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Bipartisan Group Of Senators Unveil Immigration Reform Plan

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Bipartisan Group Of Senators Unveil Immigration Reform Plan


A bipartisan group of eight U.S. senators — Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Bob Menendez (D-NJ), Dick Durbin (D-IL), Michael Bennet (D-CO), John McCain (R-AZ), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Jeff Flake (R-AZ), and Marco Rubio (R-FL) — unveiled a proposal for comprehensive immigration reform at a Monday afternoon press conference on Capitol Hill.

“We still have a long way to go, but this bipartisan grouping is a major breakthrough,” said Senator Schumer.

“This is the first step in what will be difficult, but achievable,” Senator McCain concurred. “I think everyone here agrees that it is not beneficial for our country to have these people here hidden in the shadows. Let’s create a system to bring them forward, allow them to settle their debt to society and fulfill the necessary requirements to become law-abiding citizens of this country.”

The eight senators originally unveiled their plan — which can be read in its entirety here — over the weekend. The plan is built around “four basic legislative pillars”:

-Create a tough but fair path to citizenship for unauthorized immigrants currently living in the United States that is contingent upon securing our borders and tracking whether legal immigrants have left the country when required;
-Reform our legal immigration system to better recognize the importance of characteristics that will help build the American economy and strengthen American families;
-Create an effective employment verification system that will prevent identity theft and end the hiring of future unauthorized workers; and,
-Establish an improved process for admitting future workers to serve our nation’s workforce needs, while simultaneously protecting all workers

The first pillar — creating a path to citizenship for the more than 11 million undocumented immigrants currently living in the United States — is by far the most controversial. Under the senators’ plan, undocumented immigrants would receive temporary legal status after registering with the federal government, undergoing a background check, and paying a fine and back taxes.

Immigrants under probationary status would be unable to earn a green card until a commission comprised of governors, attorneys general, and community leaders from Southwestern states determine that new border security measures — including the increased use of unmanned aerial drones — have been successfully implemented. At that point, the immigrants would be placed at the “back of the line” for a green card, behind those who have already applied legally.

Whether the commission’s recommendations are binding will have a huge impact on the effectiveness of the plan. Although Senate staff told The Washington Post’s Greg Sargent that the enforcement commission’s judgments will only be advisory, Senator Rubio declined to confirm that at the press conference. As Sargent points out, “If this commission had the power to dictate when the citizenship process begins, it could endanger the entire enterprise by giving people like Jan Brewer veto power.”

The plan would make it easier for certain groups of immigrants to obtain legal status. Those eligible for the DREAM Act — which Republicans have repeatedly blocked in Congress — would not face the same requirements. Furthermore, undocumented immigrants who work in the agriculture industry will be exempt from the requirements “because of the role they play in ensuring that Americans have safe and secure agricultural products to sell and consume.” Finally, any immigrant who receives a PhD or master’s degree from an American university in science, technology, engineering, or math would automatically receive a green card.

Each of the senators to speak at the press conference expressed optimism that an agreement could be reached. “The politics on this issue have been turned upside-down,” Senator Schumer said. “For the first time ever, there is more political risk in opposing immigration reform than in supporting it. We believe we have a window of opportunity to act, but we will only succeed if the effort is bipartisan.”

Similarly, Senator Menendez asserted that there’s a “spirit and commitment” around immigration reform “we haven’t seen in some time.”

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. Dominick Vila January 28, 2013

    These guys are like the tail wagging the dog. After ignoring immigration reform for years, and participating in the disenfranchisement of minorities last year, they suddenly discovered that ethnic minorities – and a policy of inclusion – is essential to win elections in the USA! Their sudden support for immigration support, which remains to be seen, is not influenced by a change of attitude, but by necessity.

    1. Fern Woodfork January 28, 2013

      These People Should Never Be Fool By The All Of A Sudden Want To Do Something About Immigration Moves The GOP/Tea Party Now Wants To Do!! I Really Don’t Need No Light To See Thru You!!! LOL Shameful!!!

      1. joeham1 January 29, 2013

        Your still illiterate Fern!

        1. Fern Woodfork January 29, 2013

          Just Like Your MOTHER!!!! Joehamhock!!! Just Like Your MOM!! To Bad You Don’t Have A Life!! STALKER!!

          1. joeham1 January 29, 2013

            lol…Good one Fern!

          2. Fern Woodfork January 29, 2013

            You The One Sick You Just Said Your Mother Passed Stop Screwing With Me!! Go Catch Up With Your Crowd!!! I Got A Great Job And Make Nice Money I Give Less Than A Damn Weather You Believe Me Or Not That Your Problem But Know That I’m Not Poor And I’m Not Sucking On Government Tits As You Ignorant GOP/tea Bagging Thugs Like To Say, When The Real Fact Your People In The Red States Are The Biggest Tits Sucker On Government Welfare!!! I Just Want You To Leave Me The Hell Alone!!! GET IT!!

          3. joeham1 January 30, 2013


          4. Fern Woodfork January 30, 2013

            LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!

          5. joeham1 January 30, 2013

            Ok Fern, I will leave you alone! Have a good day!

          6. Fern Woodfork January 30, 2013

            GOOD BYE!!!!

      2. joeham1 January 29, 2013

        My mom passed away Fern. Your a sick person! The truck stops are yours hillbilly!

        1. Bill January 29, 2013

          And you are a nasty little man who just wants to attack Fern and upset her. Why not just show a little charity and don’t attack her?

          1. joeham1 January 30, 2013

            Are you serious? Have you read what she has said to me? Your an idiot if you think I attacked her!

          2. Fern Woodfork January 30, 2013

            Nobody Stupid Joe You Came Here Attacking Me!!

          3. joeham1 January 30, 2013

            I thought we weren’t talking anymore Fern?

        2. Fern Woodfork January 29, 2013

          You Are A Low Life STALKER WHY IN THE HELL YOU THINK YOU BULLY ME YOU KNEW WHAT WAS COMING!!! DON’T CRY PUNK AND STOP WHINING MAN UP!! I’m A FIGHTER AND I GOT PLENTY OF MONEY AND IF YOU THINK I’M GOING TO BACK YOU WOULD BE WRONG!! If I Have To Talk About Anything You Hold Dear I WILL DO IT!! STOP MESSING WITH ME JUST LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!! CAUSE If It Come Up It Will Come Out!! I Know Who I Am And Just Like I Said Before A Lot Of People Have Lost There Jobs Cause There’s Employers No Doubt In My Mind Members Of The GOP/Tea Party American Taliban, Will Fire People Cause Who They Voted For And What They Say!! I Glad You Think I’m Illiterate Cause I Want It That Way GET IT!! And By The Way If Anybody Sick It You Cause You Are The One That’s Doing The Stalking!! Get A Life Fool A Real Life Cause I Got One And I’m Not Messing With You But You Damn Sure Messing With Me!! I’m Very Sorry For Your Lost My Mother Pass Also Stop Screwing With Me Cause I Will Go H.A.M.!!

          1. joeham1 January 30, 2013

            I’m not sure what your last post means, but I get the feeling you may not like me.

            Is that true?

          2. Fern Woodfork January 30, 2013


          3. joeham1 January 30, 2013

            Oh, Ok I will stop talking to you now. Thanks for not swearing again! have a good day Fern!

          4. Fern Woodfork January 30, 2013

            Good Bye!!!

    2. docb January 29, 2013

      This is NOT about bipartisanship but about political expediency and getting Hispanic votes for the republicans.

      The proposal has some onerous front loaded restrictions..like
      building the ‘fence’ and allowing repub govs’ like brewer of SB1040 and
      New Mex, and Tx decide when and who will go forward! It also creates a
      two tier employment environment which would play into the the current
      discrimination by business! There is NO restriction for our NORTHERN BORDERS and the Mexican immigration TODAY IS NET ZERO!

      The President and Dems have been fighting for a immigration reform bill..now that repubs have lost and are in disgrace, do they really think the documented and UNDOCUMENTED will be fooled by this FRAUD from them..? They will NOT nor will thinking Americans…We want reform that is based on concerns not because the repubs are willing to fake a vote that they think will help them!!

  2. ChristoD January 28, 2013

    Prediction: ANYTHING that smells of compromise will be destroyed by the house. Not only will it be destroyed but beaten down so bad that there will be no attempt to try and reconcile the difference betwen the House and the Senate bills.

  3. Joan Maurer January 28, 2013

    The Republican’s have and will continue to ensure their own demise. Rigging congressional districts is what lead to the rise of the Tea Party. Ignoring and annoying minorities and woman lead to their losses in the House. They are on the road to ruin and it could not happen fast enough. Hopfully they will take Fox pretend news down with them.

    1. DurdyDawg January 28, 2013

      We can bring down the latter to their knees ourselves.. Just flip the channel.. I do and it seems to work perfectly in my home.

  4. cthrnlizzy January 28, 2013

    they better not pass that bill, 11mil it is like 30 mill here

  5. cthrnlizzy January 28, 2013

    what about the sandy bill, people are still livibg with no homes

    1. Independent1 January 29, 2013

      Senate passed it this evening; ready for president’s signature.

      1. Fern Woodfork January 29, 2013

        Yeah After 91 Days!! 91 DAYS SHAMEFUL!!! No Doubt Some Kind Of Revenge Move For Governor Christie Embracing President Obama When He Came To See The Results Of Hurricane Sandy!!! Real Petty Move On The GOP/Tea Party!!! 🙁

  6. Mem January 28, 2013

    Call me paranoid, but that huge fence and the unmanned drones are just as capable as keeping us in, as it is at keeping others out. be careful what we wish for. I have no problem with letting minorities into our country, but do not like the idea of unmanned drones. This is a bad technology that can be used against all of us. Beware the cameras, fences and drones.

  7. jnsgraphic January 28, 2013

    The ‘path’ to citizenship won’t be an easy one, and by no means should be considered ‘amnesty’…paying back taxes??? Some of these people have been working multiple jobs for years under minimum wage. Are the employers going to pay them the difference in earnings so they can afford these taxes? And with this ‘earned’ citizenship are they going to be paid an honest wage and ‘earn’ workers rights, or lose their jobs? Either way, deportation would be far more expensive and in the end it’s all about MONEY! If I was an illegal immigrant I wouldn’t trust any of them…all these politicians focus is on the Hispanic VOTES & MONEY! Most Hispanics don’t trust Paul Rubio, his reform campaign would have betrayed illegal immigrants to come forward and then let the process decided who will be allowed to stay; like Romney’s plan, some would be ‘self-deporting’ themselves back to Cucaracha! This ‘bipartisan’ group LOL are all ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ and cant be trusted with immigration reform other than building a higher fence… lets wait and see what the President has to offer.

  8. dalnb January 28, 2013

    Our Office holders in Washington seem to not understand we already have a law that sets out the “pathway to Citizenship” for those desiring to enter our country legally. We should be taking care of that law before we start designing programs that give those who refuse to obey the law a new pathway. Why are we wasting time, money and effort to write another law that will just be ignored until another million illegals demand a change to meet their desires?

    Is this not what we did under Regan then just ignored the laws that were supposed to stop this? Why are we spending time, money and effort assisting those who have chosen to disobey are laws while we neglect those who have complied with our laws. “ Under the senators’ plan, undocumented immigrants would receive temporary legal status after registering with the federal government, undergoing a background check, and paying a fine and back taxes.”

    Every legal American and legal immigrant should then also get “Pass go” certificate giving us all amnesty for misdemeanor crimes happening on the average number days these 11 Million illegal aliens being given amnesty for will be given! Every day they are I the United States is a crime!

    Us citizens born to legal tax paying parents and in America complying with our local, state and national laws and tax paying citizens of families legal in the United States have been arrested, jailed, fined, lost jobs, had kids suffer because of things our parents (legally in America) did! Millions of Americans and legal immigrants have paid that price and they continue to do so every day. We apparently mean less to the Congressmen and Senators who believe the illegals should be forgiven their crimes even if the American people can not be forgiven their crimes. True, we have not marched in our streets demanding we be forgiven our misdemeanors, demonstrating in violation of our own laws, tearing down our flags and threatening our nation. We should not have too – this is our country and we made laws to protect it. We should not now have to make new laws to protect those who have illegally come here and are forcing themselves upon us.

    We can see how loyal to America the illegal aliens truly are. Several years ago it was determined the number of illegal’s was between 14-18 million.

    The common defense for illegals coming here was the desire for better paying jobs and the terrible living conditions in their own country. We are now hearing a large portion of those have returned to their original country because our economy has failed. – That suggests they really never had any loyalty to our nation. They came here for the money and now it is not there. They came here because conditions in their country were bad – has our conditions got worse than theirs or is that another ploy by our supporting senators, congressmen and White House? Are they suggesting conditions in the U.S. has got so bad millions of the illegal’s are going back home?

    How many illegals are there really in the U.S. and how devastating will Amnesty for them be?

    I see no loyalty in either case. They came her illegally, they ignored our laws and they left just as soon as our economy could no longer support them (or us). . They will come back (illegally) when our economy is restored; they do not care about the United States.

  9. EZ2figure January 28, 2013

    So let’s give those immigrants (rich) who receive PHD’s from our universities instant green cards, while all the uneducated ones get placed on the back-burners. This doesn’t sound like the “all men are created equal” portion of our Constitution and will no doubt be found to be un-constitutional.

    Also, treating new immigrants and old immigrants with seperate standards would also fail the fairness test of our Constitution.

    So far all I see is the GOP holding a carrot, designed to make immigrants believe in a Republican Party, who only wants low-wage earners to replace jobs Americans now need, more than ever!

    Unless this legislation also establishes new wage minimums and benefits, there will not be much benefit to Americans who already reside in the U.S.A.

    Requiring payments of back-taxes should also reward the immigrants with the Social Security and entitlement benefits their past years of service required them to pay, but not one word was mentioned about entitlements, or past taxes paid, except what I see as a crooked road to get into a crooked line that is so long they will die before reaching actual citizen status! Paying back taxes and paying “back taxes” needs to be clarified for us to decide whether they will be taxed twice, or just have to pay what they have not paid, due to them assuming false identities.

    Really, requiring anti-immigration governors to decide who stays and goes, when they are hunted currently on-sight in those states does not sound like it will effect most of the Southern States, who are against immigration now! And to make drones a requirement for citizenship to patrol our borders is an invite for a military state!

    Why not allow these folks, who have lived in America for 5 or more years, a quick path to certain citizenship, based on a good record, and not tied to all the excesses that the Republicans would append to this legislation, to create the fear they always create, in order to gain support for the members of their own Tea Party Neo-Cons, using drone strikes on the borderlands and Reaganistic weapons o the future to convince them to agree?

    Ultimately, Republicans do not want to change immigration, but they want to convince the minorities (soon becoming majorities) that Republicans are a worthy party, and worth voting for! This too is a lie, based upon centuries of hate of anyone not white, held so visibly within their political party, as one look at the members of their leadership would expose in a heartbeat!

    Republicans hate women’s rights and immigrants, and atrtack our poor and Middle Classes now!

    Shall we now promote drone attacks? I think these fine law crafters need to try again and next time, forge a Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) legislation, that is fair to existing Americans and immigrants, too.

    If we see no more than this attempt to garner political support, our nation will continue down the path of exclusion, never inclusion, until the existing population is replaced with a wary minority, turned majority! At which point the white minority may not get any more consideration that that which we have offered these folks!

    1. Hollie January 28, 2013

      Ez, just want to point it was the republicans that fought to stop slavery during the civil war…you can’t say centuries of racism in that party…you can’t let the illegals that have been here 5 hrs become citizens that penalizes those that have followed the law…I like what both parties had to say…I don’t care why they are working together just glad they are.

    2. William Alfonso January 29, 2013

      Apparently you people didn’t read the article. It will not be instant…. They will go to the “BACK’ of the waiting line. Also getting a green card doesn’t take weeks, it may take 5 years if not longer.

  10. dalnb January 28, 2013

    We will most likely see this play out as another Republican ploy. They will redistrict convincing the Mexican and Hispanic voters they are doing so for their benefit; but when the time comes the Republicans will turn on the illegals

    Virtually every illegal alien committed a crime the minute they illegally entered our nation or refused to leave when they were supposed to. They compound that crime everyday they remain here. They are by all definition “Habitual Criminals.” Do we honestly think they are going to declare themselves and face deportation as soon as it is revealed they are habitual criminals?

    They will remain hidden in our society and in growing numbers continuing to cause the same problems at the same tremendous expense to our tax payers and society.

    Fixing the illegal problem means little until they start enforcing the laws these illegals are committing. If we run up and down the road at 50MPH in 25 MPH zones should we just ignore it? Doing so only invites others to do the same regardless of what the law says- that is why our immigration is such a problem we have ignored the law for too long: It Is Time To Enforce The Law – the law that already sets out a path to citizenship – the one the illegals refuse to obey and now several Senators and Congress men want to say – that’s okay we don not care if you follow our laws or not! We need to enforce our laws. Under President Reagan we gave amnesty to hordes of illegals; we did not though follow up with enforcment of our laws and look where we are now – right back where we were.

    We need to start enforcing our laws and getting these illegals out. We have said so for years but we just keep ignoring the violations then blame our citizens for the problem.’ WE NEED TO ENFORCE OUR LAWS AND STOP THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION – NOT TURN OUR BACK ON THE CONTINUAL SNEAKING INTO OUR COUNTRY AND AWARD THOSE WHO GET BY VIOLATING OUR LAWS!

  11. dalnb January 28, 2013

    We already have a “Path to Citizenship” in our immigration laws. These Republicans AND Democrats along with President Obama are basically telling the American people we don’t care what the law says we are going to allow the 11 million who have refused to obey our law to just come on over and enjoy our country!

    1. Stella53 January 29, 2013

      If you think either party is going to deport over 11 million people, then I have a bridge to sell you in China!

  12. Shirley S January 28, 2013

    Although Immigration reform is important, the GOP only wants to push this reform in hopes the Latinos and other immigrants would come part of the republican party. Republicans need to understand their policies need to change. Republican’s policies need to benefit the majority of U.S. citizens not just the few. They need to have policies that benefit WOMEN, LATINOS, AFRICAN-AMERICANS, AND ASIANS. Until Republicans change their policies, they will stay in the political wilderness .

    1. Fern Woodfork January 28, 2013

      I Really Don’t Need No Light To See Thru You!! LOL You Better Believe That’s Why!! Shameless!!!! 🙁

    2. Stella53 January 29, 2013

      According to Bobby Jingle … I mean Jindahl, there’s nothing wrong with Republican policies! So keep dreaming Shirley – it ain’t happening. The Republicans would rather cheat and deny certain minorities their right to have their vote counted than have their policies benefit women and minorities. Count of them staying in the political wilderness.

  13. LaRae Bailey January 28, 2013

    what a fricking joke. this is like always with politicians all about the next election and how many votes they can get.. yet lets continue to cut money from elderly and low income programs for americans

  14. thebunt January 28, 2013

    Could it be that we will finally get a United States policy on immigration (or any issue) rather than a Republican policy or a Democrat policy?

  15. Plznnn January 28, 2013

    If people are really serious about Illegal “immigration” reform, they should have no problem with any of the enforcement provisions. The lack of enforcement is what has caused this problem to grow for decades. President Reagan had a “one-time” Amnesty way back in 1986, when their were 2.7 Million Illegals. The enforcement provisions were ignored, so now we have up to 18 Million Illegals.

    Nobody believes there will be the enforcement measures after all the other Amnesties. We can solve this problem once and for all if we do it right. You know, Millions of Illegals are directly related to our high health care & school costs, & unemployment & lower wages. This includes what the Illegals contribute. But if we don’t have the border security & mandatory E-verify, we will be discussing this yet again in several years, and it gets harder each time.

    By the way, to the person that claimed the Republicans voted down the Dream Act. I am sorry, that is not the case. The phone calls and emails from 75% of Americans that opposed this and thus it was defeated 3 times! But President Obama did ignore the will of most Americans and had his unlawful Executive Order Amnesty (dream act).

  16. skeete44 January 28, 2013


  17. ridemybroom January 29, 2013

    shouldnt these ppl be reforming themselves !!

  18. bchrista January 29, 2013

    You know it’s a miracle I haven’t seen a post blaming Obama for the 18,000,000 illegals in the country so far, you can come up with all kinds of positives about how to deal with the immigration problem in the country but the one most important thing about this mess that everyone forgets is after you deport all the illegals out if you can, what do you do with their children who were born in the United States and are naturalized citizen by law. If I remember correctly there have been several cases where that has happened already and the law does not provide a remedy for that problem, who takes care of these children, the children services are not funded properly and cannot take these children in, it’s not the american way to just throw them out on the streets and let them fend for themselves, some are as young as months old, so people when you talk immigration and deportation there is a lot to consider, in other countries they may have laws that allow them to deport the whole family but not here, an american citizen is an american and it doesn’t matter where their parents came from.

    1. Stella53 January 29, 2013

      LOL! Look harder and you will find plenty of posts on the internet where Obama is blamed for our immigration problem to being blamed for the sun not shining.

      1. Fern Woodfork January 29, 2013


        They Can’t Fool Us We Seen What Happen

  19. bchrista January 29, 2013

    And another thing, who told our fore fathers they had a right to colonize here, they didn’t seek permission from the Indians they just moved in and shoved the Indians out and nobody called them illegal immigrants, they just kept coming and pushing the Indians farther West, man didn’t make the Earth and any law saying where anyone must live is not Gods law he just told man to inherit the Earth and go out and muliply so that anyone could go and live where ever they chose to live man in his selfishness is the one that put restrictions on where a person must live. We have colonies all over the world and are accepted in most countries yet when someone tries the same thing here we call them aliens or immigrants and all these people want is a better life for their children, I agree we must weed the bad ones out but the majority are hard working and doing jobs that Americans wont touch no matter what. If history is correct Mexicans owned Texas and parts of California before we ran them out and the Spanish originlly owned a large part of North America so one can see why latins feel that they have as much right to be here as anyone else. The thing we wont admit is if we want something bad enough we take it and that is what we did and ran those people out.

  20. ivory69690 January 29, 2013

    the GOP partyu of ding-dongs belive thy can flip flop their way in well like a pancake you flip it when its done on one side then to the side that isnt cooked you . but as thy see it thy keep flip floping the pancake so much not understanding that the things is done on the and to keep fliping it their burning it on both sides

  21. joeham1 January 29, 2013

    I’m amazed by the people on this site. blame, blame, hate, hate! A group of Repubs and dems finally get together in a bipartisan way to tackle an issue that neither party has had the guts to handle. Of course the majority of the people who post here continue to slander, demonize and hate! THEY ARE WORKING TOGETHER LIKE THEY SHOULD!!!

    What you people don’t get is that the plan is a good plan and will finally put an end to a huge problem! The real issue will be the President when he won’t agree with the plan. He will demonize, hate and slander. Then he will come up with a plan that won’t pass!

    1. Fern Woodfork January 29, 2013

      To bad You Too Ignorant To Get Your Self A Life!!! STALKER!!!

    2. Stella53 January 29, 2013

      President Obama can never demonize, hate and slander the way the Republicans have done it to him 24/7 for four years and it continues. The GOP and their supporters have demonized, villified and did their damed best to nullify this president starting with his 2009 inauguration. Republicans are too blind and bigoted to see that their bigotry and arrogance cost them the White House and it will contiue to cost them, even if they cheat to try and win it. While I am glad to see bipartisan effort put forth for immigration reform, I continue to be disgusted with the bigotry, hate and lack of respect for this President just because he is half black and a democrat.

      1. joeham1 January 29, 2013

        Stella, as usual your a one sided hack. Obama is treated incredibly well compared to the way evil people like you treated Bush. Your treatment of the right and calling them the most vile disgusting names makes you a complete hypocrite!

  22. dalnb January 29, 2013

    Our –Alleged- representatives don’t give a S–T about what is best for us our nation. Their driving motives are in the Special Interest groups that contributed to their election and reelection campaigns.
    If these representatives had a true interest in protecting our nation and elimination of the illegal alien problems they would have been doing something in the past as our nation was being overrun with the illegals; at the same time our economy was falling apart. These problems have been a source of discussion for years and years always with great emphasis in ridding our nation of the hoard of illegals overtaking our nation. Rather than proactive efforts to fix the problem these same politicians’ turned their back on what was happening to our nation and our quality of life.

    Now, as Amnesty has become a major part of our presidents concern they all want to jump on the band wagon, Rather than do the right thing they will turn their back on the American citizen and legal immigrants who have obeyed our laws and supported our nation. We who have loved out country, worked to make it safe and provide a future for our kids. We will now turn our country over to the millions who have already displayed their lack of concern for our laws.

    Our elected officials have shown their lack of integrity, their gutless ability to stand up against the illegals, and their worthless ability to do the job of ensuring the best interest of our nation is upheld.

    We can not allow our nation to be given away. It is important we all make our elected officials aware that we will not condone Amnesty for the 11 million illegals in our nation. Doing so will not fix our problems! We need comprehensive immigration reform that puts meat into the prosecution of illegals, prevents their entry into our nation, prevents their employment or sanction in our nation, and provides enforceable prosecution for any state, community, organization of person who harbors and/or employees illegals. If we comply with our laws the illegals will not come here and many will go back to where they came from. We can rid our nation of huge numbers of the illegals by just enforcing our laws – ignoring them and allowing illegals to do as they desire only encourages more illegal entry.

    The proposed “Pathway to Citizenship” is the biggest incentive for illegals to come to our country.

  23. bchrista February 2, 2013

    In answer to Eleanor, that’s the trouble with all you greedy idiot Republicans your so full of hate and prejudice that you can’t see past your nose, check your facts before you speak ill of someone else, the ilegals here are a hard working group of people which is why people hire them, in some cases before they hire an American because, Number #1 they are honest, the majority of them, they will do the same work available to Ameicans for less, they can do this because they will live in one dwelling two or more families sharing food and housing, one pot will usually feed up to four families, their pay checks are docked for taxes, SS and any other taxes like Americans the only difference is that they can’t collect Social Security like everybody else because until they are legalized to be here they don’t get a SS card, they get medical because thats a law that was inacted under president Reagan. #2 the ones that do our yard work pay no taxes because they are paid straight wages according to the going rate for mowing the lawn and believe me the rates they charge are reasonable they work as servants or maidsbtu always at a wage lower than what an American would charge because they are taken advantage, yes they drive new cars, they favor big pickups and there again they get together onemore than one buys the vehicle and it’s a commuinty throuka as they like to call them, they earn their way for most things they get, unless they shop at Walmart or some other known store or shop they pay a little more than you wouldpay for the same product they are constantly being taken advantage of because people know they can’t complain they don’t want to be deported and the majority of them have been here so long that unless they commit a crime like robbery,killing,stealing, breaking into a dwelling or any other crime the government leaves them alone ( crossing the border excluded) because they are performing a service that most Americans won’t stoop that low to do and since president Reagan’s time they are under a sort of silent amnesty, they don’t any loud noise and they are left alone to work here and the other presidents that followed Reagan sort of followed it in line. the government isn’t stupid, they know where al these people live but so long as they are performing a service and not causing any problems they just look the other way, because especially the rich lost their help and they had to do the work themselves , the hell that would be raised would vibrate around the world, so if they don’t cause any ripples everyone feels copacetic and no dust is raised. let the dead dog lie.

  24. bchrista February 2, 2013

    I have never in my life read so much bullshit as I have just read on todays posting, some of it was rambling on and on without really saying any thing of meaning, to start with the Republicans jumped on the bandwagon because they knew that the President was coming out with an immigration Bill saying essentualy the same as the one they came up with. Their line of thought is to either make the President look bad or preempt any thing he might put forth so he won’t get the credit, with out realizing that that was his intent in the first place, to get them to do something they had originaly said they wouldn’t do. He just used reverse psycology on them. On another point, I wrote some comments discussing some of the very things that some of you raised to start with if the government wanted to, it could pick up every one of them tomorrow if they wanted to, if they couldn’t we would be in a lot trouble because it wouldn’t take very long before we would be overrun by our enemies and be taken over from within, for those of you that don’t remember Reagan gave those persons that were here illegaly amnisty and since that time the various law enforcment agency have literaly look the other way and only arrested those that were caught driving drunk, writing a bad check, breaking and entering,basically 98% of the immigrants are very honest that’s why they trust them in their, homes around their kids, and most anywheres check the facts ask any cop the ones arrested are stopped and they have no idenification on them, they can’t get a drivers licence, a Social Security Card, or any ID whatso ever, some have been caught with fake ID but most know that having fake Id is worst than not having nothing, a lot of you keep saying that they are taking jobs that Americans could be doing and I say to you bullshit the jobs they do you couldn’t force an American to do no matter what, they rather collect unemployment. Any job taken by an alien from an American is a job in a specialized field and in most cases the alien can do the job better and cheaper, that would fall under the category of drafting, engineering, physics, all specialized jobs and 99,9% of the immigrants crossing the border are not on that intellegence level. I don’t know what having been arrested has anything to do with the price of tea in China, by this i’m trying to corrilate crimes commited by Americans that has anything to do with border crossing, when they get caught they get deported, when an American commits a crime it usually is a little more severe and he deserves jail time, thee American system of justice is not a forgivng system unless you are one of the 1% and Americans commit crimes more severe than immigrants tellme something would you punish someone who you invited to come here in the first place, well that’s what is happening here thy are invited to come over to do jobs that Americans won’t do and while they are here other work is offered and they amigos bck home learn that the Americans will put the to work if they come here and the pay is two -three times what they earn at home, well here they come. and last but not least you talk about amnesty I wonder how many Americans could pass the tests to earn amnesty, believe me when they have earned their amnesty citation they could stand in a room with you or I and put us to shame because they could almost cite the constitution verbatim, the bill of rights, the history of our country,they are required to know somethings that a lot of college professors would know the knowledge that these people acquire would put us to shame. You could almost equate the Mexican with the Black man, the Black man was forced to come here by slave traders the Mex was enticed to come and when they were not needed for awhile then run their asses back South of the Border. Taht’s like giving a kid a candy bar and then telling hem that he can’t taste it until you say so and at the same you eat one in front of him.

  25. bchrista February 2, 2013

    Hi, Stella 53 how you doing girl, some people comments here because other people are doing it so they feel they might as well join in, and in most cases the post bull s–t because they don’t bother to check their facts, to start with we are talking about Mexicans because it’ they people South of the border (immigrants) some of these people have been here for 50 years or even longer remember they used to be in Texas and California since the beginning and as the country became prosperous their country went in the other direction so they sought fertile grounds to raise theirfamilies, and what better place than the country that bordered theirs and no one turned them back, the Americans were very generous and forgiving and we have never been known to refuse a helping hand so they were allowed to come here and work the laws were passed that you had to meet certain criteria in order to enter the country and Ellis Island was set up as a point of entry,however, Canadiens and Mexicans bordered us and for them it was a matter of just walking overand before you know it we were flooded with people from other countries, and laws that were instuted stated that you had to follow a certain procedure in order to become an American citizen and people kept coming without ingaging in that procedure thus illegal immigrants here is where I agree with you who wants to be the one that deports 11,000,000 illegal persons, especially people that were born here and have grown old here, hell I’m 80+ years old and I know some were here before I was born, Now as far as the talk about paying fines and back taxes that is going to be a problem because how much can you ask someone to pay that was working and earning less than minimum wages and his bosses had a system set up that kept the worker in servitude in most cases the company store took a good chunk of their pay in fact some had to run a tab in order to make it through the week plus rent in reality they worked to pay the boss so how much will they be back charged thats a tricky situationI’m glad I’m not the person to figure out how much they have to pay back.

  26. bchrista February 3, 2013

    Here we have another nut job blaming the immigrants on the unemployment rate, the unemployment rate does not count the immigrants because in order to count you have to register with the Employment Department and the immigrants can’t register because they are not here legal or if they did then they could get Social Security and they don’t, the unemployment rate is based on how many Americans are supposedly out of work, how many Americans can you get to pick fruit for less than minimum, pick vegetables for less than minimum, cut lawns, wash windows, mop floors, do roofing work, dig ditches, unload banana boats, do concrete work, lay blocks, people do you see the picture most Americans won’t do this kind of labor, you can count in sweat shops and numerious other jobs that envolves real hard work that Americans won’t do in a way we have become lazy, Americans are looking for easy jobs with large payrolls. also you can blame our Representatives for allowing millions of good jobs to leave the country through outsourceing and going to places like China, Korea, India and other countries where the pay is below minimum and the return is great for the American owner for instance a suit made in China at a cost of maybe $20.00 dollars and sells here for $150 – $250 pretty good for the owner and he pays litttle or no taxes, he banks overseas and he’s protected by our good hearted Representatives that pass laws against raising taxes and giving them loopholes to allow them to pay taxes lower than the average citizens, is this a great countrry or what and all this is done todraw attention from the real prize the gerry mandering and passing laws that do away with Unions and state that the law is permanent and cannot be changed as was done in Michigan. And some of the other outragious laws passed in states like Wisconsen, Arizona, Minnisota, Colorado, Texas, Louisiana and a couple of other states to deny Americans their Constitutional right to vote. This country has a lot more serious problems than immigration as the saying goes the Rats will play while the Cats away.

  27. bchrista February 3, 2013

    Hey Joe Ham1 what the fuck have you been smoking how about giving me a toke, when has Obama received decent treatment he’s been called every thing but a white man or human being and you couldn’t step on the same pedestal with him, his superior intellenence is better than most Representatives whereas Bush is as ignorant as they come, let see “good job Brownie’, or how about sitting in a classroom reading nursey rymes for a good 15-20 minutes after being told about the airplanes flying into the twin towers, allowing Cheney and Haliburton to run out of control in Iraq, losing several billions of dollars and the where abouts of that money has never been explained, also allowing Cheney and Haliburton to over charge the military outragious prices for materials and other supplies, like 100 dollars for a gallon of fuel 75 dollars for a toilet seat, starting two wars claiming WMD because he listened to that asshole John Bolton without checking to see if it was true, allowing Osama Bin Laden to get away because he chose to go in a different direction, it was said that Mommar Gadafi had insulted Bush#1 and so he made a stupid decision allowing Osama Bin Laden to strengthen Al Quada and allowing the Twin Towers to be attacked along with the Pentagon his stupid decision killed the only person that stablized the region, so long as Gadafi lived the Arabs behaved under his watch we lost millions of jobs and industries overseas and the list goes on I think Stella53 has every right to talk bad about Bush Oh I almost forgot how about him posing in uniform along side a jet when the bastard was a Draft dodger Great President right. Bush was warned months in advance about an attack on American soil and he ignored it, at the same time that the Twin Towers were being attacked he was busy sneaking Osama Bin Laden’s family out of the country it seems that they were staying at his ranch when the planes were flying into the towers, they were taken out of the country in the middle of the night.

  28. bchrista February 3, 2013

    I just got several comments posted on my email from some idiot who goes by the name of PUNAL B, seems I must have brused some toes, I don’t recall the name being posted on any of the posts I have read, so that was like a sneaky shot to me, apparently he/she is a Republican shill and doesn’t like to face the truth, the points I made about the immigrant issue were made based on facts as I knew them to be, the auther of these attacks obviously can’t except the truth. One post stated a remark that said why don’t we adopt the world, obviously the writer hasn’t been keeping up with current news we have unbeknown to the writer adopted the world check the foreign aid results almost every country receives some type of aid from us we are the policemen of the world, the immigration problem is of our own making, we allowed it to fester too long and with each passing day the problem only became worse and now they are trying to patch a hole as big as a baseball with a bandaid the Rich made the immigrants feel as though they had a free pass by hiring them to cut their lawns, pick their fruits, their vegetable, babysit their kids, clean their homes, wash their cars and SUVs and other odd jobs and when other folks started complaining they just backed off in the distance and left them on an island to feign for themselves nothing but a bunch of hypocrites,on another post I was attacked on was an article I wrote about the way they were treated at Belgrade, Florida, in my home State, and the writer remarked that, that was a labor problem,I beg to differ, it involved the immigrant so it was a total problem, you know when an issue like this arises I try to invision myself as being there and going through all the trials and tribulations that that person is facing and how I would feel, so being from that State I met some of those people on the job since they worked alongside me as laborer and later met them on another job as carpenters laying plywood decking or roofing and although most didn’t have a green card the company looked the other waybecause they were such hard workers and during lunch you would hear stories about the time spent on the fields cutting sugar cane or other jobs that Americans wouldn’t do. We are talking about a race of people who are just asking for a chance to earn a few bucks to feed their families and care for themselves which a lot of you in a strange country would do no less, we have been tremendously bless to live in a country that our forefathers planted the right kind of seeds called ingenuity and foresightness so that we were never satisfied with the status quo and have always kept striving to better ourselves which is why we are the greatest country in the world, but along the way it has been the immigent or alien that has injected sme influence in making this country greater so to say lets ban all strangers from coming here is to regress from our all we stand for as a free nation and denying energetic minds from helping us to keep progressing our forefathers wouldn’ agree with that type of thinking so try be a little tolerent of others, so remember the words inscribed on the Statue of Liberty whereas it starts bring me your tired, your weary_____ and so on this is a great nation, made up of all types of peoples lets keep it growing I know there are some of us that are trying to bring her to her knees but there are more of us than them, we will survive in the end.

  29. bchrista February 3, 2013

    I addition to my previous post to PUNAL B you made the following remark yes they (immigrants) are leaving because our economy is down and Mexico’s is up but what about when our’s is back up they’ll onlycome back, well friend they only reason they came here was to improve their conditions and that of their families, apparently the new technology that America has passed on to Mexico has had tremendous results in improving the way of life in Mexico, and I can’t think of any person in the whole world that enjoys picking up all they own in the world and starting anew in a strange new country, I know necessity is the root of all ailments, that being said, who informed you that our country is on the down swing from reports that I have read the economy is on the up swing, employment is up the future is looking good and now that the President has been reelected he can continue his improvement package, as he has stated on numerous times in remarks to the Republicans and some Democrats and I quote, “unless your part of the solution, then you must be the problem, so get the Hell out of the way and I will fix it, you can’t say it ay clearer than that, so I hope that I have cleared any problems that you had with my comments. Please go back and tell your Republican friends that it’s time to SHIT or get off the pot, the fat lady has made her appearance. and my President knows what he is doing and he’ll get the job done.


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