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Don’t Panic! 5 Unnecessary Liberal Freakouts

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Don’t Panic! 5 Unnecessary Liberal Freakouts


In the wake of President Barack Obama’s weak performance in the first presidential debate on Wednesday, many liberals reacted by openly panicking that the president has let Romney back into the race.

Of course, this comes as little surprise — whenever there’s a bump in the road, a certain reactionary element of the left immediately heads for the ledge. Having been demoralized by 16 combined years of Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, many Democrats are never far away from pushing the panic button.

They should relax.

Almost every time that reactionary liberals lose their heads, it turns out to be much ado about nothing. If recent history is a guide, Obama’s debate “crisis” will turn out alright too.

Here are five recent cases of minor events sparking intense — and ultimately unwarranted — liberal panic:

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. bcarreiro October 6, 2012

    lets get liberalized by making superpac donor taxes transparent.

  2. Dominick Vila October 6, 2012

    As long as the GOP has people like Sarah running around spouting garbage there is no reason to panic.

    1. Fern Woodfork October 7, 2012

      LOL You Got That Right Cause She See Russia From Her Window!!! Either Get The Hell Out Of The Window, Pull The Shade Down Or Move Bitch !!! LOL

  3. keepthis100 October 6, 2012

    How and why on earth did anyone think rick perry could unseat obama.Is there anything special about him?? besides being the governor of texas

  4. nomaster October 6, 2012

    If ever Sarah Palin knew in ernest of what she was talking about night would become day. However that can never happen because you have to have a real brain first.

  5. Anthony McCarthy October 7, 2012

    The serial liberal freakouts have led me to drop reading several prominent liberal blogs. I’m a lot more interested in how to avoid disaster than continually reading the chicken little school of lefty discouragement freaking out about the disaster du jour. It’s a long haul and an eternal fight. Every time they win our only alternative is to pick up and continue the fight. And they don’t always win.

  6. common sense1 October 7, 2012

    Obama is going to have to get off his ass and practice. To let someone like Romney beat him is simply a disaster. He could have had the election completely sewed up by expressing his position in the debate instead of looking down like a whipped school boy. The way Romney bulldozed his way in 1st on every question is the way Republicans get their way. Still voting for Obama, but he really has to change his delivery on what he believes. He always has, but one more defeat like this and he might as well turn over the keys to the Republicans.

    1. Mary Walden October 7, 2012

      That’s just it. Romney’s unpresidential bulldozing demonstrated just how intolerant and uncompromising he is. If you don’t think that didn’t have an adverse effect on viewers. Think again.

    2. Fern Woodfork October 7, 2012

      Romney Just Talk Louder And Was A Bully He May Have Won To You But The Smart People Know Better I Was All Lies None Stop!!!! Karma Came Two Days Later And Bit Romney Dead In His Butt!!! 7.8 People!!! LOL

  7. howa4x October 7, 2012

    We can’t panic there is too much at stake

  8. dljones October 7, 2012

    After stats like this I would reconsider panic.

    Holiday revelers enjoy an estimated $992 million in alcoholic beverages.
    Enjoy a mug of eggnog 56.31% is taxes.
    Have a beer 44.33%
    How about some wine 32.77%
    A soft drink won’t let you escape-a soft drink is 27.98% or 61 million in taxes.
    Next time I’ll inform you about travel taxes, land air and sea. Maybe you green dunces that abhor the pipeline will ride bikes to grandma’s house. It soon will show windmills kill more wildlife than hunters.

  9. I wish sara palin will keep her mouth closed.she is dumm.cannot speak good english.does not know where russia is located in the world map.she even stated that africa is in libya.she is not smart.she is the worst vp we ever had for election

  10. jack scruid up the auto industry that is why he has no life.he wants romny to win with the hope for federal post where he will steal more of our money .jack u are too ugly of a man to speak publicly


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