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5 Republican Campaign Promises (That President Obama Fulfilled)

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5 Republican Campaign Promises (That President Obama Fulfilled)

5 Republican campaign promises that Obama fulfilled

Republicans may be divided over many issues, but they almost universally agree on one point: President Barack Obama’s domestic policy has been a disaster, and America would be far better off under GOP leadership.

But as MSNBC’s Steve Benen has pointed out, there’s a big problem with this declaration: On issue after issue, the president has done exactly what Republicans promised that they would do if elected. In several cases, he’s done it better.

Here are five issues on which the president Obama kept Republicans’ campaign promises for them:

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. Dominick Vila December 31, 2014

    The truth behind President Obama’s policies, based on tangible results, is that history will judge him as a center-right President. The same goes for President Clinton. In addition to the facts cited in this article, the focus demonstrated by these two presidents on reducing or eliminating deficit spending and accumulation of debt, put them to the right of every single Republican President during the lasts half century. Fiscal conservatism is the exact opposite to what the Republican record of spending more than the government takes in means. The most admirable part of President Obama’s achievement, on the issue of fiscal prudence, is that he accomplished it without raising taxes, against tremendous opposition by the GOP, and while fighting the worst recession since the Great Depression.

    1. ericlipps December 31, 2014

      I’ve read that the two most conservative U.S. presidents
      since the nineteenth century were Bill Clinton and (drumroll,
      please) . . .
      . Jimmy Carter! Yes, that’s right, the two guys who most got Republicans baying-at-the-moon mad before Obama came along. To the frustration of progressives, it looks as though Obama (you know, that furrin-bawn n***** Commie Islamic terrorist usurper illegally in the White House God promised to Republicans forever in the Bible) may join them.

      I told them so. Back in 2008, when the question was whether the left saw Obama as running for president or for messiah, I warned that based on his record in Illinois he was nowhere near as liberal as they hoped or as conservatives screamed. And I was right. I wish I hadn’t been.

      1. Dominick Vila December 31, 2014

        From urging Congress to release the second half of the TARP, to put Wall Street on solid ground, to preventing the collapse of the U.S. economy and, by default, capitalism, to pro-business policies, to reducing the size of government by over 600,000 civil servant positions, to reducing the deficit to 2/3, and limiting increases in the national debt to a bare minimum, President Obama has been one of the most effective fiscal conservative Presidents in U.S. history.
        As for President Carter, I would say that he was a victim of the out of control inflation he inherited, Federal Reserve policies designed to reduce inflation, the Iranian hostage crisis, and Christian convictions that impaired his ability to act impulsively and ruthlessly. As a former President, his endeavors should serve as a model for others to follow.
        I am convinced that most of the negativism from the far right is designed to deflect attention from their dismal economic, fiscal, foreign policy record, and lack of vision.

        1. charleo1 December 31, 2014

          One of the great ironies of the Carter years, was Reagan’s decidedly un-conservative repudiation of the idea that tight money policies, (high interest rates, not printing more dollars) would cure inflation. Or that the common wisdom, adopted by the Carter Adm. A Southern Democrat after all, and most economist of the day. Should say conservative economists. That the Fed, by loosening money policies, lowering interests rates, injecting what was essentially printed money in to the economy, would lead to another round of inflation thru both currency devaluation, and an overheated economy. Reagan’s plan, well, it wasn’t his exactly. But it was both radical in it’s scope, and politically opportunistic. And successfully managed to avoid inflation by reconfiguring the way in which wealth is distributed. In other words, the economy improved, and improved drastically for the top. And currency devaluation did occur. But wages remained stunted, and the inflation that would have otherwise manifested itself thru a familiar cycle of increasing demand, leading to pressure on wages to rise, was offset by ant-labor policies, and the very limited ways the additional monies found their way into the economy. Primarily by expanding military expenditures, and the size of government. (The number of Federal employees increased by 600,000, in the Reagan years.) Of course many of the methods used to avoid inflation then, are the root causes of that new set of problems that plague our Country today.

          1. Dominick Vila December 31, 2014

            The consequences of those policies include raising the national debt 18 times, income inequality, and ethnic divisiveness fueled by rhetoric such as the famous “welfare Queen than drove her Cadillac to collect her welfare check”, among other social and fiscal problems.

          2. charleo1 December 31, 2014

            We’ve been faltering economically, and some would argue, fundamentally. Since, and primarily because of one Ronald Wilson Reagan. I would agree. Does that
            make me a Communist? Some would say yes.

          3. jointerjohn December 31, 2014

            It makes you an open-minded, rational, unemotional thinker, and thereby a candidate for any number of pejorative labels the liars of the current American Right Wing can think of to keep their flock from listening to you.

          4. ericlipps January 1, 2015

            It’s been suggested that Reagan’s policies were deliberately designed to bankrupt the federal government in order to force Democrats to accept completely dismantling or privatizing the welfare state, including Social Security.

            If so, he was a piker compared to George W. Bush. Why, despite his bellicose reputation, he didn’t even get us into any real wars (Grenada was more of a military exercise, and he fought in Nicaragua by
            proxy). Bush, on the other hand, was perfectly willing to put American lives (not his, of course, any more than had been the case in Vietnam) on the line along with the country’s money (again, not his).

          5. charleo1 January 1, 2015

            Yes, it;s not only been suggested that Reagan’s policies were deliberately designed to bankrupt the Federal Gov. in order to force the dismantling of the so called, welfare state. It has been reported as fact, by Kevin Phillips. A long time Republican strategist, and author for over 30 years, of several books on that, and other radical sweeping changes instigated by the radical corporate right wing of the GOP. To completely reconfigure the distribution, or flow of wealth in the American economy. And run the public debt to unsustainable levels, so as to make necessary the elimination of Social Security/ Medicare, Medicaid, et/al. According to Phillips in his book, “American Theocracy.” “The peril and politics of radical religion, oil, and borrowed money, in the 21st century.” This was paramount in formulating the supply side/so called trickle down, economic doctrine. Which is based on no provable, or previously successful theory, or economic model. Just a lot of hot air, patriotic jingoism, and appealing to people’s lowest common dominator, and overall ignorance. And of course, fanning racial animus has absolutely been a part of all that. From Reagan’s non-existant, Cadillac driving Welfare Queen. To the Willie Horton narrative in the Presidential campaign of George H. W. Bush.

        2. mike January 1, 2015

          More of your horse manure. Keep saying it and someone will believe you, not me, but someone.
          “Pro-business policies” now that’s a real knee slapper.
          Under Obama the size and scope of government has been greatly enlarged, but you love to talk about 600k fewer employees and not the real growth of government, which by the way is real anti-growth when it comes to our economy.
          Happy New Year.

          1. ericlipps January 1, 2015

            Greatly enlarged”?

            Well, not really.

            CNN disagrees with you, noting that what increases have taken place jhave been modest, a few percentage points at most, and are largely attributable to predictable expenses arising from the recession he inherited. Even the Heritage Foundation, no friend to any Democrat, admits much of the increase in federal spending originates in laws passed by this Congress and previous ones, even though, loyal to its base, it whimpers that Obama should be doing more to shrink government.

            According to the same article, “The federal payroll has been expanding since President Bush took office, after declining during the Clinton administration. But it’s still a tad smaller than it was in 1992, said Craig Jennings, a federal budget expert at the progressive think tank OMB Watch.”

            It took me all of a minute to find that article online, and many others make the same point; seee, for
            example, this one, which points out that the number of [eople employed by the federal government is now actually lower than it was when Obama took office in 2009.

            But perhaps you’re the sort who believes that CNN stands for Communist News Network. If so, you’re also likely to blast OMB Watch, The New Republic and anyone else who contradicts you as part of the “international Communist conspiracy.” When the facts are inconvenient, smear the folks bringing them to light; that’s the ticket, right?

          2. mike January 1, 2015

            Typical of those on the left is th continued belief ” size and scope of govt.” is it’s physical size. The expression means the depth the Federal govt. continues to contol every aspect of American lives. Under Obama it has grown much larger. Remember “Julia”in 2012 election. Cradle to grave govt control of our lives. Big govt. is the answer for Americans.

          3. ericlipps January 1, 2015

            Actually, that’s more typical of the right.

            They’re the ones who bean-count every federal worker and every dollar spent (except for the military and Fatherland Security, which they give carte blanche) while insisting on the government’s right to rummage through citizens’ mail, electronic communications, book purchases and library selections, not to mention their bedroom habits, and who want everyone to have to prove their papers are in order. They’d also like tbe able to force the teaching of Genesis as science and history, ban abortion and birth control and gut the Fourteenth Amendment’s guarantee of citizenship to anyone born here.

            Cradle to grave? With them it’s more like conception to grave.

          4. mike January 1, 2015

            No, typical of left.

            Did Obama or did he not increase NSA surveillance of the American people. Pretty simple Yes or No!!!

            Did the democrats or did they not promote Julia??? Yes or No!!

            Funny, you can’t prove me wrong on the massive intrusion by govt. into the lives of Americans by Obama’s new rules and regulations over these lost 5 years. Yes, even Bush and other presidents have done it but nothing like Obama.

          5. ericlipps January 1, 2015

            Since we do not know how much spying on the American people the NSA was doing before Obama came in (though apparently it was quite a bit), I can’t give you the “Yes or No!!!” answer you demand on that matter. I suspect you know that and are simply using a cheap demagogic trick.

            As for “Julia,” since you don’t give me a last name, I had to do some digging. I assume you mean Julia Brownley, who was “promoted” (that is, supported) by the Democratic Party in a 2012 election. Her use of a deceptive ad meant to imply she had the support of local military voters was wrong, but no worse than stunts pulled all the time by GOP political operatives. See, for example, the digitally doctored photo from 2004 placing Sen.John Kerry, then running for president against George W. Bush, side by side on the podium at an antiwar rally with right-wing hate object Jane Fonda.

          6. ericlipps January 1, 2015

            Of course warrantless surveillance was being done under Bush. You miss my point, which is that since we don’t know how much was actually done under Bush, we can’t say whether “Obama increased it” or not. Whether he did or not, though, it should be terminated—but don’t kid yourself, it won’t be if a Republican wins the White House in 2016.

            As for “Julia,” let me get this straight: you’re up in arms because a cartoon character in a political ad actually is depicted as being helped by the government to get an education, then get a paying job, take care of a son and eventually retire? Sure, she’s supposed to be single, but the last time I looked that didn’t make her a second-class citizen. (And at what age was she supposed to get married, anyway, if even getting an education before she has a husband is suspect? Fourteen? Don’t conservatives oppose teen marriage anymore?)

            I thought this kind of nonsense went out after Dan Quayle’s attack on Murphy Brown fell on its face and helped sink his already limited chances of succeeding the first George Bush as president. My mistake. It’s only gotten worse. “Murphy Brown” was at least an actual flesh-and-blood woman rather than an animated cartoon.

          7. mike January 1, 2015

            What?? “we don’t how much was actually done under Bush”, what we know is that Obama wanted more. That’s not to hard to understand. Obama had parts of NSA authority increased.

            Not surprised to your Julia remarks since you are a lefty. The whole point to Julia was you don’t need a husband, a family, just the Federal Govt.. to give and lead you through life. Big Govt., you’ve seen that before haven’t you?? Not number of employees but rules and regs. to control the masses) is everything!! Duh!!

            You can go ahead and trust the govt. bureaucrats but I won’t. When they come after and, they will at some point, they will care less what party your in.

          8. ericlipps January 2, 2015

            Do we really know that “Obama wanted more,” or is that just the paranoia of the right speaking?

            I’d be happier if he’d stop it all, but that’s not going to happen under him or any near-term successor from either party. The “war on terror” has poisoned the well of democracy too much.

          9. Independent1 January 1, 2015

            “Under Obama the size and scope of government has been greatly enlarged, ”

            Just one more example of your outright blatant lies!! All anyone has to do is lookup the number of workers in the federal government at the end of Reagan’s administration and they will find that after Ronnie added over 265,000 government workers the government on 1/20/89 was over 3.1 million today there are 330,000 less people working for the federal goverment which has less than 2.9 million today. And THOSE ARE FACTS, not a figment of my imagination you blatant lying facts fabricator!

          10. mike January 1, 2015

            Hey, little mind, it has nothing to with # of fed. Employees, it has everything to do with the intrusion of every American with new rules and regulations to control every of our lives. Remember Democratic Party”Julia” ? Govt. control cradle to grave.

          11. ericlipps January 1, 2015

            Mikey boy, give it a rest. You were caught with your facts down regarding the size of government, so now you retreat to ungrammatical claims about “the intrusion of every American with new rules and regulations” you can’t name and possibly couldn’t read if they actually existed. As for “Julia,” see my comment above.

          12. mike January 1, 2015

            Give up what??
            Size and scope has nothing to do with employment and everything to do with the size of rules and regulations taking freedoms away from the American people to further control every aspect of everyday life. This process of nibbling away our freedoms has been the driving force of this administration.
            Yes it fox, but doesn’t change the facts.


            here’s more

            This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to control of the American people.

          13. ericlipps January 1, 2015

            And you really believe this all started with Obama?

            The George W. Bush administration did a pretty good job of mugging the Constitution via the PATRIOT Act, unilateral presidential declarations that specific individuals are “enemies” of this country subject to arrest and indefinite detention without trial, warrantless electronic surveillance and many other such moves. Obama, to his discredit, hasn’t abandoned them, but they didn’t start with him and won’t end if, as you clearly hope, a Republican succeeds him in office.

          14. mike January 1, 2015

            There you go again!! I said in earlier posts that it started under Bush, but has been expanded by Obama.

            Everything on surveillance he opposed as a senator is now part of his growing intrusion into Americans lives.A total reversal.

            Don’t try and puts words in my mouth with your last sentence.

          15. ericlipps January 2, 2015

            My last sentence does not “put words in [your] mouth”; it reflects my personal impression of your partisan leanings. Am I wrong? Do you hope a Democrat wins?

          16. mike January 2, 2015

            LOL!!! Give me a good leader with interest in the countries success.
            Obama shouted loudly and repeatedly he was going to change how Washington worked and he has failed. He didn’t try very hard to work with opposition like other presidents. From what I have read he detests socializing with even members in his own party let alone the opposition.
            But none of this is important. We have a mess and the next two years are going to be fun to watch.

          17. ericlipps January 3, 2015

            Only if you don’t actually care about this country.

            Two years of a Republican Congress working desperately day and night to ruin the U.S. so they can blame it all on Obama and win big in 2016 won’t be fun for most people to watch. Certainly not for people who actually love this country, as opposed to just saying (shrieking) that they do.

          18. mike January 3, 2015

            Now! Now! I love this country as much and maybe even more than you.

            What I see is a President who continues to divide this country for political reasons but shows little interest in seeking cohesion, unity, respect or peace within the country.

            No, the next two years will see progress in Congress and we will see how much Obama wants to get done. Remember Obama always says “if I like it” when it comes to bills.

    2. James Bagley December 31, 2014

      You know, a lot of the things that you’ve said make good points, but I still think that President Obama always will be remembered primarily as the first President to break the race barrier in a country that was not long ago a racist one. Most of his other achievements may be fleeting or debatable, but this particular genie can never be put back into the bottle. The whole world was transfixed on watching the United States elect it’s first African American President. The important thing, I think, is that the next time an African American runs for President it won’t be considered such a big deal, and that’s progress.

      1. whodatbob December 31, 2014

        Obama’s achievements have nothing to do with him being biracial. His skill as a leader and vision. His race as was JFK’s religion were distractions. He will be remembered for his political accomplishments not the color of his skin.

        1. James Bagley December 31, 2014

          I think he’s going to be remembered for both. But the race issue isn’t his achievement, to be sure — it’s America’s achievement. Good economies are fleeting, and ending wars sadly doesn’t get the same press as starting them. But breaking the race barrier in the highest office in America will be remembered as will all of the bitter hate that was directed at him by people like you.

          According to you he doesn’t have any political achievements, pretty much what I’ve seen you say is that Obama is evil and all of his policies are socialism or communism. Even when you don’t say it yourself you always jump in to defend your partners who do. And that’s a pretty contradictory stand for even a cranky white man who likes to pose online as a minority.

          1. whodatbob December 31, 2014

            Unable to ascertain how you concluded all you stated from my response to your post. Unless you are attributing you real believes to me, as I think you are.

            Why would I or any one else need to list Obama’s achievements for you unless you believe he has none? Or do you believe his only accomplishment as President is being, as I, of mixed heritage?

            He is not a great President, but a damn fine one. I do not believe his mixed heritage automatically raises him to greatness. Alexander Hamilton was a great man of mixed heritage.

            Happy New Year!

          2. James Bagley December 31, 2014

            I obviously don’t believe that his race has anything to do with his accomplishments, and I’ve said as much. The fact that his legacy will include breaking the race barrier is an accomplishment for the American people, as I said, and it is a very important thing as the whole world recognized in 2008.

            If you believe he is a ‘damn fine’ President then I am obviously mistaken. You don’t ‘need’ to list any of his accomplishments at all, but if you really believed him so damn fine then I would think that you’d be happy to list a few. I think he’s done some amazing things despite being demonized more than any President in history for no good reason other than his race, and anyone who denies this just isn’t believable — it’s too obvious.

            A lot of old sayings have a lot of wisdom behind them, and one of my favorites is the saying about walking and quacking like a duck. Whether you are a duck or not, if you waddle around long enough quacking and leaving a trail of duck crap wherever you go, people are going to think you are a duck, and for all intents and purposes you are.

            So you keep on quacking angrily every time somebody like me posts about the evils of racism and see if you can convince other people that you aren’t a duck. I’m too old for that kind of thing mister and I think you are too.

            Happy New Year!

          3. whodatbob December 31, 2014

            Get the old saying correct or don’t use it. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck it is a duck. All the non essential verbiage adds nothing, just causes your ramblings to be silly.

            You wasted a lot words avoiding my questions. Guess my assumption is correct. You think Obama is a failure, but, failure is OK because he is black. You are the bigot thinking it is OK for blacks are not as smart as whites, even if he is only half black. It must be hard living the lie. The truth is healing. Be truthful to thyself, admit You are a bigot hating all people who are not WASP.

            I believe he is a success regardless of his skin color.

          4. James Bagley January 1, 2015

            It’s real interesting to hear people like you try to walk that high-wire act between claiming that you aren’t a racist and actually saying something that would prove it. Of course I never said anything bigoted at all because that’s not what I believe in, and unlike you I don’t hide my previous posts. I’m not sure what people like you think that you’re going to achieve by coming out here and lying, but it just doesn’t work. I especially like the part where you claim you voted for Obama twice but you have since “lost faith”. Allow me to paste that one from one of your earlier posts:

            “Just because he is the first Black President does not automatically make him a good role model. Or perhaps since it is the Republicans who are disparaging to him will turn him into a great role model. I voted for Obama twice but have lost faith.” — whodatbob

            So you think he’s a ‘damn fine’ President yet you have lost faith in him, eh? And you don’t think he’s a good role model for other black people, which is why you jumped in to defend Joe Schmo, who says that black people should have good role models but can’t explain why becoming President of the US wouldn’t be a good role model.

            Let’s hear how ‘damn fine’ you think Obama is as a President. People who really believe that he is a good President — like me — are more than happy to explain why they think so. But you just can’t bring yourself to do it — why is that?

            And you oppose the 14th Amendment but don’t want to talk about that, although you can spout off plenty about how important the US Constitution is. Tell us how important the 14th Amendment, which is a part of the US Constitution, is to you. I’ll bet you especially like the part where former slaves and the children of European immigrants were granted citizenship by birth and children born here to immigrants still are.

            I can list many of Obama’s achievements that I believe make him a good President, like successfully enacting health care reform after many, many years of failed attempts by other Presidents. Or restoring the US economy to health after the devastation of President Bush. Or publicly supporting gay marriage. Or immediately ending the practice of torture, which is a violation of American principles, American laws and international law. Or signing legislation to help address discriminatory pay for women in the workplace.

            But you can explain to everyone here why you voted for Obama twice, yet lost faith in him, yet in the next breath think he’s a damn fine President.

            You aren’t fooling anyone, and I don’t believe that you are an ethnic minority at all. But go ahead and enumerate the things you admire about Obama. People who really do admire Obama would have no problem doing so. Don’t forget to tell us when and how you lost faith in him.

          5. whodatbob January 1, 2015

            You can believe what you want about me!

            This discussion is over. I’ll will give my opinion of you, gleaned from your post. You are a narrow minded bigot who publicly kneels down, kiss the ring of all Blacks because you are incapable of admitting you are a WASP bigot. Put your big boy pants on and start evaluating each person as an individual. Some are good and some are not, neither skin color nor ethnicity matters.

          6. James Bagley January 1, 2015

            I’ll give you my opinion of you gleaned from all of your posts. You are either:

            Option 1: A cranky, befuddled old white man suffering from rapidly advancing dementia. Your family members sometimes find you sitting inside your refrigerator with your car keys, complaining that if it doesn’t start soon you will be late picking up your date for the prom. You want to look extra sharp for the date which is perhaps why your granddaughter found you standing in front of the mirror furiously combing you long lost hair with the family kitty-cat.

            Option 2: A cranky, befuddled old white man who simply can’t understand why other people don’t believe your lies because you’ve told them so often that you don’t know when to believe yourself. Calling President Obama a ‘damn fine’ President and then in the next breath saying you’ve lost faith in him makes perfect sense to you.

            Your last statement, to wit: “…publicly kneel down, kiss the ring of all Blacks…” tells me and everyone else exactly what you are all about. Nobody talks like that except for angry old white men who can barely contain their hate for black people.

          7. whodatbob January 1, 2015

            Thanks for the laughs! Did not know you had a sense of humor.

            Many people I have admired as good what ever, then let their true colors slip remain good a what ever, but no longer trustful, I have lost faith in them.
            Guess you never experienced that. The President is President of all America. In the Michael Brown incident Obama joined the rush to condemn the policeman before the evidence was gathered. He lost me. Had he waited until the process was complete he then could have made an informed opinion.

            I knew my last opinion would get a rise out of you because you can not except that the fact that I can have a different way of thinking than you and still fight for equality for all.

          8. whodatbob January 1, 2015

            Second half, I was called away. My last statement stands because a lot of work is required to attain some of acceptance and success. Albeit more more work and determination is required for people of color. You have not proved the statement to be wrong, you have only called me names. Name calling is the last retort use to defect attention away from the truth. Give it up be truthful with yourself.
            Gos Bless.

          9. James Bagley January 4, 2015

            Hard work and determination is required of everyone who wants to be successful, and that’s a given so you are adding nothing by making that statement. But the real work to achieve equality is required by all — not just minorities.

            It seems to me that you have been the one name-calling first and most. You earned the label of cranky old white man because that’s exactly what you sound like. No minority of any kind would ever make a statement like “kneel down and kiss the ring of all Blacks”. Since you are white, or at least grew up in a world where everyone believed you were white (which is the same thing), that earned you the label of liar.

          10. whodatbob January 4, 2015

            You can say or think what you like about me it does not matter.

            To become a full member of any society the non member must earn the respect and trust of that society. The society either accepts or rejects the member. Many men of color have gained acceptance into the greater American society. Acceptance gets a little easier as more are accepted into the general population. You still must do the work to earn the acceptance.

          11. James Bagley January 4, 2015

            In case you didn’t already know this, all people born in this country, black or white included, are already ‘full members’ of this society from the day they are born. That’s guaranteed by the US Constitution. The real issue is getting everyone to obey what is already law.

            What I think about you matters to me, and very likely to other people for the same reasons, so don’t kid yourself.

          12. whodatbob January 5, 2015

            No the Constitution guarantees equal treatment under the law. Does not mean full acceptance of every citizen by every other citizen.

            Only in in a court of law is every to be treated as equals. Any group deciding to behave in a manner unacceptable by the larger group is not guaranteed acceptance by the lager group.

            The aristocratic arrogance of our Founding Fathers gave the right to vote to Land Owners of European extraction. Non land owners, women, slaves and Native Americans were intentionally excluded.

            Several Amendments have been required to ensure that those excluded in the Constitution were give their rights. But acceptance must be earned.

          13. James Bagley January 5, 2015

            I disagree. Acceptance is a right not originally guaranteed to all in the US Constitution but long since updated by amendment at least as far as the government is concerned.

            Individuals may choose to accept whatever they want insofar as they don’t violate the rights of others, just like they may insist that the sky is green and the grass is purple if they wish. But run afoul of the rights of another and you will quickly find yourself on the business end of the law. It’s getting tougher every day to get away with such things, and that’s the way it should be.

          14. whodatbob January 5, 2015

            The Constitution guarantees free land owners the right to vote. Amendment XV guarantees men of color the right to vote. Amendment XIX guarantees women the right to vote.

            Nowhere does our Constitution guarantee acceptance. To quote you “Individuals may choose to accept whatever they want insofar as they don’t violate the rights of others,” Has been my point.

          15. James Bagley January 5, 2015

            That’s right, but your point only reinforces mine. You can believe all you want that, for example, that only cranky white men and little green Martians deserve to live, and that’s fine. But the minute that you try to express that belief in a way the deprives another human of their individual liberties (including their beliefs, perhaps that cranky white men don’t deserve to breathe), you run afoul of the law. So you can refuse to accept other people in your mind all you want, but in reality you WILL accept them and their rights as members of society, and that’s that. You don’t get a choice.

          16. whodatbob January 6, 2015

            Too many people of color have have succeed and are accepted in the general society for those to keep falling back on the old worn out excuses. Take responsibility for your life, do what you need to do to succeed. The fact that you were raised poor in a bad neighborhood, you did not attend the best schools, did not have a daddy, whitey did not like me etc. are not reasons not to succeed. Those are excuses not to obtain skills necessary for success.

            Who cares what cranky old white men or little green Martians think or say. Thoughts and words are only hurtful if you let them hurt you. Best defense for a hateful name if to look the person in the eyes and sternly say, “Yes I am a (fill in the blank) and proud of it!” Leaves the person speechless, they lost.

            Political correctness, complain to the government,
            about hurtful slurs prevents discussions to resolve issues.

          17. James Bagley January 6, 2015

            Quit trying to game people out here. You already know I’m not black, but here you are again trying to pass yourself off as somebody you aren’t with your tired old ‘whitey’ routine.

            You need to fill in the blank yourself: “Yes, I am a _________ and proud of it!” Here are your word choices:

            1. White Man.
            2. Liar.
            3. Escaped mental patient.
            4. Bigot.
            5. Racist.
            6. Grand Wizard.
            7. Paid Koch Brothers shill.
            8. Love child of Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter.
            9. Malfunctioning GOP bot generating random nonsense.
            10. Some hideous combination of all of these.

            Take you own advice and fill in the blank yourself.

          18. whodatbob January 6, 2015

            Once again I am amassed by your humor. Thanks for the laughs. Love child of Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter, diffidently the best!

            You are such a guilt ridden WASP it is impossible to for you to accept the fact that those who have worked to achieve some success in life are not the reason others have not stumbled and not moved moved up the ladder. James, you seem to look at every issue as blacks fail and whites succeed. In my short time on earth I have known too many successful blacks and unsuccessful whites to judge the issue by race.

          19. James Bagley January 7, 2015

            Yet again your words defy the reality right in front of your nose. I haven’t talked about anyone stumbling, except perhaps you when you attempt to pose as something you aren’t.

            Barack Obama is successful, and if you’ve noticed he’s black. There are plenty of successful black people, and that’s not the issue. Since you seem to have forgotten, the topic of this particular article is that President Obama has pretty handily achieved all of the goals that his GOP challengers and detractors promised if only America would have elected them instead.

            Your claim that Americans need to earn acceptance in society is nonsense. Successful, struggling, or somewhere in between — all Americans a full-fledged members of this society. Individuals can believe anything they want no matter how absurd, but in practice you are required to accept every other American as a member of this society with their own rights and beliefs. You have no choice in this, it’s required of you.

          20. whodatbob January 7, 2015

            I give up! You are incapable of seeing the basic fact that most humans are required to do the things, get an education, learn a skill, whatever is need to succeed. All Black, White and shades in between, not been born into the upper class have done this or we have not succeeded. Ethnicity, term I prefer because we are part of the same race (HUMAN RACE), does not give a pass to any person.

            Perhaps, James, you are one of the privileged few who born into the upper crust. All things were given to you never needing to work for any thing. How nice for you. Most of us do not belong to the Country Club set.

          21. whodatbob January 5, 2015

            To quote Pope Francis, “Who am I to judge?” In light of this your opinion, judgement, or any one else’s of me is inconsequential. Same as mine is of you.

          22. James Bagley January 5, 2015

            LOL — I wouldn’t compare myself to the Pope if I were you. He has the demonstrated wisdom to say such things with humility. You don’t.

          23. whodatbob January 5, 2015

            No comparison! Francis a learned Jesuit renders any judgement I make meaningless. Our rational or bigoted judgement of others has no meaning.

          24. James Bagley January 5, 2015

            Perhaps he has, but I personally don’t think God minds.

          25. whodatbob January 6, 2015

            Hope you are right!

    3. mike December 31, 2014

      Delusional as ever!!! “Accomplished without raising taxes”” OMG, are you kidding????
      20 tax increases when he signed Obamacare

      2015 budget raised individual taxes by 834 Billion and business by 508 Billion. 175 different revenue proposals.
      Center-right such hogwash.

      1. Dominick Vila December 31, 2014

        Changes such as (1) tax limits on tax deferred accounts, (2) tax on tobacco products to expand pre-K education, and help State Children’s Health Insurance programs, (3) the so called chained CPI, design to tie cost of living increases to inflation, and (4) Capping itemized deductions for high income households, are all designed to improve our standard of living, reduce deficit spending, and reduce accumulation of debt. As a fiscal conservative, I support all of them. I am grateful to have a President that is doing everything he can to end the Republican reckless economic and fiscal policies that brought us to the brink of economic collapse in 2007. The fact that Republicans criticize his economic and fiscal successes, including his ability to reduce the budget deficits by 2/3, and that he long for a return to the out of control deficit spending, and accumulation of debt, that characterized the economic policies of the Reagan and George W. Bush administrations, highlight the irresponsible liberalism of the Republican record and their myopic vision on this issue.

        1. mike December 31, 2014

          “Accomplished it without raising taxes” those are your words. He has raised taxes on all Americans and especially the middle class. Nice try with your examples in trying to defend another stupid statement by you while ignoring the other taxes forced on Americans and the business community.
          He reduced the deficit by raising taxes and forced to spend less by a Republican house which was not his desire. The increased revenues have not come in by years of robust economy, they have increased by more TAXATION. His deficit has dropped but the debt has increased, which is far more serious.
          Again, your center-right president is pure baloney, he is a Big Govt., redistribution of wealth which is far from being right of center. His legacy is sealed and will be remembered as a far left administration.

          1. Dominick Vila December 31, 2014

            Balanced budgets are achieved through spending reductions, such as President Obama’s decision to reduce the size of government by over 600,000 civil servants, and by ensuring government revenues exceed, or at least match, outlays.
            In a nutshell, the exact opposite to trickle down economics, the GOP fetish with deficit spending, and the irresponsible accumulation of debt that has been the centerpiece of Republican policies since the Eisenhower era.
            Progressive taxation designed to pay for what we pay and benefit from is evidence of economic and fiscal conservatism, something the GOP loves to talk about, but has failed to produce time and again.
            Yes, President Obama is a center-right leader, as opposed to Reagan and W who, when it comes to economic and fiscal matters were the epitome of irresponsibility and recklessness.

          2. mike December 31, 2014

            Now I know you have started celebrating the New Year early.
            Obama has made no effort to match revenues to outlays. Just the opposite.
            You need to review your Fiscal Conservative position, you are no more a FC than the man in the moon. If you were you would we have a problem with spending which you don’t.
            Wrong again on that center-right thingy. Dailykos had a list of all he has done and they were far left of center and loved by the dailykos.

          3. Independent1 December 31, 2014

            Wow!! Do you write for some of these GOP legislators?? You can fabricate stories faster than a speeding bullet!! You’re stuff is so full of unadulterated crap that I hope you’re wearing boots as you write that total nonsense or you’e going to drown in your own excrement!!!

          4. mike January 1, 2015

            HAPPY NEW YEAR Independent1, I sincerely wish you much Health and Happiness for 2015.
            As to your politics I wish that you finally get your head out of where the sun doesn’t shine and the light bulb finally comes on in your brain to the real truth not that made up by you.
            My computer tells me at 8:46 pm last night I get your latest silly and stupid post, on New Years Eve no less, how very sad. I celebrated my 75th New Year with family and friends with much laughter and drink, I sure wasn’t sitting at a computer wasting my time with insipid remarks. How very sad, I do hope you find better things to do in 2015. How lonely you must be!!!
            Again, I wish you much health and happiness in 2015!!!

          5. Independent1 January 1, 2015

            Sorry, I can’t wish you the same. Not to someone who is deliberately supporting a political party who is not only hellbent on robbing Americans of every dollar they can suck, but is willing to let thousands even millions of Americans die in doing that.

            The fact that Bush and Cheney deliberately started a war to help their evil desires using lies and distortions of the the truth. A war where more than 4,000 American soldiers died – is not a figment of my imagination.

            The fact that today the governors and legislatures of more than 20 Republican Led states are refusing to expand Medicaid because of money, even though that they know by doing so thousands of Americans will and have died premature deaths – is not a figment of my imagination.

            The fact that GOP presidents since Nixon in his 2nd term, have spent money like drunken sailors, not only with the intent of funnelling trillions of dollars into the pockets of wealthy corporate owners and CEOS while running those trillions up on a credit card, our country’s debt is not a figment of my imagination.

            And I could go on and on with example after example of the totally absurd corruptness of today’s Republicans – and you can pretend all you want about being Mr. Nice guy – but you are just as evil as they are. And for that, you deserve no platitudes from me!!!!!!!!!!

          6. charleo1 January 1, 2015

            The thing about, “Mike,” is he. like a lot of those who
            limit the sources they use, and disbelieve, and call suspect to the lame stream media, any thing that fails
            to fit the narrative. Is that they have been rendered ideologically incapable of using their own common sense to separate the wheat from the chaff. The truth from the utter claptrap. Or to realize they have been struck blind. So, suddenly the insanity of just wasting 100s of millions of State funds for no other reason than to deny millions of citizens in those States proper healthcare, that would save countless lives. To advance nothing more important than a political agenda, does not appear to be an especially radical thing to do. Like supporting politicians that do the obvious wrong thing financially, to the transparent detriment of their State, is not ideological stupidity that must have it’s origins in a very very dark place, just never occurs to people in “Mike’s.” condition. We should therefore compassionately ignore them. And concentrate our efforts on opposing their puppet masters pulling the strings.

          7. mike January 1, 2015

            Happy New Year!!
            Another stupid and illogical post from you I see.
            It is the left who lives in a bubble and can’t tell the wheat from the chaff.
            Now, how many people, before ACA, have been killed by republicans for lack of healthcare??? Come on you can name them, can’t you???
            Now how many have died in these states from lack of service under ACA?? You can tell us, can’t you??
            Obama has used fewer major rules and regulations than Bush, right??
            Now how many pages has obama added to registry in 2014? How many regulations has he added since he took office??
            No the questions go on and on.
            The freedoms are taken away bit by bit from the massive rules and regulations that Obama has and wants to impose on the American people, to control and make wards of the state. Cradle to grave is what the left preaches, remember “Julia”???

          8. charleo1 January 1, 2015

            You know what’s illogical? Is the constant harpings that regulations, usually referred to by ideologues, as, “massive, rules and regulations,” are a threat to
            our Civil Rights, liberty, or freedoms. After the worst
            environmental disaster in history, (Deep Horizon,) In the wake of the worst financial collapse in history, (Wall Street, credit default,) both being due primarily to a lack of oversight, and deregulation. And that by bolstering environmental oversight, and preventing a repeat of 2008 on Wall Street, is taking away our freedoms. I don’t buy it for a second. Now, there’s a casino just up the road. I might win, or I might lose. If you want to cover my loses, I’ll send you the bill, and you can pay it, if it makes you feel any freer. Of course, if you feel the gov. taking your taxes, and holding you responsible for the next chemical spill, or well head explosion, enhances your Civil Rights, you go right ahead and think that way. However, like I said, I believe that makes you an ideological stooge, being played for a fool, and very obviously so. But I don’t think you’re evil, or this is even all your fault. Some very bright people spend years learning from the best on how to pull this kind of stuff off.

          9. mike January 2, 2015

            Yes, there should be some common sense when it comes to the environment, financial institutions, etc. but to believe that we are not losing our freedoms is just plain naive.
            Obama has had added 21,000 new rules and regulations,468,500 new pages to Fed. Registry, 75,000 new pages in 2014 alone and has 2375 regs. in the pipeline for 2015. And you think I am calling wolf. It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious.

            This artlcle is from 3-6-14
            The Obama Administration is aggressively exploiting regulation to achieve its policy agenda, issuing 157 new major rules at a cost to Americans approaching $73 billion annually. In 2013 alone, the Administration imposed 26 new major rules. Although slightly below President Obama’s first-term annual average (33), it was still twice the annual average of his predecessor George W. Bush. And much more regulation is on the way, with another 125 major rules on the Administration’s to-do list, including dozens linked to the Dodd–Frank financial regulation law and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare. Reforms of the regulatory process are critically needed. Without decisive action, the costs of red tape will continue to grow, and the economy—and average Americans—will suffer.

            Here is Mike Lees, facebook

            “Behold my display of the 2013 Federal Register. It contains over 80,000 pages of new rules, regulations, and notices all written and passed by unelected bureaucrats. The small stack of papers on top of the display are the laws passed by elected members of Congress and signed into law by the president.”
            As he said all done by unelected bureaucrats.

          10. charleo1 January 2, 2015

            Well now you admit, that there should be, “some common sense regulations,” You need to get off your high horse. And quit acting like this is some backwater spot on a map we’re talking about. Instead of a huge modern, first world power, with billions of moving parts. And you got it all figured out. Everything would be just fine, if Obama didn’t have, “an agenda,” and it wasn’t destroying something sacred. Look! There’s 21.000 different regulations put on the little corner restaurant where you take your family to breakfast. OMG! Now, which half dozen do you want the owners to remove, before preparing your meal?

          11. mike January 2, 2015

            Typical response from the Mental Midget, all is fine. Why 21,000 new rules and regulations? Just answer the question. We need all 21,000, Right?, let alone all the others done by other Presidents.

            You can trust the govt. bureaucrats but many millions don’t.


            No, you are Big Govt. guy who cares very little about the loss of freedom of Americans. Just let the govt run the lives of all.

          12. charleo1 January 2, 2015

            And my point. You don’t have the slightest idea of what you’re talking about. But are darned sure you’re right. Plus, anyone that dares disagree, or point out the current position of ideologically posed head, up your arse, is of course, a mental midget. Do you often find yourself either strongly agreeing, or adamantly, and absolutely disagreeing with people with whom you converse? Then labeling them, calling them names, and then being written off as a total idiot? It must be terribly frustrating.

          13. mike January 2, 2015

            Oh, I know exactly what I am talking about. You just don’t care about the govt. making us their tool not the other way around.
            These bureaucrats are not accountable to us. These govt. officials are creating institutions to serve order, not freedom. Their version of order, rather than the individual inalienable rights.
            No, the freedom of the individual is sacrificed to regulation orchestrated by those unaccountable to the American People.
            As these regulations grow the govt. tends to paternalistic, citizens dependent on govt., which propagates mediocrity, halts or stifles creativity and in the end the quality and volume of production.
            Regulations are the primary vehicle by which govt. implements their standards concerning what individual, business, and other organizations can or can not do. In other words, loss of control of our freedoms are all servile pursuits of an over reaching fed. govt..
            Keep your head in the sand and someday you or your children will feel the full impact of your naivete.

          14. charleo1 January 2, 2015

            That’s the story you’re sticking with? Even with all the very obvious historical evidence against it? And all the very important questions your cautionary tale against a gov. leaves without any answers at all?Like who’s supposed to watch the store, while we make a living, raise our families, and are otherwise occupied? You want safe water, safe bridges, that pill for gout made in the Philippines tested I assume? But don’t believe we need the gov. to test it? The dudes in the Philippines tests are good enough. Is that what I’m hearing? Good enough for who? You, your kids? Where is that pill made anyway? Look on the bottle. It doesn’t say. And all these evil, unaccountable bureaucrats we don’t need. We’re all supposedly sacrificing our freedoms to? Where does your story say they come from? Mars? Some Communist Block Country? Think they’re all Liberals then? Your story doesn’t wash. It doesn’t wash for historical reasons. We tried the old let the factories, and the chemical plants, the refineries, and landfill operations self regulate. What we got was Love Canal, and some of our rivers, like the Upper Delaware in the early 70s. So polluted it would actually catch on fire! And hundreds of thousands of mostly children, suffered horrible deaths from rare cancers down stream, or down wind from some of these factories, from chemicals no one had ever heard of. Hadn’t been tested, We didn’t know their environmental shelf life. Or, the health hazards it did, or didn’t present. I’ll bet you used to know all this at one time. After all, it’s all right there, you can’t open the front door, and take a deep breath of air, without benefiting from the efforts those others who work in our gov. on our behalf.

          15. mike January 2, 2015

            it seem some of my post below was not included, here is the Mike Lee picture.

          16. mike January 1, 2015

            Really?? Evil!!! I wished you health and happiness for the New Year and I get this response, how pathetic. Not surprised though!
            You are a shallow closed minded, idealogue with little depth of character. Again, not surprised!
            People can have different opinions and still be semi civil. But not you, I bet you would have me in Gitmo in a N.Y. Minute.
            Johnson started a war on a LIE and 10 times as many deaths. Now, how many democrat leaders had the same info to go to war and to this day have said they were lied to?
            Happy New Year, oh, person of little character.

          17. Independent1 January 1, 2015

            You got it! Evil as it gets!! What has everyone been labeling ISIS other than EVIL?? And in the end there’s absolutely no difference between ISIS who’s been beheading people and Republicans who are willing to sit back and let people die because they refuse to extend healthcare benefits to the needy and thousands are dying. In both cases – PEOPLE ARE DEAD PREMATURELY!!

            And with respect to big governments – your case is so absurd it’s ridiculous – When Georgie Boy was in office with the irresponsible GOP Congresses – the GOP enacted legislation which added over 900,000 workers to all governments across the nation if you add the federal, state, county and town governments!! Over 900,000!! While under Obama all governments have shrunken by over 700,000!!!!!!

            And it’s not the Democrats that are adding regulations in every state that will require government people to monitor the lives of Americans like – the anti-gay, anti abortion, the anti contraceptive and every other idiot regulation the GOP can think of!!! And remember, it was a Republican who created the EPA!!!!

          18. mike January 1, 2015

            You are one delusional person. Quite sick in the head you are.
            You are not only mentally sick but you lack any comprehension of the facts. Size and scope is not about number of employees, it is about the intrusion of Big Govt. by rules and regulations to control every aspect of Americans lives. You really are quite the Doofus, but what’s new!!
            Obama in 2014 added 75,000 pages to Fed. Registry, since elected Obama has added 21,000 new regulations, 2375 coming in 2015. Massive and growing. Duh!!!
            Keep trying Tweety Bird!!
            Hey, Happy New Year

          19. neeceoooo January 2, 2015

            Shallow and closed minded, how kind of you to use such great words to describe another human being. Remember that everyone is entitled to their own life and that is why we have 31 flavors, just because someone is not our partying on New Year’s eve tells me nothing about that person. That is why we live in this wonderful FREE country. Some people in the country were snowed under on New Year’s eve, some were home with head cold (as I was), so because someone is not drinking or hanging out does not say anything about that person…

          20. mike January 2, 2015

            Really!!! I am the bad guy.
            I reached out to Independen1 to wish him health and happiness for 2015. His response was “Sorry, I can’t wish you the same.” Saying I am Evil and there is no difference between Republicans(me) and ISIS.
            And you criticize me for characterizing him as shallow, etc.. How sad!!!
            Read his post starting “You got it!” below. Then write Independent1 and express your thoughts and his lack of humanity to others.

          21. Independent1 January 1, 2015

            And I can produce for you numerous articles from verifiable websites such as the Washington Post which validate that today’s GOPers are nothing but a bunch of PHONIES that fabricate fake stories just like you do:

            From the Washington Post:
            (From Dana Milbank who is hardly a liberal)

            Republicans embrace their phoniness

            The Republican Party has finally admitted what has been fairly obvious for much of the past six years: It produces fake news.

            This is not an earth-shattering revelation to anybody who has been paying attention, but, still, it’s an important step for the party to embrace the phoniness.

            “NRCC Launches Fake News Sites to Attack Democratic Candidates” was a headline in the National Journal on Tuesday.

            As Shane Goldmacher reported, “The National Republican Congressional Committee, which came under fire earlier this year for a deceptive series of fake Democratic candidate websites that it later changed after public outcry, has launched a new set of deceptive websites, this time designed to look like local news sources.”

            These two dozen sites, with names such as “North County Update” and “Central Valley Update” look like political fact-checking sites; the NRCC’s spokeswoman, Andrea Bozek, called it “a new and effective way to disseminate information.”



            And on and on and on. It’s got nothing to do with me having my head anywhere but in the light where I can see the absolutely absurd corruption and deceitfulness of this atrocity called a political party… The GOP – aka the American Mafia!!!!!!

          22. mike January 1, 2015

            MilBank! Really! Now that is funny!

          23. Allan Richardson January 1, 2015

            Exactly! And the GOP has fished up more RED herrings than the old Leningrad fish market!

  2. atc333 December 31, 2014

    Certainly looks like Limbaugh and other’s prayer that “I hope he fails” didn’t pan out. And yet, Democratic voters in the Midterm election stayed home, thanks to inept Democratic campaign manager’s decison to have their candidates run from Obama, was a major contribution which allowed the GOP to define the Midterm mlections.

    As a result,,the GOP won the Senate, and gained in the House with a staggering total of 17% turnout of US registered voters, slightly better than the 15% which voted for Democratic candidates. The good news could be that the GOP can either legislate for all the people of this naiton, or demontrate for all the world to see that the Right Wing GOP is simply incapable of governing for Americans other than the top 2%. ..

  3. Eleanore Whitaker December 31, 2014

    This president isn’t a follower. He’s a natural born leader. That’s so very rare. I admire leadership because I know that it isn’t something we can all take on with great success. There’s good leadership and bad. At present, the US is on a collision course due to bad leadership on the right and good leadership trying to stay the course of our democracy.

    The reality is that when a Speaker of the House, like John Boehner, believes egotistically he has more power than the Executive elected twice, he has already demolished any advancement the US can make.

    Just yesterday, LA GOP’s Scalise makes a blatantly racist comment and Boehner sides with him? What is that if not an attempt to demean the sitting president the racist GOP loathes? First of all, Congress should have censored Scalise, if for no other reason than inciting inflammatory racism in violation of the 1974 Civil Rights Act regarding discrimination.

    The GOP today are failing miserably in their takeover attempts and they know it. Most conscionable Americans know that racism in 2014 is so backward and Confederate that it has no place in our society.

    Don’t ask yourselves why the GoP wants to take their country “back.” Backward is comfortable and easier to acquire all the creature comforts blue states can provide to red states.

    The GOP is now and always will be about money and nothing else.

    At this very moment, the red states of WY and TX are once again redouxing the Tea Pot Dome Scandal of Republican president Warren Harding’s administration….these states want to claim federal land for oil drilling just like Fall did in Harding’s administration. The GOP is at it again. Fall ended up in prison for fraud for accepting campaign contributions to the GOP party while making leases for drilling on federal land “nearly free.”

  4. bobnstuff December 31, 2014

    The President has used many republican ideas. Romney Care, Reagans immigration policy and Nixon for foreign policy.

  5. Eleanore Whitaker December 31, 2014

    Actually, the mid terms were bought and paid for by the new breed of “people” the SC has approved to spend even more to buy elections. You all know what this will result in ….massive voter fraud and more buying elections to buy the politicians that will do the bidding of the wealthiest in this country.

    The GOP has since the earliest days of its party been all about Big Business, with the exception of the only GOP president worthy of any true respect, Eisenhower, the one president the GOP today would rather forget.

    Harding, Hoover, Nixon, Reagan, Bush ’41 and Bush ’43 were all wheeler dealers with Big Business cronies pulling their puppet strings. This is not what Americans want in a president. These are OUR tax dollars…They have NO right to tell us what THEY will do with OUR tax dollars.

    1. neeceoooo January 2, 2015

      I agree with you and I am amazed at the lack of thought from the Walmart Republicans, the ones driving their 20 year old cars with tape on the headlights, going to their 8.25 an hour jobs with a bumper sticker that says “fire Obama”, these people have no idea that the reason they have nothing is because of the GOP and their ability to keep in money in the hands of big business and the CEO’s.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker January 2, 2015

        Today’s GOP is following a path they know will end in disaster. Most self-destructive men do this and simply throw all caution and sensibility to the wind where money is concerned.

        The reality is that for far too long, the GOP has been desperate to keep in place that which incites no forward movement. No progressive country can accept that and still expect to lay claim to be a world power for all the right reasons.

        The tendency with the GOP today is what is has been since Warren Harding and Herbert Hoover…suck up to wealthy industrialists. Harding ended his presidency with the TeaPot Dome Scandal. Hoover has always been blamed for sucking up to industrialists and Wall Street speculators. When nothing in a party’s ideology ever changes, you get the same old, same old rut.

        They hated JFK, Carter and Clinton as much as Obama. The southern and midwestern trough feeders hate Obama for another reason: Wrong color.

        Worse than a president who is progressive as JFK, Carter, Clinton and Obama are, is a president who isn’t their color and dares to step outside their KKK gospels of what all black men are.

        The bigger problem is they are have gotten all of the funding from blue states they are going to get. The well has run dry and now bloody red states are squealing like stuck pigs because they can’t live off blue states they broke in the last dozen years.

  6. Jambi December 31, 2014

    Once again…The GOP plays for the admiration of the ignorant voter and the wealthy…Once again…a Democrat cleans up their economic mess…

  7. charleo1 December 31, 2014

    As has been pointed out, if Obama truly is this wild eyed European Socialist, bent on the pre-Communist style of wealth redistribution, and gov. hegemony over the Nation’s means of production. He’s been the worst one of that sort the World has ever seen. The Right has even stopped calling it, “The Obama economy.” So much has it improved. I think they’d like to put their name on it now.

  8. TMZ1928 December 31, 2014

    What crap.

    1. The 6% unemployment number doesn’t count the millions who are underemployed or who have given up looking for work. The employed number is the lowest in decades with millions out of work who aren’t counted in the unemployment number. It will only get worse with the continuing invasion of our southern border and visa overstayers, and Obama granting giving work permits to millions of illegal invaders. And, BTW, the 11 million number is a total lie. We have been fed that figure since the early 2000’s, grubered into believing the problem is much smaller than it really is. In truth, it is several times that.

    2. Obama has strengthened Medicare? He has robbed $760 billion already to pay for Obamacare startup. Seniors will soon find they are getting less care. The Obamacare architect states that no one deserves to live past 75, so seniors, you will be sacrificing to pay for healthcare for the lazy and the illegal aliens who have never paid a dime into our system, while you have paid in all your lives.

    3. Low gas prices? Obama had nothing to do with it, and if he and his environmentalist friends had their way, we would be paying $8-10 per gallon. The frackers and drillers who have been drilling on private land have contributed to the lower cost here in the US, and other factors are at play worldwide, none of which Obama can take credit for. Obama has done everything he can to stifle oil production including dragging his feet on Keystone and preventing any offshore drilling.

    4. The economic growth? Tell that to the millions of people who can’t find a job. Tell that to seniors whose savings are producing 1% or less while prices at the grocery store continue to skyrocket.

    5. The deficit is down? But Obama is racking up staggering debt.

    And I suppose you liberals are proud of the war on the cops that Obama has declared. Democrats like to manufacture issues, as they did with Occupy Wall Street and the phoney war on women. The war on the cops is another tool for Obama to divide the American people for whatever end result he hopes to achieve. Shame on those who are participating in the propaganda and blindly following the most damaging president ever!

    1. mike December 31, 2014

      Good job debunking more lies from the left.

    2. drdroad December 31, 2014

      Speaking of manufacturing issues. War on cops?

    3. mike December 31, 2014

      No 2. They are making up numbers again. It actually delays by 4 years(increase from 2013 projection) not 13, the 13 comes from BEFORE ACA not SINCE.
      What they don’t talk about is the Disability will be out of funds in 2 years.
      4. new unemployment filings up higher than expected announced today. One quarter of good numbers after 5 years of miserable numbers. We will wait and see the 4 quarter and if the Fed raises rates if economy is so good as they claim.
      5. Deficit is lower but debt higher. The lower deficit is from less spending but the left doesn’t want to talk about the increased revenues from expired tax provisions and higher tax rates that have made it possible.

      1. Herb Middleton March 2, 2015



        1. mike March 2, 2015

          Thanks for the laugh. Couldn’t refute so you went batty!!! What a waste of time.
          Still chuckling even now.

          PS: 4th quarter numbers weren’t that good, actually dropped. not that robust. Sorry!!!

    4. Independent1 December 31, 2014

      Wow!! What a moronic rant!! With not one word being the honest truth!!

      1, The 6% BLS unemployment rate has been calculated effectively the same way for over 70 years; so to suggest that it is, in fact, as in accurate as you and your feeble minded RWNJ friends suggest only makes your ignorance even that more profound!! (Keep in mind that if it’s really as inaccurate as you and your buddies seem to think, then it never got below 20% the entire time Reagan was in office, since he couldn’t even get the BLS rate below 7% until near the end of his presidency.)

      2. It’s been explained numerous times and any sane person realizes by now that the 716B (your figure is even wrong), WAS NOT CUT FROM MEDICARE, but rather was a number estimating the AMOUNT OF THE SAVINGS THAT WOULD BE (AND HAS BEEN) REALIZED BY DOING A BETTER JOB OF CONTROLLING MEDICARE COSTS AND PAYOUTS.


      4.Economic growth: There are NO MORE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WHO CAN’T FIND A JOB, than their were MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WHO COULDN’T FIND A JOB BACK IN THE 1980s when your IDOL REAGAN WAS PRESIDENT!! When are you mindless RWNJs going to get off that FAKE KICK???

      And two things show America’s economic strength today -1) THE FACT THAT THE 3RD QUARTER OF 2014 ATTAINED 5% GDP GROWTH for the first time in the past decade; and 2) 2014 job growth exceeded the job growth of any year since 1999.

      5. Whether you like it or not ON OTHER PRESIDENT HAS REDUCED DEFICIT SPENDING AS FAST OR AS FAR AS OBAMA; He’s reduced deficit spending by almost 1 trillion/yr over 5 budgets. No other president has accomplished ANYTHING LIKE THAT.

      And of course the “Democrats like to manufacture issues” is a purely idiotic comment give the 24/7 conspiracy theories and fake scandals that have been a constant from the mouths of GOP legislators and presidential candidates over the past 6 years. For you to make such a comment is the height of idiocy!!

    5. Herb Middleton March 2, 2015

      What the hell are you talking about? You must watch Faux News. IDIOT!!!!

  9. game50 December 31, 2014


    1. Daniel Jones December 31, 2014

      Shouting will not make any of your lies true, and lying will not cancel out any of the evil deeds the Republicans try to make official policy.
      Grow up.

      1. game50 January 1, 2015

        Daniel: I was making a point. Barry Soetoro needs to go to Jail for High TREASON.Stop blaming others for the mistakes that where made by Barry a.k.a. O Bomb Us.

    2. Independent1 December 31, 2014

      If anyone should be in jail for treason it should be the 14 nimwit Republicans who met on Obama’s inauguration night to plot how to SABOTAGE THE AMERICAN ECONOMY:

      Eric Cantor Plotted to Sabotage US Economy in Secret Meeting with Hensarling & Luntz

      FACT 1. In Robert Draper’s book, “Do Not Ask What Good We Do: Inside the U.S. House of Representatives” Draper wrote that on inauguration night, 2009, during a four hour, “invitation only” meeting with GOP Hate-Propaganda Minister, Frank Luntz, the below listed Senior GOP Law Writers literally plotted to sabotage, undermine and destroy America’s Economy.

      FACT 2: Draper wrote the guest list included:

      The Guest List:

      Frank Luntz – GOP Minister of Propaganda
      Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)
      Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA)
      Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA),
      Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX),
      Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX),
      Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-MI)
      Rep. Dan Lungren (R-CA),
      Sen. Jim DeMint (SC-R),
      Sen. Jon Kyl (AZ-R),
      Sen. Tom Coburn (OK-R),
      Sen. John Ensign (NV-R) and
      Sen. Bob Corker (TN-R).

      Non-lawmakers present Newt Gingrich – Failed GOP candidate for President

      FACT 3: Newt Gingrich confirms meeting took place in an interview with Al Sharpton’s Politics Nation on June 12, 2012

      SHARPTON: In fact, let`s go to a book that Mr. Draper wrote about the night of the inauguration. There was a meeting at a hotel near the inaugural ball, about a mile away … He writes about that night the plan was to show united and unyielding
      opposition to the president`s economic policies … And Draper writes that you told the group — you, Newt Gingrich, “You will remember this day…you will remember this day the seeds of 2012 were sown.”

      If there was a commitment from day one, before he ever took a seat behind the desk of the Oval Office, that everyone was going to obstruct him, then what he`s done has been almost
      unbelievable, against those kind of odds, Speaker Gingrich.

      NEWT: The first is, it was an important meeting and I was glad and honored to be part of it … I said to Callista when we left the hall — because we were at the Capitol for the inaugural. As we left, I said, you know, if he sticks to the kind of moderation and bipartisanship he`s been describing, he will split the Republican Party. He`ll govern like Eisenhower and he`ll get reelected. Now this is — this is the inaugural day.

      SHARPTON: I`m glad you admit you had it.

    3. Matforce December 31, 2014

      The biggest secret of the Republican mid-term triumph surely lies in the discovery that OBSTRUCION AMOUNTING TO SABOTAGE, combined with the propaganda manifesto entitled, “The Integration of Theory and Practice,” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Integration_of_Theory_and_Practice
      designed to undermine their adversary with baseless, deceptive rhetoric, is a winning strategy.

      In other words, the Republicans broke Washington. Then, they spent millions of dollars of secret money running against a broken Washington that they broke!

      They depend on their base to swallow hook, line, and sinker, their rhetoric because they are either too smug or too lazy to research the disingenuous claims used to mobilize their angry base!

      1. plc97477 January 3, 2015

        Their base makes it pretty easy.

  10. EaglesGlen December 31, 2014

    What? “the deficit has steadily dropped throughout Obama’s presidency”? The deficit has gone up every year. Misleading statement.

    1. drdroad December 31, 2014

      The annual budget deficit has been reduced each year Obama has been in office, after the first year stimulus ran it up. NO Republican President has done this since Eisenhower.

    2. Daniel Jones December 31, 2014

      You’re right, Glen.. that rot about a dropping deficit increasing just because a Democrat was in charge is a misleading statement.

    3. Independent1 December 31, 2014

      Why is it you RWNJs don’t seem to comprehend the difference between deficit and debt?? You’re apparently referring to America’s debt going up because Obama couldn’t drop a 1.4 Trillion deficit HE INHERITED FROM BUSH quick enough to prevent our debt from continuing to rise while HE WAS SAVING AMERICA FROM ANOTHER GOP CREATED DEPRESSION. (You are aware that it was the GOP that was wholly responsible for the Great Depression, right??)

      Despite having inherited a 1.4 Trillion of deficit spending from Bush when he was elected, over 5 budgets, Obama has reduced that 1.4 T in deficit spending FASTER THAN ANY PREVIOUS PRESIDENT IN HISTORY ALL THE WAY DOWN TO UNDER 500B FOR THIS YEAR IN THOSE 5 BUDGETS!!!

      And with regards to the debt going up, YOU CAN SEND A LETTER OF THANKS TO GEORGE BUSH AND DICK CHENEY for having permitted the Great Recession to have even happened!!! And when you take a look at our current debt, BE AWARE, that more than 90% of it is THE RESPONSIBILITY OF BUSH AND CHENEY!!

      Not only for having allowed the Great Recession to happen, but also for having signed ALL THE UNFUNDED LEGISLATION that the irresponsible GOP CONGRESSES passed which is still adding to our debt today!!! We’re still working to pay off those UNFUNDED WARS, and those two UNFUNDED TAX CUTS, and that UNFUNDED prescription drug benefit giveaway TO BIG PHARMA called Medicare Part D which is still increasing our deficit spending.


      1. 1standlastword December 31, 2014

        Do you realize that since Bush our country has had nearly a generation (20 years) of scratching and clawing our way out of the bevy of problems his administration left for someone else to solve….Damn…almost a generation!!!!

        He was consequential alright

        And now the hatred of the black activates the lowest elements of American society to obstruct, blame and defame

        I have always wished that the consequences for lying were physical like for every lie people would develop painful warts on the tongue. It wouldn’t do much for the character but it would compel silence!

      2. plc97477 January 3, 2015

        You forgot to mention the bank give-away also from the gotp.

        1. Independent1 January 3, 2015

          Good point! I need to remember that because it shows just how misguided the gotp is. Thanks!

          Happy New Year!!

          1. plc97477 January 3, 2015

            And a Happy New Year to you too. May it be a great year for you. I looks like it may be a pretty funny year.

          2. Independent1 January 3, 2015

            Let’s hope it’s funny and not disastrous; that there aren’t too many DINOs among the Democrats.

            Boehner says he’s going to do everything he can to reverse Obama’s policies. Hopefully, we won’t see enough Democrats go along with that disastrous agenda to override Obama’s vetoes.

        2. Brad Dudley April 10, 2015

          Right, the Republican congress the last two years of the Bush presidency. Oh wait…

  11. 1olderbutwiser1 December 31, 2014

    by not-so-clever statistical manipulation, we have an actual number (15.5%) by simple lying made into 5.9%. The government at all levels exploits to the extreme, the gullibility of the average truth-telling and truth-expectant American. Another piece of published rubbish from National Memo.

    1. Independent1 December 31, 2014

      And the moronic nonsense continues from the dimwit RWNJs posting on the NM. Fact is clueless, the BLS has been conducting their unemployment survey IN EXACTLY THE SAME WAY SINCE 1940. So if the actual rate today is 15.5% vs 5.9%, then it was likely well over 20% for the entire time Reagan was president, given that Reagan couldn’t the BLS calculated rate below 7% until his 7th year in office.

      But whatever the case the BLS estimates are FAR CLOSER to the 5.9% with respect to TRULY INCLUDING PEOPLE HONESTLY LOOKING FOR JOBS, than any of your FAKE NUMBERS:

      See this from the BLS website:

      A sample is not a total count, and the survey may not produce the same results that would be obtained from interviewing the entire population. But the chances are 90 out of 100 that the monthly estimate of unemployment from the sample is within about 300,000 of the figure obtainable from a total census. Relative to total unemployment—which ranged between about 7 and 15 million over the past decade—the possible error resulting from sampling is not large enough to distort the total unemployment picture.

      Here’s how they do the “sample” which has been done over 70 years:

      Other people think that the government counts every unemployed person each month. To do this, every home in the country would have to be contacted—just as in the population census every 10 years. This procedure would cost way too much and take far too long to produce the data. In addition, people would soon grow tired of having a census taker contact them every month, year after year, to ask about job-related activities.

      Because unemployment insurance records relate only to people who have applied for such benefits, and since it is impractical to count every unemployed person each month, the government conducts a monthly survey called the Current Population Survey (CPS) to measure the extent of unemployment in the country. The CPS has been conducted in the United States every month since 1940, when it began as a Work Projects Administration program. In 1942, the U.S. Census Bureau took over responsibility for the CPS. The survey has been expanded and modified several times since then. In 1994, for instance, the CPS underwent a major redesign in order to computerize the interview process as well as to obtain more comprehensive and relevant information.

      There are about 60,000 eligible households in the sample for this survey. This translates into approximately 110,000 individuals each month, a large sample compared to public opinion surveys, which usually cover fewer than 2,000 people. The CPS sample is selected so as to be representative of the entire population of the United States. In order to select the sample, all of the counties and independent cities in the country first are grouped into approximately 2,000 geographic areas (sampling units). The Census Bureau then designs and selects a sample of about 800 of these geographic areas to represent each state and the District of Columbia. The sample is a state-based design and reflects urban and rural areas, different types of industrial and farming areas, and the major geographic divisions of each state. (For a detailed explanation of CPS sampling methodology, see Chapter 1 of the BLS Handbook of Methods.)

      Every month, one-fourth of the households in the sample are changed, so that no household is interviewed for more than 4 consecutive months. After a household is interviewed for 4 consecutive months, it leaves the sample for 8 months, and then is again interviewed for the same 4 calendar months a year later, before leaving the sample for good. As a result, approximately 75 percent of the sample remains the same from month to month and 50 percent remains the same from year to year. This procedure strengthens the reliability of estimates of month-to-month and year-to-year change in the data.

      1. 1olderbutwiser1 December 31, 2014

        Funny. I’m 67 and have had the same listed phone number for about 38 years……and have never been sampled. What is the government approved analysis figure for that anomaly? You are one of the gullible, face it !!!!

        1. Independent1 December 31, 2014

          You are obviously in the group that the BLS knows are TOO STUPID TO SAMPLE!!!

        2. Independent1 January 1, 2015

          And by the way – have you won the PowerBall lottery lately?? Given that the BLS samples only about $250,000 people a year out of over 200 million potential workers (and prbably less than a 100 in the vicinity of where you live) – being in the BLS sampling is probably statistically about the same was winning the PowerBall.

    2. James Bagley December 31, 2014

      Pardon my asking, but what number would that be? Is there any number you can post here that would be much different under any other President? I’m just wondering.

      I think you did a better job recording music than you do as a political commentator. I really liked Tres Hombres and Eliminator.

    3. dopper0189 January 1, 2015

      The Tea Party has turned GOP conservatives into the party of conspiracy theorist.

    4. Rhondayes March 1, 2015

      It wouldn’t matter if you had all the professional economists sitting across from you walking you through every number listed, the improvements you wouldn’t believe them. We’re good with it. If you’ve not rebounded and continue to insist on hugging your failure to you. I bid you adieu.

  12. Louis Allen January 1, 2015

    Wow! To this Obama unconditional, Decker (who has never played with a full “deck”), as well as to so many liberal nitwits who post here, down is up, stagnation is growth, worse is better, …. and FACTS are: a) their main enemy; b) to be twisted around.
    Oh brother.

    1. Rhondayes March 1, 2015

      You’ve chosen to discount all gains made over the last 6 years, because then you would have to admit the policies this administration chose to put into or out of play worked. NOT following an Austerity program worked and those that loss so much have rebounded and have, also, gained. The problem for you is that you were never in the middle class or a 1%er. You never had anything to lose, therefore you hadn’t anything to rebound back from. Or, worse, you’ve rebounded and refuse to admit it is because of the choices made in the last 6 years; which would make you a dishonest agent and malicious. You’re trolling. You’re a spoilsport.

      1. Louis Allen March 1, 2015

        Rhonda, babe:
        You are the one with no merits whatsoever and the one that didn’t have anything to rebound back from.
        And you, pathetic liar, are the real TROLL: you are answering to my post of 2 MONTHS AGO !!!
        THAT, RhondaNO, makes YOU the perfect TROLL.
        P.S. – “… rebounded and gained” ???!!!
        Are you out of your mind? But then, I already answered that in my original post (OF 2 MONTHS AGO) with: “to so many liberal nitwits who post here, down is up, stagnation is
        growth, worse is better, …. and FACTS are: a) their main enemy; b) to
        be twisted around.

  13. Anne Droyd January 16, 2015

    Remember when Obama promised to slow the rise of the oceans?

  14. wbcoleman January 26, 2015

    What a profoundly dishonest set of claims! Just like O himself.

  15. Marky Michaels January 26, 2015

    BS…and then some.
    I laugh at the left’s transparency…that is not the same kind of transparency ONarcissist promised, but certainly the one most delivered.
    Hello leftotards, most of America is waking up.

    1. Rhondayes March 1, 2015

      And you’ve remained asleep.

      1. Marky Michaels March 1, 2015

        And you are just a fool.

    2. Pranqster August 27, 2016

      You call Obama a narcissist while your failing party nominates the KING of Narcissists for president!

  16. Bob Stauskas January 27, 2015

    Each of us should also keep in mind that Obama’s criminal regime callously left four Americans to die in Benghazi.

    1. Bub Tanazera February 2, 2015


    2. rafat65 February 2, 2015

      Man, you drank ALL the Koolaide! It’s frightening that people like you actually have the vote.

    3. Rhondayes March 1, 2015

      Your fellow republicans didn’t tell you? Republicans no loyalty. You’re sounding like a damn fool. A REPUBLICAN committee led by REPUBLICAN Trey Gowdy cleared the Administration of any wrongdoing in Benghazi. Your people are not good friends, because you look and sound like a damn fool.

      1. Pranqster August 27, 2016

        They’ve mastered looking like fools.

    4. Pranqster August 27, 2016

      who cares.

  17. Marky Michaels February 12, 2015


    1. Carol Levy March 2, 2015

      let’s see 8 investigations by Rupublicans finding no there there Waste taxpayer dollars and time that could have and should hae been spent working on the work ofth country, you now like jobs and ifrastructure bills

      1. Pranqster August 27, 2016

        Not to mention that their “hearings” only make Hillary look good under pressure.

    2. Herb Middleton March 2, 2015

      there were 13 attacks on U.S. diplomatic missions
      during the GW Bush administration – and how they felt those were handled.

      – June 14, 2002,
      U.S. consulate in Karachi, Pakistan; Suicide bomber kills 12 and injures 51.

      – February 20, 2003, international diplomatic compound in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia;
      Truck bomb kills 17.

      – February 28, 2003, U.S. consulate in Karachi, Pakistan; Gunmen on motorcycles
      killed two consulate guards.

      – July 30, 2004, U.S. embassy in Taskkent, Uzbekistan; Suicide bomber kills

      – December 6, 2004, U.S. consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; Militants stormed
      and occupied perimeter wall. Five killed, 10 wounded.

      – March 2, 2006, U.S. consulate in Karachi, Pakistan; Suicide car bomber killed
      four, including a U.S. diplomate directly targeted by the assailants.

      – September 12, 2006, U.S. embassy in Damascus, Syria; Gunmen attacked embassy
      with grenades, automatic weapons, and a car bomb (though second truck bomb
      failed to detonate). One killed and 13 wounded.

      – January 12, 2007, U.S. embassy in Athens, Greece; A rocket-propelled grenade
      was fired at the embassy building. No one was injured.

      – July 9, 2008, U.S. consulate in Istanbul, Turkey; Armed men attacked
      consulate with pistols and shotguns. Three policemen killed.

      – March 18, 2008, U.S. embassy in Sana’a, Yemen; Mortar attack misses embassy,
      hits nearby girls’ school instead.

      – September 17, 2008, U.S. embassy in Sana’a, Yemen; Militants dressed as
      policemen attacked the embassy with RPGs, rifles, grenades and car bombs. Six
      Yemeni soldiers and seven civilians were killed. Sixteen more were injured

      1. davewillie March 3, 2015

        Congratulations, you’ve learned how to copy and paste. Your point?

        1. Herb Middleton March 3, 2015


        2. Herb Middleton August 24, 2015

          there were 13 attacks on U.S. diplomatic missions
          during the GW Bush administration – and how they felt those were handled.

          – June 14, 2002,
          U.S. consulate in Karachi, Pakistan; Suicide bomber kills 12 and injures 51.

          – February 20, 2003, international diplomatic compound in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia;
          Truck bomb kills 17.

          – February 28, 2003, U.S. consulate in Karachi, Pakistan; Gunmen on motorcycles
          killed two consulate guards.

          – July 30, 2004, U.S. embassy in Taskkent, Uzbekistan; Suicide bomber kills

          – December 6, 2004, U.S. consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; Militants stormed
          and occupied perimeter wall. Five killed, 10 wounded.

          – March 2, 2006, U.S. consulate in Karachi, Pakistan; Suicide car bomber killed
          four, including a U.S. diplomate directly targeted by the assailants.

          – September 12, 2006, U.S. embassy in Damascus, Syria; Gunmen attacked embassy
          with grenades, automatic weapons, and a car bomb (though second truck bomb
          failed to detonate). One killed and 13 wounded.

          – January 12, 2007, U.S. embassy in Athens, Greece; A rocket-propelled grenade
          was fired at the embassy building. No one was injured.

          – July 9, 2008, U.S. consulate in Istanbul, Turkey; Armed men attacked
          consulate with pistols and shotguns. Three policemen killed.

          – March 18, 2008, U.S. embassy in Sana’a, Yemen; Mortar attack misses embassy,
          hits nearby girls’ school instead.

          – September 17, 2008, U.S. embassy in Sana’a, Yemen; Militants dressed as
          policemen attacked the embassy with RPGs, rifles, grenades and car bombs. Six
          Yemeni soldiers and seven civilians were killed. Sixteen more were injured

      2. Marky Michaels March 4, 2015

        Oliar has been in office now for 6 years. Isn’t it time he put on his big-boy pants and stopped blaming everyone else for his failed policies?

        1. Pranqster August 27, 2016

          you mean quit blaming the obstructionist RepubliKlans who put party ahead of country at every opportunity? NO, They’ve earned it.

    3. Pranqster August 27, 2016

      Cry baby.

  18. Awake Earthling February 19, 2015

    Let’s see… after being DECLINED HEALTH INSURANCE for 5 years by EVERY company out there (because I take ONE blood pressure pill) I FINALLY have health insurance because of Obama…(Oh..and I was just hospitalized for an appendicitis… $50,000 bill showed up that was COVERED by my Blue Cross Insurance. I would have been BANKRUPT without Obamacare. So if you are crying because your premiums went up a little…TOO BAD,…we should ALL Have access to health insurance…try NOT being able to get it..EVEN if you can afford to pay!) The Stock market is HIGHER than ever….Gas prices are incredibly low…AND there are JOB offers coming in where all we had before were crickets. OH….and my brother can finally marry and protect his relationship… all because of Obama. This President has done MORE to help our personal lives than anyone in a LONG time. So all you idiots out there can keep on crying and complaining with your irrational human egos. People are DONE with you narcissistic heartless people who don’t give a damn about ANYONE as long as YOUR needs are already met. OH..and like an idiot I did NOT vote for Obama…for which I am incredibly sorry for. This President has been way better than I ever expected. He has actually DONE something that made a difference in my life…and the people I love. Our nation is becoming MORE compassionate and caring about helping each other…you selfish idiots (who are hating Obama) are looking more and more pathetic with each fear based argument (Which I stupidly bought into when he first came on the scene) All your Ego/fear was crap. Your credibility is GONE. So keep up the fear mongering…and the hate…your voice is being drowned out by HAPPY CITIZENS.

    1. tibercio February 28, 2015

      Nice to hear it, Awake Earthling.

  19. Federico_us February 24, 2015

    Obama promised to send all idiots to Mars. Why are there still a lot around. Is he a fraud? Meantime I am making the list. Starting from this discussion board!

    1. Rhondayes March 1, 2015

      That was Newt. He refuses to leave.

  20. Pete Mitchell February 28, 2015

    Obama lies.

    1. Rhondayes March 1, 2015

      You’re right. He lied when he said, “I hear you.” to the people that didn’t vote for him. They wished for him to fail and he chose to succeed.

  21. Rhondayes March 1, 2015

    You’re Welcome!

  22. Hutch King - HK March 1, 2015

    Obama’s predictions are mostly bogus.

  23. irishtap March 3, 2015

    Imagine what this country could look like if the GOP knew the definition of patriotism.

    1. Pranqster August 27, 2016

      Theyre to busy offshoring jobs so that they can fatten their offfshore bank accounts.

  24. Raz Matazz March 6, 2015

    Meanwhile, Obama’s jihad against carbon fuels is destroying jobs: http://dailycaller.com/2012/10/04/report-up-to-17000-jobs-lost-from-coal-plant-shutdowns/

    1. Pranqster August 27, 2016

      Hmmm, I wonder why your article didn’t mention Green jobs? Maybe they’re “Green” with envy…..

      Solar: According to Environmental Entrepreneurs, the solar industry was the top performer in 2013 for generating clean energy jobs. The Solar Foundation estimated there were close to 143,000 solar jobs in the United States in 2013, including 24,000 new jobs announced that year. The rate at which jobs were added in 2013 was more than 20 percent over 2012 levels.
      Wind: In a 2014 report, the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) indicated that the wind energy industry directly supported 50,500 full-time-equivalent jobs in 2013.

      Geothermal: In a May 2014 report, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) found that the geothermal industry supported 35,000 direct and indirect American jobs from 2012-2013. The Geothermal Energy Association (GEA) estimated in a 2013 report that the geothermal industry is able to generate about 25,000 more jobs than the natural gas industry at a capacity level of 500 MW.

      Biomass: According to IRENA, the biomass industry supported an estimated 152,000 direct and indirect jobs in the United States during 2012-2013, including 15,500 direct jobs. According to the Biomass Power Association (BPA), the biomass power sector employs 18,000 people in the United States, mostly in rural areas.

      Waste-to-Energy: A 2014 report from ACORE on renewable energy in America reported that the waste-to-energy industry, defined as “energy generated from the sustainable management of municipal solid waste,” directly supported 5,350 jobs and indirectly supported 8,600 jobs – a total of close to 14,000 jobs.

      Renewable Fuels: According to the Fuels America coalition, the renewable fuels industry – which includes biodiesel, conventional and cellulosic ethanol, as well as advanced biofuels and their suppliers – supported 852,056 jobs in 2014. Among these jobs, 292,166 are direct jobs, 226,098 are induced jobs, and 333,792 are jobs in supplier chains.

  25. Five Guyz March 12, 2015

    When it comes to Obama, what is the proper punishment for dereliction of duty?

    1. Pranqster August 27, 2016

      listening to conservative cry-babies.

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