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Thursday, October 27, 2016

WASHINGTON — “I want to publicly acknowledge God’s role in all of this,” declared a victorious Mark Sanford as he celebrated an unlikely political rebirth Tuesday night with a sermon praising the Supreme Being and the many “angels” who helped the once-disgraced former governor along the way.

Perhaps the Almighty did inspire those who drew the boundaries of South Carolina’s 1st congressional district. They packed it with so many Republicans that Sanford was able to engineer a comeback in the polls by debating a flat piece of cardboard bearing the image of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Voters in the Lowcountry may have been weary of a man who made a national spectacle of himself by covering up an affair when he was chief executive and then hanging around in office. But when called to arms against liberals and spending and big government, they were prepared to forget Sanford’s hike on the Appalachian Trail, the one that never happened but was his attempt at a false alibi for being in Argentina to see his lover-now-fiancée.

His Democratic opponent, Elizabeth Colbert Busch, tried everything she could to shove party and philosophy out of the voters’ minds and keep them focused on the man they had once loathed and laughed at.

She made herself relatively scarce when it came to campaign appearances and her advertising was out of a Chamber of Commerce promotion. “Elizabeth knows jobs” was the opener on a spot that touted her as a “Charleston businesswoman” and spoke of the importance of math and science — hard to argue with that. She closed by telling voters: “I’m running for Congress to create jobs in South Carolina. That’s what I know.”

What she and her handlers did not know, or hoped wasn’t true, was how deep our regional and partisan divisions are. You can run from ideology, but you can’t hide. Ironically, it is Colbert Busch’s brother Stephen Colbert who became one of the era’s most entertaining and astute political satirists by understanding the power of ideology. You might say that Sanford’s whole campaign was drawn from a Stephen Colbert sketch.

And, yes, this was South Carolina. Remember that when Newt Gingrich ran for the Republican presidential nomination last year, he won only two primaries: in his home state of Georgia, and in the state where the Civil War began. It’s funny, by the way, that Sanford’s full-page ad defending his visit to his ex-wife Jenny’s house in violation of a court order referred to the battle of the Alamo but misstated the year it happened as 1863. This would move that fight to the death into the middle of the War of Northern Aggression, as some Southerners still see it. Was this evocative error entirely accidental?

  • Sand_Cat

    It will NOT be an embarrassment to any Republican in the House. They have abundantly demonstrated that they are absolutely incapable of the feeling.

  • bpai99

    “I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do because I notice it
    always coincides with their own desires.” – Susan B. Anthony

  • The election of people who should not be close to a high position of responsibility and who, in some cases, should be serving time in jail for fraud, has a lot more to do with ideological zealotry than a mythical God. Sanford was elected by people whose priorities are focused and influenced by hatred towards (1) Barack Obama, (2) gun control, (3) abortion, (4) gay marriage, (5) immigration reform, (6) Affirmative Action, (7) Civil Rights, and (8) social programs. Sanford may be the first of many…

    • lana ward

      Good won over evil in that election. You should thank God!!!

      • Good won over evil,are you on drugs?
        Tell me ,does your man screw his whore and you thank God for it?
        You must love those GOP family values,you pitiful fool!

      • Justin Napolitano

        Don’t take too much Lana, leave a little for his Argentina, family killing, trail blazing, street walker.

      • In reply to Lana Ward –

        I think you meant the last Presidential election, didn’t you?

    • mike

      Not hatred but dislike/concern for Numbers 1, 2, 3(especially late term abortions), 5.immigration reform(CBO claims it will cost 10,000 per person each year added to Obamacare-Politico 4/9). Shame on you on the rest. Name one republican who is against no’s. 6 ,7, 8. Think hard about it and give me who, when, documentation.

      • One of the claims made, consistently, by Republicans about President Obama’s education is that he received it thanks to the largesse of Affirmative Action. The centerpiece of Rep. Ryan’s plan was the dismantling of MEDICARE, and Republicans have tried, unsuccessfully, to privatize Social Security since its inception. As for Civil Right, “taking America Back” is an open-ended goal that can encompass many things, including going back to an era that belongs in the history books.
        Yes, immigration reform, especially legalizing the status of illegal immigrants, will increase our cost of living, the same way the emancipation of slavery did long ago. Is that the best the Tea Party crowd can claim to oppose the end of an embarrassing situation in a nation that claims to be a champion of freedom and democracy?

  • commserver

    It is no coincidence that the Tea Party has some leverage in S.C. and the rest of the Old South. They are still fighting the Civil War or the War of Northern Aggression.

    They still have the mind set of those days.

    • mike


    • lana ward

      They are still what makes America great

      • Justin Napolitano

        I’ll bet you would suck a sanford coca cola.

        • InsideEye

          Is it really better today, race cards and most of all fake Coke ?

      • white supremacy makes america great?

    • That’s Not The Only War The Nuts Been Fighting, They Been Fighting With Each Other Like The Hatfields And The McCoys!!! LOL The Crazies Are Getting Even Crazier!! 🙁

  • BDD1951

    Just goes to show that South Carolinians would rather have a corrupt republican to represent them than an honest democrat.

    • lana ward

      Who are you trying to kid, there are no honest dems. NONE

      • BDD1951

        I am 78 years old and I have the slow corruption of the republicanparty ears. Corruption is their middle name. Go on line and look up the mostcurrupt politicians in the US and see just how many are Dems and how many are Repubs.

        • Pay Her No Mind It’s The Results Of Eating Way To Much Cat Do Do And Drinking Cat Piss That Really Have lana ward= anal draw So Confused!!! They Love To Lie Cause They Are Devil Worshiping Trolls!!

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    The people of South Carolina, like those in GA, TX, AL, LA, MS, MO and KS are not Republicans. They can drop the phony labels. What they are in essence, are neoconservative ideologues with a neurotic insularity that defies imagination. These are not people who have a clue what goes on in any state but their own. Their view of the economy, jobs, investments etc…all stem from their insular view of life in their own states. They promote this division for the benefit of increasing their reliance on federal funding and refusing to tap into their state taxes which they love to claim are “conservatively low.” Well sure…when your indigent live off the taxes people in other states pay, why not?

    What we now know about the red states is what we’ve always known…they are backward and hate anything that resembles progress or change. To them, the Pre-Civil War Era is their Renaissance to which they would love the entire country to return. Not going to happen…but these backward people can dream can’t they?

    • kanawah

      @Eleanore Whitaker

      You make one mistake. The Transylvania tea bags do not have the slightest idea of what is going on in their state, only in their small insulary corner of the world. They have no idea of the consequences of their action, and probably do not care.

  • turtlewoman1039

    Just love to see those ‘family values’ voters in action. It would be far more amusing to witness their hypocrisy if the results did not have such detrimental effects on the REST of the country. Liars and hypocrites, the lot of them.

    • lana ward

      You’re right, Dems are liars and hypocrites, the lot of them

      • turtlewoman1039

        You are deliberately obtuse. It is the republicans / talibangelists who run around proclaiming their christianity and family values, yet vote for a man who cheated on his wife and family, lied to the public, and used state funds to pursue his affair.

        • Do you know if he paid the state back?

          • I think Karl Rove wrote that check, along with the checks to the Koch brothers for the massive screwup during the last Presidential election.

      • You should be on “Faux News”. The blonde who gives the best blow job,gets the job. Sounds like you would be perfect.

  • kanawah

    First of all, if there was a ‘god’, which there is not, that god would “smite” Sanford for his disgusting actions.

    Too bad his ” X ” did not run against him in the primary. That would have eliminated the ass from contention.

  • ram1020

    The only good thing about this election is that it reflects the political position of the district. All elections should be decided on issues, not personalities. If elections become about the messengers and not the message, we discourage good leaders from running and having any dirt from their past dug up (everybody has something). At the same time, we then chose between whose dirt is worse instead of issues, and we perpetuate the ineffective government we have had this whole century.

  • mike

    I find it interesting that not a word about Benghazi from NM and the riveting testimony by 3 career State Department employees.

    Even more telling is that Mr. Hicks was not allowed to talk Mr. Chaffetz without a State Dept. lawyer-talk about intimidation.

    Benghazi is neither left or right but a profound National Security interest. 4 dead and very little known. In the testimony we find Clinton never was interviewed by commission set up by Obama to find the facts. Sec. State the head of the State Department never interviewed. Astounding!! I believe Hicks too, was not interview.

    • Oh for God’s, sake leave it alone! It’s all been said! Now you just use it as smoke screen to hide all the other really bad things that are happening with the GOP!

      • lana ward

        The dems are all communists and terrorists, they hate America and are destroying anything decent

      • mike

        In your pea brain it probably has been said. So who changed the talking points, who made up the story about video, why did Clinton and Obama talk about the video when receiving the bodies when they new that was a lie.
        The smoke screen is coming from the left not the right.

      • Funny How This Do Nothing Congress Cut Funding For These People Overseas Twice Now They Wondering What Happen!!! Duh?? It’s All Bullshit Done To Attack Hillary Clinton And Our President !!! We The Smart People Of America In No Way Buying None Of The GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Bullshit!!! NONE!!

    • BDD1951

      There were over 50 attacks on American embassies during Bush’s time and 13 people died in those attacks. There were only 3 hearing and no one suggested that Bush be impeached. Right now Republicans refuse to acknowledge that they refused additional funds for embassy security.

      • Don’t Forget About The 3000 American That Died On American Soil When Those Planes Hit The Two Towers!!! Where’s The Out Rage And The Hearing On That!!! It’s All Bullshit!!!

      • mike

        There was actually more money in the 2012 budget. What your ilk like to forget is the Overseas Contingency Operations(238M) which makes it have a 94M increase in funds. In Obama’s 2013 budget he asked for the same number of people as the 2012 and more funding thru OCO.

        Moreover, the state department has considerable latitude over allocating security funds based on current events and intelligence on possible threats. Lord knows they knew of all the threats and actual(2) attacks on the consulate before 9/11. Why that latitude was not applied before 9/11 is worth review.

        Also, between 2007($778) and 2011($1490) the security budget doubled.

    • Lafollette

      BenghAAAAZI!!! Other than in a brain that can only hold one concept at a time, what does it have to do with Sanford? Please address any responses to the idiot who thinks all Democrats are “communists and terrorists.”

      • mike

        Nothing!!! But isn’t interesting a very important breaking story is no where on this site yesterday. This story is not right or left it is about a govt. cover up. Go read the CIA memos original assertions and compare what the admin. finally used to explain the death of 4 Americans. it sure wasn’t a video or a spontaneous mob.

        Don’t try and put words in my mouth about dems.
        And I bet you think the whole story on Benghazi is out, don’t you?

        • Yeah Mike, there’s wheels in wheels. They all see through one eye! One eye, get it? It is the entrance to the black hole and we should not say too much because others might try to step into our dimension. They’re heere. They’re listening. We must not let them know everything. Shhh.

          • mike

            We will wait and see!!! No both eyes watching. Do you approve the IRS spying on regular Americans based on their viewpoints. Is it OK for the IRS to go after the Tea Parties just for political reasons, requiring information on donors which is against IRS procedures, meeting with IRS Chief Council to keep him updated. Did they target words like abortion or, Just remember under the Clinton administration it happened. Yes,and tricky Dick did it, but press attacked him viciously which was appropriate. The media ignored the Clinton abuse and will probably have a big Yawn on this one. What will the press do with information received by the ACLU through the FOIA that the IRS doesn’t need a warrant to read YOUR emails. No, both eyes open and waiting for yours to open.

            I find it interesting after ignoring the story(Benghazi) for 8 months the main stream media is being forced to cover a important story involving the administration they have invested in so heavily. They are finding that lies were perpetuated when the facts showed just the opposite. Will Carney continue to look ridiculous trying to explain the lies. From the first CIA report it was a terrorist attack by al Qaeda and al Sharia. No mobs, No video, yet two weeks later obama used it in the UN speech.

            Shhh, it looks like Obama and Clinton have been caught in a big lie. Don’t talk about it and keep your head and eyes toward the floor. Maybe we can sneak by without them realizing how we fooled the American people in an election year.

        • Yappy2

          Since you want to go back to Benghazi, how about we go back to Iraq and over 3000 Americans were killed and over 32000 were injured, that is physically, countless are mentally injured. Do we take care of these people? The answer is no.
          I’m so sick of hearing about the family values people. In the Republican Party, they do not exist. They are the money worshiper people.

          • mike


            To the rest of your diarrhea time will tell.

  • God?? How dare he play that card!!

  • Justin Napolitano

    God decided that one more lying, cheating low life was needed it congress so we have Sanford. Good luck low country low life’s, you get what you deserve.

  • The neo-Confederate Movement is big in South Carolina. They are financially and politically strong and are composed of Tea Bag supporters/Koch/ALEC PACs who have deep pockets. That’s the only thing keeping Sanford alive, the neo-Confederate Movement. This is where the divide is coming from. They are the former slave-powers of the antebellum South and that is where the divide is originating. It wasn’t the United States that wanted to separate itself from the slave-powers, it was the slave-powers. We need to know that the divide of America happened first in South Carolina in December 20, 1860. It began a severe split in the United States that continued until the end of the Civil War and the South was not readmitted fully until Mississipi was readmitted in Febuary 23, 1870. They were traitors to their own country and were not part of the United States for ten years. Their descendants don’t fall too far from that tree. The present is history.

  • Lafollette

    Isn’t claiming that God is behind putting this idiot back in office blasphemy? Or at least defamation of a deity, which is doubtless a crime in South Carolina.

  • When Clinton Had His One Night Head Job They Wanted Him Out Of Office!! But When They Have An Affair Run Off For Weeks Using Tax Payer’s Money In Other Country Mind You, It’s Okay With Them!! Just More Do As I Say Not As I Do Bullshit The GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Love To Do So Well!!!! 🙁