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Police Release Arrest Report On Latest George Zimmerman Incident

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Police Release Arrest Report On Latest George Zimmerman Incident


By Rene Stutzman, Orlando Sentinel (TNS)

ORLANDO, Fla. — George Zimmerman threw a wine bottle at a woman who had just dumped him and threw her phone to the ground in a dispute that led to his arrest Friday night, according to a police report.

He was jailed Friday on an aggravated assault charge but is free on $5,000 bond.

Lake Mary police on Monday released more details about what led to the arrest.

Zimmerman told police that he did nothing wrong, according to an incident report, and was trying to keep the woman, whose name has not been released, from coming inside his home.

Police found the broken bottle in the driveway.

Zimmerman told them that she threw it at his garage because he refused to let her inside. The phone, he said, was broken long before by her 5-year-old son.

The couple had lived together two to three months, according to the report. She told police they had met at work eight or nine months ago, that she needed a place to live and that he had let her move in.

Police got involved about 11:30 p.m. on Jan. 5, according to department paperwork, when an officer heard breaking glass then observed the girlfriend drive away from Zimmerman’s house without turning on her headlights.

When they pulled her over, she was extremely upset, according to the report, and her backseat was full of her clothes and other household belongings.

Zimmerman had thrown a wine bottle at her, she said, but had missed, and had broken her cellphone by throwing it to the ground, the report said.

The woman said they had argued over several things. She wanted to break up, she said, and he wanted her to return a painting.

Zimmerman, she told police, is a “psychopath,” according to an incident report.

There was a five-day gap between the incident and Zimmerman’s arrest, according to the police department, because officers tried repeatedly to reach Zimmerman by phone and at his house but could not.

That ended Friday night, when they found him at home. Even then he did not surrender for nearly two hours, keeping officers locked out. They knocked several times, phoned him several times and talked to his lawyer by phone before Zimmerman agreed to open his door, according to an incident report.

The woman told police the night of the incident that she did not want to prosecute, but officers arrested him anyway, in part, because “there is a possibility of further acts of violence,” wrote Sgt. Steven Towler.

At Zimmerman’s initial court appearance Saturday, Circuit Judge John Galluzzo banned him from possessing guns and ordered him to turn over any he owned to a family member or friend.

Zimmerman, 31, is the Neighborhood Watch volunteer who was acquitted of second-degree murder in 2013 after shooting Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black 17-year-old whom he spotted walking through his Sanford apartment complex.

This is the third time since then that Zimmerman has been involved in a domestic violence incident that resulted in police intervention.

In 2013, he was accused of pointing a shotgun at his then-girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe, but she later recanted, and prosecutors dropped the charge.

A few months earlier, Lake Mary police briefly handcuffed him after his estranged wife, Shellie Zimmerman, accused him of threatening her and her father with a gun.

Lake Mary police spokeswoman Officer Bianca Gillett earlier Monday said that her agency hoped to release video of Zimmerman being transported to the Seminole County jail and, perhaps, body-cam video taken by officers involved in the investigation.

Those items, however, were not released.

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  1. Brian Harvill January 13, 2015

    Time to put this useless piece of garbage behind bars and leave him there. Forget letting him out on bail, 3 strikes and your out! He’s a murderer and is simply a disaster waiting to happen. Protect the public and remove him from society since he’s incapable of self managing himself like a mature adult.

  2. Dominick Vila January 13, 2015

    George Zimmerman’s behavior confirms what should have been obvious to everyone when he murdered Trayvon Martin. This is a man out of control, filled with hatred, and abusive to women and minorities. His long list of arrests and encounters with police officers since he murdered Trayvon Martin can no longer be ignored. This man should be tried, sentenced, and sent to jail, where he belongs.

    1. bhaggen January 18, 2015

      Truth is, Zimmerman got away with reckless homicide as the
      evidence couldn’t support murder. Regardless of his guilt, one has to seriously
      question the sanity & motives of any woman who would give this clown the
      time of day, let alone move in with him. These women are drama queens & they
      know very well he’s the most hated man in the country & how the game is
      played. The pattern is unmistakable & repeats itself. Get into fight, throw
      stuff at each other, call the cops, have him arrested, drop the charges, have
      great make-up sex, repeat as required. It’s a cyclical addiction problem. You
      & I leave the house & walk it off. These people can’t help themselves.

      1. Dominick Vila January 18, 2015

        Unfortunately, a very skilled defense team, a naive prosecutor, and special interests determined to turn a murder into a cause celeb allowed a criminal to get away with murder.
        I agree with you, it is hard to believe that so many women – and men – could get involved with people like Zimmerman, and support him, to get attention, or score political points among those who don’t make an effort to find the truth.

        1. bhaggen January 18, 2015

          What evidence do YOU have to support a murder conviction? The truth is this. I believe GZ wanted a black notch on his belt. So he went to Target & got himself a pair of baggy pants & a dark hoodie so he would fit in & waited. You know, the ole Trojan horse trick. He didn’t call 911 or the police for obvious reasons; in HIS warped mind this was going to be an in & out Seal raid. The 911 tape was an obvious fake. It’s a perfect plan. Oh goodie, here comes a negro! He takes a chest & head shot & walks away, leaving his victim bleeding out. Several residents heard the gunshots, saw the assailant, & called police. They reported seeing someone in baggy pants & hoodie leave the scene. The police conclude it’s another black-on-black killing since no farther evidence was uncovered. But I just know that’s what happened. According to the CDC 20,000 domestic violence cases occur each week & the NM is covering this one. WOW

  3. manderso January 13, 2015

    Hey, just let him go, he’s your average conservative.

  4. Phoebe January 13, 2015

    Bless Trayvon Martin. No justice for that dear boy.

    1. kenndeb January 18, 2015

      He WAS a THUG, just like Brown.

      1. Bill Fultz January 18, 2015

        Because they were both born with black skin, right? Jeebus, you are a bigoted dope.

        1. kenndeb January 18, 2015

          I judge by deeds, not color. Perhaps you should do the same.

          1. Bill Fultz January 18, 2015

            We don’t know the truth about Zimmerman’s misdeeds on that fateful day. Nor did the jury. Conveniently, he murdered the only person who knows what he did, and whose testimony would have assured he never saw freedom again.

          2. kenndeb January 18, 2015

            Funny how liberals like to fabricate things. I heard nothing like that on the recordings, but I’s sure you did. Just like the whole hands up thing with Brown. And of course, there was no robbery, and te assault on the clerk was just playful banter. According to testimony, someone was on top of another. Seeing Zimmerman was somewhat beat up, it would seem that it was he that was on the bottom. Also, testimony was given that Martin had circled back to confront Zimmerman. I believe that was from his “girlfriend” which also had egged him on to do so. Martin caused his own death, just as Brown did.

          3. Bill Fultz January 19, 2015

            Not my interpretation of the 911 call. Read it here…


            It’s called a hate crime. Zimmerman should be fried by now.

  5. itsfun January 13, 2015

    another he said, she said.

    1. BillP January 14, 2015

      Yes but the he said in each case was Zimmerman

      1. bhaggen January 17, 2015

        What’s your source? Over a million “he said, she said” cases occur each year in the U.S. according to the CDC

  6. idamag January 13, 2015

    That jury should be deeply ashamed of their verdict when they turned him loose for murder. The facts: A teen-age boy is returning from the store with ice tea and skittles, planning to watch movies with his brother. A car starts following him. He goes into a courtyard to get away from the car and the driver gets out and accosts him with a gun. Beady-eyed zimmerman claims Trayvon jumped him from the bushes and the prosecution shows pictures of the courtyard – no bushes. I don’t know what kind of hillbillies those jurors were, but they were not intelligent enough to serve on a jury.

  7. Bill Fultz January 14, 2015

    Put a red hot poker up his arse.

  8. Bill Fultz January 14, 2015

    Why would anybody even associate with this well-known cretin Zimmerman? Let alone live with him. And also expose a young child to this piece of festering excrement. Somebody else will end up dead at his murderous hands before he is finally sent to the Iron Bar Hotel. It’s just a matter of time. Another OJ Simpson.

    Thanks, Florida. You suck. You had you chance to do justice for Trayvon. And you still refuse to give your F’d up gun laws a long overdue enema. Letting the deranged killer Zimmerman continue to brandish his gun was more important than the young innocent life he snuffed out in cold blood.

    1. bhaggen January 17, 2015

      And much like O.J. his reputation didn’t seem to keep the crazy drama queens away.

    2. kenndeb January 18, 2015

      Martin was NOT some innocent little teen boy. He was a grown THUG. If he had not attacked Zimmerman, he might still be alive. Then again, he most likely would have been killed by some rival gang member. Just like Brown, Martin made bad choices that led to his rightful death.

      1. Bill Fultz January 18, 2015

        A “grown thug” as witnessed by what? Having smoked some weed? (Something the majority of high school kids have done.) In your delusional world, what was the kid doing wrong at the time of the incident? No wrong doing was ever alleged. There is no proof Trayvon initiated any attack on Zimmermann, only the word of the murderer… Which he has repeatedly demonstrated cannot be trusted .

        The testimony of the killer was riddled with holes and contradictions. His gun was clearly already drawn when Trayvon supposedly got on top of him. There is no way he could have pulled it from the holster if Trayvon was on him in the position Zimmerman’s lawyer demonstrated in court.

        Bottom line here… Z stalked Trayvon, as he was told by the 911 operator to leave the matter to the police. He banged his own head as a cover story. His nose was not broken. It was not swollen at all, as witnessed by video at the police station shortly after the incident.

        Saying “his fightful death” in relation to Trayvon demonstrates all anybody needs to know about you. I feel sorry for you. God help us that you and your obvious hate and racial bias never serve on any jury.

        1. kenndeb January 18, 2015

          Zimmerman was acquitted, as was Wilson, yet Liberals wanted to lynch both before any evidence. And after both acquittals , that should have been the end of it, but our racist in the White House had to get stupid people up in arms, so he got involved. Evidence proved bot men to have NOT committed any crimes. You are one of those stupid people that still worship the Emperor, and believe all he says, and willingly does his bidding. Useful idiots, and sheeple seem like they will ever wake up.
          As far as being racist, I would summit that it is you that are a racist. It is people like you that seem to want to turn this, and anything else you can, into something it is not. I judge people b their deeds, not what color they are. And the deeds of Martin, Brown, and the Emperor are those of THUGS.

          1. Bill Fultz January 18, 2015

            Seriously, how to you remember to breath with that thimble-sized brain of yours? You don’t even understand the legal system. Wilson was NOT acquitted. He was never charged due to a gross dereliction of the legal process.

            Grand juries do not normally hear testimony from the accused. But they did in Wilson’s case. Which was all done in secret to control the decision.

            A grand jury is supposed to simply decide if there is evidence to bring charges. It is done by hearing from the prosecuter, not both sides. A trial by a jury of peers is constitutionally mandated to decide guilty or not guilty. Justice for Brown was thwarted. And it’s a travesty. The message was… Kill a black guy, leave no witness and get away with it.

            As for your revisionism regarding Obama’s comments about Zimmerman’s verdict… His comments were not immediate. People were up in arms about the verdict long before Obama said a word.

          2. kenndeb January 18, 2015

            “If I had a child, he would look like Trevon”

          3. Bill Fultz January 19, 2015

            So what? You dont think his kids are black? What is your point? Do your research on how long after the verdict Obama said that. Your previous claim was Obama got people up in arms. He didn’t. Injustice did that. Florida is a toilet.

  9. Joseph Kelsall January 14, 2015

    They’re going to regret letting this psycho free.

    1. George January 16, 2015

      No they wont. He might still get a talk show on clear channel or fox.

      1. Joseph Kelsall January 16, 2015

        This ‘man’ is one half of a disaster looking for the other! It’s just a matter of time.

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