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It's Official: Money Now Governs America

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It's Official: Money Now Governs America


The rich are different from you and me, but the really, really, really rich are also different from the merely rich.

For example, the rich can buy caviar and Champagne, but the Triple-R Rich can buy entire presidential campaigns.

Jim Hightower

Jim Hightower is a nationally syndicated columnist and one of America's most prominent progressive voices. His column carried by more than 75 publications across the country. Prior to becoming a writer, Hightower served as Texas Agricultural Commission from 1982 to 1991.

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  1. freethinker February 16, 2012

    I’m sure Mr. Hightower was rightly incensed by the money George Soros and public service unions have thrown at progressive causes and candidates, and Obama forsaking public financing in the last election. What? He wasn’t? And he has the nerve to talk about someone else’s brain being atrophied.

  2. stsintl February 16, 2012

    Capitalism is masculine and strong. Democracy is feminine and delicate. Free press is the window to Democracy’s bedroom. When Capitalism places five judges of the Supreme Court to guard the bedroom door, pulls down the shades over the windows, and rapes Democracy, nation ends up with a bastard Congress. That’s what we have. Soon, US Democracy would look very much like Pakistan’s. Religious extremists will have their own laws, no public education, rich don’t pay taxes, and military industrial complex runs the country. We really need to pray–God Bless America

  3. TracyGoode February 16, 2012

    Moneyed interest in elections is destroying our Democracy. Unfortunately, President Obama is a realist and knows that having a SuperPac is necessary to even the playing field against Republicans that have unlimited wealthy donors to buy them unlimited tax breaks and government subsidies. As long as the law stands as it is he has every right to compete in this election with the backing of a SuperPac. What needs to change is our campaign finance laws. Small individual donations only, that way our representatives represent the majority and not just the super-wealthy few. I pray Americans come to their senses soon before it is too late. God Bless America.

  4. Itsjustmeagain February 16, 2012

    There certainly some very wealthy people who can buy just about anything. My concern is Mr. Adelson is flying a false flag as a US citizen, and is an agent for Israel.

    From what I’ve read , he has many interests in Israel businesses and owns several, or is a major stockholder. Can he say that for US business other than casinos? He personally finances junkets for Congressmen to Israel. For the healing waters? Or for the indoctrination into their sphere of influence. I have no issue with the citizens of Israel, but the extremist regime now will drag us into another senseless war. They will wage war with Iran (and the other Arab nations) and we will be their (only) allied nation.

  5. snarky February 16, 2012

    Supply Side Economics is working. The wealth is concentrating into fewer and fewer hands. Sounds like “The Oligarchy commeth.”

  6. mjwelchphd February 16, 2012

    The left brain is language oriented, and follows lists of instructions (from Rush Limbaugh?). The right brain is the creative side. I would argue that the Dems use the right brain, and the Reps use the left brain. Jim Hightower has it backwards, just to use the right wing = right brain analogy, which is wrong.

    And frankly, who didn’t already know that Citizens United sold out our government to the mega-rich? This article doesn’t tell us anything new.

    Lastly, I would point out that the American people had plenty of warning from George W. Bush about what he was going to do if he got elected, and they voted for him anyway. And even having the experience of the first 4 years of GWB, they voted for him again. I’m a Progressive Republican, but I was smart enough to see that GWB was going to decimate the government. And it was worse than I ever could have imagined. If the people of America vote in one of these extreme Republican candidates, they’ll get the Christian version of sharia law they’re asking for, and the mega-wealthy will seal their hold on the politics of this country.


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