Jon Stewart To NRA: Stop Pretending Background Checks Will Lead To ‘Obama-Sponsored Government Mom Rape’


When it comes to guns, those who oppose basic reforms supported by vast majorities of the American public can’t have an actual debate on policy. So they — as the Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart points out — purposely contradict themselves to provoke a yelling match that drowns out actual details.

This is why the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre accuses the president of politicizing a tragedy just breaths after politicizing a tragedy. This is why just about every NRA speaker accuses opponents of using fear, as they scare their crap out of their supporters. And this is why Ted Cruz (R-TX) accuses a minority of senators of subverting the will of the people after he’s joined with a minority of senators to subvert the will of the people.

“Here’s what’s crazy,” Stewart concluded. “We all want the same thing: bad guys not to have guns. Some people, including myself, believe a good way to do that — at least a start — is to check who is buying them. Or make the guns somewhat traceable so when the bad guys get them, we can at least figure out how — not wait for a bad guy to draw and then draw faster. By the way, if that’s what you want, okay, let’s have that debate. But stop pretending that background checks are the last barrier standing between a free America and Obama-sponsored government mom rape.”

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