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Boehner: ‘God Only Knows’ How We Can Avoid Fiscal Cliff [Video]

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Boehner: ‘God Only Knows’ How We Can Avoid Fiscal Cliff [Video]


House Speaker John Boehner attempted to save face during a Friday morning press conference, just hours after his disastrous failure to pass his “Plan B” budget proposal.

Boehner, who was reportedly almost crying as he announced the bill’s failure on Thursday night, defiantly shifted the blame to Democrats during his Capitol Hill press conference.

“We proposed plans over and over again,” Boehner told reporters. “I don’t want taxes to go up. Republicans don’t want taxes to go up. But we only run the House, the Democrats continue to run Washington.”

“So, unless the president and Congress take action, tax rates will go up on every American taxpayer and devastating defense cuts will go into effect in ten days,” the speaker said.

Boehner also claimed that “Plan B’s” failure was not a personal rebuke of his leadership. “As you know, the House did not take up the tax bill last night because we didn’t have the votes to pass it,” he said. “It’s not the outcome that I wanted, but that was the will of the House.”

“There was a perception that that vote last night was going to increase taxes,” Boehner added. Still, he reiterated that he is not concerned about losing his speakership — despite mounting speculation that he has permanently lost whatever control he once had over the right flank of his party.

Although Boehner maintained that he is “absolutely not” stopping his efforts to reach a budget deal with the White House, the speaker’s comments underscored what a huge setback Thursday night was for his negotiating position. When asked how he could reach a grand bargain with President Obama at this point, the exasperated speaker declared “God only knows.”

Video of Boehner’s press conference is below, via NBC News:

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Photo credit: AP/Jacquelyn Martin

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. clarence swinney December 21, 2012

    Bush I=11%

    1. onedonewong December 22, 2012

      Debt by year
      Reagan $500B
      Bush $2 trillion
      Barak $10 Trillion

  2. Daniel Jones December 21, 2012

    Sorry, Boner, you don’t Speak for the nut bars anymore. The House of the Unrepresentative have learned from you all too well, and the Republican civil war is now underway.

  3. Dominick Vila December 22, 2012

    I have no idea what God thinks about the fiscal cliff, what I suspect is that if a group of mainstream Americans – with no political ambitions – had sat for a few days to work on a solution, the problem would have been solved by now.
    The reason this problem has not been solved is because politicians are more focused on defending special interests and ensuring they don’t do or say anything that offends their constituents than doing what our elected officials in Washington are supposed to do: protect and advance the interests of our country.

    1. Susan December 22, 2012

      I agree with you completely, Dominick, as always, except for the statement that politicians don’t want to offend their constituents. They no longer care about their constituents, only about their big-money donors. Our government has been sold to the rich, and no legislation that will have even a minor deleterious effect on them will pass. Maybe it’s time for a march on Washington by those of us who are fed up.

      1. onedonewong December 22, 2012

        I agree time for a TAXPAYER only march on DC

    2. onedonewong December 22, 2012

      Its the 47% who don’t pay taxes that put barak in office

      1. Whittier5 December 23, 2012

        It was RMoney who received 47% of the vote.

        1. onedonewong December 23, 2012

          Romney votes were from taxpayers. barak was elected by the Dem base the 47% who don’t pay taxes

  4. bcass1947 December 22, 2012

    Now the leading Neoclown thinks he’s God. If you read beyond what is meant here, you deserve to be represented by such an idiot.

  5. howa4x December 22, 2012

    Boehner dosen’t control his party in the House. That is the message, Now to reach any deal he has to reach across the isle and try to convince Pelosi to make a deal with her members. Republicans have abdicated their role in deficit reduction, and would rather cling to ideology than deal with reality. They have shown a complete failure to govern, and think they can retreat to obstructionism as their security blanket. The American people in a majority voted for taxes being raised on the rich, and don’t want cuts to entitlements to balance the budget. In republican philosophy it is better to have seniors on fixed income sacrifice, while people who are worth billions be sheilded from any sacrifice. It’s a reverse Robin Hood syndrom. Rob the poor and give to the rich. This is why they will be blamed for the failure to compromise. They talk about the will of God but what about the will of theAmerican people?

    1. alsoavietnamvet December 22, 2012

      You are absolutely correct!! Boehner DOES NOT control his party in the House; Grover Norquist controls the House republicans!!!

    2. onedonewong December 22, 2012

      That’s the good news it signals an end to the drunken spending that barak is noted for. The 2013 budget deficit won’t be in the trillions and barak had better wake up

      1. howa4x December 22, 2012

        I think you got that backwards. It was the republicans under Bush that ran up the deficit after he was handed a surplus by Clinton. He did that by borrowing from China for 2 unfunded wars, and unfunded medicare drug program, and of course the tax cut for the million/billionaires, all deficit spending in the trillions. It was Bush who did the bailout of banks/700 billion. Obama was handed a crashed economy where the Dow dropped 600 points, two wars and a healthcare economy that was eating up more and more of GDP. He was the one that passed the regulation of Wall st, and a health care reform that was a republican idea. Since the republicans took over the house, the only bills they passed were the repeal of Obama care 33 times.. Nothing to stimulate the economy and held middle class tax cuts hostage for more tax cuts for the rich, who shipped 2.9 million jobs overseas with the money we gave them. You need to stop watching Fox and step outside the rightwing media bubble. A clear majority of the people voted against the republican ideas and you need to get used to it. There were 1 million more votes for democrats than republicans in the House and the only reason they still rule is because of gerrymandered districts. America rejected the tealiban and their zeal to make the middlecalss and poor sacrifice while rewarding the 1%. corporate profits have never been as high, but your sacred Rich won’t hire anyone and are sitting on the money. If you would actually read, the budget is lower than last year and the upward curve on deficits is starting to decline.

        Have a nice holiday, you and your family

        1. onedonewong December 22, 2012

          Sorry W inherited a recession from Clinton and he took action to end it quickly and that is EXACTLY what happened the recession was short lived.
          Its was barak and his fellow Dems that took over congress in 2007. At that point unemployment was 4,5 % the deficit was $175B and then the Dems decided to exercise their Keynesian philosophy and “fix” the economy.
          The republicans have passed 150 bills to stimulate the economy since 2010 and the Senate has REFUSED to bring any up for a vote.
          Healthcare under barak will eat up more of the economy and generate $1 Trillion in red ink start in 2014. Its hemorrhage that can’t be stopped unless obamacare is ended.
          Barak and hos policies has shipped 1 million jobs over seas with OUR TAX Dollars. After 4 years he has not added 1 net job. There are fewer americans working today than at anytime during W’s 2nd term. Its a failed presidency that is kept in place by the State Run Media.

          1. howa4x December 23, 2012

            Once again you act like you watch too much Fox. Clinton handed W a surplus not a recession. It was GHWB who handed Clinton a recession and a deficit. I can’t believe republicans can’t own your history. Who started the wars against Iraq and Afganistan? was it Obama or W? Who gave seniors an unfunded drug program, W or Obama? Who gave tax cuts to the rich who’s wealth went up 256%. W or Obama? Are you going to sit there and believe your own lies. The deficit when W left office was in the trillions not 175B. Add to that the economic collaspe.
            During the tax cut years the 1% shipped out 2.6 million jobs, and there is 1 trillion stashed overseas. Middlecalss wages were flat. Haliburton a company that Cheney was CEO of got a 6 billion no bid contract for both wars. It left here for Dubai along with Cisco to Ireland. Bill Gates took his tax cut and built a factory in Bangalore India, Steve Jobs move manufacturing to China, and GE built a factory in Brazil. all to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. This all happened under Bush

            As for health care, I was on the bd of dir of a teaching hosp. When W left office there were 32 million uninsured americans. Insurance companies had the right to drop you from coverage anytime, and deny you for pre existing conditions. Sometimes they even did that after surgery forcing people into medical bankruptcy, which was the biggest cause on that. Let me ask you. Are you an atheiest? Do you follow any religion? If you are a Christian how can you sit there and say it was ok for not only 32 million to no have medical insurance but out of that number 50,000 died each year. The ACA was a republican idea 1st put forward by that socialist Bob Dole as an alternative to Hilliary care, and thought up by the heritage foundation. You can insure people 2 ways: 1 public option, which the government insures everyone like medicare, or 2 have everyone buy insurance with reduced rates and subsidies for the working poor. We chose option 2. We did that because another Republican, named Romney tried it when he was governor of Mass. The ACA stopped the abuses of the Insurance companies, and took some of their profit and will return it to you. So go back to listening to Glenn Beck Or Rush Limbaugh. BTW they make million lying to you.

          2. onedonewong December 23, 2012

            It obvious that rather than reading a newspaper you spout Barak’s talking points. Even a fool would know the history of what W inherited from Clinton a recession, a hollow military a non existent CIA to name just a few.
            Who started the war? Clinton, had he taken Osama when he was offered to him by Sudan 9/11 would never have happened.
            Who is giving americans a TRILLION dollar a year deficit to implement obamacare W???
            During the tax cut years the economy grew at a 3.5% clip and millions of jobs were added. The economy tanked when Barak and hilary and peelosi took over congress in 2007 and their magic doomed the economy.
            Were factories built over seas YEP..but you fail to state why…It was unions and gov regulation that drove the jobs over seas. In 4 years barak hasn’t added 1 net job…no president has done that poor of a job since Carter.
            You were on the board of a teaching hospital and yet no mention of Clinton paying them NOT to train specialists. There were millions without insurance but everyone received care. The largest reason why insurance costs so much is the $400B a year that trial lawyers cost the system. barak of course REFUSED to fix the tort system because trial lawyers are the largest benefactors of the democratic party. If you want to blame someone for the lack of insurance blame trial lawyers and the Dem party.
            Dem’s have bankrupted SS/ Medicare and Medicaid by ensuring that illegals are eligible for benefits even though they have never contributed 1 dime
            No one has ever died in this country due to lack of medical insurance not one person.
            ACA doesn’t save 1 dime, until trial lawyers are put out of business ACA will only mean MORE abuse not less. Time you read a newspaper and stop listening to the state run media they are only there to advance the democratic socialist agenda

          3. howa4x December 24, 2012

            All you spout is the talking points of Fox news. You live completely inside the bubble. The Harvard study of the uninsured drew the figure of 50k deaths a year from a lack of insurance. People had to use the emergency room for primary care and it cost the states billions . In NJ alone the cost was 1.8 billion for the uninsured.These are all facts. the insurance companies made a 20% profit out of premiums. They did that by denying care, dropping people like Atena did when the stock was downgraded, 8.5 million, and denying people for pre existing conditions. During Bush the high bankruptcy rate was due to this tactic by the ins cos. As for Tort reform, the only reason it isn’t there is because doctors refuse to create a uniform standard of care for every disease, so the standard of treatment varies for place to place and the trail lawyers have become the regulatory system for gross mistakes. Also Doctors very rarely police themselves and medical review board are a joke. The ACA has a medicare pilot that 5 hospital systems have volunteered to try. That is if they mismanage an operation the system has to eat the cost not medicare. the insitute of medicine did a 10 year study on the healthcare system and found 700 billion of waste, fraud and un needed surgery and treatment. AS for Clinton not traing specialists, you must be living under a rock, since all of medicine is specialized. The crisis in medicine is there is not enough primary care doctors and he tried to promote that by offering grants to become one.
            We were in a slight recission when Clinton took over and the economy grew under him not contracted as the republicans would have you believe. It was GWB who was handed a surplus and truned it into a deficit. He handed Obama an economy in free fall with a 600 point drop in the dow, and a loss of 40,000 jobs per month, He turned that around and we’ve had 26 monthis of growth. Try reading a noble prize winner in economics instead of the Fox mumbojumbo. You are like all the other republicans where everything is the fault of the democrats but when you had both houses and the presidency the only thing that happened was that the rich got super rich and the middle calss stayed Flat. Why don’t you own the Bush predidency. He will go down as one of the worst presidents of the 20th century just Above Nixon and Hoover, 2 other republicans.

          4. onedonewong December 24, 2012

            Well we know for sure that 1 million babies are murdered every year with out insurance thanks to the taxpayer funding of planned parenthood. The reason why people use the emergency room is a democratic congress passes a aw that hospitals can’t deny admission due to lack of $$ or citizenship. NJ cost of Medicaid is far more than $1.8 Billion not including illegals that they are covering.
            Insurance companies of course make a profit that’s why they are in business. however you fail to assess the fact that trial lawyers rob the system of over $400Billion a year that could be used for care with out ever raising rates. Every other country has fixed their Tort system with loser pays, that way 99% of the cases are never brought. As for the standard of care that should be the only role that the federal govt exercises in healthcare.
            Once again you have zero grasp of what the clintons pulled. They wanted to dictate the number of specialists trained every year and have more GP’s. But then again that would have required you to either read or remember something you obviously aren’t capable of doing.
            W inherited a recession when he took office a hollow military and non existent CIA. The only cuts cinton ever made was to the military and not to the bloated i=unnecessary federal bureaucracy.
            Barak had 26 months of growth?? What growth there wasn’t 1 new job added during baraks 1st term. there are fewer americans working today than at any time during w’s 2nd term. Time to turn off the State Run Media and try to think for yourself.
            I have read the musing of nobel winners and they all agree lowering taxes is the ONLY solution for the economy.
            W could go down as a mediocre president but the worst president ever is shared by Carter and Obama

          5. howa4x December 25, 2012

            Life in the bubble must be great. Republicans can do no wrong and all the ills of America are the democrats fault. You and I don’t need to communicate anymore since you can’t get off your one track, and refuse to take any accountablity for anything the republicans did wrong. Even though I sat on the state health planning board and also the board of a teaching hospital for 10 years you know more about health care from watching fox. That’s in your own mind anyway
            Merry Christmas to you and your family

          6. onedonewong December 25, 2012

            Might be because i have history on my side. Look at all the times we had an economic disaster it was because we had a democratic congress. It always included a gutting of our military and cutting intelligence so deep that they no longer serve a purpose.
            from FDR to LBJ From Carter to Obama incompetants that make a bad situation worse all the while flushing down the toilet Trillions of dollars while making them selves rich.
            You say you sit on a board yet haven’t a clue about the problems and the legislation passed. And yet you have no knowledge about Clinton’s cutting specialist training and paying hospitals the same as if they trained new ones. Its obvious that its not a paid position because if it was the workers would have removed you long ago.
            Taking notes and getting coffee while important for the board doesn’t make you knowledgeable

          7. howa4x December 26, 2012

            I think you read Fox history, since you really live in the right wing bubble. The great depression had as a lead up by Cooledge, and Hoover both republican presidents. FDR presided over WWII our greatest military buildup followed by Truman who finished the war and then started Korea, which was another military buildup. Kennedy and Johnson had Viet Nam which was another military buildup and war. Clinton intervened in the Balkans by bombing Bridges in serbia and firing Cruise missles at Bin Laden in Afganistan, and the first to prosecute the terrorists who tried to take down the world trade center. Now let’s look at republicans.Nixon invaded Cambodia and continued the war Johnson had, was impeached for wrong doing Reagan invaded Grenada wow, and ran away after a bombing in Lebanon. He built a six hundred ship navy and no one can figure out why, since the soviet union was coming apart at the seams, Followed by Bush who got Iraq out of Kuwiat who was shipping oil to Japan, and his son who invaded Afganistan,failed to get Bin Laden,and then for oil invaed Iraq and we know how that all turned out don’t we. Obama was left to clean up the mess but at least killed Bin Laden who was the wentire reason we started the war there.

    3. Whittier5 December 23, 2012

      It’s the Prince John syndrom of taxation and cronyism. Remember what happened to Prince John?
      He became King John, and in 1215 was forced to sign the Magna Carta by the forces of his subjects who marched on him.

  6. RobertCHastings December 22, 2012

    If not having the votes in his own party to pass his proposal was not a rebuke, then what was it? His tenure as Speaker may be running on fumes. Next month when the new House is seated, will he have enough votes to retain his Speakership? Honestly, it doesn’t look like it. Mainstream Republicans will support him, the Tea Party will propose their own candidate, and someone from the other side of the aisle may be swept in as a compromise candidate. Interesting thought. Speaks volumes for creating a viable third party.

  7. Ajoy Adhikari December 22, 2012

    Why can’t you just get along with The President and resolve all the issues. You don’t have to help the rich when you know the majority is poor.

    1. alsoavietnamvet December 22, 2012

      I sent Boehner an e-mail, several weeks ago, asking if he was aware of how a tax increase will affect the quality of life for the rich (which his House membership is protecting), and the poor/middle class. I told him that I can answer for the poor/middle class: less spending power; fewer purchases (which will lead to increases lay-offs by retailers; possibly losing my home because of inability to make mortgage payments. The rich WILL NOT be affected like this, but the rich MIGHT NOT contribute to Republican reelection campaigns!!

  8. Michaelj M. December 22, 2012

    I guess the boner has to now go to religion to get his plan B passed. This guy will soon begin to cry.

  9. AHM December 22, 2012

    Boenher and the teapots are so broke. With the sponsorship of big, big money they have gerrymandered every state possible into republican districts which enable and guarantee minority rule in the House of Representatives. I’ll bet that in the real world they have no more than 10% support for their designs on what little is left of representative democracy in the US. The only bone poor Boehner has left is bluster and tears of frustration common to a bully without a stick whose bluff has been called. If only President Obama would call the bluff and enable the teapot to make itself extinct.

  10. Rvn_sgt6768 December 22, 2012

    I believe the “tell” was when Bohner tried to shift the blame on his bill not passing to the Democrats. All along the Republicans have not given any specifics only a total to their proposals. They want the Democrats to have to come in and do it all themselves then later claim the increase and whatever else is all the fault of the Democrats similar to what they have done with Obamacare and any other meaningful legislation that has passed they did not want. This should been seen in light of what the Republicans are attempting to portray to the American public as “good” Republican, “bad” Democrat game. Notice how both chambers were able to quickly pass a Defense Budget. This is all a game so don’t be fooled into thinking there is more to this than there is.

  11. CRAIG H December 22, 2012

    Again, I say “let’s all dive headlong off the fiscal cliff”. Then any new tax measures that lower taxes should have bi-partisan support. After all, even Grover Norquist could not be against tax cuts. If we implement the defense spending cuts, it just means that we cannot give foreign aid (in the form of arms) to people who would use it against us. It also means that ultra rich defense contractors will be unable to make billions selling us their newest gadgets to replace the ones we give away.

  12. Cyndieaa December 22, 2012

    When did we sell our souls to big business and the IRA (gun manufacturers)?. How do we get sanity back?

  13. phantomoftheopera December 22, 2012

    poor god. he must get tired of dealing with the republicans. he gave them the gospels as a guide, but they just won’t read it.

  14. Pam Buzbee December 22, 2012

    you know were gonna get OUR taxes raised and the older americans who weren’t CEOS will have to depend on their children many of whom are in a bind themselves to help them. THe politicians want to cut hospice at home for the people who are DYING . I bet their parents or children won’t be under this rule.

    1. july860 December 22, 2012

      No; they are rich and can afford to have them taken care of at home.

  15. Plznnn December 22, 2012

    Once again, the problem is NOT more taxes, but spending cuts. Obama & the Dems want to raise more taxes than spending cuts. How does this solve our debt crisis by constantly raising the debt ceiling. Guess who will be grateful for responsible Republican leadership, all your children & grandchildren saddled with innsurmountable debt………….by the way, Boehner already offered a larger tax increase than Obama said he needed last year, and also what Nancy Pelosi stated, so just who is the problem here? And Taxing the wealthiest 2% only would run our bloated Federal Government for 8 days. Comeon already, get off the partisan bickering and see the spending problem for what it is!

    1. Bill December 22, 2012

      Please tell us of the fictional larger tax increase that Boehner proposed. Where did you come up with this bit of ridiculousness. Stupid the debt ceiling is needed to pay for the bills that Congress not the president comes up with. It is not a revenue bill it’s need to apy for the revenus bills. No raising the tax rate on the top 2% will not solve the debt issue but needed will cus in spending proposed by the crying man Boehner.

  16. Maxine Freeman December 22, 2012

    Protect and serve the Nation! Right. Boehner; Did you get coal in your stocking for Christmass?

  17. 1bythebrooks2 December 22, 2012

    I don’t think The Repubs have any comprimise in them. The President has already comprimised on the tax issue. Instead of higher taxes on $250,000 ($250,000 for individuals), he has raised it to higher taxes on incomes of $400,000. Boehner’s comprimise is higher taxes on 1 million dollars and over (some comprimise). To cover revenue for the lost $’s between $250,000 and the Million, taxes would have to go up on those making less. It’s as simple as that. Boehners plan is no comprimise!!

  18. onedonewong December 22, 2012

    Boehner went out on a limb with a deal that would raise taxes and his fellow Republicans are saying NO. If barak thinks he has some sort of a mandate he is NUTS, unless there at least $4 in cuts for every $1 in taxes there will be no deal.
    The days of drunken social spending is OVER and that’s good news for the country

  19. robert December 22, 2012

    Adios, stupido Americanos!. . . Felix navidad! Stay thirty, my frengs.
    John Boehner. Speaker of the House

  20. DoctorFaustroll December 22, 2012

    I guess that means that no one knows, considering that God doesn’t exist and eve if She did, I don’t recall seeing where She had any constitutional role in the budget process.

  21. Whittier5 December 23, 2012

    You are so out of it. Bush43 created his own recessions. The first one by running his mouth in the interregnum.

    There has been no Keynesian economics practiced in the United States. Learn something.

    The Democrats under Nancy Pelosi passeed over 535 bills in 2 years. McConnell “REFUSED to bring up any of them”.

    The National Debt is ~$16T all directly Spent or caused to be Spent by policies of Reagan, Bush41 and Bush43.

    Bush43 “and hos (sic) policies has shipped” 3 “million jobs over seas with OUR TAX Dollars.”

    Get your head out of False Noise.

  22. Whittier5 December 23, 2012

    You just make this stuff up, don’t you @onedonewong??

  23. ivory69690 December 23, 2012

    AND BONNER you knowing nothing about god you and your GOP ding-dongs buddy’s that’s understandable for if it dosent have anything to do with helping the 2% greedy bastards then your whole gang’s at a lose

  24. ivory69690 December 23, 2012

    bonner-head your plan B should be filed with Pauly -Ryan bud, plan in the trash

  25. ivory69690 December 23, 2012

    Boehner, who was reportedly almost crying as he announced the bill’s failure on Thursday night, defiantly shifted the blame to Democrats during his Capitol Hill press conference.

    “We proposed plans over and over again,” Boehner told reporters. “I don’t want taxes to go up. Republicans don’t want taxes to go up. But we only run the House, the Democrats continue to run Washington.” /// cry-ing again bone-head cry me a river and if the taxes go’s up on all the country and not just on the 2% of the greedy bastards ( just to pay their fair share of a %) it will all fall right on you and you GOP ding-dong pal’s . that will be your fault all of your faults . so do the right thing for the country and the ppl. that knew just what was wanted and would be done by the Pres. if he won the house again . he didnt try to hide nothing he told all just what his plans were and that’s the FACT JACK . see i can understand how confused you’d be . seeing how every thing was in the open from the start and there was’nt nothing hidden from the Pres. campaign . what seems to be happening now is the ppl. (not like 2010 when the GOP ding-dongs lied to get in office saying thy was going to get jobs and when thy got their sits thy just added to the party of no ) now the ppl see and are knowing o’ so well about you and your B/S party and in 2014 the ppl. can clean out the rest of you ding-dongs and get the country moving the right way for Mrs. Clinton to come in the house and get the country back to the time’s of her hubby,s time in the house . you remember those time’s dont you Bone-head . ill remind you a little back when 23 million jobs were made in 8 years the rich got richer and the country owed no one nothing . untill the DIRTY BUSH came in with cheese chainy and dug the grave for the country to be pushed in by them . putting every thing on credit cards wars drugs and yes of course with money in the country’s bank account why not give the money to the grreedy bastards that didnt even need the money / your on the path of getting rid of more of the GOP ding-dongs party (THANK GOD )

  26. ivory69690 December 23, 2012

    Boehner also claimed that “Plan B’s” failure was not a personal rebuke of his leadership. “As you know, the House did not take up the tax bill last night because we didn’t have the votes to pass it,” he said. “It’s not the outcome that I wanted, but that was the will of the House.”/// the only (WILL) of the house is the (WILL) to only do for 2 % of the greedy bastards of the country

  27. Michael Welch December 24, 2012

    I’d rather see the country go over the fiscal cliff than see our Progressive Republican President Obama make a deal that includes cutting Social Security or Medicare. Doesn’t the President realize he won the election with an electoral landslide? Why doesn’t he have the balls to keep Social Security and Medicare off the negotiating table? Would he be willing to put his baby, the ACA on the table next? Why is he nominating Kerry? Why is he so willing to give the Republicans ALL they ask for (albeit after a feigned struggle)?

  28. atc333 December 26, 2012

    No new taxes!!!!!!. That is the Mantra. Oblivious to the fact that the GOP has “redistributed” 36% of America’s wealth to the very rich with their “GOP Socialism” for the very rich, 20+ years of “Tax cuts for job creators”, the “non performing job creators”, who have created less than half as many new jobs during 28 years of GOP Administrations, as the Democrats created in only 24 years in power. What they did accomplish was significant, shrinking the middle class, expanding the numbers of Americans living in, at, or just above the Federal Poverty levels to almost 50% of the population, limited the increases to the minimum wage over the years to such an extent that the Federal minimum wage has only 75% of the buying power of the minimum wage years ago. How many of the U.S.’s social problems are a result of the collapse of the family unit, and the destruction of the Middle class, the result of which is so many children have become “latch key” kids, with both parents working, resulting in schools, teachers, and day care becoming responsible for raising our children. By the time working parents get home to the kids, they are too tired, and beat to properly care for, and guide their children.

    The GOP has created a wonderful labor pool for the rich in their concern for that group, as the costs of education and medical care soar. Romney was right in one regard, we do have many American’s who rely upon tax credits, and Federal aid to survive. However, the GOP needs to accept responsibility for its very large roll in creating the lopsided economy which has resulted in our current lopsided distribution of wealth in this Nation.

    The GOP claims private enterprise is the job creating machine in America. Yet somehow, private enterprise is doing so well, with more corproate profits than ever before, that Corporate America has no need, nor desire to create jobs. Just as Obama said, Corporate America is doing very well, thank you very much. They see no need to create jobs. Small businesses, real small business, not those classified as “small” under the code, and run by “the Donald”, those with 3 to 10 employees, need to be created, and grown.

    Corporate America has had years to create jobs with tax cuts. It is time now for the Fed to begin to seed small businesses in America, through accessible loans, though eduction, infrastructure repair and construction, all of things the GOP is against, End the subsidies, to big oil, to the ethanol industry, which only drives the cost of food up worldwide. Invest in alternative energy creation and production. In other words, invest in people, not corporate America.


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