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The 5 Most Bogus Anti-Obamacare Ads

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The 5 Most Bogus Anti-Obamacare Ads


Obamacare Jobs

Even before President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act was launched in October 2013, Republican critics of the law had already begun spinning stories to discredit it.

Over the past several months, GOP lawmakers and outside groups have focused their tales on health insurance plan cancelation letters and lost coverage for millions, forced enrollment in unaffordable plans and layoffs resulting from insurance plans employers could not or refused to pay for.

While ads bemoaning the disastrous effects of the law blanketed the airwaves, closer examination of these anti-Obamacare claims revealed that in many cases, Republicans’ arguments and ads were merely fictional “horror stories.”

Read on to learn five anti-Obamacare myths that the GOP – and the Koch brothers — wish had never been debunked.

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    1. Duckbudder February 27, 2014

      Go away you spamming CUNT

      1. kmkirb March 1, 2014

        While I completely concur with your sentiments Duckbudder, it is best to vote it down, flag it, & report it.

        If you would like to do so just go to… http://disqus.com/support/?article=Abuse

        Your username & email will already be populated. Under “What can we help you with?” click on the down arrow & choose, “My issue isn’t listed”.

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        At the ‘Link to page’ provide the link to the page from your address bar, & put in some details like Flagged for Spam, please remove.

        You can also upload a screen shot if you’d like. I always do.

        Disqus has been wonderful for removing these types of posts. You can also report the abuse to the site’s moderators, but in the case of National Memo they’re not doing such a stellar job these days. I hope that’s helpful. Raging against the wind can be a great feeling, LOL, but it doesn’t stop these fake marketers.

    2. kmkirb February 27, 2014

      Flagged & reported for SPAM!

  2. daniel bostdorf February 27, 2014

    To all…I am not going to be following NM anymore because of a complete lack of 
consistent commentary standards. It is my understanding that NM has a 
few new editors, and that is the cause. They are allowing flame throwing, bullying trolls to run rampant…don’t moderate for work at home ads, etc…


The final straw is allowing a bullying serial right wing troll to flame 
throw everywhere at NM and NM Editors refuse to shut this person down. 


wjgreen314 profile: http://disqus.com/wjgreen314/


Free speech is one thing, but yelling fire in a crowded theatre is illegal.

Yelling fire, flame throwing and bullying other posters at this site is unacceptable. And I cannot support it anymore.

    I manage a few websites, and we simply do not allow it.

  3. idamag February 27, 2014

    My mail, my e-mail and my television has been inundated by such ads. Some of them are pretty hateful. The Koch brothers are busy and those people who fall for their hate attacks are koch heads.

  4. Jambi February 27, 2014

    Instead of “the bigger the lie”, their philosophy is “the quantity of lies”… (will convince the ignorant that their lies are truth)

  5. progressiveandproud February 27, 2014

    If you want to expose the Cock brothers fine, but try using a valid point. Using actress’ and actors from different parts of the country is not a valid point to argue. Time would be better spent by running ads in the media promoting the good aspects of the ACA.

  6. Thomas Brady February 27, 2014

    I think most people now recognize that Hussein Obama is a delusional marxist who intentionally sows the seeds of chaos to consolidate his own power.

    1. old_blu March 1, 2014

      “Most people”? *looks over glasses* Really?
      You must mean like the “most people” who voted for him. ‘TWICE’

  7. itsfun February 27, 2014

    if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor – period. If you like your insurance plan you can keep your plan – period. Would those statements come under bogus?

    1. kmkirb February 28, 2014

      Good Lord, get a freaking brain. Those statements were made before anyone realized just how corrupt these insurance agencies were. Many people were duped into thinking their policies covered many procedures, only to find out later that when those procedures were initiated & completed, they were NOT COVERED! That meant you were responsible for thousands of dollars worth of payments that you thought were covered but that you now had to pay.

      1. itsfun February 28, 2014

        You sound like Obama, You are blaming his lies on insurance companies. The man is a proven liar. Its also been proven he knew people would lose their doctors and plans, but didn’t care. He wanted his tax to pass no matter what. He also kept telling everyone it was not a tax, but when it was going to be unconstitutional, it all of a sudden became a tax. How many more lies do you want from this man. Maybe you should start blaming George Bush for Obama’s lies. How about the lady in Michigan losing her cancer medicine because of the obamacare tax, because now she can’t afford it. Oops, harry reid said she is a liar too.

        1. kmkirb February 28, 2014

          More BS from someone that only listens to garbage being spewed over infotainment news.

          It’s crap like this that the ACA will be able to stop in most cases ‘itsfun’…



          And wow, look at this review on the movie Sicko after it was released, “Roger Friedman of Fox News called the film a “brilliant and uplifting new film” and praised Moore for the way in which he lets “very articulate average Americans tell their personal horror stories at the hands of insurance companies” and “criticizes both Democrats and Republicans for their inaction and in some cases their willingness to be bribed by pharmaceutical companies and insurance carriers.”[18]”

          EXCERPT: “Against the backdrop of the history of the American health care debate, opponents of universal health care are set in the context of 1950s-style anti-communist propaganda. A 1950s record distributed by the American Medical Association, narrated by Ronald Reagan, warns that universal health care could lead to lost freedoms and socialism. In response, Moore shows that socialized public services like police, fire service, the United States Postal Service, public education and community libraries have not led to communism in the United States.

          The origins of the Health Maintenance Organization Act of 1973 are presented using a taped conversation between John Ehrlichman and President Richard Nixon on February 17, 1971; Ehrlichman is heard telling Nixon that “…the less care they give them, the more money they make”, a plan that Nixon remarked “fine” and “not bad”. This led to the expansion of the modern health maintenance organization-based health care system. Connections are highlighted between Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), the lobbying arm of the largest drug companies in the United States, lobbying groups in Washington D.C., and the Congress.”

          Read more… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sicko

          1. itsfun March 1, 2014

            Reason Magazine’s blog post
            on the topic defines “specialty drugs” as “high-cost medications used
            to treat complex conditions such as multiple sclerosis.” Despite the
            high cost of these drugs, many people have used insurance that provided
            them with these needed medications at a low cost.

            You know what is coming next, of course.

            The Affordable Care Act has ended the era of insurance that actually pays for these specialty drugs.
            The plans require users to pay
            coinsurance, a percentage of medication costs. While that percentage
            varies with specific plans and with the “metal” level of the plan,
            that’s expected to raise patients’ out-of-pocket payments higher than
            most are accustomed to paying.

            Reason appeals to HealthPocket, an organization that rates plans.

            An article published last summer
            pointed out, “When compared to the current individual and family health
            insurance market, both the entry-level Bronze Plan and the higher tier
            Silver Plan will increase most out-of-pocket drug costs for consumers.”
            Using Copaxone, a drug used to treat multiple sclerosis, as an example
            of a specialty medication, HealthPocket warned that “someone on the
            Bronze plan would have spent the $6,350 annual limit on out-of-pocket
            costs by the fourth month of coverage.”

            But that is only if the drug is covered at all. Obamacare “requires
            only one drug per category and class be covered within a health plan
            formulary.” So if for some reason you are allergic to the medication
            that the insurance company picked, then you must pay the full price of
            the drug, while you are still stuck paying a higher price for the
            useless insurance.

            So, by just looking at these important drugs, we see the issues that
            plague all of Obamacare. We see the theme of reduced choice is at
            work—just like Obamacare puts people in smaller networks
            with fewer hospitals, their drug options are reduced as well. And the
            expense of these drugs is representative of all of Obamacare’s plans and
            how impoverishing they are.

            Read more at http://politicaloutcast.com/2014/03/affordable-care-act-makes-needed-drugs-unaffordable/#peRXys4BFvQ114pS.99

          2. kmkirb March 1, 2014

            Now that’s what I’m talking about 🙂 Thank you, thank you, thank you itsfun! It’s always nice to be able to look at both sides of the story. And truly, I can’t thank you enough for all of your due diligence. I really do apologize for insinuating your grey matter wasn’t up to par, but with what you were saying was not true about the president as far as he ‘LIED’, & it sounded like the exact same right wing crap I’ve come to abhor.

            Obama is not a healthcare company, nor an insurance company, & what he said at the time he thought was true. It wasn’t until later that all of the rot & greed that was incorporated into the industry was exposed into the light of day which made it not possible in all cases for people to keep their insurance. If you read the link I gave you to the HuffPo article you’ll see exactly why it wasn’t possible, as well as the stories of all the people who thought they had coverage only to find out they didn’t. The ACA was meant to stop that, & it has to a large degree.

            Plus those who make the laws can amend them or rewrite them at any time along the way. I question many laws all the time, & have all my life, especially when many are not made to help the general population, but only TPTB. I’m not saying the new healthcare law is stupendous, or heck even wonderful or great. It does have quite a few negative drawbacks, but also contains a lot of pluses that needed fixing in our country concerning healthcare, mainly due to the runaway greed of the insurance companies. I noted my own circumstances above, so I do know about it. Thinking you’re covered only to find out you’re not when you get that huge bill in the mail, & then later to be denied care, or kicked off your plan to never be insured again.

            ACA actually should have went a lot further. But if you remember correctly, our illustrious, grand bargaining, always wanting to compromise President could have stuck to his damn guns & made it universal healthcare. You do know that this plan was written over 20 years ago & was approved by the Heritage Foundation right?

            I believe since Prez O was new to the WH in 2009, & knowing that 16 men sat at a ritzy hotel restaurant the night of his inauguration devising ways to obstruct him at every turn, had a whole lot to do with him wanting to be equal & fair across the aisles & why he agreed to every single one of the compromises.

            Hopefully, in time this country will move forward & we’ll finally have universal healthcare. And just so you know, NO, I don’t approve of everything the President does, no effing way no how.

            Now I’m off to do more reading on the links you provided. Thank you so much again. And BTW, my sister is in the healthcare field, & while most of what they all say is positive, there are negatives coming directly from all those lips also. I’d have to say that anything this big & massive is going to have a lot of kinks & is going to take time. Hopefully we all win in the end. As for me, not so much at the present time. Thanks to circumstances beyond my control, I can’t get the help I thought I could. So I will remain uninsured & have to pay the penalty of like $95 next year.

          3. itsfun March 1, 2014

            Today’s illegal ObamaCare change: subsidies for everyone!

            By: John Hayward
            2/28/2014 10:23 AM

            In a properly functioning republic, Congress would have repealed ObamaCare a long time ago – it’s an absolute failure by Barack Obama’s standards,
            since he can’t get through a week without making illegal modifications
            to the idiotic law his party stuffed down our throats. The first
            illegal modification should have been the end of the Affordable Care

            The latest one is going to cost us a bundle, it’s flagrantly against
            the law, and it should prompt emergency sessions of Congress to wipe
            out the Affordable Care Act once and for all. How much of this turkey
            has to get plucked before our degenerate political system admits the law
            is null and void? How arbitrary must this Administration become,
            before some last-ditch effort to preserve our Constitution and the rule
            of law is mounted?

            So here we are, with a pack of corrupt and incompetent Democrat
            administrations that blew millions of dollars on non-functional
            websites, in states that decided to set up their own ObamaCare
            exchanges. The unfortunate citizens of those misgoverned states had
            little choice but to buy insurance outside of the inert ObamaCare
            system. The Affordable Care Act, aka THE SETTLED LAW OF THE LAND, says
            it is strictly illegal to provide tax subsidies to insurance policies
            purchased in this manner.

            But that might get those inept Democrat governors, and the
            congressional Democrats who signed this ridiculous bill, creamed in the
            next election, as unhappy citizens find themselves forced to pay the
            full freight for their own health care – a punishment the Affordable
            Care Act reserves for people who earn more than $80k or so.

            Thus His Majesty King Barack I, through his loyal minions at the
            Department of Health and Human Services, did order an illegal bailout of
            the blue-state exchange hells, apparently hoping nobody would notice.
            The Associated Press noticed:

            States that have experienced technical problems running
            their own health care enrollment websites are getting some help from the
            Obama administration.

            The administration quietly issued a health law fix Thursday to help
            those states. Several Democratic-led states, including Oregon, Maryland,
            Massachusetts and Hawaii, are still trying to solve website problems
            that have eclipsed those experienced earlier by the federal
            HealthCare.gov site, now largely repaired.

            Although the new policy fix is available to any state, Republican
            governors basically defaulted to federal control of online sign-ups in
            their states. Those who stand to benefit the most are Democratic
            governors who plunged ahead and ran into problems. Some are facing sharp
            criticism at home, from both sides of the political aisle.

            “Today’s news means that many more Oregonians will be able to access
            better coverage at a more affordable cost,” said Oregon Democratic Gov.
            John Kitzhaber, whose state is near the bottom on enrollments.

            “Near the bottom on enrollments?” That’s an interesting way to put it. Nobody has been able to use the Oregon exchange.
            Crucial sections of code remain completely unwritten. The state is
            close to giving up on the pile of garbage Governor Kitzhaber poured
            nearly $100 million of his citizens’ money into. The Oregonian reports
            the software company, Oracle Corporation, just downsized its repair
            team, removing 100 employees and leaving only 65 on the job. Some of
            those people were billing over three hundred dollars per hour for their services.

            Kithzaber handled this disaster exactly the same way as Barack Obama,
            HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, and every other top Democrat involved
            in this disaster: he claimed he was out of the loop and had no idea what
            was going on.

            Lucky for him, here comes the Bumbler-in-Chief to save Kitzhaber and
            his blue-state colleagues from the well-earned wrath of voters.
            Democrats looting taxpayers to bail out Democrats: it’s the American

            HHS said state residents who were unable to sign up
            because of technical problems may still get federal tax credits if they
            bought private insurance outside of the new online insurance exchanges.

            The federal policy change is significant because until now the
            administration has stressed that the only place to get
            taxpayer-subsidized insurance under President Barack Obama’s health law
            is through the new online markets, called exchanges. Previously, people
            who bought outside the marketplace were not eligible for subsidies,
            although they benefit from consumer protections in the law.

            The tax credits that subsidize coverage under the law can greatly
            reduce the cost of a policy. This year virtually all Americans are
            required to have coverage or risk fines.

            The administration’s Republican critics are certain to question the
            move. Along with a delay in a key mandate that medium to large companies
            provide coverage or face fines, it’s another example of the
            administration trying to find flexibility to smooth out rough patches in
            the law’s implementation.

            “Trying to find flexibility?” IT’S. AGAINST. THE. LAW. The
            Affordable Care Act is extremely clear on this point. In fact, there’s a
            strong case to be made that only functioning state exchanges
            were eligible for tax credits, because steaming pile of legislative crap
            shoveled out by power-hungry Democrats in 2009 was worded in a manner
            that would exclude the federal exchanges. This was all supposed to be
            part of the effort to prod citizens into using the exchanges; excluding
            the federal exchange was evidently a bungled effort by certain Democrats
            to intimidate all fifty states into setting up their own.

            But in the New Normal, it no longer matters what certain laws
            actually say. Our rulers hold themselves to none of the fine print they
            use to ensnare us. If part of the ACA becomes politically troublesome,
            it is simply waved away. It’s more clear than ever that ObamaCare was
            not a “law,” but a writ of unlimited power to the executive branch, a
            formal sacrifice of law and liberty that never would have passed, if
            presented honestly to the American people.

            Among the many other problems with this “make up the law as we go”
            approach, it makes an utter mockery of the notion that American citizens
            and their representatives get to make informed decisions about
            government initiatives. Remember all those fraudulent projections of
            ObamaCare’s cost, back in 2009? They grow more ludicrous by the day.
            All of the controls and restrictions that were supposed to be part of
            the deal are getting unilaterally abandoned by the Administration, without proper and lawful congressional debate.

            If Obama wants the Affordable Care Act rewritten to allow tax credits
            for insurance purchased outside the exchanges, he can call for Congress
            to write, debate, and ratify the necessary modifications… but of
            course, he doesn’t want to take the political hit from the
            representative democracy that would ensue, and he can’t wait for the
            lawful process to reach its conclusion, because his Party is about get
            slaughtered in a vital election.

            At this point, what is the justification for the exchange system at
            all? A billion dollars at the federal level, counting all the
            post-launch fixes… probably more than that spent in the states… and for
            what, if so many people ended up having to ignore the whole mess and buy
            insurance the old-fashioned way, and they still get their tax credits?

            ObamaCare is completely incompatible with the American constitutional
            system, in every respect – from unconstitutional penalties that had to
            be rewritten as “taxes” on the fly by Supreme Court Chief Justice John
            Roberts, to constant fine-tuning that violates the law passed by
            Congress and signed by the President. All of the premises used to pass
            the ACA have been proven false, from Obama’s vow that it wouldn’t
            require the cancellation of existing policies, to the highly
            inconvenient fact that very few people who previously lacked
            coverage have been interested in signing up. We’re setting hundreds of
            billions of taxpayer dollars on fire, and shredding the very
            constitutional order of our nation, for nothing. The
            money-burning and Constitution-shredding still wouldn’t be okay if there
            was a big national payoff at the end, but the almost comical
            ineffectiveness of ObamaCare at addressing any of the original problems,
            even as it creates new ones, adds insult to injury.

            It’s long past time to spit this garbage out, repeal the Affordable
            Care Act in full, and begin with a rational series of reforms. There’s
            not much left to repeal, is there?

            Update: Not many people have been signing up for
            ObamaCare, but tons of them are getting shuffled into Medicaid welfare
            programs. Illinois, for example, was expecting maybe 200,000 new
            beneficiaries in the first year, but they’ve already got 315,000 and
            counting. The system is collapsing under the stress. Watchdog.org speaks of hundreds of millions of dollars coming
            at Illinois taxpayers, above and beyond the promised federal money.
            The state government of Illinois is not exactly rolling in dough.

            So instead of all the endless millions poured into ObamaCare exchange
            rat holes, and the billions pumped into new state and federal
            bureaucracies, we could have honestly debated a massive Medicaid
            expansion in 2009. That would have provoked a chorus of hysterical
            laughter and horrified screams from everyone familiar with the creaky
            Medicaid system, perhaps leading in turn to reasonable and effective
            reforms. But instead, we got our wallets vacuumed out by ObamaCare,
            national life was turned upside down, hundreds of thousands of man-hours
            were wasted wrestling with crap infrastructure, and the Medicaid
            expansion hit us by stealth.

      2. plc97477 February 28, 2014

        Those statements were made before anyone realized how stupid people were. They were willing to “like” total pieces of crap if it gave the man in the white house a hard time.

        1. kmkirb March 1, 2014

          Spot on deary, & thank you!! I never thought we had so many ignorant people, or shall I say stupid people in this country. They’re two totally different concepts but yet they seem to keep wanting to conjoin in one fashion or another.

          These dolts just keep wanting to push the infotainment spews every time, & I refuse. I do my homework, & I know dang well beyond any shadow of any doubt that Obama had NONE, ZILCH, NADA, ZERO control over how all these insurance companies were deliberately raping the public. And that’s why he finally pushed for healthcare reform that so many presidents tried to do before him, & that was written by the extremely right wing conservative group known as the Heritage Foundation.

          Hell, people around the world see it & know it, & outright admit it, & yet these dolts can’t see the forest for the trees right in their own backyards. That old saying of being too near to something makes you less objective is all too true. As they say, “A lie can reach half way around the world before the truth can even think about putting on it’s pants.”

          We have so many people were duped into buying crappy insurance before the ACA was implemented, granted it was unbeknownst to them at the time until it was too late, & because the agent told them they were good policies when the customers asked about coverage, especially concerning big ticket procedures. The cookie cutter answer from the agents or brokers, call them what you will, was always, “Oh sure, that’s covered. No worries, you are covered.” They might even give you a friendly nudge or a tap on the arm for good measure.

          And then when the customer, or anyone that was supposed to be covered on the policy, had to go in the hospital after a heart attack, stroke, cancer, major surgery, et. al., they were either denied care & then kicked off their policies for pre-existing never to be insured again, or they got the procedure only to go home & start seeing the huge bills into the thousands, tens of thousands, & sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars rolling in as billable procedures that were not covered after all in said policies. And the false claim of “Didn’t you read your policy, it’s all in there”, most people & even insurance people themselves have said good luck trying to understand them.

          If Obama walked up & handed every single solitary individual in the United States, be they rich, poor, or otherwise, a million bucks each, someone would still continue to spin it & find something to bitch about. Oh I know, “Right, he treated everyone equally, fair & square, that is just so wrong. Let me count the ways.” UGH, they all should be so damn lucky!

          I know of what I speak because it happened to me. I bought an insurance plan through my company. It was supposed to be a major medical insurance policy that covered all types of procedures, surgeries, what have you. After having it for over 2 years, I finally had to be admitted for gall bladder surgery. I paid the initial fee upon entering the hospital, & I paid any existing other co-pays to the specialist when I first was diagnosed. I paid for the office visits & co-pays on the meds before surgery was scheduled. After surgery, I came home & had 3 follow up visits with the specialist. I paid him every time I went to his office.

          Almost 2 weeks to the day after being released from the hospital I received a bill at my home for $12,000.00 to cover the surgery. I was floored. Then I received other bills for lab costs, medicines & care I never received, & I don’t even remember what else. That was in 2006.

          And while my story is not unique, it sure as heck isn’t some of the worst. Here’s some more horror stories…

          ” ‘Junk insurance’ comes back to haunt its policyholders” – December 19, 2013

          Read more here: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2013/12/19/212069/junk-insurance-comes-back-to-haunt.html#storylink=cpy

          And this article by Bob Cesca spells out the whole truth of how this “Obama Lied” got started, & completely dispels all of the BS. But never forget these folks like ‘itsfun’ above, & Thomas Brady below will forever continue to ignore & deny the true facts.

          “Another Obamacare ‘Horror Story’ Debunked; and, No, the President Didn’t Lie About the Law” -November 06, 2013



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