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Republican-Friendly Audience To McConnell: ‘Do Your Job’



  1. Mortalc01l February 22, 2017

    Those that are “knee-jerk” voters; the ones that vote Republican no matter what, and who can’t be bothered to learn what their candidate’s policy positions are make up a disproportionate number of these Republican voters who are now PANICKED by the thought that their newly acquired health insurance will be ripped from them by Republican leaders to whom dogma FAR overrides human compassion and decency.

    “I told you so” seems utterly inadequate to explain what has happened here. Good people, decent people are going to DIE because Republicans hate Obama so much, that they want to burn his healthcare program to the ground. They don’t care that thousands of children will die as a direct result of their malfeasance and malodorous actions. They don’t care that someone’s grandmother, wife, husband will die prematurely, due to their pig-headed, stubborn and vicious hatred of the ACA.

    In short, Republicans should be held accountable for EVERY SINGLE life that is cut short due to their p1ss-poor planning, lack of foresight and indifference to the people of this country who NEED some kind of healthcare. Is the ACA perfect? Hell no, but until we get universal healthcare for EVERYONE, it’s better than any alternative we have seen so far and a damn sight better than what the Republican plan is, which is Nothing.. nada, zilch, a big fat ZERO.

    1. itsfun February 23, 2017

      The President and Republicans are saying repeal AND replace. Not just repeal. They also say no one will lose their Obamacare until a replacement is available for all. Obamacare is dying. Humana just pulled out. Many places now have only one choice for insurance companies. The rates and deductibles are going out of sight. I agree we need some kind of health care. I have always believed Obamacare was set up to fail, so the government could take over the complete health care system. Nothing is going to be free, so a plan that eliminates many of the mandates currently in Obamacare are removed. Things like making a man have insurance for maternity treatment and woman buying insurance to cover ED meds. Remember hearing how Obamacare would only cost as much as you cell phone bill, or every family would save 2500 a year, or you could keep your doctor and current insurance. I don’t care if it is fixed, replaced, renamed, or whatever else. We just need a better system.

      1. sharkbait4711 February 23, 2017

        If you truly believe that the GOP will have a replacement before they gut it – I have a bridge to sell you in Manhattan.

        1. itsfun February 23, 2017

          I have no reason not to believe it. What is your reason for not believing it?

          1. Mortalc01l February 23, 2017

            Give us a link to their policy or position paper on their replacement plans. Go on.

          2. itsfun February 23, 2017

            Just do a simple internet search for any plans they have.

          3. sharkbait4711 February 23, 2017

            Again, if Price’s plan held its worth don’t you think we all would be talking about it instead of trying to tell you that the GOP doesn’t have or know how to replace Obamacare?

          4. itsfun February 23, 2017

            His plan and other ones presented were never allowed out of committee by Harry Reid. They weren’t allowed to see the light of day by the Democrats. Then dirty Harry ended up using the nuclear option to get Obamacare passed. Now the shoe is on the other foot. Just remember when it happens Harry Reid is the one that started using the nuclear option.

          5. sharkbait4711 February 23, 2017

            AGAIN – if his plan had any worth it would be used instead of them all shaking their heads about what to do. So how about you STOP blaming liberals and just follow the money. The money trail doesn’t led to a replacement plan – it only leads to the rich getting richer because they didn’t make their quotas off enough sick Americans. That’s the real issue here.
            We practice reactive healthcare here in American instead of proactive health care. Proactive care would keep a majority of Americans from every getting sick or needing expensive healthcare. We practice reactive healthcare – because after all that is where the money is, in treatment and expensive drugs. Cancer is a $300 billion profit center for big-pharma. Vaccines is the number one money maker for big-pharma and we buy the “flu shot” even though it doesn’t work. Why? Because they scare us into believing it will save us. It’s all a lie and put into motion so the fat cats can get fatter and squeeze more money out of the population as a whole. And so what if some of us die – they say its the “cost of doing business”.
            So itsfun – be part of the solution and try to be a proponent of proactive healthcare for ALL Americans instead of sitting behind your keyboard and blaming liberals. I’m a liberal and want all of us to have proactive healthcare AND I also believe as an American that I should be able to afford healthcare.

          6. itsfun February 23, 2017

            Again didn’t allow any Republican plans out of committee. He didn’t even allow them to considered at all. If you had read my original post on this you would have seen I believe in health care for all.

          7. I Am Helpy February 23, 2017

            I love that you back yourself into these corners.

            Never change, lickspittle.

          8. Mortalc01l February 27, 2017

            HAHAHAHA!!! Internet search; 75% of REPUBLICAN Senators admit there’s no actual plan that is fleshed out and workable. You’re a dogmatic, partisan hack.

          9. itsfun February 27, 2017

            Did you do a search?

          10. FireBaron February 23, 2017

            How about this – they have had 6 years to come up with a working replacement – and haven’t. Also, they knew that for the past six years, any time a repeal measure landed on the President’s desk, it could be safely vetoed and they wouldn’t have to worry about holding an override vote. Just wait another six weeks and try again. By the way, if you look at the number of repeal votes cast and look at the total time between the republicans taking over the House and Senate in 2011 and the end of the Obama Presidency, they submitted one about every six weeks until this past election. If they have a replacement ready to go, why have they not held a repeal vote? Because if they do, it’ll pass and get signed, then they will have their feet held to the fire for their promised replacement in time for the 2018 elections, which given their penchant for procrastination on the important stuff, they will leave until after the summer of 2018!

          11. itsfun February 23, 2017

            Then Senator Price had a plan 6 years ago for one.

          12. iamproteus February 23, 2017

            So what happened to it? Did the dog eat it and he didn’t make a copy?

          13. sharkbait4711 February 23, 2017

            Thanks FireBaron for the back up on this!

          14. Thomas Martin February 23, 2017

            Republicans and the administration are full of hot air and bs. That is why no one believes it.

        2. Thomas Martin February 23, 2017

          Talk to what is her face from Alaska. She can see
          Russia from her porch.

      2. I Am Helpy February 23, 2017

        Yes, you are a delusional bootlicker. No need to remind us.

      3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 23, 2017

        So how long are you willing to wait for the GOP to come up with a REAL plan besides smoke and mirrors? Are you willing to sit tight and be content when you or your family have a real emergency?
        Don’t be a toady on behalf of any Party that focuses more on being contentious and money-hungry than on offering real solutions.
        How long must you insist on being a pawn for big business, a stooge for Trump, and a slave to the GOP??

  2. Budjob February 22, 2017

    Republicans,AND the republican party,are dominated by hate mongering,fear mongering,RACISTS/FASCISTS plain and fucking simple!

  3. Dan S February 23, 2017

    It’s not just people in Kentucky who are pissed. We as a nation are greatly upset at this so-called President who’s backed by the Neanderthal I mean Republican Party. I think in 2018 instead of grumbling and sitting on the sidelines first and foremost get out and vote out the establishment. Hopefully some people with integrity and good character will challenge incumbents who’ve been in office too long and forgot about the people they work for. We must resist for it’s not just right vs. left it’s about the future of this great country and we have to fight to keep our freedoms that we’ve enjoyed but have taken them for granted. It’s not the press who’s the enemy but people like Trump abs Steve Bannon who are hurting us and testing our relationships with our allies like Australia and France

  4. stsintl February 23, 2017

    It’s time to start a MILK [Middle Income Labor Ketch] party to neutralize the TEA party.

  5. 1Zoe55 February 23, 2017

    McConnell is the foremost traitor in the Senate, one who is proud of the fact that he obstructed a duly elected President Obama. We citizens of the Blue States–the states that provide more revenues than the Red States–should reduce the funding to such states. Begin by reducing federal funds to Kentucky. Yes, innocent people will be hurt, but maybe more of them will vote out this McConnell who benefits from his obstructive tactics and revels in doing so.

  6. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 23, 2017

    And things are just getting warmed up, Mitch, Paul, and company. Once some common sense enters the Trump/GOP supporters’ minds, then perhaps they’ll realize the dangers posed by the GOP, Koch brothers, and Trump. Let’s hope they get the message soon before its too late.

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