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#EndorseThis: Clinton Takes On Trump’s Business Record

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#EndorseThis: Clinton Takes On Trump’s Business Record

Hillary Clinton Ohio Speech

Campaign speechwriters and researchers rarely get shout-outs in major addresses. But today, in a surgical take-down of Donald Trump’s business record, Hillary Clinton seemed obliged to thank her staff.

“You know, when I was working on this speech, I had the same experience I had when I was working on the speech I gave about foreign policy and national security,” she said, before talking about Trump’s tax plan. “I’d have my researchers and my speechwriters send me information, and then I’d say, ‘Really? He really said that?’ And they’d send me all the background and the video clip… So here it goes.”

Clinton went on to dissect Trump’s tax plan, and the egregious burden it would put on the American economy. It didn’t seem like a very difficult speech to assemble or deliver, frankly: The analyses of Trump’s tax plan have been around for months, and they have been unanimous: What Donald Trump is proposing is not only unreasonable, it’s not even grounded in economic realities. It would be a disaster.

Clinton also drilled Trump on his failure to release his tax returns, saying it could mean any number of things: That Trump hadn’t paid any taxes, that he didn’t give to charity, or that his net worth wasn’t nearly as large as he says it is.

If you want a recap on what economists and investigative reporters (including David Cay Johnston, on this site) have been saying about Trump for months, the entire speech is a fairly efficient summary of the juiciest opposition research.

Video: FOX 10 Phoenix



  1. dpaano June 21, 2016

    Trump and his followers don’t seem to understand that being president is NOT the same as being a CEO of a corporation. As a CEO, you can pretty much do anything you want without anyone questioning it (except maybe the shareholder’s board). As president, you have to deal with the Congress, the Senate, the House, etc. So, most of what Trump is ranting about doing “when” he gets into the oval office (fat chance of that) is never going to happen! The Congress is NOT going to put money into building a stupid wall that won’t do any good and is no longer really necessary. They are NOT going to be able to repeal Obamacare….it’s already a federal program. There are many things that the big blowhard is NOT going to be able to do should he actually make it through the front gate of the White House, but unfortunately, his uninformed followers don’t seem to realize this and listen to his ranting and conspiracy theories with NO thought whatsoever to actual facts. It’s interesting that most the fact checking groups have listed him as being the biggest liar in politics, which is really saying something!!!

    1. notafoxfan June 21, 2016

      well said dpaano..I heard a bit of hillarys speech today,and the fact is,she speaks the truth and is able to use Donald trumps own words to back up her statements about him…..today trump was speaking to a group of evangelicals and accusing Hillary of being “unchristian”..this from someone who is 3 times married, cannot quote the bilble correctly,and is never seen coming or going from a chuch of any kind..to top it off,i do believe the pope just a few months back, said donald trump was not christian…the worst part is those supporting him refuse to recognize the idiocy of the things he says nor see how much he has actually failed in his various businesses…

    2. marriea June 21, 2016

      Thank you dpaano,
      That’s the same thing I thought about Mr. Sanders, and I really like him and his objectives.
      But the devil is always in the details.
      In my pass 6 decades life, one thing I have noticed is thaere is a big difference between what POLS actually SAY and what people hear.
      The people end up being like an ink test. The picture that end up in one’s mind, might not and most often is not based on reality.
      As I watch people going off on the best person to be President, I find that most people are not even focusing on their individual Congressional races or for that matter the Senate races.
      Even more importantly, they are not focusing on those pesty ‘little’ state races including the Governorships.
      Many states still don’t have medical care because their legislators won’t permit it in their states. And like it or not, unless the Supreme Court makes something law, then there is something called State Rights in which according to the constitution they can make their own rules and laws.
      Even Trump don’t seem to recognize that.
      He is a loudmouth bully and the tactics that he use reminds me of a schoolyard bully.
      And to think, many of his supporters go in for this and even bring their kids to his rallies, but they would be the same ones who’d complain to the point a lawsuit if someone did this to their kids.
      I for one beleives that Trump’s supporter only support him because of his reported wealth and these folks really believe in trickle down.
      I’m sure that the ones who foolishly took ‘classes’ at his ‘famed’ univeristy thought the same thing.
      This guy is nothing more than a used car salesman. And although his establish is seemingly full of glitter and dazzle, his mercandise is worth less than junk.

  2. Karen June 21, 2016

    And that is what a speech from a presidential candidate is supposed to sound like. Take a lesson Donald.

  3. johninPCFL June 21, 2016

    Tax returns don’t show net worth.

    1. Independent1 June 21, 2016

      You’re right! The only thing that his tax returns might giveaway with respect to Trump’s net worth not being as big as the more than 5 billion that I believe he is claiming, is if his gross income over the past several years has been far far less than what one would expect for someone with as many billions of net worth as Trump is claiming. (Unless of course a great deal of his net worth is tied up in property that is virtually worthless and not returning him any amount of real income or a lot of his holdings are losing propositions.)

      1. Bren Frowick June 22, 2016

        Billionaire Mark Cuban, who has been friends with Trump for decades, estimates The Donald’s net worth at about $150 million. A lot of money, but no means billionaire level.

    2. PrecipitousDrop June 22, 2016

      No. They don’t John.
      But his tax returns will contain enough information to debunk several dozen of Mr. Trump’s fibs, misstatements, and outright lies. That would be sufficient.

  4. greenlantern1 June 21, 2016

    Remember Dick Cheney’s “deficits don’t matter?”
    Nixon’s “revenue sharing?”
    David Stockman?
    What do you expect from that party?

    1. Bren Frowick June 22, 2016

      “I don’t worry about the deficit. It’s big enough to take care of itself” — Ronald Reagan

      1. greenlantern1 June 22, 2016

        Reagan’s budget director was David Stockman!
        Didn’t his company declare bankruptcy?
        Should President Reagan have taken him out to the woodshed?

  5. TZToronto June 21, 2016

    I can’t believe that Fox even covered the speech. Oh, wait . . . They don’t like Trump either.

    1. Independent1 June 22, 2016

      I’ve read a couple articles which highlight the fact that at least some Republicans, one was a prior GOP politician, have come out and said that they will be voting for Hillary because even they can see how vile and dangerous Trump is for the country.

  6. Christina63665666 June 22, 2016

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