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5 Things Politicians Think They Know About Ebola

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5 Things Politicians Think They Know About Ebola


AFP Photo/Inaki Gomez

Three weeks ago, Thomas Eric Duncan became the first person to be diagnosed with Ebola in the United States. He died in Dallas, TX on October 8 and shortly after his death, two of the nurses who treated him were diagnosed with the virus. This series of events brought the issue of Ebola close to home for Americans, and sparked a strong reaction from U.S. media sources and politicians — regardless of how well they knew the subject.

Whether they were alarmists, whipping up public fear, or using the occasion for their own political advantage, here are five of the noteworthy assertions politicians made about Ebola:



  1. Sand_Cat October 21, 2014

    Scott Brown’s right: if Mitt Romney were president now, we’d have LOTS of things far worse than Ebola to worry about.

    1. Independent1 October 22, 2014

      As starters, America could be involved now in as many as three wars: we could be in a war with Iran;and have sent some troops and gotten involved with the fighting in Syria, and maybe even fought a few skirmishes with the Russians given Putin’s heavy handed take over of parts of the Ukraine. Like McCain, Romney was quick to want to bomb people and start a war or wars; so instead of just being concerned about some people coming to America with Ebola, hundreds or thousands of American families could already have had to endure the loss of more American soldiers lives.

      And I’m not confident that America would have seen the sharp increase in job creation since 2012. Romney’s tax cut/job creation promises during his campaigning had been roundly disproven as being misguided fantasies that would have driven our debt through the roof, they were fantasies of Romney’s imagination, just like trickle-down was a fantasy of Reagan’s imagination. So the unemployment rate today could be much higher than it is with millions more Americans struggling to make ends meet; and today’s 17 trillion in debts could be much higher.

      But the one thing you can be sure of, the already wealthy would be even much better off today than they are – and as bad as income inequality is today, under Romney it would be much worse.

      1. hicusdicus November 2, 2014

        How are you doing income wise after 6 years of Obama?

  2. Dominick Vila October 22, 2014

    Why is it that people in countries like Nigeria, where a dozen people died as a result of Ebola, are going about their business after the government of that country declared Nigeria free of Ebola, and we remain fixated on this issue because a Liberian immigrant died as a result of Ebola in a Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas? Is it paranoia, or is this the result of political propaganda and a complicit media?
    Relax, our mortality will work its way to its final end, as it always has, regardless of Ebola, Avian flu, commies, Muslims, and boogeymen, and there is nothing we can do to stop that reality.

    1. Allan Richardson October 23, 2014

      See my comment below about “if it were coming from somewhere in Europe.” It’s a severe case of Afrophobia.

  3. FireBaron October 22, 2014

    Ah, five idiots demonstrating their idiocy for the public. I do believe the Republican party should rename itself for that brief offshoot once known as the “Know Nothing” party. These five, along with other luminaries, have shown how they live up to that appellation.

  4. FT66 October 22, 2014

    When I was going through reading this article I was wondering: Oh my god! “This Week in Crazy” has been brought to us so early before the normal day which is every Fridays. These republicans are all crazy. They always claim they are not scientists on the issue of Climate Change. Now all of the sudden because of Ebola, they are all qualified doctors, experts and know everything about Ebola. Why are they playing with people’s mind of how they think? What I can assure everyone all these kind of crazy talks are going to disappear completely at night on Nov. 4th, even if, god forbid, Ebola won’t be contained by then!

    1. Mikey7a October 22, 2014

      FEAR! The Republicans bottle and peddle FEAR like it’s water. They have a never ending “the sky is falling” view, because their base is filled with back woods, uneducated, ignorant fools, and they KNOW it!

      1. hicusdicus November 2, 2014

        WHO are you calling back woods? Whats wrong with the woods? I thought all you democrats were tree humpers.

    2. hicusdicus November 2, 2014

      The climate is always changing unless you are a democrat. Then it is called global warming caused by too many jalapeno burrito’s. A republican most likely owns Taco Bell.

  5. aloha597 October 22, 2014

    The people don’t want Obamacare.

    1. highpckts October 22, 2014

      The “people”??? Who are you talking about? Is this your personal opinion because I’m sure the “people” that are now getting insurance would totally disagree with you!

      1. hicusdicus November 2, 2014

        How about all the people who can’t afford it and don’t want it? This is I believe the first time that the American people have been forced to buy something without any due consideration for what they want. If I am wrong I am sure you will let me know. Don’t you have any dishes to wash or a carpet that needs vacuuming. Laundry! you must have some laundry to be washed and ironed. You need to leave politics to the men they are more qualified.

    2. bobnstuff October 22, 2014

      The people elected Obama twice, its the only poll that counts. Its some republicans and some shock jocks who don’t want anything he does to work.

    3. Sand_Cat October 22, 2014

      People don’t want morons like you.

    4. ralphkr October 23, 2014

      Interesting though, aloha597, those same people who want nothing to do with Obamacare have nothing but praise for ACA (which IS Obamacare’s official name) in the very same surveys.

  6. Terri Pastorelli October 22, 2014

    Gov. Nathan Deal is just a little confused about water killing ebola. He’s probably just seen the play “Wicked” where water was used to kill the Wicked Witch whose name is Elphaba. You know, Ebola . . . Elphaba . . . so easy to confuse the two if you don’t have many functioning brain cells left.

    1. Allan Richardson October 23, 2014

      Our Governor was mentioned by name in the Sunday, October 19 New York Times crossword puzzle:
      1 across: the short end of the stick, 7 letters
      answer: RAWDEAL
      Vote for Michelle, Jason and the other REGULAR Americans!

  7. ExRadioGuy15 October 22, 2014

    Every once in a while, I respond to a National Memo article by correctly pointing out that this media organization engages in false equivalency. Not all the time, just some of the time.
    In the subheading of this article, partisanship is mentioned, as though both the Democrats and Republicans have the same attitudes and philosophies.
    Then, when we get to the five politicians who’ve made ridiculous claims about Ebola, they’re ALL REPUBLICANS….
    FFS, people! Both parties ARE NOT THE SAME! If you haven’t noticed by now (especially after I’ve constantly written this truth), the Republican Party’s politicians are FASCISTS. There are 15 “defining characteristics” of Fascism and the GOP have adhered to ALL OF THEM since October 2001. They’ve adhered to at least 10 of them since Ronald Reagan was President.
    Just as the Republicans have done in the Ebola situation, Fascist regimes engage in fear-mongering and paranoia via Fascist propaganda.
    I’ve constantly written about how GOP Progressives and Moderates, who make up 66% of the VOTERS of the party but nearly NONE of the politicians, need to get over the fear, ignorance and cognitive dissonance that the GOP’s Fascist “gaslighting” propaganda campaign (begun in 1920) has instilled in them.
    I’ve also mentioned that, from 1930-1966, Republican Progressives and Moderates launched a “revolution” against their own party by voting for Democrats, with four notable exceptions 1938, 1946, “Ike”, and 1954. After 1928, it would be FORTY (40) years before the GOP won the White House and both Houses of Congress in the same election.
    We need another Republican Progressive and Moderate Revolution and it needs to start this fall.

    1. howa4x October 22, 2014

      True where did Teddy Roosevelt go? It was the republican progressives that didn’t want to get into WW2. Problem is they were against any social program that helped anyone

  8. howa4x October 22, 2014

    The republicans have already admitted they don’t understand climate change because they are not scientists. So how can we expect they would understand virology?

  9. Allan Richardson October 23, 2014

    I can guarantee that if Ebola were coming from Scotland, Ireland, Denmark, Belgium or Switzerland, there would be NOT A PEEP from the GOP idiots about stopping airline traffic from THOSE countries (maybe France, but definitely NOT Switzerland, because how can I go to the bank?), or putting all people who “look like” they are from the “Ebola belt” in quarantine.

    But because it is endemic in AFRICA, it’s open season for the flimsiest excuses to be used to criticize the “AFRICAN” President’s handling of this AFRICAN disease, with the cuts in funding THEY have imposed.

    In a way, the Governor is right about water: if you can wash your hands thoroughly enough BETWEEN getting infected fluids on your (unbroken) skin and touching mucous membranes, you can prevent it. But that is a difficult criterion to meet. Still, it doesn’t ALWAYS infect people with the first tiny drop, because biological risks are a matter of luck (women don’t ALWAYS get pregnant with one load of sperm, but it does happen sometimes). But a half truth that is impossible to follow is not much good.

  10. Hal Burton October 27, 2014

    How many lies has Obama told today?

  11. Gordon Gecko November 1, 2014

    If Obama will lie about your healthcare and about his Uncle Omar, is there anything he won’t lie about?

  12. Jonathan Kendrick November 6, 2014

    If Obama will lie about your healthcare and about his Uncle Omar, is there anything he won’t lie about?


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