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Desperate Puerto Ricans Seeking Water At Toxic Sites

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Desperate Puerto Ricans Seeking Water At Toxic Sites

Trump Organization, Business Ties, Torture

Reprinted with permission from AlterNet.


As Donald Trump waffles between cruelly threatening to pull aid from Puerto Rico and pathetically whining about criticism of his terrible relief efforts there, the island continues to deal with ongoing devastation. According to a FEMA report, nearly 40 percent of Puerto Ricans have no access to clean drinking water. The situation is so dire that some residents are attempting to get water from polluted, contaminated and toxic sources.

“There are reports of residents obtaining, or trying to obtain, drinking water from wells at hazardous waste ‘Superfund’ sites in Puerto Rico,” the Environmental Protection Agency notes in a press release cited by Reuters. CBS News Correspondent David Begnaud tweeted an image of the report.


On the ground, groups of volunteer veterans have taken to social media to get out the message about how poorly this administration is handling aid efforts. In a widely shared video posted Monday, a group of four veterans, including a man identified as former Staff Sergeant and Cavalry Scout Jason Maddy, describe the lack of supplies coming in.

“We have an urgent message to get out about what’s really going on here in Western Puerto Rico,” Maddy says into the camera. “Right now, we’re only giving out, to people in the mountains, one small meal and six bottles of water per family. That is all they’re getting.”

“And the meals are really just kind of a snack pack,” another veteran, Chris Davis, says. “We can’t figure out why supplies aren’t coming in from San Juan. The local government here is doing all that they can.”

“In this area, we’re really the only ones here — we’re 12 volunteer veterans,” Maddy adds. “And people are hurting really bad right now.”

Brock Long, the head of FEMA appointed by Trump in April, has helped elevate the president’s attacks against officials who have not been praiseful of the administration’s response. Pleas for help from San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz have largely been met with insults from Trump, even as the grossly undercounted death toll rises and the situation remains bleak.

“We filtered out the mayor a long time ago,” Long said during a Sunday television appearance. “We don’t have time for the political noise.”

Kali Holloway is a senior writer and the associate editor of media and culture at AlterNet.



  1. Dominick Vila October 13, 2017

    Trump’s demonstrated, once again, his inhuman nature, and the racists views that influence his behavior and actions. The double standard that is evident between the unconditional assistance extended to hurricane victims in Texas and Florida, and those afflicted by a much worse hurricane that not only caused flooding and widespread destruction, but deprived human beings of the most basic necessities to survive is beyond callous and truly deplorable. It is inhumane. Then again, this is the same specimen that threaten North Korea with total destruction, the same one determined to decertify the nuclear agreement with Iran in spite of reassurances of compliance by the other signatories and the IAEA, the same one that took us out of the Paris climate change accord, and the same one determined to torpedo the ACA with an EO designed to destroy a program that has helped, and continues to help, millions of fellow Americans. We do this moron a favor when we call him ignorant, vindictive, narcissistic, and racist.

  2. Budjob October 13, 2017

    If ANYBODY,votes for ANY republican,running for ANY office,in ANY capacity,you are probably as fucked up as Trump!

    1. Dapper Dan October 13, 2017

      I don’t want to say every republican is as toxic as trump is. Yes there are some reprehensible characters but there are some moderates that do need support from Democrats. To name just a few who oppose trump on issues most important to Americans are Gov John Kasich, Sen Susan Collins, Sen John McCain and Sen Lisa Mursokowski. I can definitely see the moderates breaking away from their current party and starting a new one. More and more republican voters are slowly waking up to the fact the GOP doesn’t have this country’s best interests at heart

  3. FireBaron October 13, 2017

    Not to be facetious, but when I read the headline I imagined there were crates of Teflon Donnie Bottled Water waiting for them. That’s about as toxic as I can imagine.

    1. Dapper Dan October 13, 2017

      Nope just more paper towels

      1. dtgraham October 14, 2017

        I’ll tell you Dan. That President of Puerto Rico is no good. If Trump could just get that President impeached, he might be able to do something there. In contrast, the President of the U.S. Virgin Islands isn’t half bad I hear. Trump seems to like him. At least so far.

        1. FireBaron October 14, 2017

          You mean like his comments about speaking with the President of the US Virgin Islands? Yep. Pure dementia.

          1. dtgraham October 14, 2017

            That’s what I meant. Seriously, I don’t even know what to say about Trump anymore. If I was a talking head on the cable news networks, I’d be calling him a nut on every broadcast. I couldn’t resist. You don’t have to think too hard about any joking comments you want to make about Trump. They write themselves.

  4. pisces63 October 13, 2017

    It is beyond my comprehension that this idiot is allowed to do what he does and see someone like Kelly repeat his lies. Now, he is like the rest, too afraid to stand up to a bigoted base and bigoted president. He has no brains, is a moron and does not know what the 25th amendment is. 35,000 Puerto Ricans have fled to the states, SO FAR!! Landing in Florida. Guess what that does for the ‘base’. next election, especially if this continues. Yet, America and the powers, England, France, Germany, at the time, caused the poor state of Haiti. Just because they fought and won their freedom from France they paid a price in goods, commodities through the 20th century. Stripped her bare. What did America have to pay England? This country’s intolerance and bigotry is becoming mind boggling. America invaded that country. They made her people citizens with the proviso, they would do nothing for her and haven’t. Now, in their hour of dire need, they get paper towels thrown at them, we won’t be there forever. Who in hell does he think he is. If this were Dog Patch USA, he would sent the treasury. I never feel disgust for any president Republican or democrat. Let bygones be bygones and hope they all succeed. I feel nothing but intolerance, irritation and trying not to hate this idiot in chief.

    1. Dominick Vila October 13, 2017

      The only silver lining to Trump’s despicable and inhumane treatment of Puerto Ricans is the fact that a mass migration, of say half a million people, would turn Florida blue again. Most newcomers are settling in the Miami and Orlando areas.

      1. Dapper Dan October 13, 2017

        Yes and they can definitely register to vote in Florida. There will be payback from Puerto Rican’s forced to relocate due to government neglect

    2. Dapper Dan October 13, 2017

      He doesn’t feel like he has an obligation To Puerto Rico because they can’t vote in Federal Elections so he doesn’t feel beholden to these Americans

      1. idamag October 13, 2017

        Here is one way we can fight back without the fascist faux media. If any of you can obtain addresses by phone books, city directories, etc. Get a hand full of postcards. Write on them: “Of course Puerto Rico does not count: They are poor, they have no oil, they speak Spanish.” Send those cards to Spanish sounding names in Miami and Orlando.

    3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 13, 2017

      You point out a salient and key aspect of the aftermath of colonialism in the Americas, and how America wasn’t required to repatriate England after 1776. Whereas Trump and company are blaming Haitians and Puerto Ricans for having been destabilized by invasions from other nations—blamed for having been stripped of many valuable natural resources and had economies transformed unnaturally to fit an American mold.

    4. Dominick Vila October 13, 2017

      Looks like someone explained the idiocy and callousness of his comment, and today he did his usual 180…
      In true Trumpian form, he stopped the subsidies that allow insurance companies to cover low income patients, and de-certified the Iran nuclear agreement because of reasons unrelated to the agreement, that only he knows. Like he always says, we have to believe him. Naughty me, I don’t.

  5. bobnstuff October 13, 2017

    It’s bad enough that Trump is kicking PR while they are down but he went there and say the damage and most important made promise. Now that he’s back on the golf course he has forgotten what he saw and what he promised. I guess we should be surprised by this since it’s his habit to forget what he said.

    1. Dapper Dan October 13, 2017

      But the Puerto Rican’s have a lot of paper towels to console them ????

      1. dtgraham October 14, 2017

        As with everything else, Trump tosses the best paper towels. No Puerto Rican has ever seen that kind of absorbency before.

    2. idamag October 13, 2017

      The psychopath did not see anything. Psychopaths lack empathy and feeling.

  6. idamag October 13, 2017

    I am sending aid to Puerto Rico. They are part of the United States. They have no oil. They had no silver and gold. They speak Spanish. Therefore it is okay to dehumanize them and treat them in such a shoddy fascist manner.

  7. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 13, 2017

    People needing aid and complaining about unequal treatment by Trump and his miserable idiots in tow are considered “political noise” by Trump sycophant, Brock Long.
    Trump and everyone associated with Trump all share a common inhumanity and satanic impulses.
    If any doubt the satanist impulses of Donald, of his minions, Congress, and other half-human cretins, one need only consider Trump’s words and actions, his response to tragedies involving people who don’t look and/or think as he, and the self-centered mentality evinced in Trump and his Administration’s words and actions.

  8. Richard Prescott October 13, 2017

    Doesn’t el Stupido realize that failure to provide needed aid and assistance to American citizens can be an impeachable event?
    Just like the military’s Retreat at the end of every day is not done just for him or his butthead buddy Hannity.
    How much more stupid does this country have to take before even his enablers kick him out?
    I really hope what Mueller and his team find are indictable offenses not just against Trump, but against many of his staff and even some GOP enablers.

  9. Stuart October 13, 2017

    Don’t need Mueller. Puerto Rico alone is impeachable.

  10. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 13, 2017

    he did say the same thing to Puerto Rico and then the DUMPSTER CLOWN talks about Puerto Rico its all your own fault you are where you are at today insulting them while the are still trying to deal with this hurricane tragedy . these are American people the and the DUMP 45 CLOWN is telling them that he might not be able to help them out much longer . ALL THIS WHILE THE ANAL CAVITY piece of crap pumper is playing golf . again he is not insane . WHAT HE IS A VERY HATEFUL, EVIL,RACIST , RAPIST, HEAD TO TOE ANAL CAVITY &A MORON TOO BOOT . what can a CLOWN LIKE DUMPSTER DONNY have for morals when he talks of abandoning American people that are suffering and dying every day THE MORALS OF A MORON that’s it !!

  11. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 13, 2017

    here’s what in that MORON’S mind now he want to do a BREAKING NEWS STORY saying that in his short time of being in the white house he has dealt with the worse problems the country has ever had . and he will say ive done the very best job any one or other PRES. could of done .(AND I DID THIS GREAT JOB ALL BY MYSELF . NO ONE HELPED ME ! well DUMPSTER DONNY when tragedy hit FL. AND TX. he told those 2 states not to worry that the government will be with you helping you until you are all better . AND IT WAS DONE PRETTY MUCH THE GOVERNMENT was there for FL. &TX ////// here’s what in that MORON’S mind now he want to do a BREAKING NEWS STORY saying that in his short time of being in the white house he has dealt with the worse problems the country has ever had . and he will say ive done the very best job any one or other PRES. could of done .(AND I DID THIS GREAT JOB ALL BY MYSELF . NO ONE HELPED ME ! well DUMPSTER DONNY when tragedy hit FL. AND TX. he told those 2 states not to worry that the government will be with you helping you until you are all better . AND IT WAS DONE PRETTY MUCH THE GOVERNMENT was there for FL. & TX and he has the grains of sand in his small hands package to say he has done so much for Puerto Rico all ready . what have you don’t DUMPSTER DON waited a week and longer send help to those American’s ?

  12. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 13, 2017

    this DUMPSTER DONNY FOOL CLOWN just talks out his AZZ he uses for a mouth to get his addicted attention . a junky for attention when I see him on the TV and he is talking out his azz (which is all the time ) I first MUTE the tv then as he always dose go’s on and on talking his BULLSHIfT I get tired of seeing his stupid looking clown face I have to change the channel or shut the TV off

  13. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 13, 2017

    all has to understand that Russia’a PUITTHEAD has his whole country scared and anyone that would try to run against him in an election first would be arrested and jailed and or just murdered . but what dose have PUTTHEAD sacred is that the people of Russia do protest and he cant kill all the people there . and with that protest there is a chance with enough of it the people might be able TOGETHER throw the PUTTHEAD out .. PUTTHEAD can control the TV ANDS INTERNET to a point of what the people see hear and are enlighten too PUTTHEAD takes away the real story . and has anyone that try’sto tell the real story killed !!

  14. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 13, 2017

    as it is today the senators voted 97 to 2 and the house 419 to 3 for sanctions of RUSSIA and mostly PUTTHEAD needs the sanctions lifted . and with out that the protest in Russia will just get bigger and worse . the people there will get even bolder . DUMP 45 with the ones in office vote so strong for the sanctions he was force to sign them at the date of 8/ 2/ 2017 to which on 10 /2 /2017 the final signing was to be done . its 10 /13 / 2017 and DUMPSTER DONNY HASENT SIGNED IT YET . its said that DUMP 45 is spinning out of control . that’s not right all he is doing he means to do he is just an head to toe ANEL CAVITY that always just talks the crap like he always dose

  15. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 13, 2017

    . when the DUMP 45 is pushed to sign the sanctions then might be the time PUTTHEAD will start his turning on DUMP 45 . because PUTTHEAD’S people will be protesting so much he will have to start letting the cat out of the bag on DUMP 45 . coming soon the DUMP 45 will have to sign the final sanctions on Russia paper .. and then PUTTHEAD will start with the things he is holding over the DUMP 45 ‘S head im think it will be at a time when DUMP 45 was in Russia what 2005 ? the only thing or one of them anyway could be PUTTHEAD has video’s of DUMP 45 molesting children . that’s when DUMP go’s into his 5 or 6 bankrupt losing streak again

  16. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 13, 2017

    . and it will be swelling of all his in office losing things and time . this will be the MORONS time of losing on the worlds stage .as it is he is stupid and has no clue of that he is doing in the white house . never did and surely never will .. just THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW staring the jackazz himself DUMPSTER DONNY

  17. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 13, 2017

    . as it is for the DUMP 45 his racist hatred is taking over trying to destroy every thing that Obama did for the people and the country . im thinking that DUMPSTER DONNY IS TRYING VERY HARD TO PUT THE COUNTRY AND THE PEOPLE BACK INTO THE DIRTY BUSH’S GRAVE . he would be happy putting the country back into the 2nd worse depression of the USA . that will get the JUNKY DUMP 45 HIS FIX OF ATTENTION

  18. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 13, 2017


  19. Daniel Jones October 13, 2017

    If he keeps this up, Puerto Rico may well try to secede and become part of a country that will actually try to help. I swear, Donald’s hogwash and cruelty is incalculable… as if I would ever trust his math in the first place.


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