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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Newark, NJ mayor Cory Booker (D) has a talent for generating buzz. So when one of his Twitter followers insisted this week that no one in America is so poor he or she can’t afford breakfast, Booker challenged the man to join him in living on $133 in food stamps for a week.

The next evening, Fox Business’ Stuart Varney was discussing the story with The Five‘s Andrea Tantaros. Her unique take was that food stamps would be a great diet.

“I should try it because do you know how fabulous I’d look?” Tantaros said. “The camera really does add ten pounds.”

Beyond being callous to the millions of Americans who depend on food assistance, Tantaros is ignoring the challenges that Americans who are unemployed or work for low pay face trying to feed themselves on a limited budget. It’s not just easier to eat when you have more money, it’s easier to eat healthy.

A study found that a person’s body mass grows higher the further he or she lives from a market. Many poor neighborhoods lack markets that provide fresh produce and groceries. In addition, a healthy diet demands time and planning that are tough to spare when struggling to feed a family.

Of course this is another excellent time to remind you that the counties where food-stamp consumption is growing predominantly vote Republican.

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  • That $133 is the monthly benefit, not weekly (which is actually $5/mo less than NJ residents got in 2010).

    • 1bythebrooks2

      I noticed that goof-up also.

    • Mikey7a

      I have a bad heart and COPD. I’m on total disabilty at 56 yrs old.
      I get less than $865. a month from SSD. My bills come to around $750,
      Florida gives me $85. in food stamps. Come live my life for 6 months Andrea dear.

  • nobsartist

    The only way tantoros would look good is if she had a paper bag over her head. That way she could keep her shit for brains to herself.

  • William Deutschlander

    Ignorance as usual from Fox Entertainment !

  • yodalynx

    Actually I think Ms. Callous Tantaros WOULD look good on food stamps expecially if she got her butt fired and needed them to but her food. Ya can’t get a lot of caviar and Dom Perignon when you’re eatin’ Ramen noodles Andrea.

  • Volunteered with the local food pantry, which almost went belly up. The food stamp benefit is, in fact, so low, that it is impossible for recipients to eat healthy. Healthy eating costs too much during the winter months, when produce is more expensive. You eat high carb items like rice and potatoes, which stretch your dollar further. And Tom Corbett, our right wing governor, wants to cut cut cut even further, so he can offer more corporate welfare to the shale gas industry (which put him in office).

    • turtlewoman1039

      I also live in PA. I hadn’t yet moved here when he was elected, but I’ve witnessed the train wreck since. It might be gratifying to hear so many of those who voted for him now complaining, except for the incredible damage that he and the other republican lackeys are doing to this beautiful state.

  • News reporting is supposed to be “fair and unbiased” as well as an attempt to provide it’s viewers with ONLY THE FACTS and BOTH sides of a story, WITHOUT opinions of the commentor OR the network. Fox News is a sham and nothing more than a schedule of bad talk shows. It’s a terrible injustice for the people of this country when Networks like this one are allowed to call these people “journalists” or “reporters” and then call their programs “NEWS”. It’s an insult to anyone with intelligence and ethics.

  • This report doesn’t say how many family members this $133 per MONTH (not a week) is supposed to feed. I’ll guarantee it’s NOT for a single person. Anyone, single or not, is trying to buy as much food as they can, for as cheaply as they can. Consider the lack of nutritional value of most of the frankedfood sold in supermarkets today, people who have to rely on food stamps don’t have much hope of staying healthy. All they can do is swallow something that takes the hunger feeling away. Places that sell REAL and HEALTHY food, don’t accept food stamps.

  • $133.00 a WEEK? Not in this country. A lot of people get $70.00 Per Month. $133 would be a huge increase. This broad needs to lose her job & actually Need food stamps. Then we could see how funny her comment is. Typical Fox talking head (minus Any brain matter).

  • I am retired I draw Social Security, I receive $53.00 a month on food stamps, I spend about another $50.00 a month on food. You buy lots of chicken and frozen veggies, you use coupons and watch for sales. You never buy snack food but you do buy things like powdered Milk, not to bad cold. one loaf of bread has to last me all month, eggs are a joy if I can afford them then you treat them like gold. Places like the dollar store (the true dollar store) and hate to say it WalMart are a blessing. I never feel like I am left out or I don’t have enough, not the way I thought I would live in my 60’s but I am fine, I have a roof over my head, clean cloths on my back, TV, books to read, and grand kids to love what more could I ask for?

  • whitrober

    Shades of Marie Antoinette…

  • july860

    I am a case manager and work with individuals who are disabled and (most) are on fixed incomes. There is no way they would be able to survive without food stamps. These people are not able to work, and rely on the assistance they get from, yes, the government. The $133.00 is a MONTHLY figure, as most of the people on my caseload do not receive that much. I would love to see this “commentator” live off of what the individuals on my caseload do, and look “fabulous”!

  • asyouseeit

    Another reason why they lost the election. Making fun of people’s problems.

  • howa4x

    All of Fox and freinds are callous, so why should she be any different. Why don’t we take away her 6 figure salary and give her municipal welfare, and see how she makes out.

  • Eleanor

    Being a senior on S.S., and Pension, when I first read this I thought $133. a week, Jeeze, I would live like a Queen, then common sense clicked in, That just is not correct. I have a family m ember a senior drawing SSI, and she does not get even that much monthly. How she survives and pays her utility bills, house insurance, county taxes is beyond me, but because of the frugal lessons we learned from our parents, she is doing great. She is 83, lives alone, has breakfast, cooks lunch and has left overs for next day, has soup and sandwich for evening meal. She does buy fresh vegetables, fruits, and healthy foods. Of course we are all over weight LOL LOL from our eating habits of the past. I do not qualify for any other aid than the S.S.,earned pension, medicare,etc. and I try to follow her pattern, but I hate to cook, so I buy too many prepared meals. I admire the food stamp recipients, a lot of seniors know how to stretch their dollars, as well as their food. Those who have not or will not work, and expect their freebies are the ones that anger me so much. I have worked all my life, never asked for a hand out without earning it. I do not think News reporters should be as callous as this. This is surely sarcasm on her part. Her salary if outrageously high, and she probably never has to shop for groceeries, has no idea what the hell she is talking about.

    • turtlewoman1039

      It’s $133 / month, per person. Bad typo for them to make.

  • Another problem facing many of the food stamp recipients are their facilities for storing and preparing food. It’s hard to ‘cook healthy’ when all your choices are limited. These people need help, not smart ass comments.

  • sambilano

    Look something,this Fox News is already in the hole,but they keep on digging.

  • This the typical broadcast from FOX making fun of one of the disaster the GOP/Tea are creating in this country. The increasing number of poor, already 17% which is huge, one in five Americans. Of course this has to be compared with the phenomenal increase in the very rich since the Bush tax cuts.

  • Those of us who have at one time or another had to worry about enough food for the week for not only ourselves but our children know that you do not spend you money on fruit and healthy food because it is very expensive, rather there was a lot of beans, potatoes, rice (no meat) because these go further. Also, you do not loose weight eating these items. The news woman would not be skinny, but fatter. Fourtunately, I have not had to worry so much about this for awhile. And no I have never been on food stamps, but back in the day when my husband was laid off and I was the only one working and had four mouths to feed including myself, it was very difficult, wish I had applied for food stamps.

    • ralphkr

      All this talk reminds me of the time when my wife burst out laughing when someone used the quote “let them eat cake”. We all wondered what was so funny until she said that often the only money in the house was change she would go to the store and buy cake mix to feed the family. Cake mix was cheaper than bread, tasted better, and was more filling so, yeah, in the 50s the poor could afford cake but not bread.

  • This is an outrage…For this woman to even speak those words from her mouth…Pray for her America!…All the diet food she is on, surely cost more than a $133.00 a month…Not to mention the high cost for the gym she uses to stay in shape…The money for high cost surgery to be perfect for TV…I suggest…Don’t talk about people who are suffering or make smeeks about the way someone has to live…When you use every penny you can to buy your looks and..Keep your weight down…Take this to the bank!

  • supercarp

    None of the women of Fox News have any real life experience. They come from priviledged backgrounds, have lots of education and husbands who are well off as well. Show me one who has had to struggle to make ends meet.