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Saturday, March 23, 2019

WASHINGTON — Thanks to Mitt Romney and such well-known socialist intellectuals as Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich, the United States is about to have the big debate on the nature of modern capitalism that should have started back in 2008. The focus will be on whether some kinds of capitalism are bad for the system as a whole.

As a political matter, the discussion will be a classic test of an old Karl Rove theory that the best way to undercut an opponent is to attack him in his area of perceived strength. Romney’s central claim is that his business experience prepares him to be the nation’s great job creator. That message runs into some difficulty if he is seen instead as a job destroyer.

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6 responses to “What Kind Of Capitalist Was Romney?”

  1. drdavidgreen says:

    Excellent point. Could you please add some more detail? You’ve written two cryptic rhetorical questions relating to how government structures laws and rules, but you haven’t given any examples. PLEASE give them. There are millions of Americans who really need to know these facts, chapter and verse. I’m one of them. Thank you.

  2. brucecevans says:

    I would echo the previous response and urge you to give us substance, specifics and some kind of documentation that proves without a doubt, Mr. Romney has taken advantage of what I deem to be, a broken capitalistic system. I ask this not only to show America what kind of man Mr. Romney is, but to expose to America how we are taken advantage of, day in and day out, by politicians and lobbyists that use the system for their own gain and abuse the average American in the process! It is time we woke up and exposure to the truth is the only way that is going to happen.

  3. Dont blame me-Im from Massachusetts says:

    This is a perfect storm. Romney the liar, cheater, and anti-Capitalist (the “ideal” capitalist creates jobs; not eats the carcasses of dead and dying businesses). The 99%/1% equation brought onto the radar screen by OWS. And the implosion of the GOP, and extraordinarily poor performance of the House TeaBaggers that even the Speaker of the House cannot control! Rush and the other right wing media freaks are so confused they are “eating their young,” and trashing their own ultra-conservatived party members. What fun! Except for the fact that this country is in such a serious mess caused previous to the Obama administration and is being made worse by the wingnuts in the House.. Yes, more specifics are needed; and they are forthcoming, especially as the nomination process continues. Right now, we are in the process of framing the conversation, one that has been long overdue. I will bet 10,000 pennies that Vulture Capitalism is the proper term for Romney’s form of capitalism. Also, that America is going to have a real discussion on job creation and a kind of capitalism that we need to create jobs other than in China. For the above commentors, don’tworry–the facts you rightfully require are forthcoming as this debate continues.

  4. LogicObserv123 says:

    I would also appreciate knowing more about laws, rules and tax structure or loopholes that allow or encourage this destructive aspect of capitalism. There is nothing inherently wrong with free-enterprise capitalism, except for any freedom granted to pursue it in an extremist, dishonest, amoral, piratical, inhuman and destructive fashion.

    We absolutely need capitalism for the nation to function properly, but does the nation need to embrace the most extreme and destructive aspects and elements of the institution? The answer would appear to be NO. It is not an “all or nothing” proposition, as extremists like Romney and Paul would have you believe. That is childish and total BS. There are millions of businesses in this nation who recognize the advisability of being able to trust their banker, the securities shills, the insurance companies, ALL of whom work across state lines and thus require regulation at the Federal level. Hell, just the concept of the public being able to trust their own business is essential. These businesses have also paid the heavy price imposed upon them by totally “free marketer” pirates like Romney, Finkbein and company. They recognize the value of rules and laws and codes of ethics and basic human decency in the success of their ventures, which are ALL based upon the element of TRUST. They are just a bit quiet about it, which is sad. It is way past time for these businesses and local Chambers of Commerce to make a statement in support of responsible capitalism instead of protecting and allowing the Extremist element to pervert the whole system.

    Historically, this nation long ago recognized the dangers and felt the sting of completely unfettered Extremist Capitalism. That is WHY we instituted anti-trust and banking and securities legislation in the first place. We have once again felt that sting in 2008, due to the subversion of our government by the Extremist Pirates posing as legitimate capitalists. Is Mitt Romney a legitimate business man, a creator of products and businesses and jobs? The answer would appear to be NO. He loots money from businesses, kills jobs and his only product is loss and misery for thousands of people. That is his business model, and it says everything about him as a person.

    The irony is that this cyborg is a total poser, a amoral pirate, a representative of the very worst aspects of Extremist Capitalism, pretending to be a legitimate businessman, and invoking “envy”, and “socialism”, when in fact he is himself a cancer on the body of constructive capitalism, and should be excised, not elevated to high office, where he can do even more damage both to the concept of capitalism and to the average citizen of this country.

    The problem with Mitt is that his concept of patriotism is using our military to pursue commercial success, not for “defense”. He has no code of ethics other than “anything goes” when making money is concerned. If he could loot the national treasury for a billion bucks, he would do it in a heartbeat if there were no consequences. And the worst of it is, he is TELLING us outright that this is the kind of person he is. But BECAUSE he is also saying that he is against abortion, which is another way of saying that he believes women are second class citizens with no senority of existence, no control over their own bodies to the extent that they can not even use birth control, and that a zygote is more important and has more protection under the law than that woman does, that gays, hispanics, black people, poor people, sick people, and old people do NOT have the right to band together and create laws and systems to protect their rights and their well being, without somebody being able to make an obscene profit off of that desire, while offering no guarantee of actually delivering the goods.

    And unfortunately there exists group of people, let us call them ignorant bigots, that think Mitt might make a better President than the black dude, because he says (today) he will allow their bigotry of choice to run rampant if they allow him to set loose his fellow pirates to rape the nation. That IS the grand Satanic bargain. The bitter truth is Romney (nor any Republican politician) does not give a flying crap one way or the other about their “social conservative” issues, and has proved that by talking out of both sides of his butt since he got the urge to screw over an entire nation instead of just screwing individual businesses and working people.

    And FINALLY, what the hell is wrong with you people at National Memo, that you can’t insert a sentence somewhere on your page telling Apple users the secret of creating paragraphs and tabs on your damn site???

  5. dpaano says:

    Romney’s solution to saving our economy is to cut our government to the bone…does he realize that by doing this, he’s putting even more people out of work? I know this is easy for him because he’s used to doing that, but unfortunately, it isn’t going to be good for the economy. If people don’t have jobs, they don’t have money to spend on consumer goods, nor will they be able to pay taxes. How in heck does this help the economy? Maybe I’m just stupid, but it certainly doesn’t smack of a solution to me!! Already, the IRS, who’s had their budget cut drastically, doesn’t have enough people to go after fraudulent claims. If they were able to go after all the money that is owed to the government, they would not only pay their OWN way in government, but they’d be able to put quite a dent in the deficit! Cutting off your nose to spite your face is not how you solve a problem! It’s ridiculous and basically what the Republicans are all about!!!

  6. jjpurr says:

    It seems like a hundred years ago when I enrolled in college and took a few economic courses. Actually it was really closer to sixty years and what I learned then was that Free Markets are not the same as Free Enterprise. Free Markets just about destroyed this country until Teddy Roosevelt put Free Enterprise back into our economy. Free Enterprise was defined by my economic instructor as the equal freedom everyone has to enter or leave the market. Competition was an important part of free enterprise. There had to be rules and regulations to keep the markets free for everyone. Free Markets as in Adam Smith evolved a two class society. Distribution of wealth or wealth management was necessary to keep the money from concentrating into the hands of a few. At one time most all the money in the US was controlled by six very wealthy people. The progressive income tax law, bringing back competition into the market by breaking up the monopolies, Gailbraith’s labor countervailing power, saved the economy of this country. The great industrial revolution was the result of those actions early in the 20th century. Wealth creation has always come about in the middle class not the wealthy class. The economy is like a football game. If you have rules, penalties, and enforcement the game can be played fairly. If you have no rules or referees it becomes a “survival of the fitness” In the economic system we have today, the “Free Market” economy exists where the Adam Smith Golden rule applies: “He who has the gold, rules. The same condition today is not entirely similar to what existed in TR’s day. It is worse! We have evolved into a situation where corporations have unusual undemocratic control over the government. Until that changes, our economy will continue to stagnate. The corporate lobbyist write the laws for the congressmen. Corporations are considered people and have more rights than actual citizens in politics, i.e., unlimited contributions to political campaigns while citizens have limits to contributions, etc. Until that changes, this country will never enjoy the prosperity of the past.

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