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Call Me What You Want, As Long As It’s ‘Madam President’

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Call Me What You Want, As Long As It’s ‘Madam President’

Hillary Clinton stands along side Senator Elizabeth Warren at a campaign rally in Cincinnati, Ohio. REUTERS/Aaron Josefczyk

Elizabeth Warren has blown it. In just one speech this week, she may have ended any chance she had to become Hillary Clinton’s running mate.

When the two took the stage at Cincinnati’s Union Terminal on Monday, they looked like a dynamic duo. Warren is 67, and Clinton is 68, and though that used to be on the verge of old age for presidential politics, it has become the new “seasoned.” (Barack Obama was 47 when he was elected. George W. Bush was 54. And Bill Clinton was 46.)

Both Warren and Hillary wore shades of blue — certainly no accident. They are such a pair they even dress alike! Both have short blond hair. Both looked energetic, vigorous and enthusiastic.

Then they started speaking. And it was all over.

Warren was just too darn good. She went after Donald Trump like a hobo on a ham sandwich. She delivered a barnburner, a blockbuster, a foot-stomper of a speech.

If one purpose of a political speech is to define your opponent, she had that down pat.

Trump, she said, is “a small, insecure money-grubber” who “cares about no one but himself.”

Trump “will crush you into the dirt to get whatever he wants.”

“Trump says he’ll make America great again. … It’s stamped on the front of his goofy hat. You wanna see goofy? Look at him in that hat.”

The audience roared and clapped and held its sides. Oh, that hat! That baseball cap that seems as if it is stapled to Trump’s scalp. (He wears it to keep his hair from getting mussed. You do not want to be around Trump when his hair gets mussed.)

And that “Make America Great Again” motto? When did America stop being great? When it started making such guys as Trump presumptive nominees for president?

Who is Donald Trump anyway? How much do you really know about him except that he actually managed to lose money on a casino? Which takes a special kind of skill.

The Clinton campaign strategy regarding Trump is to continue to get under his skin, continue to poke him with a stick because when he gets angry, which is pretty much all the time, he loses control of his mouth.

He talks about thousands of imaginary Muslim Americans dancing in the streets after 9/11. He talks about how Mexican immigrants are rapists. And he says of John McCain: “He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured.”

Trump also likes people who got out of the draft because of bone spurs — people like him.

Warren, the senior Democratic senator from Massachusetts, has been designated an official stick-poker.

Warren summed it all up in a video released last week. “I have to be honest,” she said. “It is hard to talk about Donald Trump. Between his ignorance, his racism, his sexism, his lies — it is actually hard to know where to start.”

Boom! Drop the mic.

But that is the problem. If you want to become the vice presidential nominee, you do not want to outshine the presidential nominee.

True, Clinton seemed to be wowed by Warren’s speech Monday, too.

“You just saw why she is considered so terrific, so formidable. Because she tells it like it is,” Clinton said. “I must say, I do just love to see how she gets under Donald Trump’s thin skin.”

And it would be nice for Clinton to be able to sit back and talk about foreign policy and fiscal policy and all the other policies that Trump knows nothing about and let her running mate do the nasty stuff.

The trouble is, however, voters rarely cast ballots because of who is running for vice president. Clinton has to thread the needle and pick a running mate who can shine, but not outshine.

And nastiness runs both ways. “Crooked Hillary is wheeling out one of the least productive senators in the U.S. Senate, goofy Elizabeth Warren,” Trump tweeted Monday.

On Tuesday, Warren said: “What this is really about is, can they bully me into shutting up? Can they just be nasty enough and ugly enough and throw enough stuff in my direction that I’ll say ‘oh’ and just go back into the shadows? And the answer is, nope, not happening.”

The same is true for Clinton. Last Wednesday, Trump called her perhaps “the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency.”

“Clinton has perfected the politics of personal profit and even theft,” Trump said. “She ran the State Department like her own personal hedge fund, doing favors for oppressive regimes and many others … in exchange for cash, pure and simple.”

And that wasn’t all. “Her decisions spread death, destruction and terrorism everywhere she touched,” Trump said.

But isn’t this all just name-calling — just another part of the national entertainment, the national pastime that we call a presidential campaign?

Hillary Clinton doesn’t care. This time next year, they can call her whatever they want — just as long as it’s “Madam President.”


Roger Simon is Politico’s chief political columnist. His new e-book, “Reckoning: Campaign 2012 and the Fight for the Soul of America,” can be found on Amazon.com, BN.com and iTunes. To find out more about Roger Simon and read features by other Creators writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators webpage at www.creators.com.

Photo: Hillary Clinton stands along side Senator Elizabeth Warren at a campaign rally in Cincinnati, Ohio. REUTERS/Aaron JosefczykHillary Clinton stands along side Senator Elizabeth Warren at a campaign rally in Cincinnati, Ohio. REUTERS/Aaron Josefczyk


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  1. Dominick Vila June 29, 2016

    On one hand we have two courageous, intelligent, articulate, and determined women with the experience and temperament needed to lead the country. Their speech, and all the other speeches they have delivered, focused on what is best for the American people, our strengths as a nation, and the bright future that lies ahead. One the other hand we have a narcissistic, immature, irresponsible, and hateful charlatan who used the AFL-CIO and Sen. Sanders, a person he has described as a socialist, to support a narrative focused on fear of change, and an portrait of doom and gloom, to save America from itself in a way that only he, The Donald, can do.
    Never has there been such a dramatic contrast between the candidates of our two largest political parties. The choice is clear. Clinton-Warren or Clinton-Sanders. Both tickets will do fine, although I would love to see the person referred to as Pocahontas, by a man whose German heritage (think Curiel) is not helping him, go after The Donald.

    1. AgLander June 29, 2016

      Fawning and dipped in smarmy immediately come to mind when reading your posts.

      1. latebloomingrandma June 29, 2016

        I guess Dominick doesn’t write at a 4th grade level like Trump.

      2. Insinnergy June 29, 2016

        Watching someone prostitute their extremely limited intellect comes to mind when reading yours.
        How much is the astroturfing company paying you for this second rate distractive babble?

      3. Taratroman3 June 30, 2016


  2. Godzilla June 29, 2016

    Great, too old hags who are long proven to be dishonest liars. You folks on the Left need mental help, fast!

    1. The lucky one June 29, 2016

      LOL, you folks on the right can’t put someone better than a lying, racist, hate monger with no leadership or management skills up as a candidate. When Hilary becomes president you can thank the GOP for running such a flawed and weak candidate against her.

      1. paulyz June 29, 2016

        Ewww, the R word. When Libs have nothing honest or intelligent to say, they resort to their stupid words to try and stifle free speech. Millions will take Trump’s successful business skills & his choices of good managers for leadership & good economic savvy over Hillary’s career political shenanigans anytime. Except for those gullible fools that actually believe the Lyin’ Hillary.

        1. Charles Winter June 29, 2016

          What business skills? He would have made more money if he’d just taken his inheritance and put it in an index fund. And that’s if you accept his claims about his wealth.

          1. paulyz June 29, 2016

            Wow, didn’t know you could put a few Million into an index fund & grow it to several BILLION. Another useless comment.

          2. The lucky one June 30, 2016

            There is much you don’t know Paulyz and you broadcast that with every inane comment you make.

          3. paulyz June 30, 2016

            LMAO, you have the stifle speech lingo down.

          4. The lucky one June 30, 2016

            Be careful about laughing your a$$ off Pauly. you won’t have any place for your hat.

        2. The lucky one June 29, 2016

          The person who believes Trump has skills other than self-promotion and cares about anyone but himself calling others gullible is hilarious. Contact your hero, he has a spot in the next class at Trump Non-University for you.

          Where do you get that anyone is trying to stifle free speech? I think imbeciles such as you should be encouraged to speak their mind.

          1. paulyz June 29, 2016

            Your hero Hillary hasn’t any business or job creating skills, only knows how to create Millions from special interests for favors, driven by personal satisfaction for power. She cares nothing for you fool.

          2. The lucky one June 30, 2016

            Again you show your lack of reading comprehension. Find one instance where I claimed any of those things about Hilary. None of them care about us. Clinton can at least point to some accomplishments serving the American people while Trump has nothing in that regard. You are even more deluded than the typical Trumpster imbecile.

        3. charleo1 June 29, 2016

          Seriously? Could anyone blame the American Public if they never believed another word that came out of a bonafide card carrying Republican’s lying pie hole?

          1. paulyz June 29, 2016

            American Public? You must be referring to Democrat-Socialists.

          2. charleo1 June 30, 2016

            Even W. got it right, and almost got a sentence out of it. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice……ah….

  3. AgLander June 29, 2016

    “Crisis of Character”, a book by Secret service agent Byrne who was the Oval Office “gatekeeper” during the Clinton years, is a must read for anyone even considering placing their vote for Hillary Clinton.

    1. The lucky one June 29, 2016

      We don’t need to read any books, just observe Trump for a few minutes to know any consideration of voting for Trump is akin to contemplating suicide.

      1. AgLander June 29, 2016

        Hillary Clinton is dangerously unstable. Read the book. Anyone with love of country in mind needs to keep her away from the Oval Office and nuclear codes and assist her instead in getting mental health therapy.

        1. The lucky one June 29, 2016

          I agree Hilary is dangerous though she is far more stable than your hero with orange hair. When she is elected prez you can thank the GOP for putting forth such an absurd candidate.

          1. AgLander June 29, 2016

            “….hero with orange hair”. Give up trying to be clever. It simply confirms that you have failed to make an argument.

          2. The lucky one June 29, 2016

            Orange hair, yes an admittedly a weak attempt at humor but an accurate observation. I failed to make an argument because you presented no substantive point to argue against.

          3. AgLander June 29, 2016

            “Substantive” is a word you should voluntarily relinquish the right to ever use.

          4. The lucky one June 29, 2016

            I will consider that if you can point me to even one substantive post you have ever made on this site.

          5. AgLander June 29, 2016

            Translation: If you don’t agree, it’s not substantive.
            You libs are SO intellectually myopic.

          6. The lucky one June 29, 2016

            I’m still waiting for you to point me to a substantive post of yours. I don’t know what classification there is for you. I wouldn’t call you a conservative because you’ve never demonstrated any understanding of conservatism or much of anything for that matter.I guess troll would be the most accurate.

          7. Bill P June 29, 2016

            Orange tinted skin definitely, dull yellowish color hair is more accurate.

      2. AgLander June 29, 2016

        P.S. they have an audio version for people like you who “don’t need no books”!

        1. The lucky one June 29, 2016

          Give up trying to be clever. When you have to put words in someone’s mouth to make fun of them you know you have failed.

    2. Paul Bass June 29, 2016

      This agent NEVER was in the inner circle. An outside, uniformed agent, who did NOT EVER serve in the “Oval office”. Was NEVER a plainclothes Secret Service agent.

      Peddle your lies at Fox where they might believe you.

      1. AgLander June 29, 2016

        Right out of the Clinton War Room……can’t refute, so target the messenger….feeble, but expected!

      2. AgLander June 29, 2016

        P.S. Read the book……read the book…….something you libs are hesitant to ever do unless it’s sent down from party headquarters!

      3. AgLander June 29, 2016

        “Posted directly outside President’s Clinton’s Oval Office, former Secret Service uniformed officer Gary Byrne reveals what he observed of Hillary Clinton’s character and the culture inside the White House while protecting the first family”.

        1. johninPCFL June 29, 2016

          So, you admit he was a peeping Tom? Why would you trust a peeping Tom?

          1. AgLander June 29, 2016

            Silly boy….but I bet your mother calls you that every day.

          2. johninPCFL June 29, 2016

            You’re talking to yourself again. Take your meds, Lennie.

    3. Insinnergy June 29, 2016

      Sad astroturfer.
      Make sure you give him a hug… he’s just lonely. And underpaid.

  4. AgLander June 29, 2016

    Cherokee Nation challenges Lizzy Warren’s claim to be one of them….

    1. johninPCFL June 29, 2016

      Don’t care.

      1. AgLander June 29, 2016

        Translation: “You prefer liars who cheated the system to get ahead”.

        1. johninPCFL June 29, 2016

          Sure. She was told by her mom and dad for 60 years, so she’s lying.
          Just like your parents told you that you were sane and normal. That was a lie too.

          1. AgLander June 29, 2016

            Speaking of mom and dad, do you remember how Hillary claimed that her parents named her after Sir Edmund Hillary? The same Sir Edmund who was 6 long years from climbing Mt. Everest and a total unknown, unless you count his relatives and neighbors on his block! Wow…..that was a whopper of whoppers, you have to admit! Liars, lie but in the case of Hillary there is no definition of lying that does her justice. She’s the maestro of lying! I bet she even lies when she’s talking to herself!

          2. johninPCFL June 29, 2016

            Just like Donald. How many businesses have you folded? And yet after four, he’s still the greatest businessman alive, right?
            Bring back torture. Let Korea have nukes. Break US treaties. Default on sovereign debt. Captured American soldiers aren’t heros. Women are pigs. Impose trade tariffs. Build a wall and “make” Mexico pay for it. Ban all abortions. Jail women who have abortions. Murder terrorists’ families. Arm the drunks in bars.
            And that’s just the load from last week…

          3. AgLander June 29, 2016

            My mom and dad used to tell me bedtime stories too……but I didn’t incorporate them into my resume, idiot!

          4. johninPCFL June 29, 2016

            Sure you did. You went to the normal kids school, didn’t you? That was obviously a mistake.
            Did you ever graduate? Are you still living in the basement?

        2. charleo1 June 29, 2016

          So you won’t put up with liars, and cheats. Good for you. And you’re supporting what candidate, again?

    2. Insinnergy June 29, 2016

      Your misogyny is showing. Again.

      1. charleo1 June 30, 2016

        Exactly that! Or their, I got nothing is showing again. If Warren is tagged for VP. we can expect Republicans to launch a full Congressional investigation into her genetic background, as members of the various tribes in and around Oklahoma are marched into Washington riding Appaloosas, dressed in full native regalia!

    1. Insinnergy June 29, 2016

      Wow you’ve actually dropped underneath troll standards and just become boring.

  5. King 0f America June 29, 2016

    Not only are they both smarter than that Trump dummy, both support the rights of minor attracted persons.


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