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Endorse This: Donald Trump Promises Not To Kill These People — Maybe!

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Endorse This: Donald Trump Promises Not To Kill These People — Maybe!



Donald Trump would like to reassure the public: He doesn’t necessarily want to kill journalists who are just doing their job. Maybe…

At a rally Monday night in Grand Rapids, Michigan — where Trump declared that Hillary Clinton got “schlonged” by Barack Obama in 2008, and also attacked her for the “disgusting” act of going to the bathroom — Trump was proud to tout the support he received from Russian President Vladimir Putin. This was despite massive criticism Trump has gotten, due to that despot’s reputation for silencing his enemies in the media and elsewhere.

“And they said, ‘You know, he’s killed reporters.’ And I don’t like that, I’m totally against that. By the way, I hate some of these people,” he said, gesturing to the press corps in the back row. “But I’d never kill them. I hate ’em. I think, these people, honestly, I’ll be honest, I’ll be honest, I would never kill them. I would never do that.”

But then he paused, and continued: “Uhh, let’s see? Uhh — no I wouldn’t! I would never kill them. But I do hate ’em. And some of them are such lying, disgusting people. It’s true, it’s true.”

This is part of a distressing pattern of Trump whipping up his crowds against journalists, such as when he singled out NBC News reporter Katy Tur, addressing her as “little Katy” and calling her a liar and a “third rate reporter,” at a rally two weeks ago.

So would he actually do it, if he somehow got the chance?

Video via Reuters.

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  1. Bob Sounder December 22, 2015

    Good anti Trump commercial. But, with Trump if we have to go down, we will go down fighting. With Hillary we will just raise our hands up Give up. And be proud to go down. Because it’s PC.

    1. bobnstuff December 22, 2015

      Is it not funny that being concerned for others feelings is a bad thing. Thinking before you insult someone some how also has become a bad thing. Do we really want a president that has insulted every world leader except Putin. Even the Israelis don’t like him. He has no control of what comes out of his mouth.

      1. Cloudherder December 22, 2015

        You can see that the GOP thinks the effective soundbite of the season is the phrase “Politically Correct”. They think re-labeling stupidity, nastiness, short-sidedness, and bigotry as being free from “political correctness” is their ticket to winning the election. Who is advising these numb-nuts?

        1. bobnstuff December 22, 2015

          I was thinking of the people I know who support Trump and I can’t think of one who actually know where the poll is let alone vote. It’s the party that gets out the vote and I’m not sure they will lift a finger for Trump. Political Correctness is usually part of being educated and intelligent. That isn’t the gang that will vote for Trump. For Trump to win the nomination they would have to move the polling places to bars.

          1. Cloudherder December 23, 2015

            And strip clubs.

        2. Bob Sounder January 2, 2016

          I was using PC to be nice. But if you want to just come out and say all those things about Hillary that’s on you.

    2. Cloudherder December 22, 2015

      And what on earth do you base this on? It seems to me that Trump is a vain sucker for flattery. Some corrupt, murdering leader thinks he’s great, he’s all puffed-up with himself and can’t stop talking about it. Hillary would never fall for that. Hillary would never give up. Trump would sit there talking about himself with a cigar in one hand, a brandy in the other, and watch America burn while he preens himself.

  2. 5612jean December 22, 2015

    Trump is an idiot, plain and simple. His supporters are as stupid as he his. This should be an easy victory for Hillary Clinton. Trump is a tasteless, classless jackass. Just what the republican party needs as a leader.

    1. dpaano December 22, 2015

      I think the Republican party is as embarrassed by this idiot as the rest of the world! It’ll be interesting to see what they do if he gets nominated….they know that if that happens…..Hillary is a shoo in! They’re scared to death!

  3. Blueberry Hill December 22, 2015

    This hate-pushing POS doesn’t belong in our government at any capacity, especially the President. Whatever made this senile fool think he was presidential material? He is not fit to be president of anything. His filthy mouth and rants don’t belong in any government. Kick him to the curb. You can do better than this dog pile.


  4. yabbed December 22, 2015

    He’s going to provoke someone into serious violence if he doesn’t stop this hate mongering. I think Trump is getting unhinged. It is time to haul him off to Bellevue’s psych ward.

  5. Andrea Kyles December 22, 2015

    People are actually considering voting for this man. Some people’s parents did too many drugs before they became parents. Their clueless children are probably the ones that find Donald Trump the answer to what ails America.

    1. Cloudherder December 23, 2015

      I think the people that want to vote for this bloated orange clown are the neo-nazis, the white supremists, the nutcases and the stoopids.

    2. BiteMeLiberals December 30, 2015

      He is still better than the clown that is in the White House now who wants to import terror into this country. Still better than Hillary who took donations from Hamas. You better wake up for a “change.”

  6. greenlantern1 December 22, 2015

    Americans were MURDERED at Trump Taj Mahal!
    Their names were Roy Cott, Sunil Rattu and Martin Caballero!
    Does Trump know that?

    1. Leftout December 22, 2015

      Trump knows now, They were killed by the same group of natives from Camden NJ. Was he supposed to know before it happened , was Hillary supposed to know the murders going on at Benghazi, actually you are right she was warned of such, there is a difference , sorry. I aploogize

      1. Cloudherder December 23, 2015

        No, Bush was warned before 911. Oh? We were talking about being warned?

        1. Leftout December 23, 2015

          No I was responding to green lanterns obsession w murder victims, who implies people may know the exact time a crime may occur. We all know something may happen if there is strong suspicion of such, but anyone can do anything at any given time , Paris, San Bernardino, 9/11. , Boston, etc. we have to be more aware and deal w the source.

          1. greenlantern1 December 23, 2015

            Was security beefed up, after the first murders, at Trump Taj Mahal?

          2. Leftout December 23, 2015

            Yes, for a moment. Security and first responders arrive too late for most incidents. In San Bernardino they were effective, but late. If someone wants to get you they will. Very simple.

      2. greenlantern1 December 23, 2015

        Was Hillary Clinton shown thee-mail of Pastor Terry Jones?

        Did any Benghazi Committee ask for it?

        1. Leftout December 23, 2015

          Why should they have this. Terry jones is well intentioned in his own mind, but not regarded by law officers as any reliable source……but he was.

          1. greenlantern1 December 25, 2015

            “Well intentioned”?
            He screened the movie, THE INNOCENCE OF THE MUSLIMS.
            The murderers, at Benghazi, found that VERY useful!

          2. Leftout December 25, 2015

            No one knows about terry Jones except sensation grabbing reporters. The Benghazi Missions mission was a bit askew, much intrigue and CIA activity , and lack of home support for these brave souls , when they are all working for the US, they needed help and asked for help early , many times, and non arrived , Hillary did not answer the infamous 3 AM call. These people know the dangers of these operations but they still must be given support and all have planned for contingencies . The administration is to blame for this since they were more worried About saving face , than protecting our staff, or telling the truth .

          3. greenlantern1 December 26, 2015

            That is all on the Rush Limbaugh tapes on Benghazi!
            Isn’t he a sensation grabbing “reporter”?

          4. Leftout December 26, 2015

            He is not a reporter. He and most other commentators have research staff that check out stories or they lose their audience, unlike the NY times and some TV News programs .

          5. greenlantern1 December 27, 2015

            He has a “research staff”?
            Have they looked at his mayo jar?

          6. Leftout December 27, 2015

            I happen to know this one , it is Hellmans Real Mayonaise. He touts himself as 99+% correct…..,,,Personal conversations

  7. TZToronto December 22, 2015

    Why doesn’t he just recycle Nixon’s enemies list? It would save time. Of course, many/most of Nixon’s enemies are probably dead by now, but at least it would give him a head start.

    1. Leftout December 22, 2015


      1. Cloudherder December 23, 2015


  8. Eve Duran December 22, 2015

    One word….hideous


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