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Macy’s Thinks Trump’s Birtherism Is Hilarious

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Macy’s Thinks Trump’s Birtherism Is Hilarious


Macy’s hallmark ad this holiday season is an homage to the store’s role in the classic Christmas film Miracle on 34th Street, but the punchline to the commercial is a thinly-veiled homage to Donald Trump’s birtherism.

The New York Times describes Trump’s function in the ad like this:

In the most clever twist, the role of the skeptic played by [Natalie] Wood in the movie is assumed by Mr. Trump, who has gained notoriety in recent months for voicing skepticism about President Obama’s birth certificate and college transcript. Mr. Trump is “always the one who delivers the one-liners” in Macy’s commercials, Ms. Reardon said.

For example, Mr. Trump asks [Edmund] Gwenn, “What’s with the get-up, Kris?” to which Gwenn replies, “I’m Santa Claus.” Mr. Trump says, “Let me see for myself” and pulls his beard, to which Gwenn responds, “Ouch!”

The commercials end with Gwenn saying to Mr. Trump, “If I can win you over, there’s still hope.”

Yes, isn’t that clever?

Trump used his platform as a celebrity, an NBC reality-show star and a Macy’s pitchman to accuse the president of the United States of fraud and treason. How amusingly “skeptical”!

His only evidence for his claim that the president was born in outside of the Unites States is the same evidence that right-wing conspiracists across the country had: the president has a foreign name and he isn’t white, or white enough.

Macy’s undoubtedly focus-grouped this commercial, and found what Mitt Romney found when he was running for president — Trump appeals to a wide audience. But Romney soon learned that embracing The Donald comes with a lot of baggage.

The racism at the heart of birtherism is evident to almost anyone who isn’t Orly Taitz or Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Trump has a long reputation for being a joke that he plays into by wearing that thing on his head. But he crossed a line in this presidential election — even before he called for a “revolution” on election night.

Decent people simply ignoring Trump isn’t working. If you think Macy’s should dump Trump, you can show it by signing this petition.


  1. DukeDacat November 9, 2012

    …………..”Decent people simply ignoring Trump isn’t working. If you think Macy’s should dump Trump, you can show it by not shopping at their stores.”…………

    1. old_blu November 9, 2012

      I won’t shop there.

      1. RedRiver38 November 11, 2012

        I’d doubt if you’ve set foot in a Macy’s store in the past five years. You can tell that you’re a Walmart or Dollar Store shopper. LOL.

        Macy’s won’t miss you one bit.

    2. BDD1951 November 10, 2012

      But I like Macy’s. They won’t dump him. Too many republicans shop there.

      1. commserver November 10, 2012

        Business is business. Making money is making money, no matter how.

        I ask if you will stop buying from Macy if you knew that many of the products were made in China?

        1. northroader1775 November 10, 2012

          I have stopped buying at macy’s and walmart and stopped buying cheap tools made in china and stopped using cheap materials made in china …and yeah it costs more at the register, but in the long run it helps build MY community so the benefits are many and varied but a more robust local business district is an important asset. Living in a business friendly place makes property values go up, makes life more interesting and rewarding. Buy from local merchants buy your coffee from a little mom and pop coffee shop, breakfast too. Buy your veggies at local farmer’s markets they cost about the same but you get to shake hands with the person who grew your food and look them in the eye and thank them for their efforts, plus the veggies are fresher and more nutirtious and last longer in the fridge.

      2. phantomoftheopera November 10, 2012

        and therein is the problem–putting I above We, putting our wants above our core values. we as a nation have lost our belief in sacrifice and our will to sacrifice. what do we believe in, what do we value? if we view trump as something that should be shunned, we should do it. if it doesn’t make a difference on the whole, that’s not our problem. we’ve followed our values. and if everyone did the same, imagine what could happen.

    3. Carl Oscar Isaacson November 10, 2012

      Unfortunately, we don’t have an Macy’s near enough that I can not shop at them. But when I’m near – as I will be at Christmas – I promise I won’t shop at Macy’s. Even though they are the inheritors of my favorite upscale department store, Marshall Field.

      1. RedRiver38 November 11, 2012

        Mindless drivel.

    4. Sorority60 November 10, 2012

      I agree, a long a they have Trump every body need to hop ele where. I will not be hopping there. We are the consumers, if enough of us stop, and they start losing money, maybe they want see him to be so clever….

  2. old_blu November 9, 2012

    There is nothing amusing about this loud mouthed liar, he should be fired.

    1. RedRiver38 November 11, 2012

      old_blu, Obama won the election, he’s not Czar. Get over it, Trump sells a lot of merchandise for Macy’s. They aren’t going to give up his successful men’s line in this economy.

  3. mandawg November 9, 2012

    Seriously, Macys? Not addressing his comments would have been better than saying they’re funny. Now you’re DEFINITELY going to lose business. And you deserve it.

    1. Pam Tucker November 9, 2012

      I was literally on my way there last week to purchase perfume when I saw a tweet about his line at Macy’s. I went to Kohl’s instead. Now that they’ve indicated that Trumpet’s birther cause is “funny”, I will never shop there again and will make sure no one in my household does either.

  4. Baron Cormac November 9, 2012

    I was out shopping for a wedding anniversry present for my wife today. Even though I knew that Macy’s would have what I really wanted to get her, their association with THE DONALD was sufficient for me not to shop there. I even let the clerks know that I liked what I saw, and new it would cost me more at Williams Sonoma, but was going there because THEY weren’t associated with THE DONALD. Poor woman looked rather flustered as I walked out.

  5. Don Ramsey November 9, 2012

    I sincerely hope the dummy that decided it would be a good thing to associate the old, trusted, name of Macy’s with that bloviating, egomaniacal, moron is now unemployed.

  6. hamletta November 9, 2012

    But that’s what’s funny! Edmund Gwenn really was Santa Claus!

  7. Pearl C Clark November 10, 2012

    Oh for goodness sake, it’s a free country and if he wants to continue to make a fool of himself, than by all means, LET HIM!!

    1. commserver November 10, 2012

      The more that is made and said The Donald the more that he is basking.

      Just ignore him and see what happens.

      Of course by my reading this article and responding is feeding his need for attention.

  8. Americkan November 10, 2012

    We`ll see how funny Macy`s bottom line looks.

  9. Retsy November 10, 2012

    Dump the Trump– I’m for it 110%.
    He was green with envy at all the attention Romney & Obama were getting and he wanted his 15 mins. of fame !! Lets fire him before he comes up with something that will actually harm someone or himself. He needs an enema !

  10. Charlotte Metoyer November 10, 2012

    Donald Trump is seriously a poor example for all Americans. He has filed bankruptcy multiple times, and makes money off the backs of all people. I will not shop at Macy’s, or visit anything with Trump on it. Voting is one right that all Americans can embrace. The results of the elections speak volumns. Why would he suggest a “revolution” because Barak Obama won the election. WOW!

    1. latebloomingrandma November 10, 2012

      His tweet was the ultimate in un-Americanism. We VOTE in this country–we do not stage coups or incite anarchy. I’ll bet he wears a flag pin. Phony.

  11. SaneJane November 10, 2012

    We can combat this blatant racism by using a method that was successful during the fight for Civil Rights. It is called a boycott.

    1. latebloomingrandma November 10, 2012

      That’s basically the only tool left against the power of the big corporation. Hit them in the pocketbook.

  12. Liz Feeser-Regan November 10, 2012

    I made up my mind never ever will I shop at Macy’s again as long as Trump is doing the talking for them.

  13. sumthinfishy November 10, 2012

    The Donald should get another job….hows ’bout head spokesmodel for the “Hair Flub” for menses!

  14. commserver November 10, 2012

    The Donald is a farce. He just cares about the publicity.

  15. cheetahchick November 10, 2012

    He’s a self-aggrandizing buffoon who has the morals of Nero. Dump him and I’ll go back to shopping at Macy’s. Until then, there’s always Bloomindales.

  16. greghilbert November 10, 2012

    There’s nothing about Trump I don’t find loathsome. I hope that this initial action to get him out of our face escalates. It’s time to boycott the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade.

  17. TIMOTHY McA November 10, 2012

    Should be fired from Macy’s Big 4th of July Cannon.

  18. Canistercook November 10, 2012

    They tried the boycott with Chic-o-fil! All have a right to their opinions and politics, i.e Buffet, Barbra Streisand and Trump. Why do some always think they should shut out others voices by punishing them for free speech?

  19. elw November 10, 2012

    Just stop shopping at Macy’s. There are lots of other stores that would like your money.

  20. northroader1775 November 10, 2012

    Where was homeland security when this loud mouth tweeted to no less than 1.9 million rediculously underinformed followers that they should march on washington….WHY ISN”T THAT TREASON??? It’s not freedom of speech it’s called inciting a riot…and it is illegal…and again my pointy key chain is a threat to national security at the airport but him tweeting 1.9 million morons to start a revolution on election night is “funny”??? WTF?

  21. 1concernedsenior November 10, 2012

    Send that poop butt Trump to the worst maximum security prison in the USA, and let the inmates have their way with him!!

  22. northroader1775 November 10, 2012

    Because it’s not free…it costs all of us dearly. Are you seriously going to defend this birther crap still??? We need to come together as a country and move forward into new and better ways of living…and this is the crap that tired old men use to hold everyone else back, snide little disrespectful comments EVERY FUCKING DAY OVER AND OVER AND OVER….then when you call them on it and tell them how counter productive and devisive it is they claim FREE speech….but it’s not FREE it costs us all a chance to move forward confidently with the leader we have….the leader who was duelly elected …who is going to serve as POTUS and who needs our support to get us through some pretty tough times. What we don’t need is a penic gallery of perenial losers shouting snarky comments from the balcony.

    Do you realize how much easire it is to sit on the sideline and point out what should be done, or more often what should have been done, than to be the one in the game making the call and pushing forward with the plan through the hard times and toward the light? Anyone can sit out the tough calls and then point to the one that went wrong and say what they would have done differently. But those poor timid souls will never know victory or defeat because they have never entered the fight.

    1. puzzled21 November 10, 2012

      Well spoken

  23. ICDogg November 10, 2012

    What I spend in Macy’s isn’t going to make anyone lose sleep, but this year it will be zero.

  24. Daniel Jones November 10, 2012

    I already signed the petition. You do realize he’s positioning himself to take Limbaugh’s job when the man finally overdoses..

  25. Mary Little November 10, 2012

    Think I’ll just dump Macy’s. Never liked them that much in the first place. If I wanna spend that much money I’ll go to Nordstroms. Much better customer service and merchandise.

  26. Julie Bell November 10, 2012

    I tried to ignore ALL the terrible insults teapublikkkans have been spewing since before President Obama was elected in 2008. Finally, I thought, am I just going to sit here and be polite, while these slanderous bigots take over my government, NO. I AM GOING TO FIGHT BACK. Trump is a ridiculous clown. An evil, ridiculous clown.

  27. SeekingOut November 10, 2012

    I intend not to shop at Macy’s until they deal with Trump.

  28. Dercilio Oliveira Jr. November 10, 2012

    Just not buying there anymore…

  29. Ohio Conservative November 10, 2012

    Dumb article. Must be the weekend hacks!

  30. onedonewong November 10, 2012

    Trump asks questions that the State Run Media has refused to ask. Amazing that during the run up to the election we learned all kinds of dirt about Romney from the age of 3 forward. yet for some reason there is a big black hole around Obama from age 17-25 WHY??????

  31. well aware of situation November 10, 2012

    Dump Trump…..He is an IDIOT

  32. DirkVanden November 10, 2012

    Can you start a petition for Rash Limburger? Sarah Palin? Michelle Bachmann? Newt Gingrich?

    1. Dianna S November 11, 2012

      Don’t forget Glen Beck…….they are all so pathetically negative in a time that we need positivity. If you recall your history, FDR used the fireside chat to reassure the American public in a time of crisis, The Great Depression, WWII. He also came from a wealthy background, but he was taught to not just give back to his pet causes, but to live it, to embrace the people he represented and not ignore them because they looked differently or came from a different financial background. Elenore Roosevelt was a great leader of social reform and left the White House, driving her own car, to visit the poor and influenced the “haves” that it was their duty in life to help the “have nots”. This business of the “Cadillac Welfare Mom” is a myth. We have a federal housing project in our small town. There is no bus service, no taxi service, no public transportation of any kind. I see the people who live there having to walk, over a railroad track, down three blocks, under a freeway underpass (IH-10), and through a busy parking lot to even buy groceries. To get to the Wal-Mart, they have to walk another busy three blocks. We do not have sidewalks either as this is a rural, yet busy commutor traffic area. The majority of these poor do not own a car, they either ride a bicycle, have someone they know with a car transport them, or walk to buy groceries, pharmacy products, or clothing at Wal-Mart. Our town has two small department stores and four Dollar Stores, none near the Housing Project and it has been here since the fifties or longer. Life isn’t always like the blabbering “Mouths” like it portraied. If they spent as much time talking positive words as negative, it would be so much better for all of us. But unfortunately the naysayors are what seem to sell…….not that I listen to any of them. The Donald could have truly positive influence on America if he chose to, but instead his tombstone will state, “Here lives the Biggest Buffoon”………and it won’t be as the likes of Red Skelton.

      1. DirkVanden November 11, 2012


        1. DirkVanden November 11, 2012

          I remember FDR and Eleanor, Fireside chats & the WPA. Obama would be wise to study Roosevelt and start his own version of the WPA. That got America back on its feet and working again after the depression.

          And yes, i forgot about Glen Beck–deliberately. I would like to forget about all of them!

  33. rockinthebayinFlorida November 11, 2012

    Republicans have a real poblem with reality…the face of America has changed even though they don’t want to admit it. Anyone in their right mind would ignore this old coot and he may just “fade” away.

  34. Clearandhonest November 11, 2012

    Maybe I’m a little dense but in defense of Macy’s, I think you have the meaning of what Santa says at the end backwards. I think that Santa is really saying if Trump (the old Grinch) can believe in Santa, maybe there is hope yet that he can learn to trust the honesty, intelligence, and humanity of our President despite the color of his skin.

    All that being said, I think that The Donald’s ignorant comments about Obama are really just indicative of his own insecurities and fragile male ego. Since Trump some how sees himself as being in competition with the president, or at least believes that he is presidential material, he doesn’t understand how someone who is African American (and there for inferior in his mind) could possibly have the required credentials to even be nominated to run for president let alone be relected for a second term.

    Also, from Trumps perspective, wealth is power, and the two are in extricably linked. He doesn’t like the fact that someone who actually cares about underdog is in a position of power. He is just plain scared that his tax loopholes might be eliminated or worse yet that the rates on his capital gains might be raised.

  35. Keggy November 11, 2012

    done with macys if they think this is funny.

  36. Keggy November 11, 2012

    Here is the difference, Chic o fil hate speech was protected under the rights to religion, do you think Trumps speech has anything at all to do with religion? No it does not, it is about racism.

  37. Keggy November 11, 2012

    Is that not like ignoring the rants of a KKK member? Its a free country and we have the right to free speech, not hate speech.

  38. Debi Biderman November 11, 2012

    Despicable Man

  39. RedRiver38 November 11, 2012

    Funny how the libtards on this board can’t put the election behind them. Hell, Obama accused Romney of killing someone. You can’t get much worse than that. Put this stuff behind you and move on.

  40. Buddy James Fazzio November 11, 2012

    You know what, Trump is an idiot…. but his side lost. We rejected his stupidity at the polls. If he and Macy’s want to continue with this I could care less. America won, he lost, it’s over.

  41. Butch November 11, 2012

    also in the film Macy meets Gimbel and ALL is well? not in a thousand years!!!

  42. daffodilly November 11, 2012

    Trump’s family needs to keep an eye on him. His behavior has deteriorated so much in the last few years that maybe he’s not just a national joke but a very sick person. We might consider that if a person acts bizarre they might have some mental issues. Striving to be unique and being just flat nuts are two completely different things.

  43. maryj s November 11, 2012

    Easy enough to boycott Macy’s this year, right?

  44. maryj s November 11, 2012

    Easy enough to boycott Macy’s this year, right?

  45. joan November 11, 2012

    I was wondering why someone hand not bourht this beford, I want to thank youi

  46. mavilasr November 11, 2012

    Donald Trump is a disgrace to humanity. He should examine his own slave mentality. For him to question the truth of the Birth of OUR PRESIDENT leads me to question his very integrity. HE HAS LOST IT!!!!!! He should return to school to learn about the importance of telling the truth!! If he has the nerve to question OUR PRESIDENT’S birth place, he should question his own birth place. Perhaps Donal Trump would question his own birth place.
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! PRESIDENT OBAMA!!!!!! Donald Trump did not dampen our spirits.

  47. laytonian November 13, 2012

    Sorry, Macy’s. Now that your pitiful, low-grade stores are nationwide, I can avoid you wherever I shop this year!

  48. Mobi Mktg November 15, 2012

    Though there may be a very thinly veiled reference…I think they really are just poking fun at Trump’s Scrooge Skepticism, and not hitting the birtherism hard – though I will admit thinking it when I initially saw it, I don’t think Macy’s intended to be malicious – Trump, on the other hand, IS malicious, and Macy’s would be wise to distance themselves from him, unless they want to paint him as the “New Scrooge”, as well as the Stooge he already is –


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