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Midterm Roundup: Hagan Hanging On In North Carolina

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Midterm Roundup: Hagan Hanging On In North Carolina


Here are some interesting stories on the midterm campaigns that you may have missed on Monday, October 20:

• Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC) continues to lead Republican Thom Tillis by 3 percent, according to a Public Policy Polling survey released Monday. The poll marks the third consecutive month in which PPP has found Hagan ahead by 3 or 4 percent. The incumbent Democrat is up just 1.2 percent in the Real Clear Politics poll average, but she has led in nearly every public poll since the summer.

• Despite Senator Hagan’s consistent lead, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is not relenting on its expensive campaign to discredit Tillis. The group’s latest effort is a TV attack ad blasting the Republican’s “horrifying” record on women’s health.

• The National Republican Senatorial Committee may have given up on Michigan Republican Terri Lynn Land’s Senate campaign, but the Michigan GOP is still airing ads on her behalf. It’s not going well. Their latest effort, titled “Gary Peters Loan Sharknado,” is about as awful as the name suggests — and seems extremely unlikely to turn the tide of the race, which Land trails by 9 percent in the poll average.

• A new KHOU-TV/Houston Public Media poll of Texas’ gubernatorial race finds Republican Greg Abbott pulling away from Democrat Wendy Davis. Abbott is up 47 to 32 percent in the poll, and has opened up a 12.3 percent lead in the poll average. Despite Democrats’ lofty hopes, it appears that Texas isn’t ready to turn blue quite yet.

• And this seems extremely unlikely to help Senator Pat Roberts’ (R-KS) efforts to convince voters that he hasn’t lost touch with Kansas: The senator’s website features images of a field that is supposed to represent the Sunflower State — but is actually located in Ukraine.

Photo: Third Way via Flickr

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. FT66 October 21, 2014

    I am impressed by early voting in Iowa. History is repeating itself once again. We are back to what happened in 2008 & 2012. It is not true that Dems are not enthusiastic. Dems, wherever you are, go and practice your right to vote and once more prove the media wrong.

  2. Eleanore Whitaker October 21, 2014

    Actually, there’s a more subliminal message Americans are sending the GOP in formerly blood red states: They are fed up with the bossy, overbearing, deceptive, contortions of truth they’ve been handed for generations.

    In reality, Americans don’t want politicians who focus ONLY and ALWAYS on big business. Red states have taken the hardest hit from the so-called Great Recession imposed on them by the GOP since 2001. The minute they got their GOP president in 2000, the hardship, struggle and trough feeding by Big Businesses started. That’s the Bush legacy. The same legacy as Harding and Hoover…suck up to Big Business at the expense of individual American taxpayers..yeah..like that ever lasts for long.

    Red states have depended all too long on dinosaur industries that are sinking fast thanks to advanced technologies…ironically not necessarily coming from the stagnated USA. But, from the global business community that has now outpaced the US in hi-tech advancements.

    So what the GOP refused to allow…progress and advancement is now biting them in their butts. Does the GOP think it will spread it’s austerity and hardship on the rest of the countries of the world just so they can dash any hope for true progress?

    The GOP is so locked into the pre-Civil War days, it simply has NO ability to change its mindset to one that is far more advanced in the sciences, the arts or hi-tech industries. The reality is …we, the people of the United States of America, in “order to form a more perfect union” will go forward with or without the GOP and its backward mentalities. Our tax dollars are not their domain.

  3. Charvi3 October 21, 2014

    I want to get my point across…as many times that the Republicans didn’t feel guilty for using the “Taxpayers” hard earned monies first, Ted Cruz, shutting the Government….next the Banghazi issue…which flopped…then the crazy idea of suing the President that they didn’t hesitate to spend the “Taxpayers” monies again and it flopped…and wanting to impeach the President and they made more monies off of that…when they knew it would not pass through the Senate…and then this has been the worst Congress we have had since Truman in the 40’s was in office and didn’t want to help our Aftican American Presdient in any way…then, as John Boehner, related to me…it has been the “Right Wing Republican Conservative Movement” that has ruling the U.S. as if it cannot rule itself…and he plainly stated the truth…it has been nothing but, “NASTY POLITICS”…from the Republican Side…and he said this isn’t the way that “Democracy Should Work”..I agree…since, Bush, was in office it has been nothing but, supporting the Rich man and Big Businesses…we have to change back to the way we use to be to serve all Americans…and then this last straw…where Bush…signed into effect…a law that would allow the states to “SUPPRESS” votes and to be able to throw away votes after people that have to voted by Absentee Ballots…and then N.C. , GA…and Wisconsin wanting to suppress votes…come voting day…you are going to see the biggest turn out of voters who are going to vote Democratic…because when we had an all Democratic Congress when, Bill Clinton, was in office we didn’t have this mess…it is always the Republicans that want to go to war…to use the Taxpayers monies again…to get us into deeper debt…why do you think we are like this today…it was, Bush, that took us into a war…in the wrong place to begin with…if we went to war…we should have gone to, Pakistan, where Bin Ladin was and the Taliban….the Stupid thing…gave the rich a big “Tax Break”….that was obvious once again…the Republicans only care about the wealthy and the rich…not all Americans…taking away programs
    needed to help women…and to help the middle class and the needy and the poor…in other words…the Republicans want to turn our country into a Communistic country…where the people that are high in government would be making the most monies…like in, Iran and other countries over the world…we need to think hard and to make sure we all vote, Democratic, like I said…we didnt’ have all this mess when, Bill Clinton, was in office…John Kerry, and Al Gore worked on the deficit to get it down and the gas prices which is controlled by the “Market People” who are all Republicans….were down instead of up…because we had a Democratic President and a Democratic Congress…and besides, Obama, has had no help from the House or the Congress…it has been very very frustrating for him…but, he got our economy down faster than when, Bill Clinton, was in office…and the jobs in August that opened up were 138,000 and in Sept….248,000 and a lot of other things when he first came into office the Stock Market was so low it was not even funny….then it went up he took care of that…and he saved a lot of people’s homes…for them…I have a couple of friends that didn’t lose their homes because of him…so, again…the ugliness that the Republicans have showed in actions…using the Taxpayers…hard earned monies should say who they are for…and the Conservatives…don’t want the middle class nor the poor or the needy to come to the government for help of any kind…and now they want to tell the woman what to do with her body…wrong again…and so many other things…but, the last straw was taking people’s Civil Rights away from them and their Civil Liberties…with being able to vote….how terrible…voting day is going to be awesome…all of my prayers and meditating in the Word of God…is going to pay off…believe me…because God doesn’t like ugly…and I told Congress I installed a well for all of them to fall into and like the saying goes….”Stupid does as Stupid is…and you cannot fix Stupid….and that is what they are…they have fallen deeper and deeper into that well that I installed for them…a lot of the American people don’t know anything about what Conservatives stand for…and, Paul Ryan, who is still trying to find out what kind of man he is….brought up Catholic…then handing out novels on Atheism written by a Russian Born novelist, Ayn Rand, at Christmas and handing them out to the students he was teaching cramming that junk down their throats…he has been the real problem within the House…being the “Gang Leader” for real…wanting to touch the Social Security monies to give a raise to the Republicans…and that failed…because Social Security is a “Trust Fund” it isn’t an entity…where you have to purchase or buy it…it cannot never be touched…too many people pay into it…and thank God….FDR, was thinking about all Americans…to have a retirement fund for when they retired or became handicapped…what an awesome Democrat…again…voting day will have people voting Democratic…because the American People are sick of the Bush Legacies…period…which the Bushes started…let’s get back to where all of the American People are going to be served not just the rich people…Amen!

  4. Angel Perea October 23, 2014

    THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH: So why is this President accomplishing less? Hum.. It’s all the Presidents’ fault? Or just maybe, Out of Touch GOP? Speaker Boehner’s comments is an “admission that the core issue is: “Dysfunctional House Republicans don’t want to solve the basic policy problem we face, which will require accepting uncomfortable trade-offs, preferring doing nothing — allowing the status quo to fester — is politically easier.” Meanwhile, McConnell and his Senate minority republicans
    have staged 420+ filibusters since he became Minority Leader in 2007. This established historical record of filibusters to blocked a significant number of the President’s job creation legislation and appointments as never before despite elections results by the majority of Americans. It is now clear that for the majority of us ordinary Americans see that those
    republican “do nothing” over the last several years have rapidly seal its fate
    as a minority party. So how is Republican orthodoxy and these Grand non-Achievements working out for your pocketbook issues? And finally, has everyone forgotten the republican created govt. shut down that wasted $27 billion in our taxpayer funds? Does anyone really think that most intelligent thinking Americans are that stupid to reward irresponsible behavior? It is the responsibility of our National Press to accurately identity each of these anti- American extremist hypocrites! There was a time when senator’s reason together to the general good of American people! FACT CHECK –find out the inconvenient recorded truth: http://killfil.com/senators/&http://www.huffingtonpost.com/robert-creamer/out-of-touch-gop-rapidly_b_5650490.html?ncid=txtlnkusaolp00000592#es_share_ended
    & http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/plum-line/wp/2014/04/25/morning-plum-john-boehner-admits-republicans-are-the-problem/


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