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Friday, October 21, 2016

With the second Republican debate on the way tonight, it’s time for another round of Donald Trump defending his position as the frontrunner. And it’s a safe bet that he’ll try to hold his ground by mercilessly insulting anyone who dares to challenge his dominance.

So let’s take a look at the insults he’s already been dishing out — and at the failed efforts by the competition to bring him down.

Donald Trump vs. Jeb Bush

Trump is a lot like a monkey who walks into a new troop, and then immediately punches the biggest monkey to become new reigning alpha. (Bear with me.) In this parable, The Donald kicked off his presidential campaign by repeatedly attacking Jeb Bush. While other candidates would have politely promoted themselves, or perhaps made oblique references to disparage Bush, Trump went directly there — and did it hard.

And since Jeb didn’t fire back — preferring perhaps to remain above the fray — he effectively forfeited the battle. His attempts to climb back so far have simply not worked — because The Donald is always ready to punch him back down again.

About two weeks ago, Jeb’s campaign tried to go after The Donald with a web video, taking on his various old liberal views:

Trump responded with a video showing Jeb lavishing warm praise on the ultimate devil figure: Hillary Clinton. And he added an extra message, “No more Clintons or Bushes!”

No more Clintons or Bushes!

A video posted by Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on

Trump also likes to ridicule Jeb for having no energy. Last week he posted this video, depicting Jeb as the perfect sleep aid.

Wake up Jeb supporters! A video posted by Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on

Jeb tried to show off some energy — and to flaunt his Republican credentials — by opening his shirt to reveal an old Reagan/Bush ’84 campaign T-shirt.

But even in this Superman guise, Jeb still can’t bring himself to directly take on The Donald by name — with words from his own mouth. Who knows, perhaps Trump’s hair is made of kryptonite.

Advantage: Trump.

Next: Donald Trump vs. Ben Carson

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  • Dominick Vila

    Judging by his performance during the second debate, I would not be surprised if a different Donald Trump emerges in a matter of days. While his disdain towards those polling in the low single digits was evident, and he still managed to cast insults whenever anyone challenged him or cornered him, it was evident that he is taking a different approach. Could it be that he knows something the rest of us don’t? Such as his popularity being in decline? I don’t give polls too much credence, especially at such an early stage in the campaign, but I would not be surprised if the media is hiding opinion changes to protect their cash cow, until they have no choice but to reveal a change in public opinion that is not favorable to Trump.

    • johninPCFL

      Saw an interview with Bill Kristol this morning. He predicted that the end of Trump’s campaign will be traced to his performance in this debate.

      • Dominick Vila

        I would not be surprised if that is the case. He seemed out of place, unable to answer questions, other than his scripted diatribe about Mexicans, an was clearly unfamiliar with most of the topics addressed during the debate. The fact that several other candidates brought up the immature comments he has made about them, and his lame responses, should be the final nail in his political coffin, as it highlights the consequences of irresponsible and infantile rhetoric. Then again, we are talking about the Tea Party…

      • RED

        Ok, I don’t necessarily dispute your conclusion but getting any kind of information from the constantly and completely wrong Bill Kristol is a guarantee of being incorrect.

  • FireBaron

    The “school yard bully” is starting to feel the effects of what happens when the rest of the school yard decides it’s not going to take his crap anymore. Even the nerd with the coke-bottle glasses (sorry, JEB!) has decided to call the thug out as a thug – especially when he insulted the only girl who wants to play with the rest of them.

  • Paragryne

    The debates were the equivalent of CNN setting a dumpster on fire.

  • Timmi

    Next they’ll all be playin’ the dozens

  • Louis Allen

    Eric, you poor excuse for a “journalist”:
    What a lame, inane article.
    Only a half-brain like Lenore Whitaker liked it.