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Most Americans Want To Scrap Electoral College

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Most Americans Want To Scrap Electoral College


With the 2012 presidential election battle already heating up, a majority of Americans would like to see a major change to the voting system: They want to completely scrap the Electoral College in favor of a popular vote.

A new Gallup poll found that 62 percent of Americans support an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to replace the Electoral College system with a popular vote system. A mere 35 percent of those surveyed said they would keep the Electoral College.


  1. StephenBarlow October 24, 2011

    In 1789, 1 in 200 Americans could read and write. Because of public education, it’s now 90%+… most of the illiterate are really Non English invaders, illegal trespassers, usurpers and thieves (by their very illegal existence) The electorial College is 70 years obsolete and a NATIONAL popular vote count,should determine Nation OFFICE holders. STATE level politics should only be funded within the state. Local elections locallly. No pac $, no Corporate $, no out of district $.

    The Supreme Court has lifetime appointments to avoid the political influence on Constitutional Issues. This current court has proven the long standing corruption of our legal system under the misguidance of the “SacRED 5” A special detachment of 9 sharpshooters could solve this problem in one evening.

    Only humans have the right to vote, thus only humans should have thr right to petition congress, contribute to political campaigns and elections. OR>>>> The OWNERS of the corporation (STOCKHOLDERS) should vote on ONE candidate for all the STOCKHOLDERS and be allowed ONE $2500 contribution. The same rights and privileges afforded in the 16th Ammendment.

    Representation should be by lottery, just as a jury is selected. 3 years in the house, 5 years in the Senate, 7 years in the White House. THIS more than anything would restore equality of power to the people, as was originally intended. It would vanish undue influence in the political decision process. The seats would be divided into 1/3 changes in the house annually and 1/5 rotation in the Senate. Impeachment is mandatory 30 days after a criminal act is made public with an immediate replacement by lottery to keep business flowing.

    A line item veto, a mandate for one purpose legislative bills before Congress (NO more Omnibus, yea or nay stalemates), all bills to be completely funded when voted upon, and a 30 day voting deadline mandated by law or the bill is automatically approved. All Congressional pay and benefits changes are a national election issue on the national ballot, once every 7 years. And only taxpayers are allowed to vote.

    Taxation, no exemptions.. PERIOD, in perpetuity. Legislate preferencial or beneficial business via LAW, not through the tax code. Monthly business tax payments and personal tax payments. 7% on ALL income equally. 7% on ALL purchases, even for raw materials. Both for businesses and voters. ALL surpluses by back debt annually and when the debt is paid, the surplus is invested in infrastructure.

    All mineral assets of the nation ARE the Nation’s, shared equally by all. Nationalization of transportation, energy, communication and public maintenance of properties will end corruption in contracting, provide exactly the same # of jobs, but with more equal pay and benefits.

    I hope Americans can read this, it is New Constitution for a New Era. What we have NOW has failed us for more than 150 years. The proof? : As long as we have to VOTE about equal rights and protection under the law, the law has failed to support the promise that IS AMERICA!

  2. clerivel@gmail.com October 27, 2011

    i agree with the concept of a popular vote as opposed to the electoral college


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