Add to the fact she has ridden the coattails of Billy Boy, for one and only one thing, Power. She hasn’t done squat! Qualified!!! what a joke.
          No, inauthenticity is what she is, a phony, that she can’t even carry off.

          • IBMaxine

            Mike, what qualifications do ANY of the republican field have? As to Hillary’s accomplishments, successes and/or failures are sometimes a matter of perspective. Just like POTUS, the right is determined to see unmittigated failure and refuse to see the successes he has had. Your rant is not intelligent nor persuasive. More like a temper tantrum.

          • mike

            You claim she is so well qualified, so don’t try and change the subject.
            Temper tantrum, now that is funny and much like your thought process, wrong.
            Yes, perspective plays a role, but the perception of Hillary is she both dishonest and lacking trustworthiness by a majority of people.
            We will see how the Marie Antoinette tour goes with the American people. She is not a good campaigner like Bill and watch her stay away from the press.
            Watch her eyes in this video as she talks about her emails and server problem. Watch a liar in action. The press is directly in front of her, not high to left or right, at about the 11:10 you will see the press, just watch where her eyes go the whole time before she attempts to answer questions from the press.


          • 4sanity4all

            As a New York legislator, she did very good work for her constituents. They were glad they elected her. As a Secretary of State, she brokered many agreements that earned the U.S. good will and respect. You are ranting about silly issues instead of looking at what she accomplished. And remember, she repeatedly asked Congress for money to be allocated for increased security at our embassies. They denied the money, then they made a phony issue about Benghazi. You can’t have it both ways, but Republicans sure try.

          • mike

            Pathetic try, no cigar.

            Name one country we have better relationship with during her term than we had before her.

            PS; She accomplished zilch. Our respect in the world has gone down not up.

    • stcroixcarp

      Walker’s current proposed budget is hitting his supporters smack in the pocketbook. He proposes cutting $300 million from our flagship University system and partially privatizing it. He proposes cutting funding and privatizing long term health care which will force thousands of disabled and elderly Wisconsinites into institutions instead of remaining in their own homes. He proposes cutting funding for the DNR and eliminating all scientific research positions and educational specialists. He proposes cutting funding for state parks and increasing fees which will make visiting a state park out of reach for many families. He has refused the federal railroad transportation subsidies, costing hundreds of living wage jobs. He has refused federal medicaid money costing tax payers millions of dollars and individuals thousands of dollars in higher health insurance premiums. Then there was ACT 10 that destroyed the ability for teachers’ unions to negotiate with school boards and froze wage increases, and the school voucher program and so on and so on. Walker’s job approval rating in Wisconsin is -56%. But the Koch Brothers, The Bradley Foundation and girlfriend Diane Hendricks love him. Money is all that matters.

      • IBMaxine

        An yet, they RE-elected him…..

        • stcroixcarp

          Sadly, yes.

        • 4sanity4all

          That is true, but I was in Wisconsin during the time before the recall election. Koch money was blitzing the airwaves with so much misinformation, unless a voter had a lot of time to check out their claims, they might have been persuaded that Scott Walker was being unfairly maligned. Also, many ads appealed to one issue voters, especially the old “Scott Walker is the only guy you can trust not to take your guns”, and lets face it, the number of recreational gun owners is huge in Wisconsin. He won by a slim margin, but he won. And supported by a Republican legislature, he is able to do a lot of damage to what was once a liberal leaning state.

          • IBMaxine

            You have my sympathies.

  • FireBaron

    Kind of reminds me of how Rick Santorum came in fourth place in the Pennsylvania Primary, behind Mitt Romney, I forget who was number two, and “Undeclared”. When your own state feels that way about you, given real choices…
    My other personal favorite was how Mitt Romney “captured” the Catholic Vote in every state he ran against Santorum. Goes to show you some Republican voters are smarter than folks realize.

  • FT66

    One question voters must ask themselves is: why people like Scott Walker, Chris Christie can’t win in their States they have been governing for quite sometime? People there know them very well. They know their weakness, they know it is all about talks and nothing is delivered. Why should anyone award them to take a very high post in country? Voters, it is your turn to tell them: “sit down”.

  • Bren Frowick

    Hilary is tied with Paul in Kentucky, beating Walker in Wisconsin, Christie in New Jersey, Rubio in Florida, tied with Bush in Florida….

  • exdemo55

    After Hillary Clinton left the State Department in early 2013, her favorable rating was 64% and her unfavorable rating 31% in an April 14 Gallup poll. In a March 4, 2015, Gallup poll, respondents were 50% favorable, 39% unfavorable. That’s not a good trend.

    Nevertheless, the Hillary Juggernaut rolls on. She has no significant challenger for the 2016 presidential nomination—though 66% of Democrats in a March 24 CBS poll wanted Mrs. Clinton to face one.

    Her campaign strengths are clear. Raising money, at least from bundlers and events, will be easy. President Obama is in her corner—he needs her to win to protect his legacy. And finally there’s her team. It consists of mostly battle-hardened veterans with a take-no-prisoners toughness, a mix of Obama operatives, key State Department advisers, members of her 2008 campaign apparatus, and some of her husband’s old hands from the 1990s.

    Yet each one of these strengths is also a potential weakness.

    Money matters, but so does its source. That means there will be more than casual interest in the Clinton Foundation’s acceptance of large foreign donations when she was secretary of state or preparing to run for president.

    As for Mr. Obama, he is unlikely to be more popular next year. It will take real skill for Mrs. Clinton to distance herself from his foreign-policy mistakes, given that she ran his State Department in his first administration. She will also suffer from the next wave of dissatisfaction when ObamaCare kicks in for small businesses next year. And what happens if the economic recovery, already slow by historic standards, softens?

    John Podesta is the likely chairman of Hillary’s 2016 campaign, once she declares. The former top adviser to Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama will have the whip and the will to use it, but even then, it will be difficult to control the disparate elements of his boss’s operation.

    Consider what happened when Mrs. Clinton said she used a private email account to communicate with her husband. One of his aides immediately told a reporter that Mr. Clinton had only sent two emails in his life, neither one of them to his wife. The aide also said that Huma Abedin, one of Mrs. Clinton’s top lieutenants, had asked that her email account be set up on Mr. Clinton’s office server.

    Mrs. Clinton’s biggest challenge may be that she has yet to grasp why she lost in 2008. Her new image adviser, Kristina Schake, appears to believe it’s because she did not appear warm and personable. Ms. Schake helped first lady Michelle Obama deal with a similar problem by having her dance on Ellen DeGeneres’s TV show and work in a White House vegetable garden.

    Being warm and personable are important traits for a presidential hopeful, and Mrs. Clinton’s image mavens are right to worry about her appearing cold and inauthentic. But their answer—putting Mrs. Clinton in smaller, more personal events where she is seen in a “softer light”—suggests that they think the problem is settings not substance.

    They will soon discover the limits of having Mrs. Clinton discuss her yoga routine on a blog and reveal herself in an appearance on the Food Network, two ideas floated recently. The press would eventually tire of watching Hillary fans toss her softballs over diner tables or in small kaffeeklatsches. These kinds of performances could worsen her already bad relations with the press, a key liberal constituency.

    It could also add to the perception that Mrs. Clinton feels entitled to the Oval Office. Remember that her most personal moment in 2008—when she teared up in a New Hampshire diner—was in response to the question of how she stayed upbeat in the face of political attacks. It’s always about her.

    Mrs. Clinton’s main problem in 2008 was lack of a compelling message—and she lacks one now. She has recently tried channeling her inner Elizabeth Warren by talking about income inequality, but her comments had a check-the-box quality.

    She is someone searching for a rationale to run, rather than seeking how best to present it to the public. Mr. Podesta is smart enough to realize this, but slogans and soft lighting can’t substitute for real convictions and an authentic sense of purpose.

    Mrs. Clinton’s run for the White House seems more about personal political ambition than the country’s well being. Aides, consultants and even spouses can’t change that.

  • exdemo55

    To bond with “everyday” Americans, Hillary Clinton left her million-dollar Chappaqua, N.Y., mansion Sunday in the “Scooby-Do Mystery Machine” van, bound for Iowa. It was déjà vu all over again: In 1999 she started her U.S. Senate campaign by driving around upstate New York in a van also called “Scooby.”

    The new van’s leather interior, 29-inch flat-screen TV with Blu-ray, and a power sofa that converts into a bed won’t turn Mrs. Clinton into America’s middle-class granny, especially after the salesman who helped deliver it explained, “It’s very luxurious.”

    There’s a weirdness to this trip, a lack of excitement and purpose that seems a metaphor for Mrs. Clinton’s campaign. The principal photo op Monday was courtesy of a Chipotle’s surveillance camera in Maumee, Ohio, that caught her and senior adviser Huma Abedin in dark glasses ordering lunch, looking like they were on the lam.

    Ms. Abedin was an interesting traveling companion. Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley has asked why she drew a $135,000 State Department salary as a top aide to Secretary Clinton while getting special dispensation to simultaneously take $355,000 more from Teneo, a public-affairs shop—founded by a former aide to President Bill Clinton—that supplies political intelligence and advice to U.S. and foreign companies. The State Department Inspector General announced Friday that he is investigating the issue.

    On Tuesday Mrs. Clinton arrived in Iowa for visits to a restaurant and a garage where she read heartfelt talking points off heartfelt prepared notes. No tough questions from national reporters, just softballs from supporters. CNN’s Brianna Keilarreported Iowans “were perplexed” she didn’t talk with people Tuesday, undermining Mrs. Clinton’s woman-of-the-people narrative. She says she doesn’t feel entitled to the presidency, but apparently she feels entitled to campaign in a cocoon.

    Whatever the Scooby van trip’s merits, it’s unlikely to overcome the challenges facing Mrs. Clinton detailed in a wide-ranging survey of likely voters in 15 battleground states conducted for Crossroads GPS, a 501(c)(4) issue-advocacy group I volunteer with.

    The poll shows Mrs. Clinton losing to a generic Republican in these states, 43% to 44%. In 2012 Mitt Romney won three of them, Barack Obama 12. If those survey numbers held up on Election Day 2016, she would lose the majority of their 170 electoral votes—and with them, the White House.

    The GPS poll found Mrs. Clinton is universally well known with 49% viewing her favorably and 44% unfavorably. These declined to 44% favorable, 51% unfavorable when respondents were read positive and negative statements about her record.

    While Mrs. Clinton’s hard-core support base makes her a formidable candidate, she has little room to grow. Those who oppose her are many and feel strongly while undecided voters appear to lean against rather than for her, and it’s hard to get a first introduction with voters for the third or fourth time.

    Battleground state voters are sharply split about whether Mrs. Clinton is honest and trustworthy, with 49% agreeing and 49% disagreeing. But 35% strongly disagree while 22% strongly agree.

    Six out of 10 voters say Mrs. Clinton would do or say anything to get elected and nearly half say she doesn’t share their values. Problematically, with an electorate demanding change, 71% of battleground state voters believe she would continue Mr. Obama’s policies.

    The poll also suggests stressing she would be the first woman president could create problems. Among women, Mrs. Clinton leads a generic Republican by only two points—45% to 43%—while losing men by four points, 41% to 45%. Only women from households with $100,000+ a year incomes found the prospect of her as the first woman president persuasive. Meanwhile, 80% of all voters say it makes no difference.

    There’s also an important warning for Republicans in the GPS survey. Among the plurality in these battleground states who support a generic Republican over Mrs. Clinton, 51% say their vote would be for the Republican candidate’s ideas and policies while 37% said their vote would be against Mrs. Clinton.

    These voters already know and have essentially rejected Mrs. Clinton. Most undecided voters appear inclined to reject her as well. But they all want to know the vision and ideas of the Republican candidates, delivered with passion, sincerity and authenticity.

    GOP candidates who excel at explaining their vision are more likely to gain voters’ support than candidates whose main purpose is attacking Mrs. Clinton, something Republicans should keep in mind as they select their nominee.

    • bikejedi

      Great breakdown . I wonder how many of the people who vote Dem know ot realize that her so called ‘ round tables with the common folk ” are staged events where she is meeting with Dem operatives ?

  • docb

    Talk about humiliating…from the voters he screwed with the kock up bros money 3 times…Revenge served cold…or in this case frosty!

    • bikejedi

      You want to know what embarrassing is ? How about that MSNBC Poll showing that 85% of respondents would not vote for Hillary the Lying Heart

  • Whatmeworry

    Is she running?? All she has done so far is to release a video and won’t take questions

    • bikejedi

      She is only doing staged events that the 3 major Liberal networks are reporting as just Hillary meeting with common folk … The sheep are totally oblivious to the fact that those aren’t common folk but rather strategically placed Dem Communist Operatives

    • FATtttttboyyyyy Danny Ketter!!!

    • Daniel Max Ketter

      No Dan Ketter is running. I’m not fat, I only weight 410 lbs. I’m still a handsome guy.

  • bikejedi

    Meanwhile MSNBC did a poll asking respondents if they would vote for Hillary . When I responded to that poll 85% of respondents had stated that NO they wouldn’t vote for her . Since that is on the most Liberal of Whitehouse PR outlets and propaganda machines I think Hillary should ditch her Mystery Van and just await her Federal Prosecution

  • Joan

    There is little doubt that the GOP has totally screwed any chance they had at winning a national election; you can not win by aleinating Latinos, blacks and women; that will not stop them from state offices were they will continue to do a lot of damage.
    I use to think that the voters in the state deserve what they voted for; however I am not sure that any voters deserve a Walker or a Scott or a Brownback.