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#EndorseThis: Russia Today Hacks The Late Show

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#EndorseThis: Russia Today Hacks The Late Show

Russia Today Hacks The Late Show

Stephen Colbert is troubled by the increasing evidence of Russian interference in last year’s presidential election, But he is more troubled to hear many Republicans dismissing or even justifying the Kremlin’s hacking, telling the New York Times, “if that’s what it took…”

Equally disturbing and weird to Colbert was the episode last week when C-SPAN’s broadcast from the House floor suddenly cut out — and was replaced by Russia Today, the Kremlin-sponsored cable channel that promotes Trump so assiduously. This was “Russian propaganda broadcast directly from Washington, D.C,” the Late Show host observed. “And that’s not supposed to happen until after January 20…Luckily, I’ve been assured that the CBS feed is secure.”

Or is it?



  1. Dan S January 16, 2017

    Okay that Colbert clip was really good. Maybe that should be our tag line to Trump “Don’t Eat Me” ????

  2. bluetah January 17, 2017

    Reminiscent of the old SCTV skits where CCCP1 TV Moscow used to take over the signal.

  3. johninPCFL January 17, 2017

    One of Agent Orange’s first executive orders will be for CSPAN to begin airing RT live daily so Putin’s message is more effectively broadcast to American audiences.

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 18, 2017

      Yes, I can see it all now. Russia has gotten an inside front row seat, thanks in large part to Putin’s dear friend and chum, Donald J. Trump.
      “Agent Orange”—nice code name, among many others we can assign, to go with each day of the year.

  4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 18, 2017

    Yes, change of an unfriendly insidious form is gradually creeping over the landscape in America as well as in Europe. It’s amazing to see how an excessive devotion to materialist concerns leaves America wide open to those alert in other parts of the world seeking to take advantage of such a weakness of excessive attention on jobs and national security.
    The more a nation becomes insular and monotone in its political instincts, like in a huge number of communities across the country, the more vulnerable it becomes—similarly with an immune system hampered by lack of “diversity” in its response mechanisms to respond to a variety of antigens.


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