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Monday, December 5, 2016

WASHINGTON — What if they held an election and nobody talked about how to improve people’s lives?

The 2014 campaign is being waged against a backdrop of national news dominated by everything except the core economic worries of most Americans. Benghazi and Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl have been getting more attention than job opportunities and student borrowing costs. We are said to be a nation focused on the homefront, yet the foreign policy news — from Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan and now, with extraordinary drama, Iraq — has been relentless.

The nature of the public discussion has been a strategic advantage for the GOP. Partly through their own efforts but also because of the flow of events, Republicans have kept President Obama on the defensive and the spotlight off themselves — at least until Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s primary loss threw the Republican Party into chaos. Bread-and-butter concerns are the stuff of Democratic victories because the polls show that most voters still think of the GOP as more protective of the interests of the wealthy than of their own. The less we hear about economics, the better it is for Republicans.

It’s not that the Democrats aren’t trying. Last week, Obama and Senate Democrats touted steps to ease the burdens on the holders of student loans. The president issued an executive order that will give an additional 5 million Americans a chance to cap their student-debt payments at 10 percent of their income. He also endorsed Senator Elizabeth Warren’s bill — it’s part of the Democrats’ “Fair Shot for Everyone” agenda — that would make it easier to refinance debt at lower rates. It would be paid for by closing some tax loopholes.

College access is an important issue. The average tuition at public universities has more than tripled over three decades that saw, as Obama noted, only a 16 percent increase in “the typical family’s income.” The average borrower owes nearly $30,000 by graduation day and Americans now owe “more on student loans than they do on credit cards.”

And at one point, Obama interrupted himself to say: “I don’t know, by the way, why folks aren’t more outraged about this.” How, he asked, can anyone justify allowing “tax loopholes for the very, very fortunate to survive while students are having trouble just getting started in their lives?”

His frustration reflected the way in which Washington gridlock may have a larger cost for Democrats than Republicans — even if Republicans are the ones foiling Democratic proposals such as the student loan bill. Because the Democrats’ stock in trade is to use government to solve voters’ problems, their own supporters become especially disheartened when the legislative process grinds their initiatives to pieces. Obama knows this. “Think about how much more we could do if they were not standing in the way,” he said.

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  1. This nation’s economic history is a lesson for the American voters, provided the Democrats and Moderates actually take the time to begin to explain it. to the Voters. The decline of the American People’s prosperity began with the Reagan years,and GOP complicity with trickle down economics, tax cuts for job creators, and deregulation. This decline continued with the Bush I and Bush II economic policies culminating with the Bush II Economic meltdown, and continued Right Wing block and stall during the Obama Administrations.

    Compare each Administration’s Federal deficits, job creation, and the distribution(or redistribution ) of wealth. The results are shocking..

    • It is difficult to explain how the economy works to just about everybody who is not a trained economist, unless you break it down to the following: Average Income compared to 10 years ago; Average Housing compared to 10 years ago; Average food costs compared to 10 years ago; Average gas price compared to 10 years ago.
      The other problem is the right wing media and Congressional members scream “Benghazi” and “Bergdhal” at the top of their lungs every 5 minutes makes it kind of hard for legitimate concerns to be heard.

      • You are exactly correct with what you write and your formula is right on target. The Dems, however, need to repeat and repeat and repeat until folks begin to listen and echo over the loudness of the right-wing media until this media falls flat on its face.

        Thanks for your words.

      • You’re right. I heard Reince Prebus yesterday (who’d name their kid Reince??) decry the Obama administration’s failure to create jobs. The host of the show (Schieffer) failed to call him on that assertion. He didn’t mention the 6.3% unemployment rate, and he didn’t mention how the Republicans have done absolutely nothing to promote job growth and, in fact, have stood in its way.

        REINCE PRIEBUS: And you know what economy, jobs, it’s still number one. And right now, the President hasn’t delivered and Hillary Clinton’s been a part of it.

        BOB SCHIEFFER: All right. Reince Priebus, always good to have you.

        We need to see more confrontational Sunday morning shows. Letting guests get away with telling lies and distorting the truth is failing the audience.

        • Bob Schieffer is a nice guy, but we can’t help wondering why our media lets Republicans get awy with the most bizarre claims.
          More jobs have been created in private industry during the last 5 years than during Bush’s two terms.
          Bush inherited a budget surplus when he was elected. Deficit spending resumed within a year.
          The DOW was at 6,500 points when President Obama was inaugurated, it is now in the 17,000 point range.
          Unemployment was at 7.3% and rising when President Obama was inaugurated, it is now at 6.3% and dropping.
          Bankruptcies and foreclosures were at record levels when President Obama was inaugurated, they are now at normal levels.
          Our banks and some of our industrial icons were on the verge of bankruptcy; our banks are once again solvent and extending credit, and our corporations are posting profits and hiring.
          OBL was at large. President Obama ordered the raid that ended his miserable life. We were engaged in two unfunded wars when President Obama was inaugurated. We are now out of Iraq and on our way to complete an orderly withdrawal from Afghanistan.
          9/11/01 occurred when Bush was in office and the GOP controlled Congress. The same goes for the 12 terrorist attacks against U.S. diplomatic facilities in the Bush era. Under President Obama there has only been one terrorist attack.
          Progress has been made in ensuring bank fraud does not happen again, and/or risky investments are a thing of the past. Credits have been extended to first time home buyers and to people wishing to refinance their mortgages. The disparity in wages and advancement opportunities for women has been addressed effectively in a timely manner.
          I could go on all day, but I have better things to do than waste my time preaching to radicals who are more interested in Limbaughesque and Beckwinian claims than facts.

          • as Thelma
            explained I cannot believe that a stay at home mom can make $7420 in four weeks
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          • Dom, I see you are at again. 6.3 unemployment rate means very little in todays world. Go look at U6 for the real pictures. Economy on his watch is dismal no matter how you try and spin it. $3.6 billion a day on average is added to the debt since he took office.

            As to diplomatic facilities attacks there have been 10. So you are wrong again. 4 dead on 911 2012 and Obama lies and tries to cover it up.

            As to OBL, Obama said OBL is dead and Al Qaeda is on the run. What a crock. Fallujah fell in January and Obama on Friday waits to hear from Susan Rice as to a plan for Iraq. Pathetic.
            I could go on all day, but I have better things to do than correcting and preaching to progressives who listen to Sharpton, and MSNBC.

          • Sharpton and MSNBC…that’s a laugh when your diatribe sounds like an exact talking point list from fox. Oooh…10 attacks not 12. What the f*** does that have to do with anything. Republicans or righties have two things in common..they’re stupid and hateful. They never have anything to say positively and never ever have a suggestion for how to make things better. It’s funny how you bitch constantly about Obama when the biggest threat to this country as far as I’m concerned since the civil war is the goofball lunacy that is the far right republican party and the people backing them. You fit in nicely.

          • § Terrorist attacks during George W. Bush’s tenure:

            2001 – World Trade Center, New York and Pentagon, DC; 3,000 killed.

            2002 – U.S. Consulate in Karachi Pakistan attacked, 12 killed; 51 injured.

            2003 – International Compound, Saudi Arabia, 17 killed .

            2003 – U.S. Consulate, Karachi, Pakistan, 2 killed.

            2004 – U.S. Embassy bombed in Uzbekistan, 2 killed 9 injured.

            2004 – U.S. Consulate Saudi Arabia, 8 killed.

            2006 – U.S. Consulate, Karachi, Pakistan, 4 killed including a U.S. diplomat.

            2006 – U.S. Embassy, Syria, 1 killed and 13 wounded.

            2007 – Grenade launched into the U.S. Embassy in Athens. No casualties.

            2008 – U.S. Embassy, Serbia, attacked by thousands, no one killed.

            2008 – U.S. Consulate, Turkey, 3 killed.

            2008 – U.S. Embassy in Yemen bombed, 13 killed.

            Republicans don’t count 9/11/01, which in their minds, had nothing to do with Bush being President at the time and the GOP being in full control of Congress. They also don’t count the second terrorist attack against our facility in Karachi, Pakistan, (talking about ineptitude), because it happened in the same geographical area! The fact that over 3,000 people were killed during all these attacks is inconsequential compared to Benghazi. Just repeat the name Benghazi a few times and I am sure you will conclude that it sound ominous, downright terrifying. With that in mind, how can anyone expect historical evidence to take anything away from the GOP’s claims? Let’s not forget that facts and a record are of little interest to those who base their opinions and decisions on whatever Rush or Glenn said.

            Along the same lines, the fact that unemployment is dropping, that government spending and the deficits have been reduced, that companies are posting profits and hiring, that Wall Street has had one of the longest bull markets in history and the DOW is at an all-time record high, are things to be dismissed or denied. Presumably because what is there for everyone to see is just a chimera and what we must believe without question is what the GOP propaganda machine says. Himmler would have been envious if he was still around.

          • Every America mourns the deaths on 911, your remark is an out right lie and beneath you.
            Talk about not counting, you said one 1 attack under Obama, is just not true. There have been 10 ATTACKS, 14 KILLED, ABOUT 100 INJURED.
            Unemployment may be dropping in your eyes but if so at a very slow rate. Just remember 50% of those unemployed have quit looking for a job. 2.2 Trillion projected deficits for Obama’s 2nd term. 1.1 trillion cost of paying the fed. debt from 2013-2016. 566 billion is how much govt. spending is expected to increase by end of Obama’s 2nd term.

            Wall Street companies flush with money are buying back their stock. Pretty simple supply and demand. Look at Wall Street and how they panic if there is any possibility of higher interest rates Fed.. This growth is not that great for the a most Americans.

            As to 911, if happened 8 months after Bush took office but what you want to ignore is the planning started years before and the hijackers were in this country in 2000 getting training.

          • Looks like you once again ignored a post in order to pass on to the same old discredited lies.

            Benghazi = one occurrence and four deaths.
            Repubs = ten attacks and about 100 deaths.

            Mike – LIAR, and unfortunately, as long as you have no common decency or morals, no one can do anything about it because of your anonymity. Your mob reserves the right to LIE for no other reason than you are a hidden. Of course, that just makes you a cowardly liar.

          • Hi Russell. I do not believe in parties, like some of our founding fathers believe they would cause division and chaos. However, the lies and hatred that spews from some of those right wing radicals, who come on this board, has made me disgusted with the Republican Party. They don’t even like each other, let alone anyone who disagrees with their rigid philosophy.

          • If they still want to fight in Iraq, I know just the group
            for them to join. Putting aside the infidel thing, they’re two peas on the back of Toyota pickup, with a 50. cal
            in the bed.

          • All of these tattoo’d no neck gun nuts could go to Iraq and show how brave they really are if they are getting shot at.

          • I might expand on that, and I think you have already been ahead of me on this, but if all these gun nuts went to Iraq, and they were such “real men,” then there would be absolutely no reason to commit our over-stretched trained defense forces. I mean, these joe’s should be able to clear up Iraq in maybe 48 hours,or less. Agreed? 🙂 I think we could help by taking up a collection to buy a few super magazines. Couldn’t you see the pleasure the “Nug” would get being mounted on a Humvee converted into a mobile five thousand round magazine?

            He’d “clean house.” . . . Right after he cleaned out his drawers. . . . ROTFL! I almost did not get through that bit because I was laughing so much. I guess I am tired and need to call it a night.

          • I see your comprehension is still at the first grade level. I said 14 Killed not 100.
            Dom said only one attack on diplomatic facilities.
            1. Peshawar Pakistan 4-5-2010

            Sana’a Yemen
            Tunis, Tunisia
            Ankara Turkey 2-1-13
            Herat, Afghanistan 9-13-13
            Damascus, Kabul, Sarajevo fill in the rest.
            No liar here just someone who knows the truth.

            “Cowardly liar” now that is funny considering the source.

          • Isn’t that cute how you got all your little facts and figures that don’t amount to a cup of spit when it comes to real problems and real solutions for this country but in the right wing bubble world this kind of stuff is all that matters. Not the economy or infrastructure or education because that would involve exposing the republicans for the obstructionists they are. Not willing to realistically talk about any solutions for any of these problems. Meanwhile you and your right wing buddies march in lockstep to what big business and big money tells you about what the problems are. And that usually involves the debt ceiling, big government and taxes being too high. All the things that big business wants to get rid of so they can make more profits and the right wing fools like you go merrily along with it. Yow, lets lower taxes on the wealthy but not the middle class, and lets get rid of government regulation and let big business pollute our environment, lets get rid of Obamacare so the insurance companies can make even more profits. The stupidity just goes on and on.

          • Using terrorist attacks carried out at the battlefield, in bazaars, and marketplaces to counter a list of attacks against U.S. diplomatic facilities, which was the topic of discussion, highlights the desperation of those whose record cannot be defended. It is also an attempt to divert our attention from who was in charge of the WH a Congress when 9/11, the worst terrorist attack in history, took place. They can tap dance all they want, but on this issue their record speaks for itself.

          • Will the facts and figures must amount to quite a lot, the snail pace recovery proves it.

            Middle class under Obama have seen their taxes rise not fall. 2008 Obama said “my plan for people making less than 250k will not see any form of a tax increase, not their income tax, not their payroll tax, not their capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes”. Looks like an earlier “if you like your health insurance, your doctor or hospital you can keep it.”

            As to the rest of your post, just BS and not worth the time and energy.
            Time to put your head back where the sun don’t shine.

          • Dennis has a valid point. You do not want a strong, free America. You just want an America that is your “oyster.” And your willing to earn that America by spending your days endlessly bitching about everything you can imagine. You have no plan, no solutions, just bitch.

          • once again you have relied on faulty info probably from fox or whatever non factoid rag you read. Hear’s a quote from so you’ll know I’m not pulling this stuff out of my ass like you are:

            Obama has signed off on two major tax cuts for middle-class families: the Making Work Pay tax credit that was part of the economic stimulus of 2009 and a temporary reduction in Social Security payroll taxes that went into effect in 2011.
            “Most workers received a tax cut under that plan, with the exception of some high earners. The tax cuts phased out for couples who make more than $250,000 or a single person making over $200,000, according to an analysis from the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center .
            That tax cut expired at the end of 2011. But Obama won another round of tax cuts for most workers in a December 2010 tax deal with Republicans in Congress.
            Obama also has passed an array of tax cuts for small businesses.”

            So you see smart ass, you’re not so. Right wingers are without a doubt the dumbest and most uncaring bunch of idiots God ever put on this green earth.

          • So I looked at those articles and they’re supposed to prove what? Obama worked to lower taxes for the middle class multiple times between 2009 to 2012 and then in 2013 with the Bush tax cuts expiring (which should never have been implemented in the first place) as part of the debt ceiling negotiations with the nut job republicans in the house, he gets blamed for raising taxes on the middle class. Talk about parsing out what you want to to rip Obama.

            What’s really funny here is that I’m not that big of a Obama supporter. I think he’s made a lot of mistakes, the worst one being that he thought he could actually work with the republicans in congress. Sadly, we’ve got to the point where we can no longer have an intelligent discussion about what is good or bad about a particular president or congressmen for that matter.
            We’ve now turned this into some kind of sporting event type thing where you have to be on one side of the other. I’ve said a number of times on different blogs that I used to vote republican. I voted for Nixon twice(not something I’m proud of) and Reagan twice as well as Bush 41. But the right wing has turned the republican party into a joke with a bunch of goofballs defending these lunatic ideas as if they’re really good political common sense. You’re a perfect example of what’s wrong with the right.

          • Proof that the middle class has been hit with another tax increase. Another broken promise from obama. Remember he said not one tax increases for people making 250k, no income tax increase, no payroll tax, no capital gains, etc.. that was my point. Remember the promise he made with Obamacare. Yes the program-payroll tax shouldn’t have been done but it was bi-partisan.

            the man is an empty suit.

            As to Obama and working with republicans. In the first meeting in cabinet room with republicans when republicans had suggestions, Obama looked at McCain and said: I won you lost. What you don’t want to remember for two years he ignored the republicans, had zero meetings.



            You reap what you sow! He was not and has not been interested in working with congress. Hell, on Bergdahl he left Feinstein out of the loop.

            I am the problem, now that is pure crap.
            Today, the Federal reserve just dropped the forecast for this year down from 2.8-3.0 to 2.3, another dismal forecast, another dismal year for middle America.

          • Gee, I’m so glad you took my thoughts on intelligent discussion about politicians to heart. Sigh..I give up. As long as there are people like you who cannot see beyond their hatred for Obama, we will not be able to go forward to make this a better country. I’m convinced that until we get rid of people that think small mindedly like you and the right wing buffoons, this country is in serious trouble and will keep falling farther and farther behind in education, health care, the sciences, infrastructure and on and on. Sadly, people like you think they’re absolutely right and are incapable of seeing that their ideas would never work. It would only turn this country into a backward third rate country.

          • No hatred towards Obama, but a total dislike of his policies and his lack of leadership. Talk about small minded people now that’s a hoot coming from you.
            NBC/WSJ poll, lowest approval rating. Less competent than Bush. 57% say he is doing a terrible job on foreign affairs, 54% NO LONGER FEEL HE CAN LEAD THE COUNTY. 75% say country going in wrong direction. Yes, Washington is the problem but every poll shows that the people think their congressman/women is fine it is the other ones that need to go. Read and learn the truth. Looks like you’re the real knuckle head



            Falling behind in health care, you got that right, it is called Obamacare.
            Behind in education is not the fault of funding. it is the break down of families and society. Your answer is to spend more. That is not the problem.

            Enough said, go bury your head in the sand again.

          • this is my last response to you. You’ve got real problems. You’re incapable of discussing anything thoughtfully or reasonably. You just keep dragging out facts and figures and websites that you think prove your point. You’re unable to think pragmatically or logically. That’s true of all ideologues who think dogmatically. They’re incapable of reasoning in a logical manner. I can look at Obama and say he’s not been that good of a president but I can also say that he’s a person who cares about people and tries to do things that he thinks are good for the people but ideologues never see that. With them everything is black or white. Obama is a democrat and black therefore he is incapable of doing anything right. And if it’s someone other than Obama, whether it’s democrats or liberals or anyone who isn’t like you, you’re incapable of any kind of empathy for them and thus unable to work with them to come up with solutions to our problems. And therein lies the problem. The republican congress has been taken over by extremist ideologues who are incapable of working with others. It has to be their way or no way.

          • “my thoughts on intelligent discussion about politicians to heart”. I am not going to waste my time having circle jerk pseudo intellectual conversation on Washington. It is a waste of time and energy. I gave my response earlier here it is again.


            We are a country in crises being lead my a man that lacks leadership skills. I am a pragmatist as are many other Americans when it comes to the survival of this country and getting it on the right track, Obama is a dismal failure. 6 years and zero growth. He is more worried about the Washington redskins name than a healthy economy. His priorities are those of community organizer, nothing more nothing less.

            You can try and ignore the polls but they are a snap shop of the poor job of Obama and his administration, and unfortunately for all of us.
            Please don’t respond it will save us both time.
            And to your last sentence, you need to change the word They to His. That is how Obama has tried to run the country. Thanks for the laugh.

          • YOU SAID 14, which was a LIE. So f*ckin what! The truth is more like 100 stemming from about a dozen embassives attacked. THAT on top of the 9/11 event.

          • My turn to repeat, I said 14 died 10 facilies not 12 diplomatic facilities, I never said 14 Americans, you just can’t read or comprehend.

          • Now let’s talk about more of your lies. The 2008 Sana’a Yemen attack cost ZERO American lives. As well, there is no way to absolutely prevent those that have a desire to be terrorists from being so.

            The 2013 Sana’a Yemen was on the Yemeni Defense Ministry. . . . Massive loss of life, but not an American installation.

            Peshawar Pakistan = ZERO U.S. casualties?

            Herat, Afghanistan = ZERO U.S. casualties.

            Ankara Turkey = ZERO U.S. casualties.

            Tunis, Tunisia = ZERO U.S. casualties.

            Cairo, oooooooh, we lost a flag!

            Kabul = ZERO U.S. casualties.

            Damascus = ZERO U.S. casualties.

            Sarajevo = ZERO U.S. casualties.

            COUNT ‘EM UP, SHITFACE. There will be a quiz. How many LIES did you just tell?

            In every instance, local civilians were killed, most often in sectarians violence. YES, they hate us, but they hate their own people as well.

            Next post, I will repeat the same until you STFU.

            So you are a cowardly liar that just hides in your anonymity. Just like you always do.

          • Again your comprehension is lacking. Where did I say American lives. Again, Dom said just one attack. I refuted his remark with the other attacks. Thanks for agreeing with me that Dom was telling an untruth/lie.
            Peshawar 6 dead, Benghazi-4 AMERICANS, Ankara-2 dead, Herat-2 dead,
            Typical of you, I never said Americans. Douche Bag.
            10 attacks not one, those are the facts, Dom said one.

          • Yeah, one fake scandal, and four Americans dead. Every other word you have uttered is a LIE.

            Like I said, and you can never defeat, you want to crucify Clinton and Obama for ONE event, conveniently forgetting that the biggest terrorist event to affect this nation took place on our very soil and killed many times that four. And it was all do to complacence and incompetence of our joke of an administration at that time.

            As well, and much worse in some ways, you blame Obama for what has always gone on. Terrorism under Bush, terrorism under Obama, but only one of those facts exists in your feeble mind.

          • Based on the fact that Dom was speaking of American losses, such as what occurred a Benghazi, then he was ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! There was just one attack that resulted in American deaths on Obama’s watch. So, you seem to be the untruthful one here, and worse, you are playing word games that you stink at.

            Again, this has gone on for all time. During Obama’s tenure, and during Bush’s, but you are only concerned with how this reflects on Obama. Obama has not encouraged or enabled any terrorists, nor did Bush for that matter, but your use of this fact against Obama shows exactly what your motivations are. I (we) merely contrast Bush against Obama to show that you are a disgusting LIAR. It would not come up, except for the fact that you have to LIE to create a scandal over Benghazi.

            Benghazi was a National Tragedy, not something that a true patriot would make a political football out of. Well, I guess you are exempt from that statement. . . .

          • Dom sad “9/11/01 occurred when Bush was in office and the GOP controlled Congress(PS: not true, from May 24 2001 senate was controlled by Dems 50-49, 1 independent Jeffords caucusing with dems). The same goes for the 12 terrorist attacks against US Diplomatic Facilities in the Bush era. Under Pres. Obama there has been only one terrorists attack.”


            So now you are a mind reader!!! LOL!

          • Yes Mike, I am a mind reader, because between the two of us, I have one. Really, you are getting better at twisting words and meanings. Of course, that form of lying goes well with your outlook. You have continued to twist the point:

            OBAMA, that a racist bastard like you cannot quit bashing, is a LOT LESS culpable than Bush, Cheney, and Co. In fact, most of the unrest from Muslim extremists in the Middle East, is directly related to that major f*ckup of a war started on nothing but lies.

            So, you blame Obama exclusively. You “blame” his policies as well. Even though you cannot actually name any policies that are problems. AND NO, calling a bunch of names is not evidence of bad policies.

            As well, you seem to think that every opinion expressed on this blog has to be approved by you.
            EVERY WORD I have said is not only TRUE, but stands alone as an argument in its own right. Just because you do not approve is irrelevant. So GO KISS MY ASS, oops, don’t, because my ass is certainly cleaner than your splooge encrusted lips.

          • Dear DIPSHIT,

            You said:

            My turn to repeat, I said 14 died 10 facilies not 12 diplomatic facilities, I never said 14 Americans, you just can’t read or comprehend.

            That is not only near incomprehensible but is inaccurate. It also shows that you believe that you have sole right to select topics in this blog and control discussion. YOU DON’T have any such rights.

            Tell me, what does that shit even mean?

          • As well, you think you can tell HALF of the truth and we are obligated to believe it. The Democrats were NOT in control of Congress. Your OWN fouled up words imply that very fact.

            ASSHOLE, you are the one that keeps driving the “deaths” into the ground, but I guess a godhead like you gets to have his own facts. WRONG! I proved you wrong and Dom was not incorrect to begin with. If you cannot do anything but harass and attempt to disrupt conversation of LEGITIMATE posters, then you need to go back to Freitfart where you can more directly threaten Obama’a life with impunity.

          • FROM ABOVE, at the risk of offending Mr. Vila:

            Using terrorist attacks carried out at the battlefield, in bazaars, and marketplaces to counter a list of attacks against U.S. diplomatic facilities, which was the topic of discussion, highlights the desperation of those whose record cannot be defended. It is also an
            attempt to divert our attention from who was in charge of the WH a Congress when 9/11, the worst terrorist attack in history, took place. They can tap dance all they want, but on this issue their record speaks for itself.

            Seems he called you out on your “tap dancing” long before you got going. BUT, like all STOOOOOOPID Teabuggers, you will do exactly what you are told will make you look like a fool. And you love doing it. Where I come from, that is called “showing your ass.” And brother, yours is smelly and ugly.

          • Terrorist attacks during George W. Bush’s tenure:

            I am not going to copy and paste this one, you will actually have to scroll up and read it yourself.

            Regardless of what we discuss, or how long we discuss it, or what evidence we use, one thing is crystal clear and irrefutable:


            If it were me, I would keep a low profile. Yet, you have to parade your irrationality. WHY? Now you know why I will always call you a racist, and I will always be correct!

          • Simply put, after all the lies Cheney and company told. After all the money spent for absolutely nothing, to accomplish something that was not even true, after all the American service personnel killed, after all our service personnel permanently maimed, all the service personnel and their families forever damaged, trillions spent to fight a lie, and a multitude of embassy attacks, you vehemently blame Obama for WHAT? WHY?

            If you weren’t so committed to your own damnation, you would figure this out on your own. Its not because you EVER had any respect for Obama. Of course, as you are a blatant, lying racist, this is no surprise.

          • One more time, douche bag. You blame Obama for committing a tenth of the bad behavior that the Bush admin did. WHY?

            Why don’t you actually join back up with America and show some support and love for your nation. Instead of telling lies and calling names.

          • Again, your post is a willful, intentional attempt to misdirect the conversation. Uh-uh, we both know this is about lives lost, well it is really about you being a racist lying asshole, but this conversation is about “deaths.” If it were not, why do you keep bringing up the FOUR, tragic though they may be deaths, while you smugly ignore the much, much worse record of the Bush admin.

          • You know the difference between a truth teller like me, and a liar like you. You want Obama or Clinton to own the terrorist acts of others that are largely unavoidable, but you want the out-right incompetency of your Fuckwad heroes to be ignored and forgiven. YOU LOST the point and not for the first time by a long shot.

          • Thanks for the facts. I try to make fun of these people but sometimes I just can’t help myself and I have to go off on one of them. I get so tired of the same old line of nutbag propaganda.

          • You know, there’s been something very dependable about the Conservative’s outlook for the economy, since the whole sha-bang nearly collapsed on their watch. And I’ll bet you can guess what that is. Their assessments, like yours right here, are consistently bad. Their suggestions to remedy the economic crisis, and subsequent fallout they caused, have also been consistently political, unfailingly partisan, and ultimately self serving. So, the way I see it, whether, it’s calling into question the gov. numbers when they’re good, Or, using exactly the same gov. sourced numbers like a cudgel, to indict Obama, FDR, John Maynard Keynes, and the entire Democratic Party, when they’re not. The Right Wingers, when it comes to the economy, or, their own lack of a problem with the debt when they were in charge. The horrible results of supply side economics… Does this make any sense to you? They’ve claimed the economy was bad, and getting worse, from the time they lost the Presidential election. When the economy was losing 800,00 per month. And had been losing jobs in numbers nearly that bad, for more than a year prior to that. Just two weeks before the bankers came to Congress for nearly a trillion dollars to stave off collapse, President Bush announced that basically, there had been a little credit glitch, but there was still plenty, plenty of liquidity in the market, and don’t worry. Remember that? Well, I do. It seems to me, the Righties just have a huge problem telling the truth, in or out of power. Do you get what I’m saying? Now, address Dom’s stock market, and jobs numbers. The return of normalcy, and investment, to the housing sector. The return of American consumers to the car lots, and show rooms, in numbers, and sales not seen since forever. Before the economy imploded over the unregulated, and immensely risky CDOs were sold by the trillions all over the World. Look at our energy sector. We are as close to true energy independence as we’ve been since the 50s! With millions of kilowatts of renewable energy coming on line, thanks to incentives, and gov. investments at the cutting edge of this emerging technology. Made possible by a political Party neither totally enslaved, nor hostile to the fossil fuel industry, America is now a net energy exporter. Where is Republican’s credibility on the economy? In the tank, where their economy used to be.

          • The numbers don’t lie. Obama’s has done little to nothing to bring the economy back, in fact, he was more interested in Obamacare than concentrating on fixing the problem in 2009.
            When you increase energy prices, add $500 billion in regulatory burden to business, $819 billion new taxes from Obamacare, premiums going up not down with Obamacare, etc., all adds up to a dismal recovery.
            VA is a disaster which shows the weakness of Big Govt. running healthcare. We will shortly see cost of Obamacare premiums for business and new premiums cost for individuals, which will be a real sticker shock, Bergdahl a PR nightmare, Iraq nightmare.
            The list goes on.
            53% disapprove of Obama’s handling of the Economy.
            63% believe country going in wrong direction

          • Oh please! If you’re just going to regurgitate old
            Right Wing talking points, what’s the point? Either
            you want to know what’s really going on, or you don’t. Yes, Iraq is a nightmare. Catch up will ya?

          • Oh please!!! Tell Obama he needs to catch up, will ya???
            I am pretty sure I am way, way ahead of you on the facts and what’s really going on. If my comments are soooooo wrong, prove otherwise.
            Just remember Worst Recovery Ever.
            i see you ignored VA. LOL!!!

          • You mean Obama is not working hard enough to clean up Bush’s messes? Well, damn him! I’m pretty sure I could put my Parrot in front of a T.V. tuned to Fox news, and she’d be just as informed and talking like mike, in a week. Just remember, worst economy since the Great Depression. And it’s been sooooo long since a Republican presided over an economic recovery, it’s, nooooo wonder they can’t recognize one when they see it. And write to your doooo nothing heroes in Congress, and tell them to pass a VA bill that’s been on their desks for twoooo years. Obama has been begging for support for the VA since he came into office. And stop laughing out loud. You’re not that funny.

          • Mike does sound like all the others. No original thought at all. I think they are programmed. Maybe the t-party is a cult.

          • It’s not about being being correct. Because the GOP is on record being 100% on board with Bush on the economy, taxes, deregulation, and the Iraq war. And they were actually more wrong on the economy, than they were about Saddam Hussein. Saddam was actually a dictator, and they got the Country right too! Just none of the other stuff. So it’s propaganda, plain and simple. But for mike, and a lot Right Wingers, it’s also about not wanting a Party they support for a lot of their own reasons, to be totally discredited. And it’s hard to fess up to these kind of monumental screw ups, and not become a laughing stock. So, they know their Party is full of nut jobs, partisan hacks, liars, ideologues, and some of the leaders are so nasty, their own Mothers can’t stand them. And they aren’t dumb. They know their Party screwed up, big time. But, say if you’re a person that has a real thing about Mexican immigrants. And you’d just love to see them all rounded up, kids and all, in the most humiliating way possible, and kicked off back in Mexico. Or, maybe what they’d like to see, is all the Black people put back in cotton fields, when the Mexicans are all kicked out. Or maybe the end of affirmative action, or abortion is their issue, or maybe it’s Gay Rights they can’t stand. It’s clear to them, that none of what they want to happen is going to, if all the other stupidity, and blunders aren’t defended, and excused away, or somehow blamed on Obama. And Fox, and Limbaugh, and the rest, help them do that. We’ve got to see what is really going on with the mikes of the world, for what it is. That they basically care nothing about Benghazi, or Bergdahl, the debt, taxes, the unemployment rate, the VA, none of it. Unless it all ends up with them getting from the Republicans, what they know they’ll never get from the Dem.

          • Scary. Do you think there is a Teabugger factory somewhere? Like the “Clonus Horror,” where they cloned replicas as spare parts for the elites. I think that is how Dickie Cheney keeps going. Unfortunately for Cheney, none of his clones would have a heart either.

            Truthfully, the thought of multiple Mikes is kind of scary.

          • I think they probably have brains that can be squeezed into believing this stuff. I would say they are a little paranoid to begin with. And, just as was done in the past, that paranoia can be manipulated. They are also angry, distrustful people.

          • What you and your ilk can’t get through your pea brains is that yes, the collapse happened under Bush. but it started way before under Clinton and with the help of Reno. An inconvenient truth but still the truth. No party is without blame.

            Your ignorance on the VA is breath taking. Obama was given 78% increase in funding over the last 5 years. Except for one year 2010/11(under dems-less funding) was the VA not having double digits increases.
            NYT no less!!!


            You are wrong again!!!! Continue to ignore the facts.

          • Try a Google search once in a while and you will find your “facts” not only off, but actual lies. Leave the right wing websites once and a while amd join the real world.

          • Thanks for the chuckle!!! Not one of the facts is a lie.
            Try this one I posted earlier from NYT from Federal Inquiry.


            or this one:


            maybe this one might make the light bulb finally light up in that vacuous place you call a brain.


            Oh, I’ve got more, all highly respected and knowledgeable as to why the crises. And all include Clinton and his administration.

          • Selective misuse of an article fits the description for LYING.

            YOU have nothing but your hubris, LIES, racism, and inflated ego. Oh yeah, add willful ignorance to the list, as well.

          • You right wingers are hilarious. You take ABC and convert it to DEF . That is why half or more of your quotes or facts disappear so quickly unless they are on right wing websites. Yes, a Republican led Congress passed laws that Clinton signed. But what the banks and mortgage companies did with the new allowances had nothing to do with Clinton. They also reformed welfare. Subject: Re: New comment posted on Where’s The Bread And Butter?

          • New York Times a right wing website. LOL!!! Read it again, the article used the findings of the Commission on the collapse.

            Clinton signed the laws which allowed banks to get into the investment world, plus he reduced the F. Mae’s reserve requirement to 2.5% so if 2.5% of loans go bad the taxpayer pays not the banks, Clinton used Reno’s DOJ against banks that refused to help poor people become home owners, also called relining. Again, no party or person is without guilt.

            Clinton did reform welfare, Obama reversed it.

          • When did Obama reverse welfare reform? The limits set during the Clinton years still apply in most states. As I said before, the laws you talk about were written and passed by the Republican congress. I never said that the recession was only caused by Bush2, but by the policies pushed by the Republican party since Reagan.
            Subject: Re: New comment posted on Where’s The Bread And Butter?

          • Weakening TANF, the back bone of the Clinton welfare program was done by Obama. Welfare reform was a bi-partisan vote in 1996 not just republicans.
            “What the banks and mortgages companies do with new allowances had nothing to do with Clinton”, is pure crap. So Clinton didn’t know or understand the ramifications when he signed it, Right? Now that is funny.
            You sound more Obama everyday, it always someone else fault.

            Change of subject. Please explain this.

          • You still have not answered my question. When and how did Obama change the welfare rules? You TRepubs make all these claims and accusations but never answer the question with facts instead of opinions.
            Subject: Re: New comment posted on Where’s The Bread And Butter?

          • Oh, but he did with his “illegal directive”. to overhaul TANF work provisions, he used 1115 waiver authority under SS law (42U.S.C.1315) which states the Sec. can waive specific parts of various laws as long as they are listed in section 1115 itself. Unfortunately for administration those are under 407 and deliberately not listed under section 1115: they are not waivable. Section 407 defines work activities, engagements,spec. limitations, verification procedures and calculations of “Participation Rates”. Sebelius even said HHS grants itself total authority to change any aspect of work standards now and is not bound by state by state waiver approach in the future.
            The law shielded or exempted nearly all of the TANF program from section 1115 waiver authority. It was designed to stop the whim of HHS bureacrats which Obama and HHS ignored.

            Obama asserted that the work requirement,section 407, are mentioned as an item that state govt. must report about in section 402, therefore all work requirements can be waived, which removes the core of the TANF program, therefore becoming a blank slate for HHS bureaucrats and liberal state bureaucrats can rewrite at will. But again, if it isn’t written in section 1115 it can not be waived, and 407 is not.
            This is all from the non-partisan Congressional Research Service.
            He did it illegally as he has done on Obamacare(some 30+ times). He did change the law and basically gutted the welfare law.

            He did change the law circumventing Congress again.

          • So this is the bee in you bonnet. Rules that require work when there are no jobs are stupid like many Trepubs. What jobs are these people supposed to do? Put other people out of work for made up jobs? Get back to me on this when their are jobs for people to do.
            Subject: Re: New comment posted on Where’s The Bread And Butter?

          • Typical, no response. The”illegal directive” was done on July 12, 2012, three years after the recession was over. HMMMMMM
            What you can’t acknowledge is that it did change the law without Congress and did gut the backbone of the law. Pretty simple.
            As to jobs, this is Obama’s economy, go ask Obama where the jobs are. He sure hasn’t produced them or grown the economy. All he has done is make it harder for employees to hire and build their business. Higher energy costs, higher regulatory costs, higher healthcare costs, etc.. He is a pathetic liar(keep your doctor,etc.),
            Look at the polls, people no longer believe he is competent to run the govt..

          • So now you Trepugs say the recession is over. Glad to hear that since in your response you say that jobs are not being created in the “Obama economy.” You can’t have it your way as Burger King used to say. Without jobs that section of the law was mere punishment to people who needed help. Since Republicans have fought every attempt by Obama to resurrect the economy and have allowed little to be done you can blame yourselves that the economy is anemic.
            Throughout this country things are improving without Republican help. Imagine what could have happened with the economy if the Republicans had spent more time on the economy instead of fighting Obamacare. Subject: Re: New comment posted on Where’s The Bread And Butter?

          • Gee the NYT sure said it was over.


            It seem the channels and sites you are watching aren’t talking about the -3% GDP for first quarter or the pathetic 300k filing for unemployment last week.

            It is Obama’s economy, 5 years since the recession ended but still no growth, lowest participation rate, etc..

            Hey, thanks for admitting he did gut the welfare program and admitting it did little good.
            VA a disaster, Obamacare is becoming a disaster.

            Economy improving at this rate and another recession could be coming.

            Facts for November, 75% say country going in wrong direction, 54% Obama isn’t capable of leading country, IRS will be around Dems neck come November, VA will also be remembered, Obamacare with canceled policies, higher premiums and loss of doctors, hosptials will be remembered. Supreme Court throws out appointments to NLRB. The list goes on.

            November will be a referendum of the failed presidency of Obama.

          • I see you have returned to repeating Trepug stats. It is obvious that you have no real response. First you say the recession is over and then it contiunes. Make up your mind. The truth of the matter is that the recession still exists for the working classes. Though states brag about ther job creation, it is not really helping the middle class. You Trepugs have no ideas except more tax relief for the rich with the hope that they will invest in the US and not China. Everything Obama offers is rejected out of with out replacement. The American people are no longer buying that lie from the Republicans.
            Subject: Re: New comment posted on Where’s The Bread And Butter?

          • I guess you can’t read or comprehend. Read the NYT this time in my earlier post. Here are more:



            I never said it continues, what I said it has been over for 5 years but still no growth. Slowest recovery ever.

            No, the Americans are no longer buying the lies of Obama. 54% say he is incompetent and incapable of running the country. 57% say he has failed in Foreign Policy, this is before Iraq debacle, 75% say country going in wrong direction. These numbers are in all the major polls. It goes on and on.

            Obama put all his capital in the Stimulus and Obamacare and both have blown up in his face.

          • (Respectfully) Mike is definitely that funny . . . in a “I need some Thorazine” kind of way. LOL! Oops, now I am doing it.

          • Your statement about numbers not lying – like guns not killing people – is true as far as it goes, but the people who misuse them for their own nefarioius purposes are lying.

            Today’s Republican politicians and commentators are no dummies – they know the truth, as do most of their oligarchic supporters – but they also know that their low-information followers, instead of paying attention to what’s actually happening, will believe any and all numbers and claims that they make.

            So it’s no problem, Mike, for them to get people like you to throw out their ridiculous picked-out-of-thin-air numbers and regurgitate the “facts” they want others to believe.

          • Look in the mirror at a true low info person. The rest of the post is a rambling piece of diarrhea.

          • Mike, I did look in the mirror. I did not see you in it. Why would you be there, anyway?

            Hey, a good dose of Kao and you would be “blowing in the wind.” ROTFL!

          • That’s right! Clever you are . . . not!

            Like I said, the true low info person, that being you, did not appear in my mirror. Not that I expected you to, but as a liberal I needed evidence. If I were a low, low, low IQ Teabugger, I would have just assumed I was right. . . .

            You really aren’t very good at this, are you. Of course, the truth is easier to deal with. Like being a racist, I know you are, everyone else know you are, we have proven constantly that you are, and YOU conveniently confirm that is true on a routine basis. Just saying you are not is not very compelling in this situation. 🙂

          • were in the hell do you come up with these total BS numbers. This is hilarious!! There is absolutely nothing you said that has one bit of truth to it. This is just like listening to fox news where lying and deceit and propaganda are the norms of the day. I won’t go into refuting everyone of your moronic statements other than to say you absolutely have no credibility with this crap.

          • If you are referring to the Obama economic numbers they come from many sources. BLS, The budget and Economic outlook, 2014, The CBO 2-14-14.
            All true, you just don’t like what you read.

          • You know, you have been discredited hundreds of times, but like most right-wacko teabugger trolls, you reserve the right to go anywhere and everywhere to tell the same old stale LIES. It is that simple.

          • Great to hear from you. Hope all is well.
            About that discredit think, show me where my comments were factually false. Waiting!!!!

          • Good god Mike, you have been busted here again and again for years.

            “Obama was given 78% increase in funding over the last 5 years.” BUSTED Yes you are waiting, for the stink you leave to clear, so you can move to the next blog and post your off-topic racist Obama bashing lies (a.k.a. s-h-i-t).

            AND, if you had any sense, you would know that Cheney’s treasonous war, with all its casualties and the economic collapse that stemmed from it, needed a 500% increase in funding, at least. So, again, you are still full of shit.

          • Hey, brainless maybe you will believe the since you didn’t like the Factcheck numbers.
            If VA needed 500% increase why in the 2010-2011 budget of the Democrats they reduced the budget. Better yet why wasn’t the VA budget increased in even more in the 2010 budget since the Dems had both houses. How could they have missed it. LOL!! Look at fact check, douche bag.

          • Did you actually read the article, or like usual, did you just skim to get what you wanted? From your own citation:

            Two factors more than any others have driven health care costs higher atthe Dayton VA Medical Center, officials said. Aging Vietnam veterans who have more health needs as they grow older, and the return home of thousands of veterans from the battlegrounds of Iraq and Afghanistan.

            As always, did you read the article, or did you just skim enough to get what you wanted?

            Fact check, cock bite, does not support you at all. The main problem with increasing budgets is your heroes are opposed to any real increases.

            The problem is expensive private contractors that supply materials to the VA, just like our overblown military hardware budgets AND the opposition from Rethugs. The increases are just not keeping pace. Costs are outstripping resources, OR did you actually read the article, or like usual, did you just skim enough to get what you wanted?

            As always, you reserve the right to claim one thing, then claim something else that proves your first bit of nonsense is a LIE.

          • AND, I will repeat this post again, as it is still valid. I am tired of your cherry picking in an argument that you ALWAYS start:

            Good god Mike, you have been busted here again and again for years.

            “Obama was given 78% increase in funding over the last 5 years.” BUSTED Yes you are waiting, for the stink you leave to clear, so you can move to the next blog and post your off-topic racist Obama bashing lies (a.k.a. s-h-i-t).

            AND, if you had any sense, you would know that Cheney’s treasonous war, with all its casualties and the economic collapse that stemmed from it, needed a 500% increase in funding, at least. So,
            again, you are still full of shit.

          • You know Mike, you cannot even make one post without both bashing Obama AND lying about something.

          • Bashing Obama is because he deserves it. No lies here, just the facts, even when you don’ them.
            I guess you didn’t read the through. Big increases!!! it wasn’t a funding problem, it is/was the incompetence of the Fed. govt., their unions. and Shinseki starting a bonus program. You still haven’t addressed the VA budgets under Democratic control.

          • You bash Obama because you are a racist f*ckwit. Proven fact, again and again. NO president has ever been assailed to the extent than Obama has, and you have never named even one CREDIBLE reason. As well, you keep pushing the same LIES non-stop.

            I read the, apparently it was you that did not. Add to that the fact that obviously you do not read the posts I made to you. No surprise. Liberals need evidence to make decisions, goose-stepping Fascists like you need someone to tell you you are always right.

            I did address the VA budgets “under Democratic control.” Like they ever really were with 100% obstruction from the Teatards and your rich heroes corrupting politicians on both sides. The Democrats were not the ones that voted anything down. With all the dissension they just did not manage to vote anything at all.

          • You have challenged me on budgeting of the VA. All articles showing large increases over the years except on(2010) under both parties.
            One more time what was the Head line of the article. Operative words-Budget Skyrockets.

          • One more time, actually read articles you promote. You might try to find some different and more varied resources.

            What is more to the point, I factually demonstrated, by-your-own-words, that the hash-shit you have been slinging, cannot possible be true. Sorry! Too bad, so sad. . . .

          • Next thing Mike. So you did address, albeit with LIES and poorly at that, my remark about bad-mouthing Obama non-stop, yet you still have not given anything factual to prove that Obama has any bad policies, nor have you given one scrap of evidence to believe you are not a racist and a liar.


          • Mike, you are cliche. SOP is to blame the government, blame a union, blame anyone that is not stir-fried crazy like your mob. What a f*ckwit!!!!

          • AND, you have totally failed to address the mass of lies about Benghazi. YOU have NOTHING. By your very avoidance you prove that there is/was absolutely nothing to any of the GrOPe accusations. You avoid the real truth of the situation that attacks, starting with 9/11, were MUCH WORSE under the Rumpbuggercons like yourself. BUT, like any low-down liar and common criminal, you expect to intimidate us into giving you a free pass. Uh-uh, it ain’t gonna happen!!!!!!!!!

            Like I said, the people that attacked all these embassies were the terrorists. You want to selectively blame Obama while totally forgiving yourself for worse. Yeah, I know, he’s a Kenyan Muslim from Hawaii. Done, I already predicted where you are going to go next. LIES like that should be punished by death, dickweed. BUT, of course, you are not a racist. Bwahhhhhhhhhhh! If you really believe any of that for one second, then you must be too stupid to breath on your own.

          • So, you admit that I have been right all along, there is no Benghazi scandal, you hate Obama because you are a racist, you have not only no evidence to attack Obama at all, but you cannot even coherently state where Obama’s “policies” have gone wrong.

            I guess the total shock of having your Benghazi BS totally destroyed again gave you a real shit-hemorrhage. I guess it was just too much for your two anemic brain cells. Give it a rest before you stroke out.

            NO wait, bring it on harder. You having a stroke might be the exciting event of the evening. 🙂 🙂 🙂

          • All jokes aside, why don’t you go back to Freitfart where I chased you before and where threatening the president’s life goes on constantly and with impunity.

          • Again, what did he do to deserve any of your BS. Every LIE that you have ever told has been busted dozens of times. If I were in your shoes, I would be hiding under some rock with the o-t-h-e-r slugs and slimy critters.

          • want to hear something funny about these right wingnuts? They just caught one of the perps in the Benghazi affair. Fox news immediately gets on with a snide remark about timing.

          • If only the average Fox viewer had a clue . . . Alas and alack. If we allow this to go on, our nation is likely on its last legs. In my view, Fox shows absolutely no patriotism at all, except that of the proverbial scoundrel. Regardless of the wording, this is factual sedition. Damn America when any event occurs that may make our leader appear in a good light. For instance, Putin sure has a pocked mark wall somewhere, or a left-over salt mine to send such filth to. In this nation, they look upon their selves with pride when they tell a lie to make America look bad. All because they hate our president. And we all know why. . . .

          • Just an aside, apparently “shit-hemorrhage” appears in the Firefox spell checker’s lexicon. I even spelled it correctly the first time. It has been years since I used the term, but I think I remember to use it more.

          • You know, you even LIE to compound your LIES. I never claimed big increases. I said there SHOULD have been big increases but your mob of scum torpedoed the legislation. Yes you did, because by demanding across the board cuts, you cut the military whether that was your intent, or not. . . .

          • The Democrats didn’t control both houses in 2010. Now what? The T-Party crap arrived in Jan. 2010, and actually tried to throw the economy back into recession, in hopes of defeating Obama, and running the table in 2012. These are your heroes. Your idiots, the one’s who hate the man in the White House, more than they care about their responsibility to to the Country. They’re the dregs of of American politics. What’s left of the Republican Party, after Bush. The economic terrorists, and political extortionists, that would prevent a hundred thousand, a million, jobs from being created, just to put one man out of his. Most places around the world, they’d be dragged behind the Capitol building, and shot for treason. Yet in their own Country, they constantly whine, and bitch about their liberty. You have no idea of my loathing for this filth. Yes, I’m am an idiot, and we’re all douches, with pea brains. Yet A Democratic President, and a Democratically controlled Congress turned the worst recession in 80 years around, in the less than the two years they had to enact their policies. If you’re so much smarter, defend your own Party, and President. I’m proud as hell of mine.

          • A#1 post. I am as proud as hell of Obama too. Shits like Mike do nothing but make idiotic attacks. All the while ignoring there own worse, . . . much, much worse behavior. And they offer no plan in return except to destroy the Nation . . . literally. Nothing but hate. They need to be put down like rabid dogs.

          • I think you want to rethink the first line, if not your head is up your a_ _ more than I thought.
            Now I want you to think Mid-Term Elections, you know those that fall between Presidential Elections. So concentrate now. Obama won in 2008 which means the next MID-TERM ELECTION WOULD BE IN 2010. What month November. Are you following this, God I hope so.
            Fed. budgets start in October, Right??? So if the election was in NOV. 2010 after the budget started in October then how could it be an a republican budget since they didn’t take office until 2011. Hmmmmm
            So lets take it to the next step, Republican House majorities first budget would start in October 2011 not 2010.
            So you see the Dems controlled both houses in 2010.
            The rest of your post is just dribble, dribble from a weak mind.

          • Your reasoning is off, but worse, much worse, you did not bother to check vet your LIES before you told them. Oops, I guess that is why they are lies.

          • I think someone even smarter than me, which means about three times smarter than you, has another take on your lies. Please read that reply from charleo1!

          • Come’on Mike, I am getting damn tired of you LYING in slow motion. At least, pick up the pace!

          • The budget, if you had bothered to read, OR just remember the facts of the time, was decreased across the board as part of military cutbacks. Regardless of whether right-buggercons have a liking for this occurrence, it was largely from pressure from just that mob of asshats. Of course, based on what you just said, your comment of a 78% increase is at odds with your blaming the Democrats for cutting VA. What goes up, may certainly come down, but only in the Teaturd imaginary universe can it do both at the same time. Now, that makes three responses to your stupid remark(s). I may add, that makes zero follow-up remarks to the Benghazi FAKE scandal.

          • Actually Mike, I am getting tired, but it has been one entertaining evening. I suppose I should feel more shame than joy, because you are such an easy target. Yet, you are a target that deserves every bit of derision you receive.

          • Dominick, you can’t be serious! You don’t really wonder why the media (Schieffer and others) lets far right propagandists get away with all the bizarre claims and misinformation, do you? Hopefully, you were just making a rhetorical query.

            Who really owns and runs almost all media outlets – and writes Schieffer’s pay checks – even the few with liberal leanings? It’s not the public, government, or progressive corporations (if indeed, there are such,) but big-time conservative corporate entities. Schieffer and others had better toe the political line, or at least curb their inquisitiveness.

        • I find it laughable that “the right” is putting job creation on the shoulders of President Obama. Isn’t it “the right” that has continually struck down any jobs bill the president has put before them? They have also said repeatedly that it isn’t the President’s or Government’s responsibility to create jobs, that only the private sector creates jobs. So now they want President Obama to do what they said he shouldn’t be doing in the first place. From where I sit, that’s called a con job. The right wing is only interested in controlling the conversation but they tend to forget about everything else they have said in the past which is not surprising because so does their constituency. It’s our job to keep reminding folks that fact.

          • The trouble with liars is they know no shame. As well, it takes no moral component, nor any but the shallowest intelligence to keep telling those lies.

          • True, they have no shame while they keep on pushing that pile. It isn’t just the lies though, it’s also the contradictions that seem to get ignored by their ilk. At least I have been critical of President Obama and the DNC when I felt it was warranted but we’ll never hear that kind of admission from the right.

          • Spot on, Fred. When scum like mike shows up, all rational conversation goes out the window. We cannot have a critical discussion because of all the racist by-line.

            Like myself, I actually admire Obama for his stability. I would have been tempted to nuke a few southern states, or maybe summarily execute that war-mongering draft-dodger Cheney, for instance. I said that about Cheney, because like Nugent, it seems the most cowardly amongst us are the ones that want US, as in both the Nation, and me and you, to go and die for their evil, greed, and avarice. Definitely, a contradiction there.

            I do not agree with everything Obama does, but I cannot seem to express my true concerns because some, like Mike, come here only to bash Obama, all Democrats, and all the blogs regular posters. If we do not have civil conversation, those such as Mike are entirely to blame.

            For instance I could say, technically I am not for the ACA. My registered view is it should have straight forward cut out the insurance companies and went to single payer directly. That will not happen because of all the money and corporate corruption in our political system. Of course, in practice, I am thrilled about the ACA. At least, we finally got something. It is a start, and it can be made better and better. Yet, how can I discuss that coherently with someone that has half a brain, when lying, trolling garbage like Mike is sniping all the time. He posts enough trash that I cannot often follow a thread. Like now, if an email link had not taken me to your post, I would never have found it.

            It seems we have the best Democracy that OUR tax dollars can buy for the rich. In other words, a Democracy that at best is teetering on the edge. at worst, a fake facade.

      • One problem is that these “trained” economists, as you call them – depending upon their political bent and special interest paymasters – are not always honest pliers of the disciplines that they claim to practice.

        Their proclamations often contain enough obfuscation, omission, and right-hand spin to dizzy even the most astute observer, so that low-information citizens (perhaps the majority of Americans)) are easy pickings. Progressive leaders and commentators have to be more aggressive in calling-out these often super-patriotic, ultra-Christian pretenders . The more these radical conservatives claim to be thus (as did Dubya,) the less likely are they (except in their own opinions) to be so.

    • You are exactly correct.

      I’ve been saying this for quite some time now, that St. Reagan is responsible for the decline of the Americans’ prosperity. I fail to understand why folks, including President Obama, invoke Reagan when he was one of the worst presidents our country ever had along with Papa and Shrub Bush…which continues even today with the TGOP…who look to destroy our government, country and way of life.

      Thanks for your post.

      • Speaking of destroying the country, have you noticed the occasional commercials for Koch Industries? Are the bros. trying to say they’re really good guys? (They employ 60,000 people–probably to do the jobs of 120,000 people!) I also notice that David Koch supports some PBS shows–I guess he needs the tax break. . . . Now that’s not really fair, is it? After all, doing the right thing for the wrong reasons is still doing the right thing.

        • I saw that sorry piece of shit excuse for a commercial yesterday morning.I damn near lost my breakfast at the sight of it.It was followed up by a no less shittier ad promoting fracking and natural gas as being the cure-all for our energy needs.Good thing I was wearing boots.

          • I’ve seen the fracking ad several times. Hey, it’s safe and proven, right! Safe for what, and proven to do what? Well, at least America is now totally energy self-sufficient–even if everyone will die from pollution of the aquifers. Here in Canada the Conservative government is trying to push through the Northern Gateway pipeline to move oil sands oil to the west coast so it can be shipped to Asian markets. The native people are against it as are the environmentalists. British Columbia doesn’t like it because they probably aren’t going to get a chunk of money for letting the pipeline company (Enbridge) run the line through the province. When conservatives get hold of the environment, the 1% win, and everybody else loses.

          • I live on the New York/Canadian border and often see political ads from Canada.It seems that the arguments between so-called Conservatives and Liberals are much the same as they are here in the states.Having Mohawk ancestry,I hope First Nations folks in Canada have a stronger voice than they do in the U.S..That company doing the tar sands extraction in Alberta still denies responsibility for the unusual cancer cases downstream at Fort Chippewyan.Previously a pristine environment,the people there who used to live off the land,dont dare swim in or drink the water,eat the fish,or consume the wild game. It is sad and shameful.Everything has become perverted with toxic chemicals.

      • President Obama has praised Raygun’s ORATORICAL skills, not the VALIDITY of the ideology he used them to promote (kind of like saying the enemy army has some really great sharpshooters … shooting at US). He has not adequately EMPHASIZED that distinction, although he has allies such as Sen Warren and others who do that every chance they get.

        Republicans used Raygun’s popularity as a movie star playing the PARTS of cowboy heroes, war heroes, and football heroes to promote a “fantasy America” where there were NO inequities of opportunity EXCEPT those promoted by “gummint” to be solved. They deceived the American people, and enough of those voters are STILL deceived today, despite the debunking evidence, to maintain the public illusion that “freedom” means taking away the rules and/or disarming the referees so that the strong can overcome the weak by “any means necessary” regardless of moral considerations.

        The Civil War was a war to protect American CITIZENS, or rather those who SHOULD have been recognized as citizens rather than as livestock, from the STATE laws keeping them enslaved, using the supremacy of the FEDERAL government. And the Southern power structure (political AND economic) objected then, calling it “tyranny” (Booth shouted the Latin motto of Virginia, “Sic semper tyrannis” or “Thus always to tyrants” when he shot Lincoln) because the feds were taking “their rights” away … the “right” to deprive OTHERS of their rights.

        Although this power structure remained affiliated with the Democratic party for another century, that party in the states outside the old Confederacy because a party whose voters were multicultural, multilingual, multinational, mulitireligious, and multiracial, and when THAT part of the Democratic party finally got the power to FINISH the liberation begun by Republilcans a century before, the Confederate power structure re-affiliated with the GOP, where it is now. Southern states no longer need AS MUCH assistance from Democratic sponsored programs as they once did (at least the white business bosses don’t), so they now parrot the “trickle down” theory: let the wealthy, whether morally upright or not, do whatever THEY want in the economic area and it will turn out OK for everybody. The truth is that they have WAGED CLASS WARFARE on the poor and middle class, turning the middle class INTO the working poor, and no one but “liberals” have been fighting back.

        We have a problem with Koch addiction in America: too many politicians are hooked on Koch money, and too many voters have yet to see through their deceptions.

        • The great thing about the Democratic Party is they
          were able to change. And, it had in it’s ranks, leaders like LBJ. That had the courage to do so, against what he knew full well, was going to cost his Party dearly.
          But he made the decision to do these things for Civil Rights, because he could not deny his conscience, that was telling the man, this is the right, and moral, thing to do. Whatever one thinks about LBJ for the war. This is clearly the type of leadership that’s sorely lacking in Washington across the board today. But, never more so, than in the deeply troubled GOP. The irony of their rhetoric, is that they are still insisting it is they, that hold the moral high ground, they foolishly abandoned, years ago. The reality is, many would like to change to a more moderate, and less ideologically imprisoned, Party. But, their dwindling numbers engender a fear, and reluctance of losing the support of even one small constituency, of their now cobbled together, base. They are trapped, blocked, and immobilized, from even tinkering around the edges of our most pressing problems. The political execution of majority leader Eric Cantor, for his modicum of courage in urging his Party to accept some political reality on the necessity of supporting some immigration reform. Is indicative of their inability to take any kind of stand, other than a purely partisan one, against any, and all actions proposed in Congress, or actions taken by President Obama. and
          extending that policy of opposition to crush all who
          sense for their own political survival, they must break
          out, and take an affirmative position, and lead, if they
          want the responsibility given to them voters. But, they
          can not bring themselves to it.

    • You are completely correct, atc333.
      What makes things worse, btw, is the fact that the GOP began a Fascist “gaslighting” propaganda campaign nearly a century ago and that campaign fits in perfectly with today’s “soundbite”, 24/7 news cycle.
      It’s a “Catch-22” situation: it takes time to explain how that GOP propaganda campaign fools GOP Progressive and Moderate voters into voting against their own best interests. It’s quite simple for the GOP politicians, warmongers and propagandists to say, “Benghazi!” or “raising taxes costs jobs” or “give the wealthy and big corporations tax cuts/more wealth and it’ll ‘trickle-down’ to you”. It’s easy because GOP voters don’t ask or expect them to explain HOW or WHY it’s true. If GOP voters did ask or expect that, they’d find that the GOP are akin to the “Emperor has no clothes” situation: they’re not able to explain why and how that would happen.
      The sad fact of the matter is that the GOP adhere to all of 14 defining characteristics of Fascism and a recurring theme among those “DCs” of Fascism is the use of propaganda to fool the followers of the Fascist regime into believing that they’re not supporting/feeding into the Fascist regime. This is what has happened to the GOP, and it’s sad.
      The truth, facts, logic, reason and common sense are the most powerful enemies of a Fascist or Totalitarian regime, not a different political ideology. That’s the reason why those regimes control or try to control the media and stop intellectualism and education of the masses…The GOP, like other Fascist regimes, need stupid and obedient followers. They have 30-50 million of them who call themselves “Progressives” and “Moderates”. Until those Progressives and Moderates are educated about the truth of the GOP these days and act accordingly, we will continue to have these problems…so, what do you say, GOP “Progs” & “Mods”?

      • Right on target! I have read every book I could find on nazi Germany. I have always wanted to find out how a nation could follow a crazy person. I read “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.” and “Mien Kampt.” The nazi party came in as a third party. They played to the peoples’ anger and fears and destroyed Germany’s democracy. Yes, the t-party reminds me of fascists.

        • Hitler was widely marginalized for many years because when the Liberal Socialist party created the Wiemar Republic they started borrowing money from all over the world. That helped to create a vibrant economy for Germany much to the dismay of Hitler. No one wanted to listen to the rantings of a lunatic any longer but Hitler kept squawking about an impending economic calamity and still no one listened. Hitler was a lucky recipient of The Great Depression, he wasn’t right per se, because he was trying to spread a lie but The Great Depression served to regain Hitler’s credibility as a leader who knew what he was talking about. If the GD never happened than Germany would have been fine and Hitler would have been just a mere footnote in Germany’s history.

  2. The sad truth is that the GOP has controlled public opinion since the Reagan era, and by the looks of things they will continue to do so. The fact that they have managed to portray the party that produced the only budget surplus in the decades, and that managed to save the economic problems caused, largely, by Republican economic policies, is a testament to the effectiveness of their electioneering strategy and tactics.
    Conversely, the level of ambivalence and the failure of Democrats, at all levels, to articulate the benefits of our policies, our outstanding record, and our vision of the future, are largely responsible for the ability of the GOP to make the most bizarre – and false – claims with total impunity.
    Relying on the education of the populace to reach logical and pragmatic conclusions is simply too risky. People whose interest is limited to watching Dancing with the Stars, texting, and surfing the net to find out what the celebrities are doing are not interested in politics and, more often than not, they limit their commitment to politics to voting every four year, if that.
    The GOP understands all this is a lot better than we do, and are taking advantage of it to gain congressional seats and have a chance to take the White House in spite of their record and inability to offer viable solutions to our problems or a vision.

    • I would say that to “the ability of the GOP to make the most bizarre – and false – claims with total impunity” should be added immunity. The fact that Republican lies are not challenged by the various media (except here, perhaps) is simply granting immunity to liars. This reminds me of professional wrestling, where the bad guys seem to get away with everything and the good guys just can’t seem to get the referees to listen. The bad guys are always saying saying, “I didn’t do it!” when everyone watching knows exactly what happened and who the real cheaters are.

  3. Nothing good can happen until the corporations are taken out of politics…they are the ones who have their hands on the “throat of democracy”…threatening to strangle anyone who fights back…Our politicians are nothing more than paid meat puppets…I won’t argue who they are…that much is obvious…Time to throw down the corporations for all time…

  4. Stir up the voters thirty-five years of age and under. Get them angry over the opportunity they might have had, that the GOP stifled. Get them angry over high tuitions and low wages. Democrats are allowing the right wing to dominate public conversations with topics that appeal to the old, we need to turn that around and speak directly to the young.

    • Although I agree with you John, the problem is how? The supposed “liberal” Media, is anything but that! We all know that Corporations own all the Media, and in my opinion, Corporations are what’s ruining America. So again I ask, how do we get to the Young?

      I preach to all in my area, relatives, their friends, but I live in Fl District 1. Here, I am considered a Godless Communist! I voted twice for that you know what, AND, I’m a disgrace to my Race! Yes, it’s truly that bad, I am NOT exaggerating in the least.

      • Though it definitely is a dark situation with a controlled media,I would encourage you to subscribe to the Washington Spectator and watch the Bill Moyers Report on PBS.If nothing else it will make you feel better for having your perspectives validated.Moyers is also on line.

    • Nobody in either of the two big parties works for average Joe. Just try to get Joe to vote for a third party. We need a third party controlled Congress…the President is basically a figure head.
      We live in the United Corporations of America.

        • Like you, Mag, I would like to see the dissolution of all parties, but there will always be large groups of people with differing outlooks. Call them what you will, a rose (or, in this case, stinkweed) by any other name…..

      • I agree with you somewhat, but your last line negates the need for a third party. I we forcibly get big money and corporations out of our, i.e. the people’s business, then was can do fine with two parties. The only downside is, the Rethugs are not a party that intends to let any of that happen, nor would they consent to cooperate if we get big money out. Yet, you can bet your bottom dollar that they would be more interested in actually leading this country when they are given no alternative but to march, or die.

  5. Malaysia’s top court on Monday upheld a government ban forbidding non-Muslims from using “Allah” to refer to God, rejecting an appeal by the Roman Catholic Church that argued that the ban failed to consider the rights of minorities in the mostly Muslim nation.

    In a 4-3 decision, the federal court ruled that the church’s newspaper has no grounds to appeal a lower court decision last year that kept it from using “Allah” in its Malay-language weekly publication.

    Although the Malaysian constitution guarantees freedom of religion, the ruling is expected to reinforce frequent complaints from Christians, Buddhist and Hindu minorities that non-Muslims do not always get fair treatment from the government and courts — accusations the government denies.

    “We are disappointed. The four judges who denied us the right to appeal did not touch on fundamental basic rights of minorities?,” said Rev. Lawrence Andrew, editor of The Herald, the newspaper at the center of the controversy.

    “It will confine the freedom of worship,” he added. “We are a minority in this country, and when our rights are curtailed, people feel it.”

    Allah is the Arabic word for God and commonly used in the Malay language to refer to God.

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