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Mississippi NAACP Asks Cochran To Support Voting Rights Act After Black Voters Helped Him Win Runoff

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Mississippi NAACP Asks Cochran To Support Voting Rights Act After Black Voters Helped Him Win Runoff


Black voters helped propel Senator Thad Cochran (R-MS) to his victory against Tea Party challenger Chris McDaniel in the Mississippi Republican Senate runoff election on Tuesday night. Now the Mississippi NAACP is asking Cochran to start representing these voters’ interests — by supporting efforts to re-establish the Voting Rights Act protections that were struck down by the Supreme Court last year.

In a Wednesday interview with HuffPost Live, Mississippi NAACP president Derrick Johnson said, “Our advocacy towards [Cochran’s] office is to support amending the Voting Rights Act, free of any conditions such as voter ID. I think that this is an opportunity for him to show some reciprocity for African-Americans providing a strong level of support for him.”

Last June, the Supreme Court threw out Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act, which meant that states with a history of voting discrimination — like Mississippi — no longer need clearance from the federal government to make changes in their voting processes. The Court argued that the law was based on old data and that voting rights protections were no longer necessary.

Since then, many states have moved forward with strict voting restrictions, such as implementing voter ID laws and reducing early voting. According to the Brennan Center, 22 states have passed new restrictions since 2010; 15 states, including Mississippi, put new voting restrictions in place for the first time this year.

Many black voters who supported Cochran in the runoff didn’t turn out in the original primary, which McDaniel narrowly won. Mississippi’s primaries are open, which means that Democrats could vote in the runoff if they hadn’t voted in the original Democratic primary. In Jefferson County, which has the largest percentage of black voters in the country, turnout increased by 92 percent from the primary.

FiveThirtyEight‘s Harry Enten shows that Cochran could not have won without this increase in black voter turnout, as the 10 counties where Cochran did markedly better in the runoff than he did in the primary were counties where blacks make up 69 percent or more of the population.

This was no accident; Cochran’s campaign made a conscious effort to expand the electorate by getting black voters to the polls..

“We’ve got efforts reaching out to black voters in Mississippi who want to vote for Thad because they like what Thad is for,” Cochran campaign advisor Austin Barbour told The New York Times. “Thad Cochran is someone who, even with his conservative message, represents all of Mississippi.”

Now that Cochran’s on the other side of the hardest election of his career, Johnson feels that Cochran owes black voters, not just for his runoff win, but for the fact that he even became a senator at all.

“Truth be told, not only would he not have won the election last night, he would not have been a sitting senator at all but for the volunteers and the staff of the NAACP, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, CORE, who worked diligently over several years which culminated to what we now know as Freedom Summer,” he said in his HuffPost Live interview.

It’s been 50 years since Freedom Summer, when activists in Mississippi registered blacks to vote and set up schools in the face of resistance from the Ku Klux Klan and local residents.

Regardless of the history in his state, Cochran still supported the Supreme Court’s decision last year.

“The Court’s finding reflects well on the progress states like Mississippi have made over the last five decades,” he said in a statement after Section 4 was gutted. “I think our state can move forward and continue to ensure that our democratic processes are open and fair for all without being subject to excessive scrutiny by the Justice Department.”

Cochran’s office has shown no indication that the senator has changed his mind; on the contrary, it sees the runoff as evidence that Mississippi’s new voting rules work.

“Ballot access in Mississippi, with its new voter ID process, proved to be solid across the state on Tuesday,” Chris Gallegos, Cochran’s communications director, wrote in an email to The National Memo.

AFP Photo/Justin Sullivan

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  1. Lynda Groom June 26, 2014

    If the man has any principles he will certainly entertain helping to ensure voting rights for all. He should be doing that no matter what the NAACP might believe he owes those who brought him over the line. Voting is the American way and unfortunately for far too many in his party voting is something they wish to deny to as many as possible. We will see soon enough Thad’s character.

    1. mike June 27, 2014

      Tell me how exactly are their voting right being violated. Mississippi has a very strict law. Did it stop them from voting. No!!! Thad owes them nothing this vote proves it.
      NAACP is upset with Supreme Court ruling striking down parts of Voting Rights Act because it makes it “Supposedly” harder for blacks in Mississippi to vote.
      But yet blacks are the reason why Cochran won on Tuesday. I ask again, tell me how exactly are their voting rights being violated.

      The true racist are the NAACP and Democrat party ….. because they’re the only ones I hear telling black voters that they’re too poor or two stupid to get a valid photo ID(which is free in MS).
      Cochran will continue to strive for a smaller Fed. govt. but at a slower pace than McDaniels.

      1. Sand_Cat June 27, 2014

        Another brilliant rant from another racist neo-Nazi.

        1. mike June 27, 2014

          Not a rant. Not Racist! Brilliant, almost.
          Can’t answer the question or refute the accusation my little cat litter brain? From you, just more emotional Mumbo Jumbo from a lefty racist. Just remember it is you on the left with your condescending remarks toward them(too poor, too stupid).


          1. WhutHeSaid June 28, 2014

            Keep on laughing, because you redneck goobers’ attempts to suppress minority votes always backfires on you. But guess what? The generation that will make Caucasian European immigrants an absolute minority in the United States has already been born, so perhaps one day in the not-too-distant future you will get your wish — albeit not exactly the way you intended.

          2. mike June 28, 2014

            I assume you are Black from your rant, having said that I think you are referring to the year 2050 where it has been estimated that the Hispanic population will be in the majority and the Blacks will be STILL be A MINORITY. Whites and Hispanics believe in family but most blacks(72% unwed mothers) there is no such thing as a family unit and just as important their leadership is not concerned about them as much as filling their own pockets.

          3. WhutHeSaid June 28, 2014

            Well, then I guess you’ve once again proven the old adage about what it means to assume things. Skin color has nothing to do with family values. Color has nothing to do with bigoted rants such as yours either — unless of course you consider ‘asshole’ to be a primary color.

          4. mike June 28, 2014

            I wish that wasn’t the case, but why is the black community having more single mother babies(72%)? Why is the black community falling further behind economically(Lost income 10%, poverty level up to 16%? Why is the black community falling further behind in education(only 52% black males graduate from HS).
            A major part of these sad numbers is the lack of a family structure. If there is a strong family unit, the children have a far better chance to succeed. If you read the report you will see even when economic improvement does happen the unwed birth rate dropped slightly. It is all about the family!!!!


            Just remember by 2050 the black community will increase from 14% to 15%, still a minority.

          5. WhutHeSaid June 28, 2014

            The fact that you don’t state — because it doesn’t serve your bigoted argument, of course — is that the rate of children born to unwed mothers has increased dramatically over the last few decades for ALL ethnic groups. The rate for Caucasian women, for example, has climbed from around 2% in 1960 to about 40%. So what does this indicate to you?

            I can answer the question above, so just sit back and relax your tiny little head for a moment. The answer is that to you it means that black people are inferior. They aren’t, of course, but because of your character defect and limited intelligence you will never be able to surmount that intellectual obstacle.

            I’m not assuming that you are white, but let’s say for the sake of the argument that you are. The Asian rate of births to unwed mothers is far less than that of whites — around 17%. So let’s get out your bigot-o-meter and calculate what that means for a pinhead like you. Since you are a white person (again, for the sake of the argument), and white people have double the rate of births for unwed mothers, why, that must mean that you are about 50% less intelligent, desirable, or likely to succeed, right? So you are only half as worthy as an Asian — isn’t that your calculation?

            In reality your argument is pretty worthless. The REAL issue here is that you are driven by your limited intellect to search for evidence to support your wish to be accounted superior to Barack Obama — who you apparently noticed is a black man. But you aren’t superior at all. In fact, I think it’s pretty safe to guess that Obama is more successful than you in every possible way.

            Now isn’t that some kind of marvel: Obama, who is not only black but mostly grew up without his father in his life, is more successful than you ever will be. Normal people will just chalk this up to good luck, fortunate circumstances, hard work, or some combination of all of these. But the mind of a bigot doesn’t work that way. A bigot like you can’t accept Obama’s success at all and must endlessly search for confirmation that his very real success is somehow suspect, because otherwise you would be forced to admit the truth: Obama is superior to you.

            So now you may return to your quest for evidence that Obama is somehow NOT more successful than you. You won’t find any such evidence, of course, and everyone knows that Obama is more successful than you in every possible way (even other bigots) — but you won’t let that stand in your way. That’s your character defect.

            If it makes you feel any better, there are still quite a few people around who have failed to scale the evolutionary ladder to the point where they have the intellectual wherewithal to understand how utterly flawed racist beliefs really are. There are less and less every day, of course, but evolution is a marathon event and not a sprint. There is one thing that you really should TRY to grasp, however, if such is in any way possible with your intellectual resources: The days where racism and/or bigotry are acceptable mainstream behaviors is over, and no matter how hard you try to argue them back into existence they are gone forever. Welcome to reality.

          6. mike June 28, 2014

            No you are just spinning the facts. Your numbers aren’t even close on whites. Your 40% is for all races. Does lack of comprehension run in your family?



            No need to answer the rest of the post because you lost on the first paragraph and the rest of your comments are diarrhea of the brain.

          7. WhutHeSaid June 28, 2014

            The facts speak for themselves. Instead of looking at your crappy chart, which doesn’t even break out the rate for Asian women, you can instead look at a real collection of statistics:


            Or you can look at the trend over several decades:


            So white women have a rate that is double that of Asian women — even if you refuse to count white Hispanic women as ‘white’, which I do not doubt is exactly how you see it since you are a drooling bigot.

            So either white women are 50% less ‘desirable’ or ‘likely to succeed’ than Asian women or your argument is utter bullshit. Take your pick.

            As for answering the rest of my post, at least you should be congratulated for realizing that you can’t refute it. That’s fairly impressive for somebody who is still struggling on the lower rungs of the evolutionary ladder.

          8. mike June 28, 2014

            Now I am having a good laugh at your expense.

            You said “Caucasian women was 40%” not so, even childtrends say it isn’t so. You then tried to change the subject to Asians. You were wrong on white women, end of argument.

            The topic was blacks and the fact that single moms are hurting their advancement. It’s the family unit, stupid.


            I did not have to refute the rest of your dreck, it was full of assumptions, I am not going to waste my time.

            As to Obama, yes he has been fortunate to having been brought up in a family unit. Was there a father figure? Yes, his grandfather.

            Your earlier post about Caucasian women showed me you will lie to try and win an argument. You are intellectually dishonest and not worth my time. I guess, sort of like Obama, 2013 Liar of the Year. 3 of the top 10 lies for 2013 were from Obama.

            The family unit helps all people.

          9. WhutHeSaid June 28, 2014

            The relevant point was that your bigot-argument was a steaming pile of horseshit. You didn’t address the fact that white women have double the unmarried childbirth rate of Asians. Remember little goober — it was YOUR argument that unwed birth rates had some meaningful value with respect to bigotry and racist voter suppression attempts.

            Unwed birth rates, of course, have nothing whatever to do with bigotry, racism, or any of the other vile behaviors of you unwashed heathens. Your attempt to use it to make some point was pretty useless — although it did have some comedic value.

            So Obama had a grandfather who assumed some of the traditional father-figure responsibilities — that was my point. And so many of the children of unwed mothers also have father figures in their lives, including their fathers themselves — who don’t have to be married to Mom to fulfill this role. It’s a social trend that isn’t confined to any particular race or ethnic group. Nor do they have to be married to be living in the household, so your numbers and arguments are meaningless drivel.

            The real point in all of this is that a black man is your President, and he is more successful than you will ever be. I know that causes goobers like you a great deal of distress, but I’m afraid that you just have to deal with it — nobody is really giving you a choice. And it won’t be that long until YOU are a minority, so you’d better learn to be a good little goober lest you find yourself on the business end of your own brand of bigoted bullshit.

            I suggest that you start by learning to wash. And for the love of God — please make sure that you use soap.

          10. mike June 28, 2014

            You were caught in a lie. You have tried to save your ass with distractions but alas, it won’t change the fact that you are Intellectually dishonest.
            The rest of your post, as all the others you have posted, is filled with Gobbledygook.
            You were caught in a lie(like your buddy Obama) or you are just too stupid to understand the numbers either way you are still a dolt.
            Family is the key to this country and that you can’t deny, oh wait a minute, you did deny the value of family in the black community.

            Thanks for another good laugh. ta-ta

          11. WhutHeSaid June 28, 2014

            I didn’t lie — I posted my numbers. The only reason you are keying in on a specific number is because it’s all you’ve got. It’s your pathetic argument, and you haven’t proven anything with it. In fact, you are running away from your own argument because what you tried to apply to black people works even better when applied to white people vs. Asian people. So what does it prove? It’s your argument, so if you think it demonstrates anything then out with it.

            Saying that family is important is pretty meaningless — nobody ever disputed that. But it has nothing to do with you being a bigot or ranting about Obama because he’s black and better than you in every way. You are a throwback to earlier human evolution – a case of retarded evolution, if you will. The whole human race — well, normal humans, at least — have passed you by.

            You have no argument — just bigot-rants. Squeal if you must, but your kind is disappearing from this world — and that none too soon. No matter how much you whine and snivel, Obama is better than you and he’s the President. You aren’t. You are on your way to becoming a minority, but you are just too stupid to realize that racism and bigotry can get you just as easily as anyone else. When people like you become the target of their own vile bullshit — what will you whine about then?

            You just be a good little bigot and mind your manners, or we may have to send Eric to snatch you out of your bigot-hole and teach you a lesson.

          12. mike June 28, 2014

            You posted “Caucasian unwed women went from 2% to 40%”. You made it, you live with it. It was wrong then and still is.
            Your posts continue to be full of codswallop(nonsense). Go figure!!!
            Well Mooncalf, I’ve got to go,it was fun.

          13. WhutHeSaid June 28, 2014

            From 2% to 36% — do you like that better? The point that I made is that ALL ethnic groups saw a dramatic rise in births to unwed mothers — so what? You have no valid point to make, so you are trying to nitpick the numbers. That’s fine, because I know that just means you recognize that your argument has no merit whatever.

            You picked the argument to try to prove that your skin color is superior, but it turned out to be an epic FAIL — and you know it. It wasn’t fun for you at all, but you can lie and say it was if that makes you feel better.

            Aside from your failed arguments, you are becoming boring. Please either think up a real point to make or go back inside your trailer and get some rest. Maybe you will dream up a point to make in your sleep.

          14. mike June 29, 2014

            You either lied about the numbers or you could not comprehend them, so you lack credibility and not worth my time.
            Back to the real topic, ID’s do not suppress the vote, airways have sure been quiet this week on the subject. You know, the Obama media, ACLU would be screaming from the roof tops if there had been.

          15. WhutHeSaid June 29, 2014

            Did you have paint chips for breakfast? The issue here is that you are a redneck bigot goober, and you are trying to defend bigot-acts with bigot-arguments. There is no voter impersonation problem anywhere in this country, so the claim that adding more restrictive voter ID laws has any other goal than minority vote suppression is just a bald-faced lie. Everyone knows this.

            I never said that these bigot-laws will ever be successful. In fact, I believe that they will always backfire — as we’ve already seen. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t bigot-acts — they are. The goal is minority voter suppression, and everybody knows it. You know it too — you just lie about it.

            I get it — you are a sordid bigot. Sordid bigots are becoming less and less welcome every day in this world. Your belief that your skin color makes you superior to anyone else is just proof that you are, in fact, inferior. It has nothing to do with your skin color and everything to do with that defective lump between your ears.

          16. mike June 29, 2014

            I never once used the argument of impersonations in any way, shape, or form as a need for ID’s. Go back and read the posts. Oh, that’s right, even if you could read you would be hard pressed to comprehend. Zilch, Nada, is there reference to that word.
            What your racist pea brain can’t comprehend is the elections in MS went well, no complaints as to voting violations or denial of voting. If so, the Obama press would have been all over it.
            The democrat effort to keep the Blacks down on the farm through victimization of them by the right or condescending remarks that they are either to poor or stupid to get an ID just isn’t working.
            Ta-Ta, no more time for you, a intellectually dishonest person.

          17. WhutHeSaid June 29, 2014

            Who do you think you’re fooling? Do you think this is the first time a lying bigot like you came out here and starting spewing racist bullshit?

            Voter impersonation is the only issue that restrictive ID laws could possibly solve — IF impersonation was a problem that needed to be solved, which it is not. So the goal of such laws is something else. If you claim otherwise it’s just because you are a liar. Believe me — nobody out here is ever surprised to hear bigots lying.

            People like you are the problem. There will always be assholes, of course, but the days of people like you actually fashioning mainstream public policy is over. Your President is black, and you obviously hate that fact. But that’s your reality, and you redneck goobers are only getting more marginalized with every passing day.

            If you were smart, you’d realize that being a racist is a dead end proposition. The world wants people like you gone, so it would be wise to re-evaluate your character flaws. But you aren’t smart, otherwise you wouldn’t be a drooling bigot to begin with.

            So because of who and what you are, nobody really cares about your opinion. Nobody listens to your arguments. Nobody expects anything good or honest from you. Nobody is surprised when you come out here and lie, and nobody really takes anything you say seriously. I’m afraid that’s just the way things are for sordid bigots and racists, and if you don’t like it then you can just stop your vile and despicable behavior.

            So you have nothing to say that is meaningful to me, and not even any interesting arguments. Go annoy somebody else.

          18. mike June 29, 2014

            So you couldn’t find one reference to that magic word-impersonation. Hmmmmmm

            The ID is the law in MS, get over it. No documentation of voter suppression. If so, where is the MS ACLU?? Nowhere in sight. Where’s the press? nowhere in sight.

            I am not a racist just a realist who understands how pathetic and desperate the left is about the coming Mid-term. You are going down big time.

            As to annoying, don’t reply my little douche bag.


          19. WhutHeSaid June 29, 2014

            You really are an especially stupid little goober – aren’t you? Voter impersonation is the only possible justification for voter ID laws — and there isn’t any. That’s the point, you clueless moron.

            You are a racist — no doubt about it. But racist attempts to stifle minority votes in Mississippi turned out to be a big FAIL. All of the attempts by you racists are doomed to fail, and when you racists get especially ambitious there is always a place for you: prison.

            Oh, and I heard the big talk about how your racist Tea-Bigot candidates were going to do before. It didn’t turn out so well. In fact, Obama got elected — TWICE — and nobody wants you racists around. But like the walking hemorrhoids that you are, you keep coming back to irritate the ass of the GOP and, of course, cost them winnable elections.

            Face it, asshole, you racists will just continue to lose time after time, and in time normal people will simply stomp you out of existence. It’s been happening for a while now, and that’s exactly how it should be. Better get your ya-yas out while you still can.

          20. mike June 30, 2014

            Obama got elected on lies!! By your description Romney was a teabagger, not true, far from it.If obamacare had been initiated in 2012 or he was up for reelection now he would be defeated.
            APPROVAL RATING FOR OBAMA 41%, slowest recovery ever, 75% of Americans say country going in wrong direction, participation rate 63%, but most importantly-GDP -3% 1st quarter. U6 13%, 19 Million either underemployed, unemployed or have quit looking.
            Obama is a dismal failure making the American miserable not only financially but also belief that things will get better.

            If you had an ounce of Common Sense, you would understand that if a person wants to cash a check, use a credit card, get on a plane, the person must present a form of ID. If a family goes on TANF he must show an ID, birth certificats for each member of family, etc.. So why not when voting? Voting is the Most Sacred Obligation given to each and every American Citizen. One man one vote.
            But your side makes it out to be victimization, what a crock.

            Go look up Kennedy/Nixon presidential election or read the Chicago Tribute “the election of November 8 was characterized by such gross and palpable fraud as to justify the conclusion that Nixon was deprived of victory. All done by Democrats.

            As to the real racist. In your earlier post you used “Caucasian European Immigrants” being the new minority. Your hatred is quite evident.

            PS: Voter ID now law in MS. Get over it.

          21. WhutHeSaid June 30, 2014

            Hey, guess what? The PPACA, also know as Obamacare, has been the law since March 23, 2010. You WILL just deal with it — got it?

            You racists sound like a bunch of drunken parrots — albeit very stupid ones. You say the same retarded things over and over, yet Obama was STILL elected twice, and he’s STILL your President. And guess what else?

            He’s STILL black!!

            Your bigot-laws FAILED. Your bigot-candidates FAILED. Your opposition to Obama FAILED. Aren’t you tired of being such a loser?

          22. mike June 30, 2014

            Yes, it is, but Obama has had to make 30+ extension as more is learned it is a disaster. SCOTUS just threw out another portion of it. Of the 7 million that have signed up only 4 million are new. Where are the other 26 million?? Obama lied on every aspect of it and the Americans know it and are reacting negatively him and the law. They are seeing that it is slowing down employment, they are seeing the additional taxes being taken from their paychecks.They see they have lost their doctors, Hospitals. Next to hit this summer will be the new costs for businesses which will further slow down hiring or even the loss of healthcare through the company. The other shoe is about to drop. Stay tuned.

            I suppose the SCOTUS are now racist since in the last 10 days have overturned 4 his orders. They have thrown out “recess appointments”, 1st amendments religious rights, 4th amendment rights. and the list goes on. As Johnathon Turley said it is the worst 10 days for any President ever. So now THEY too must be racist. That is your criteria, if you don’t like his policies you have to be a racist.

            I am truly sorry you are just a vile person with your terrible vitriol spuing from your brain.
            What you and your ilk can’t stand is that people can have different views that are not based on race. But you and your ilk must try and divide the country to stay in power.

            TA-TA YOU MENTAL MIDGET!!!!

          23. WhutHeSaid July 1, 2014

            Hee-hee — Obama really burns your ass, now doesn’t he? But it’s not his policies — it’s the fact that he’s black and no matter what you do he’s President and you’re not.

            Remember that the Supreme Court ruled on the PPACA too, and that ruling got you goobers all riled up at Justice Roberts for coming down on the side of Obamacare. The same kind of law — exactly — that your LOSING candidate from last time signed into law in Massachusetts.

            So now the PPACA is destroying the economy, eh? Was it the PPACA that recovered all of the millions of jobs lost since the great Bush economic debacle?

            What’s really going to wind you goobers up and make you spin is what starts happening when all of the freeloading goobers in the ‘red’ states start seeing how their GOP leadership is denying them health care access while the goobers in the ‘blue’ states are all starting to enjoy expanded Medicaid. Goobers may be stupid, but their greed is going to override their stupidity at some point, because everyone knows that redneck goobers are the biggest users of federal money in the country.

            But Obama is STILL President, and he’s STILL black. He OWNED you rednecks — TWICE. There’s nothing you can do, and he’ll be President until his term is up. By then you will have wasted so much effort on trying (unsuccessfully) to defeat him that you will all have to furiously try to switch gears to defeat Hillary.

            What will REALLY be funny is if we ended up with a black woman running for President or Vice President. That would be hilarious! I’m guessing that your tiny little head would probably just explode from racist rage.

          24. mike July 1, 2014

            Sooo much verbiage and very little said.
            You can’t change the facts or numbers. The supreme court threw his illegal orders out, economy/GDP is in the negative, income down, taxes up, debt growing larger. All his numbers by every major poll shows how dismal a job he is doing.

            What will really be funny if one of our very good black/hispanics republican ends up on the ticket, like Scott from SC or Susan Martinez governor of NM. Talk about head exploding. LOL!!!
            I am not a racist but I do fight against incompetent people like Obama. Race has nothing to do with it, it is all about policies, Stupid.
            But keep trying to use the race card, unfortunately your argument is very old and stale. Plus, the American people are seeing that he continues to be caught in lies and no longer trustworthy or capable of running the country.
            Ta-ta you little mental midget bigot.

          25. WhutHeSaid July 1, 2014

            No matter what lies you racist spew or how much you whine and snivel, Obama is President until his term is over — so that’s that.

            Is there any part of that you don’t understand?

          26. mike July 2, 2014

            The Chief Whine and Snivel is you buddy Obama.
            Just listen to him whine about everything and anything and it is always someone else fault.
            4 major loses in supreme court, worst loses by modern day presidency.
            Yes, we are stuck with him for now and the economy will continue to slow down, unemployment won’t change, income will continue to be less.
            I am pretty sure he will pass Carter as the worst president. Nothing to do with skin color, all to do with competency, which he doesn’t have. Most transparent administration ever he declared, LOL!!! Now considered the most secretive.



            ta-ta you are still a mental midget, you voted for him because of color and you Sir are the one with egg on your face.

          27. WhutHeSaid July 2, 2014

            The Supreme Court decisions are FAR from the “worst loses (sic) by modern day presidency”. They will do very little to affect Obama’s Presidency at all. It’s just proof of how low you racists have set your sights, because Obama whupped your asses so many times.

            Everyone knows you are a racist. It’s no use to lie. You redneck goobers can only whine, snivel and cry ineffectually because actually acting on your beliefs these days will get you beaten, put in prison, or killed. Nobody is putting up with racist bullshit anymore, and that’s just the way it should be.

          28. mike July 2, 2014

            Obama is toast!!! He is looking ahead to retirement, has little to no interest in the present and his flippant attitude to governing makes him look even more distant.

          29. WhutHeSaid July 2, 2014

            Of course he’s looking forward to retirement. He won the highest and most prestigious job in the world — twice. He’s set for life, with a lifetime pension, lifetime Secret Service protection, and lifetime fame. He has a beautiful family, and he wants for nothing.

            In case you didn’t notice, he whupped you redneck bigots’ asses in a big way. He’s proven that he’s more successful than you will ever be, wealthier than you will ever be, smarter than you, more respected than you, and he could even kick your ass all day long if he wanted. In other words — he’s better than any of you redneck bigots will ever be, and there is nothing whatever that you can do about it.

            How does that make you feel, goober?

          30. mike July 3, 2014

            Yes, he will have all those perks and just like when he got the Nobel Prize for doing nothing his place in history will look the same, he did nothing to bring the country together or the economy back on sound footing. More than likely Historians will find him the worst president even beating out Carter.

            New Quinnipiac Poll just released shows the American people rate him the worst in modern times.

          31. WhutHeSaid July 3, 2014

            No matter what any poll says, Obama is more successful, wealthier, smarter, and more popular than you. If he showed up at any restaurant looking for a table, and the owner had the choice between seating him or you — you’d immediately be sent packing.

            This particular black man is better than you in every way. How does that make you feel?

          32. mike July 3, 2014

            LOL!!! Thanks for another hilarious moment!!
            Only in your warped mind do you think he is a success. LOL!!!
            The American people have his number, an inept leader.

          33. WhutHeSaid July 3, 2014


            Hey goober — how’s YOUR Presidential pension workin’ out for ya, eh? It hurts, doesn’t it?


            Obama: President of the US.
            Mike: Disgruntled goober.

            Obama: Lives at the most exclusive address in the world.
            Mike: Lives in his mom’s trailer.

            Obama: Beautiful family.
            Mike: Mom, a few resentful chickens, and several traumatized sheep.

            Obama: Travels in Air Force One.
            Mike: Drives rusty pickup with cheeseburgers and empty beer cans all over the floor.

            Getting the picture? Oh, and I forgot to mention this: Obama is a black man.

          34. mike July 3, 2014

            I see the same old and stale delusional comments.
            I wonder how a Psychiatrist would evaluate you since you are living through another mans life. He has had success and since you have not you can only live through him. What a joke you are!!!!
            We will see how history treats Obama, I have a feeling it won’t be that good.

          35. WhutHeSaid July 3, 2014

            This is really a problem for you, I can see that. When a black man proves through his success that he is superior to you in some way, your reptilian brain begins to convulse with bigot spasms.

            Why don’t you just make it easier on yourself, admit that some black men are just more successful than you, and accept your inferiority? Everybody else can deal with the fact that Obama is better than you, so what’s your major malfunction?

          36. mike July 3, 2014

            Another delusional post!!!
            Thanks for the laugh!
            I feel sorry for you, this is all you have. I think you should write a book called: “Barack and I, how he succeeded in life and I lived my life through him”.

          37. WhutHeSaid July 3, 2014

            I’m curious: When did you first realize that you couldn’t handle losing to a black person? Did you get your ass whupped a lot in school?

          38. mike July 3, 2014

            I am still laughing!!! Have a great 4th!

          39. WhutHeSaid July 3, 2014

            So you got punked out all through school, and now you blame Obama — right?

          40. Russell Byrd July 3, 2014

            Like I said: Rolling On The Floor Laughing!

          41. Russell Byrd July 3, 2014

            Absolutely, Rolling On The Floor Laughing!

            You are a total asshole. How is history going to treat Obama? It will be pointed out that every right-wing freak opposed him largely because the wing-wackers are a least latently racist and greedy as starved hogs.

          42. Russell Byrd July 3, 2014

            Absolutely, Rolling On The Floor Laughing!

          43. Russell Byrd July 3, 2014

            How can you tell such stupid lies, goober?

            The truth remains true, and you remain a goober.

          44. Russell Byrd July 3, 2014

            Qunnipiac Poll by a “private” uni that just laid off 27 teachers. Looks like they are on the way out. As for the poll, not only is it just this poll and a few others, but even if true, Obama is ONLY FOUR TIMES more popular than your gang of thieves.

            As for the Noble Prize, HE WON IT, Romboid, Chainey, Flush, Insanity, freaking Beck the Peck-er, DID NOT. So, eat your heart out. ROTFL!

          45. Russell Byrd July 3, 2014

            Only because we have a House more concerned with fattening the rich, failing to serve WE THE PEOPLE, and busy committing treason. At best, you have about two and one-half years left before the curtain falls. Possibly for good.

            So, be a blooming genius and piss off as many Americans as you possibly can. It will work wonders. FOR US!

          46. Russell Byrd July 3, 2014

            Loses in a Supreme Court whose judges are actually right-wing pollies in defiance of the Constitution. However, the setbacks are temporary. Those decisions, AND MANY MORE, not fall like rain when the Court becomes a court again as they are not based on the law of the land at all. The backlash will only put the dying winger movement in worse position than they started out in. Doubt it, the Demographics alone are plain.

            Carter was a very honest, decent, and sincere President. Admittedly, those are traits you scumbags despise. That is why you loved Saint Ronnie Raygun. By the way, in his debate with Carter, Saint Ronnie had Carter’s notes on his answers. How? Watergate style break-in. Proven and documented. The media bosses did not want to be seen crucifying another president.

            Unemployment? Economy? Rumpuggercons caught plotting to destroy economy to vex Obama.

            And it damn well is not about competency. Your gang of criminal fuck-ups has been trying to destroy Obama since BEFORE he took office. It is at least partially about color. The number of right-wing hate groups is near 2000, doubling from the troubling number of traitors we already had.

            Meanwhile, left-wing militant groups are stable at 3. THREE! So go suck down a cold one mike, and I ain’t talking about a beer.

      2. Lynda Groom June 27, 2014

        The Brennan Center for Justice, part of the New York University School of Law estimated that as many as 48,000 blacks in Mississsippi did not have the required documentation to be allowed to vote. You may find that not too be a problem, but many of us would.

        The fact that many blacks did vote does not mean there is no problem to be addressed. That fact the blacks voted for Thad does not mean that nobody’s voting rights have not been violated.

        You are tying to conflate those who have the required voter ID with voter suppression, which is clearly not the case.

        1. mike June 27, 2014

          My, My an old study(2012) which was an “Estimate”. Again, an ESTIMATE. Even the Mississippi ACLU said the numbers of those being disenfranchised would be difficult to assess. Frankly, I don’t want any person denied the right to vote, but this specious ID argument just doesn’t hold water. Those that have taken the initiative have gotten their free ID.

          I never said it was perfect but does seem to be working.
          I guess it’s time to start showing all those that have been violated. Hell, if they don’t have the right ID at the poll they have 7 days to produce the correct ID and vote a provisional ballot. That sure doesn’t look like voter suppression to me.


          1. Lynda Groom June 27, 2014

            Just how does the age of the study invalidate the data? All over the nation, in states that have ginned up these new voter rules, tens of thousands of folks are being denied the right to vote. You can’t just dismiss those among us who don’t have the necessary documents to be registered again. A very large portion of those so-called elderly don’t have driven licenses, the same is true for a number of younger members of our society. As an example my mom, who is 91, if she lived in Mississippi could not get registered. She has never obtained a driver’s license and does not have a birth certificate. She was born in 1922 in Missouri and a certificate was not obtained by the family.

            Just how would you know if somebody was denied the right to vote? If they are not registered they can’t vote. You won’t be seeing them turned away because they don’t show up at the polls in the first place.

          2. mike June 28, 2014

            First and most importantly, how lucky you are to still have your Mother with you. I wish her much health and happiness. May she be with you for many more years.

            Now to the study, lit was 2 years ago and it was an Estimate and before it became law. The MS law is here and now. As I said earlier stated, show the violations, pretty simple. If there are violations in large numbers(there always exceptions) then show them.
            Document these violations, I know the press will.
            A drivers lic. is not the only form of ID. These elderly you refer to, are they receiving SS, or other govt. assistance? Which could be used for proof?? Also, your wording is strange, you said “certificate was not obtained”, but is it on record, there has to be a record somewhere(school, hospital, etc.), Yes-No???

            If your accusations are true, then they can easily be proven.

            For the last ten years I have either been a judge or observer in the election cycle and I can tell you 99.9% of Blacks have had an ID.

            The lefts argument is still a canard.

          3. WhutHeSaid June 28, 2014

            It’s an attempt at voter suppression. The fact that most plans of redneck bigots do not succeed doesn’t disprove the intent. You goobers just keep right on pissing in the wind if that’s what makes you happy — the last thing we want is unhappiness running rampant in the nation’s trailer parks.

          4. mike June 28, 2014

            You fit the saying “ignorance is bliss”.

          5. WhutHeSaid June 28, 2014

            Yep, I fit it right on top of your pointy little head like the rhetorical dunce cap that it is. So go sit in the corner, little goober, and use your ‘timeout’ to contemplate just why it is that adults have nothing but contempt for your bigoted, redneck bullshit.

          6. mike June 28, 2014

            Thanks, I needed a good chuckle.

          7. WhutHeSaid June 28, 2014

            Something tells me that your entire life is one big chuckle. In fact, I hear they even invented a term for people like you: ‘chucklehead’.

          8. mike June 28, 2014

            And I see your moment as a comedian was a bomb.

          9. idamag June 29, 2014

            The pointy head probably fits under his white sheet.

          10. Russell Byrd July 3, 2014

            No, it’s “ignorance is mike.” No charge for the correction.

  2. David L. Allison June 27, 2014

    I think they should have let Cochran go home and then worked to elect a Dem to office. Blacks are anathema for Republicans and they should recognize that fact and act to take them all out of office.

    1. Allan Richardson June 27, 2014

      If there was not already a Democratic candidate on the Democratic primary ballot, it is probably too late for one to run THIS TIME. In the meantime, it is better to put up with Cochran than the even crazier McDaniel. This is surely what many black (and progressive white) voters calculated.

    2. idamag June 29, 2014

      What you don’t seem to get is that the t-potty (anti-government) is trying to destroy all the regular Republicans in office. If we might get a candidate, from the opposite side into office, then we want the two best candidates running.

  3. FireBaron June 27, 2014

    As Prince Hal said after his coronation as King Henry V to his old drinking and whoring companion, Sir John Falstaff, “I know thee not, old man.” Translation – ” ‘Scuse me, y’all? Who are y’all, and what did you say you did for me? Sorry, but I have no idea what y’all are sayin’.”

  4. browninghipower June 27, 2014

    Once again, Liberals are fools, and taken for fools and used as fools. It grieves me. I agree with Mr. Allison’s post below and when all this was happening, I wondered where the DNC was…then I realized they were quaking in their boots as usual. So sad….I despise Rahm and his purge of Howard Dean.

    1. jmprint June 27, 2014

      You are under estimating the power of the vote.

      1. browninghipower June 27, 2014

        Yeah…I’m pretty cynical. We’ll see just how many Dems turn out this November, won’t we?

    2. BillP June 27, 2014

      Gee and the Republicans/Conservatives are so wise in their choices in the last election. Let’s see – nominated a woman in Delaware who had to run an ad to claim she wasn’t a witch, a woman who ran for the governorship in California and ran an ad talking about how good the state was when she moved there, Jerry Brown was governor then, great move, nominated a man for the Senate who talked about women and “legitimate” rape, a presidential candidate who couldn’t remember the 3rd cabinet position he wanted to eliminate and that’s just a few. You Republicans/Conservatives have nominated a good number of buffoons for Congress and the Presidency.

      1. idamag June 29, 2014

        Don’t forget the “I’m not a witch” candidate wanted to make masturbation against the law. I am still wondering how you would enforce that one.

        1. Sand_Cat June 29, 2014

          Believe me, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

      2. Sand_Cat June 29, 2014

        I could be wrong, but I don’t think browninghipower is a “Republican/Conservative,” but a weary and discouraged observer who understands why the GOP often controls the governorships and legislatures (and Congressional Districting) of “blue” states and suspects this election won’t change that much. I hope he/she is wrong, but I fear the opposite.

  5. dana becker June 27, 2014

    I would bet he is laughing at them for being such fools by coming out and voting for him. He was just the least objectionable considering what Mc Daniels would do to them.

  6. Bill June 27, 2014

    What he says now, its over go away.

  7. jointerjohn June 27, 2014

    Here’s the motivation I don’t hear anyone else waking up to realize. Republicans don’t want black people to vote. Even more effective than voter I.D. laws in accomplishing that is to discourage them. No finer way to do that than to reward their help by ignoring them. He will jilt them intentionally to make them feel that voting doesn’t do any good. It’s strategy. It’s asshole behavior, but then he is, after all a republican.

  8. Pamby50 June 27, 2014

    No he won’t do anything regarding voting rights. So I think Chris McDaniel should put himself on the ballot as a write in candidate, Thad Cochran as the republican and Travis Childers as the democrat. Now that would be an interesting election.

  9. bobnstuff June 28, 2014

    Voter ID laws are for one thing and one thing only, keep the democrats from voting. The republicans in Pa even said it. There are around 1000 registered voters in my district and the poll works know them all. the people who move in are welcomed and the ones like me are greeted. I have been a poll watcher and have seen just how little we need voter ID in my polling place. If you think there is something wrong with voting in your area become a poll watcher.

  10. idamag June 29, 2014

    Mississippi is one of the reasons I support a strong Federal government over strong state governments.


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