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Midterm Roundup: Deadlocked, Two Weeks Out

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Midterm Roundup: Deadlocked, Two Weeks Out


Here are some interesting stories on the midterm campaigns that you may have missed on Friday, October 24:

• Democrats and Republicans are dead even among off-year 2014 voters in the generic congressional ballot, according to the latest Democracy Corps poll. That’s a big improvement for Democrats from 2010, when they lost the national House ballot 45 to 53 percent, and suggests that there is no Republican wave on the way this November.

• Democrats have long claimed that Colorado polls are undercounting their support; now they have some evidence. A new poll from the Democratic group Project New America, which sampled 400 Coloradans who voted in the 2012 presidential election but not the 2010 midterms, found that 82 percent have received a ballot in the mail. Of that group, 61 percent say they are planning to vote, and 22 perent say they already have. In other words, the 2014 electorate may look more like 2012 than many pollsters assume. That said, Republican Cory Gardner holds a 3.8 percent lead in the Real Clear Politics poll average, and has led in each of the past nine public surveys.

• Two new polls confirm that Georgia’s Senate race is a dead heat. CNN/ORC has Democrat Michelle Nunn leading Republican David Perdue 47 to 44 percent, while The Atlanta Journal-Constitution shows Perdue ahead 44 to 42 percent. Nunn is up by 1 percent in the poll average, but it appears likely that the race will not be decided until a January runoff.

• The Republican Governors Association appears to share Wisconsin governor Scott Walker’s concern over his re-election campaign; the group has reportedly purchased an additional $1 million in television advertising time in Wisconsin. Walker and Democrat Mary Burke are deadlocked at 47.3 percent in the poll average.

• And South Carolina Democrat Vincent Sheheen suffered an embarrassing slip of the tongue on Thursday night, when he — apparently inadvertently — referred to his Republican opponent, Governor Nikki Haley, as a “whore.” Although the incident seems to have been an honest mistake, it can’t help Sheheen, who trails Haley by double digits in the poll average.

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Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. elw October 25, 2014

    Not a surprised, the polls have been off for the last several elections. What is clear is their data collection distribution is not working, It was off in 2008, 2010, 2012 and will not be right this time as well. Nice boost for Democrats, but don’t let anyone use that as an excuse not to vote – we need everyone we can get.

    1. Dominick Vila October 25, 2014

      The key is Democratic voter turnout. Every Republican neighbor has voted. Unfortunately, the few Democrats I know have not done so yet.
      I live in a very Red district, and I would not be surprised if Democrats are so disheartened by what they hear that they have given up.

      1. elw October 26, 2014

        I know what you mean, I live in Darrel Issa’s district. All my neighbors listen to FOX News. I have satisfied my need by reaching out to family members, especially my grandkids who are in their early 20’s.

        1. Dominick Vila October 26, 2014

          Our two sons are Democrats, three of our grandchildren are Republicans, two Democrats, and one is too young to vote.

          1. elw October 26, 2014

            My family is a mixture of Right and Left as well. It can be quite uncomfortable at family gatherings.

  2. Whatmeworry October 25, 2014

    Republicans will have to settle with majority of 54-46 unless Dem’s can get the 4Million illegals to vote like they did in 2012

    1. FireBaron October 26, 2014

      And your proof?

      1. Whatmeworry October 26, 2014

        Well we know f0r certain that just 1 postal box at mail center in Atlanta received 24,009 Income tax refund checks

      2. Whatmeworry October 26, 2014

        My proof is in the newspapers. You should read one every now and then and educate youreself like I have

    2. elw October 26, 2014

      Oh come on, if you are going to make up stories at least make them realistic. Use a little creativity and make up something new that has not been disproven hundreds of times.

      1. Whatmeworry October 26, 2014

        The 4 Million illegal voters is on the low side. .We know for certain that Al Frankin from MN was elected Senator by illegal votes

        1. elw October 27, 2014

          Come on t

          1. Whatmeworry October 31, 2014

            I do prefer MSNBC over Fox to ask those question.

        2. elw October 27, 2014

          Come on, get real. You know nothing for certain about anything. That is a nonsensical claim with nothing behind but gossip that is made up.

          1. Whatmeworry October 29, 2014

            Your not seriously trying to deny illegals vote are you. When Hispanics are polled 32% of non citizens state that they are either registered to vote or have voted

          2. elw October 30, 2014

            What I am saying is there is zero proof of what you are saying. It is made up rhetoric by charlatans like you.

          3. Whatmeworry October 30, 2014

            Your right the gall of CNN and Cato to ask those questions

          4. elw October 31, 2014

            Do you actually think because some talking head on the TV asks a question it is proof of anything?

          5. Whatmeworry October 31, 2014

            No but the data supports it

          6. elw November 1, 2014

            Because you want to believe that, does not make it so. In addition, you have show proof if you say data supports it, proof that is more than asking questions or some a vague statement about Newspapers. In the meantime all you are doing is trying to spread gossip based on gossip that is BS.

          7. Whatmeworry November 1, 2014

            being intellectually lazy suits your comments well

    3. Dominick Vila October 26, 2014

      Unless you are referring to the 4 million illegal immigrants who were granted amnesty by President Reagan, I have no idea how illegal will be able to register to vote. Please elaborate.

      1. Whatmeworry October 26, 2014

        The 4 million under Reagan was done via a law not unilateral action.
        However in the majority of blue states no ID is required to pick up an absentee ballot. In WI as an example you can go to the Sec of Elections and pick up MULTIPLE ballots no questions asked.

        1. Dominick Vila October 27, 2014

          Most states require proof of citizenship and residency.
          The difference between Reagan’s amnesty and the indifference of most presidents during the last half century is that Reagan’s decision pardoned those who had broken our laws, made them legal residents, and paved their way to citizenship. The indifference of the others simply allowed illegal immigrants to live and work in the USA, without the benefits of legal residency and without a possibility of ever becoming a U.S. citizen.

          1. Whatmeworry October 29, 2014

            You keep using the term Regan… I guess trying to attempting to justify what Barak is attempting to do. Reagan’s actions were based on a Law passed by congress. Barak doesn’t believe the laws of this country apply to him.
            As for your 1st point Utter Nonsense

          2. Whatmeworry is Dan M Ketter October 30, 2014

            Who, Dannnno Ketter

          3. Dominick Vila October 30, 2014

            Take a look at the following website. It may help you understand the difference between infantile rhetoric and UTTER NONSENSE:

            The correct spellings of the names of our former and current presidents are Reagan and Barack, not Regan and Barak. Those are names or surnames, not terms.
            Would you mind citing which laws were violated or ignored by President Obama? Have you heard of Iran-Contra? Funding death squads in Nicaragua and El Salvador? The cut and run in Lebanon after 272 U.S. marines were slaughtered? Letting a Lt. Col. assume responsibility for Iran-Contra. Deregulation that contributed to the near debacle of the S&L industry. A 189% increase in the national debt…and the list goes on.

          4. Whatmeworry October 30, 2014

            The correct spelling for barak would be Barry Soroto.
            Lets see
            > Bankruptcy laws
            > Funding terrorist organizations
            >arming cartels
            >immigration laws
            > Using the IRS EPA OSHA and Justice dept to go after his enemies ala Nixon who was impeached for 1/2 of what Barry has done.
            Need some more or is that enough

          5. Dominick Vila October 31, 2014

            Bankruptcy laws to prevent the likelihood of a sequel to the Lehman Brothers, AIG, Bernie Maddoff affairs, and another Great Recession are a plus, not a negative.
            Funding terrorist organizations? Are you referring to Reagan funding the Mujaheddin – including OBL?
            Sting operations that include infiltrating criminal organizations have been common place throughout our history. The problem with the one you are referring to is that the DEA got too close to the big guys that have been selling weapons to the Mexican drug cartels.
            Proposing immigration law reform is not a violation of the law. Effective immigration law reform designed to deal with the presence of 10 million illegal immigrants living and working in the USA, and finding a solution to reduce the influx of illegal immigrants is desperately needed. Don’t confuse immigration law reform with Reagan-style amnesty. In any case, neither is a violation of the law.
            The IRS scandal is only a crime in the eyes of those responsible for submitting applications for tax exempt status that contained false information. Going after criminals and cheaters is not a crime. As for the EPA and OSHA, I have no idea what you are talking about.
            Your evidence of violations of the law are so ridiculous they don’t even deserve a response.

          6. Whatmeworry October 31, 2014

            The correct spelling for barak would be Barack
            Lets see
            >Bankruptcy laws
            >unfunding terrorist organizations
            >unarming cartels
            >strict immigration laws
            > Using the IRA EPA OSSHA and Justice dept to not go after his enemies ala Nixon who was impeached for more than 1/2 of what Baracj has done.
            Need some more or is that enough

          7. Dominick Vila October 31, 2014

            What bankruptcy laws has President Obama signed that in any way represent a violation of the law, impair economic growth, or foster a resumption of the Wall Street abuses we saw when Republicans were in charge?
            Why should President Obama, or any other President, fund terrorist organizations?
            Why should we arm drug cartels?
            Why should we have lax immigration laws?
            I confess I have no idea what the comment about the EPA, and OSHA is all about. As for the so called IRS scandal, why should we allow cheaters to submit libelous claims and grant them tax exempt status. The real question for me is why do we grant political and religious organization tax exempt status.
            Nixon was not impeached and did not leave office because of his policies, he was impeached because of his actions, which were probably caused by untreated paranoia.

          8. Whatmeworry October 31, 2014

            He didn’t sign any bankruptcy laws. He broke them.
            The US code requires that during a bankruptcy the 1st folks to get their $$ back are Bond Holders. During the GM and Chrysler fiasco Barak TOOK the bond holders $$ and gave it to the unions.
            Barak has funded Hamas and the Mooslim Brother hood
            Fast and Furious armed the cartels
            Barak hasn’t enforced our immigration laws and hasn’t used the INS to look for illegals at US businesses in 4 years.
            The IRS is required to follow the law teaparty folks in some cases have yet to receive their status and it caused Voter suppression. While OFA was approved in 2 days. Why religious?? that’s easy its the liberals interpretation of the constitution called separation of Church and State. I’d be willing to tax churches as long as we tax State, Education Interior Commerce and every other federal agency.
            Nixon’s action are far less egresses than Barak’s. the difference is Barak ego won’t let him

          9. Dominick Vila November 1, 2014

            Which bankruptcy laws did President Obama violate? Are you suggesting that preventing corporations such as GM and Chrysler was a violation of some mysterious law? If so, how do you explain Bush’s TARP, a measure designed to bailout the banks most responsible for the Great Recession from bankruptcy?
            The fact that some of auto industry workers are unionized does not mean that money that belonged to bond holders was given to labor unions. Both the bond holders, and thousands of auto workers – union and non-union – including those working at suppliers facilities and dealerships were able to keep their jobs…as opposed to what people like Romney have done to make a buck.
            Would you mind providing evidence to support your claim that President Obama funded Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood? The USA has been giving $1B to Egypt since the end of the 6-day war on condition that they leave Israel alone, and support stability in the region. President Obama continued the same policy supported by his predecessors. Personally, I would limit foreign aid to fight famine, disease, and promote education in Third World countries, but that is not going to happen regardless of who is in the WH and who controls Congress.
            Fast and Furious was a sting operation designed to find who was selling arms to the Mexican drug cartels. The DEA used the same tactics that law enforcement agencies have used for decades in cases like this. The fact that two weapons with serial numbers that could be traced to the U.S. government were placed next to a dead DEA agent is something that only the most gullible can swallow. The problem with that operation is that the DEA got too close to who was behind the sale of arms to the cartels, and there are certain institutions in the USA that not even the U.S. government can mess with.
            President Obama is the only President who has complied with U.S. immigration laws. Illegal immigration is at an all time low, deportations are at unprecedented highs, the way Central American children, and some women, seeking asylum were treated was consistent with U.S. laws, including the need to grant them a hearing to determine whether or not they qualified for asylum. Instead of Reagan style amnesty, which encourage more people to enter the USA illegally, President Obama has enforced out immigration laws, and proposed reforming them to find a permanent solution to an issue that should have been solved long ago.
            The IRS did what it is supposed to do. They noticed a tendency by Tea Party organizations to lie in their requests for tax exempt status and acted upon their findings. They deserve praise and support for a job well done.
            Religious organizations are not the same as government agencies. The latter provide services associated with national security, foreign policy, building and maintaining infrastructure, currency management, pensions to seniors, healthcare to seniors, regulation to protect workers and the population at large, and the list goes on. Religious organizations are private institutions that provide spiritual comfort to their parishioners, and often are nothing more than a highly profitable business. Separation of Church and State should be enough to justify ending tax breaks to organizations that exploit the ignorance, fears, and superstitions of some to profit.

          10. Whatmeworry November 1, 2014

            No its not some “mysterious law” its called this countries bankruptcy law. TARP is 180 different. W didn’t take private assets and give them to a union.
            The bond holders LOST EVERY Penny they had invested in GM and Chrysler. Romney never TOOK some ones $$$ at the point of a gun like Barak.
            Evidence that’s easy juts look at the foreign aid provided to Palestine. Surely they have newspapers where you live don’t they? Conversing with you is like dealing with a 6th grader that never reads or tries to understand World affairs.
            No Obama wasn’t ‘following” his predecessors actions, his predecessors never lost control of the weapons. Holders and Barak’s reason for the gun deals was to garner public opinion to control legal gun sales. Just like their current technique of denying gun dealers access to banks while allowing drug dealers full access.
            Illegal immigration is at an all time low…that was thanks to the recession that the Dem’s brought on this country. As for apprehensions even the border patrol has said the ONLY reason they are up is that illegals are giving themselves up at the border hoping that they will go to a detention center and then be released. Obama rather than complying with the immigration laws is now providing illegals with public attorneys at our expense. That is against our laws
            The IRS is Supposed to be NON Partisan when dealing with the public. The fact that tea party and other groups were held hostage by the IRS and it resulted in voter Suppression.
            I agree that religious institutions aren’t govt agencies. The $$$ donated are used for good and not wasted while the federal govt waste’s more $$ and takes it at the point of a gun providing the taxpayers with little in the way of benefit. The fact that the avg Federal employee makes $130,000 a year should be a tip off even to the mentally lazy that there is no benefit to having a large govt and its high time that the Federal govt complies with the constitution

          11. Dominick Vila November 2, 2014

            I am not going to answer all the outrageous claims you made because I have better things to do than waste time responding to far right talking points, but there are a few things that deserve clarification:
            1. The USA has been giving foreign aid to Palestine since the establishment of limited self-rule in the mid 1990 in the West Bank. That foreign aid, which has enjoyed bipartisan support, and international participation, amounts to about $5B by now.
            2. The William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Re-authorization Act, signed into law by former President George W. Bush December 23, 2008 requires, among other things, a formal hearing, legal representation, and a judge’s decision, before asylum seekers are deported back to their country.
            3. The main difference between Bush’s TARP and Obama’s stimulus package is that the former was designed to bail out Wall Street and the latter was designed to stimulate the economy and stop the long string of bankruptcies that resulted from Republican deregulation and economic policies. President Obama – and Bush – used public funds appropriated by Congress for their initiatives to prevent the collapse of the U.S. economy. For ideologues like you, that may mean getting their way at gun point, for most people capable of logical thinking, their actions constitute desperately needed measures required to prevent the unthinkable.
            4. President Obama did not arm terrorists. Reagan did. Reagan armed, trained, and provided military intelligence to the Mujaheddin, including OBL, during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. He negotiated the famous Iran-Contra deal with the Iranian Ayatollahs at a time when such negotiations were against U.S. policy, to arm the death squads in Nicaragua and El Salvador, against specific instructions by Congress. Reagan also provided WMDs, including chemical and biological weapons, training, and satellite imagery, to the Saddam Hussein regime during the Iraq-Iran war. Surely a person so fond of reading newspapers remembers the Reagan administration bragging about the support we were giving to Saddam, and our determination to stop Iranian expansionism.
            As for my knowledge of foreign affairs, suffice it to say that I spent 30 years overseas, and I know more about what goes on in other parts of the world that people like you, who rely on FOX for information, will ever know.

          12. Whatmeworry November 2, 2014

            Its a shame that you attempt to appear to be well versed but get in the gutter with barak. WHY??
            1. Hamas ONLY started to get $$ when Barak became president. Because he see’s them as fellow moooslims just like he has done with Egypt.
            2 Sorry the bill you quote makes NO reference to US Paid legal representation. They can HAVE a council as long as they fund it.
            3 W’s TARP $$$ was approved by Congress and W did the right thing and allowed Barak to pick his man to over see the program. Barak on the other hand broke laws when he tried to spend the stimulus $$$. Why because Barak doesn’t think the laws of this country apply to him. Not since Nixon have we had a president who refuses to obey this countries laws.
            4 Barak has armed Libyans who killed our folks in Benghazi. His maniacal focus of overthrowing the elected govt of Syria led him to arm train and fund ISIS at secrete bases in Jordan.
            Baraks actions and failures during the Arab spring has made the whole area TOXIC for our interests.
            You may have spent 30 years overseas but it 1 year 30 times and you learned NUTTING

          13. Whatmeworry is Dan M Ketter November 3, 2014

            Blah Blah Blah

            Dannnyboy Ketter needs to get back on his meds!

          14. Whatmeworry is Dan M Ketter October 31, 2014

            Linda Ketter’s point is nonsense


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