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Democrats Nominate Two Transgender Women And A Former Undocumented Immigrant To Run For Congress

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Democrats Nominate Two Transgender Women And A Former Undocumented Immigrant To Run For Congress


This has been a scary election year for liberals. The rise of Donald Trump as the presumptive Republican nominee has exposed the darkest fragments of American society. The racists, sexists, xenophobes and homophobes have all come out from the holes where they used to hide to loudly embrace the candidate that finally expresses what they’re thinking.

To many, the success of the Brexit movement meant that white nationalism would also win in our own elections next November. But the primary wins of two transgender women and a Dominican-American who was once an undocumented immigrant serve as proof that, sometimes, inclusivity wins.

For the first time in American history, a major party has selected a transgender woman to run for a Senate seat.

Utah Democrats chose Misty K. Snow to run against Republican Sen. Mike Lee. The 30-year-old grocery store clerk from Salt Lake City beat her opponent, Jonathan Swinton, by almost 20 points. Swinton, a marriage therapist, ran to the right of Snow, who attacked him for advocating limits to abortion rights. Snow ran a campaign similar to that of Bernie Sanders, advocating for “$15 per hour minimum wage, paid family leave, legalized marijuana, criminal-justice reform and free or reduced tuition for higher education” according to the Salt Lake City Tribune.

“We hoped more Democrats were really looking at the long game at this, trying to unseat Mike Lee,” Swinton said, referring to Snow’s slim chances of winning a general election in conservative Utah. “The reality is I’ve done my absolute best and run an honorable campaign.”

Snow released a statement after her win, calling Tuesday “a historic day for the LGBT community.” 
 If elected in November, she would also be the youngest senator in the chamber.

And Snow wasn’t alone: Colorado Democrats chose Misty Plowright, one of the first transgender people to run for congress, to challenge Rep. Doug Lamborn. Plowright, A 33-years old Army veteran who works in IT, beat her closest opponent by more than 3,000 votes.

Harlem Democrats chose state senator Adriano Espaillat to take over longtime Rep. Charles Rangel’s seat in the House of Representatives.

Espaillat’s candidacy is remarkable for several reasons: Not only would he be the first Dominican-American to serve in Congress, but his win also represents a fundamental change in the historically black neighborhood of Harlem, which has turned increasingly Hispanic. “I never thought about that ever happening in all of my years, 72 years,” Rangel said of the results.

The 61-year-old state senator ran against assemblyman Keith Wright, a black man who was endorsed by Rangel. Wright has refused to concede until “every vote is counted,” citing a “real possibility of a lot of campaign irregularities and voter suppression.” Based on the latest results, Espalliat beat him by around 1,300 votes.

“The voters … elected a country boy from Santiago de los Caballeros in the Dominican Republic,” Espaillat told Reuters. Espalliat will probably win the November election – Democratic voters outnumber Republican voters in Harlem by quite a margin.

Snow and Plowright face a tougher battle in November – they are running in conservative states where the Democrat vote does not represent anywhere near a majority of the population. Plowright on her part is running in the Colorado’s 5th district, one of the most conservative in the state. Snow’s state of Utah is one of the most conservatives in the nation. Her challenger, Sen. Mike Lee is a powerful tea-party favorite who won with more than 60 percent of the vote in 2010.

There may be hope for Snow yet, however small. Predominantly-Mormon Utah voters, despite the state’s history as a stalwart of the right, hate Donald Trump with a passion for his persecution of another minority religion, Islam. So far, that hasn’t benefitted Democrats in the state as much as it has hurt Republicans. But if Donald Trump can turn Utah purple, anything is possible.

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  1. AgLander June 29, 2016

    An article written by Germ Rodriguez, a “Rolling Stone” magazine failure, for the sole purpose of race pimping, gender pimping and whatever kind of raw meat he can serve up to the mind numbed lemmings who feed on this type tripe. He has met his purpose!

    1. King of America June 29, 2016

      Sorry you’re mad about people being different to you; don’t care.

    2. Insinnergy June 29, 2016

      You appear to have fed on it.
      Congrats, lemming.

    1. King of America June 29, 2016

      Your daily reminder that all homophobia is invariably based on repressed homosexuality. Come to terms with your man-love, Gay Otto!

      1. Otto T. Goat June 29, 2016

        Most transgenders are not homosexual, bigot. They are two distinct mental illnesses.

        1. King of America June 29, 2016

          OK sorry I got your sexual identity wrong

          1. Otto T. Goat June 29, 2016

            Using homosexual and transgender as insults is bigotry. You should work on that when you are done working on your pedophilia.

          2. King of America June 29, 2016

            I am working on it; every time you use them as insults, I point it out.

          3. King of America June 29, 2016

            Sorry that you got nothing!

          4. King of America June 29, 2016

            PS sorry you have to resort to making up things about people to paper over your shortcomings; you should work on that when you have come to terms with your homosexuality.

          5. Otto T. Goat June 29, 2016

            You admitted you were attracted to boys, pedo.

          6. King of America June 29, 2016

            Yeah that isn’t something that happened, but then everything you say is a ridiculous lie.

          7. Otto T. Goat June 29, 2016

            Everything you say is tainted by the fact you are an admitted pedophile.

          8. King of America June 29, 2016

            See previous post

    2. Insinnergy June 29, 2016

      Self-advertising again, sad troll?
      I would have to nominate the guy who lives in his parents basement and spends all his time scouring a liberal website trying to get attention with intellectually challenged posts as the more obvious freak.

    3. FireBaron June 30, 2016

      Hey Otto, which one of these is you?

    1. Otto T. Goat June 29, 2016

      Thanks for reminding us pedos like you used to be asked to participate in gay pride parades.

  2. King of America June 29, 2016

    It’s sad people are mad about people who are different, like those of us who are attracted to boys.


    1. Otto T. Goat June 29, 2016

      You should kill yourself, pedo.

  3. Marjorie5847 June 30, 2016

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  4. charleo1 June 30, 2016

    The best, most effective, and courageous move members of the LGBT community ever made, was coming out of the shadows and declaring, “I’m here, I’m Queer, and so deal with it!” A relatively short time ago these social sticks in the mud, with their gender based prejudices, and most likely fears about their own sexual identity. Had their, “firmly held beliefs,” protected by unconstitutional referendums, and discriminatory laws passed by Right Wing Legislatures from California, to Washington D.C. I think it’s safe to say, for these hardworking, taxpaying, and for centuries illegally maligned Americans, it’s been a long, hard fought peaceful revolution for their independence. For the Right as Americans to enjoy the full fruits of liberty, freedom, and the justice for all, for which this Country stands. The more good news in this victory for equality, and justice, is the majority of us are cheering. Taking solace in the fact, that for all our polarized politics, the fundamental system that protects the sacrosanct Rights of one, continues to protect the Rights of all.


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