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WATCH: Aziz Ansari Destroys Donald Trump Over Khan Family Feud: ‘You Have a Black Soul’

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WATCH: Aziz Ansari Destroys Donald Trump Over Khan Family Feud: ‘You Have a Black Soul’

Aziz Ansari

Published with permission from Alternet

Aziz Ansari, best known for his role on “Parks and Recreation” and as the creator of “Master of None” is relishing the election drama.

“It’s a very riveting election,” Ansari told Jimmy Fallon Wednesday, joining Fallon on “The Tonight Show” for the first time since November, when he played presidential hopeful Bobby Jindal.

“There’s like, feuds and stuff,” Ansari continued. “Right now, it’s him and the Khan family. My God, they are destroying him.”

Ansari’s parents are Muslim immigrants. Because of which, he relates deeply to the Khan family’s strggles with Trump’s policy proposals, as he stated in his June New York Times Op-Ed titled “Why Trump Makes Me Scared for My Family.”

In the widely publicized critique, Ansari wrote:

Being Muslim American already carries a decent amount of baggage. In our culture, when people think “Muslim,” the picture in their heads is not usually of the Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar or the kid who left the boy band One Direction. It’s of a scary terrorist character from “Homeland” or some monster from the news. Today, with the presidential candidate Donald J. Trump and others like him spewing hate speech, prejudice is reaching new levels. It’s visceral, and scary, and it affects how people live, work and pray. It makes me afraid for my family. It also makes no sense.

“The Khan family is the Drake to Donald Trump’s Meek Mill,” Ansari compared. “I mean, it’s crazy. The guy makes a speech like, ‘Have you read the constitution? Let me give you a copy,’” Ansari exclaimed, imitating Khzir Khan in his speech at the Democratic National Convention last Thursday.

Fallon cracked up.

“And Trump’s like, ‘Why doesn’t your wife say anything?’ And then the guy goes, ‘You have a black soul,’ which is the coldest sh*t I’ve ever heard. I’ve never heard anyone say that. I heard that was gonna to be a line in Tupac’s ‘Hit ‘Em Up,’ and he’s like, ’Nah, it’s too mean, too much. Don’t wanna say that,” Ansari joked.


Photo: Screenshot via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube 



  1. jmprint August 4, 2016

    More like a lost soul.

    1. idamag August 4, 2016

      I question that there was ever a soul to begin with.

      1. Daniel Jones August 4, 2016

        Oh there was a soul in Donald Trump at one time.
        As many people as he has cheated, bankrupted, robbed, extorted, and defrauded; as many times as he’s screwed up his own financial opportunities; as many times as he has used one desperate financial tactic to cover up continuing malfeasance on other fronts; he had to have had a soul.
        If he hadn’t sold it, he would have never come this far.

        1. Independent1 August 4, 2016

          Yes, as Essau sold his birthright for a bowl of stew, The Donald sold his soul to the Devil to help him get out of the many legal tangles he’s constantly been in almost all his life. The Devil clearly has had to intercede for Trump, as any normal person committing as many con jobs as The Donald has, would have long since been in prison for decades.

      2. jmprint August 5, 2016

        I’m sure there was, but he sold it to the devil.

  2. Otto T. Goat August 4, 2016

    He resembles a monkey.

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 4, 2016

      What do you resemble, besides your remarks?

      Otto, your Nazi heritage is getting the best of you. Before, you were a subtle racist, but now you can’t control yourself, much like Trump’s failure to hide his inner demons.
      Your heart and soul are “black”, Otto, despite what your outer skin layer looks like. And that’s all it is—a tick-infested layer covering a satanic being.

      Seize your chance to change, Otto, for you may never get a chance before the next day rolls around.

      1. idamag August 4, 2016

        He might be the father of that little ten-year-old whose face was contorted in hate when he yelled, “Hang the btch.”

    2. jmprint August 5, 2016

      Monkeys are smarter then goats.

  3. Dan S August 4, 2016

    Obviously the comment by our resident racist on NM Mr. Goat also has a black soul ???? Again we can thank DT for inflaming hatred & racism here in America. I had hoped we put that garbage behind us by electing Pres. Obama not once but twice. Yes we all need to vote for Hillary Clinton to preserve his legacy & pull the Supreme Court away from the fringe right. Thank you nutty GOP for making the Democrats the party of inclusion. Any Republican who’s given up on the GOP definitely has a home with the Democratic Party. They will protect all Americans including Muslims, Latinos & yes the LGBTQ people too. And for the record I’m a God fearing Christian & believe everyone has the right to be free of fear & discrimination

  4. idamag August 4, 2016

    Yes, he has a black soul and Trump is who the Republican Party is. He just ripped aside the façade.

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