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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Who “won” the second presidential debate? Skip that question. Who lost it? Easy answer. The American people and the reputation of their nation.

This was no “he thinks this, she believes that” kind of conversation. Like her or not (and I like her), Hillary Clinton came to the debate — and presidential race — prepared to talk about what she wants to see happen in this country. Trump was, and remains, about maintaining his delusions of business prowess and animal attraction to women. What many early on thought was an act turns out to be his person. And that person is not well in the head.

Horse race pundits concluded that Trump steadied himself in the second debate, by which they meant he did not explode onstage. So numbed are they by this outlandish campaign, they set aside his reference to Clinton as the devil and threat to put her in jail.

Thinking Americans have given up on expecting Trump to speak coherently on his vision for the future. And why should they, seeing as he never bothered to acquaint himself with the present?

The national tragedy is that so many Americans don’t care that he doesn’t know anything. And they don’t know anything. Many of Trump’s struggling supporters expect to be protected in an American prosperity bubble assaulted by a world that’s rapidly educating. Their prospects for economic safety would be a lot higher under Clinton, but they don’t know that, either.

Set aside Trump’s habitual smearing of Latinos, the crude birther lies about President Obama, the attacks on the parents of a dead hero-soldier. Set aside that he didn’t answer the debate question about Aleppo, instead blurting out the word “Mosul,” while obviously not up on what is happening there.

He doesn’t know what the nuclear triad is, for heaven’s sake. Why would he know about this? Trump doesn’t read books. He doesn’t seem to read newspaper articles unless they’re about him, preferably with his name in boldface.

Regarding the tape on which Trump brags about how hot women are for him, with bonus commentary on their “tits”: The confirmation of his sexist tendencies was secondary. The stunning revelation was that a man with a shot at the presidency is so cracked.

Which isn’t news at this point. A nominee up at 3 a.m. tweeting about a beauty queen a few days after the first “presidential” debate is obviously missing a few dots on his dice.

Not unlike a courtroom lawyer, moderator Anderson Cooper sought to determine Trump’s ability to mentally process the charges against him. “You described kissing women without consent, grabbing their genitals,” Cooper said. “You bragged that you have sexually assaulted women. Do you understand that?”

Historians decades hence will hail the courage of Republican politicians who early on refused to endorse Trump at the risk of angering their base. The hall of honor would include Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse and South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham. As for Republicans who withdrew their support after the emergence of the drooling tape and — perhaps more to the point — evidence Trump was cratering in the polls: You are zeros.

Even his supporters don’t argue that Trump is intellectually adequate to serve as U.S. president. (They say his advisers would make the big decisions.) That Trump is morally unfit to hold the highest office in the land is pretty much agreed on, as well.

Left on the table is the biggest and most troubling question mark: whether Trump is mentally stable. Evidence overflows that he is not. That someone so clearly disturbed got this far in a presidential race is absolutely terrifying.

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IMAGE: Republican U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic U.S. presidential nominee Hillary Clinton pause during their presidential town hall debate at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S., October 9, 2016. REUTERS/Rick Wilking

92 Responses to Rating Trump’s Mental Capacity

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  2. Do you know what it means that some people loudly support a textbook example of _Non Compos Mentis_ for President?

    They want Rovism. They want the PRESIDENCY to be a puppet position. They want the most occlusive government imaginable so as to laugh while the nation craters into a plutocratic Hell.

    • You have hit the nail on the head. They don’t want the People to have any part of anything to do with the government, our lives, and if we just starve in the streets, all the better to them.



      • There has never been a time when our votes were any less important as they are now. Simply put, the fight never ends. It’s been ongoing ever since the robber barons of the 19th century.

      • And the really stupid part of it all is that without us, they have no country. Who would run their airports, produce their products, run their stores, do their bidding, and I could go on and on…if we weren’t here for them. There are many more of us out here than there are in there, if you know what I mean!!!

  3. At first, I thought his decision to run for President was influenced strictly by his narcissism and ego. As time went by, I thought his decision was, at least partially, a genuine desire to influence change, with special focus on the destruction of our institutions of government, and political parties. Recently, I thought he was mentally unstable. Now, considering his behavior and the bizarre statements he has been making, I can’t help thinking that his bid for the presidency was nothing more than a cynical promo for his business enterprise. Let’s not forget that much of his much touted business empire involves only the sale of his name.
    Then again, it may well be a combination of all of the above. Whatever the reason, he seems to be more interested in dropping out of the race, going back to his business dealings, and chasing women, than engaging in the hard work associated with the Office of the Presidency.

    • Yeah, Dom, I don’t think you can split it out. The campaign is a way to line his pockets currently. It’s a way to boost his brand into the future. It’s a way to stroke his ego. It does put him in an elite group of less than three dozen men who the Republicans have nominated for President.

      We can debate if Trump’s actions have hurt his brand.

      • It depends what part of the country you live in. I live in a very red district in Florida, and Trump supporters seem to be more energized and determined than ever.

        • You’re up early.

          We’ve discussed this elsewhere, but it goes to the “ir-reality” of the right wing. Clinton’s indiscretions are severe enough to disqualify his wife. Trump’s indiscretions are “locker room talk”. Trump’s tax shenanigans are “smart”.

          I suspect you’re right. Trump’s brand is suffering nation-wide; but gaining within the RW bubble. Probably good news for “Donald Trump News” DTN. TNN, Trump News Network, was taken.

          • We have been cutting and removing fallen trees since the day after Mathews went by. Just thinking about all the work that remains to be done is not letting us sleep.

          • I’m so sorry to surmise that you were affected by the hurricane. I wish you well and hope that not much damage happened to your home, Mr. Vila. I always enjoy your postings as you can probably tell. Anyway, I hope you have all the help you need to recover from this tragedy. I live in SE Michigan, and have never experienced a hurricane and hope I never do, they look so awsomely awful. We have the occasional blizzard and snow (which I dread every winter), but they don’t destroy our homes and possessions, just the inconvenience of clearing the driveway and sidewalks. Wishing you all the best.


          • Thank you. Mathews made a mess in my yard. Lots of trees down, including my neighbor’s. One landed on top of the roof, but it did not break it. It did damage the screen enclosure though. I still have a 60′ tree in the backyard split in half. I plan to hire somebody to take it down. It is too big for me to tackle, and since it is leaning towards the house, I need a professional to do it.
            Hurricanes are scary, but we fared well compared to people near the beach, and those afflicted by flooding in North Carolina.

          • Dom, you need to get a skiff to keep in the garage just in case you get flooded out! I have friends that live near the Miami Zoo, and they have one in their garage, fully loaded with food, water, warm clothes, blankets, etc., just in case they have to make a run for it.

          • Boy, am I ever glad I live in Southern California….we only have earthquakes to contend with and they are few and far between (keeping my fingers crossed here) lately. We have had some small ones in the upper and lower deserts, but we have been VERY lucky that it hasn’t hit Los Angeles lately. They keep saying that we’re in for the big one…..but, if it happens, there’s not much we can do about it except to just hang on for dear life and try to survive!!!

          • IF his business go up in smoke, that will be ALL that he has to grab on to. After all, the “Apprentice” took him from the verge of bankruptcy for the umpteenth time….why not a news network?

        • Figures……you live in a red district knowing that the quality of life drops significantly in a blue district. You libs want it both ways!

          • Actually exactly the opposite, in terms of wealth, education, health, or pretty much anything that measures the quality of life.

            You can look it up.

          • Telling people like Aglander and the rest of the alt-right to look anything up is useless. Their method of research is conducive to
            their ideology. Typically what they do is bypass all the other info.
            that runs counter to their beliefs, dismiss all that other info. as conspiracy and seek out the one source that best fits their narrative. Didn’t you know that the world is just one big conspiracy against right-wing ideology?

          • You’re right, of course, but one of my failings is poking the RWNJ when they assert a fact that simply is wrong.

            Another concern is the damage that RWMO bubbles do to the functionality of the country. Can one have a participatory democracy when the adherents of one party seek to imprision the leader of the other party on evidence that exists only in their imaginations?

          • There is nothing wrong with poking them when they’re wrong. It isn’t a failing at all. Besides, they certainly have no problem doing it to us. It isn’t my forte per se but I do love reading the back and forth gibes.

            I do share your concern with the RWMO bubble. I find it troubling
            that many adherents don’t understand just who and what they’re
            supporting. It isn’t only Trump I’m talking about. The Kochs, Ailes, Limbaugh and the rest are making a fortune off the gullibility of these people. If the aforementioned get their way, not even their
            sheep will escape the misery inflicted by these vultures. Good luck trying to convince them otherwise though! The most useful
            weapon we have to combat against this outdated thinking is to keep doing what we’re doing here.

          • If you have any sense, which is doubtful, you will disappear as your boy has dug his own grave.

          • If I had known this was a red district, I would have built my house elsewhere. Unfortunately, I was not too familiar with the area.
            The most prosperous districts in Florida are very blue.

          • The curse of Florida, a northern transplant…..just what I suspected. Florida was once a wonderful southern state until you crude Yankees fled the social and economic destitution you caused in the NE and brought it with you to infect the Sunshine State…….Would you like the names of some real estate agents to call?

          • Thank you for the generous offer. I confess that having moved here from a very blue, and prosperous, county in Maryland, it didn’t even cross my mind to ask the ideological leanings of the people in the district I moved to. Had I known that, I would have continued driving South, to the Fort Lauderdale and Miami-Dade area.

          • The thought crossed my mind. I miss the cosmopolitan ambiance, the Smithsonian museums, the large variety of ethnic restaurants, the historical sites, and life in general. Unfortunately, it is a very expensive place to live, and shoveling snow was not in my short list of things to do after retiring.

          • Weather occurs everywhere, you can’t flee it but thanks for acknowledging that your blue state made it impossible for you to stay and you fled to red in order to get away from the outlandish cost of living. But yet, instead of showing appreciation and assimilating with your more enlightened red neighbors, you whine about the days back in the blue hell hole you fled!

          • Weather in Florida, including hurricanes, is semi tropical. The exact opposite to Maryland. MD has one of the highest standards of living in the USA. Its education system is outstanding, amenities are great, and it is a beautiful state.
            Yes, there is a cost associated with it, and I had no problem paying for it for over 20 years, knowing that there is nothing free in this world. The latter is something that Republicans don’t seem to understand, and those who do are willing to forego things like excellent education for their children, a good healthcare system, and a high standard of living in favor of paying taxes so that they can buy the latest cell phone Made in China, buy drugs to drown their misery, and depend on government handouts when their inadequate education prevent them from getting the good paying jobs that are going to foreign professionals working in the USA with H1b visas.

          • Inconvenient fact…..Maryland is one of the top five states for marijuana possession since 2008. So, I guess you’re saying you miss those “hazy” days of getting stoned with your pot head friends! The sad thing is you’ve brought your drug culture with you, like an infection, to the Sunshine State.

          • Again you prove yourself an idiot. Florida has had a drug problem for decades just like everywhere else in America. Until the Mexican cartels took over, Florida was the #1 entry point for America’s drug hunger.

          • You built a house in an area that is red and now you’re whining. Didn’t you check it out before you built? No? Smart!

            On the other hand, your redneck neighbors are probably as annoyed by your liberal presence as you are at their conservative leanings.

            Where in Florida did you build?

          • Hahahaha still fighting the Civil War all this time after the North wiped its ass on the Confederate flag. What a surprise that an embittered, impotent, racist is from the South.

          • Doesn’t matter, Dom, as long as you vote for the intelligent choice…..and maybe that “red” district won’t turn out to be as red as you think it is…..we can only hope. After all, Texas is on the verge of going blue.

          • As usual your comments are so inaccurate that they are humorous. I live in solidly blue district in the lower Hudson Valley in New York. The quality of life, schools and culture is excellent. Property values are high and village services highly rated. Once again you trolls show your complete ignorance about just anything. Keep living in your own little bubble world.

          • Weird how you get that completely backwards. Your stupidity comes from only believing what you’ve been told to believe by misanthropic billionaires, I guess. Or you’re just super dumb. Either one.

        • Unfortunately, you can probably equate their support for Teflon Donnie to their (lack of) education level. Anyone capable of reading and doing a little research on TD will see that he has made a career out of screwing over the very people who slaver to support him. Just like Ag

          • It’s pretty sad because most of these seniors in Florida will be on the wrong end of the stick if he is elected. They seem to think he has their care in his hands, but the only person he cares about is himself. They will see higher taxes, less Social Security or Medicaid (if they see any at all), less medical care, higher prescription costs, and I could go on and on! And, for those who are fortunate to have ACA, they will have nothing once he repeals it (if he’s able to convince Congress to do that). I’m thinking that after a few months to a year, people will be asking themselves why they thought he was the best choice for president!

      • He is also after the campaign money to line his own pockets. He is under investigation for using campaign money and his Foundation money for his own personal use. He brags about using OPM (Other People’s Money). I would never contribute a dime to this fake Trump Trash. To think that misguided seniors may have given him their dinner money is appalling.


      • I too have wondered if Trump’s campaign fiascos may have hurt his “brand” and if many will actually remove the Trump name from their buildings and products.
        To those with some semblance of intellect, Trump has definitely shown his worse persona and has made it apparent that he is not the genius business entrepreneur that so many had thought he was. U.S. banks
        have shied away from financing him and now most of the world banks should also be aware that Trump has excelled not so much as in entrepreneurship but as in bankruptcy, so it would be surprising if any would rush to back him in any financial adventure.
        It should be interesting to see if after the elections Trump will continue to be a high flying multi-billionaire or will this foray into politics send him into a downward spiral of self-destruction.

        • If you have any designs on being hired as a business analyst forget it……they don’t hire researchers who deal in fantasy dreams they hope will come true!

        • I have thought for months now that Trump may not be nearly as rich as he claims, though unless we see his tax returns (which will probably never happen), we can only guess. But I have strong suspicions that if you take everything Trump owns, at its fair market value, and subtract from it everything he owes, his net worth might actually be less than zero. I would not be surprised if, once a court judgment is entered against him in one of these big cases such as the Trump U lawsuits, that he is forced to file for personal bankruptcy. And considering his ego, if that happens, I don’t know if he can mentally survive.

          • You have “thought for months” about the degree of Trump’s wealth?! Get a life buddy and get off the envy and jealousy train, buddy! I bet you’re the guy who watches your neighbor’s driveway and reacts with extreme jealousy when they purchase a new car! “WHO do they think they are!!” ….and then you go to bed dreaming about one of your class/economic warfare Democrat politicians raising taxes on them and not you! You are exhibit #1 about what liberalism is all about…..shared misery, and watch out to anyone who steps out of line and drives a nicer car or lives in a bigger house than you because it will cause your rage to ferment until some politician soothes it by raising someone else’s taxes!

        • The only banks that would deal with him would be in Russia, China, or North Korea……I don’t think ANY of the banks in the U.S. would have anything to do with him (if they don’t already). I, too, think that he’s seriously hurt his business reputation with his campaign. He has shown everyone the REAL Trump, and it ain’t pretty! I’m with you on the brand thing…..the Trump name won’t be worth much after he loses!

    • It is even possible to figure out the actions of this type of personality? Probably the best we and psychologists can do is label it.

    • Exactly! I’ve said before that he doesn’t want the JOB of the President, he just wants the TITLE. He already told Pence that he will be doing all the work. Trashy Trump has never worked a day in his life and couldn’t keep up with one day of what Obama accomplishes and does. Don’t give that precious TITLE to this nasty Trump Trash.



    • Personally, I think he’s burned a lot of bridges in the business world with this campaign. He’s shown his “true” self to many people, and many of them are smart enough to decide not to deal with him. I can see the “Trump” name coming off MANY buildings, golf courses, etc. in the near future. His name won’t be worth a plug nickel after this campaign, especially when he loses and goes off the deep end blaming everyone and every thing on why he lost. He’ll go overboard with the “rigged” excuse, and instead of blaming himself for the loss, he’ll turn on his campaign managers and blame them too! It’s the way he works.

  4. Hillary Clinton is on record as considering millions of Americas who don’t support her as “deplorable and irredeemable”. The recent WikiLeaks documents now prove she also holds the same hatred towards all Catholics and Evangelical Christians. It is a frightening and realistic comparison we see unfolding as we watch in dismay as she seeks to achieve great power over a populace that she considers to be populated with many undesirables. This type outward hate she is spewing is frighteningly similar in both tone and content to another politician who was in the exact same position back in the 1930’s, Adolph Hitler, who harbored great hate towards major segments of the German population before he took power…..and we all know what that led to. This women is so dark and filled with hate in her soul that I pray America does not sign off on a very painful fate of a soulless demagogue.

    • No, Rush. What she said was some of Teflon Donnie’s supporters were “D and I”. You know which ones. The ones that listen to your tripe radio show. The ones that brag that White People will be in charge again, and can do whatever they want to. The ones that believe Ted Nugent represents the highest intellectual capacity.

      • Have we sunk so far as a nation that a Clinton presidency could result in church goers taking round about routes to their place of worship in fear of being followed and monitored by the “Clinton KGB”? Will the “deplorables and “irredeemables” live under the constant terror of being yanked off the street or out of their homes and interrogated because they do not support Clinton? It’s not that far fetched of a possibility. No one really though Hitler would follow through on his hate speech once he was elected did they?……and his hate speech was no less inflammatory than what we are hearing being spewed by Clinton today!! WAKE UP AMERICA BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!

    • Another lie aggie, again easy to see why you support Trump. The reference was to the idiots, such as you, that support Trump. there are many that support neither demagogue.

    • “she seeks to achieve great power over a populace that she considers to be populated with many “undesirables”

      Hilarious that you would use that argument given that Trump’s bigotry and disdain for even his own supporters is so obvious. But then again noticing the obvious is not your forte.

    • Can’t help but laugh at the ignorant sick Cons!! Hehehe. Hey, a thought experiment, try defending Trump without mentioning, blaming, or pivoting to Hillary or Bill Clinton. I know, I know, it was an impossible idea the minute I mentioned using “thought” to an ignorant Con!! Stay stupid. Have a nice day!

      • Hillary Clinton has built such a long list of imaginary enemies comprised of honest, everyday Americans and stores that list it in her concussion damaged brain that we all should be afraid, very afraid, because the list never gets shorter, only longer as she adds to it. She is clinically unstable and mentally unhinged, driven by hate.

    • Oh and btw, you are UNDESIRABLES!! DEPLORABLES!! It’s hilarious that you morons try to push the idea that you aren’t disgusting sick pukes, ’cause YA R!!

    • That was supposed to scare us into voting for a guy who promises to create a police state, round up, detain, and deport 12 million men women and children.
      Advocates torture. Would Institute for the first time ever a religious test to enter
      the Country. And would nominate Supreme Court Justices like Scalia who seen corporations as people, and thought the Right of rich people to buy politicians ought to be as protected as everyone else’s free speech? Because Hillary Clinton is like Hitler. I truly believe you all have lost your ever lovin’ minds!

    • OK thanks for explaining how she’s a bad person if you just change the facts. Your trembling fear of women is hilarious.

    • I note that your comments on most Trump-based disaster stories always seem to avoid the topic of the actual story, and immediately discuss Hillary Clinton.

      Are you avoiding something?

    • You are attempting to allude to facts that don’t exist.
      Hillary did not espouse hate, but caution.
      She raises the discourse to a higher plan that apparently you don’t understand. None of her solutions involve denying access to people based on religion, on deporting certain nationalities, on jailing or killing her opponent…..None of her proposals allude to power she does not and will not have as President.
      You draw comparisons to Hitler and Germany that have no bearing, none, on anything she has said or done.Trump on the other hand has espoused dictatorial solutions that deny the tenets of civility and law.

  5. I’ve been saying for sometime Trump is not qualified, unhinged, definitely has mental issues & needs to find a good psychiatrist. He’s without a doubt the absolute worse candidate a major party has ever nominated. The people still supporting him have their own issues they should get addressed

  6. Once the Republican party discarded “Social Responsibility” from their core values and adopted: Little or no taxes, Little or no regulations, carry the guns, and survival of the fittest in the economic jungle, Mafia seeped in turning it in to a cess pool. So, the scum has risen to the top. As for assault against women’s rights, the Wahabi Christians have taken over the party. So, Drumpf’s assault on women fits just perfectly in to their core values.

  7. Trump is dumber than a box of rocks! It’s unfortunate, but that’s the way he was raised. He thinks he’s entitled to whatever is there for him to take, and take he does! It’s pretty sad that his own followers don’t see through him, and it makes me wonder where their heads are at. Do they not realize that he will never be able to do any of the BS that he’s claimed he’s going to do? He would have to go through the Congress first, and they certainly are not going to let him just willy nilly spend our taxpayer money, even if they are run by Republicans. Most of his Republican buddies are now fully aware of his foibles, and I think he will have a hard time getting them to approve any of his ridiculous ideas.

    • You’re living on memories. Any potential you may have once had was squandered long ago when you decided to intellectually lock yourself into a smug and snooty small world of feeling like you and your latte sipping friends are somehow superior and enlightened. I am bemused by you but I don’t feel sorry for you because you took the trip willingly.

      • Agatha, you’ve shown yourself to never having emerged from being a juvenile, emotionally and mentally. Your mental state is a study in a deranged man who shouldn’t be allowed to use a computer or to be out alone.
        You and Trump may well end up as intertwined “twins” moving down a road towards utter abasement. You may dismiss this train of events defining your utter severance from the company of decent people in the world, but you and Trump do so at your peril.

      • It’s hilarious how your jealousy of anyone smarter than you (i.e. nearly everyone) shines through your words. “Latte sipping”. You should have stayed in high school.

      • Ad hominem is just weaksauce.

        Distraction can’t save you from the coming messy and total implosion of your favorite “politician”… as advised to you many times.

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