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LOL Of The Week: House GOP Prepares Its 37th Useless Vote To Kill Obamacare

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LOL Of The Week: House GOP Prepares Its 37th Useless Vote To Kill Obamacare


Republicans may rightly sense that we’re actually coming to the end of the golden age of pretending to repeal Obamacare.

The bill’s favorable ratings are at lows, as Republicans seek to blame the law for everything that has ever gone wrong with medical care. The greatest indication of the success of the GOP’s Obamacare misinformation campaign is that about 4 out of 10 Americans aren’t even sure if it’s really law.

Eric Cantor likely realizes that now is the time to get those freshmen de-virginized, before Americans actually know what’s in the law.

The government has been holding off on educating about the law too far ahead of its 2014 rollout date, leaving a vacuum that Republicans have filled with death panels and stories about Papa John’s cutting back its work force.

But that will change as open enrollment for the law begins in October, preceded by a summer-long campaign to educate — or correct Republican misinformation — about the law.

Republicans rant that Obamacare is driving costs up. But they don’t mention that for the first time, thanks to the law, insurance companies have to justify increases. Insurers must also refund customers’ money if they don’t use 80-85 percent of it for actual care. More than $1 billion in refunds have already been sent out.

Republicans say that the law may drive prices up for those — mostly upper-income — Americans who will be moved into higher quality plans. But they never explain — and Democrats are lax to point out — that all Americans who earn up to $45,960 for an individual or $94,200 for a family of four will receive subsidies to help pay their health insurance.

That’s right, as many as 26 million Americans will pay less for health insurance thanks to the law. And these subsidies will be mostly paid for by a small tax on those earning over $250,000. (SPOILER: This the real reason conservatives hate Obamacare. It taxes the rich to help the middle class pay for health care.)

Republicans rant about employers not hiring because of the law but they never mention that research shows the costs will likely only be higher for mid-sized businesses who didn’t previously offer coverage, effectively passing their health insurance costs on to the public.

The reality is that with tens of millions new health care customers, countless middle-class jobs will be created.

And Republicans never point out that what they’re doing when they vote to repeal Obamacare is voting to keep a system where 26,00045,000 Americans die every year for lack of insurance. They’re voting to keep paying for each other’s health care in the dumbest possible way — emergency rooms. They’re voting to allow insurers to deny coverage to kids and adults with pre-existing conditions. They’re voting for a return to a system where your insurer can invent some reason to drop you when you get sick.

What could the House GOP be doing instead of wasting millions pretending to repeal Obamacare? They could do something they’ve never done before: create jobs. Or they could at least stop killing 750,000 jobs by simply voting once to repeal the sequester.

But then it might seem as if they cared. And why would they want to do that?

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin


  1. Lynda Groom May 5, 2013

    Since the House can’t help itself I suggest that they just take the year off. The old idea in the medical field of ‘do no harm’ should also be applied to our wonderful House of Representative. Obviously doing no harm is the furthest thing from their little minds. All they’ve done for the last few years is put forth bills to obstruct, delay, or dismantle the EPA, women’s reproductive health care, do away with the safety net for large numbers of citizens, and in all ways possible do-nothing to improve the lives of those who sent them to Washington. They are masters of deception, time and money wasting…that’s our money.

    1. ward2549@comcast.net May 6, 2013

      Dems are saying Ocare is a huge train wreck. They want to be exempt from it. That is how good the God awful Ocare is

      1. Jim Myers May 6, 2013

        Okay, just WHAT are you smoking?

        1. mike May 6, 2013

          No smoking, just being informed. All can be found in the paper, on the web, probably not heard on any of the Left Wing sites.

          Train Wreck-Reid said, Baucus(chairman senator finance committee) said it, “if implementation is not changed, a train wreck will happen”. Their words not the right. Just shows what not reading the bill will do!!! Can’t change facts, never read at time of voting for it.

          1. Lynda Groom May 6, 2013

            mike, context is always important when trying to understand someone else’s comment. You’ve got some of the words correct, but you’ve missed the context. Back on April 18th the good senator expressed his frustration with the missed context of his earlier comments.
            The ‘train wreck’ comment was a comment about implementation and not a condemnation of the law. There is a big difference that I hope you recognize. Baucas remarked that he was merely saying that many people are confused about the law, and that the Obama administration must do a better job informing people about the benefits. ‘This is a good law, but it can’t work if people don’t understand it. The administration must use every day between now and Oct.1 to have insurance marketplaces up and running.’
            He also said he sees ‘a huge train wreck coming down’ if the public is unaware of the law’s benefits and requirements. As one of his spokeswoman also said Baucas was neither expressing doubts about the law nor suggesting any problems with Medicaid expansion.
            Yes mike, words to matter and so their context. Grabbing just two words and twisting them into a false narrative is disingenuous or perhaps just dishonest.

          2. mike May 6, 2013

            I never said he said the law was the bad. It seems you never read the 2nd line “if implementation”. He said it in committee to Sec. Sebelius. Reid on a radio talk show said he agreed with Baucus about implementation.

            So please save your condemnation of me and reread the post. I did not twist words or was dishonest.

            The law is a monstrosity and in the end cost far more than what Obama said it would cost. CBO just revised the cost estimates for the new entitlements Medicaid expansion and exchange subsidies and found they will double to 1.85 Trillion by 2023,

            Already business exchanges have been pushed back to 2015, which simply means more uncertainty for business owners which will further slow down hiring and growth.

            Pre-existing conditions program under Obamacare in 3 years has gone through almost 5 billion dollars for a little over 100,000 people. The program has been closed to new patients.

            New Taxes for obamacare this year-2013-will be 36 billion-CBO.

            Taxes on medical devices was rescinded in the Senate which could mean 20 billion over the next 7 years will not be collected. House pasted it last year and saw it die in the Senate. Now it is back but if Obama doesn’t get his 1 trillion dollars tax hike the tax is back.

            By 2020 there will be a shortage of 91,000 doctors-45k in primary care and 46 in surgery and medical specialties. I got the biggest laugh when Barney Frank had a televised town meeting and an elderly women asked him about more doctors. His reply was that they would started training doctors in Community Colleges. Not one person questioned his response.

            Premium going up from 4% to 32%, Wisc. 80% increase, NY 14% increase. Selebius admitted such in hearing before the Senate. The IRS 9.5% tax will force people to be uninsured.
            Obamacare application form was 61 pages now down to 3-sounds great but it is an invitation to fraud and abuse.

            Obama said: premiums will go down, cost will be less, you keep your doctor, etc.. 26 million still don’t have insurance even with Obamacare. All promises turning out to be untrue.

            Marines have an expression: Cluster _ _ _ _!! And that it is.

          3. Inthenameofliberty May 10, 2013

            Again, another true post with lots of negatives. Certain people will never see the forest for the trees. I am beginning to realize that people with the high IQ’s that actually comprehend what is unfolding will be overrun by people with very low IQ’s. That’s got to be it – because for the life of me I can not understand how ANYONE can believe this law is helping us. There more I read in (unbiased) publications, the more I realize that our country is being taken down.

          4. mike May 10, 2013

            With all the exemptions allowed by Obama admin. these last few years, how much revenue has been lost. One of the reasons Obamacare was sold was the fact it would deficit free. They used 4 years of revenue before it goes into effect. Where are all those monies??

            Just read Forbes report: predicts that Obamacare will actually add 4 to 6 trillion to the deficit in the first 20 years. An estimate that the author said he felt was woefully underestimated using past history of fed. programs.
            So much is wrong with this bill.

          5. neeceoooo May 7, 2013

            Thank you

          6. Inthenameofliberty May 10, 2013

            It’s a good law? You can not be serious. We can’t pay for it. It’s mandates are feet in height in pages of descriptions that who in the hell is going to decipher? And smart doctors are leaving the profession in droves because they don’t want to deal with the bullshit anymore. People who have never worked in the medical profession have no idea what this law is. Those of us in the medical profession know. And when you find out, you are going to wish that this bill had remained an ‘Unanswered Prayer’. Obama’s OWN people said that Obama Care would not be able to be financed. Now that the implementation is starting, there is most certainly a train wreck coming. And it’s the children of this country,. the old of this country, that will be in the most peril when they can’t find good doctors. I am not worrying about myself anymore. Because I realize it’s the young and the old that will be paying for our idiocy.

        2. BDC_57 May 6, 2013

          He is smoking bs

      2. Lynda Groom May 6, 2013

        ward2549, you need to update your information source. There are no bills in Congress to exempt members and their staffs and families from buying into ‘Obamacare.’ Facts do indeed matter. The fact is that Congress members and staffers will be required to buy insurance through the exchanges on Jan 1. In fact members of Congress and their staffs face additional requirements that most Americans don’t have to meet.
        Under the ACA, their insurance coverage will have to switch from the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, the group of private insurance plans that cover 8 million federal workers and retirees, to the exchanges created by the law. Those exchanges are meant for those who buy coverage on their own, the currently uninsured and small businesses. Member of Congress and their staffs would be the only employees of a large employer in the exchanges, which are set to begin offering insurance in January. GET IT?
        From Henry Waxman ‘the federal government will offer them (members & staff) health insurance coverage that they obtained through the exchanges because we want to the get the same health care coverage everybody else has available to them.’
        From the OBM ‘members of Congress will not receive anything that is not available to the public. The law doesn’t allow them to get insurance from FEHB, they are going to get insurance on the market place, just like uninsured individuals and small businesses.’ GET IT?
        Perhaps the GOP members are so against the new law because they will be treated the same as citizens at large.

        1. idamag May 7, 2013

          Lynda, I think you are responding to Lana Ward under a different name and as you know she is crazy and a liar.

        2. mike May 9, 2013

          But the dilemma is that the Grassley amendment is in the bill which the dems. lovingly voted for. Ezra Klein of the WP writes it is a highly unusual situation. He says Large employers, defined as 100+ employees, aren’t allowed onto the exchanges until 2017, and only then if a state makes an affirmative decision to let them in. But the federal govt. is the largest in the country. So Grassley’s amendment means, that the largest employer is required to put the ones working for Congress on the exchanges. He further states that the exchanges do not have procedures to handling premiun contributions for large employers.

          It is not clear that the federal govt. has the authority to pay for congressional staffers on exchanges, the way it pays for them now in the fed. benefit program. These talks are about finding a way for Govt. to keep making contributions to the health insurance of the staffers, says Klein

          But, these high level confidential talks are about exempting lawmakers and aides from Obamacare say Politico.

          Megan McArdle,a libertarian or classic liberal writer on economics, finance and govt. policy says they are considering exempting themselves from the one bill that directly affects Congress. As far as they are concerned, this is exempting themselves from Obamacare, the rest of the bill affects Hill Staffers only.

          Time will tell and every one should watch them closely. This is another example of a very flawed piece of legislature. No one read it before voting for it. Almost every talking point about how great this bill is, is not true.

    2. idamag May 7, 2013

      We probably wouldn’t even notice they were gone.

  2. charleo1 May 5, 2013

    Holding a useless vote, so the newbies can say they too voted aganist
    ObamaCare. Obama, Obama Obama, Obama! It’s a sickness with these
    guys. But, it gives me an idea. I’ve always admired Vets, who can say,
    they fought in Nam. I was too young then. But, if Congress can hold a
    vote, after the fact. I could go over to Vietnam, pick a bar fight or something.
    And say, Oh yeah, I too fought in Nam, Baby!

  3. Dominick Vila May 6, 2013

    Obamacare, like every other government program, will need slight changes as we implement it and learn more about its strengths and weaknesses. However, the last thing we need at this point is a GOP Trojan Horse. The goal of people like Cantor, Ryan, Bachmann and the rest of the gang is to reject a program that forces all Americans to get healthcare coverage from for profit insurance companies so that they can preserve Reagan’s ER communist freebies. The Leninist ER healthcare system put in place by Republicans provides emergency care to ill people, it does not provide preventive care, and it is a major contributor for out of control medical care in the United States.
    ER services are partly subsidized by the federal government, and by the general public in the form of higher premiums. To avoid being labeled “Reds”, the radicals living in red states immediately labeled Obamacare a socialist program, ignoring that a program that forces people to get services from the private sector is the anti-thesis of socialism. 🙂

    1. Scott Ladd May 6, 2013

      spoken like a true liberal. i guess you don’t know what’s in the bill, either.

      1. Pi_Boson May 6, 2013

        Last year I received a $862 check from a hospital due to, “Affordable Cares Act” (aka Obamacare) and this year my monthly medical costs, via payroll deduction, went down for the first time and there are no changes in benefits. Gerrymandering is great for the GOP, but ACA is even better for We the People. Incomes going up, joblessness going down with the deficit, market going up with home prices, yet the GOP wants to forget about math and facts. Join the New Progressives: http://www.ggg.net (GGG= GOP Gotta Go).

        1. Inthenameofliberty May 10, 2013

          Where , I wonder, is the money coming from? Because my premiums have gone up, I have less coverage for my medical issues, and it is predicted to be worse for my family next year. It’s noie for you. But don’t think for one minute that it’s the same for others. Because it most certainly is NOT.

      2. Dominick Vila May 6, 2013

        I know that one of my grandsons, who was unable to get insurance coverage because of a pre-existing condition, no longer has to epend on charity to get the medical care he needs to survive, and that’s good enough for me. I also know that when I had kidney cancer surgery, and colon cancer surgery, and did not have to worry about caps.
        Stop worrying about what’s in the bill, and focus on the results that are already evident. If there is something in the Affordable Care Act that is not practical or fair, it will be changed in due course. That’s what was done during my 40 years in government, that’s what will be done now, and that’s what will continue to be done in the future. As long as legislation is written and managed by people, there is no such a thing as perfection. Obamacare is not an exception to the rule.

        1. ward2549@comcast.net May 7, 2013

          I disagree with your politics, but I wish you the best and pray you will be fine. God be with you!! Lana Ward

          1. old_blu May 7, 2013

            I knew that was you lana. What happened, I’ve been banned myself, but not on this site.

      3. jmprint May 6, 2013

        Why don’t you post what is in the bill?

      4. Daniel Murphy May 6, 2013

        Why don’t you go play in the street.

        1. RobertCHastings May 6, 2013

          Why don’t you go play with yourself, in the street. Or did something get shot off in the war. Damn, that must be frustrating, like trying to grab a gun that just ain’t in the holster.

          1. Russell Byrd May 8, 2013

            Not only in poor taste, but nonsensical as well.

          2. RobertCHastings May 9, 2013

            Not any more nonsensical than a useless 37th attempt to abolish Obamacare. It may have been in poor taste, but sometimes some folks just don’t understand plain English.

      5. Russell Byrd May 8, 2013

        Sounds like he knows exactly what he is talking about, unlike some stupid s**t of a Teatard. Now that I talk like you do, does it feel good?

    2. mike May 6, 2013

      It sure shows Dems didn’t read the bill. Reid and Baucus agree it is a Train Wreck about to happen if changes not implemented. Drastically Changed!!
      Wisconsin premiums increases 80%, 14% in NY. Average increase nationwide 32%-this sure isn’t was Obama said was going to happen. Oh that’s right, he didn’t read it either.
      IRS 9.5% ruling would not help many of the 4 million workers dependents with subsidized private coverage and therefore will forego it-Sen. Wyden.
      Another dem. Senator said fed. govt. has limited scope to help millions of people likely to remain without affordable health insurance under the new law-Huffington Post.
      As to slight changes like other govt. programs is pure crap. It will take massive changes. Pre-existing conditions has already been closed to new patients, almost $5 billion spent to take care of only 100,000+ people in 3 years. Do the math on the rest of the American population. And it is those terrible Republican fault. Horse Manure!!!!

      1. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG May 6, 2013

        Horse Manure is the Republicans. Instead of wasting time why not do something productive like make the program better if it has shortcomings? Why not pass the American Jobs Act and get people back to work? Why not get off their asses and do their jobs – balancing the interest of their state with the interest of the Country. They are not i.e. Montana Senator they are U.S. Senators.

        1. mike May 6, 2013

          First, you need to ask the Dems why they voted against it and are balking voting for it. Some dems don’t want more tax breaks and others too much spending. Obama appointee Feldstein-Harvard- put the cost at $200,000 per job. Stimulus cost per job. But in your eyes it is all Repub.. Nice Try!!
          If the first Stimulus had been a resounding success it might have had a chance or wouldn’t have been needed.

          1. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG May 6, 2013

            Please name the Dems. Yes in my eyes it is Republican Obstructionists. So we are on opposite sides and neither one of us is going to change the other one mind. Have a nice day!!

          2. mike May 6, 2013

            Huffington Post posted the Reuter’s(far from right wing) article, Reuters did not say!!!
            Can’t or won’t refute the rest? I guess the other parts don’t matter in your mind. And a nice day to you.

          3. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG May 6, 2013

            No Mike – your opinion does not matter. And refuting anything with you will not change your mind, nor have you presented any facts to change my mind.

          4. mike May 6, 2013

            Everything written above are the results of research done by professionals in their field, what makes it even more credible is the fact it is coming from the left. Not my opinion. Just the Facts.

            All you want is someone regurgitating your own thoughts to make you feel good. So very Sad.

            You are one of the UN’s-uniformed, unenlightened, uneducated, and unmotivated to know the truth.

            What is sad is your inability to show any skepticism of this administration. Like the Media you are wrapped around the feet of the President like a little puppy dog.

            Have fun in fantasyland.

          5. Dominick Vila May 6, 2013

            Mike, both parties have advocates, well versed in their respective fields, who can make speeches and provide analytical “evidence” to support the policies championed by their customers. Remember the oil company “scientists” that denied global warming and climate change? Ask the folks in coastal towns in New Jersey how they feel? Ask people in the Southwest how they feel about the worst drought in decades. The polar caps and glaciers are melting at an unprecedented rate, ocean levels are rising, hurricanes that used to hit the Caribbean are now shifting course and hitting the Northeast. These are not accidents, they are real and becoming more and more frequent, and yet, professionals denied there was such a thing as global warming or climate change. Do yourself a favor, take the Armagheddon or Nirvana predicted by professionals on the payroll of special interests with a grain of salt. Instead, consider the evidence that is in front of our eyes.

          6. mike May 6, 2013

            I gave you the liberal research not the conservative on the economy. Quit changing the subject. Show me where the numbers given are wrong. Tell me why if everything is copasetic why are the numbers are so poor to mediocre. It is longer Bush’s economy it is yours, you voted for Obama. There is more in that BLS report that shows things are not good. A labor rate of 63% lowest since 79, is a drastic sign that the working public wants to, or is forced to, stop working. Still no relief.

          7. Sand_Cat May 7, 2013

            The anchor asking why the ship’s so slow.

          8. Russell Byrd May 8, 2013

            NO, you didn’t. You probably can’t spell “liberal” without a dictionary and, if indeed you could read one, you would know that liberal is a very good word.

          9. mike May 8, 2013

            Oh but I did!!! For the third time. Heidi Shierholz, an economist for the liberal Economic Policy Institutel, Now you can go and read it.

          10. Sand_Cat May 10, 2013

            Since Bush did the things that cause the economy to crash, and Bush’s henchmen in Congress have opposed every attempt by Obama to fix those things, it remains the “Bush” economy, despite all your sophistry, or at least the Republican economy. And Obama, being rather a conservative himself, has not pushed very hard and has offered mainly more Republican measures to “fix” it And you’re an absolute moron if you seriously think the Mittwit would have made things any better for anyone but himself and his fellow millionaires, but I guess he’s your little idol.

          11. mike May 10, 2013

            You are the dumbest son of bitch ever. You are so slow and out of touch with the real world it it wasn’t so sad it would be funny.

            Bush did not cause the crash, but he was part of the problem, and it happened on his watch. The big changes started when mortgage standards were changed that allowed people not qualified to get mortgages. It started with Clinton in 97 and 99. Derivatives were expanded and the spiral downward began. Even 2010 Clinton he was given bad advice by Rubin and Geithner(name sound familiar).

            Try these you stupid jerk: http://www.aim.org/guest-column/the-cause-of-the-2008-financial-crisis. the cause of the 2008 financial crisis.

            Next you idiot try this: http://www.factcheck.org/2008/10/who-caused-the-economic-crisis. What caused the economic crisis.
            Thirdly you pompous ass: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/09/20/business/worldbusiness/20
            Bush can share the blame for financial crisis
            Get the diarrhea out of your brain.

          12. Madelaine Ayers Henne May 6, 2013

            Yeah, we know “those” professionals! Like the ones that advised Romney on US policy and what the American public wanted! All the professionals that said Romney was a slam dunk! Yeah, we know those “professionals!!

          13. mike May 6, 2013

            I guess you can’t read. It came from the Liberal Economic Policy Center. Say what you want but the figures show the real story and it isn’t good. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid.

          14. Sand_Cat May 7, 2013

            Once again, Mike, you show the foolishness of “the Right.” There is no “Left” to speak of in this country, and hasn’t been for years. By world standards, the Democratic party is a center-right party, and they have willingly participated in the marginalizing of individuals or groups showing any leftward tendencies. The “Left” exists only in your fevered little imagination, and those of the others who are so far to the right that Hitler might just pass for a moderate, and Barry Goldwater would be drummed unceremoniously out of the movement.

          15. mike May 7, 2013

            Looks like the catnip has gotten to you. Gee, Daily Kos has a wonderful article about the left in the US and what it believe. So no Socialist, no communist, no liberals, no feminist, no one wanting clean air or water,

            Sorry, but that is the most ludicrous statement ever made. Don’t bore me with such crap.

            You would rather throw a bunch of diarrhea that be specific.

          16. Sand_Cat May 9, 2013

            So you don’t want clean air and water?

            And – like so many of your infantile friends – you have the right-wing obsession with excretory functions, I see.

          17. mike May 9, 2013

            Your post is living proof the catnip is making you brain dead.
            Who doesn’t want clean air and water.
            Go play in the litter box, perfect place for your diarrhea of thought.

          18. Sand_Cat May 10, 2013

            Apparently you and your friends don’t want clean air and water, since you consider it a “leftist” thing. Some other leftisrt failings (at least compared to your friends): honesty, or at least mainly exaggeration, compassion, tolerance (that doesn’t mean taking abuse without responding, thank you), desire for equality. From their actions, it appears your friends hate all of these things, and you seeem to agree with them. If anyone has diarhea, it’s probably a result of the hard word of the right to destroy clean air and water protections and to corrupt of food purity, all in the name of “profit.” All of the “regulations” you can’t stand, even as you sit and watch the companies screw everyone in sight the moment they are free to do so. I guess you just can’t shake that little-child obsession with excretion. Could there be a connection?

          19. mike May 15, 2013

            I guess the catnip is making you delusional. Do you order it by the gross? Keep it up, you will be on disability before you know it. My obsession with excrement is my concern that keeps coming from your mouth.

          20. idamag May 8, 2013

            Name the professionals. Name the study. Name the date of the study.

          21. mike May 8, 2013

            Economist, Heidi Shierholz, with the liberal Economic Policy Institute. CNN Money report!!!

            What else can I do to Burst your Bubble.

          22. BDC_57 May 6, 2013

            He don’t know the facts he is idiot teabagger.

          23. mike May 6, 2013

            “He don’t know the facts”. You missed too many English classes.

          24. BDC_57 May 7, 2013

            your still idiot tea bagger

          25. Russell Byrd May 8, 2013

            NOT an argument. Lame bullying will not change the fact that what BDC_57 said is true. I re-read several of your posts above and you have absolutely no right to point out the shortcomings of others.

          26. mike May 8, 2013

            prove it

          27. RobertCHastings May 6, 2013

            Please simplify that so I can get what the hell it is that you are saying. What Reuter’s article, and when did Reuters become far right wing?

          28. mike May 6, 2013

            Well mental midget, I was asked where the Huffington Post article got the quote. It was from an Reuter’s article. Reuter’s is no right wing organization and that is why I used it.

          29. Sand_Cat May 10, 2013

            Reuters is no liberal organization, either. And for someone with your mental disabilities, you’re in no position to call anyone else a “mental midget.”

          30. mike May 10, 2013

            When it comes to you it is easy to call you a mental midget, which is mild for your condition.

          31. Russell Byrd May 8, 2013

            Claiming Reuter’s is “FAR from right wing” shows how distant you are from reality and how dedicated you are to obfuscation.

          32. mike May 8, 2013

            Baloney!!! Really!! Reuters is right wing? Now that is funny!!
            Hell they won’t even use the word “terrorist” and you think they are right wing. Funny but sad

          33. Dominick Vila May 6, 2013

            Mike, Have you forgotten Bush’s bank bailout? $200K per job is a small price to pay when we consider that what was at stake was the potential collapse of the U.S. economy and our way of life. The economy turned around, largely, as a result of the stimulus package, and initiatives such as credits to first time homebuyers, cash for clunkers, bailing out GM and Chrysler, credits to those who replaced old appliances with new energy efficient appliances, etc. It took a massive effort to overcome the effect of obtuse Republican economic policies, but we finally did it. The last thing we need is to let the GOP take the country back to where they put it 4.5 years ago.

          34. neeceoooo May 6, 2013

            I sometimes wonder why the American people have such terrible memories when it comes to policies that have been administered and failed. Yet, they follow the word of Rush and Fox news and think they know everything there is to know.

          35. BDC_57 May 6, 2013

            it sounds like they didn’t learn from the past

          36. neeceoooo May 6, 2013

            Thank you BDC

          37. BDC_57 May 6, 2013

            your welcome my friend

          38. Lynda Groom May 6, 2013

            The late and great Gore Vidal used to define USA as the United States of Amnesia. That just about sums it up nicely.

          39. neeceoooo May 7, 2013

            You are so correct

          40. Dominick Vila May 6, 2013

            That is precisely what the GOP counts on to remain a viable alternative. Nobody in his right mind would support a return to the mess we were in five years ago, and yet, almost half of our population favors it. Go figure!

          41. neeceoooo May 6, 2013

            I just shake my head and wonder!!

          42. RobertCHastings May 6, 2013

            Because Fox and Rush, et al, are weak spined racists, period! Just like Bull Connor in Birmingham during the Civil Rights era, they can’t stand to see blacks reaching for a better life.

          43. mike May 6, 2013

            Big difference between a Bailout and a Stimulus package. Where is the monies coming from for this 200k? Loans? I guess you think the Stimulus worked, I don’t. Sorry you think clunkers good program, used cars prices went up, double the repossession rate for people who couldn’t make payments. It did some good but not much.

            I am sorry, obtuse Republ. and the stimulus. Dems controlled both houses and passed with overwhelming numbers by Dems

          44. Dominick Vila May 6, 2013

            The stimulus package accomplished what it was meant to do: help stimulate the economy. Unfortunately, the private sector did not do its share and instead of investing at home they went into a spending spree abroad. Every single initiative put forth after Bush acknowledged in mid 2008 that the U.S. economy was on the verge of collapse helped stabilize the damage done by Republican policies when the GOP controlled the White House and both chambers of Congress.
            The objective of some of those initiative was not to single handedly turn the economy around, but to stimulate every sector of our economy…in spite of the obstructionism that has been the primary focus of the GOP since Barack Obama was first elected in January 2009. Yes, some of those initiatives were expensive, sadly, that was the price we had to pay to overcome the worst recession since the Great Depression.
            As for results, houses are being built, house prices are going up, foreclosures and bakruptcies have stabilized, Americans companies are hiring, unemployment is going down, unemployment benefits are going down, spending has come down, we are out of Iraq and plan to withdraw from Afghanistan next year, OBL is dead, and most Americans can, once again, dream of a better future.

          45. RobertCHastings May 6, 2013

            Part of the point of the program was to DRIVE UP the prices of used cars, to help make NEW cars more attractive. Is that too difficult to understand? Did the stimulus work – which one? Bush’s stimulus to the banks and AIG actually did work, in fact keeping much of Europe out of a deeper recession, and much of that has beenpaid back. The auto industry bailout worked as it saved millions of jobs in the industry, parts,suppliers, sales, etc.
            Obama’s stimulus worked, because the record shows that it worked – how many straight months of private sector job growth? If you have a point to make, make sure the basis for your argument actually supports your point.

          46. mike May 7, 2013

            Cash for clunkers cost the govt.$20,000 per car-Edmund.com. Another study showed it pulled cars/purchases from the future, it was short lived, reversed in 7 months with slow sales. Showed no effect on employment. It did put cars with better mileage on the road. Uni. Michigan found that the improved mileage 0.06 mpg in July 09 and 0,07 in august 09. Great increase wouldn’t you say???

            Austan Goolsbee, economic advisor for Obama, “stated he would not have created this short-run program to stimulate the economy if they had known how long and tough the recovery would take”.
            Look face it, Obama bailed out the auto industry to protect the unions. Ends up union owns 50% of Chrysler. Bond/stock holders took a beating, and it still looks like taxpayers will lose over 20 billion.

          47. RobertCHastings May 7, 2013

            So you are basically saying that cash-for-clunkers had no effect. UM, let me see. New car sales among the BIG Three in the US is now back where it was before the Great Recession. The Big Three, especially GM, are back on top of US car sales, and STILL IN BUSINES, providing millions of jobs through the manufacture, supply and marketing of automobiles.
            Goolsbee’s soundbite DID come with the disclaimer, which you inadvertantly quoted, “if they had known how long and tough the recovery would be.” I still think it was a good thing, because restructuring under bankruptcy would have been under the direct control of the GOVERNMENT through the bankruptcy courts. Romney lost big time on that one, and so would the middle class have lost had Romney been elected. No one claimed the recovery would bequick and painless and cheap. If you think that you were told it would be, you heard something no one else did. In the hole for $20B, over an investment of what? The Bush stimulus was $450B and the majority of that will never be recovered, simply because there was no oversight. The large majority of the Obama stimulus has already been recovered.

          48. Russell Byrd May 8, 2013

            People like you have changed my entire outlook on business. Your kind hate the people that make the products, i.e. “the producers” make it possible for the shareholders, i.e. the (corporate) welfare bums that do nothing but consume, to make their profits. Another point, I have never been able to fully reproduce any of your evidence. Seems you take favorable stories and re-write them as you please. Of course, that has always been an acceptable technique for right-wing liars.

          49. mike May 8, 2013

            Tell me what you can’t find and I will help you.

          50. idamag May 7, 2013

            And your proof is?

          51. Sand_Cat May 7, 2013

            What you “think” (assuming you’re capable of it) is irrelevant. What are the facts from a reliable source?

          52. RobertCHastings May 6, 2013

            If Obama’s first stimulus had been even in the neighborhood of what economists were suggesting, we would have been back up and running a long time ago. Conservative estimates put the cost of repairing and upgrading our current infrastructure in the neighborhood of $2.5T (trillion), which doesn’t even cover the other needs. But that kind of money would 1)put people back to work,doing what? 2)earning money to 3) buy products and services, which do what? 4)create even more jobs. Let me make it as plain as I can so that there might be a SMALL chance of your grasping it – if people aren’t working, they create a drain on the economy,if they ARE working, the provide impetusto the economy. What the Republicans are doing is NOT putting people back to work: what Obama has and is doing IS putting people back to work. Positive job growth for what? 40+ months? What have the Republicans proposed – HELLO! Republican policies over the past 13years
            have NOT created jobs. Democratic policies over the past 13 years HAVE.

          53. mike May 7, 2013

            You are hilarious!!! Oh I grasp your post. 2.5Trillion is an interesting number, how are you going to pay for it? what do you get for it? Obama’s executive order promotes PLA’s, requires all contractors who want to bid pay union wages and benefits. Which effectively prevents non-union shops from bidding.
            Which also raises the cost of the project. Obama is picking winners and losers.

          54. RobertCHastings May 7, 2013

            Even conservative economists are advising at least some stimulus, and the biggest bang for the stimulus dollar is on infrastructure rebuilding. It puts people back to work and gets the economy working the way it is supposed to. EVERYBODY uses the infrastructure, even you, and various taxes are in place to both pay for its upkeep and its rebuilding. Unfortunately, the taxes in place have not been able to keep up with normal wear and tear on things like roads and bridges, railroads, tarmacs, shipyards, etc. I guess you folks just think these things appear out of nowhere, from the goodness of the hearts of the wealthy. Everybody benefits from a healthy infrastructure, from the indigent to Warren Buffett. Historically, the US has spent far less on building and maintaining infrastructure than Europe and, consequently, Europe’s infrastructure is today in much better shape than ours is, and does what infrastructure is supposed to do – move people and product from one place to another. It is simple, common sense that infrastructure should be maintained and regularly upgraded. Why is that such a hard idea for you to grasp? I can understand your opposition to evolution and climate change, but the infrastructure? There is no science in that.
            Apparently, you have a HUGE hard on for unions. Get over it. IF you enjoy working 7 days a week for as little as your employer will pay you with no benefits, by all means, get rid of the unions. There are millions around the country, however, who like their benefits, paid holidays, good wages, weekends, etc. brought to them courtesy of the labor movement. Get over it.

          55. mike May 7, 2013

            How about keystone pipeline for new jobs.

            Again where are the monies for all this infrastructure-more loans?

            Buffett gave billions(31) to Gates Foundation, why not the govt.?

            If unions are so good by in the private sector are their numbers so few? Gee, maybe cause they raise the price of goods by 15%.

            And why are the “right to work states” getting all the new manufacturing, could it be price of goods to be competitive? I think so!
            What you miss is the wages are only 3.2% lower that union states. unions are dinosaurs in this environment. Look at Wisc. after teachers had the option to pay or not, saw unions take a bath. States like Colorado, Indiana so 90% drop in dues when given the choice.

          56. RobertCHastings May 8, 2013

            North Carolina is, in some ways, a microcosm of the union issue. Freightliner, a large national manufacturer of semis, has two very large plants. One is unionized, the other is not. The one that is NOT unionized has large layoffs every six months or so. The unionized one has had one layoff in the past ten years.
            In order toelude the costs of unions, many textile manufacturers left the Southeast in the 60’s and 70’s and moved off shore, not only putting even non-unionized textile workers out of a job, but eviscerating the North Carolina economy. This state has not fully recovered from that.
            In the opinion of many, unions ARE dinosaurs. However, the benefits they brought to ALL workers is undeniable. Think back to the period prior to WWI when unions were not yet established, when men were working whatever hours and for whatever wages their employer dictated, with absolutely NO benefits. However, some manufacturers did see the need to keep their employeeshappy, one of the first being Kaiser manufacturing, which established the first corporate-run hospital, which is today Kaiser Permanente. Without the entire packoge of benefits and pay, workers of today may as well be where they were in the early 1900’s, basically without a pot to piss in. If you don’t approve of unions, that is your issue, not mine. As you can see, even though I never worked in a union, I support them and what they have done and mean to this country.

          57. mike May 8, 2013

            Different time and Era. So in your eyes if there is a down turn in business the business should keep their employees on pay them and watch their cash disappear and weaken the company financially. Screw profitability and health of the company. Let the employees go to the green room, like the auto industry uses-one of the reason the industry went to hell- and sit around until business picks up. Not in this world of competition can that happen now.

            Freightliner is paying $24 in NC not bad, but they are dictating to the company how to run their business for their benefit not the companies.

            Unions raise the price of goods 15% and if they are so good by are they still at around 7% of the work force. The reason is simple they don’t care about the business only the flow of dues. Again, look at Indiana, Wisconsin, Utah(?) and how once the employees had a choice the unions saw their revenues drop by 90%.

            You sure are not talking about GOA and my post, are you???

            Well, my one source maven have a nice day.

          58. RobertCHastings May 8, 2013

            And what do you propose doing with the unemployed? One way or the other, the employers will pay for them, either through their jobs or through unemployment. All the workers at Freightliner in NC are NOT making 24/hour, just the ones who are unionized. The plant in Cleveland, NC make much less and are the ones subject to frequent layoffs.
            GOA what? You change the subject frequently, a typical maneuver of those who are uncertain of their hypothesis.
            As with the Voting Rights Act of 1965 (which is NOT out of date), the institution of unions must be upheld and maintained, or the benefits they have brought to employees around the world will evaporate. The current ploy of employers is to take on folks part-time, not having to pay ANY benefit package, but getting the experience of many rehires previously laid off. All too many folks are losing their insurance, also, for the same reason. Who makes up the differences?

          59. mike May 8, 2013

            GAO, yesterday you made the asinine statement about the GAO being the only source for information you rely on and anything I referenced was garbage(my word). So I gave you quotes from GAO about the sustainability of Obamacare.

            Wages came from the Salisbury and Gaston newspapers.

            OMG!!! Why are people working less, Obamacare and the costs. Any smart business man who wants to stay in business, be competitive, and survive will do what is necessary to protect the bottom line. Plus, keep as many people he needs to do the job necessary. I guess the GAO doesn’t want to admit that since it is part of the govt. that is forcing this down the peoples throat.

            I was in a Harris Teeter store last night and one of the employees was telling me that all part timers are only getting 28 not 30 hours, and the same for full time personnel not to exceed a certain number of hours. It is happening and will continue to happen as long as this monstrosity of a law is implemented.

          60. RobertCHastings May 8, 2013

            Yesterday I did NOT say that the GAO was my only source for accurate information. That was your interpretation.
            As for your experience in HT, I am sure if you were to ask most hourly employees at pretty much any company you would get much the same story and, contrary to what you think, it has nothing to with ACA.

        2. neeceoooo May 6, 2013


        3. idamag May 7, 2013

          Yeah. If it is not perfect, why aren’t they trying to improve it?

          1. mike May 8, 2013

            It is the democrats law and it is their responsibility to try and fix it. Republicans were left out of negotiation(wsj-2010) so why should they help the dems. out with a law that will have devastating effect on the economy.

          2. Sand_Cat May 10, 2013

            Yeah, keep telling yourself that Obamacare isn’t Romney care, and – if it’s so bad – that’s not the reason. Virtually anyone here would have preferred another plan, but Obama bent over backwards and then some to try and get Republican support.
            As I said elsewhere, every civilized country in the world has a better plan than ours, and it isn’t because of those non-existent “leftists” you keep shouting about. Lest you get technical, the omission of “other” from the previous sentence wasn’t out of grammatical ignorance or carelessness. There are too many people like you here to allow us to qualify as civilized, except in the very worst sense of that word.

            Of course, you as a citizen have no responsibility whatsoever to try to make the country better for anyone but yourself, and it shows. If the Republicans were “left out” of the negotiations, it’s because they chose to have nothing to do with mitigating the conditions they thought would guarantee an Obama defeat in 2012, the welfare of the country and the average citizen be damned.

          3. mike May 10, 2013

            Jay Rockefeller, (D) WV., has said: the law is “probably the most complicated piece of legislation ever passed by the US Congress”, and “if it isn’t done right the first time, it will just simply get worse”. Rockefeller is among a group of Democrats that realize Obamacare is shaping up to be a political disaster for the party in 2014.
            Sebelius: I didn’t realize how complicated getting Obamacare off the group. She went on to say “no one fully anticipated the difficulties involved in implementing or how confusing it would be to the general public.
            Keep sniffing the catnip and hallucinating about those terrible Republicans. Dems own it, now fix it.

        4. Russell Byrd May 8, 2013

          I work for just such a guy. Real conservative, very “Christian.” Well, he thinks he is. He says “we could do better.” When asked what would be an improvement . . . NO ANSWER. He knows as a “real” Christian he could never oppose Obamacare, but his teanderthal contempt for us “untermensch” and his ingrained greed out votes any Christian sentiment every time. As an added point, in a nutshell, that is why this country could never really be a “Christian” nation. Our “Christians” don’t believe a word that Christ ever said!

      2. old_blu May 6, 2013

        I notice you only quote the part that agrees with your right winged ideolegies, what he said was. “Affordable Care Act could be a “train wreck” if not implemented properly”. You just forgot the”could” and the “if not implemented properly” So maybe we need to have help implementing properly instead of standing around bitching about it and trying to distroy it.

        1. BDC_57 May 6, 2013

          he probably never read the ACA so does not have any facts

          1. mike May 7, 2013

            I have done my homework and you just go along waiting for the govt. to tell you what to do and say.

            There are major flaws, and God forbid you need a doctor, because at that point it will be to late to know how screwed you are. 2020 there will be a shortage of 91,000 doctors-NBC.

          2. BDC_57 May 7, 2013

            shut up idiot troll teabagger

          3. mike May 7, 2013

            I will not!!! Stay in denial and watch the implosion.

            Simple question, why would he express those words if everything was OK in committee to Sebelius if there were not major problems implementing the law. A law no one read. Just remember, business exchanges pushed back to 2015, pre-existing condition program already closed because of lack of money set by the law, 5 billion dollars for just 100+K patients, 100+K, almost all gone in 3 years. Sebelius said premiums going up, I thought Obama said premium would go down. A cluster F _ _ K.

            Attack me, but the facts are the facts. Go Google and find the facts/truth. I know you won’t, so back to sleep you dullard.

          4. RobertCHastings May 7, 2013

            And YOU justkeep on waiting for BECK and LIMBAUGH to tell YOU what to do. At least we think for ourselves, while you must have your conservative pablum spoon fed.

          5. mike May 7, 2013

            Not using Beck or Limbaugh old silly one.
            So, business exchanges are not pushed back? so premiums are not going up to 32% depending on area of country, pre-existing program is not closed? And Baucus didn’t state his concern about the implementation of the law to Sebelius?

            Keep denying, I know you have a lot invested in Obama, but at some point I hope you find the folly of your decision.

            Show me one implementation that has taken place!!! Let me help you on the question. Applications for Obamacare went from 61 pages to 3 pages. 58 less pages, WOW! Now no verification for qualification and just ripe for fraud and abuse.

          6. RobertCHastings May 7, 2013

            Reducing paperwork for 61 pages to 58 is now going to be your new crusade? I thought you folks were all up in arms about simplifying things like tax codes and statutes and stuff like that.
            F-l-i-p F-l-o-p. Or is it Etch-sketch?
            If, as a business owner or insurance salesman, you are unable to get adequate verification on three pages, you are certainly not even trying to ask the right questions.
            The rest of your crap, I may get back to you on, but some of it sounds about right. Rates are going up, IN SOME AREAS, but not everywhere. By the end of next year, a large portion of Obamacare will be implemented, including the clause regarding preexisting conditions.

          7. mike May 7, 2013

            Your emotions are getting the better of you to the point you can’t even read. Look at the post again. I SAID: 61 pages to 3 pages. Since that was so difficult let me make easier: 61 pages down to 3 pages. I hope that helped my little 3 grader. Let me help you again using You tube. Enter: “Obamacare Architect says Obamacare heading for a train wreck”, not long so you so it won’t effect your short attention span, listen and learn.

            Pre-existing conditions program WAS implemented 3 years, 100+k people enrolled, and has gone through almost 5 Billions dollars allocated by law in those years and has STOPPED ACCEPTING NEW PEOPLE. Do the math and see what happens when 300 million are enrolled. Obama said it would not increase the debt or deficit so unless greater taxation happens for this law it will be another untruth.
            George Mason Mercatus Center: taken as a whole, the enactment of the health care law has substantially worsened a dire federal fiscal outlook.

            In 1967 the fed. analysts had Medicare spending at 12 billion for 1990 in actuality it was10X that number. Govt projections have historically missed there numbers and if CBO again misses this will become a multi Trillion dollar program.

          8. RobertCHastings May 7, 2013

            Read my post, oh great and powerful Oz. I prostrate myself before your superior intelligence. O Khan, your way is the best, please allow me to kiss the ground upon which your feet trod. Blow it out your ass, stupid. IFyou had read my post,I DID acknowledge your statement that 61 pages had been reduced to three. That sounds like a pretty good step toward fulfilling the Reduction of Paperwork Act. However, you seem to feel that only three pages do not allow adequate space for verification. How many pages are required for adequate verification, simpleton, if the correct questions are asked? I will immediately contact my Congress person and alert the media when you provide your long-awaited response, oh wise and distinguished one.

          9. RobertCHastings May 7, 2013

            As for your George Mason Mercatus Center, that was a red herring, wasn’t it? Do you actually expect someone with any sense to use that as a source, especially since the Koch brothers are a major source of the current political a economic turmoil in this country? Oh, don’t tell me you didn’t realize that, please don’t tell me that! It would probably be a lie, anyway.

          10. mike May 7, 2013

            Here you go again!!! Can’t refute the facts so you go on another tangent. We are talking about implementation and a law badly written that 98% of dems never even read.

            So GM Mercatus Center is not legit. So an academic institution has no credibility? Right. And I bet you watched the You tube? Not!! Give me the opposing side on this law!! just that simple

            All you have to do is prove me wrong and you won’t/can’t.
            You seem to be ignoring all the rest of my post. Quite Telling!!!!

          11. RobertCHastings May 7, 2013

            I ignored the rest of your posting because of the source from which you obtained your data. Period. If you can’t support your point with honest and legitimate data, why even argue it in the first place? Give me some data that comes from a legitimate source(GAO perhaps?) and I will be happy to trade jabs with you.

          12. mike May 7, 2013

            So all you have to do is show where my source of data was wrong. Oh, that would require work. Yawning!!!

            GAO!!! OMG!!! that is your only source of information, not wonder you can’t answer my points.
            Oh by the way, GAO stated that PPACA spending will continue to grow faster than the economy and IS unsustainable unless cost-containment are adhered to. Do you really believe the govt is able to contain costs. I don’t think so. Gee, where have I heard that from.

          13. RobertCHastings May 8, 2013

            I am sure you are aware of the old computer programmer’s anagram, CICO (crap in crap out). If you create a theory based upon crappy information, your conclusion will of necessity be crappy. Like you, I happy more than one source of information, the GAO was just a suggestion. Your quoted proviso “unless cost-containment is adhered to” sort of belabors the point. Your quote makes it sound as if there are already cost-containment policies in place.

          14. mike May 8, 2013

            Name some programs that the fed. govt. contained costs.
            Why would GAO make the statement if they were not in the bill. Wasn’t this one of the reasons Obama wanted this law-controlling cost.
            Let me help you out: how about “Doc Fix”. Tell me now, it will now be applied. Congress has weasel out every year on this. Yes??

          15. RobertCHastings May 8, 2013

            Talk about changing subjects. Doc Fix is what? As you yourself quoted, your source said basically that if the mechanism for control were not implemented, there would be economic problems. This statement IMPLIES that there ARE mechanisms for control. What parts of ARCA have been implemented? Students on their parents insurance to age 26, preexisting conditions provision (to be fully implemented NEXT year).

          16. mike May 8, 2013

            Please don’t tell me you don’t know what “Doc Fix” is!!! Really!!! If you really don’t know what it is then you sir you are not as well informed as you think. Astonishing!!

            What I said: if the cost-containments are not adhered to obamacare is unsustainable. Look lazy ass you love the GAO as a reliable source look it up. I found it, you my friend can too.

            Preexisting program is 3 years old, had 5 billion budget and is already closed to new enrollees because of lack of money. Almost 5 billion dollars gone with only about 100,000 enrollees receiving benefits.

          17. RobertCHastings May 9, 2013

            And your point about Medicare and “Doc Fix” is what? That we abolish Medicare, stupid piece of shit? The “preexisting” program was not to be fully implemented until 2014, so your assertion that it is nolonger accpeting Medicare applicants is notfully correct. What you are referring to is probably a test program to see how well it is accepted and what its results will be.

          18. mike May 9, 2013

            I don’t mind having debates with people who have a brain but you are down right STUPID. PERIOD!!! Did you even try to find out? Looks like you didn’t. You spit back some diarrhea saying it is not until 2014. It started 3 years ago. I bet you still don’t know what the Doc Fix is.

            Try this dumb ass: The Hill, “Obamacare pre-exiting problems needs a pragmatic fix”-4/23/13.

            My God, you are pathetic.

          19. RobertCHastings May 9, 2013

            The ACA provision for full implementation of the preexisting conditions clause is not scheduled until next year, 2014. That is what the bill, as originally passed, stated. It has not been changed. This is something I have researched, because it affects a family member.

          20. mike May 9, 2013

            Has the pre-existing program for the last 3 years been closed?? Yes or No??

          21. RobertCHastings May 9, 2013

            I have no idea. I only know that the one set to begin in 2014 is not closed.

          22. mike May 9, 2013

            Look just Google: obamacare pre-existing problems needs a pragmatic fix. the hill

          23. RobertCHastings May 10, 2013

            Thak you for alerting me to this issue. However, it looks like we were BOTH wrong, and BOTH right. He assumed our own narrow interpretation of the issue, without realizing that there are two parts to the preexisting conditions issue, the one that you speak of, and the one that I speak of.

          24. mike May 10, 2013

            Here is my take: If this program can go through almost 5 billion in 3 years on only 100+K enrollees what will happen when 300 million come on line. I still believe Obamacare is a noble idea but it just can’t work financially and the country survive. Everything I have read is that if will have a major impact on deficit and debt. We will be short 91K doctors by 2020, hospitals and doctors are going to be hit hard, especially hospitals going out of business. I have never trusted the Congress and trust them less now. I don’t think they have the guts to reduce payments to doctors and hospitals. So the cost will rise, deficit rises, debt continues.

          25. RobertCHastings May 11, 2013

            Obama,through the provisions in Medicare, has already reduced payments to doctors, and is requiring insurance companies to refund monies that do not meet the 85% requirement. This is part of an overall move to make Medicare/Medicaid more eifficient, somethingwhich you obviously care a lot about and do not, appropriately, trust Congress to do anything about. Obama’s removal from Medicare last year of $750B was in future savings, not in current or short term benefits. Doctors, hospitals, care-givers at all levels must be required to meet certain standards of care, and charge standardized fees (unlike those that we read about today that fluctuate wildly between hospitals even in the same city), and have certain expectations on results and output. An employer who allows one worker to sit around all day, and fires another for a five minute piss break, is not the kind of employer you would like handling your business. A doctor who puts a patioen through a series of duplicative tests, running up huge bills, is not who I would want treating me. I want someone who will sit and talk with me, decide on some appropriate tests, and get me over whatever is ailing me without worrying what my insurance is going to pay him. If insurance companies would follow the president’s lead and require doctors to follow best practices, insurance expenses would drop, drastically.

          26. mike May 11, 2013

            Have you noticed that there is no mention of tort reform. Why do many doctors have extra test done-because they are protecting their asses from litigation. So please don’t say it is all the insurance companies fault.

            You still have not addressed the lack of Doctors, or the number of doctors that will work only for cash. You love Obamacare, I don’t. As Jay Rockefeller said it is the most complex piece of legislature ever by Congress and if not don’t right the first time it will only get worse.

            This is just the lull before the storm.

          27. RobertCHastings May 11, 2013

            Last year, a lot of people in this country began receiving checks in the mail from – just take a wild guess. Let me give you a hint, it was – their INSURANCE COMPANIES. Now why was that? It’s called the 85% rule, which provides that insurance companies MUST put at least 85% of premium payments into direct medical care expenses, leaving 15% for all their expenses. IF they exceed that 15/85 split, the excess MUST be returned to premium payers.
            I actually agree with you on tort reform. Get the lawyers out of the operating room, at least. However, there MUST be a board that will act surely and swiftly when doctors do not perform up to snuff, including leveling heavy fines or termination with extreme prejudice (just kidding about that). Ridiculous judgements well into the millions are stupid, and benefit the lawyers more than the patients. Many doctors areNOT entering specialties they would like tobecause of the cost of malpractice insurance, before they have even seen their first patient. And many opt out for something different to avoid the costs involved in training. We would not be the first country in the world to subsidize medical training, oh, wait, we already do. Some schools erase student debt IF young doctors will serve in a needy area for a couple of years. For the past several years, things have been getting done in hospitals around the country to reduce or eliminate the mistakes that cost over 150,000 lives every year in hospital mistakes. There is so much more being done that you apparently have absolutely no interest in even looking into, because that information might burst you I hate Obama bubble.

          28. mike May 11, 2013

            Nice thoughts up to the last sentence. I don’t hate Obama I just don’t think he is as good as you on the left think he is. You still haven’t shown me where he/dems. have addressed the Dr. shortage problem. Nor the other 20+millions that are uninsured after implementation of Obamacare-CBO. Those that will lose their insurance because of the 9.5% IRS ruling.

            Healthcare spending will explode, with IAPB board you will see rationing, subsidizing others with much higher premiums, many more taxes. I see it as a real disaster down the road. Big deficits and debt.
            Jay Rockefeller said best: it is the most complex legislature ever done by Congress, and if not done right the first time it will only get worse.

            Expand “so much being done”

          29. ruler777 May 11, 2013

            When this socialized medicine happens, there will be a terrible shortage of physicians because nobody will go through years of medical training unless they can pay for it, and become wealthy. If every hospital did medical care like my medical center, all of what you say would be unnecessary. All of our physicians are on salary (large ones) and can talk with you as long as you like.

          30. RobertCHastings May 11, 2013

            If your physicians are on salary, who is paying their salaries? Socialized medicine,as practiced in England, makes the doctors employees of the state, who pays their salaries. Depending upon the level of citizen contribution, doctors could be doing quite well.
            However, The expenditures by the British on medical care as part of GDP is about 1/3 of what we pay. Outcomes over there are no worse than over here, EVERYONE is covered (even visitors), and their life-expectancy exceeds ours, significantly. And there are NO European countries today who lose the amount of patients we do annually due to their inability to obtain appropriate medical care because the don’t have insurance.

          31. ruler777 May 12, 2013

            Robert, it is obvious that you know little about healthcare. Our 2ooo physicians are paid by our non-profit medical center. People come from all over the world to us, including England. All the Arab countries have paid healthcare, and where do they come? To us, because we are the best in the world.

          32. RobertCHastings May 12, 2013

            Then why are there so called “medical tourism” companies that will take those in need of expensive surgeries to Singapore, India, and many other places around the world. And how much do your 2000 physicians make? Is their pay competitive, are they paid a straight salary or do they get a commission, are they paid by procedure OR BY OUTCOME? If they are paid a salary, then they are a part of a socialist system which you deplore.

          33. ruler777 May 12, 2013

            The reason that they go to all those places you mention is the same reason we buy foreign cars and our stores are full of things from China. Americans are cheap. Why didn’t you have your heart surgery in one of those places?

            The unions drive prices up so we can’t manufacture anything in this country anymore. Oh, I guess we can, but the prices have to be so high because of the unions that nobody will buy the product.

            You realize that I am telling the truth when I say that there will be a tremendous shortage in healthcare workers when socialist medicine arrives. Would you go to college for 10-13 years and owe hundreds of thousands for your education to become a doctor and then work for a pittance? I don’t think you would. And neither will anyone else.

          34. RobertCHastings May 12, 2013

            They would if, as in the UK, the government subsidized them. IF there will be shortages on the scale which you claim, then there will be policies considered and put in place to cover that issue, when it occurs. Didn’t answer my question about doctor salaries.

          35. ruler777 May 12, 2013

            Spoken like a true liberal. Let me enlighten you. You can’t force anyone to become a doctor with policies. People in this country still have freedom to choose as bad as liberals hate it. They will not do it unless it is for big bucks. It is too hard and takes too long. Our doctors make about $300,000 when they finish a residency here and are offered a job. They will make about $450,000 after 3 years here. I just talked to one that turned down a position here at those salaries to start his own practice in Rochester, NY and make $800,000. a year. I told him that he would not have the support he gets here if he starts his own practice. We have 29,000 nurses here and 53 buildings.

          36. ruler777 May 15, 2013

            ruler777 • 3 days ago

            Spoken like a true liberal. Let me enlighten you. You can’t force anyone to become a doctor with policies. People in this country still have freedom to choose as bad as liberals hate it. They will not do it unless it is for big bucks. It is too hard and takes too long. Our doctors make about $300,000 when they finish a residency here and are offered a job. They will make about $450,000 after 3 years here. I just talked to one that turned down a position here at those salaries to start his own practice in Rochester, NY and make $800,000. a year. I told him that he would not have the support he gets here if he starts his own practice. We have 29,000 nurses here and 53 buildings.

          37. RobertCHastings May 15, 2013

            Would you mind enlightening me as to who it is that you think even hinted at forcing anyone to be a doctor, and where you might have gotten such an inane opinion. If you are of the opinion that liberals are averse to individuals making up their own minds and that conservatives are of the opposite persuasion, you must be philosophically dyslexic.

          38. ruler777 May 16, 2013

            Robert, it is your Alzheimer’s again. Do you not remember telling me that the government would take care of the physician shortage if they have one because of ObummerCare? How did you propose that they would do this?
            I guess you are aware that the government has already cut payments to doctors from Medicare. As a result, many doctors will not accept any more Medicare patients, and those patients have a problem finding a doctor. Serveral doctors told my mother that they already had their quota of Medicare patients.

          39. Sand_Cat May 10, 2013

            And you obviously never read it, and, since you’re the loudmouthed idiot here telling us all we don’t know anything, the burden of proof is on you.

          40. RobertCHastings May 9, 2013

            I suggest you look up the implementation timetable for the Affordable Care Act. You will find that the folks you refer to regarding preexisting conditions are those UNINSURED who wished to apply. I can’t imagine why the program may have runout of money, maybe you can enlighten us on that. However, the implementation of the clause providing relief for those insured with preexisting conditions is not due until next year.

          41. Sand_Cat May 9, 2013

            Yeah, yeah. You did your homework. But do you know anything about the bill? I guess in all your study you never discovered that the ACA is pretty much a straight copy of the plan put in place by your “breath of fresh air” (I guess most things smell “fresh” when you spend your time defending lies and malice, and praising someone who came close to, and may even have succeeded in, telling more lies and more flagrant lies in one campaign than George W. Bush, whose record I thought would stand for at least another half century), the Mittwit.

          42. Inthenameofliberty May 10, 2013

            He [Mr R] did not bankrupt his state. And from what I’ve read, the people in the state are not all enamored with their healthcare.
            Just saying that maybe copying from ‘that other plan’ was a huge mistake.

          43. Sand_Cat May 10, 2013

            You keep saying you’ve done your homework, but never quite specify whether or not you read the bill you keep ranting about. Does your “homework” constitute dozing off in front of the TV with Fox News blaring away when you should be doing your algebra?

        2. BDC_57 May 6, 2013

          by the hello my friend.

          1. old_blu May 6, 2013

            Hello to you BDC.

        3. Madelaine Ayers Henne May 6, 2013

          The GOP has a nasty habit of omitting certain wording and taking things out of context! It all sounds better for them when they do that!

          1. old_blu May 7, 2013

            You are absolutely right, that’s how Fox News has been doing it for years and now they think it is the right way to do it.

        4. mike May 7, 2013

          I guess you have a reading and comprehension problem. I said Reid and Baucus said: “it is about to happen if changes aren’t implemented”. Pretty simple. Implementing is the responsibility of the Admin.. There are so many flaws to this law, it needs to be rewritten.

          1. BDC_57 May 7, 2013

            you are still a idiot troll teabagger

          2. old_blu May 7, 2013

            His real quote was “”COULD”” and “”IF NOT”” implemented properly, you are still trying to quote someone to make your point and those words change it to sound like what the Republicans want it to sound like. Now who has the “comprehension” problem? If you have to lie to make your point maybe you should rethink your point. It’s about to happen and could happen are completely different, and not what he said.

          3. mike May 7, 2013

            Will, it is about to happen and is happening and it is still a disaster. Wake up!! New Taxes this year, premiums going up, etc..

          4. mike May 7, 2013

            With all due respect, you are either just plain stupid or lazy. In this electronic world, do you think you can make statements without people checking out your words? He never said could, if not, what he said is: “a huge train wreck coming down and I don’t see any results”

            I don’t mind you trying to protect your political position but when you just plain lie or try to make your point without any knowledge of the truth words is not only pathetic but makes you look even more ignorant. Go watch the video and see what a schmuck you are.

          5. old_blu May 7, 2013

            “With all due respect” My ass, just like a Republican tea partier with all due respect and then throw out a bunch of names and hate to go with that respect. Here is the direct quote not something I made up.

            Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) says “he shares colleagues’ concerns that the Affordable Care Act could become a “train wreck” if it’s not implemented properly”

          6. mike May 8, 2013

            It seems you are trying to distract again-it happens when one is caught making up things,

            You stated Baucus used “could” “if not”. I called you on it and showed you you had your head up your ass, again.

            I never quoted Reid, but did report Reid’s statement that he agreed with Baucus,s concern on implementaton during a radio talk show. Nice try!!!

            Keep trying!!!

          7. old_blu May 8, 2013

            Okay I’ll keep trying at least you’re not as rude this time so I will respect you enough for an answer, although I think no matter what I say you’ll still be looking for a fight. If you go back and read what I’ve said I never said anything about Baucus, because I don’t care about him, you have been saying they both said the same thing they didn’t. Baucus isn’t even up for reelection so his words might as well be from Fox News as far as I’m concerned.

          8. mike May 10, 2013

            Baucus was the whole point of my post. Did you watch the video? What I said is that Reid on a radio talk show said basically the same thing, if changes not made it will be a train wreck.

            Here you go again with statements which show you are so ill informed. Senator Baucus announced his retirement in April and WILL NOT run for reelection 2014.

            So my dear old fart go Google: Sen. Baucus retiring, try it, you will find you have misspoke again.

          9. Sand_Cat May 10, 2013

            Well, since none of us are interested, why don’t you drop it?

        5. mike May 8, 2013

          My god are you that dense. Did you watch the video of Baucus in senate committee with Sebelius. Baucus said: I see “huge train wreck” coming down, you and I have discussed this many times, and I don’t see any results yet.
          Go watch the video!!!
          I never quoted Reid but just said he had the same feelings(Baucus) if not implemented properly.

      3. neeceoooo May 6, 2013

        To some extent, the republicans fight the President on every level of everything he does and stands for, only because they want him to fail. So you hear what you want from the news stories and I will hear what I hear and what I am hearing is that the healthcare reform is a good thing.

        Aetna (or any insurance company for that matter) will not be able to increase the premiums to cover the cost of the CEO bonuses. The insurance company must spend at least 80% on claims and not on administrative costs.

        My yearly physical and any preventative examination is covered at 100%. No longer do I have to pay a co-pay for that.
        I could go on but I am sure you really don’t care about that because you hear and believe what you want to hear and believe.

        1. BDC_57 May 6, 2013

          you are right my friend he don’t want listen to fact all he cares about is the black fails

        2. plc97477 May 6, 2013

          I wonder if mike is one of those ceo’s that lost his billions.

          1. neeceoooo May 6, 2013

            You are probably right, poor baby.

        3. mike May 7, 2013

          And you hear and believe what you want. Right??

          Why do you people think that your way is the only way?

          That is true with the 80%.

          Harmful effects: NPR, you know right?? Reported Obamacare is already reducing hours so companies won’t pay for the cost of coverage and penalty. Result- no coverage and lower wages.

          Senator Schumer(D) had admitted cost are going to rise. Any whrere from 4% to 32% nationwide. Obama’s argument was it would not increase premiums.

          The program for per-existing conditions after only 3 year and 5 billion dollars is running out of money with only 100+k enrolled
          and has closed its program to new enrollees.

          State of Oregon, liberal state, released a study that has found Medicaid under obamacare is no better than what they have now.

          The biggest and scariest problem will the the IPAB, the independent Payment Advisory Board of 15 bureaucrats that charged with rationing care. The will make decisions by fiat with no concerns about the marketplace but only political biases changes to benefits. Do you feel comfortable with that/ I don’t.
          To date only one change has been implemented. The application has gone from 61 pages down to 3 pages.

          Business are still in limbo since the exchanges have been pushed back to 2015. More uncertainty meaning less hires.

          GAO said if cost-containment in the law is not adhered to Obamacare is unsustainable. When has congress ever contained costs??
          At this time healcare spending is outracing the economy.
          This is a cluster f_ _ k coming down the road.

          1. Sand_Cat May 10, 2013

            Obamacare isn’t steadily reducing hours, moron. The companies that would rather pay CEOs millions than give a living wage to the workers are reducing hours to foist their employees off on the government, a la Walmart.

            So now we are getting a complete picture: hates unions, hates Obama, hates working people, loves Walmart and other exploitive companies, wants clean air and water for self, but not for anyone else. Have I missed anything? Oh yeah: has an infantile obsession with excretion.

          2. mike May 10, 2013

            Small companies hire 64% of the new hires and they are not rich but they see they can not afford it and stay in business.
            Enjoy the hallucinations. Sniff, sniff, oh, that’s your catnip at work.

        4. Inthenameofliberty May 10, 2013

          Aetna is the worst health care provider I have ever had the misfortune to have. And they won’t be getting better anytime soon. They have low-paid employees sitting behind a desk with a book that tells them what they are supposed to do……and they contradict what doctors are recommending. Personally, they have forced me to get medications from their pharmacy and denied my request to get it at a local pharmacy so they can keep the moneys in house. Damn the patient – they don’t care about me. They want me to pay more and more. Yet I see people around me getting free health care from the government and driving new cars. THAT is just wrong.

      4. Daniel Murphy May 6, 2013

        First off: The ACA is only a dusted off Republican plan that was going to be put forward had the health insurance industry not been able to thwart the Clinton ‘single payer plan’. So…whatever is in the law you don’t care for I suggest you talk to Bob Dole and those high minded, socially conscience folks at the ‘Heritage Foundation’. Personally, I laughed my ass off when Obama and the Democrats made the GOP choke down their own plan…’oh the irony’. Your stinking anti-citizen party could have worked with the Democrats – but wanted only to “KILL” the bill, NOT find compromise. The so called health insurance industry we’ve suffered with for too many decades is rife with death panels “there called actuaries”, whose job it is to get rid of people whom need regular care, including sick children. This industry is responsible for the genocide of millions of our citizens, over the past several decades – AND WE’VE BEEN FORCE FED THE LINE, WE’VE GOT THE BEST HEALTHCARE SYSTEM IN THE WORLD. Anyone that continues to buy this rubbish has got to be a Republican.

        Next, where on Earth (that’s the planet we live on) did you get this figure of 80% premium increases in Wisconsin (that was a rhetorical question I know you can’t answer). Oh wait..I forgot ‘facts and deficits don’t matter’ to you people, when the “free market system” is called into question…’it’s all just so magical, isn’t it? I live in Wisconsin and no one I know of has seen anything but very manageable increases. Frankly, I think anybody who is against paying a little more so millions of people will for the first time in our long sordid history, finally have access to affordable health care are weak minded, heartless SOB’s. They have my permission to go to hell, the sooner the better.

        You have got nuthin…the GOP aka ‘Death Party’, has put forth enough revolting propaganda regarding this moral issue, to fill the library of congress. You get behind the B.S. of Sarah Palin and Hannity/Limbaugh and others from FUX Propaganda Central. Your party has no credibility whatsoever, on any issue. The likes of Newt Gingrich, Bush/Rove administration and Tea Party have taken care of that.

        Lastly – where is your alternative? I mean, true to form, just as your standard grandstanding, sky is falling, obstruct EVERYTHING, don’t EVER put forth legislation for the good of the citizenry platform continues to ruin our country – you have NO alternative, only addled bombast. But wait…that isn’t fair, since we used your plan and now you don’t like your plan, hmmm. Is ACA perfect? Of course not! But it’s a start. A beginning that NEVER would have occurred under a GOP administration. It’s a victory in turning the tide against GOP/corporate tyranny and their continued quest to deny U.S. citizens any measure of self determination. We weren’t put on this planet to become chattel for corporations.

        1. neeceoooo May 7, 2013

          Your facts are all true and I appreciate your accurateness. The GOP will fight anything that our President supports because they want him to fail.

      5. RobertCHastings May 6, 2013

        How many changes have been made to Medicare since it passed in the 60’s. I imagine several changes have been made to Social Security since it was enacted in the 30’s. Obamacare will be no different. However, since you are so put off by Obamacare, I must assume you are at least equally disturbed by SS and Medicare/Medicaid, so, as with all Republicans, your dream is to do away with ALL of them. Well, stupid, if you survive to retire, I hope you DON’T have any of them to fall back on. Just see if all your wealthy buddies will pay for your colorectal screening, prostate screening, blood pressure and diabetes medications, oh hell,the handouts just go on and on and on, don’t they? I am surviving nicely on Medicare and Social Security, thank you, and, just like all seniors, I vote, and I am getting just a little pissed at morons like you who want to do away with the lifelines for millions and when it gets time when YOU will need it, just like Ted Cruz, you will be asking the Federal government for help. You folks are SOOOOO small minded!

        1. mike May 8, 2013

          As to SS and Medicare/Medicaid I am very worried but that doesn’t seemed to be the case with the dems. In December Obama was told to take it off the table.

          Obama comes out with cpi index and the howling began with his party.

          Not one republican is out to eliminate SS, Medicare, Medicaid, that is not the problem. CBO says big 3 will take 45% of revenues 2020. Seeing these numbers does show they need reform. In a few decades SS, medicare, Medicaid, will consume all revenues. CBO projects interest payments on debt a year at around 800 billion by 2020. So add interest payment, big 3 and we are headed for a crisis.
          So do the math, it looks very bad.
          Sooo, who is the small mind now.

          1. RobertCHastings May 9, 2013

            At least once a week on this site we are told of at least one Republican whose passion in life is to eliminate “the big 3”. So that part is simply BS. The CBO data does indeed present a crisis in the offing. However, with appropriate budgetary restraints and adequate income, this crisis will NOT occur. The problem is meeting somewhere in the middle, something that is not on the radar screen of the large majority of congressional Republicans.

          2. mike May 10, 2013

            How can that happen, dems won’t let obama put cpi on the table and is screaming and howling that he has mentioned it. last I heard for any negotiation Obama must have tax increases. Not going to work that way for Republicans

          3. RobertCHastings May 10, 2013

            Not going to work that way for Tea Party is what you should have said. Some of the less doctrinaire Republicans are reasonable. And I am sure you have noticed that since Obama will not be running again, he has done a few things contrary to the dogma of the more liberal wing of his party.

          4. mike May 14, 2013

            If Obama was half the leader you say he is then he would be dragging the dems. with him. But again he has backed off. Name me what he has done that is contrary to the left.

            “At least once a week this site”, name the republican(s).

          5. RobertCHastings May 14, 2013

            1) offering up Social Security and Medicare for negotioan on debt control
            2) initially approving Keystone
            3) negotiating changes in “Obamacare”

          6. mike May 14, 2013

            What the hell are you drinking. The state department initially approved Keystone but has not been approved by Obama. All that has come out of his mouth is the word “hint”. It is called wait and see.

            Give me the date he offered up SS, Med. within debt control talks.

            What negotiation changes on obamacare. Show me!!! Name what parts, dates announced.

          7. RobertCHastings May 14, 2013

            If I showed you, you wouldn’t accept it,anyway, so why should I bother. You have your mind made up, about everything, ahead of time. As for the school and responsibility thing, until you begin to accept and understand that many people in this country do not even have access to the simple amenities you take for granted, you will never accept that it does take a village.

          8. mike May 14, 2013

            Such bull shit!! Show me and let me be the judge of the value of the information. You do have it don’t you!!!

            Come on my little Tarheel commie. How is the research triangle???

          9. Sand_Cat May 10, 2013

            Not one Republican is out to admit they want to eliminate these popular programs. Wow, you lie almost as well as they do.

          10. mike May 10, 2013

            I guess you can’t add. Do the math little pussy cat.

      6. Madelaine Ayers Henne May 6, 2013

        And you get your “facts” from who? Beck and Limbaugh??

      7. Sand_Cat May 7, 2013

        Did you read it?

        1. mike May 8, 2013

          I bet you did. Didn’t you?? I have done my homework and I know the consequences.
          go back to your catnip.

          1. Sand_Cat May 9, 2013

            I’m not the one pontificating about it. And you didn’t answer my question.

            I do know that it’s a Republican plan, created by your apparent “breath of fresh air,” Romney, which is why every nation in the civilized world – and some in the “Third world” – have better plans.

          2. mike May 9, 2013

            Yawning!!! OMG!!! Call the vet. you are now officially brain dead.

          3. Sand_Cat May 10, 2013

            Staying up too late watching Glenn and Fox News? Maybe you should sleep better. Or is it just the fact that down deep inside you don’t like being a “selfish prick” if I may borrow an apt phrase, and can’t sleep, so you feel compelled to come here and try to convince us that your pathetic positions are something to be considered, and insult us when we don’t bite?

          4. mike May 10, 2013

            Keep trying maybe some day the light bulb will go off in your brain! Not holding my breath. Sorry!!!

      8. Russell Byrd May 8, 2013

        Man, can you lie with gusto! Ever think if premiums are going up that much BEFORE the bill’s implementation,that the bill is not really to blame. Instead this is just more of the gouging and greed by those gods that you worship so highly.

        1. mike May 10, 2013

          Premiums going up depending on state from 4% to 32% not my numbers. The “essential health benefits”, forces insurance companies to cover a whole bunch of new health benefits. This increase will be about 22%. If one already has insurance obamacare will raise cost to 14%-WP, wonkblog.
          One type fits all is not the most effective way to manage the health care issue.

          1. Sand_Cat May 10, 2013

            Yes, the fatal flaw in almost all Republican public policy positions: assuming their friendly corporations are going to stop trying to pry every penny from the public and the government by any means possible.

            So Obama adopts Romneycare, and it’s not a smashing success, so it’s the fault of the “mental midgets” on the left. Seems you and your friends are just trying to run away from what your standard bearer wrought and blame it on someone else.

          2. mike May 10, 2013

            Your mental midgets wrote it and without any input from republicans, so it is yours. Look it up and see how many amendments from republicans even got a vote.

    3. ward2549@comcast.net May 7, 2013

      Ocare is so great that the dems are calling it a huge train wreck and are trying right now to be exempt from it, That should tell you something!

    4. idamag May 7, 2013

      Dominick, I had a person, from the hospital business office, tell me that $800 out of every $2500 you spend on health care goes to pay for those who can’t, don’t or won’t.

      1. Inthenameofliberty May 10, 2013

        I wonder if that was a conservative estimate. I am very tired of paying for young, able-bodied people (and VOTERS) to have free health care. Time they put on their big kid pants and paid for it themselves.

  4. Lovefacts May 6, 2013

    Well, the Republican congress needs to appear as if they’re actually doing something so they can con their voters into re-electing them. So, they’ll waste time voting on something that will never pass out of the Senate or be signed into law, rather than vote on anything that will help Americans move forward. That way their t-party primary voters won’t toss them out of office.

  5. Eleanore Whitaker May 6, 2013

    Take a demographic approach to why the House Republicans want an end to healthcare reform of any kind. It’s because THEIR Porker states benefit most from no healthcare reform. These southern and midwestern politicans are shaking in their boots at what happens when people in their states actually have to pay for their own healthcare insurance instead of forcing that on people in other states who pay for their own and these irresponsible trough feeders.

    Then, there’s the little matter that healthcare reform would mean more contributions from these Porker states to contribute to the healthcare of the indigent, which in these states is far higher than the hi-tech and industrial states. Using state taxes for healthcare is a huge NO NO to these politicians who get billions every year for their campaigns from HMOs whom the Porker Politicians are protecting to their deaths if necessary.

  6. Robert P. Robertson May 6, 2013

    If neo-Confederates are still fighting the Civil War 148 years later, what more can we expect from the mentally ill when it comes down to the Affordable Care Act? BTW, it’s the Affordable Care Act, not Obamacare. ACA, get it?

  7. JDavidS May 6, 2013

    37th vote. 37th total waste of taxpayers money. And these clowns claim they want to curtail spending. The whole bunch are just an aggregation of lying, self-serving GOP assholes. And anyone who supports this nonsense hasn’t got the brains God gave a 3 pound rat…

  8. Al Redlhammer May 6, 2013

    What a bunch of useless eunuchs ! Instead of actually doing the job they were elected to do, these “boys” engage in “make work” that has no effect and are comfortable playing politics all day long instead of governing the nation. Is this what the USA has come to ?

  9. CrankyToo May 6, 2013

    Repugnicans are scum.

  10. elw May 6, 2013

    The only thing Republicans are good at is wasting time and tax payer money.

  11. clarenceswinney May 6, 2013

    Defense-57%—Yes!- — 57% Sequester this sucker!
    Vet benefits- 6%
    Housing -5%
    Health 5%
    Transportation 3%

    1. CrankyToo May 6, 2013

      Is there a point in there somewhere? Try using at least one sentence next time.

  12. Ann Carnes May 6, 2013

    Wouldn’t it be nice if they actually worked on something that would be useful…say a jobs bill to help the economy. Just sayin’

  13. jarheadgene May 6, 2013

    When are these P.O.S.G.O.P.-ers going to get it….???..LET’S make it Clear, FIRE THEM ! VOTE NO to ALL G.O.P. Obstruction has been their game…and we don’t have to play it. Leave it to to MIKE and OMG and MONTANA BILL there aren’t enough of them. But WE the PEOPLE….those who know we aren’t millionares and know we have been trickled down on long enough can say SCREW YOU A$$holes you’re FIRED !
    VOTE Democrat…..STRAIGHT Ticket. Like Abraham pleaded with GOD would you save Sodom for the sake of 50 and then bargained down to 10 righteous people. WE the PEOPLE have to recognize …LIKE GOD DID…..there aren’t 10 righteous Senators or Congressman in the P.O.S.G.O.P. END THEM.

  14. exdemo55 May 6, 2013

    Steaming toward the OBAMACARE trainwreck:

    In congressional testimony last week, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius blamed Republican governors for her department’s failure to create a “model exchange” where consumers could shop for health-insurance coverage in states that don’t set up their own exchange.

    Nice try, but GOP governors aren’t the problem. Team Obama’s tendency to blame someone else for its shortcomings is tiresome. The Affordable Care Act requires HHS to operate exchanges in states that won’t operate their own. Since the act became law in March 2010, it has been abundantly clear that the agency would have to deploy a model exchange. It is Ms. Sebelius’s fault there isn’t one.

    There is more to this failure. Even exchanges organized by Democratic and Republican governors may not be functioning by the health-law’s Oct. 1 deadline, because HHS has been slow with guidance and approvals.

    Last month Gary Cohen, an official with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services who oversees technology for the exchanges, told members of America’s Health Insurance Plans (a trade association) that he was “pretty nervous” about implementation. He hoped enrollment is “not a third world experience.”

    Part of this problem stems from the way the law is crafted. For example, a subsidy to help small businesses provide insurance coverage while ObamaCare ramped up was so complicated and difficult to use that only 1% of its $40 billion budget was spent.

    Other provisions have been poorly executed or needlessly delayed. Ms. Sebelius’s HHS has missed dozens of deadlines for major rule-making or program start dates required by the law.

    For example, ObamaCare created the Small Business Health Options Programs, where small businesses could select insurance plans beginning in October with coverage starting in January. The program has been set up, but employees are offered only one plan, not a choice among many. HHS announced a full range of plans would be delayed until 2015.

    Then there is President Obama’s promise that no American would be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. The Affordable Care Act set aside $5 billion to subsidize, through 2014, coverage for an estimated 270,000 to 350,000 people with pre-existing conditions and no insurance. So far 135,000 have been covered but the $5 billion is nearly exhausted. HHS stopped signing up people in February.

    A long-term care entitlement, the so-called Class Act, turned out to be so fiscally untenable that Democratic support evaporated before its 2012 start date. The entitlement program was repealed in the December fiscal cliff deal.

    Then there is the Independent Payment Advisory Board, the 15-person committee charged with reducing Medicare spending to a “target level” by 2015. Its recommendations take effect automatically unless overruled by a congressional supermajority.

    By law, the board cannot “raise revenues or Medicare beneficiary premiums . . . deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments, or otherwise restrict benefits or modify eligibility criteria.” This means that the board would likely have to cut reimbursements to health providers who already receive roughly 80% of what private insurers pay for the same procedures for non-Medicare patients. This will discourage doctors from taking on Medicare patients.

    The IPAB’s first recommendations are due Jan. 1, 2014 and are supposed to take effect a year after that. The president hasn’t appointed anyone to the board, and it’s unlikely he can come up with 15 nominees, get them confirmed, and have them in place to deliver recommendations in time. Maybe he plans to leave the recommendations up to the secretary of HHS, which is allowed under the health law, but that ought to concern anyone who’s seen Ms. Sebelius in action.

    Or maybe the president will just let the deadline for IPAB recommendations slide. An ugly battle in 2014 over Medicare cuts proposed by a committee he appointed might rile up seniors in the midterm elections, leading to the defeat of House and Senate Democrats who voted for the law.

    Still, the administration is eager to get one health-care program under way. ObamaCare provides $54 million to hire individuals and groups to facilitate enrollment when the exchanges begin this October.

    There are rumblings in Washington that HHS believes more money is needed for these “navigators” or “helpers.” The House Energy and Commerce Committee wrote Ms. Sebelius this week asking what kind of groups are eligible, how they’ll be selected, what standards must they meet, how they will be trained and supervised, and what the success measures will be. This program could turn into patronage for Mr. Obama’s liberal allies such as unions and community activists.

    The Affordable Care Act may be unworkable in the aggregate, but it is also dogged by incompetent implementation. Even Democrats are increasingly concerned. At a hearing on Wednesday, Sen. Max Baucus expressed his frustration about a variety of problems, including whether the health-insurance exchanges will be established on time. “I just see a huge train wreck coming down,” he told Ms. Sebelius.

    1. CrankyToo May 6, 2013

      History has shown that bureaucrats will screw up a wet dream at every opportunity. They’re not called “feather merchants” for nothing. Doubtless, implementation of the ACA will set no precedents in that regard. But in the final analysis, the wrinkles will be ironed out and the program will prove to be more beneficial than detrimental, because it’s the right policy – both morally and fiscally. Maybe we should just quit bitching about it and get on with the business of making it work.

      1. exdemo55 May 6, 2013

        Hell no! It’s bad policy. The government can’t run a lemonade stand. This is just liberals way of getting to single payer, total control of the health care industry. We should fight it until it’s repealed.

        1. CrankyToo May 7, 2013

          Your earlier diatribe suggested that you might be possessed of a modicum of intelligence, but this latest bit of blather from you blew that theory out of the water. Clearly you’re just another wingnut ideologue, given to echoing Fox Noise and Tea Party talking points without having any idea what the hell you’re talking about. Not for nothing’ Squire, but you’re just another Repugnican dumbass.

          1. Inthenameofliberty May 10, 2013

            It is a bad policy. I was trying to keep an open mind. But now that I see what is happening to MY health insurance, I believe more than ever that we are in for a rude awakening. My premiums are up, and I get less coverage than I did a few years ago for the same procedures that my doctor wanted done a few years ago. All of those posting on this site that their coverage is better…..HOW? I have been in the work force now for 30 years, and never has my coverage been like this before.

          2. CrankyToo May 10, 2013

            My premiums are up too, but that’s not the standard by which we should be judging this legislation. To suggest that this is bad policy because you and I have to pay a little more in the near-term is both short-sighted and self-absorbed.

            When fully implemented, the ACA will prove to be beneficial in so many ways: some 32 million more of our citizens will have affordable access to health care; avaricious insurance companies will no longer be able to deprive people of coverage because they have “pre-existing conditions” or take away their coverage because they become ill; about $716 billion (in overcharges from so-call “Cadillac” plans) will be extracted from those same greedy insurance companies – they’ve already paid back more than $1B; families will no longer be forced to choose between keeping their homes and paying for treatment for a loved one; young people coming out of college with burdensome debt loads will have some time to find jobs and get their financial houses in order before having to worry about paying for health care; and when you need emergent help, you won’t have to spend insufferable hours in an ER clogged with all manner of other sufferers who don’t have coverage and who can’t afford preventive care (for which we’re all paying now, by the way.)

            Health care costs may rise in the short term, but they’ll eventually be driven down as the various components of the ACA are implemented.

            And by the way, taking care of our people is also a matter of moral rectitude. So save your indignation and your bitching for the Repugnican scum in the so-called House of Representatives who keep trying to undo this legislation. And, for God’s sake, turn off Fox Noise.

          3. Inthenameofliberty May 18, 2013

            Missed this.
            My, aren’t you all happiness and sunshine?
            I have no problem helping those that need a hand.
            Problem is in this country is that MANY people are miking the system and they have brought us down. You are not proposing how to fix that – you are only saying that I should pay for them because I need to shelve my ‘indignation and my bitching’.
            Tell you what – why don’t YOU pay for all the low lives I have around me, then?
            Because I am TIRED of working so they can sit on their lazy asses and get everything the government has to offer (of tax payer money) on a silver platter.
            THAT is the reason why so many of us are pissed.
            Your attitude, and your head in the sand, is a reason why ‘I’ am and indignant bitch,

            So, Cranky, right back at you.

          4. CrankyToo May 19, 2013

            You’ve obviously missed a lot more than “this” – doubtless because you’re informed by Fox Noise. The only ones milking the system are the ones who rigged it – the other 97% are just trying to survive within it. And given your literary ineptitude, I’d be willing to bet you’re in that 97%, which makes you a wingnut who’s too ignorant to know what’s good for him or her self.

            PS – Have the last word because I won’t be responding to anymore of your posts until you elevate your game sufficient enough to engage my interest.

          5. Inthenameofliberty May 19, 2013

            Since you so kindly invited me to respond, I shall.

            I don’t watch the news – it’s biased and mostly reports the worst humanity has to offer. I don’t need to see the news to know that many humans are terrible because I see it around me everyday.
            I take it from your comments that you find yourself to be intellectually superior to me. How wonderful that must make you feel! I am happy for you.
            If you truly believe that the only ones milking the system are the ones who rigged it, then you have my pity. You should stay in your bubble of superiority because you probably wouldn’t survive in the reality that surrounds me. You can’t handle the truth, then.

            I wish for you the best.

            You are going to need it.

          6. CrankyToo May 19, 2013

            Yes, I believe you are intellectually inferior, but there’s no shame in that. IQ is derived from a quirk of nature – beyond our ability to manipulate. I certainly don’t hold your lack of intelligence against you.

            No, your shame derives from your ignorance, because factual data are available to you for the taking, yet you choose to be ignorant and to speak ignorantly. Your moronic comments may play well down at the fish fry on Friday night, but when you post them on a site like this, you’re just hanging a bullseye on your chest.

            If you don’t want to be the object of derision, I suggest you arm yourself with facts. And knock off the facetious bullshit because (1) it’s no substitute for an erudite position and (2) it only encourages people like me to take aim at people like you.

            At bottom, if you can’t be Intelligent, at least try to sound intelligent.

          7. Inthenameofliberty May 19, 2013

            I am SO happy you responded.

            Guess I engaged your interest, what with my moronic posts et al.

            BTW – How much higher do I need to ‘elevate my game’ to make you ‘play nice?’ You make a wonderful bully.

            Have a great week!

            And please refer me to the websites where I am missing the facts. I love to learn, even from those such as yourself.

            ‘Fishy fry’ – how quaint!

          8. CrankyToo May 19, 2013

            I give up. You win.

          9. Sand_Cat May 10, 2013

            Yes, anything that requires the “private sector” to do the right thing to work is bad policy. Sorry for your problems. I’m not a fan of Aetna, either.

        2. Sand_Cat May 10, 2013

          When government is run by Republicans, you’re absolutely right. That “lemonade stand” in Iraq isn’t doing well at all, and the one in Afghanistan that Obama – the moderate conservative – foolishly took over isn’t doing so well either. But the entrepreneurs in the Republican party are trying to line up new ones in Syria and Iran. Just can’t live without war, so long as someone else does the dying.

  15. howa4x May 6, 2013

    They do this because they have no agenda. They tried to run on the ACA in the last election and the voters rejected them. This is a symbolic move to keep the idiotic base, you know the one that votes against their own interest, energized. They the base, see the ACA as tyranny because it mandates health ins coverage. They don’t see it as tyranny that you have to buy home owners insurance mandated by the banks, or that the states mandate that you buy car insurance. I don’t know if the Base is smart enough to make that connection. Most of these people don’t understand health economics, and that we as taxpayers pay for the uninsured that use the emergency for primary care. I don’t know what is wrong with white men anymore, especially those in their late 50’s to 70’s. It didn’t seem to bother them or any republican, or any evangelical that 34 million were uninsured, and out of that number 50,000 died every year solely due to lack of access for lack of insurance.( I wonder what Jesus would say about that?)
    The republican plan of course is to fund the back end of insurance coverage or catastrophic care. Maybe they didn’t read any of the studies that show that 90% of all health care dollars, 2.8 trillion, are spent in the last year of a patients life. If we want to bend the cost curve especially in Medicare, we need to get more people into primary care and primary prevention so they can detect problems early and keep people from costly chronic disease in patient care. This is what the ACA that they are trying to repeal does.
    Republicans are so lucky that they have a voting block that doesn’t understand any of this, and they can lie to them easily. This is like convincing the Indians to buy Manhattan Island for $24.00.

  16. Sand_Cat May 7, 2013

    I wish I could think this is funny. My sense of humor seems to have disappeared.

  17. labman57 May 16, 2013

    House Republicans need to periodically engage in the ritual of political masturbation to relieve their pent-up frustration over having lost the presidential elections during the past two cycles.

    I’m sure they will all feel much better after the vote.


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