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Landslide? 5 States Mitt Romney Won That Donald Trump Could Lose

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Landslide? 5 States Mitt Romney Won That Donald Trump Could Lose

Businessman and real estate developer Donald Trump greets U.S. Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Governor Romney after endorsing his candidacy for president at the Trump Hotel in Las Vegas. Trump could lose more states than Romney this November.

Donald Trump is crying.

He’s crying “rigged.” He’s crying “fraud.” He’s even crying about “international banks” that are plotting “the destruction of U.S. sovereignty.”

And in case you can’t hear dog whistles, he’s accusing black people of the crime of voting, while conjuring up paranoia about a vast conspiracy of the media and monied elites reminiscent of the worst tropes of anti-semitism that now happens to include a Mexican — Carlos Slim, the telecom billionaire who is the largest single shareholder of The New York Times Company. (Slim owns 17 percent of its Class A shares, although the newspaper company is still controlled by the Sulzberger family through its Class B shares.)

Also implicated in the Trumpian conspiracy are SNL’s Lorne Michaels, the dozen or so women who have accused him of assault, and the microphone that caught him admitting to similar sorts of assaults on women.

“This is a guy who spent all his time hanging around trying to convince everybody he was a global elite,” President Obama said, to a Clinton rally last week. “Talking about how great his buildings are, how luxurious and how rich he is and flying around everywhere, all he had time for was celebrities. And now suddenly, he’s acting like he’s a populist out there.”

In other words, Trump’s latest babbling is just telling us that he knows he’s facing a loss — a huge one. And one that he won’t be able to use to write off his taxes for the next 18 years.

If you want to know why Donald Trump is crying, just look at the electoral map, which suggests that he is anticipating an electoral college landslide that could be worse than any Republican has faced in 20 years, which would be shocking (or rewarding) given the trend of “negative partisanship” that has gripped American politics.

Let’s take a look. But keep in mind that Trump needs to carry all of these states along with at least three more Obama won — ideally Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania –for him to win.

(All data is from Real Clear Politics‘s poll aggregator.)

  1. North Carolina.
    President Obama won this state in 2008 and than barely lost it in 2012. Even in 2014, during a Republican wave, Democrats nearly held a U.S. Senate seat here while losing nine seats nationwide. The state has been trending Democratic due to it’s increasingly diverse population and large number of college-educated voters. But right wing donors, including the state’s own Koch-tied brother Art Pope, have conspired to keep it red using some of the worst voting suppression tactics America has seen since the 1960s. Trump is speeding up this shift and his lack of a ground game has seen Democrats take an unprecedented advantage in early voting. Hillary Clinton has an additional advantage because the Green Party’s Jill Stein isn’t on the ballot in the Tar Heel state.
  2. Arizona.
    North Carolina is probably the easiest pickup for Clinton. But it is a sign of Trump’s troubles that Arizona now seems to be almost as much a swing state as Iowa, the Obama territory where Trump seems to have the best chance of winning. Democrats haven’t won Arizona since 1996, but the state’s growing Latino population combined with its aggressive embrace of anti-immigration Republicans like Jan Brewer and Sheriff Joe Arpaio have made it an attractive target for Democrats. As in every other competitive state, Clinton has a ground game advantage here as polls narrow. Trump’s decades of antipathy toward Native Americans and his insistence that calling Senator Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” is hilarious may finally catch up with him. And Trump’s problems with Latinos mirror his problem with another swing group in the state — Mormons. Which leads us to…
  3. Utah.
    screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-10-54-17-amNo state seems ready to punish Trump for being the anti-Mitt Romney more than Utah. If the Republican nominee loses here, it would be the first time in over 50 years. But the combination of Trump’s unpopularity with Mormons and the presence of a conservative Mormon third-party candidate, Evan McMullin, on the ballot has begun to create some screwy deviations in the polls. Recent polls have shown the state is a dead heat with Trump, Clinton and McMullin all within points of each other. And the Clinton campaign has sent some feelers into the state. It’s hard to tell if that’s just trolling or a sign of actual confidence.
  4. Georgia.
    screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-10-53-32-amThe devil went down in Georgia. Could Donald Trump do the same? Only a massive landslide by Democrats can draw this once blue state back into the swing category. But Trump’s remarkable lack of appeal to non-white voters is speeding up Georgia’s lean to the center. In 2008, President Obama came within 6 points of John McCain in 2008 but the gap expanded again 2012. “Although whites now make up 58 percent of active voters in Georgia, down from 72 percent in 2002, the demographic shift remains a slow process, and Democrats have yet to capitalize on it in a statewide race,” Bloomberg reports. The Clinton campaign’s spending in the state and the shifting population has Republicans worried enough to take extreme measures to purge black residents from voting roles. Trump is maintaining a safe lead in the state while struggling with women. If that slide with the smarter gender expands and catches fire in the state’s exburbs as minorities show up in historic numbers, Georgia could be in play.
  5. Texas.
    If the 2020 Republican nominee for president has to defend Texas aggressively, Trump’s legacy as the man who doomed the GOP’s chances of ever winning the White House will be complete. The last two GOP nominees won the state by nearly double the number Trump is currently polling at. Still Republicans have probably kept this state safely red through 2016 with voting registration laws straight out the Jim Crow era.

And this list could still be growing. See: Alaska.

Trump once bragged about turning New York and California red. Then he promised to strike a path to victory through the Rust Belt.

Now, unless something drastically changes in the next few weeks, he will struggle to invalidate the results of a landslide worse than the one suffered by Mitt Romney — the man Trump once maligned as a “choker.”

IMAGE: Donald Trump and Mitt Romney shake hands after Trump endorsed the Republican’s candidacy for president, February 2, 2012.  REUTERS/Steve Marcus 



  1. charley williams October 17, 2016

    Wouldn’t that be a Kick in the Pants, if Clinton wins Texas ?

    1. And it could happen, especially with the Bush Endorsements.
      My God—I can’t believe what I just typed.

      1. charley williams October 17, 2016

        Crazy eh ?

      2. neeceoooo October 17, 2016

        and I can’t believe we are reading what you just wrote.

    2. BDD1951 October 17, 2016

      It would be great but it’s not going to happen. Texans are so hung up on abortion that they just can’t see beyond the end of their nose. Especially in my part of Texas where there a lot of Catholics of European descent. They act like abortion is the only issue in play.

      1. jmprint October 17, 2016

        Yes, they are ok with killing doctors and innocent people at clinics, but don’t you dare touch a fetus, because in Texas a fetus has more rights than a woman.

        1. Dan S October 17, 2016

          A fetus has more rights in Texas than a person on death row. They carry out more executions than any other state. They’re even executing someone that was involved in a robbery that ended in homicide. They were the getaway driver but had no clue anyone was killed at the time. So much for the sanctity of life.

          1. jmprint October 17, 2016

            That was my thought, after I hit the post button. So many on death row have been exonerated, think about how many more would have died if we didn’t have law student researching for them.

          2. stcroixcarp October 17, 2016

            Penis, sorry, Pence declared that he believes in the sanctity of life and the sanctity of the second amendment.

      2. neeceoooo October 17, 2016

        The interesting note about the abortion issue is that no where in the bible is this even discussed.

      3. Independent1 October 18, 2016

        What conservatives in Texas and elsewhere need to wake up to, is that outlawing abortions as they are trying to do, does not reduce abortions; studies have actually shown where abortions are illegal and there are no safe abortion clinics, more abortions are actually performed.

        And anyone who would stop and think about it, would see that’s true. For at least these reasons: 1) safe abortion clinics counsel women about abortion and actually talk thousands of them out of going through with an abortion; 2) safe abortion clinics like Planned Parenthood actually provide counseling on family planning which helps women to understand how to prevent unwanted pregnancies in the first place; 3) safe abortion clinics actually help women buy affordable contraceptives to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

        So if these anti-abortion activists actually did some thinking, they’d realize that what they’re doing in places like Texas is not only resulting in more abortions occurring; it’s also quite likely resulting in more women dying – those who can’t afford to travel to someplace where an abortion is legal, and therefore choose to either try and perform an abortion on themselves; or they find a quack in the black market; both of which bad choices ended up with many women dying in a failed abortion (which was the case quite frequently before Roe vs Wade).

      4. Independent1 October 18, 2016

        And one other sad part of the conservatives vendetta against abortions, is that it’s been clear for quite some time, that conservatives are really only pro-fetus and not pro-life. Because once a fetus turns into a baby, from that point on, today’s conservatives disavow any responsibility with helping a mother they have forced to carry a fetus to term, with helping her or her family raise that newborn. Which can be clearly seen by the fact that out of the 15 states in America with the highest rates of infant and maternal mortality (that includes babies dying before their 1st birthday) 13 of those 15 are GOP-governed states.

  2. Mama Bear October 17, 2016

    Every morning when I wake up and realize that Trump is really running for President I am struck anew at how many ignorant, racist, hateful people live under the same flag that I do.

    1. marriea October 17, 2016

      Where have you been for the past eight years?
      They really came out when Palin got into the mix.

      1. Mama Bear October 17, 2016

        You are right, Marriea, I had forgotten what a loonie she is….but all due respect, I do not think she holds a candle to generating the kind of hate that Trump has done.

      2. dbtheonly October 17, 2016

        Back it up to 1992 and the tactics used against President Mr. Clinton. The faces may change, the theme doesn’t.

  3. idamag October 17, 2016

    I have been a Baptist and I live among the Mormons. I can tell you, the Mormons will not accept this vulgarian like the Southern Baptists will. After all, the Southern Baptists were church bombers, cross burners and Jim Crow advocates.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker October 17, 2016

      The reality is that we must allow Trump to formally lose this election. The reason is simple. If he is removed, he will blame voters. If he stays in and loses, he blames the GOP. We both know which one is best.

    2. Dan S October 17, 2016

      Utah may actually award their delegates to a 3rd party candidate instead of Trump. The only 2 things Trump does like the Mormons is no alcohol or tobacco. Maybe he’s jacked up on caffeine to explain his erratic behavior & poor sleeping habits

      1. neeceoooo October 17, 2016

        The jury is still out on whether he is hyped up on cocaine.

      2. BDD1951 October 18, 2016

        I think he’s just gasping for breath. Maybe has COPD. In which case he’s not healthy enough for the presidency.

    3. RED October 17, 2016

      I find it disgusting yet unsurprising that the southern baptist division of the sky fairy fools have lined up behind the sick puke Trump. Of course, thinking people have always known what a disgusting scam religion, some more than others, is. It is more inspiring that apparently the Mormons actually seem to possess values unlike Falwell and the other sick puke christofascists.

      1. Paul Bass October 17, 2016

        Tell us what you really think of evangelicals, Red! 😉

        1. Mama Bear October 17, 2016

          or as I like to call them….evil-gelicals.

  4. marriea October 17, 2016

    Is it me or have anyone else noticed that everything Trump cries about someone else is doing, he’s the one guilty of that offense.
    I saw a surpring commericial that Trump is running.
    In it he has Clinton ‘lying’ about everything he can think of.
    Yet Trump is the biggest lier and con man I have ever seen in politics.
    I have to wonder if that’s how be got so many people to sign up with him in his business dealings.
    And yes, I do believe that he will write off (or try to) any monies that he has contributed to his impending campaign loss as just that, a contribution.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker October 17, 2016

      Toward the end of WWII, when Hitler realized he was losing the war he created, he did the same thing: blamed Germans for the loss.

      Trump isn’t just a coward. He is a ruthless coward who cannot take responsibility for his actions. Anyone who cares about their children’s futures cannot gamble on a nutter like Trump.

      1. marriea October 17, 2016

        Well, Bill Maher did point out that Trump likes Hitler books.
        With his ego, maybe he fancied himself to be Hitler like.
        I feel for his kids.
        If they were counting on the riches of their father, after this fugile exercise, I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump finds himself under an investigation of the likes of Barney Madoff, thne his kids will have to make do for themselves.
        However the name Trump will be smut.

        1. Dan S October 17, 2016

          I understand there’s actually a new edition of Mein Kampf with Trump on the back cover. I haven’t seen this book but this is extremely disturbing to say the least

          1. dbtheonly October 17, 2016

            There is the first new edition in 75 years. Its copyright has expired. Heavily annotated with explanations of how the text worked out in practice.

            May well be a good read.

        2. BDD1951 October 17, 2016


        3. Eleanore Whitaker October 17, 2016

          Here in NJ, when they pulled the Trump name off the Taj and his other casino, it was tossed to the ground and broken into a hundred shards…the crowds of his unemployed, unpaid casino workers and contractors roared and cheered.

    2. jmprint October 17, 2016

      You are exactly correct, I have been saying the same, Trump is what he accuses others of.

    3. Mama Bear October 17, 2016

      This is typical Narcissistic Personality Disorder behavior – gaslighting. The patient never progressed past the 5 year old level – when the world revolved around him and he was not expected to take responsibility for anything. Gaslighting and deflecting blame are hallmarks of this disorder.

      1. marriea October 17, 2016

        (smile) one thing, he is suffering from something. Wonder when his meltdown is going to come out and be shown in full color.
        I’d bet he is going to try to come out full blast on Wendesday.
        The only thing left for Pence, the poor sap, if to get-thee-the- hell out of this campaign.
        That would be interesting if if the entire ticket could be null and void.
        Oh well, the GOP brought it all on themselves.
        I would love to see them lose both the house and senate.
        Then I would hope that Hillary would go about her business doing the right thing, even if it involved Bill, into holding on to that majority throughout her presidency.

        1. Mama Bear October 17, 2016

          I think your assessment of his meltdown coming live on Wednesday could be right. Although we have been watching a classic narcissistic rage for a few weeks now. It really is a frightening thing to behold.

          1. marriea October 17, 2016

            naw, we’ve been watching a five year old having a tantrum.
            But having a full blown teenage man blowing up, complete with threats unlike ever seen before, I can see him doing the ‘no body understands me or likes me thing’….WOW!.
            Trump has no filters. What ever vile thing he can think of just come up and out.
            And after all, his dramatics have always been shown since before the primary.on his TV program from what I’ve heard. I don’t watch ‘reality’ shows, save for the on television court ones and dancing with the stars and they are mostly entertainment.
            But I’m waiting eagerly for the reaction of the Republican Party if he does have a meltdown and especially those who should know better.
            They will forever be stuck with the stench of Trump. (smile)…nick that (laugh)

          2. RED October 17, 2016

            Absolutely!! I refuse to excuse the scumbag psychopath Pence simply because he is running with a louder more attention seeking psychopath.

          3. marriea October 17, 2016

            Mama Bear look out of window,
            That cheer leader you see is me. You are so right on.

        2. BDD1951 October 17, 2016

          After HRC is declared the winner. I would hate to be in the same building with him.

          1. neeceoooo October 17, 2016

            I fear the US after the election, he has created so much hate and fear that I am sure his deplorables and him, will not go quietly back into their corner.

      2. RED October 17, 2016

        I agree. I suspect that little Donnie is so damaged from NPD that he truly has no understanding of the lies and stupidity that escapes his mouth and likely truly believes his non-sense.

        1. Mama Bear October 17, 2016

          actually you are 100% correct. This disorder is exactly that, Red, the patient actually believes his own lies and that he is above reproach. If anyone comes close to calling his bluff he takes that same thing and throws it at them – he sincerely believes he is the center of the universe, is always right and above all deserves the very best of everything because he is so very special – that is the 5 year old stage in life. By 5 a child has learned that he is the center of his parents universe and has not yet learned about accepting responsibility and blame for his actions – most kids go on to learn that they are in fact nothing special and what taking blame means. The NPD person likes that 5 year old stage and makes a conscious decision never to leave it. Therefore there is no cure, no help for this patient. He takes the disorder to his grave.

          1. RED October 17, 2016

            And he can’t take his disease to the grave soon enough!

          2. Mama Bear October 17, 2016

            or he could just take it away from our faces:)

          3. marriea October 17, 2016

            I wonder if he will enter this last ‘debate’ sniffing like he has in the first two. I don’t know too much about the effects of cocaine, but I’ve heard it mentioned that it does make you sniffle.
            And to think, he is talking about having Hillary take a drug test.
            That’s classic & true Trump, deflect attention.
            When you think about it, with his tendency to call attention to others what he himself is guilty of, he just might be using coke. I’ve heard that rich folks only uses the ‘purest’ kind.

          4. Independent1 October 17, 2016

            Of course it didn’t help that his parents convinced him he was born with superior genes and that everyone else was beneath him.

            Shocking video of Trump explaining his dangerous theory that people like him have superior genes

            The Huffington Post pulled together video clips of Donald Trump referencing his superior eugenics theory and it is nothing short of horrifying. Watch and then jump below for further information on the origins of the racist eugenics theory:


        2. jmprint October 17, 2016

          It’s because he can’t remember what he said from one minute to the next.

    4. Dan S October 17, 2016

      No it’s not just you. He’s essentially the Father of Lies like Satan is and yet he nicknamed Secretary Clinton CrookedHillary & Sen. Cruz Lyin Ted. Seriously these are taunts from grade school. There are so many labels to give Trump I don’t know where I’d begin. The 1 line I really detest is when he says believe me. Uh no rational sane person will believe anything that comes out of his mouth. I almost feel sorry for the GOP but this monster is their creation. Now they’ll have to deal with the fallout. I only hope Trump supporters aren’t serious about a bloody insurrection when he does lose. Are we headed for a 2nd Civil War ? ????

      1. Mama Bear October 17, 2016

        I’m with you Dan. That could so easily happen because they are so brainwashed.

        1. Paul Bass October 17, 2016

          brainwashed AND lazy. Really nothing to worry about.

          Shouting along with RWNJ on TV is a lot different than actually getting outside. The lack of indolence and stupidity is our greatest strength against the Trumpettes.

      2. stcroixcarp October 17, 2016

        How about pervert for starters?

    5. Thoughtopsy October 17, 2016

      It’s classic displacement, psychologically speaking.
      All the things he hates about himself, he sees reflected in other people when judging them.

      This was particularly and uncomfortably apparent when he said in the second debate that Hillary has “hate in her heart”.

      She may be many things, but hateful is definitely not one of them.
      Trump on the other hand, readily hates people, individually and in groups.

      Its quite illuminating if you listen to his judgments and insults and imagine he is saying them about himself. Most fit almost perfectly.

      1. marriea October 17, 2016

        You know what, you’re right.
        He did say she had hate in her heart.
        I really like your assessment of Trump. One thing about Hillary is she is very patient.
        I’m hoping in the next debate she baits him in such a subtle but obvious way that he can’t help but pounce.
        I would like to see him have a meltdown that it would leave no doubt in anyone’s mind what Trump is all about.
        But on a serious note, I can’t help but wonder what the women of the suffrage movement went through. I can’t help but think that a lot of the hell she’s recieving is because she’s a female, especially a very smart and experienced one.
        Right now I’m looking at the Tonight Show, and Colbert is playing excerpts of Trump stumps and taking in consideration your analogy of the man, this guy is one sick puppy.

    6. Independent1 October 17, 2016

      He may not have to file many more taxes. If he gets indicted and convicted for even half the crimes he’s committed over the years; including fraud, sexual assault and a number of campaign-related felonies; he should be found guilty on enough of the charges to require him spending years in prison, which may result in him losing a lot of his holdings and therefore get very little income.

      At the moment, his businesses are at a minimum of 650 million in debt; and he has a potential 2 billion in other possible liabilities – all of which could wipe him out financially (especially if he’s not personally around to continue his con jobs on other investors).

    7. aboonaj October 18, 2016

      And, along the same lines, has any noticed that, when people start saying things about HIM — “unfit to lead”, “mentally unbalanced”, “Hate-monger”, et al, he’s very soon whining “She’s unfit to lead”, She’s mentally unbalanced”, “She’s got a lot of hate in her heart”…

  5. patrick g van meter October 17, 2016

    Trump doesn’t know how to do anything. Name one thing he is good at. He is not even a good lyer. If it weren’t for the electronic age, HRC would almost be clean. ALMOST.

    1. Gerry Francis October 17, 2016

      Aw come on now…………he’s a great con artist.

      1. patrick g van meter October 17, 2016

        A hell of a lot of people would agree with you. Artist no. Con, for sure. Seriously , I missed that one.

  6. dbtheonly October 17, 2016

    Voting While Black, a threat to Republicans everywhere.

    1. RED October 17, 2016

      As well as voting with a brain or a conscience, those things are like kryptonite to the sick Cons!

      1. dbtheonly October 17, 2016

        Would only disagree about kryptonite.

        Would suggest garlic to vampires instead.

  7. Jon October 17, 2016

    Trump is the quintessential narcissist. That he was a narcissist has been known for a long time. He is now showing himself to be the best at something other than lying, theft, and fraud.

  8. oldlion October 17, 2016

    Another thing to consider is the aging of the angry white voters. By 2020 and certainly by 2024 there will not be many of them left. The demographics all point to the demise of the GOP and they can thank the Tea Party and the party leaders who used them to gain majorities in the House and Senate. Now, they can’t control them and they don’t know what to do with them. Serves them right.

  9. stcroixcarp October 17, 2016

    I am so thankful for African Americans, Mexican Americans, Muslim Americans, Women Americans. Christian Americans, Young Americans who will vote for Clinton and will pull America into the arms of sanity again. Thank you , Thank you, Thank you. I owe you one, neighbors.

    1. aboonaj October 18, 2016

      Don’t do the victory dance just yet, stcroix — it ain’t over til it’s over. Until then, PRAY!

  10. InformedVoter October 17, 2016

    Gee, these are the same pollsters who said that the BREXIT vote would not pass and get defeated by more than 10 points. Then surprise, surprise, the votes were counted and. gasp, BREXIT passed! Obama was confident that it would fail and his support for the British government in power caused them to resign.
    When Trump gets elected, HilLIARy will end up in prison and the lame stream media heads will have their books audited by the IRS and most will have to sell their interest to keep from serving time.

    1. I Am Helpy October 18, 2016

      Hey guess how many candidates have been down by this much in the last month of the general and turned it around in the last six-odd decades (since accurate polling began)? I’ll give you a hint: it’s a number less than one.

      1. KonTiki November 9, 2016

        Care to elaborate on this penetrating insight? There’s a great deal to learn from this election, chief among them (for you )is that sarcasm, patronizing people, and name calling come back to haunt you. Take some courses – history, civics, economics, forensics – and learn to think critically.

        1. I Am Helpy November 9, 2016

          Why do you imagine I care what you – a racist – thinks?

          1. I Am Helpy December 4, 2016

            what did I lose?

        2. Calabron November 10, 2016

          If that’s true then that will really affect Trump since that’s all he’s done throughout the election: name-calling, sarcasm, patronizing people and “ad hominem tactics.” Are you sure that will come back to haunt him?

          1. KonTiki November 10, 2016

            Perhaps so. And by the way tu quoque is another logical fallacy; thanks for the providing such a clear example. It doesn’t negate my point. Also, no need to use quotation marks around ad hominem. It’s a legitimate forensics term with a specific meaning.

          2. Calabron November 10, 2016

            Quotation marks are often used to quote someone, buddy, which is what I was doing. I’m pretty familiar with the term. You’re also misunderstanding what I said, though I don’t know why. I didn’t negate your point at all. Is it really that hard a question to answer? And if you feel it’s not relevant to Trump but is to Hillary and her campaign, why is that?

    2. I Am Helpy October 18, 2016

      Also, if current polling is accurate, Trump will lose with the lowest share of the popular vote since 1824.

      I hope that helps!

      1. InformedVoter October 18, 2016

        The latest email scandal shows that HilLIARy and company have been paying the pollsters to publish numbers that show she’s ahead. This is an attempt to discourage Trump voters from actually voting. What the media has ignored is that they can’t destroy what they didn’t create. That’s why the BREXIT polling was so inaccurate.
        Regarding losing badly, even today, there are more red states than blue. When Reagan won, his opponent could get in a plane and would have to fly from one end of the country to the other before flying over a blue state. I hope this helps!

        1. I Am Helpy October 18, 2016

          Yes that sure is 100% false. Where do you people hear this crap?

          1. InformedVoter October 19, 2016

            The leaked emails have revealed that HilLIARy paid folks to cause violence and disrupt Trump rallies; that they rigged the primary election to oust Sanders; that they’ve manipulated poll data to reflect what they want vs. reality, and the list goes on and on.

          2. I Am Helpy October 19, 2016

            Yes, the MS Paint emails suuuuure do prove that you’re incredibly gullible.

          3. I Am Helpy October 19, 2016

            PS feel free to link to the emails that “prove” any of this at any time. I bet you cannot!

        2. I Am Helpy October 18, 2016

          I mean, there’s not even the smallest grain of truth there, let alone any foundation for the entire idiotic edifice you’ve somehow constructed. You’d have to be a literal moron to think that was true.

        3. I Am Helpy October 18, 2016

          WAIT I found the thing you’re talking about and IT’S EVEN STUPIDER THAN I COULD POSSIBLY HAVE IMAGINED:


    3. Richard Dean McMichael October 18, 2016

      Does your stoopid hurt your head as much as it hurts mine?

      1. InformedVoter October 19, 2016

        So you’re now claiming that the polls prior to the BREXIT vote didn’t indicate that the measure would lose? WRONG! The polls indicated a double digit defeat. When the results started to come in, the leaders thought someone was messing with them. Then after the final count came in, they demanded a recount!

  11. KonTiki November 9, 2016

    Any more predictions, Nostradamus?

  12. Al November 13, 2016

    How did that work out for you?


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