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The Keystone XL Flim-Flam

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The Keystone XL Flim-Flam


For Rep. Allen West, the skyrocketing price of gasoline is not just a policy matter, it’s a personal pocketbook issue. The Florida tea-party Republican (who, of course, blames President Obama for the increase) recently posted a message on Facebook wailing that it’s now costing him $70 to fill his Hummer H3.

It’s hard to feel the pain of a whining, $174,000-a-year congress-critter, but millions of regular Americans really are feeling pain at the pump — especially truck drivers, cabbies, farmer, commuters and others whose livelihoods are tethered to the whims of Big Oil. It’s an especially cynical political stunt, then, for congressional Republicans, GOP presidential wannabes and a chorus of right-wing mouthpieces to use gas price pain as a whip for lashing out at Obama’s January decision to reject the infamous Keystone XL pipeline.

Jim Hightower

Jim Hightower is a nationally syndicated columnist and one of America's most prominent progressive voices. His column carried by more than 75 publications across the country. Prior to becoming a writer, Hightower served as Texas Agricultural Commission from 1982 to 1991.

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  1. TheMcCarter March 1, 2012

    Mr. Hightower is brillantly on the point in this article. But he fails to note the amount of water required to deliver a gallon of crude oil to those refineries in Texas, Pumping sand is not very economical in terms of both energy and water. If you consider how much it costs to restore a mile of beach on our coasts, and the gallons of free salt water required, the use of fresh, drinkable water from our aquifers to make oil companies even richer takes on a new perspective.

  2. concernedusa7 March 1, 2012

    Destroying the Environment in Alberta, Polluting precious water in Alberta, Spending Billions of Dollars extracting tar sand oil and building a pipeline, when those billions of dollars would be much more wisely spent developing alternative energy supplies.
    The tar sands oil is expensive, toxic and corrosive, all three huge negatives!
    What ever has happened to Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Hydrogen, abundant, considerably less environmentaly intrusive, fuel cells generate clean electricity, emit water vapor, where has common sense gone?

  3. tutidiez March 1, 2012

    The mayority of Americans are attacking Obama because on His opposition to this deceptive Pipeline, the main reason is because all they have heard is the complete oposite of this “Wonderful Oil Lower Prices Pipeline”, by most of the opposition media like Fox news, Washington Times 24/7 and some others,they use all their power to poison as many people as they can against this Obama desicion, of course with the Oil Companies Millions Support, unfortunately “The National Memo” is the first and Probably the only one that is telling the way it is about this Pipeline, I have talked to many people that did not know this and were very upset about this Obama’s desicion on blocking it, unfortunately we don’t have enough media that hasn’t been bought by this powerful interests to allow the American people to know the truth about all this important issues, even CNN that likes to show off as bipartisan also keeps silent in so many important true issues that would clear Obama from false attacks and some times even avoid reporting news that the Right Wing Conservatives don’t like to hear, definitely we need more decent and honest News Communicators that lets everybody know the way things really are.

  4. Howz 1 March 1, 2012

    Does anyone remember the arguments for drilling in Alaska? The main one was it would free us from dependence on OPEC. Just let us drill in enviormentally sensitive lands and your energy problems would be solved. Well now we have to same argument from the Republicans. The truth is we will never lower gas proces again because of China and India’s thrust for this product. The only way for us to get lower costs are development of natural gas cars, electric cars and more mass transit, and move past letting the petroleum industry determine our future.

  5. terango.lf March 1, 2012

    The U.S. would make more money and create more jobs if they trucked and used rail roads to transfer the oil to Tx.

  6. EATHERICH March 1, 2012

    thank you jim. now it seems to me youre missing one point, ALWAYS. THE RECORSES BELONG TO THE PEOPLE, NOT 3 GUYS FROM TEXASS.

  7. Paul Bergquist March 2, 2012

    Concerning the proposed oil Pipeline from Canada to Texas, I have 2 thoughts. First is that it could easily be routed through the North Dakota Oil fields, and shared. My second thought is very technical. I am responsible for the calculations involved in something called ASCUAS, developed by the Solar Energy Research Institute, a program called “A Solar Collector Utilizing an Array of Solar mirrors. Essentially, we refer to this as a Solar Power Tower. The basic principle of this is an array of moveable mirrors all aimed at the top of a centrally located tower. The objective would be to crack oil into useable products, like a refinery. The temperatures are available up to the Canadian Border year round. So… why not set up a series of these mini-solar-refineries along the route of the pipeline, and crack as solar power is available.

  8. Christian Martin March 30, 2012

    Don’t worry about it Hightower…..,Economic collapse is right around the corner. And when it happens the environment will be the last and the least of your concerns.


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