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Midterm Roundup: The Worst Attack Ad Of The Year?

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Midterm Roundup: The Worst Attack Ad Of The Year?


Here are some interesting stories on the midterm campaigns that you may have missed on Thursday, October 9:

• If Democrat Wendy Davis is going to lose Texas’ gubernatorial election, she’s going to lose ugly. On Friday, her campaign released a vicious ad invoking Republican nominee Greg Abbott’s partial paralysis to attack him as a hypocrite, causing Abbott’s campaign to angrily accuse Davis of reaching a “historic low.” Abbott leads by 11.3 percent in the Real Clear Politics poll average.

• A new set of New York Times/CBS News/YouGov polls finds that Democrats are making gains in gubernatorial races across the country. Democratic candidates now lead the races in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Maine — all of which currently have Republican governors — and are within striking distance in several other states, including Wisconsin.

• Iowa’s Senate race remains one of the closest in the nation. A new Lukens Company poll finds Democrat Bruce Braley barely leading Republican Joni Ernst, 39 to 38 percent; 21 percent remain undecided, suggesting that the race could still tip either way. Ernst leads by 1.5 percent in the poll average.

• For the past week, New Hampshire’s Senate race has been dominated by debate over Democratic senator Jeanne Shaheen’s claim that her Republican opponent, Scott Brown, “co-sponsored legislation to let employers deny women coverage for birth control.” Brown has vociferously denied the charge, leading PolitiFact to weigh in on the claim. Their verdict: True.

• And how can you tell that Independent candidate Larry Pressler is a legitimate force in South Dakota’s unpredictable Senate race? Both Democrats and Republicans are suddenly lashing out at his longshot campaign.

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Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. Independent1 October 10, 2014

    I don’t know about an ad Wendy Davis’ team may be circulating, but her speech recently sure laid it on the line. If Texas who heard or read about Wendy’s speech vote for Abbott – they’ll essentially be voting for a crook from the word go.

    Here’s some of what she said as reported by the DailyKos:

    I chose to run for Governor because I believe that the old insider network in Austin has taken Texas as far as it can. I believe that their dealings undermine our ability to give our children the education they deserve; that they break our promise not to waste taxpayer dollars; and that we need a renewed effort, like generations of Texans before us, to root out the culture of corruption that is shortchanging hardworking Texans and selling out their future.

    Because the creeping corruption that victimized veterans after World War II is the same kind that caused our Attorney General to accept $300,000 from payday lenders and give them the green light to victimize veterans today by charging them more than three or four times what credit card
    companies charge.

    It’s the same kind of creeping corruption that caused him to accept $100,000 from the Koch family and Koch Industries, a chemical company,
    and then deny you the right to know if there are hazardous chemicals near your homes and schools. The only reason you don’t know if there are deadly chemicals stored in your neighborhoods is Greg Abbott. And on Tuesday we learned that one in three Texas students go to a school that’s within range of a hazardous chemical zone.

    And it’s the same creeping culture of corruption that led Greg Abbott to take $700,000 from Farmers Insurance, its lawyers and its lobbyists to protect their interests while they gouged millions from homeowners.

    That led him to accept nearly half a million dollars from his donors and then prompted him to abdicate his role on the cancer research oversight committee and look the other way while they got tens of millions in
    taxpayer dollars for cancer research despite the fact that their applications were never even reviewed or given low scores.

    That caused him to accept $350,000 from the chairman of a Texas
    hospital and intervene in court against the victims of a surgeon who maimed, paralyzed and even killed patients while he was high on cocaine, even though the hospital knew the surgeon had a history of misconduct but let him keep operating anyway.

    And the only reason why we know about the culture of corruption
    in the Texas Enterprise Fund is because of a bill I authored to audit it and
    protect taxpayer money for the first time since the fund was created.

    Greg Abbott is our Attorney General. He is our state’s chief law enforcement officer. He is supposed to be the people’s lawyer. And it was his responsibility to make sure that the millions of dollars going to companies were resulting in jobs. Not only did he fail to do that, but he covered up the fact that they weren’t.

    The late, great poet Maya Angelou once said that “when someone shows you who they are, believe them.”

    Over and over, time after time, Greg Abbott has shown us that he is part of that old insider network looking out for insiders, a key player in that creeping culture of corruption, shortchanging hardworking Texans and selling out our future.

    It’s time to return our government in Austin back to the people like our Constitution called for. And when I’m elected Governor, I will be swift. I will be vigilant, and I will put an end to the corruption that has held back hardworking Texans for far too long.

    For those interested in the entire DailyKos article, here is the link:


    1. joe schmo October 11, 2014

      Good luck winning anything in Texas, Libs. If any winning will go on it will be in Austinland. Home of the fruits and nuts.

      1. Independent1 October 11, 2014

        Hey! Can I help it if the state is full of absolute idiots that would actually vote in an absolute crook to be their governor??????

        1. kenndeb October 11, 2014

          Why? The Emperor got elected twice, and he is the most illegal, lawless thing we have in our country.

          1. Independent1 October 11, 2014

            Right!! And you have evidence of that do you??? Just like all your other worthless conspiracy theory idiocy!!!

            I’ll guarantee you that Wendy did not make all those statements without having ironclad proof that Abbott is AS CROOKED AS IT COMES!!!!!!

          2. kenndeb October 11, 2014

            You really are dense. This regime has been deemed the worst, most lawless in the history of our country. If you want proof, try using google.

          3. Independent1 October 11, 2014

            Oh right!! Just google all those RWNJ created websites who have recorded on the internet all the lies, distortions of the truth and conspiracy theories that fill the minds of mindless idiots such as yourself with just a wealth of absolute garbage!! You and your ilk are such worthless human beings it’s beyond my comprehension how God hasn’t wiped you off the face of the earth already!!!!!!

          4. kenndeb October 11, 2014

            So sad that someone that is most likely a first year college student is so brainwashed that they will not even look at anything other than regime approved propaganda sites. I feel so bad for you. You are a slave and don’t even know you are already in chains. So sad. If you seek help now, perhaps you can be cured of the mental disorder called liberalism.

          5. Wayne Thorson October 11, 2014

            Kenndeb, It is so obvious you are brainwashed by Glenn Beck, Rush Bimbow and Fox News. You should try and use some common sense and do some thinking for yourself. Those 3 are the biggist liars in the world. I listen to them all the time for my own amusement.

          6. kenndeb October 11, 2014

            The biggest liar in this country, perhaps even the entire universe, is your fearless Emperor. He has elevated lying into an art form. Perhaps you should try opening up your mind and eyes? What the regime is telling you are all lies.

          7. Wayne Thorson October 11, 2014

            What lie has he made that is bigger than claiming he had inside information that Saddem had weapons of mass distruction?

          8. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

            No, they are the ones amused, really.

          9. Wayne Thorson October 11, 2014

            No, they are amusing.

          10. TheSkalawag929 October 11, 2014

            The problem is when they took out his brain to wash it they put it back in backward.

          11. Wayne Thorson October 11, 2014

            Which brain are you talking about? Glenns or Rush. I think it was done to both. But they are good for a laugh.

          12. TheSkalawag929 October 11, 2014

            Between the two of them they MAY have maybe seven functioning brain cells and they are arguing over who gets the odd functioning brain cell.

          13. Russell Byrd October 11, 2014

            I must opine that all seven of those brain cells are odd. . . .

            Very odd.

          14. Russell Byrd October 11, 2014

            Kenndweeb, one of us knows that what you say is all lies. You should know as well, but I wonder if your kind suffers from an evolutionary defect that protects us from fear when the world is going to hell. I just can’t believe spewing the lies that you do is intentional. No one normal would be that stupid.

          15. Russell Byrd October 11, 2014

            Webster was not known for being particularly liberal, so why don’t you look up “liberal, conservative, progressive, and fascist,” and see what they actually mean. You goons have been waging war against a WORD for upwards of 50 years, AND it is a very good word, to boot. Now how stupid and narrow minded is that?

          16. TheSkalawag929 October 12, 2014

            If it weren’t for Liberalism your dumb butt wouldn’t have the First Amendment Right to spew your stupid spiel on the WWW.

          17. awakenaustin October 11, 2014

            I understand the urge. I frequently fall victim to it.
            But you understand you are arguing with a moron who is also a fanatic. Both kenndeb and joe schmo are classic examples of the Dunning-Kruger effect at work.

          18. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

            You see, progressives, (cause this clown is not independent for sure) only believe in tolerance for their own opinions, they don’t want to hear anybody else’s, or they want them to die.

          19. Independent1 October 11, 2014

            You can be sure it’s not the progressive that are fighting tooth and nail every day to shortchange people of care that they need. I haven’t heard of one progressive suggesting that
            – food stamps should be cut
            – Social programs like Social Security and Medicare should be cut
            – that Medicaid benefits should be denied to people who really need them
            – that the poor are bloodsuckers sucking money that should rightly go to the wealthy who already have more money than they need.
            – that taxes should be cut so the rich can get away with paying less of their fair share just so the peons can pay more
            – that America should start a war so the GOP’s rich buddies in the defense industry can suck more taxpayer dollars by defrauding the government

            And on and on and on!!!

            Man are you ever a sick conservative!!!!!!

          20. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

            Food stamps have gone up 57% in 6 years, what more can we do for you?

          21. Independent1 October 12, 2014

            Actually, the use of them has decreased about 15% in the last couple years as the unemployment rate has gone down from around 8% to 5.9%.

            And the reason it initially went up IS ALL THE FAULT OF THE GOP!!!!

            It was GWB WHO ALLOWED the Great Recession to happen which ended up throwing almost 14 million Americans out of work and forced thousands of large and small companies into bankruptcy driving up the need for people to use food stamps.

            And it was idiot GOP legislators in RED STATES who STUPIDLY cut budgets and state services during a recession (the stupidist thing you can do) which drove down demands for products in those states further throwing more people out of work an onto unemployment and welfare, including food stamps.

            THAT’S WHY, RED STATES suck more than 75% of food stamps and why 12 of the 15 states that suck the most welfare dollars from Washington per the taxes they pay ARE RED STATES!! AND THAT’S WHY, more than 90% of the counties in America that suck the most welfare and food stamps from Washington for the taxes they send to Washington voted for Mitt Romney in 2012 (421 out of 456 counties that suck the most welfare/food stamps).

          22. Russell Byrd October 11, 2014

            I think one of the outstanding issues with your hatred for Obama and the ACA is, YOU want them to die. And that is the real issue, and the truth.

          23. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

            Hatred? no, I think thats your territory

          24. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            Alford, as in the plea, you would not even be in a chartered liberal blog and bad mouthing Obama unless you were at least partly motivated by racism and evil. So, go tell that to the wall.

            Maybe I do hate, but I only hate hateful liars and racists.

          25. Dominick Vila October 13, 2014

            Kenndeb was very explicit on this issue when he wished President Obama’s assassination at the hands of terrorists.

          26. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            Thank you, Mr. Vila. If our trolls had any real issues with the Democrats, then since Obama took office they have switched that to hatred for the President. In many cases, to the point of hysteria.

            About a couple of years ago, I visited Breitbart. In the fifteen minutes I was there, I counted five direct threats against the President’s life. The posts that suggested that he needed to be assassinated ran into the hundreds. I could not count them all. As well, there were nearly as many overtly raciist posts. In short, nearly every post was screaming hatred and murder. I don’t remember the articles title, because of all the hate against Obama. I was astounded by the vehemence. If I can be shocked, it must be pretty bad, right? Breitbart seems to be cultivating this hatred, and fear.

            Have a good day.

          27. kenndeb October 12, 2014

            Everything is a lie to this lying clown.(independent1) He most likely is a first year political science student that has been fired up by his ultra liberal professor. He has no life, and can only lie about his life and posts long drawn out posts that signify nothing.

          28. Alfred1957 October 12, 2014

            Communist windbag or Independant?
            It’s tough but, I vote for communist windbag.

          29. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

            Don’t bother, they don’t want to learn the truth, its much more comfy for them to wallow in their hate, and where is my govt. check?

          30. TheSkalawag929 October 11, 2014

            Alfred 1957 you should leave the Breitbart, Fox noise republican BS in the outhouse where it belongs.

          31. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

            I don’t think so, I’m pretty sure the outhouse is right here.

          32. TheSkalawag929 October 11, 2014

            I agree if here means between your ears.

          33. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

            Speaking of your outhouse, how is that 2500 dollar cut in your health care working out for you? Keeping your Doctor? Still have your health plan?
            I’m so excited that Obama will be getting his nice short haircut Oct. 4th, aren’t you? He had 6 years and he blew it completely, oh well.
            See you!

          34. Independent1 October 11, 2014

            Only in the minds of absolutely farcical fools such as yourself!!

            Obama has accomplished more in the past 5 plus years than any 3 of the last worthless GOP presidents accomplished combined!!!

            Here’s just a partial list of Obama’s accomplishments:

            – Obama’s policies have resulted in the
            highest level of consumer confidence in the past 7 years

            – Obama’s policies have resulted in a stock
            Market that’s at the highest levels in history restoring retirement accounts for millions of American seniors that were trashed under the Bush administration

            -Obama has been the smallest spending president since Eisenhower.

            -Obama has reduced deficit spending faster than any president since Truman.

            -There have been more than 54 straight months
            of job growth with more jobs created in the last 5 years than Bush created in 8 years (Bush left office with more than 400,000 less people working in America than when he took office)

            -Obama ended the war in Iraq – as he promised.

            –The 9/11 perpetrator, bin Laden, was eliminated and al Qaeda severely weakened.

            -The war in Afghanistan is almost wound down – as he promised.

            – Obama’s diplomatic efforts have gotten Iran to rework all their uranium into non-weapons grade form such that Iran is no longer a nuclear threat to the world.

            -Millions more students are receiving college
            loans cheaper than ever before because Obama cut the banks out of the loan process despite total inaction by the GOP members of congress.

            – Obama saved the American auto Industry from
            bankruptcy and it’s flourishing again despite GOP opposition; making profits not seen since Clinton was in office.

            -More than 150 billion in taxes have been collected from auto industry related companies and workers over the past 5 years that would have been lost if the industry went bankrupt.

            -More than 1.5 million American jobs were saved through the auto bailout helping keep America out of the GOP’s second created world-wide depression.

            -Obama started a war on fraud in the defense
            and healthcare sectors with more fraudulently charged monies recovered (billions) and crooks brought to justice than had been recovered by the 3 prev. pres. combined

            -More PROBLEM illegal aliens have been rounded
            up and deported over the past 5 years than by any other president (more than 1.5 million).

            -Obama’s stimulus program energized America
            green energy initiatives such that alternative energies (solar, wind, hydro and plasma) may well make fossil fuels obsolete within the next 10 plus years.

            -More gas and oil have been pumped out of the
            ground the past 3 years than at any other time in US in history; America is now the largest energy producer on the planet surplanting Russia and Saudi Arabia for that title.

            -America’s relationships have been restored
            with virtually all it’s international partners after Bush had virtually the whole world hating America (and that included the British people).

            Obama has accomplished more in last 6 years than any president since FDR

          35. TheSkalawag929 October 11, 2014

            More Krptonite for the right.

          36. Russell Byrd October 11, 2014

            Just a thought, but I just quit going to the physical therapy my doctor had scheduled for me. Turns out the therapist was a Teabugger that wanted to talk politics. I couldn’t abide the lies.

            Amongst other things, he claimed the Democrats were “his” party, but he spoke straight Faux Noise, Flush Limppud, and Glen Peck-erhead.

            But the one I loved was, he wanted me to prove that Obama did not inflate the number of people out of work, in order to do what . . . gain sympathy? But in the very next sentence he was claiming that proof has been uncovered in California, that Obama was under-stating the number of people out of work. Really!

            Then he gives me a bit that “it is just wrong,” that so many people, including some very young ones, are drawing disability. He KNOWS, because these injured and damaged people are coming in to his clinic. We pay his bills and give him a rationale for having a career. And he is rabid about it.

            Where do these people come from?

          37. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

            No, he hasn’t

          38. Independent1 October 12, 2014

            Go ahead and try – go back to Nixon, Reagan and the 2 Bushes and list me even 5 things these 4 presidents did altogether that you can honestly say were beneficial for America. And getting almost impeached like Nixon or committing treason like he did by sabotaging the Vietnam peace talks isn’t beneficial to America.

            Reagan virtually destroying the fabric of America with his fantasies about trickle down economics and t he destruction of unions while tripling America’s debt in 8 years isn’t beneficial to America.

            Or running America for 4 years and basically accomplishing nothing like Bush 1, isn’t beneficial to America.

            Or getting American in two unnecessary wars based on lies and getting almost 10,000 American soldiers killed while virtually quadrupling our debt isn’t beneficial to America either like Bush 2,

            So let’s see you list something positive for these 4 totally worthless presidents.

          39. Alfred1957 October 12, 2014

            No that is not at all correct, but then, I don’t expect a communist to agree with me

          40. TheSkalawag929 October 12, 2014

            We don’t see your list that contradicts Independent1’s list. Probably because Independent1 is correct in his statement.

          41. Independent1 October 12, 2014

            How could I agree or disagree when you haven’t produced a list???

            And I was really being kind to Reagan as he was without question THE WORST PRESIDENT IN AMERICA EVER!!!!

            And if you don’t believe that, just scan this list of his ignominious 1sts:

            1. First to turn America into a DEBTOR nation.

            1a. First to triple the debt of a state he governed and then almost triple the debt of the nation.

            2. First to increase DEBT faster than growth of national income in eight years.

            3. First to increase DEBT faster than growth of GDP over eight years.

            4. First to double the deficit in just eight years.

            5. First to “almost”: triple the national DEBT in just eight years.

            6. First to increase SPENDING by 80%–over 8 years.

            7. First to have a popularity rating of 35% after his 1st two years in office

            8. First to have unemployment at 10.8% since big depression

            10. First to SPEND more in eight years than was spent in prior 50 years.

            11. First to have “real” INTEREST RATES of 8% after averaging 1% over 35 years.

            12. First to keep PRIME INTEREST RATES at 20%.

            13. First to over value the dollar to the Yen at rate of 262 yen to $1

            14. First to have served as Governor and increased spending by 112%

            15. First to have home loan interest rates as high as 16%

            16. First to cut taxes by 60% for his rich pals

            17. First to “deal” with terrorists.

            18. First to bust a union and then appoint union haters to run the department of labor

            19. First to set a record for the largest one day percentage decline of the Dow – 10-19-87

            20. First to have increased his wealth by over $10,000,000 from serving for 8 years as president

            21. First in having servicemen killed during peacetime (241 killed while they slept in their barracks)

            22. First in Farm Foreclosures

            23. First in Savings & Loan Failures

            24. First in percent of increase in personal bankruptcies

            25. First to have an Assistant Secretary of State indicted

            26. First to have an Assistant Secretary of Defense sent to prison

            27. First to have 100 Members of an Administration Charged with Crimes

            28. First to have more members of his administration charged with crimes than the cumulative total of all previous presidents in the 20th Century

            29. First to testify under oath 130 times “ I don’t
            Remember”17. First to have an Admiral plead the “fifth amendment”

            30. First to have an Admiral with a photographic memory testify 128 times “I don’t remember”

            31. First to honor “Nazi Storm Troopers” by calling them “innocent victims”

            32. First governor to increase personal income tax by 60%, increase taxes on cigarettes by 200% and state tax collections by 152%

            33. First president to have been divorced17. First to have an Admiral plead the “fifth amendment”

          42. TheSkalawag929 October 12, 2014

            Still no comparative list from Alfred1957. Could it be that your previous post concerning low IQ and conservatism is correct?

          43. Independent1 October 11, 2014

            And I guess if Obama has blown the last 6 years, Reagan then must have been a total failure since Obama has clearly been the best modern day president:

            Deitrick: ”President Reagan has long been considered the best modern economic President. So we compared his performance dealing with the oil-induced recession of the 1980s with that of President Obama and his performance during this ‘Great Recession.’

            “As this unemployment chart shows, President Obama’s job creation kept unemployment from peaking at as high a level as President Reagan, and promoted people into the workforce faster than President Reagan.

            “President Obama has achieved a 6.1% unemployment rate in his sixth year, fully one year faster than President Reagan did. At this point in his presidency, President Reagan was still struggling with 7.1% unemployment, and he did not reach into the mid-low 6% range for another full year. So, despite today’s number, the Obama administration has still done considerably better at job creating and reducing unemployment than did the Reagan administration.

            “We forecast unemployment will fall to around 5.4% by summer, 2015. A rate President Reagan was unable to achieve during his two terms.”

            Obama Outperforms Reagan On Jobs, Growth And Investing


          44. TheSkalawag929 October 11, 2014

            The truth of facts are to republicans what krptonite is to Superman. That’s why they switched to their new fashion statement. Lead lined chapeaus

          45. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

            Definitely not son, but you’re young so I forgive you for your lack of knowledge

          46. Independent1 October 12, 2014

            You realize with each post you’re doing nothing but proving to us that you’re nothing more than the typical clueless LOW IQ CONSERVATIVE!!!

          47. Alfred1957 October 12, 2014

            A genius! I’m so impressed!

          48. Independent1 October 12, 2014

            Just like with this idiot post , EVERYTHING YOU SAY IS A LIE!!!

            I’m probably old enough to be your GRANDFATHER!!

            The 1st president I voted for was really an independent who ran on the Republican ticket – an ex General named Eisenhower.

          49. kenndeb October 12, 2014


          50. Independent1 October 12, 2014

            Sorry, but the ones WHO ARE FOOLS, are idiots like yourself who support a party that wants to turn America into a nation that looks like the DISASTROUS RED STATES.

            If you don’t think Red States are A DISASTER!! Then just take a look at these states WHICH PROVE WHAT I SAY!!!!!!

            9 of the 10 states with the most gun related violence are
            Red States

            § States with most Gun Violence per 100,000 – 2012:

            § Homicides/Assaults/Violent Crime

            § LA-9.53/99.51/555.3
            § AK-4.22/80.47/606.5
            § AL-5.92/40.50/420.1
            § AZ-4.24/57.36/405.9
            § MS-6.91/51.69/269.8
            § NM-3.69/87.26/567.5
            § MO-5.59/88.90/447.4
            § GA-4.57/58.64/373.2
            § AR-4.53/100.56/480.9

            7 of the 10 most violent
            states are red states
            Violent Crimes per 100,000
            Population – 2012


            23 of the 25 states with the highest auto fatality rates are Red States. Here’s a list of the 1st 10:

            Auto Fatalities per One Million Miles Driven – 2010

            -11 of the 12 states that have the highest infant
            mortality rates in the nation are GOP-RUN STATES? With Mississippi having thehighest infant mortality followed by Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, S. Carolina, Delaware, North Carolina, Georgia, Oklahoma, Indiana & Ohio.

            -20 of the 24 states that have more than 12% of their population struggling with incomes below the poverty level (the states that need the most welfare assistance) are GOP-RUN STATES. The only Blue States in the top 23 are California, New Mexico, and New York. While for 2013, the 8 states with the highest average incomes, including the 3 with the highest minimum wage standard, are all Blue States.

            – 15 of the 20 states with the highest average rates of homicide over the past 5 years are GOP-RUN STATES. With Louisiana being by far the murder capital of America followed by Mississippi, New Mexico, Maryland, South Carolina, Alabama,
            Arizona, Michigan, Missouri, Tennessee, Georgia, Illinois, Arkansas, Oklahoma, N. Carolina, Nevada and Florida.

            -23 of the 25 states in the nation with the highest highway fatality rates are GOP-RUN STATES; with Montana having the most fatalities followed by Louisiana, West Virginia, S. Carolina, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Arizona, Nevada, Alaska, N. Carolina, S. Dakota, Idaho, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Ohio, Florida…

            -18 of the 20 states with the highest firearms mortality rates are GOP-RUN STATES; with Louisiana leading the nation in firearms mortality followed by Wyoming, Alabama, Montana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Nevada, Tennessee, Alaska,
            New Mexico, Oklahoma, S. Carolina, W. Virginia, Missouri, Arizona, Kentucky,Georgia, Idaho, Florida and N. Carolina

            -9 of the 12 states with 6 or more public servants per 10,000 public employees convicted of corruption are GOP-RUN STATES: led by Louisiana with 10.5, Kentucky – 8.5; S. Dakota – 7.5, Delaware – 7.2; Mississippi – 7.1; Alabama – 7.1; Pennsylvania – 7.1; N. Dakota – 6.9; New Jersey; 6.7; Montana – 6.5; Ohio – 6.3 and Tennessee – 6.0.

            -12 of the 15 states that get back the most federal aid for the tax dollars they send to Washington are GOP-RUN STATES; And all 10 that get more than $1.75 back for each $1 they send to Washington in tax revenues are red states. Of the 17 states that get back less tax dollars in federal aid than they send to Washington in tax revenues, ONLY 3 OF THEM ARE GOP RUN STATES. All 10 of the
            states that get the least federal aid for the taxes they pay (less than .75/$1)are BLUE STATES. All this implies that it’s 14 Democrat-run states that are supporting the nation, because the 3 GOP-governed states get back between 96-99 cents/$1 of taxes so they’re not doing very much to support America.

            8 of the 10 most corrupt states are GOP-Run states: Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee,
            Illinois, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Alaska, South Dakota, Kentucky and Florida.

            9 of the 10 most miserable cities in America are in Red States: Huntington/Ashland, WVA, Charleston, WVA, Redding, CA, Spartansburg, SC, Hickory–Lenoir-Morganton, NC, Beaumont/Port Arthur, TX. Columbus, GA/AL, Shreveport/Bossier City, LA, Mobile, AL, Evansville, In/KY.

            All 10 of America’s poorest cities are in Red States: Brownsville-Harlingen, Texas, Dalton, Ga.,
            McAllen-Edinburg-Mission, Texas, Gadsden, Ala., Lake Havasu City-Kingman, Ariz., Albany, Ga., Monroe, La., Cumberland.W.Va., Fort Smith,
            Ark.-Okla, Pine Bluff, Ark;

            While 9 of the 10 richest cities are in Blue States: San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, Calif., Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, D.C.-Va.-Md.,
            Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk, Conn., San
            Francisco-Oakland-Fremont, Calif., Boston-Cambridge-Quincy, Mass.-N.H. , Oxnard-Thousand Oaks-Ventura, Calif., Anchorage, Alaska, Honolulu, Hawaii, Manchester-Nashua, N.H., Napa, Calif.

            All 10 of America’s most miserable states, those with the least “well-being factor” for their residents are GOP-Run states with the worst being West Virginia and then: Kentucky, Mississippi, Alabama, Ohio, Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, Oklahoma and last but not least – Louisiana.

            – More than 75% of food stamp recipients live in GOP-RUN STATES. Six of the top 10 food stamp-using states are GOP-RUN states and beyond that the greatest food stamp using states are the sparsely populated red states. And of the 456
            counties in America that use more than 90% of all food stamps, 421 of those counties (92%) voted for Mitt Romney in the 2012 election.

            -Finally, all 15 of the states with the lowest life
            expectancy in the U.S. are GOP-RUN STATES?? Such that there is a large disparity in longevity between Red States and Blue States: on average,
            residents of blue states live 2 years longer than residents of red states. To the extreme, the Blue State residents of 9 states with longevity projected to 80 and older, live as much as 5-6 years longer than the residents of the 4 shortest-lived GOP-RUN STATES of MS,WV,AL & LA. Follow this: starting with longevity projections for red states of 75 in: Miss., W. Va., Ala. & LA.; to 76 in: Arkansas, Kentucky & Tennessee to 77 in: S. Carolina, Georgia, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio & N. Carolina; while no Blue State has a longevity projection
            of less than 78, and many Blue states have longevity projected to 80 and over: N.J., N.H., Vermont, N.Y., Mass., Calif., CT, Minn. & Hawaii; Only one red state has longevity projected to 80 Utah (80.2), while 2 Blue States have longevity projections of over 81 –Minn. & Hawaii)

            – And the red state which most Republicans
            probably look to as a shining light for the GOP, Texas, which is the second largest economy in America behind California, is nothing more than the cesspool of America?? Texas ranks in the bottom 5 in almost EVERY SUBJECTIVE MEASURE when compared to other American states! Even though the GOP has had 20 plus years to turn it into something other than a job creation machine that lures unsuspecting job applicants to AMERICA’S WORST STATE IN MANY MEASURES!!

            – And finally, the 17 states that get back less tax dollars in federal aid than they send to Washington in tax revenues, ONLY 3 OF THEM ARE GOP RUN STATES?? And that all 10 of the states that get the least federal aid for the taxes they pay ARE BLUE

            Can anyone reading this find ONE THING that Red States are good for except for driving their residents into the poor house and shortening their lives, just so they can like idiots, WORKING TO BALANCE THE BUDGET OF A STATE OR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT – WHICH IS PURE IDIOCY!!!!!!

          51. kenndeb October 12, 2014

            I sure don’t want to see my country turned into the communist utopia the liberals envision. You can pull all the numbers out your ass you want to, but just because you have them, does not mean they are real. Just like all the other pages of so called facts you like to post. Far too wordy, and far too little facts or truth.

          52. Independent1 October 12, 2014

            Why am I not surprised that your response is to discredit numbers pulled from valid studies! It’s your funeral – people in Red States live on average 2-3 year shorter lives – if you don’t mind dying earlier than you should have to – whom I to help you live a longer life.

            It was Bush and Cheney who refused to believe 7 warnings from the CIA that bin Laden was planning an attack on the homeland. Like you, they said the CIA guys were crazies – guess maybe they realized they were wrong after 3,000 Americans were dead.

            Then they refused to believe an expert from Iraq that Iraq DID NOT have WMDs (actually they did that because it was their intent to start a war in Iraq based on any excuse), but anyway, they refused to back off from their hellbent desire to start a war so they and their rich buddies could suck billions of dollars from the taxpayers – and then another 4,500 Americans died.

            And now, Republican governors in Red States are refusing to extend Medicaid, and a resent article is estimating that because of that, almost 10,000 people in American have already died prematurely in 2014 because these Conservatives refused to care about even the people who voted them into office.

            What is it about you rotten conservatives that you can’t do much of anything without people dying???? As I said in the beginning

            IT’S YOUR FUNERAL!!!!!!!

          53. Independent1 October 12, 2014

            And if you don’t think you fit into the Low IQ racist/conservative category, I guarantee you that you do. Because studies have proved that a large percentage of Conservatives have LOW IQs just like you do!!

            From LiveScience:

            Low IQ & Conservative Beliefs Linked to Prejudice

            There’s no gentle way to put it: People who give in to racism and prejudice may simply be dumb, according to a new study that is bound to stir public controversy.

            The research finds that children with low intelligence are more likely to hold prejudiced attitudes as adults. These findings point to a vicious cycle, according to lead researcher Gordon Hodson, a psychologist at Brock University in Ontario. Low-intelligence adults tend to gravitate toward socially conservative ideologies, the study found. Those ideologies, in turn, stress hierarchy and resistance to change, attitudes that can contribute to prejudice, Hodson wrote in an email to LiveScience.

            “Prejudice is extremely complex and multifaceted, making it critical that any factors contributing to bias are uncovered and understood,” he said.


          54. TheSkalawag929 October 12, 2014

            Might be a case of laziness. They just don’t want to spend the time and energy that learning requires. Possibly that also explains why they are so willing to be told what to think and say.

          55. kenndeb October 12, 2014

            The liberals are the ones that don’t seem to have a brain. It is liberals that worship their messiah, the Emperor. You are the ones that seem to think that all the regime tells you is true. WAKE UP. Our country is being invaded and destroyed from within, and liberals are helping to do this.

          56. Alfred1957 October 12, 2014

            Oh my I just realized by looking at your posts that your IQ must be gigantic!

          57. Independent1 October 11, 2014

            Actually, ACA is saving some people far more than $2,500. My daughter and son-in-law were paying over $12,000/yr (over $1,000/mo) for their healthcare and now with Obamacare they pay $38/month. Trying calculating that one out nitwit!!!!!!

          58. Independent1 October 11, 2014

            And it’s not just people ACA is saving money for – try the red state of Arizona. Since Jan Brewer expanded Medicaid, Arizona is saving millions every month in reduced reimbursements to hospitals in the state becase the expanded Medicaid has reduced the unisured rate by almost 40%. Hospitals in Arizona have seen their profit margins go from around 4% to over 6% – which is quite a bit in dollars. And economists forecasts that ACA will save the state billions over the next 3 years and create 15,000 new jobs in Arizona.

            What has the GOP done in the past 50 years that even comes close to comparing to that???????

          59. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

            No it isn’t

          60. kenndeb October 12, 2014

            A daughter? I doubt you are old enough to have a kid, and if you did, it had to be a mistake. Must have been brought up in a liberal household where they let the little ones explore each others bodies.

          61. Independent1 October 12, 2014

            My 4-year-old great granddaughter has a higher IQ than you do!! When I review the comments, I CONSIDER THE SOURCE. And when it comes to you, it’s nothing but senseless garbage!!!

          62. kenndeb October 12, 2014

            What a lie. I doubt you have left your parents basement. If you are that old, which would make you around my age, just how ashamed will you be when you wake up and realize what you have done to your grand daughter by supporting this regime. Just sad.

          63. Independent1 October 11, 2014

            I think I mistakenly posted this to myself, so I’ll pass it along for your benefit too:

            And it’s not just people ACA is saving money for – try the red state of Arizona. Since Jan Brewer expanded Medicaid, Arizona is saving millions every month in reduced reimbursements to hospitals in the state becase the expanded Medicaid has reduced the unisured rate by almost 40%. Hospitals in Arizona have seen their profit margins go from around 4% to over 6% – which is quite a bit in dollars. And economists forecasts that ACA will save the state billions over the next 3 years and create 15,000 new jobs in Arizona.

            What has the GOP done in the past 50 years that even comes close to comparing to that???????

          64. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

            Wrong again

          65. kenndeb October 12, 2014

            You will find that the majority of posters on this site have no clue of much of anything. They just keep repeating the propaganda that the regime tells them to believe. All are brain dead, and think they are geniuses.

          66. Alfred1957 October 12, 2014

            You can tell the minute you get onto one of these Democrat/socialist/progressive sites,
            The name calling, the hate, the ignorance, the swearing.
            Its like you’re in the middle of a bunch of badmouthed twelve year olds.

          67. kenndeb October 12, 2014

            So very true. It is sad that so many are so blind and stupid to realize that they have been indoctrinated and brainwashed into thinking that this regime is doing good things. They are good things only if you favor having your rights and freedoms taken away, and having every aspect of your life managed by the government.

          68. Alfred1957 October 12, 2014

            All they have to do is tear their eyes away from msnbc and can and look out the window, but they cannot do that for some reason.

          69. Alfred1957 October 12, 2014

            They regularly tell me they are geniuses, I wonder what makes them think that when most of the time they deliberately misspell your name, name call and spew obscenities to try to get you angry.
            This is not a contest about who can be the biggest jerk, it’s about the future of this country.

          70. kenndeb October 12, 2014

            I only post here for those that are silent readers. They deserve to get an opposing viewpoint, other than the regimes propaganda. This site should be an exchange of thoughts and ideas, but, unfortunately, most of the regular posters here would rather attack and spew the liberal propaganda that they are told to believe. I also post here for entrainment purposes. Nothing like a riled up liberal spouting the regimes propaganda for a few laughs, but there are some really crazy stupid people on this site.

          71. TheSkalawag929 October 13, 2014

            Then why do you continue to do it Alfred1957?

          72. Alfred1957 October 13, 2014

            Just for guys like you

          73. TheSkalawag929 October 15, 2014

            So you are admitting to the above behavior.

          74. Alfred1957 October 16, 2014

            I’m only admitting that you are the closest thing to communists permitted by law, except in Cuba where Russell is going.

          75. TheSkalawag929 October 16, 2014

            You’re not pretending!!! You really are as stupid as you sound.

          76. Alfred1957 October 17, 2014

            Hey, did you read what Elbert Guillory wrote about how much the democrats are helping black people?

          77. TheSkalawag929 October 17, 2014

            Yes I did.
            He’s just as wrong as any white person that spews the same claptrap. Just because he is black and spouting the republican talking points doesn’t make him or the talking points right.
            He is just an opportunist.
            He took advantage of Affirmative Action until he got what he wanted out of it then turned on the program saying it has outlived it’s usefulness. Much like Clarence Thomas did.
            He was a registered republican until he wanted to run for office. Then he became a Democrat. He got what he wanted out of that then he deserted the people who elected him and switched back to the republican party.
            In my opinion he is not to be trusted in word or deed to have anyone’s best interest at heart but his own.

          78. Alfred1957 October 17, 2014

            Bill Cosby is wrong too, right?

          79. TheSkalawag929 October 17, 2014

            What are you going to list all the black people that may have said something that you agree with but I don’t? What is that going to prove?

            To answer your question, if he’s saying the same thing as Elbert Guillory Yes.

          80. Alfred1957 October 17, 2014

            Hey I hear they robbed the shoe store in Ferguson, the only shoes left were work boots.

          81. TheSkalawag929 October 17, 2014

            I guess that is supposed to have some significance outside your racist bigoted circle.

          82. Alfred1957 October 17, 2014

            You know, America was built on people having the freedom to do what they want and say what they want. The Europeans thought it would never work, but it did, people could build a life with their efforts and do what they wanted.
            If they wanted to sit on their behinds, they could do that too.
            People say, I can’t make enough money, but the government regulations cost workers a lot of money, every paycheck they have their hand out for a piece of your paycheck.
            Thats because people want to sit on their rear end and collect money from the government for doing nothing.
            Maybe they have no one in their family to help, because none of them have a good education, or maybe they just get the girls pregnant and run off, they don’t want any responsibility.
            that is not everyone else’s fault.
            Even Obama came from humble beginnings, but he persevered and he went to Harvard and got a law degree.
            Most people though just don’t want to do it, it’s too much work for them, they don’t think it’s worth it.
            But they found out it would have been, so they blame somebody else.
            If you want to live where you can sit on your ass and get a government check because you were lazy, or if you have no one in your family to help because you let your kids run on the streets and didn’t make them go to school, or because there father wasn’t there because he is a bum who wants to go out and get high instead, it’s nobody’s fault but yours.
            Don’t expect other people to hand over their hard earned money to you so you can get something you didn’t work for, because the government does not make any money, people do, and every dollar came from someone else’s pocket they paid in taxes.
            Right now the government is giving so much money away that they have to print bogus money to pay these bills which makes everyones money worth less.
            It can’t go on forever.
            Thats when dreamers start thinking about communism, where everyone gets a check, but that has proven to be a failure and caused the deaths of millions of people everywhere it has been tried.
            There is no free lunch Russell, so just go to cuba and be happy, don’t try to turn this country into Cuba because you’re afraid to leave.

          83. TheSkalawag929 October 17, 2014

            Yes America was built on freedom but not the unbridled freedom that you are alluding to. There were laws then just as there are today.

            The time of just picking up and moving to where you have the kind of freedom you’re talking about are gone in this country. Anywhere you move to now is going to have laws and restrictions on unbridled freedom.

            Government regulations, no matter what level they’re on come from necessity. The more complex the society the more government is required. You want to live in a country where your rights and freedom are secure. Well that ain’t free and you can’t ensure them all by yourself.

            That’s all of your post that I’m going to speak to because from “That’s because people want….” to the end it’s just fright-wing nut job gibberish designed to get small soft minded people like you riled up so much so that you will vote against your own best interest.

          84. Alfred1957 October 19, 2014

            The freedoms in the constitution are only “bridled” by the limitations in that document.

          85. TheSkalawag929 October 20, 2014

            If the Freedoms contained in the Constitution are bridled by the Constitution then wouldn’t that mean that there are “NO” unbridled Freedoms? Your not too keen on reading comprehension are you?

          86. TheSkalawag929 October 11, 2014

            Not my outhouse since you are carrying it on YOUR shoulders.

            Since I didn’t take a $2500 cut in health care and I’m still seeing my same doctor under a better plan through the ACA (Obamacare) I can’t answer your question. But since your premise seems to be the case for you it would appear that I’m smarter than you. I’m a Liberal. Progressive Democrat. What are you?

            If you weren’t so concerned with President Obama’s coiffure you might realize that election day is November 4th and not “Oct. 4th”.

          87. Russell Byrd October 11, 2014

            It seems that these a-holes feel that because they have the ability to lie, that reality must coincide with their views.

          88. kenndeb October 12, 2014

            Only ones lying are liberals. Either that or you are too stupid to see what is going on. You only want someone to pat you on the back and tell you want a good little commie you are.

          89. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            Seig heil, Herr keendweeb. If I am even remotely a commie, then your name is Adolf kenndweeb.

            And the only one that comes here and lies on a daily basis is your disgusting ilk. You tell the same tired lies, we debunk them, and then you flee somewhere to start telling them again.

            Really, you demonstrate that you cannot possibly be capable of thinking for yourself, or even, at all. Any near normal person would have at least come up with something different, and maybe, something a little more believable.

          90. kenndeb October 12, 2014

            Just because you choose not to believe what is happening, does not make it untrue. Wake up. Things are changing in our country, and not for the good. Everything has gone to hell We are losing our rights and freedoms daily. We have a corrupt government that is helping in our demise, and those that are supporting this regime will one day wake up and finally realize what they have done.

          91. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            Let’s reword that line to make it true: Just because you want to live in a fantasy world and are full of hate, racism, and lies, does not make ANYTHING you believe true. So, yes, you should wake up.
            And, maybe, you should seek professional help for your delusions.

            What rights and freedoms are being lost? WE have asked that repeatedly, and all you can come up with are lies that we have disposed of repeatedly. So, you are the one that is corrupt as Hell.

            On the other hand, what if we liberals, in a liberal blog, just don’t give a damn about any of your bullshit? Why can’t you just stay over in Freitfart all smug knowing that the world is going to Hell? Hmm? We don’t agree with you, and we NEVER will. We value truth, you value crazy conspiracy theories, based on lies, bigotry, and racism.

            Other people gaining their rights and freedoms is not an infringement on yours. In fact, when everyone has freedom, your freedom is better protected. We have strength in unity. You want division. You are just a lying, racist, treasonous bastard. SO AGAIN, WHAT RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS HAVE YOU LOST?

          92. TheSkalawag929 October 15, 2014

            Who are the “good” that, you are referring to, that things are not changing to benefit?
            Specifically which rights and freedoms are being lost and who is losing them?
            Who is corrupting our government and how?
            You’ve put forth these wild accusations now it is incumbent upon you to show the evidence. Where’s your proof?

          93. kenndeb October 15, 2014

            GOOGLE. Try doing a little non liberal research. Look at those sites that are not liberal lie sites. You will find a plethora of information.

          94. TheSkalawag929 October 15, 2014

            You mean like Breitbart, Red State, The Washington Times and the like? Been there. Done that. No truth there. Just RWNJ BS.

          95. TheSkalawag929 October 16, 2014

            In other word YOU don’t have any credible evidence or proof. Your just a troll.

          96. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            If liberals, while in a liberal blog, do so much lying, then why do you bother to come. Oh yeah, to LIE!


          97. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

            I’m not paying it dummy

          98. TheSkalawag929 October 12, 2014

            The fact that you are complaining about something that you aren’t paying for makes you the dumb one.

            1957? Isn’t that right around the time they started using your likeness on the cover of Mad Magazine?

          99. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            That was when all the fallout from the nuclear tests hit his neighborhood.

          100. Russell Byrd October 11, 2014

            What 2500 dollar cut? And I did keep my health plan and my doctor.

            As for anyone losing their doctor, Obama may have misspoke, but the loss of one’s doctor was entirely the fault of greedy insurance companies. Just another good reason to go with single payer.

            Oct. 4? You can’t even tell your lies straight. . . .

          101. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

            Haha, Obama lied but it was the insurance company’s fault!
            Hey, guess what dummy, in order to do this Obamacare crap, Obama had to get in bed with the insurance companies, duh

          102. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            What about truth and common sense don’t you understand? Oh yeah, any truth or sense is foreign to you.

            So, Obama is at fault for what the insurance companies do. On the day he said that, he believed what he said, and there was no reason to doubt him. Oh yeah, you racist a-holes were yelling about Obama before he was even sworn in, but I mean what normal people should believe.

          103. Independent1 October 12, 2014

            Russell, he believed what he said, because when ACA was being developed, more than 1/2 a dozen CEOs of the major health care companies met at the White House and promised him they would honor what the ACA legislation said and do what they could to make it work. Obviously, THEY LIED!!!

            When ACA was to become effective, they did everything they could to make it look bad, like cancelling policies like they always did each year, except in 2013 they made it look to the nation like the cancellations were something because of Obamacare.

          104. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            One thing I learned about businessmen, and unfortunately, it also goes for mainstream christianiy, is they lie routinely when they feel they have a need. I think it goes with the feeling that they are special and deserve better than their neighbors. So, lying to our President was probably just a quick way to slow down some of the reforms. And it didn’t cost them a thing.

            It is really pathetic the way these anti-Amercian scumbags talk about our President. All the accusations that they cannot even begin to prove. Besides racism, there are few credible reasons for the Teatards to hate him so much.

            I also will belabor the point, that Memo & MJ better start doing something about the trolls, or their days are numbered. Some threads have a lot of activity, but most days, I find 5-6 topics that have less than four comments. Yesterday, one of those was entirely trolls. I also saw two blogs with zero comments.

            I have been here from the start, but I went years without commenting. When I finally did comment, I did so only sparingly. Yet, after a number of years watching the trolls advance, and good posters that I saw as friends depart, I began to post, and post caustically at times, whenever one of these scums starts “scent marking” the blog.

          105. Alfred1957 October 12, 2014

            Russel learned that in his “fuckstick” class.

          106. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            Yep, that is the class where I had you in the corner wearing a tinfoil dunce cap. Everyone laughed at your stupidity, but you thought you were being honored by being given “special” treatment.

          107. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            I have noticed that NONE of our pseudo-intellectual trolls (that translates as “idiot”) can spell as simple a name as Russell correctly. That would seem odd, that is, until one gets to know you wackjobs. Then, nothing seems stupid enough for you to stoop to.

          108. Alfred1957 October 13, 2014

            Poor Russell.
            What kind of man could possibly find a reason to be a Democrat.
            You’d have to be either gay, union, or desperate to get laid to be in that party, because they haven’t done a damn thing for any other kind of man.
            Even a black guy has no reason to be democrat, they haven’t done anything for them either other than dole out money on the government plantation for them.
            Obama especially is a complete failure for blacks because they are worse off now than 6 years ago despite Obama’s promises.
            The most powerful man in America is black, the most famous surgeon in america is black, the worlds best golfer is black, yet the Democrats keep most black men thinking the only way they can make it is to stay on the plantation and that “some day” the Democrats will finally do something for them.
            Hundreds of thousands of men, mostly white men died to end slavery, sent on that mission by a white president named Lincoln, a Republican, yet blacks conveniently forget this because they have been convinced by clowns like LBJ, Roosevelt, Johnson that they need to stay on the plantation and Republicans are their enemies.
            Just conning them to get them to keep voting for them, keeping them in shitty public schools, giving them a shitty education from lousy union teachers whose main job is to keep them angry at white people and keep their jobs with tenure.

          109. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            “Just conning them to get them to keep voting for them, keeping them in
            shitty public schools, giving them a shitty education from lousy union
            teachers whose main job is to keep them angry at white people and keep
            their jobs with tenure.”

            Here is where you Alfraud’s prove your racism. You claim that blacks aren’t smart enough to figure out that ALL your party offers is death and privation for them. They ARE SMART ENOUGH, and that is why they vote against your hate.

          110. Alfred1957 October 13, 2014

            Anyone can be conned, just look at you.

          111. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            I rather think the stupid are easier to con. That is why you are sold on a party, and a system that is determined to bend you over for a good screwing. And they won’t even supply the grease.

            Bet you like it that way. Oooooooooooooh, just thinking about it disgusts and pains me. But, it is your butt . . . Tee-hee-hee

          112. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            What are you doing here on a work day? I have the day off because I work for people you hate, but a go getter like you, should be out there making that “jack” that you would sell your soul for.

            Is it, you have “slaves” off of that “plantation” you are always going on about, or are you just another hypocritical lay about that thinks you deserve a free ride.

          113. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            I bet, you are like “Jimmy,” a guy married to my cousin. He has literally never worked a day in his life, but he is as hard-shell a Rumpbugger as they come. Of course, he has had quite a few “get rich schemes,” but he has not been to successful at it.

            The sad part is, he HATES Obamacare, but his wife, my cousin, has been having increasing health problems for years. Sadly, they have no insurance, so she does not get the care she needs, AND what she does get is on the public dime. if I thought that she did not love him anymore, I would use a ball peen hammer on him, weight him down, and drop him in a certain river that has a channel over 600 feet deep. He is as worthless as you are, so it is a shame” culling him from the herd” is illegal. You remind me so much of him.;

          114. Alfred1957 October 13, 2014

            You can’t win Russell, Its not that you aren’t a big enough loudmouth, it’s that you’re rooting for a shitty bankrupt team.

          115. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            Your days of tyranny are drawing to a close, and your entire mob knows it. At least those that are not in sociopathic la-la land. Of course, I may wrong, the average Teabugger is just not very bright.

          116. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            “Hundreds of thousands of men, mostly white men died to end slavery, sent
            on that mission by a white president named Lincoln, a Republican, yet
            blacks conveniently forget this because they have been convinced by
            clowns like LBJ, Roosevelt, Johnson that they need to stay on the
            plantation and Republicans are their enemies.”

            Actually, most of those white men died to protect the Union, and to destroy a rebellion. Many of those men could not have cared less. In fact, some were opposed to emancipation, but they hated the treasonous rebels.

            Lincoln, was a liberal that WE would welcome today, while you would, and most of you do, hate him. He is just a convenience when you want to point to a “good” Rethug.

            Rumpbuggercons are the PEOPLE’S enemy. NO social program would have ever been proposed, if it had not been for fucksticks like you opposing the full integration of blacks into society.

          117. Alfred1957 October 13, 2014

            Republican, stop trying to change history

          118. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            Teabuggercon bastards just spend all their time trying to falsify history.

          119. TheSkalawag929 October 15, 2014

            Sounds and looks like Orwell was right except for the dates.

          120. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            Damn right, Rumpbuggercon stop trying to change history!

          121. Alfred1957 October 14, 2014

            Aw, your friends came back to help you Russell, good thing you were wetting your pants there.

          122. Russell Byrd October 14, 2014

            Alfraud, I never needed their help, though I enjoy their company. This only goes to show how stupid a fuckstick you really are. Anyone normal would have expected even worse when they walked blindly into the “Valley of the Shadow of Death.” You have lost every round so far before they arrived, so it would be kind of idiotic to think things would get better for you.

            Of course, with your eighth grade education, and not a very good one of those, you are too stupid to figure out the obvious.

          123. Alfred1957 October 15, 2014

            Rumpbuggering, fu*kstick, it is obvious you have a back door with back door sex Russell.

          124. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            Got that from you Alfraud. You guys want everyone with their pants down and bent over for you to do as you please.

            And this has nothing to do with being gay at all, but with just being sick, selfish, sociopathic, power freaks.

          125. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            You people despise the truth.

          126. Alfred1957 October 14, 2014

            No, just you Russell. You dream of your socialist utopia can come true right now Russell, just get in your rowboat and get over to Cuba or North Korea and have a blast.

          127. Russell Byrd October 14, 2014

            No, I think you just lie as a vocation. In any case, why should I bother to go to your “model of democracy,” North Korea? When your boasts go down in flames, and Obama grows a full Afro on election night, then things will be just fine. Anyway, the way it is shaping up, 2016 on will be some rough and worsening years for you shits. So, i guess 2014 is your last gasp. I guess you need that hope to cling to.

            And, if we had treated Castro with a little care, Cuba would still be right by our side. And it is not that bad today, if you consider how we have continued to destroy their economy because of the pure hatred of greedy, evil capitalists.

          128. Alfred1957 October 15, 2014

            I can see the sign on the beach Russell, “Welcome to the workers paradise” the Cubans are so happy to see you, first person to boat people himself in the wrong direction, we can only hope more american commies follow your lead.

          129. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            Which is not only ludicrous, but has nothing to do with the discussion at all. Either the off-topic one you created, or the REAL one of “Midterm Roundup: The Worst Attack Ad Of The Year?”

            You do not even know what a commie is, fuckstick. Which is why I call you exactly what you are . . . fuckstick.

            Please go and join ISIS. They are fighting for very much the world you want. Except of course, they think God is going to give it to them, while all that is important in your life is money.

          130. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            I bet you cannot even hold a job, Alfraud. You are far too contentious, uncaring, and definitely selfish to ever be close to anyone.

          131. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            Which has nothing to do with the discussion. You cannot even stay on one subject. Even when you keep trying to choose the topic. That is the telltale sign of a domineering, but very, very weak mind that cannot form coherent thoughts, or follow through with them.

          132. TheSkalawag929 October 15, 2014

            You don’t have to think when your a ditto head.

          133. Alfred1957 October 13, 2014

            You sound just like a communist

          134. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            You sound just like a fascist, neo-Nazi dictator lover.

          135. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            You can’t even tell me what a communist is. . . . That takes knowledge and intelligence, therefore, it is beyond your capability.

          136. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            “The most powerful man in America is black, the most famous surgeon in
            america is black, the worlds best golfer is black, yet the Democrats
            keep most black men thinking the only way they can make it is to stay on
            the plantation and that “some day” the Democrats will finally do
            something for them.”

            Because, the thugs in the Congress oppose everything that BLACK president tries to do.

            Social programs are not there to create dependence. THAT is just a lie you racists conveniently use to oppose good programs. Actually, social programs are just there to fill a gap that YOUR brand of society has had 150 years to fill

          137. Alfred1957 October 13, 2014

            Democrats control half of congress too, remember?

          138. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            Which means they cannot fix anything with the shitstick Rumpbuggers in power.

            I have listened to Rumpbuggers brag about repealing Obama care as a right-of-passage for new congressman. Fifty times, at a minimum of a million dollars a pop.

          139. TheSkalawag929 October 15, 2014

            It’s all BS. They wouldn’t repeal Obamacare even if they could for two reasons. 1) They have nothing to replace it with. 2) People have come to love having healthcare and would hang and burn the party that took it away from them. Much like Social Security and Medicare.

          140. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            I think you are considering that the majority of the Tea swillers are sane and not viciously evil. They are stupid, sociopathic, sadists, so they might just go for the repeal.

          141. TheSkalawag929 October 16, 2014

            I agree with you. But once President Obama is out of office republicans will rewrite their history and take full credit for the ACA.

          142. Russell Byrd October 16, 2014

            So true, and so comical, if only in a rather sick way.

          143. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            It takes both Houses of Congress to move the country forward, but only one Rump Bugger controlled House to keep the people’s business from being conducted.

          144. TheSkalawag929 October 15, 2014

            And an abused procedure in the Senate called filibuster.

          145. Alfred1957 October 13, 2014

            Oh yes they are exactly to make you dependent on the politicians that hand out other peoples money

          146. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            If we get rid of all assistance tomorrow, what will all these people do. Get jobs? What jobs?

            LMAO!, but not in a good way.

          147. TheSkalawag929 October 15, 2014

            They’er like babies that believe when they cover their eyes everything disappears.

          148. Alfred1957 October 13, 2014

            You know the old saying, give a man an apple and you feed him for an hour, teach him to farm his own and you feed him for a lifetime.

          149. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            Except, under the Rumpbuggercon system, the apples that the poor get are always wormy, the farms you want them to work on pay near starvation wages, and unless he is really exceptional, he will never own any land to grow his crops on.

            So, another good old saying used as a total LIE is shot down in flames.

          150. TheSkalawag929 October 15, 2014

            republican rule #2) Don’t let not knowing what you’re talking about keep you from talking. Just make it up as you go.

          151. Alfred1957 October 16, 2014

            If you can’t figure that out you need real help

          152. TheSkalawag929 October 16, 2014

            Reading comprehension is not your strong suit. There I’ve figured you out.

          153. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            “Even a black guy has no reason to be democrat, they haven’t done
            anything for them either other than dole out money on the government
            plantation for them.
            Obama especially is a complete failure for blacks because they are worse off now than 6 years ago despite Obama’s promises.”

            First, we can’t do anything for “them” as long as you shits are in total opposition. YOU created the situation, and now you want us to be to blame.

            Your constant use of the word “plantation” is demeaning and very racist. Just as you intended.

            After the disaster of Bush, everyone that works for a living is in the tank. That is due to YOUR scum parties opposition to anything that does not benefit their rich benefactors. We need to imprison rich felons, and we need to start making them pay taxes based on their ability to screw the system.

            So, again, are you just saying blacks fail ONLY because they are inferior.

          154. Alfred1957 October 13, 2014

            They fail because the democrat party makes sure they get a crappy education in a public school system staffed by lazy union teachers who do not do their jobs and can’t get fired.

          155. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            Ahem, Democrats do not decide this anymore than it is entirely the Rumpbuggers fault. BUT, teaching truth in school, and teaching students to think clearly and concisely, are seen as negatives by your gang.

            But, the single most problem with our schools is Rumpbuggers want to cut the budgets to the bone. And then give taxpayer dollars to private, for profit companies to teach our children nothing but propaganda and lies.

          156. TheSkalawag929 October 15, 2014

            They are excrement mongers.

          157. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            That eat most of their own product.

          158. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            “You’d have to be either gay, union, or desperate to get laid to be in that party, because they haven’t done a damn thing for any other kind of man.”

            So, we can add homophobia, and a hatred for the “makers,” to your racism. Those people come to us because YOU DO NOT represent them at all. In fact, you try to hurt all those groups as much as possible. WHY would they vote for you.

            Should a “smart” black man vote for the Rumpbuggers? Why should they? To lose everything, and go back to Jim Crow? i can understand the criticism that Democrats don’t do all they promised, but any promise a Democrat makes is BROKEN BY THE RETHUGS!

            You blame us because you want a shit system. That is ON YOU, NOT US.

          159. Alfred1957 October 13, 2014

            Hey thats your party agenda, just listen to them and there it is, they make no secret of that, why do you?
            Labels, always use labels for people. So now it’s homophobia to say what the democrat party clearly and openly advocates?

          160. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            You are a blatant racist that thinks you can veil what you are doing behind weak counter accustions.

            Therefore, I call you what you are . . . a racist!

          161. Alfred1957 October 13, 2014

            Just stay on the plantation then I guess, after all you’re just a shill for a failed party that is the closest thing to communism this country has ever seen.

          162. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            You just confirmed your racism. No surprise. And the Democrat party is not at all failed. In fact, after forty years of fear mongering to scare people into giving a Rethug vote, the people are tired of your UN-AMERICAN negativity.

            As well, if all those unwashed masses go and vote, almost no Rumpbugger will ever get public office. That is why you theives are working so hard to suppress the vote. If everyone voted, you are 60-40 on the losing end. AND you know it.

            As well, if the “other” 40% votes in their own interests, then it goes to at least 90-10, against you. AND you know that. So, why lie to me about it.

          163. Alfred1957 October 13, 2014

            Yes it’s unAmerican to ask people to prove they aren’t voting twice Russell of course, and it’s unAmerican to ask for ID to make sure that isn’t happening.

          164. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            The number of cases of voter fraud where someone voted twice are less than a couple of dozen. Except, that Teabugger in Indiana that did it FIVE times. Large scale voter fraud is almost entirely committed by Rumpbuggers. AND then, your mob is trying to disenfranchise American citizens on top of that.

            Your own think tanks and politicians HAVE ADMITTED to what the purpose really is. Yes, by accident, but they have admitted it is pure suppression.

            You shits cannot win an election without trickery.

          165. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            We went for 200 years without needing a picture ID, so why now. Oh, that’s right, the Rump Buggers can’t win playing fair!

          166. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            “Poor Russell.
            What kind of man could possibly find a reason to be a Democrat.”

            Any one that actually works for a living? Someone that believes in facts, truth, and honesty. Someone that believes in “christian charity” regardless of the hate for it by many so-called “christians.” Someone that knows enough history to understand that the system has NEVER WORKED for many people, and there needs to be help for those that need it. Someone that wants a UNITED States that is healthy and ready to work for the future. Someone that actually wants freedom for LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, rather than God, guns, and (anti-)gay agendas. You want a society where the manipulators (taker) run wild, and the workers (makers) are just peons.

          167. Alfred1957 October 13, 2014

            In America, you are free to work hard or sit on your butt and starve, we want people to get up and work hard at something they love to do and make as much money as they can, and we’re not going to take it away from them if they do.

          168. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            In America, you are free to work hard and get almost nothing for it, and starve. You want people you can exploit why you sit on your ass and rake in the gravy. Most people in your society do not get a chance at what they want to do. Do you think it is fun to shovel your shit. I know you probably do, but we should be paying a premium wage for it.

            And if you want people to work, CREATE SOME WORK FOR THEM TO DO. All you create is wind. Just like all Rumpbuggercons.

          169. TheSkalawag929 October 15, 2014

            And a foul one to boot.

          170. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            My question to you is, “what kind of man could possibly find a reason to be a” Teanderthal?

            What are you offering new, that has not been inflicted on the people for hundreds of years, and only benefited the few.

          171. Alfred1957 October 13, 2014

            It would be foolish of course for Republicans to end slavery in America twice just because the Democrats started up the plantation again, but we will if we have to.

          172. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            That is a breathtaking lie by an individual that is a pure racist. And a “man” of the lowest possible morals. Alfraud, you even lie to yourself. You don’t even know where you put the truth.

          173. Independent1 October 12, 2014

            I have no clue why the editors of the NM don’t seem to care that the blogging has gone severely down hill the past 4-5 months because they’ve done nothing about trolls like KennDeb and this total idiot Alfred1957; who hasn’t made one sensible post and whose obvious only intent to is to agitate other bloggers.

            I sent sever emails to Joe Conason a while back asking if the NM editors couldn’t monitor the trolls and at least prevent those from blogging who rarely if ever provide any meaningful comments to the conversation threads – again like kenndeb and a few others. Trolls who only repeat the lies and distortions they hear from Faux News and other RWNJ websites and virtually never provide any real evidence to back up any of their totally absurd assertions.

            But I’ve given up, Joe apparently doesn’t care how badly the NM is going to dogs!!! So be it!!

          174. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            Thanks for the heads up. It’s sad really. It would take so little to correct the worst, while still allowing complete freedom. My suggestion was to bring back the negative vote and link it to an automated system. If you get too many down votes, as a ratio with the total number of posts, then you get all your posts deleted and lose privileges in that blog. Too many ejections, then you get banned for a period of time. Too many bannings, then make it permanent.

            Really, I admit I do not have it worked out, but at least we should be talking about it. Then, I would behave better myself. And if the lie that angelstench always tells about my unpopularity were actually true, then the posters could embrace him fully, and get rid of me. As I am fond to say, “so be it.”

            Yet, the sad part is, going with Disqus is the ticket to NM’s demise. Like doing away with the down vote, Disqus is a friend and promoter of trolls. For Disqus, it is about the money they get from increased use of bandwidth. The fact that NM is suffering is irrelevant to them. They want the trolls to be swarming.

          175. Independent1 October 13, 2014

            Yeah! I had suggest that to Joe more than about a year ago. 10 negative votes and a comment is deleted. 5 deleted comments and your banned from the NM. I have no clue either why they did away with the negative votes – my sense was that Joe may be giving into some of RWNJs that may be on the NM’s editorial staff who didn’t like seeing all t he negative reaction to RWNJ idiocy.

          176. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            I am always hesitant to be seen as too harsh, but I guess that is the liberal in me that the Rethugs think they can always exploit. Yet, I love your ideas on how to clean up the group. That would give us some more control. Another way might be to register all posters, ala Daily Kos, and selectively remove the most troublesome.

            The elimination of the down vote was Disqus’s idea according to one of their flyers. Apparently to promote freeer posting? Believe it or not, Disqus may be the service provider, but they claim to do no moderation at all. That is left to the individual blog owners.

            Disqus’s idea seemed to be that negative voting curtailed people’s desire to post. I think that is hogwash. Simple probability would prove that someone with a high percentage of negative votes, was saying things objectionable in places they did not belong. On the other hand, I don’t really bother with how well I am doing in the up vote category. But i think it might discourage beginners a little.

          177. Independent1 October 13, 2014

            I agree completely about it being hogwash that eliminating down votes is justified because it may discourage some people from posting. Have you been on Yahoo News lately? Last time I was there they were still recording down votes and deleting comments that got too many of them – and I never noticed that doing so inhibited people from posting – there’s a lot more activity on Yahoo News than on the NM.

            Not being able to record dissatisfaction with someone’s totally inappropriate comments without you yourself having to make a comment is TOTAL NONSENSE!! People making what the majority of bloggers think are inappropriate comments should know that they’re going to get a lot of negative downvotes!!

            That’s part of the problem with the NM. The trolls know ahead of time that the only way they can incur negative feedback from the blogging community is via a negative response – which more often than not, only serves the purpose of giving the trolls more ammunition to using in making more inflammatory comments.

          178. Russell Byrd October 14, 2014

            That is what I don’t understand. Why is it allowed here when we KNOW that it can be corrected, if not completely prevented? It was quoted several years back that NM was dropped from some of the bigger services, for “too many low quality posts.” So, wouldn’t it not only attract, increase, and maintain a higher quality of poster to remove the scum? Wouldn’t it also PAY to do so in increased revenues? And would it not make donations from people like me, as paltry as they might be, more forthcomiong. As it is now, I won’t give NM or MJ a dime.

            And, you have probably been here long enough to know that, though I was always lurking, it has only been in the last few years that I actually posted. And, I am sure you have noticed my increasing vulgarity. I even explained it to angelstench honestly, as I always futilely do, the same reasons he can stay here and harass decent people so much, are the same reasons that I can call him anything I want with impunity.

          179. TheSkalawag929 October 15, 2014

            If one gets a lot of negatives then he or she is on the wrong site.

          180. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            Yes, but then Disqus sucks up to the trolls to encourage them to flood opposing blogs. Disqus gets paid based mostly on the amount of posting. The more abusive trolls that post repetitively, are helping them make money. So, they don’t care about the quality of the posts.

          181. TheSkalawag929 October 16, 2014

            I see. So it would seem that greed is the main underlying factor and not truth and civil discourse in search of a mutual goal.

          182. Russell Byrd October 16, 2014

            Though I admit I do not continually seek fresh information on the subject, some months back I looked into to this as closely as I could. And yes, it seems that Disqus has no problem with trolling at all.

            II admit this is not verbatim, but this is the gist: Disqus says quite plainly that they do no moderating at all. I must conclude then, that they believe that is for the individuals blogs to do. As well, what Disqus wants to do is encourage a completely free environment and as much posting as possible. Low quality, no quality posting, . . . no matter.

            My conclusion is, they offer the blogs an easy out format for posting, but they are in fact giving very little. Like business in general, their bottom line, and how to increase it, are all that matter to them.

          183. TheSkalawag929 October 16, 2014

            It would appear that what’s become most important is money.
            We are not required to feed to feed the trolls. I say ignore them and starve them of attention. It won’t drive them away but it will be fun to see what depths they will go to to try to goad a response.
            I suspect some will delve pretty deeply into the muck.

          184. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            I wanted to bring this up in a separate post. Several weeks ago, I did go to National Review and read some fluff they had about everyone changing their mind about Global Warming. Well, I pointed out that was a bogus idea. As well, a number of other posters said pretty much the same thing. There were several posters I recognized from NM or MJ.

            The next day, I got four replies to my posts. I decided to go back and consider maybe following up. I found that all my posts, and that ALL Global Warming supporter’s posts, and liberal’s posts were gone. What I did find several times was this: @troll.

            Not one of the deleted posts, including my own, had any vulgarity, nor did they accuse these goons of their obvious lies and misinformation. It seems that any dissent is dealt with by deletion. We can’t get a 50 post a-hole deleted.

          185. Independent1 October 13, 2014

            My sense has been that the National Review was a RWNJ run website. And as Republicans have proven in red states across the country, they govern by quashing decent (anything they disagree with). Note what they’re doing about abortion, about gays, about revising even what the kids learn in schools in red states: they’re closing abortion clinics where they can get away with it even though will do nothing to stop abortions and may well increase the; they’re passing laws in red states that allow fake Christians to not serve gays or even fire them from working for them; and they’re even creating text books in red state schools with creatively revised texts that no longer teach true history but rather the history THEY BELIEVE IN.

            And what’s really sad, is that they’re governing in red states in a way that makes the GOP the party of PREMATURE DEATH!! It’s not only by having refused to extend Medicaid that more people are dying prematurely in Red States (more than 10,000 already in 2014; but every day far more people die premature deaths in red states than in blue states. Almost half the red states have a life expectancy of 78 or less – no blue state has that low a life expectancy. Every time I point that out to a troll, like a good Republican they find some way to pass that off as if it’s not the fault of the misguided GOP governance. And in only 1 red state (Utah) are people expected to live to age 80, while there are 9 blue states where people not only live to 80 but in two blue states people are projected to live to 81: Hawaii and Minnesota.

            If those statistics were being caused by some form of disease, there would be a national upheaval about doing something to figure out why people in 5 red states live 5-6 shorter lives on average than people in 9 blue states. But because of GOP idiocy the problem is ignored as if it doesn’t exist. It’s totally outrageous.

          186. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            What this is all about is largely encompassed by one of my long favorites:

            modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in
            moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification
            for selfishness.

            John Kenneth Galbraith

            It really is just about being mean, vicious, and above all CHEAP. And they will say anything, or spin anything to prove that every problem is not their fault or responsibility.

          187. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            That was/is, one of the primary reasons that I wanted to get away from here. Let the trolls have it, and let Joe post a few articles to a completely troll audience in what little is left of his once promising blog. Mother Jones too.

            The sad thing is, they keep asking me for more money, but for what? You can catch these troll maggots with pure shit, so if that is all they are trying to attract, why should I pay for something that can be found for nothing most anywhere.?

          188. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            I would like to add that maybe Joe Conason is still under the delusion we liberals have that everyone has a right to speak. And in a way, that is a point. Yet, we have degenerated into a blog where it is very uninviting to even attempt to discuss anything.

            Just trolls that bring nothing but lies and hate, and monopolize bandwidth with their repetitive nonsense.

          189. Independent1 October 13, 2014

            I’m not suggesting that the NM should be suppressing honestly stated criticisms of the Democrat administrations because like any politicians the Democrats are not perfect.

            What I have a problem with and what I think should be blocked at some point, is when Trolls continue to do nothing but make inflammatory comments that have no real basis are obviously intended only to aggravate the bloggers and thereby disrupt normal comment flows preventing bloggers who want to honestly discuss articles from expressing their opinions – without trolls using those opinions to simply bring out more unsubstantiated inflammatory comments like calling our president an Emperor and claiming his a liar with no TRUE substantiation of those comments.

          190. TheSkalawag929 October 15, 2014

            I don’t understand why people think that people in business will make such good political leaders. They make good dictators but not political leaders. They know how to get things done as long as long as they get their way. They are not very good at compromise. Which is a necessary ingredient for a good politician.
            And religious people of any stripe are only good for pushing their particular brand of prejudice. That’s why they and their religion, no matter which one it is, should be kept out of politics. Pretty much like the Founders wanted it.

          191. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            Absolutely agree. The record of businessmen in politics is abysmal, with a few exceptions. If you look at the businessmen that were president, then you always see a general malaise amongst the people, and in the economy. Even when they are just about promoting business, they have performed miserably. Like you say, they are dictators.

          192. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            As a matter of logic, Alferd, you really proved my point. You don’t have an argument, so you are going to blame Obama for what a third party did. Seems very fair to a fuckstick, doesn’t it.

          193. Alfred1957 October 12, 2014

            You did what with your little stick?

          194. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            Shoved it right up Alfraud’s ass. Turns out Alfraud likes it rough, and with a few splinters to boot.

          195. Alfred1957 October 13, 2014

            Sick puppy

          196. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            You just need your “distemper” shot, that’s all.

          197. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            About the getting in bed with the insurance companies? You just proved you are a fuckstick liar for all time. Talking about an hypocritical 180. You tell lies out of both sides of you filthy mouth at the same time.

          198. Alfred1957 October 12, 2014

            You sound like a twelve year old dipstick. Its all just filthy talk for you.
            You need your mouth washed out with soap.

          199. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            You keep pushing that same motif. Unfortunately it describes you better than anyone in here. You are about as stupid and immature as any troll we have had the displeasure to suffer from.

            Oh, and due to fucksticks like you, you can bet your bottom dollar that I will vote straight ticker Democrat. So, i guess that is your desired result. Right?

          200. Alfred1957 October 13, 2014

            You should know Russell, being the expert in motif and all.

          201. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            So, with your eighth grade education, you don’t even know what “motif” is, do you? Well, go ahead and look it up so you can claim you do. Of course, that would take effort to find the facts, and you have a total allergy to that. 🙂

          202. Alfred1957 October 13, 2014

            You try to change the facts to fit your narrative, imagine, trying to change who lincoln was to fit your fantasy

          203. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            I am not changing anything. In his own words and deeds, he was against everything your party stands for. In the 1870’s, rich whites and carpetbaggers hijacked the Rumpbuggercon party.

            Nowadays, you shits usually hate Lincoln and Roosevelt and Eisenhower. The only three decent presidents you have ever had.

          204. TheSkalawag929 October 15, 2014

            You do a disservice to eighth grader around the country when you compare Alfred1957 to them.

          205. TheSkalawag929 October 15, 2014

            When that’s all you got that’s all you can bring.

          206. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            And he didn’t bring very much of that. . . . 🙂

          207. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            I rather point out that you have been “taking a bath” ever since you showed up here. However, the way you reek in this blog, suggests that maybe you need to strategically use some of that soap for what it was intended..

          208. Independent1 October 12, 2014

            Exactly right!! IT WAS THE HEALTH INSURERS WHO LIED!!!! Obama said what he did, because he thought that the CEOs from the health care insurers WOULD KEEP THEIR WORD!!!!!!

            When ACA was being developed more than 1/2 a dozen CEOs of the major health care companies met at the White House and promised him they would honor what the ACA legislation said and do what they could to make it work. Obviously, THEY LIED!!!

            When ACA was to become effective, they did everything they could to make it look bad, like cancelling policies like they always did each year, except in 2013 they made it look to the nation like the cancellations were something because of Obamacare; which was A LIE!!!

            And they even tried to con their policyholders into accepting overly priced policies without telling them that they had the option to buy new policies via the ACA Exchanges.

          209. Alfred1957 October 12, 2014

            So much for the Democrat lies about how the Republicans are in bed with big business, and all the baloney about the Koch brothers.
            The Democrat party, and Obama have been and still are in bed with big business up to their necks. They and their buddies, the big hospital chains and the big insurance companies put together this fiasco called the “affordable care act” And when it comes to billionaires how about George Soros, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Paul Allen, and Bloomberg, and there are more, all solid Democrat contributors.
            And they are afraid of the brothers Koch so much that they can’t stop spluttering over it day in and day out. The nerve of them contributing to Republicans!
            Stay tuned because several hundred thousand of you who get health insurance from work are about to lose your insurance policies before the election.
            So much for Obamas promises that you can keep your doctor, keep your insurance, and your premiums will go down.
            When ever did anything run by the government go down in cost in the history of this government? You think a bunch of government bureaucrats getting between you and your doctor are going to get your premiums down? Keep dreaming.
            As for someone else being responsible for Obamas promises to the American people, hahahahahahah.

          210. Independent1 October 12, 2014

            You are without question the MOST DELUSIONAL RWNJ I’ve seen on the NM. To even suggest that the Dems are in bed with Big Business is luncacy!! And when you compare Soros to Koch contributing you’re comparing like 3 mil for Soros in the 2012 campaign to well over 100 million for the Kochs.

            Even in 2014 the Kochs are DOMINATING the contributions, here’s just a little on that from the Huffington Post:

            The two billionaire industrialists, Charles and David Koch, and their dual networks of undisclosed donors and “dark money” nonprofits, have emerged as the largest independent political force on the Republican side. Already, groups linked to the Kochs have spent more than $25 million on television and radio in crucial 2014 House and Senate races, according to Democratic media-buying sources. Other reports, which also count spending on digital advertising, show a total that is closer to $30 million.

            And that’s mainly the Senate. The House races are just as bad:

            The outside spending in House races is also dominated by Koch-linked groups. These groups have dropped $5.7 million in 14 districts, three times as much as all Democratic outside groups have spent on non-special election races this year.

            Keep up with your lunacy, it brings me a big laugh every time you make some idiotic comment which proves you have NO CLUE what you’re talking about.


          211. Alfred1957 October 12, 2014

            I see maybe 35 mil there, you’re about 75 mil short. Where is the rest?

          212. TheSkalawag929 October 13, 2014

            The difference between the big money donors to Democrats and the big money donors to republicans is that the donors to Democrats are trying to get access to health care to millions of Americans while republicans are doing everything they can to deny it to them.

          213. Alfred1957 October 13, 2014

            Deny them healthcare because they can’t afford it because the government keeps them on the plantation and you can’t afford it on plantation pay?
            They have been getting free healthcare at any hospital emergency room, and this Obamacare was supposed to stop that, but guess what? Emergency room healthcare has increased, not gone down with Obamacare. We have all been paying for it on our hospital bills up till now, and we will still be paying it. Except now the hospitals get money from the Obamacare premiums on top of it.
            Do you think the Hospitals and Insurance companies went along with Obama on all this if they were going to LOSE money? Get real.

          214. TheSkalawag929 October 15, 2014

            Denying people healthcare sounds like a death panel kind of decision. I thought you republicans were against death panels.
            Emergency room treatment is not healthcare.

          215. Independent1 October 11, 2014

            That’s what that empty space between his ears is filled with – what most of do in an outhouse.

          216. TheSkalawag929 October 11, 2014

            Now we know what he uses for brains.

          217. joe schmo October 15, 2014

            So you admit it, you are full of flatulence and shit. Many Conservatives like to fill our minds with intellectual reading material in the ‘outhouse’, thank you very much.

          218. TheSkalawag929 October 15, 2014

            Democrats like to get their intellectual reading material from schools, colleges libraries and the like.. You know place that are repositories of intellectual reading material.

          219. joe schmo October 15, 2014

            Right on!

          220. joe schmo October 15, 2014

            ….and you need to stop being a suppository for Obama. Oh,,,, that’s right….he is not mentioned all that much anymore. What happened to your Savior? Seems all the Dems are beginning to run like hell away from Obama and his agenda….. Too Marxist maybe? …..or maybe not Marxist enough.

          221. TheSkalawag929 October 15, 2014

            You’re not real bright are you joe? You see President Obama isn’t on any ballot throughout the country so why should he be at center stage? It’s you RWNJs that call him Savior, Messiah and Emperor not Democrats. You’re the one who is a member of the Incredible Shrinking Party. How’s that working out for you.

          222. Independent1 October 11, 2014

            And the truth is what?? And don’t try to sell us on any stories that come from the RWNJ websites you obviously frequent!! Talk about a Faux News sheeple!!!!!

          223. TheSkalawag929 October 11, 2014

            He can’t answer you. You just hamstrung him when you took away all his source material.

          224. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

            Learn english son

          225. TheSkalawag929 October 13, 2014

            Why? We live in the U.S, of A. we speak American. You want to speak English move to England.

          226. Alfred1957 October 13, 2014

            So you don’t get the difference?

          227. TheSkalawag929 October 15, 2014

            It would seem that you are the one who doesn’t get the difference.

          228. joe schmo October 15, 2014

            The truth!….Do you even know what that is? Why don’t you people offer some solutions for a change. Do we have to do everything for you.

          229. TheSkalawag929 October 11, 2014

            By who? surely not you kenndeb. You’ve already proven on numerous occasions that you are dead from the neck up. And you always fail to provide any credible evidence of your ludicrous accusations.

          230. Independent1 October 11, 2014

            And as Skalawag929 asked, You can prove that how?? With more of your made up idiocy!!!

          231. TheSkalawag929 October 11, 2014

            Not made up.
            More like pulled from the region people with good sense use toilet paper on and then flush.

          232. Russell Byrd October 11, 2014

            You mean the Bush-Cheney administration, or the hypothetical scenarios if Romney had won the election?

          233. Independent1 October 12, 2014

            Only in the feeble minds of idiots such as yourself!!!!

          234. Alfred1957 October 12, 2014

            This thread is just 3 stupid truckdrivers that failed their driving tests

          235. kenndeb October 12, 2014


          236. Grannysmovin October 13, 2014

            When you can not put forth a legitimate argument you, kenndeb and Schmo resort to failed attempts to insult and conspiracy theories, unsubstantiated comments put out by the Faux News, mentally challenged GOP legislators and candidates , Limbaugh, Beck, etc.

          237. Alfred1957 October 13, 2014

            Nobody here has mention Limbaugh and Beck except you.
            Personally Limbaugh, although right most of the time, is a egotistical bag of hot air, and Beck, well I don’t need a sermon from a radio personality, I get that in church.
            These guys would get a lot more traction and legitimacy if they dropped those behaviors.
            Both have very limited audiences and most conservatives do not listen to them more than 5 minutes.
            Who could, because lets face it, it ain’t easy to listen to.

          238. Grannysmovin October 13, 2014

            I did not state you anyone had mentioned them in their responses, I referenced them as a source just as I listed Faux News and GOP legislators and Candidates.

          239. TheSkalawag929 October 15, 2014

            He knows that it’s just a smoke screen they use when being called out on obvious behavior.
            Kinda of like what this article attempts to point out.

          240. TheSkalawag929 October 15, 2014

            Someone had to bring up where you dolts get your information since you don’t have the courage to say it yourselves.
            Yes they both have limited audiences which you are a proud card carrying member of.

          241. joe schmo October 15, 2014

            Granny Athiest….my arguments are always stated and followed up with theories and facts. You just choose to ignore them because of the wires that keep your eyes glued together.

          242. Grannysmovin October 15, 2014

            Well as usual your fact and/or theory is wrong. I am not an Athiest – Judgement and assumption = Faux Christian Schmo.

          243. TheSkalawag929 October 15, 2014

            You’re not really to good in the language skills department are you joe?

          244. joe schmo October 15, 2014

            My, my my….you wish. Seems I am no longer the lone Conservative ranger on this site……

          245. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            If you, schmo, and worry wart can’t pass that test, then you should go for a different line of work.

            Anyway, I thought you needed a high school education to even take that test. Or have they relaxed the rules for you guys.

          246. Alfred1957 October 16, 2014

            Just for you, you’re special

          247. Russell Byrd October 16, 2014

            So, I guess a little sissy like you just gives up, right?

          248. Alfred1957 October 17, 2014

            No one can bloviate quite like you Russell.

          249. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            No one can blo . . . quite like you Alfraud the sissy.

            Boy, this is easy.

          250. Alfred1957 October 17, 2014

            You fight like a girl child.

          251. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            But, you still blow. ROTFL!

          252. Russell Byrd October 16, 2014

            You are definitely, “special.”

          253. Independent1 October 13, 2014

            As I said before, by mindless idiots such as yourself and millions of other low IQ Americans who you and your Republican ilk have unfortunately managed to brainwash into believing your lies and distortions of the truth!!

          254. joe schmo October 15, 2014

            Low IQ Americans….you mean like yourself? Your oblivious insurrection of the man is dubiously mistaken for your lack of knowing. Obviously, you have no clue as to the states success maintained by the highest employment rates of any state. Low taxes, innovation and an incentive to quantitatively offer the constituents a well sought out living. You have no intrinsic knowledge as to how the state is run or how Mr. Abbott would maintain this high level of success exuded by the above statements. Unfortunately, you elude yourself by debunking a system that works. I maintain where ever you reside the stakes are much graver and less successful. I can assure you your progressive ideology will kill this country. Texas, a republic, can and will continue to succeed no matter how much your media misconstrues the facts.

          255. TheSkalawag929 October 15, 2014

            You are not a member of reality joe.

          256. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

            Independent of thought perhaps?

          257. Dominick Vila October 13, 2014

            A similar situation is taking place in Florida, where candidate Crist is airing a political ad featuring Rick Scott’s Columbia HCA fraud scandal. The response from the GOP is “unfair, negative, ads”. I guess crime pays when it comes to crooked Republicans…

          258. Independent1 October 13, 2014

            Looks like, GOP gangsters, aka the American Mafia, just doesn’t like to get ratted out (like most crooks).

          259. joe schmo October 15, 2014

            Dirty playing will only make the public more aware…. May backfire on the Libs…..

          260. Dominick Vila October 15, 2014

            Reminding people that some politicians running for re-election committed crimes and had to pay hefty fines to stay out of jail is dirty tricks?
            In the case of Gov. Scott, his latest ads – a retort to Crist’s ad – says something along the lines of “Crist wants to make this a referendum about me, this election is about you, and about the future of all Floridians, and he follows with a short list of improvements focused on job creation and higher wages.
            It remains to be seen how gullible Floridians are, how important honesty is for us, and which one of these two Republicans we choose. Will we choose a guy who should be serving time in prison, or a former Republican turned Democrat when his party kicked him out? I can’t say that I am too excited…

        2. Alfred1957 October 12, 2014


        3. joe schmo October 15, 2014

          Well, I gues that ‘absolute crook’ will continue to make Texas our #1 state for jobs, low taxes and income:)

    2. Alfred1957 October 12, 2014

      Wendy is losing because she is an airhead

  2. Vince October 11, 2014

    Sometimes the truth is ugly. Abbot suffered a tragic accident, but that does not give him a pass regarding policies and attitudes towards working men and women. Nor does he get immunity from being called out for the crook that he is. It is disappointing that the author of this article chose to follow the torch-bearing mob in condemning the Davis Campaign for the ad, rather than research whether what the ad says is true or not. By the way, this ad and her speech are truthful.

    1. Whatmeworry October 11, 2014

      and so were the ads stating that Obama applied to college as a non US citizen, that he was quota admission, he was a drug dealer in college and he only took pass/fail courses at Harvard

      1. Vince October 11, 2014

        All of that nonsense you mention was debunked. But then again, you probably don’t care anyway. As a Texan the stuff about Abbot, however, I know to be true. Not one person has come forward from the Abbot campaign to say otherwise. But then bringing old lies about Obama is just another way to try to misdirect the conversation away from the crooks in the Texas GOP who line their pockets at Texas taxpayer expense.

        1. Independent1 October 11, 2014

          Yeah! Those Texas politicians just replicate what their buddies at the federal level do day in and day out – everything they possibly can to separate taxpayers from their hard earned money and funnel it to their rich cronies who don’t need it and pass down parts of their booty to their political hacks!!!

        2. TheSkalawag929 October 11, 2014

          They play the cards they were dealt. They were dealing and from the bottom to boot.

        3. Whatmeworry October 11, 2014

          As a Chicagonite I can tell all of that stuff is true and the stuff about Abbot has been debunked

          1. TheSkalawag929 October 11, 2014

            It’s a good thing God gave you a functioning autonomic system otherwise some Liberal Progressive Democrat would probably be trying to resuscitate dumb ass out of the goodness of their heart.

          2. Russell Byrd October 11, 2014

            I like that!

          3. joe schmo October 14, 2014

            No you wouldn’t. If it didn’t serve your cause you would let someone bleed to death….

          4. TheSkalawag929 October 15, 2014

            Your reading comprehension isn’t very much above zero is it joe schmo?

          5. Vince October 11, 2014

            I know you’re wrong about the former, even though it’s not germaine to this discussion, and as for Abbott, none of that has been debunked. And it can’t be, it’s all part of public record. Again, not one person from the Abbott campaign has come forward to challenge ir deny any of it. Maybe you should pay more attention to Chicago, because you don’t know jack about Texas.

          6. Whatmeworry is Dan M Ketter October 13, 2014

            Nope, try again dannnnno. You grew up in Buffalo NY, worked for Ford Motors in St Louis, and retired your fat trolling ass in Williamsburg VA

        4. GreenEyedLilo October 13, 2014

          Right, if Davis were far wrong, Abbott and his people would be saying “She’s wrong and this is why,” not “She’s ableist and mean.”

      2. TheSkalawag929 October 11, 2014

        Only on the DIM-RIGHT network.

        1. Whatmeworry October 11, 2014

          It was covered by PBS and MSNBC

          1. TheSkalawag929 October 11, 2014

            You mean debunked on PBS and MSNBC.

          2. Russell Byrd October 11, 2014

            How about a cite. You creeps are always carrying on about how liberal PBS and MSNBC are, so does what you said even make any sense at all.

            I will stick with truth and fact, but I guess there are some like you that just feel more satisfied by making shit up.

          3. TheSkalawag929 October 11, 2014

            The only thing you get from trying to make sense out of statements by the likes of whatmeworry is an Excedrin headache #43.

      3. Alfred1957 October 12, 2014

        All true

      4. GreenEyedLilo October 13, 2014

        Yes, if those were facts, it would be worthwhile. As for “quota admissions,” you do know that the “legacy admissions” many rich, white politicians enjoyed to Ivy League colleges are also based on their birth circumstances, right?

        1. silas1898 October 13, 2014

          That’s how Dumbya got into Yale. Daddy took care of it. Plus it got the cokehead out of town.

  3. Whatmeworry October 11, 2014

    Unfortunately it looks like right now that Senate will break 52-48 for the Republicans

    1. Independent1 October 11, 2014

      In your dreams!!!!!! Don’t count your chickens before they hatch!!!!

      1. Whatmeworry October 11, 2014

        Vegas has it 54-46 republican but that’s a stretch. The legal vote was a landslide victory for Romney until the absentee illegal votes were counted

        1. Russell Byrd October 11, 2014

          Where do you get your dope, “Whatmealwayslie”? Who are you fooling?

          I don’t like you, but I am coming to the swift conclusion that you are one of the best promoters of liberal-progressive causes. Anyone listening to you will hie right down to the polls and vote for . . . us!

          1. Alfred1957 October 12, 2014

            You can be sure nobody really likes you either wusslboid

          2. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            Which coming from you, hurts me not at all. I AM where I belong, and you are not. This blog is over your head anyway. The collective IQ here is pretty far above the “normal” 100 level, while you seem to just barely be into the moron category at 85.

            So, I must extend my thanks to you for paying me such a compliment, while at the same time exposing your immaturity and lack of intelligence.

          3. joe schmo October 14, 2014

            Watch out, he’s a lunatic!

          4. Alfred1957 October 15, 2014

            No kidding, and what’s with his fascination about rumpbuggering?
            now we all know why Russell is a democrat because they support unlimited anal buggering for men.
            See Russell, I spelled your name right again.
            Then he tells me my use of the word plantation is inflammatory, hahahaha!

    2. Russell Byrd October 11, 2014

      Absolutely true! The American people will vote for a Rumpbuggercon Senate with the same fervor that gave President Romney his predicted landslide victory.


    3. GreenEyedLilo October 13, 2014

      If Democratic voters keep hearing this, we might all show up.

      1. joe schmo October 14, 2014

        So will the Republicans…….:)

  4. Allan Richardson October 12, 2014

    How is it “vicious” to point out the fallacies or hypocrisies in someone’s positions? The fact that Greg Abbott uses a wheelchair is in itself no reason to attack him, but the fact that he wants to deny OTHERS the medical help HE receives to live with that disability is a legitimate topic when the election is ABOUT whether we have a country (or a state, in this case) extending equal opportunity to all, or one in which privilege is extended to some over others.

    If a blind politician wanted to cut funding to teach braille for others (but not for himself), or if a politician with a gay daughter wanted to bar OTHER fathers’ gay children from being able to live happily with a partner as his own daughter does (or for that matter, if the daughter HERSELF promotes her father’s policies that hurt other gay people, but she enjoys special protection from the effects of those policies), is it cruel or “politically incorrect” to point that out? If a political pundit who himself, admittedly, became addicted to prescription pain pills and received rehabilitation for that addiction, STILL favors putting his fellow addicts IN JAIL WITH NO REHAB, is it wrong to point out that hypocrisy?

    Abbott’s campaign in deliberately confusing voters, because Wendy Davis’ ad DID NOT “make fun” of her opponent for being paralyzed, but it called him to account for the hypocrisy of opposing the help he receives being extended to others who are not fortunate enough to have his wealth.

  5. GreenEyedLilo October 13, 2014

    It’s obvious that Davis is not attacking Abbott’s paralysis, but his entitled “I got mine, to hell with the rest of you” attitude toward others who have suffered as he has. He wants to deny others help he received. He *has* denied others help they needed. This is worth discussing, even if it’s uncomfortable. Want more hypocrisy? It’s amazing how people who called Davis “Abortion Barbie,” talked about what an awful mother she is, get upset over the “wussification of America” if someone tries to keep high school athletes from scrambling their brains on the field, etc. have found their sensitivity here.

  6. ExRadioGuy15 October 13, 2014

    I’ve seen the ad….
    What it truly does is to expose the pathetic projectional hypocrisy of Abbott, something that’s a pandemic in the Republican Party.
    Ever notice how bullies whine, moan and complain when people stand up to them? This is EXACTLY what the Texas GOP are doing here.
    Quit yer whinin’, Texas GOP.

    1. Independent1 October 13, 2014

      What really gets my goat is that there are actually Democrats out there that are supporting the GOP in their negative response to the ad. That should not be happening!!!

      1. joe schmo October 14, 2014

        Reason being that the add was disrespectful and tactless. Something you all know a thing or two about.

        1. TheSkalawag929 October 15, 2014

          Disrespectful and tactless in what way?

  7. judi October 13, 2014

    The Repubs are on the WAHHHHHH train about this ad., forgetting of course, THEIR “abortion Barbie” ads.
    This ad is calling out the slimy hypocrisy of Abbot…not his handicap. As a matter of fact…HE uses his wheelchair as talking points HIMSELF.

    1. joe schmo October 14, 2014

      Desperation leads to desperate measures. I am specifically referring to the so called ‘tolerant’ and ‘compassionate’ Liberals.

      Typical tactless and decadent world view. How dare this windbag pick on someone who is disabled. Who the Hell cares what his/her political affiliation is. Your side deserves to lose in Texas and most likely they will….. WAAHHHHAAAAAHHHHH cry Liberal cry.

      1. TheSkalawag929 October 15, 2014

        Just because State Senator Davis is a woman doesn’t mean she won’t kick you butt to the curb if your’re wrong.
        Your not picking on someone when you’re telling the truth about their hypocrisy.
        Your self righteous indignation and outrage are duly being ignored for what they are. BS.

    2. TheSkalawag929 October 15, 2014

      They didn’t forget. They hoped you had but they were wrong. As usual.


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