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Poll: Graves Narrowly Leads Bachmann In 2014 House Race

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Poll: Graves Narrowly Leads Bachmann In 2014 House Race


Michele Bachmann could be in big trouble in 2014.

A new Public Policy Polling survey finds businessman Jim Graves, the likely Democratic nominee for the U.S. House in Minnesota’s 6th congressional district, leading Bachmann by a 47 to 45 percent margin. Graves’ narrow advantage, which is well within the poll’s +/- 4.4 percent margin of error, is a huge red flag for the right-wing congresswoman, considering the district’s strong Republican lean — 39 percent of respondents to the PPP poll self-identified as Republican, compared to 32 percent independent/other, and just 29 percent Democratic. According to FairVote, Republicans outnumbered Democrats by a 59 to 41 percent margin in the district in 2012.

Graves was also Bachmann’s opponent in 2012; despite the GOP’s registration advantage and Bachmann outspending Graves 12-to-1, she won the election by fewer than 5,000 votes.

Bachmann remains unpopular among her consitutents; 44 percent view her favorably, while 51 percent view her unfavorably and 5 percent are unsure. By contrast, 39 percent view Graves favorably, while 33 percent view him unfavorably and 28 percent are unsure. Graves’ relatively low name recognition suggests that at this point the tight race is largely a referendum on Bachmann’s deeply controversial tenure in the House.

The PPP poll is the second piece of tough news for Bachmann this week; on Friday, the attorney for Bachmann’s former chief of staff Andy Parrish confirmed that the FBI is now investigating alleged campaign finance violations in Bachmann’s 2008 presidential campaign. Along with the FBI, the Office of Congressional Ethics and the Federal Elections Commission are investigating whether Bachmann’s campaign improperly paid an Iowa state senator through the congresswoman’s political action committee, and whether the state senator stole an email list from another Bachmann staffer.

For her part, Bachmann is clearly aware of her tenuous political position. Although election day is still 17 months away, the three-term congresswoman has recently begun airing re-election ads in Minnesota:

Unfortunately for Bachmann, the ad’s subject matter — her continued, fruitless efforts to repeal Obamacare — is exactly the type of divisive rhetoric that has made her so vulnerable in the first place.

AP Photo/Molly Riley, File

H/T: The Huffington Post

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. 1alien1 May 20, 2013

    i think the main problem she has is the people finally realized she did not just seem dumb, she really is dummmmm

    1. Earl Watters May 20, 2013

      allso is that why you voted for obama

      1. 1alien1 May 20, 2013

        i voted for him because he was very smart and has a lot of common sense. i did not know a thing about bachmann until i heard her speak several times. she is a class one moron. even you should have seen that

      2. jmprint May 20, 2013

        Yes, not once but twice and I am proud to vote for a human being that has dignity and respect for those that don’t line his pockets. Earl it doesn’t matter how much you republicans want this man to fail. At the end he will prevail.

        1. Dana Es May 22, 2013

          I’m registered as nonpartisan and I also voted for Obama twice. Though I’ve voted for both Democrats and Republicans over the years, our current President is the only one I believed in enough to vote for a second time.

      3. Eleanore Whitaker May 20, 2013

        Earl Watters, I voted for President Obama because I was fed up with the Republican bully bois. I wanted a president who had new ideas…not the same Father Knows Best ideas of the 1950s. The reality is people in the 50 states don’t want their politicians ranting and raving insane ideological ideas that make them look like Neanderthals. Bachmann’s not even a full-fledged US citizen…she hangs onto her Swiss citizenship so she can bank her money there tax free.

        1. wesley rasmussen May 21, 2013

          Does that dual citizenship violate her oath to uphold and defend the Constitution? It sure should have disqualified her from running for president… Maybe someone should check that out via a Constitutional attorney / think tank?
          Oops – sorry. BACHMANN does not rationally seem fit to appear in the same sentence as THINK… My bad.

      4. blyvl May 20, 2013

        I vote for him because, as badly as the Democrat politicians “suck”, I don’t think they “suck” as badly as the GOP politicians.

      5. Richard Cofrancesco May 20, 2013

        Earl, you voted for a loser and probably voted for Bachman who is controlled by the Koch brothers.

    2. Marysol Velez May 20, 2013

      love it!

    3. lana ward May 20, 2013

      She is smarter than Sambo and she loves America, Sambo hates America. She will win, she is a Patriot!!!!

      1. 1alien1 May 21, 2013

        you are nothing more than a bigot and a moron.

        1. lana ward May 21, 2013

          So you agree liberals are bigots for calling black conservatives oero, uncle tom and other names??? For Obama , I really prefer Aunt Jamima but Sambo will do

          1. Fern Woodfork May 21, 2013

            You Are Really Trying To Be Like That Crazy Bitch Bachmann She Hoarded 25 Kids And Got Paid, And You Hoard 33 Cats And Got Nothing But Food!! Just Keep On Eating That Cat Do Do And Drinking That Cat Piss And You Will Surely Burn Out The 2 Brain Cells You Got Leave!! LOL

        2. lana ward May 21, 2013

          Are liberals that call black conservatives oreo, uncle tom and other names bigots?

          1. Fern Woodfork May 22, 2013

            Go Back To Eating Cat Do Do And Drink Some More Cat Piss Gutter Tramp!!

          2. lana ward May 22, 2013

            You are one of those bigots who call black conservatives uncle tom and oreo, Racist!!!

          3. Fern Woodfork May 22, 2013

            You Are One Of Those KKK Bitches Who Needs Their Ass Kicked!!

          4. lana ward May 22, 2013

            How does President Allen West sound??? It sounds GREAT to me !!!!

      2. Lynda Groom May 28, 2013

        Lana go to bed and keep the sharp objects in the drawer.

  2. jmprint May 20, 2013

    She is an idiot and anybody that votes for her is a double idiot.

    1. Earl Watters May 20, 2013

      is that why you voted for obama

      1. hilandar1000 May 20, 2013

        No it definitely is not why I voted for Obama, but is obviously why you did NOT vote for him!

      2. Grumpy May 20, 2013

        Yes, Earl, what is it that you like about Bachmann? Just curious… it is so obvious that she is one brick short of a load. The things she says is so CRAZY. You may not like Pres. Obama, but hopefully it’s not that he is a Black Man.

        1. kanawah May 20, 2013

          Earl wants some one as dumb as him to represent him.

        2. lana ward May 21, 2013

          You’re a racist. Anyone who always has to bring race into a discussion is a racist

          1. Fern Woodfork May 21, 2013


          2. lana ward May 21, 2013

            So, what you gonna do about it?

          3. Fern Woodfork May 22, 2013

            If I Come Any Where Near You I Would Kick Your Dick In The Dirt Bitch!!

      3. CrankyToo May 20, 2013

        Earl, you’re probably the brightest kid in your whole pre-school class. Your mommy must be very proud.

        1. wesley rasmussen May 21, 2013

          But they say that only because he can buy booze…

    2. Gunthilde Wethington May 20, 2013

      I share your opion.

    3. Dominick Vila May 20, 2013

      She is an embarrassment. Unfortunately, this may turn out to be a sequel to the Sanford fiasco. Most pollster and the media thought he was dead in the water, and the Reds in his district elected him and sent him to Washington. Have you guys heard of a growing movement calling for the release of Jahar Tsarnaev because he is too cute to be a terrorist? That’s what we are up against.

      1. lana ward May 20, 2013

        Bachman will win, she’s a true Patriot, Graves is an America hater

        1. Robert P. Robertson May 20, 2013

          Welcome back, lana. Glad you ditched cat33 and mandinka. The psych-ward must have changed your regular meds. Good for you!

          1. lana ward May 21, 2013

            Why did your dictator turn on his media? They aren’t to happy with him

        2. Fern Woodfork May 21, 2013

          LOL That’s Who You Look Up To And Want To Be When You Ever Grown Up Huh??? LOL You Back To Using lana ward = anal draw LOL What Happen Got Your Ass Fired!! You Didn’t Think Those Seniors Had Computers Did You!!! LOL

          1. lana ward May 21, 2013

            The press is turning on Sambo. Isn’t that great!!!!

          2. Fern Woodfork May 21, 2013

            Who Is Sambo ?? Must Be The Man You Were In Love With And Turn Your Ignorant Ugly Ass Down Now You Scarred For Life!! LOL Is That Why You Hoard All Those Cats Looking For Love???

    4. kanawah May 20, 2013

      @Jmprint, Please do not insult the real idiots of the world. Next to Bachman, the average idiot looks smart.

    5. Fern Woodfork May 21, 2013

      You Got That Right The State Of Minnesota Needs Their Butt Whooped For Electing That Crazy Bitch In Office!!! 🙁

      1. lana ward May 21, 2013

        Our country is being whooped from Obama and the IRS stealing the election. That crazy bitch in the WH is a terrorist

        1. Fern Woodfork May 21, 2013

          Hey Cave Dwelling Gutter Tramp Better Find Yourself Another Job!! Those People At The Trailer Park You Live WANT THEIR RENT MONEY!!!

        2. Grumpy May 21, 2013

          Please tell me how the IRS stole the election? I am mystified by your remarks. Michelle Obama is a terrorist? What are you saying? And what is Whooped? No wonder you think Michelle Bachman is representing the state of Minnesota ok. Bachman is a disgrace to the whole country. We’ve got real problems when someone as nutty as she is gets re-elected. The first time can be considered a mistake after that it’s all on the people of Minnesota.

          1. lana ward May 21, 2013

            Those are Fern Woodforks’ words, lovely aren’t they

  3. Leota2 May 20, 2013

    No one can fake being as stupid as Bachmann truly is. Some of the things that
    have come out of her mouth sailed past dumb and are doing a waltz with delusional
    and insane. Really Minnesota—-she needs to go.

  4. johninPCFL May 20, 2013

    I wonder if her sucking the public teat (farm subsidies to the tune of $millions) will come up while she’s hypocritically decrying public spending?

    1. stcroixcarp May 20, 2013

      And she sponsored the last House Bill to repeal Obamacare, but she has not given up her government funded health insurance or retirement package. I would be in of favor repealing Obamacare if ALL Americans got the same government insurance package that congress gets.

  5. Jim Myers May 20, 2013

    If Minnesota votes to re-elect her, they are getting what they deserve.

    If there is as much intelligence in Minnesota as I think there is, she is toast.

    1. stcroixcarp May 20, 2013

      The republican legislature carved out a special edition of the 6th District to favor her continued tenure in the House. I once lived in the 6th district, but where I lived is now excluded from her district.

    2. Barbara Morgan May 20, 2013

      The only problem is that the rest of us get her to and will have to put up with her dumbness for 2 more years. Remember that what they do or don’t do in Congress affects us all not just one state.

  6. CrankyToo May 20, 2013

    It absolutely staggers my imagination to think that 45 out of 92 Repugnicans would send that crazy woman back to Congress yet again. She’s the frickin’ birth control poster child! It must be something in the corn…

    1. kanawah May 20, 2013

      @CrankyToo, wrote, She’s the frickin’ birth control poster child! this applies only if you include abortion.

  7. Sharon Allen May 20, 2013

    You don’t have to vote for Obama to know that this woman is an idiot.

  8. lana ward May 20, 2013

    If you don’t like Michelle Bachman, you’re an America hater. She loves America and is a true Partiot!!!!!

    1. CrankyToo May 20, 2013

      Lots of stupid people love America. Take yourself, for example; you probably love America and I can tell from your many inane posts that you’re dumber than a bag of ball peans.

      My point being: just because you love America, that doesn’t mean you deserve a seat in our House of Representatives.

      PS – If Michelle Bachman’s a “true patriot”, then I’m Princess Margaret Rose.

      1. lana ward May 20, 2013

        What happens when you hate America and stupid people vote you dictator, I mean P- resident??

    2. HopeforAmerica May 20, 2013

      Sadly, there are lots of Ignorant & Stupid people who love America and You Lana Ward are one of them! You actually believe the dribble that comes out of her mouth? wow.. you’re an Embarrassment just like Bachman!

      1. lana ward May 20, 2013

        And Sambo isn’t an embarrassment?? Letting 4 people die in Benghazi while he was sleeping. Giving thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartels in Fast and Furious. Targeting conservatives so the IRS could help him steal the election. Snooping on and targeting the AP , following their every move. I thought this is America? Sambo is turning dictator more and more everyday–and the other shoe is about to drop–and you say Bachman is an embarrassment because she loves America and wants what is best for her–Dems are sick!!!

        1. silas1898 May 20, 2013

          A dictator would drone your ass.

          1. lana ward May 20, 2013

            Why do you think Obama wants all of our guns?? He wants us defenseless. Since he can’t get our guns, he’s buying up all of the ammo. Are you really that stupid?? Heil Obama!!

          2. Teddy Bennett May 21, 2013

            You need a brain.

          3. David May 21, 2013

            I think lana should move down south to the KKK retirement home in Alabama. They may not even take her there. Racism is an ugly thing

          4. lana ward May 21, 2013

            I do live in the KKK retirement center. What you gonna do about it?, call me a racist?

          5. Fern Woodfork May 21, 2013

            KKK Trailer Park Where You Live In A CAVE!!

          6. silas1898 May 21, 2013

            You can have all the small arms and ammo you can hoard in your trailer. It will make a nice big BOOM when the drone missile hits it. Please post the video on YouTube.

            Obama is buying up all the ammo? Then they won’t make any more. Right?? You should start up an ammo factory. Be a real capitalist!

          7. lana ward May 21, 2013

            Why is Obamas’ DHS buying up all of the ammo?? Police departments all over the country are running short. Why would Obama want Police Dept. to not have enough ammo???

          8. Dana Es May 22, 2013

            Lana, read the correction. It’s ammunition for MILITARY weapons, not regular weapons, and any shortage of ammunition for regular weapons has been caused by nutcases like you who went into an ammunition buying frenzy because of the misguided idea the government was going to take the guns. There are several guns in my house and I have never feared the government was after them, but then I’m also a big practitioner of rationality.

          9. lana ward May 22, 2013

            Germany didn’t fear Hitler either

          10. Fern Woodfork May 21, 2013

            lane ward= anal draw Needs To Take Her Meds!!!

          11. Dana Es May 22, 2013

            Oh, good grief, Lana, or whoever you are, you make me tired. I’ll provide ONE correction for you and then you can get off your butt and look up the rest. The ammunition you’re talking about is military — it’s not even used for regular weapons owned by the nonmilitary.

          12. lana ward May 22, 2013

            Police Departments are even running out of ammo. Wherever you get your information from, you need to get it somewhere else

        2. Archie's Boy May 21, 2013

          “Sambo”? Wow…

        3. Dana Es May 22, 2013

          I suggest you take the time to read the details of each of those stories. You’ve obviously missed most of them.

          1. lana ward May 22, 2013

            Don’t suggest anything to me. The details aren’t all in yet, thanks to the liars running the WH. What do you think the hearings are for. If the communists running the country would tell the truth, we wouldn’t need hearings now would we

  9. kanawah May 20, 2013

    Put the Minnesota witch under the house.

  10. Robert P. Robertson May 20, 2013

    Bachmann’s problem is the Republicunt/neo-Confederate Tea Bag problem: they have spent so much time in the effort to make President Obama fail, they have no time to attend to the people’s business which are jobs and straightening out the economy. People are fed up with the petty bickering and bitchy whining from these Republicunt/neo-Confederate Tea Bags, and come 2014, they will be in for a rude awakening.

    1. Archie's Boy May 21, 2013

      Bachmann’s problem is that she’s a nutjob…

  11. bg1435 May 22, 2013

    That she is an actual congress woman is disturbing. Embarrassing.She should resign and go where she really belongs. FOX news. The ding bat club.


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