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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

WATCH: Obama Campaign Releases Devastating Ad On ‘47 Percent’

The Obama campaign has released a brutal new ad overlaying Mitt Romney’s remarks on the “47 percent” with images of the Americans that Romney disparaged as “victims.”

The ad, titled “My Job,” exclusively features audio from Romney’s secretly recorded fundraiser, and seems certain to be remembered along with Obama’s “Firms” ad as one of the most blunt spots of the year. Greg Sargent reports that it will air in the swing states of Ohio, Virginia, Florida, Iowa, Colorado, Nevada, and New Hampshire.

Earlier this week pollster Stan Greenberg predicted that the 47 percent video would be remembered as the moment that defined the 2012 race, and the Obama campaign seems determined to prove him correct. President Obama’s poll numbers have significantly risen since the video went viral, and unless Romney comes up with an effective response to ads like “My Job,” it’s difficult to imagine him reversing his slide.

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  • daniel bostdorf


    Romney’s own words:

    “here are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe that government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it — that that’s an entitlement and the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what. … These are people who pay no income tax. Forty-seven percent of Americans pay no income tax. So our message of low taxes doesn’t connect. And he’ll be out there talking about tax cuts for the rich. I mean, that’s what they sell every four years. And so my job is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”

    • jtrail

      Sadly those people will not vote for Romney. However he is correct and he told the truth. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I appreciate the TRUTH. We have been lied to for 4 years, and nothing good has happened for those of us who are still managing to hold on to our jobs. I would have more respect for obama if he would just admit that he Knows absolutely nothing about creating jobs, or lasting peace with our Allies., he has however alinged this country with the most radical and America hating group of people in this world.

      • You have perfectly illustrated the issue… Always blame someone else, as it can’t be your fault. There is a big difference between the facts and a belief. You may wish to ignore the facts, but that doesn’t change them. This short video, of Mitt being Mitt, shows how clearly he views the world… There is a sense of entitlement here, but it is the feeling that Mitt has that he is entitled to run the country, and that we should all feel grateful that he has agreed to do so.. A sense of entitlement that those with the most monetary success should be given every advantage to make more money, and decide everything since obviously they know best for everyone.

        • This does not surprise me that Mitt speaks of Americans in this tone. He appears to be a very self centered person with only the fate of the rich on his mine. He does not care about the 47% of Americans who have served in our armed forces, or the elderly who have worked all their lives to support their familys, are the students who are trying to get an education in this country, or the children who need to be educated in a country that deprives them of that, he hates women and prefer to pay them a lower wage than men. He is not entitled to become president for the those statements alone. Also, when it comes to foreign policy, he would have us at war tomorrow if he were president. He shipped our jobs over seas just to pad his pockets and he exspects the American people to lay down for that. He said close the auto makers companies, “let them bankrupt”; those were his words. This man has no idea what is required to return the country back to a state of grace.

      • asIseeitnow

        how about somewhere around 5million jobs. That’s where we are 4 years into the administration. Vote for who you want to……….but remember you will have to worry about the consequences. Someone only looking out for the rich will certainly only look out for the rich. More tax breaks for the rich so that they can create jobs for the not so rich? Seriously?

        • They Have Been Getting Tax Breaks For Years Now Where’s The Jobs ??They Been Shipping Them Overseas !! Trickle Down Are The Rich Men Bullshitting The American Middle Class And Poor Working People!!! The Jobs They Create Are Overseas That Helps The American People How????????????????

          • phantomoftheopera

            and don’t forget, “outsourcing” means doing the same work for less pay and fewer benefits. rich don’t ever seem to lose pay or benefits, just get more

        • anyasnote

          Faux News and Rush , R/R and all the EVANGELISTS said he did not created ANY. LOLOLOLOLOL They believe it.

      • Jtrail, if the TRUTH is told in LOVE, then that’s is fine. But Mitt surrendered those people completely to poverty and personal responsibility and care for their lives (in Mitt’s words). The iron is Mitt R talks about creating jobs, jobs for who? when he doesn’t care about those who can’t provide for themselves. Wasn’t Mitt Romney a Pastor before he ventured into business? Pastors do care for the poor and the helpless… so does God. Mitt and GOP’s are fighting this election purely on hypocrital, hate and thirst for power basis. God will not grant them any win in this election. Another issue GOP’s have overlooked is introspection about their candidate (Mitt), if you say, you appreciate the Truth, what truth is in Mitt’s statement… you call neglecting other Americans is called truth, because they are poor. What a shame!!! God will not allow that… God is Love!

      • You are an idiot! Obama’s policies have created 3 times more jobs in 4 years than Bush created in 8, and “lasting peace with our allies” as you say, does not mean charging off to another war at the whim of Netanyahu. Take my word, if Romney wins, the only new jobs will be in the military, because Romney will have the U.S. in a war with Iran within 6 months of his swearing in!!

        • edwardw69

          True. He has already said he would add 100,000 more troops to the military. Oh, and 12 aircraft carriers isn’t enough; he would build three more. Oh, and “rebuild” the Airforce.
          To defend us from whom?


          Sorry boy!!!!!!!!
          I REALLY don’t know how you can say Obama CREATED jobs. He hasn’t done nothing except shut down!!!!!

          Our businesses were booming while Bush was in office, since Obama has been in everything in closing down going bankrupt and foreclosed out. We’ve had to sell almost everything just to survive!!!!

          If Obama gets back in another 4-years Boy—YOU WILL BE STANDING IN THE BREAD LINES!!!!!!!!!!

          PEACE WITH OUR ALLIES?????????
          OBAMA LOVER—-

          We knew it would come out—-BUT, I’m guessing your channel is NOT reporting this!

          The Obama Administration Knew Libya Attack Was Terrorism Within 24 Hours—- THEY HAVE CONFERMED IT NOW!!!!!

          He was trying to cover it up!!!!!!!!!

          Now—You tell me who LIEING, CHEATING, AND STEALING is!!!
          Who’s on the Terrorist side!!!!!!!!!! OBAMA IS A TERRORIST!!!!!!!!!

          YOU WILL SEE—–
          YOU WILL SEE HIS TRUE COLORS EVEN MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • LVSUNSHINE

            Maybe I can educate you or at least try.
            Romney – Let the auto industry go bankrupt!
            Obama – Gave loans to the auto industry (which has been paid back) kept millions of Americans employed.
            Romney – Let the bottom fall out of the housing by foreclosing on all deliquent homes.
            Obama – Loan Modification plans, bank buy back and rent back to the owner so they can stay in their homes. Inventory is the lowest it has been in NV, since Bush got us into the housing fisco.
            Romney – “It is not worth moving Heaven and Hell to get Bin Laden”.
            Obama – “Bin Laden is dead.”


            OBAMA/BIDEN 2012

          • Wow. Short term memory failure. It’s been only 4 years, and people forgot that the economy crash & depression started under *BUSH*.

            Crisis started in 2007/early 2008, *before* Obama was elected. Not to mention that Bush inherited Clinton’s surplus, and managed to turn it into the worst deficit anyone has seen until then – largely due to tax cuts for the rich. Here’s a simple graph from Washington Post (not that some will let facts stand in a way of their beliefs):

        • anyasnote

          Netanyahu is working on it and YES U R RIGHT.

      • Four years ago the United States was on the verge of economic collapse, a fact acknowledged by former President Bush in 2008 when he requested the Troubled Assets Recovery Plan (TARP) to save our financial institutions and by default, capitalism, from bankruptcy. Bush’s TARP, President Obama’s stimulus package, and economic stimulii such as a payroll (FICA) temporary tax reduction, low interest rates by the Fed, the Fed buying bonds from financial institutions to lessen the impact of liabilities on our banking system and make credit available, tax breaks to small businesses and other such policies precluded the unthinkable. The economy still has a way to go, but with the stock market at record highs and consumer confidence improving, it should pick up soon. It is also worth remembering that instead of losing 700,000 jobs a month, like we were doing in 2008, we have created 4.5 million jobs in 2 years.
        Our elections have always been contentious, and claims of divisiveness are far from being new, but there is no question that the hatred that is evident in Tea Party discourse and rallies, and the essence of their proposals, which emphasize the need to maintain and widen the economic schism between the very wealthy, who hold most of our financial wealth, and the majority of the population which has to make do with the crumbs that are thrown our way, their efforts to marginalize minorities, their dehumanization of women, and the way they dismiss the rights and expectations of half of our population have put a formal face to the allegations of divisiveness that were more rhetorical than real just a couple of decades ago.

        • DukeDacat

          Dominick ….You are the man…..

          Well said………..

        • anyasnote


      • anyasnote

        Voting for R/R is a suicide for middle class. You just hang to your job?? how it’s Obama’s fault??? Double check who is investor in your co. maybe R and he is positioning your co for bankruptcy, they will borrow as much as they can and wholla – KAPUT – stick it to taxpayers. Do you know what CAPITALISM stands for or is for. Making PROFIT no matter who they have to step on/kill for it. I am in import business and was in China’s Trade shows, It’s huge place miles miles long. You pick who’s product you like and you can tour his factory etc. It was depressing to visit SWEAT shops with kids behind sewing machines, young girls and a guy in the middle making sure that none talks, eat or take a short break. I lasted about 15 min of tour, told him through translator that I am not interested in his product because I don’t approve of his facility (dirty and smelly with human BO) and the employment of such young and very old people. NONE of these poor people made eye contact with me. After I spoke with my translator she told me that 60% of these shops exist and exploits the young and old for about a 1 dollar a day. Most people are from very poor villages. Guess what – most buyers are American’s, they buy cheap and sell on EBay stuuf that people here unaware that they pay 5 times more than the seller bought for (even including the tariffs, custom and transport and taxes). Who knows in what Corp. in China R is investing, he is not showing his taxes because he knows that the entire world will know he profits from these Corp.
        He wanted to buy a Chinese factory he said so himself – another SWEAT shop.
        Shame and this men wanted to bring the same mentality and create sweat shops here?? NOT IN MY COUNTRY. I do not import anything from China, India, Bangladesh etc. I visit and insist on seeing their manufacturing facilities before I place an order. My stuff comes from Europe, and only from EU Countries, some from Middle East ( Jordan, Israel, Turkey)and Canada. Nothing from Mexico either. It cost a little more but I trust EU for their stance on quality, inspection and human rights.
        I wish you R/R lover travel the world and SEE IT with your OWN eyes and hear with your own EARS instead on relying on Rush who never left the chair in his studio, or Faux News (own by Clear Channel owned by Bain, Hannity that probably never left his state.

      • ralphkr

        Yep, jtrail, he told the truth except for the fact than many of the 47% shall stupidly vote for Republicans since the majority of those “takers” are Social Security recipients and current or retired military veterans with the newest members of that group being those who lost their jobs during the Bush years.

      • You can’t handle the truth, you were lied to for eight years of Bush Jr, four years Bush senior, and eight years of Ronnie. Now you want a man who lies so much he can’t remember what he said about the 47%.

      • Justin Napolitano

        Oh, jtrail, you are completely full of shit. Do you not understand that Obama has at his disposal every prominent economist in the country. That he has at his disposal every large business leader and every, so called, job creator.
        What he refuses to do is go back to the policies that created the great recession in the first place. Romney is a throw back, personified, to the very thing that sunk us and now you would suggest that we should follow him because he is rich?
        If I wanted someone who has experience in corporate raiding and firing people I would ask Romney, otherwise I don’t think so.
        You don’t want a President you want a miracle worker.

    • That 47% Are Our Armed Forces Men And Women Serving This Country, Seniors That Worked All Their Live, And Also People That Are Sick And Disable!!! The Others Wouldn’t Have To Depend On Government If Romney And His So Called Wealthy Businessmen Would QUIT Stripping American Companies And Shipping American Jobs Overseas For A Living!!!

  • Pictures with Romney’s words make this a most powerful piece. It is important to understand in life how words matter. I think we are seeing the real Mitt Romney and I could not vote for him.

  • the best thing of all for Obama,s ad,s and saveing money is the fact that the anti-christ romney is staring in Obama,s ads him self for he is his own worse problem . him and his mouth . all Obama,s ad,s star is the nti-christ romney him self . with romney to run against ne dosent need any more help . he will kill him self

  • Joey0013

    Put romney and Ryan in Prison they both are a crook in sheep skin selling BS to all the air vheads around that will listen to the BS they can put out. Sorry it wont work, you both will be filed on by the IRS right after the Election.

  • superukie

    Please look at the facts, the people in question that don’t pay income taxes pay payroll, social security, medicare and state taxes. Most of them do not make enough money to qualify to pay income taxes. Let’s see….you make 25,000, have a family, work, support the local economy, participate in the American Dream and you want to deduct 28% of the 25,000 (less payroll, social security, medicare and state taxes) I think that comes up to something like $17,100 yes that’s more than enough to live on in these United States. Now also consider that the 1% that think these people are moochers pay more than the $17,100 just to maintain their cars on a quarterly basis.
    You do the math.

  • 1silverstar7

    This is what I have said right along this guy talks out of both side of his mouth. look at when he was gov of ma. he came from out of state bought his was in . he is rich for rich his body language & how he presents show he is out of touch with working America . You know you keep telling lies long enough after awhile you believe them .

    • Don

      Butt Romney says he is a Christian, and we know that Christians don’t lie. I wonder about Ryan when he goes to confession. Does he have to lie. The priet knows even before thst he is lying.

      • You are kidding correct ?? I mean that because Romney is supposedly a Christian he does not lie.. ? He lies as well if not better then Ryan.

  • This should really tell America what kind of Man he really is.

  • This should really tell America what kind of Man he really is.


    He was saying he WILL NOT get votes from the
    Blacks, minorities, illegal’s, single moms, gays, lesbians, & baby killers
    Because Barack Hussein Obama supports all that and gives money to them—
    Freeeee EVERYTHING!!!!!
    Free food,phones,daycare,cars,gas,vacations,houses
    JUST VOTE FOR ME!!!!!!!!! —–

    Why would these people vote for anyone else if they get everything FEE—–Look it up—they have the CARD!!!!!!!!

    He WAS NOT talking about normal good American middle class people that work hard to make a living and take care of themselves.

    • Replying to ALLLLAMERICAN





        You are correct Sir—I will never work for a company owned by BAIN!!!!!!!!!

        We have created our own companies to help give job to others
        THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

        • Justin Napolitano

          Alll, you never gave a damn thing to anyone, admit it! If you gave someone a job it was to clean up the shit that comes out of your keyboard. You act as if you created companies just to provide jobs when in fact it was to enrich yourself on the backs of someone else’s labor.

    • Justin Napolitano

      I see, alll so only 53% of Americans are worthy, right. You are a racist, hateful SOB and , one day, will get your just reward.

  • jjrjon

    Mr. Romney, your 47% definition of the American Public saddens or should I say sickens me. I don’t have the financial stability you have but I don’t consider myself a victim per your recorded remarks. I’m a recently retired Civil Servant, 34 years of Federal Service, over 40+ yrs. of paying into Social Security (not by choice), taking part in a retirement system maintained and administered by the Federal Government. My whole adult life I’ve paid into these various retirement plans tax schemes mandated by State and/or Federal Government. Now it’s pay back time. As you see I’m totally depended upon the Government for my monthly retirement entitlements. Yes, I receive SS, yes I’ve been enrolled into Medicare and carry a Medicare Health Card and yes I receive other Government entitlements, but keep in mind I also have 15 to 20% deducted for Tax purposes. So what portion of your 47% do I fall under? Not to mention I’ve always taken personal responsibility for my actions from day one. Please enlighten me. For what it’s worth, I cannot in good conscience vote for you, at least not in this life time.

  • barbarahugh

    Why would anybody vote for Romney? To him it is a game that he gave 3.o million $$$$ that is not being generous !!! To him 3 million is for us like $ o.3o .I would of been sort of impressed if he had donated all his monies of that year earnings then again not only for this year that he is running for pres,but for the last 10 years !! When Ann Romney said he turns off the water heater to save PLEASE !! He only had to Stop the construction of his cars elevator !! That he shops in Costco ??? Yes the day he went searching for the vote of the 47 % and found out it is not that easy . He lives in the rich world that most of us can’t even fantum , how could he ever live or understand us that struggle everyday just to make ends meet ? He is a joke !!! Romney go back to your rich
    world we here do not need someone like you in the WH . Who knows what favors you will give the rich at our expense !!!


      OMG!!!!!!!! JELOUSY GET’S YOU KNOW WHERE!!!!!!!!!

      WHY??? Why do people HATE others that have more than them???

      • phantomoftheopera

        why do so many who have so much think they are ENTITLED to more, via tax cuts, paying workers less, letting the poor go hungry and homeless, stay sick? greed means others do without so you can have more. and if you look, that’s what so many of them believe. you must not know any poor, or understand how they live.


          If you are poor and go hungry and are homeless—-WHY???
          WHY are you????
          GET OUT AND DO SOMETHING TO FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • phantomoftheopera

            i’d suggest that you go find out what it’s like to be poor and hungry and homeless and how hard it is to fix it. but i don’t think those people deserve any more suffering. you are out of touch with reality. and are a non-american non-christian

          • Justin Napolitano

            Alll, most of the less fortunate are trying to fix it but are held back by you elitist pricks. You obviously don’t know a thing about being poor, handicapped or elderly otherwise you wouldn’t be so stupid on the subject.

      • Justin Napolitano

        Allll, If we are taking about character, compassion and empathy then Romney certainly doesn’t have more of that then the 47% he so despises. In fact he is so poor perhaps we should get together and contribute a little of the real things that make a person rich. If money is the only thing you use to define wealth then you are truly one of the poorest people on earth.

  • AliceR51

    We would be soo lost with this guy in.We have no idea of where he is emotionally-he hasnt said truely of what steps he plans to take.Why would anyone put any faith in him?I trust Obama alot more.Romney would just freak out on anything he has to do,like a child. WOW-scary.Just imagine what he plans on telling this other country hes visiting over phone?Like he idd last time-insult them again???duh

  • Don

    I am one of the 47%

  • Landsende

    To see how out of touch Romney is watch the Morning Joe video on You Tube of Romney trying to get the crowd to chant Romney instead of Ryan and there’s dead silence. Joe Scarboro’s reaction is hilarious. There’s also a video of Ann Romney addressing the Latino conference where she’s clearly uncomfortable and keeps saying “you people”. Neither of them know how to identify with the 47%.

  • The truth is so refreshing and enlightening. Vote Obama/Biden in 2012!

  • KartofflMuter

    I was a stay at home mom. I’m insulted that I’m now classified as someone who will never take personal responsibility for myself. Born in the 50’s ,I was expected to stay home. I married a man who expected me to stay home. And even though I though I might try to start a business when the children were older and did work for 8 years,my body betrayed me and I am unable to stand or walk more than 4 minutes at a time. No-I didn’t file for disability. After the Romney speech-I might. I never knew mothers were moochers and leeches upon society. Thanks for telling me that. Look at your own wife. Did she even raise the kids? Cook the food? Clean the house? (We know she didn’t take care of the dog-now don’t we?)

  • Don’t judge Romney until you walk a mile in his living room.

  • I hope all of you who feel Romney is only a talking book full of lies will tell others facts.. please search :
    Romney and China banks and oil companies
    Romney and Cartel
    Romney and death squads
    Romney, Bain and companies they put out of business
    Romney and slave labor camps
    Romney and Ryan lies
    We have recently seen a growth in jobs getting back all of those that were lost since our President took office with an additional 125,000 more. It’s not a massive increase but we are getting better day by day.
    We cant do much about the gas prices, but the President is improving our sources here in the states so we can stop depending on foreign oil.
    Housing prices over the past six months have been on the rise and we have the lowest interest rates in decades.
    I don’t know about all of you, but I will not vote for someone who puts more then 30,000 hard working Americans out in the street so he can make over $20,000.00 on each one of those Americans. Romney has done that. Those workers were in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s and heard Romney say, I will give you better pay.. I will make sure you have better working conditions, instead he put them out in the streets, losing, pay, health care, pensions, savings, homes and put them on Unemployment or Welfare.

    You see he took the technology from those companies to China and gave then what they needed to produce those parts and appliances. He invested millions in female slave labor camps and for three years never did anything to help those women get better conditions.
    I do not consider Mitt Romney a real American. Years ago he would have been considered a traitor to this country.. how times have changed.


      YES—–You’re right, he is a good Business man!!!!!!!!!

      You do what you have to do to make a business work!!!
      You don’t keep a bunch of people working and just watch your company go bankrupt!!!!!!!!!!!!

      No American will work as hard as the people in China or as cheap!!!

      The American people have become Lazy and demanding and won’t lower themselves to work for anything less than they decide.

      We had some workers work for us and wanted more money, they decided they could sit
      at home on the couch and get more money from Obama and drawl unemployment–So they did!!!!!!!!!!

      If you have never tried to run a company—I REALLY don’t think you have any idea what you have to do to make ends meet!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Justin Napolitano

        That is BS, alll. I have run a company and it isn’t necessary to pay people slave wages to be profitable. In fact you will not keep your employees because they will leave the first chance they get but in the meantime they just might not care very much about doing a good job when you don’t care about paying them a decent wage.
        The way you talk the strongest and dumbest slave would be the ideal worker.
        The Chinese are slowly getting wise to the fact that they are being taken advantage of and do not like it. Things are changing and stereotypical right wing hate mongers , like you are quickly getting on peoples nerves.
        Some of us just won’t let people like you sprout your hatred unopposed.

  • Mr. Romney’s comments should finally show all Americans how out of touch he is with the population he wishes to work for. While I agree there are many citizens that milk the system the same thing could be said about career politicians. For the life of me I do not understand why Mr. Romney is not writing off career politicians, but I guess that depends on whether one has a silver spoon or not.

  • Mr. Romney is as phony as a “Three Dollar Bill.”

    If she really wants to help her husband, stay off the air!

  • Mr. Romney is already 47% doomed–he should pack his bags and simply go home to his
    1% friends.

  • After we send Mr. Romney packing, we should vote all the deadwood out of Congress–
    especially the Speaker of The House.

  • OOOPS there it is! Mitt Romney does’nt care about 47% of the people of this country. Now are you in that 47% ? This man is crazy’ he needs help.