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Does Professor Obama Need A Dash Of Cowboy Bush?

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Does Professor Obama Need A Dash Of Cowboy Bush?


Before there was Leon Panetta, there was the protester outside the 1992 Democratic convention. “The reason we are here in New York is we’re afraid that we might get another lawyer as president,” he shouted through a bullhorn in the film The War Room.

Panetta, the former defense secretary and CIA director, is the latest onetime Washington insider to critique a president he once served. “Too often, in my view,” he writes in his new book, Worthy Fights, President Obama “relies on the logic of a law professor rather than the passion of a leader.”

Thanks for reminding us who we elected. Now we need to remember why.

George W. Bush had the passion of a leader, so much so that he led us into the Iraq tragedy and massive debt. John McCain had the passion of a leader, so much so that he tried to halt the presidential race during the 2008 Wall Street meltdown and rarely lets a week go by without demanding U.S. military intervention somewhere (this week he wants us to “remove” Syrian president Bashar Assad).

Back in 2007, in a political environment driven by testosterone and tunnel vision, I wrote a USA Today story about how the next president was likely to be a lawyer — but hold the jokes, because that might be a good thing. Lawyers, you see, are trained to analyze, negotiate and consider things from every angle. They have to, in order to avoid being blindsided in a courtroom or conference room.

Obama’s very caution and deliberative nature were key to his 2008 victory. He seemed unlikely to wage a war of choice based on a faulty premise. He seemed unlikely to panic — and in fact did not appear to be panicking in real time — in the face of a frightening financial collapse and a brutal recession.

The downsides of Obama’s temperament were obvious during his two campaigns. There were delays and missteps and blown chances that caused liberals to lose sleep. There was the first 2012 debate against Mitt Romney, an epic whiff that reinforced the milquetoast law professor persona. There was the 2008 New Hampshire primary that could have nailed down the nomination for Obama after his historic Iowa win, but instead gave Hillary Clinton a second wind that lasted through six months of hard competition.

So we all know what Panetta means when he notes that too often, Obama “avoids the battle, complains, and misses opportunities.” Still, one man’s dismay at a battle avoided is another man’s decision that a battle is too risky or not worth fighting. One man’s missed opportunity is another’s judgment that his country can’t afford or tolerate another quagmire or stalemate or defeat. “Will Syria Be Obama’s Vietnam?” asked a headline this week in The New York Times. A commander in chief like Obama gives us better odds of avoiding that.

Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank calls Panetta’s book an act of “stunning disloyalty.” But there is stiff competition from other tell-alls over the years, topped perhaps by former White House press secretary Scott McClellan’s What Happened, published in 2008 during Bush’s second term.

McClellan’s chilling chapter on “Selling the War” describes how Bush wanted to oust Saddam Hussein and turn Iraq into a democratic model for the Middle East, but his aides knew the public wouldn’t support a war for those reasons. So they used what McClellan calls “propaganda” — questionable intelligence about weapons of mass destruction and the even shakier notion of nuclear capacity — to paint Iraq under Saddam as a “grave and gathering danger.” McClellan is sharply critical of the administration’s “permanent campaign” mentality, Bush’s “lack of inquisitiveness and his detrimental resistance to reflection,” his advisers’ utter failure to compensate for those deficits and a passive press.

Americans were exhausted by Bush’s gut-driven, adventurist presidency. Still, I get that Obama, with what Panetta calls his “frustrating reticence,” has turned out to be exhausting to many in his own cerebral, lawyerly way. Looking to 2016, is there a Mr. or Ms. Just-Right somewhere between Bush and Obama on the temperament spectrum? The two dynastic prospects come to mind. Hillary Clinton is a lawyer, of course. But she’s also earthy and grounded and more action-oriented than Obama. On the Republican side, could Jeb Bush be the one? More passionate than his dad, less visceral than his brother?

Panetta, in his unsparing assessment of Obama, has set the table for the 2016 hopefuls in both parties. All of them will be trying to prove they are bold “deciders.” But they should be warned: Just because many Americans are weary of Obama, that doesn’t mean they yearn for the second coming of George W. Bush.

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White House Photo via Wikimedia Commons

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Jill Lawrence

Award-winning journalist Jill Lawrence is a nationally syndicated columnist and a contributing editor to U.S. News & World Report. She also contributed to The Surge: 2014's Big GOP Win and What It Means for the Next Presidential Race (2015). Lawrence has discussed political and policy developments on television, radio, and many other media outlets. She was an adjunct professorial lecturer at American University in 2014, teaching on the relationship between politics and the media.

Lawrence has covered every presidential campaign since 1988, as well as historic events such as the Three Mile Island nuclear accident, the 1994 Republican takeover of Congress, the Clinton impeachment, the Florida recount, and the 1993 and 2009 battles over health reform.

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  1. Eleanore Whitaker October 9, 2014

    No…President Obama doesn’t need to be a “cowboy.” First of all, there isn’t an American “cowboy” today who has come within 50 feet of a cow. Since when are Big Oil bois “cowboys?” One might suppose that implies that cowboys herd American taxpayers and consumers into their corrals by costing us in tax subsidies.

    Being a western American is fine and dandy. It just doesn’t work for those above the Mason Dixon line where the seat of the US government was established by New Englanders and former Pilgrims with classic reserve and class.

    President Obama is more the common sense midwesterner for which our midwestern Americans are most well known. These are people who get at the root of problems and resolve them. In the northeast, strategies are played out by the minds ruled most by big money, Wall Street and the general cronyism that’s become pervasive.

    President Obama’s biggest problem lies more with his too conscious awareness of how his behavior will stereotype the fact that he’s bi-racial. he tries too hard to straddle the line to avoid the great plantation stereotypes of blacks. If he appears to militant, he gets that “arrogant” black man label. If he doesn’t, he gets that “ignorant” black man who has to be led around by white men stereotyping. He’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. Add to this his typical midwestern attitude of being laid back and the combination for his opponents is enough to have their heads spinning and ready for an exorcism.

    1. kenndeb October 9, 2014

      The Emperor is an anti American, communist leaning usurper that needs to be removed from office for the good of the country. We need an AMERICAN in office.

      1. whodatbob October 9, 2014

        Get your head out of your anus!

        1. kenndeb October 9, 2014

          Actually, that is good advice for you liberals. Liberals seem to like to ignore everything happening around them.

          1. ps0rjl October 9, 2014

            I am a liberal and very proud of it. I want to see our infrastructure improve. I want to see our less fortunate taken care of. I want to see the middle class grow and in turn spur the economy on. I don’t want to see policies now enacted that concentrate the power and wealth in the hands of a few.
            As for President Obama I want him to be thoughtful and if he makes mistakes at least it wont cost us over 4,000 of our youth their lives and drive our economy into the ditch. You can call Bush and his neocon friends cowboys if you want but me, I will call them what they are, cowards. When they had a chance to show their bravery as young men during Vietnam most of them joined “champagne reserve units” that would never see battle or made sure they kept their 2S student deferments. When I was in the marines during Vietnam we called them “John Waynes” because they were long on talk and short on walk. Later people called them chickenhawks and just about to a man each one of the neocons fit that description. The farther they were from the fight the tougher they were.
            Yes, I will gladly take President Obama over Bush and his neocons.

          2. ericlipps October 12, 2014

            And “conservatives” like you don’t so much ignore reality as hallucinate it.

      2. highpckts October 9, 2014

        Go away! NO ONE here wants to hear your ravings!! You are the lunatic fringe everyone is talking about!!

        1. kenndeb October 10, 2014

          You’d miss me.

          1. highpckts October 10, 2014


          2. kenndeb October 10, 2014

            Well, be assured that I’m not going anywhere. I wouldn’t want you to have no one to call names and to say vile, nasty comments as liberals like so much.

          3. highpckts October 10, 2014

            ROFL!!! The proverbial kettle calling the pot black!!

      3. jAMES October 9, 2014

        another web surfer paid for by the kochs to spread lies and dissent.

        1. idamag October 9, 2014

          This ken and deb has a gender identity crisis and has never posted anything worth responding to. MY vision is that he is ken, the shrinking violet male worker in the day time and deb, the cross dresser at night in the tran-clubs.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker October 9, 2014

            I’m guessing he/she is one of the scraps McMommy and McDaddy accidentally tossed out of the basement at age 35. Poor Lil KennyboyDebbyGirl…have it soooooo hard…McMommy doesn’t hand him/her the Charmin anymore…McDaddy won’t pay KennyBoy/DebbyGirl’s way…boooo hooo…It’s certifiable..we now have a generation of 45 to 50 somethings who think only their lives have to be easy while they make everyone else’s life miserable.

          2. kenndeb October 10, 2014

            Why don’t you spend your time writing romance novels? Liberals like to spew on about things they know nothing about, so you should be good at romance. Or, you could loose the broom and maybe try speed dating. It’s close to Halloween, so no one would notice that you are not wearing a costume.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker October 10, 2014

            Why don’t you get a job? A real one..Not the one you do shilling for the Koch billionaires? CONS like you spew your hatefulness because you can’t live a mentally stable life without hating someone else. You could lose your Kenny Debby dual identity or maybe you like to pretend the main character in the novel Sybil?

            People like you are the most miserable, fearful, hateful cretons of society. You produce nothing of true value to the society you live. Hopefully, you have no children. Any spawn of yours is guaranteed to carry you mentally unbalanced BS hate.

          4. kenndeb October 10, 2014

            I’m so glad I woke up before I became like you. An old spencer hag that has nothing better to do but spout vile hate. Get on your broom and fly away to a country that will tolerate you more .

          5. Eleanore Whitaker October 10, 2014

            I’m so glad I’m not the hateful twit you became the minute you left the basement of your McMommy and McDaddy’s mansion. I Hate? When you call the President of the United States the “Emperor?” I’m guessing you are mentally out of touch with reality. You deny what you post over and over…sure sign of mental illness. Get off the booze, booze..It’s clear you and alcohol have been married for too long.

          6. kenndeb October 10, 2014

            Actually not much of a drinker. Mostly water. But I am married to a very loving wife, most likely something you will never have.

          7. ericlipps October 12, 2014

            I’m assuming she won’t, Kenny, any more than you’re likely to ever have a loving husband.

          8. kenndeb October 12, 2014

            no chance ever that I will have a husband, but she might want a loving wife. Liberals are like that.

          9. ericlipps October 12, 2014

            “She might want a loving wife”? What kind of sense does that make? Do you even read your own posts?

            And since you have no idea who I actually am or whether or not I’m married or whether, if I am, it’s a loving relationship, none of which is your business, I’ll thank you to keep your private fantasies about me to yourself.

          10. kenndeb October 12, 2014

            And my life is none of yours but you still seem to want to make commentary on it. Do you speak English too?

          11. ericlipps October 12, 2014

            Obviously I do, since we’re having this exchange. And I’ll lay off your private life if you’ll return the favor by restraining your impulse to take cheap shots at that of other people you don’t know.

            Ahem–just by the way, Kenny, what exactly made you think I had you in particular in mind with my remark about closeted conservatives? I actually didn’t, you know, but since you brought it up, I can’t help wondering.

          12. kenndeb October 13, 2014

            And there it is again.

          13. ericlipps October 13, 2014

            Matthew 27:5: “And Judas went, and hanged himself.”

            Luke 10:37: “Go thou, and do likewise.”
            I won’t be held responsible for your insecurities, sexual or otherwise, Kenny. And I don’t have much sympathy for a weakling and coward who takes vicious cheap shots at other people but whines when anyone hits back.
            Respond as you please. I have better ways of wasting my time than continuing this argument, since you can’t be civil about it. Everyone on this site knows what you are now.

          14. kenndeb October 13, 2014

            I should have known that there was no hope fro a liberal like you. Another rabid jackal amongst numerous stupid crazy people on this site. Yeah, everyone knows who I am, as they do you. Get a life and a brain.

          15. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            How many psi does she take to inflate properly?

          16. holyreality October 10, 2014

            I must suggest that your style makes more for a hateful old hag than our dear Eleanor, who has more love in her little finger than all of your heroes put together.

          17. kenndeb October 10, 2014

            You have a very skewed outlook on things, now don’t you? She is one of the most vile creatures ever to roam the earth.

          18. holyreality October 10, 2014

            Whom? Hillary?
            I might have to agree if she is who you mean.
            I can think of more, Ayn Rand, who prattled on about the morality of selfishness, Leona Helmsley may be a contender. Ann Coulter is a specialist at vile writings thinly disguised as satire. But Eleanor has pegged you pretty much on the bullseye.

          19. kenndeb October 11, 2014

            From my experience on liberal sites like this one, I find that most liberals, especially those that regularly post here, are way too stupid to think, or reason. You only want everyone to agree with your radical viewpoints, and those that do not agree are attacked. No, liberals are not reasonable, thinking humans. You have been so brainwashed that you will not even entertain the idea that something might be wrong with the info you are getting. Instead you will believe and defend ANYTHING that the regime tells you to believe. Rabid jackals all, with your vicious hag one of the most vile.

          20. ericlipps October 12, 2014

            Kenny Boy, your experience on “liberal sites like this one” seems to be as a pain-in-the-ass loudmouth provocateur, Cliff Clavin with a mean streak. Ever notice how much time Cliff seemed to
            spend on a bar stool rather than doing his job? With you, it’s not the bar but the Web (I’m assuming you’re not actually posting from some bar, smartphone in one hand and drink in the other).

            That’s the problem with the Internet. Any drink-sodden dumbbell with an ax to grind can post any sort of mean-spirited nonsense he, or she, chooses, and everyone else has to either try
            to respond, wasting time they can’t spare—some people have actual lives, you know, Kenny—or let the pest claim victory by default. And even if he or she finally gets banned, said pest can then play martyr: “Ooh, those dirty pro-terrorist commies wouldn’t let me reveal the Truth!”

            Or perhaps someone’s actually paying you to poison the site. If so, what’s the going rate on your self-respect? Or don’t you have any? Certainly you don’t seem to respect anyone else, except perhaps for old Ronnie.

          21. holyreality October 10, 2014

            You write with a fine line between satire and sarcasm. I cannot tell if you are a true believer troll, or a master thought generator on how far over the top conservatives have gone, such is your skill, bravo!

          22. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            More likely, he still lives in the basement and McMommy and McDaddy are in the freezers.

            And I will add, your last sentence is so, so true.

          23. BillP October 10, 2014

            Actually I think he is in the process of gender reclassification, therefore the 2 names.

          24. holyreality October 10, 2014

            Is sexual reassignment surgery in the near future?

          25. BillP October 11, 2014

            It’s an optional procedure.

          26. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            Reassign him/her to what?

          27. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      4. Eleanore Whitaker October 9, 2014

        And Kenndeb shows ass again. You must live in a foreign country. The last time I looked, I voted for President Obama twice…He wasn’t enthroned due to royalty…He can’t be removed from office. Bites you reds right in the butt. Doesn’t it?

        He will finish out his 8 years whether you like that or not. I can’t help but notice little KennyBoyDebbieGirl…that your Tan Man’s lawsuit was dropped…What’s the matter? Not a leg to stand on legally? Or just more right wing BS from a generation of Middle Aged asshats who want their lives made easier by their parents while Middle aged asshats make their parents lives harder?

        Isn’t it about time you shut your yap and got a life? Or is sucking up to Koch brothers what you call a career?

        Time for little KennyboyDebbieGirl to get a lobotomy..Your brain is dead politically.

        1. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

          There is not enough threads in the whole country to hide kenndweeb’s ass.

      5. holyreality October 9, 2014

        There you are!
        I have not seen any of your obnoxious posts lately.
        President Obama has been the milquetoastiest POTUS since ever. His speak softly and murder with drone strikes while posing as a wimp has righties angry he is not murdering enough people while his Wall Street obeisance brands him as an outright commie(who happens to observe a DOW above 17000, a deficit down to a third of what it was in 2009, and unemployment at 5.9%).
        By all means display your ignorance and your ability to regurgitate the propaganda you hear. Amurrica!

    2. jAMES October 9, 2014


  2. Dominick Vila October 9, 2014

    Hopefully not. I can’t imagine President Obama with a smirk, uttering words about being misunderestimated, or threatening allies with ultimatums such as “you are either with us, or you are against us”. We don’t need need cowboys in the White House, if nothing else because there is no cattle in the premises to tend for. What we need is statesmen, and President Obama already fills that category, regardless of how hard his detractors try to distort his persona, his accomplishments, and his vision.

  3. Eleanore Whitaker October 9, 2014

    What I find so amusing is how the media titans today are ramming their version of their order for society down everyone’s throats. You just know this will end in revolt. When a handful of too rich men try to impose their societal rules on the masses, they get what they asked for.

    President Obama isn’t GWB. GWB, for that matter, wasn’t really GWB. He was ruled by despotic Dick Cheney, a man who so lusted for the presidency that he used any skanky corporate tactic to get the backroom of the White House he wanted. GWB fit that bill.

    Everyone who had a brain knew GWB was not president material. He was built to be president from scraps of his father’s governmental reputation. In truth, GWB is now emerging as the man he was always meant to be…the typical 60s creative free bird, not the conman with puppet strings.

    1. jAMES October 9, 2014


      1. Stuart October 9, 2014

        Along this line, beware of Christian militarism. Morons think they’re the Knights Templar.

        1. holyreality October 10, 2014

          Knights of Columbus?

          Happy Italian American Pride day BTW

      2. kenndeb October 13, 2014

        Good to know that there are some forces to oppose the tyrant we have sitting in our white house.

    2. idamag October 9, 2014

      My take on it exactly. Cheney, the most evil man of our times, was able to con GWB, because GWB was naïve. Cheney gave no-bid contracts to his former company and their subsidiaries. They were caught cheating the government and 6 billion dollars disappeared in Iraq. If the American people start valuing education again, there are factions who might not get control of our country. You notice how little value is given to education.

    3. holyreality October 9, 2014

      I believe Jeb was the golden boy grooming for the oval office. For some snafu Duhbya ran in 2000 and actually won the nomination. I read of gnashing teeth from the GHWB camp and Bush the dumber managed to ruin the political legacy of the Bush name.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker October 10, 2014

        In the book, “American Dynasty,” the author presents factual validations in bibliographies for the sources he quotes or presents. This book is likely the best picture of just how Cheney created his own self-created presidency. It was never GWB who was president. It was always Cheney. Cheney tried a run for the presidency back in 1994. He own party wouldn’t put him out there. He grew all the more covetous of a place in the White House from that point on. But, there was always a reason. Cheney and oil are so closely tied together that his veins are soaked with it. He spent more time in TX than in his home state of WY.

        Cheney is like that passage from the Bible in Mark 5:9, when the demons were cast into pigs, “My name is Legion; for we are many.” Cheney masticates and multiples his evil like the legions of demons.

        It was always Cheney who intended to reorder our American society to his preferences. All he had to do was organize the richest men into his legion of evil.

        1. holyreality October 10, 2014

          Funny how that is precisely how I saw GHWB and Ronnie the Ray-gun. St Ronnie was a fine figurehead while Bush the evil mastermind ran the show from the assassination attempt onward.

          Of the two, who would have more blood on their hands? Poppy ran the CIA and had their tentacles in deeper than Cheney’s oil buddies but they are intertwined in any case.

          However back in Poppy’s days, Rumsfeld was looked down upon as one of the crazies, nearly all of whom ran the Duhbya(Chaney) regime.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker October 11, 2014

            In world history, the most despotic of men always predicate their power upon secrecy. Lies by omission was Cheney’s strong suit. He simply refused to divulge that which every American had and has a right to know.

            You are quite correct about Bush ’41. But, Rumsfeld and Cheney were already more deeply embedded in government under Nixon than Bush ’41. Either Bush men are naive or they simply play a covert game with men like Cheney to enhance their political status. Bush ’41 was every bit the CIA puppet as his son. It was an unholy trinity with Cheney as god the father, Rumsfeld as god the son and Bush ’41 as god the Holy Spirit.

            All 3 of these men held more control under Reagan than the average American would ever realize. Of those 3, Cheney was always the most dangerous for his grasping, covetous, autocratic bullying. Bush ’41 was afraid of Cheney, such were the billionaires with whom Cheney was associated. And the joke there is…that if not for Cheney’s wealthy wife, Cheney would have never been more than an unknown Wyoming rancher. He used his wife’s wealth to manipulate his status in government positions and among wealthy men.

  4. charles king October 9, 2014

    What? I, Charles E. King like about President Obama and his Admin. they taught the American people how to do some CRitical Thinking on their selves and on the problems that our nation are facing. I for one found out about ours and my Democracy that it was just a pipe dream. In 1948, right out of high-school, Johnstown, Pennsylvania, I joined the U. S. Navy becaused I believed in our Democracy, I was going to stay in for twenty-years but the first day I an ALL-American kid relized that something Was? wrong about Our Democracy, I was (18) years old at the time, Now I am (85) and (3yrs) ago I find out that I live in a STate that is governed by Plutocracts(Commissioniers) and a bunch of corrupped policitians, and Judges Who? are privatizing and miss-using the Peoples Assets. I thank President Obama for reminding the people about their Democracy and keep it alive because Now in my life I only go with What? works for me and our President Obama thinks that Democracy works, I know that Social Security works, Public Education works, Medicare works, Obamacare works, Unions work, Fair Wages for all, works, J A Z Z works for me any way The VOTE is still Supreme so protect it and Do Not let MONIES destroy your Democracy just protect your Voting Rights and V O T E those O U T Who? are not doing their job. Thank You are the magic words in my book. I Love Ya All. Mr. C. E. KING P. S. MONIES Don’t MEAN A THING as long as you have the vote…….

  5. charleo1 October 9, 2014

    I like Obama. The times I like him the best, are when he calls out Republican obstructionism for wharf it is. Where he leaves no question about where he stands, and for whom he stands. Those times he is most roundly criticized by a recalcitrant, and apoplectic Right. Where their radicalism, nihilism, and disdain for a level playing field, is most evident, and prominently on display. The times I liked him least, are the times he decides for one reason or another, he is not going to take a stand, and fight for those things he campaigned on. Those reasons the majority of Americans chose him to be their President. Like closing Gitmo. And being unwilling to take on his own Party in Congress to do it. Or not fighting for a single payer Medicare for all option, in reforming our dysfunctional, and unsustainable, for profit healthcare system. Where again he is roundly criticized by both the Republican Party, for being a wild eyed Socialist, instigating a government takeover. And by a demoralized and frustrated Left. Who, because they felt let down, (betrayed is too strong of a word,) by this President, and rightly so in my opinion. Then, foolishly stayed home in disgust in the 2010 mid terms. And thus, allowing Republicans to take control of the House, and cripple what will be the remaining six years of his Presidency. This is not to say his Presidency has failed to accomplish some very great things. Like rescuing a collapsing economy at home, and abroad, and helping to rebalance a Supreme Court, that threatened, with the election of A Republican President, to thwart, and roll back, 80 years of social, and economic progress. It’s the might have been factor, that most troubles me. What has been Obama’s unwillingness to recognize he was dealing with a Right Wing that demonized the very air he breathed. And, his failure to embrace, and welcomed that hatred of everything he stood for, as FDR had, in the wake of the last Plutocratic led, ruining, and running off of the rails, of the 1930’s, World’s financial systems. What seems to me to be the lack of realization, by this good, and decent man. Is that the battles you pick, and the hills where you determine to make your stand, ultimately defines your Presidency. And Americans have been far more willing to follow Barack Obama the man, the visionary, the calm cerebral lawyer, the Lincoln we seek out in the raging storm. Than Barack Obama, the President, either ever seemed willing, or had the inclination to test.

    1. idamag October 9, 2014

      Many of us would like to have seen a single payer, but he took what he could get.

      1. Independent1 October 10, 2014

        And what America could afford at the time. Converting America to single-payer is going to be a very expensive proposition. There are millions of Americans involved in one way or another with the current for-profit management side of our current healthcare processes. The Great Recession was no time to be adding these millions to the unemployment roles. Moving to single-payer is something that is going to have to work itself out over time – Obamacare is a start in the right direction.

  6. elw October 9, 2014

    I have to say that I do not think I ever want to see a President again who has cowboy in him. The wild west is gone, todays world is a very different place and we need Presidents who think before they act and who do not pretend to be super hero simple because they have a gun on their hip. When Bush 2 took his walk off a plane in a jump suit to claim victory in the Iraq, I never laughed so hard in my life. He looked like a fool, made a foolish speech in front of a huge sign that was not true, we do not need cowboys like that in the White House.

    1. idamag October 9, 2014

      And the next world war will not be fought with six shooters, or even assault rifles. Instead of being prow-ud uv ignerence, we need to keep up, intellectually, with the world.

      1. elw October 9, 2014

        I agree; but you just made those gun loving conservatives’ heads explode.

      2. holyreality October 9, 2014

        Ignorance is strength.

  7. nana4gj October 9, 2014

    No, President Obama does not need “a dash of Bush”, nor would I help to elect any other President who thinks he needs one.

    Leon Panetta was in an interview on TV promoting his book and explaining his criticism of President Obama’s decision making and actions. What he said stopped me in my tracks and raised alarm.

    He said, to this effect, not exact words, but, I will put them in quotes for emphasis, my own, “The President means well, but his problem is he uses Logic and there is no Logic in Washington DC….”, apparently not with Panetta, either.

    There you have it. And that is, precisely, why I was attracted to this President, support him, believe in him, and have suspected that he is in a different place re government service that is actually government service on behalf of the people.

    He does what needs to be done in the best interests of this country and her people. That is his concern, mission, goal, purpose, and to do that, he uses Logic, oft termed “dithering” by those who decided that the best way to keep their jobs, elected or not, is to focus on keeping their jobs, subsidizing their salaries, priming for the next office, the lucrative book publishing, the speaking tour, rather than Logic, problem solving and all that goes into problem solving.

    It is no wonder he is considered strange, different, aloof, and that he has not many confidants. It is no wonder everyone second guesses, criticizes, and always has a better idea, an alternate plan that should have been followed, because, sure enough, along with the alternative plan and better idea, we know there was an alternate agenda.

    No, I want a President who engages in Logic and deliberation and problem solving for the sole purpose of getting the job. Since there is, according to Panetta, no one else like this in DC, no wonder things are the way they are. Deliberate or incidental sabotage of everything, aided and abetted by a certain percentage of just plain ignoramuses in Congress, most of them from my state of Texas, but not limited to.

  8. nana4gj October 9, 2014

    President Obama is the best President since FDR, suffers some of the same tag lines, accusations, criticisms, lies about his agenda, and insults re his family. There is a bit of Teddy Roosevelt in him, as well, speaking softly and carrying a big stick, et al.

    Except, he is half black, which means he has learned to temper his passion and his anger and has perfected his art of humor in which to respond to the most outrageous of the ridiculosity around him. Anyone with that kind of humor and talent has a lot of passion, authentic passion, expressed with a ton of Logic instead of with vitriole and lies and destruction of character, his own and others’.

    1. Stuart October 9, 2014

      Ridiculosity. I like that.

  9. Stuart October 9, 2014

    Usually, the only time a Democrat gets in trouble is when s/he tries to be a Republican. Please, no more Texas presidents.

  10. idamag October 9, 2014

    I guess when we find “duck dynasty” and “honey boo boo” entertainment, the president is aiming too high. He might have to get down to their level and heaven help the United States when we have no intelligence left.

  11. howa4x October 9, 2014

    How soon we forget that a split second decision by the President resulted in the death of the most hated man in American, Bin Laden. Also there was the decision that gave seal team 6 the go ahead to kill the pirate holding the American merchant ship captain Philips. Obama is being once again blamed for the mistakes of GWB who installed Maliki as a leader in Iraq knowing that he spent his exile in Iran. Maliki immediately pushed aside the Sunni’s and wanted a government dominated by Shia. Bush’s other great mistake was to disband the Iraqi army and send them home with their guns and ammo, and abolish the civil government which tore apart the governing structure of the country and it’s institutions that allowed a lawlessness to emerge. The country degenerated into a religious civil war with rival militias ruling areas and cleansing out the other faction. We were left with no government and trying to fight these militias both Sunni and Shia. This all happened before Obama took office.
    Maliki also destroyed the army that we spent trillions equipping by removing competent generals and replacing them with Shia loyalists. He also refused to sign the status of forces agreement granting immunity to our troops. Obama had little choice but to pull out the troops, since it was clear Iraq didn’t want any to remain. How could Obama predict that 30,000 Iraqi army regulars would run from 5,000 ISIS fighters and leave all their equipment behind. As for equipping the Syrian rebels, no group had been vetted to see who they were allied with. We had no CIA presence in Syria to guide our actions. Obama was right to be cautious. Granted he was slow to respond to ISIS but Americans didn’t want to be involved. It was clear from every poll taken. Obama even said while ordering airstrikes after the Iraqi army imploded, and as a last resort, that this is their fight and it is up to them to defeat ISIS. All we will do if we send in troops is to create the very end of the world apocalypse that ISIS wants, the final battle with the infidel. It is up to the forces in the region to combat this threat and we cannot be 911 for everyone. If the people there after being equipped to, won’t fight for their lives, why should we?

  12. angelsinca October 9, 2014

    Just because many Americans are weary of Obama, that doesn’t mean they yearn for the second coming of George W. Bush.

    Very true statement. Bush was a huge disappointment during the second term and not so great a leader except for establishing America’s capacity to protect itself against another 9/11. Jeb doesn’t have enough Wow! to cut it. We don’t need another Bush. But after 6 years of bitter partisanship, truth avoidance and decisions designed to gain more votes from democrats, there are a lot of hopefuls that can be seen standing in line for the prize..

    1. ericlipps October 9, 2014

      Bush “[established] America’s ability to protect itself against another 9/11” all right–until the next attack happens. The fact that it hasn’t yet doesn’t prove we’re protected, any more than the fact that it didn’t happen before 9/11.

      Of course, when it does happen, Republicans will rush to blame Democrats no matter who is in charge of the government at the time. 9/11 itself happened, after all, at least partly because Bush ignored warnings that it was in the works because those warnings came from people associated with Bill Clinton’s administration.

      1. angelsinca October 9, 2014

        So, as a Democratic,you blame the Republican Bush while excusing the Democratic Clinton. Haven’t heard that before.

        1. ericlipps October 10, 2014

          For he record, ‘m not a knee-jerk “Democratic”, though I usually vote for the Democratic Party. And yes, I do “excuse” Clinton where 9/11 is concerned; Republicans desperately strove to make his one (failed) strike against Osama bin Laden into a political issue and made it clear they would protect the terrorist leader against any repetition by refusing to allow Congressional sanction for any further attempts. Then Bush came in and sat on his hands until the politically useful events of Sept. 11, 2001 occurred. If Al Gore had done exactly as Bush did, he’d have ben impeached.

          1. charleo1 October 10, 2014

            Well said!

          2. angelsinca October 11, 2014

            I would agree with you, if ALL of the worldwide terrorist activity against the West ceased at the moment OBL was killed. Sadly, it hasn’t.

          3. ericlipps October 12, 2014

            What does that prove? No one ever said OBL was the only terrorist leader out there, or even that he was irreplaceable within al-Qaeda. Nevertheless, his death can hardly be regarded as a failure on Obama’s part—except perhaps by right-wingers who wanted his head brought back to the Smithsonian as a trophy. (Right next to Obama’s, if they had their way.)

          4. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            For the record everyone, this angelstench claimed that I was harassing him and threatening him harm. So, he claimed he turned me in to the FBI. He even posted the return letter, which was DATED THE DAY BEFORE HE CLAIMED TO FILE THE COMPLAINT! It was nothing but an automated reply anyway.

            So, did he file a false complaint? Did he give them his real name? Or is did he just falsely make statements and misuse a FBI document to threaten me? He seems to think his internet anonymity protects him from law enforcement.

            And, it connects! Where do you think his son is? In PRISON! Angelstench taught him how to be a “good” citizen. Just like daddy, other people don’t have rights in his eyes. A real chip off the old shit pile.

          5. angelsinca October 12, 2014

            For the record Russell Byrd has WEAPONS. He he makes THREATS and has been REPORTED to the FBI for those threats and continuing harassment.

            When someone as unstable as Russell Byrd says he will do whatever he can to find you, promises to harm you, and brags about all the GUNS he has, any reasonable person SHOULD conclude he INTENDS to use those weapons.

            Russell Byrd is sick and should be treated as an ARMED and DANGEROUS person. I don’t care if he holds a position of authority, he is a genuine public safety concern.

            Maybe Russell Byrd is just a loud mouthed feckless pussy and doesn’t have the balls to carry out his threats of VIOLENCE. But what if he does? How many people will he kill to exact his vengeance toward those he admittedly HATES?

            To the ASSOCIATES of Russell Byrd, If you don’t discourage Russell Byrd from continuing his HOSTILE personal ATTACKS toward conservatives that visit this site, or encourage him to continue, and he actually harms, maims or KILLS someone, then YOU will be held accountable for those actions.

            For EVERYONE’S SAFETY, it is recommended you stay as far away as possible from this nut job. I reported him once to the FBI, yes. I am about to report his terrorist threats again.

            I refuse to live in fear because of the THREATS from this kook that calls himself Russell Byrd. I REFUSE to be his victim, as others should.

            Don’t bother whimpering about it, Russell Byrd. I tried to encourage you to seek help for yourself.

            You continue to attack and threaten me. Your promise of never ending harassment is noted, as is your admission of personal attacks against Bowen and others that cross your path.

            YOU don’t belong on ANY public forum Russell Byrd. You are a threat to the peace and safety of those around you. I have reported your threats to FBI and fully intend to follow up on their advice to report the threats to local law enforcement.

            NOW is a good time to STOP what you are doing and think about how you want to spend the next 20 years of your life. It won’t include harassing me, I promise you.

          6. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            Why do you post that nonsense to me. I do not give a damn about your threats. If you can’t handle the abuse, then you damn well ought to take your shit somewhere else. You cause every bit of the problem yourself.

            If you did not harass, lie, abuse, libel, and slander, then you would not be facing this situation. It is of your own making, not mine.

            I HAVE NEVER THREATENED YOU AT ALL, but you have threatened me.

          7. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            Thanks, for repeating for all to see your false claim of reporting me to the FBI. Anyone with good sense would have kept his mouth shut. So, maybe it is worth turning it over to the FBI for investigation. YOU literally dare people to cause you harm. Someday, if law enforcement doesn’t do something, you will probably provoke someone to very brutally fuck you up.

          8. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            The problem with a gonad free freak like you preaching about “balls” to me, is I have never threatened you at all. Hate you, want to see someone exact justice on you, yes, but threaten to do you harm, that is purely in your own lying imagination.

            And fuckstick, turning you in for filing a false report, particularly, if you filed it with a false identity, OR more likely, you were just threatening me and extorting me by the misuse of an FBI document, is neither harassment nor a threat.

        2. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

          Clinton got a blowjob. Bush and Cheney’s lies cost us several trillion dollars, left our economy in ruins, 5000 lives cut short for no value whatsoever, and tens of thousands of maimed and damaged service personnel that will be hurting and needy for the rest of their lives. AND, responsibility for several hundred thousand human lives lost in their own native countries.

          And fuckstick, I see the parade of damaged veteran’s every day. You should be beaten to death for your hate, bigotry, racism, and lies, and more lies. You are everything this Nation needs to get rid of in order to survive and thrive.

          And you can take your so-called “threat” squealing and shove it up your ass. Like I said, I would like to see you die in pain, but I have NEVER threatened you.

          1. angelsinca October 12, 2014

            Russell Byrd threatened: “You should be beaten to death for your hate, bigotry, racism, and lies, and more lies. “. “Like I said, I would like to see you die in pain”

            Noted 10/12/2012

          2. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            I warned you in advance. That is not a threat, but truly is what would be just in this case. Your slooge just won’t fly, anyway. So, note away.

            ALL you have to do to avoid such barbs, is stop harassing people.

            Really, you are a Hellbound piece of shit. I have seen you preach at one person about their lack of faith, and then preach at another because they have strong beliefs. No one like that has any morals, and all you come here to do is cause trouble.

    2. RDiablo October 9, 2014

      Several (several “respectable”) argue Bush’s best work came in his 2nd term when he distanced himself from Cheney and everything Cheney had previously got wrong. Sure his poll numbers (who gives a sh– about poll numbers) were down considerably, but at least it couldn’t be argued he was asleep at the wheel, as it was said of him ’03 thru the Surge.)

      Bottom line? There isn’t candidate out there who will be viewed as a successful President. Not one. Because half the American people will slander and backstab the President, regardless of what party he is from. Because Americans suck.

      1. angelsinca October 10, 2014

        No, Americans don’t suck. We just have leadership that makes America look indecisive, dishonorable, hypocritical, extravagant and irresponsible. Americans are good people, mostly, when they aren’t painted into politically tainted corners, and divided by race, gender, and religion then compelled to attack each other by the media, entertainment, blogs like this and the political whores.

        1. RDiablo October 10, 2014

          For the sake of full disclosure, I too am American.

          But in general, yes we do suck. For one, we’re ignorant, easily manipulated and engage in petty partisanship that obscures real issues and truth.

          We think WAY too highly of ourselves.
          Half the country at any given time is guilty of being unpatriotic (despite cloaking itself in pseudo-patriotism), slandering & tearing down the President (for one) with repeated disinformation.

          There isn’t a single statistical measure (to my knowledge) that indicates Americans are anything but uninformed and/or ignorant.

          On a related note – quit the blame game and semantics. “Leadership that makes us look indecisive..yada yada yada…”COMPELLLED TO ATTACK EACH OTHER BY THE MEDIA”….no one is compelled – they are ignorant pawns…

          1. angelsinca October 11, 2014

            You are blaming the currently-practiced politics with the constituency. The people don’t represent the country on the world stage, the politicians do. And they are doing a fine job of portraying us innacurately

          2. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            Your lying sock-puppet masters have propagandized and misled the electorate until they hate everyone, and vote against their own best interests.

            So, what would you give us for a government. You hate Obama, because you ARE a racist. You have never proved ANY scandals. Not even hinted at proof, yet you bad mouth Obama constantly.

            As well, you talk about lies, but you cannot prove Obama told any. You just CLAIM things are a certain way, yet we all see that all you do is lie.

          3. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            Do you think you are going to “educate” us, or you are going to “shut down” this “minor liberal blog”? It is not going to happen, so besides increasing ill feeling against your own candidates, what are you proving here?

            That you are a sick, lonely old fuck that has not got one friend, and is at the end of his working life and has nothing? That you can just barely hold a McJob?

            I realize that this is what you substitute for a real life, but you are just throwing what little you have left. You are going to die hated by everyone, but you will be soon forgotten.

        2. charleo1 October 10, 2014

          Yes, but enough about Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul. Teddy did not vote to shut the government down. He only agreed with it, when the T-Baggers did it. And only until it blew up in their faces. And Rand Paul doesn’t disagree with the Civil Rights Act, because he believes people of color should be refused service. Heck no! He just believes the owners of businesses should be able, for whatever reason, to refuse any service of any kind, to anyone. They need not all be Black. They could just as well be Jews, Native Americans, Orientals, Muslims, Hindus, Catholics, Latinos, Liberals, or Gay. So, no division there, right?

          1. holyreality October 10, 2014

            Blazing Saddles;
            The Chinks and the (N-words) don’t want the Irish either!

          2. angelsinca October 11, 2014

            The term “orientals” is an insult. I’m not the spokesman for Cruz or Paul. Like you, I disagree with THEIR politics. Unlike you, I don’t debase the character of millions with the crazy politics of a few.

          3. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            If you disagree with their politics, then what do you believe besides harassing, lying, and trolling.

            Really, what you just said is a lie.

        3. Sand_Cat October 10, 2014

          No, Americans don’t suck. Just those who are like you.

          1. angelsinca October 11, 2014

            Ignorantly said, sand_box.

          2. Sand_Cat October 11, 2014

            Not that I accept your idiotic response, but I’d rather be ignorant than a lying neo-Fascist like you.

          3. angelsinca October 11, 2014

            “but I’d rather be ignorant than a lying neo-Fascist like you.”

            Not that that anyone needs another barrage of juvenile banter here, and this board has its share, please do show your audience where I have lied. Or keep your lying tongue to yourself sand-box.

          4. Sand_Cat October 11, 2014

            You’re the one who started the juvenile bathroom stuff.
            As for lies, maybe you should re-read your posts here.

          5. angelsinca October 11, 2014

            Got it, romper_room. Please DO point out the lies there, kitty_litter. And since you are at it, please enlighten us all on who I voted for, n’kay? No lies please. Otherwise, you might come across as just another “lying neo-fascist”. Sheesh. Here, the asylum is yours.

          6. Sand_Cat October 11, 2014

            The original comment was more snark than anything else. I immediately removed the “lying neo-Fascist” part of the second response (within a minute after posting that response, and probably before you replied); if you read what is shown here, it’s not there, because I thought it was overly provocative and recognized the “lies” are at least partly differences of opinion. Admittedly, your comments about bitter partisanship, etc., did not actually say Obama did them, but that’s the general GOP talking point, which I think is an obvious lie and projection, so the additional stuff I wrote reflected that. If you were blaming the GOP, or even blaming both sides, I’ll apologize for that.
            And you’re right; I don’t know who you vote for, or even if you vote. I can only judge by your comments, and, based on them, I’d have to bet that if you vote, it’s almost always for the GOP, or someone even further to the right (f that’s possible). IF that’s not true, you have my apologies again (whether you want them or not).
            I make no apologies for pointing out the juvenile nature of the toilet (all right, sandbox) references you and most other trolls here make when challenged, often without much else. If you wish to continue to embarrass yourself in that fashion, don’t be surprised if the debate continues on a downward trajectory.

          7. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            Point out the lies? The fact you ask is just another lie.

          8. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            The key is, you are an ignorant lying neo-Fascist.

            So, why don’t you keep your lying tongue to yourself, angelshit. You were not invited, so why do you have an extra right to post and lie, when you don’t see we have the right to speak truth in our own blog.

          9. angelsinca October 12, 2014

            I am not a neo-fascist. Do you even know what it means? It doesn’t seem like it. Here, I’ve copied & pasted the Urban Dictionary description of neo-fascism for you:

            1.The government rules all business and aspects of life.
            2.The state is ruled by a ‘Dictator’
            3.Rebellion is forbiddon(Neo-Fascism does not act violently towards rebellion, it is only treason and will result in jail sentencing; Neo-Fascist governemnt looks at itself as an improvement of Mussolini’s Fascism idea, Neo-fascism works in a way that the people would approve of it’s actions while the government still has complete power.)
            4. Neo-Fascism’s goal is not Power, Power, Power. Neo-Fascisms goal is more Power, Please the state’s people, and make a perfect society without crime.

          10. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            What you want is an iron-fisted government that quashes all points of view, except your own. That keeps everyone in the strict line that your kind chooses That spends nothing, and cares nothing for its citizenry, but let’s the bullies take what they want. And of course, stays in a constant state of war.

            The laughable shame is, you would not last five minutes. You are not actually white enough, and with your personality and work record, you would starve. So, be careful what you wish for, angelstench.

          11. ericlipps October 15, 2014

            You’re mostly right–but they don’t want a government that “spends nothing,” they want one that spends without limit on what they want, period–including the suppression of any and all dissent, as a threat to “national unity” in the face of the “worldwide Islamic terrorist conspiracy,” the modern-day stand-in for the “worldwide Jewish bankers’ conspiracy” their predecessors hawked.

          12. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            First, using the Urban Dictionary as a source is pretty laughable.

            But, it really does not matter, because you want all those things that you have posted except, ” . . . please the state’s people, and make a perfect society without crime.

          13. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            Want to know why we are headed to a Big Brother state? Three big reasons.

            1. You Teapublicon scum foisted it off on us, and especially the present administration. They dare not eliminate this travesty.

            2, We dare not, because there are about 2000 hate groups that would dearly love to seize power and instate YOUR desired neo-fascist, neo-Nazi programs.

            3. Rich interests like the Koches can already use this system to keep an eye on people, but when they gain the total power that they crave, then they can micromanage our lives, remove “undesirables,” and make us all good little fascist “consumers.”

          14. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            Obama is not, was not, and will never be a dictator. In fact, he was overwhelmingly elected by the American people. No LIES by your side, such as millions of illegals voting, or Obama extending his term by decree will change the facts.

            Of course, as always, you have an allergy to the truth.

          15. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            About the Teabugger idea that Obama will stay in office as a total dictator. I will make you a deal. If Obama does not leave office, then I will leave forever, and you can have this blog, AND ALL the blogs.

            BUT, if he leaves office, then you will cease all posting activities in any recognized liberal group. How about it?

            ROTFL! because I already know your answer(s). That is, if you do not try to ignore the question. But be sure, it will be asked again.

          16. idamag October 14, 2014

            Their unacceptance of the two-party system shows they are the fascists.

          17. angelsinca October 11, 2014

            And who did I vote for, kitty_litter? Instead of p-r-o-j-e-c-t-i-n-g your hate for the GOP on me, please try to be h-o-n-e-s-t. That is, if you have the factual basis to do so. Guessing doesn’t make you a liar. it is your twisted belief that those guesses are factual.

          18. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            You voted for “kitty litter”? Wow, that probably was the best the Teabuggers had to offer.

            But, was it already used, or was it fresh.

          19. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            And angelshit, you wholeheartedly come here to harass and lie on the GrOPe’s behalf, so any “projection” onto you is right on the target.

          20. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            And no, you don’t guess. I will admit that. You just tell bold-faced lies with the intent of doing harm.

          21. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            “No, Americans don’t suck. Just those who are like you.” I thought I would give you a second chance on that one.

        4. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

          No, only certain Democracy hating Americans like you suck.

          If you want “better” leadership, who is it going to be?

          Palin, Huckabee, the Paul’s, Santorum, etc.? Face it, the only reason you wound up with McCain and Romney as candidates is they were just about the only two that are not certifiably insane.

      2. idamag October 10, 2014

        We do.

      3. Sand_Cat October 10, 2014

        Not sure anything Bush did qualifies as “work,” much less “best.”

        1. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

          Of course you don’t

      4. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

        Yeah, but Obama sucks more

    3. charleo1 October 10, 2014

      Yes, the clown car is now boarding for that wacky, and wonderful trip thru La-La Land. In search of the lucky liar that manages to navigate the Republican Primaries. Only to lose the Presidential contest to a Democrat. And thereby be disqualified for any other office. Because it will be determined henceforth, and forever more, that the only reason he lost, was because he was too Liberal. Thankfully he can be put out to pasture, with a nice cushy job, lobbying for the most downtrodden, and most victimized group of, “people,” in the Country. Corporations.

    4. Sand_Cat October 10, 2014

      Wow, you’re back! Yes, we are sick of the bitter partisanship of the people who announced as the country was going down the toilet and threatening to drag the world along that THEIR priority was to politically and personally ruin the newly-elected president, then refused to discuss anything but his terms of surrender, and on and on, but HE was the bitter partisan who wouldn’t work with the opposition. After non-stop lies and fabricated scandals, HE’s the one doing truth avoidance. Yeah, you keep telling yourself that.

    5. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

      Obama has short hair now, but he will be getting a hair cut very soon.

    6. Sand_Cat October 11, 2014

      Yeah, right. Of course, you are carefully ignoring the grotesque negligence and complacency that led to the FIRST 9/11 (Was one not enough? If it had happened on Obama’s watch, it would be all you needed), not to mention the criminal incompetence to exploit the resulting shock and fear to knowingly attack the WRONG PEOPLE and kill another 4,000+ Americans (like all right-wing zealots, you couldn’t care less about the hundred thousand or so brown-skinned “foreigners” who also died) and still FAIL, plus push through a lot of repressive and unconstitutional legislation.
      And just who were the truth-avoiding, bitter partisans? I’m sure the people can’t wait to replace an imperfect but sane and reasonably competent administration with one run by the same morons who did their best to wreck the country for the last six years or so, and nearly succeeded.

    7. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

      Bush was a huge disappointment for eight years. Which is not surprising considering that their were one million more Democrat ballots than Rumpbuggercon. And he even lost Florida. Only reason he became President was the partisan mob on the Supreme Court.

      And that will come back to bite us, again and again. In fact, it will probably be instrumental in abolishing the Supreme Court sometime in the future. If the courts are partisan, then the one thing that separates America from a petty dictatorship, will have invalidated itself.

      Of course, you will piss yourself with glee when you get your dictatorship, and then the next day, they will put your unruly ass against a wall.

  13. Whatmeworry October 9, 2014

    As they sang on the wizard of Oz “if he only had a brain. No one from the Chicago law school would ever call Barak a prefessor

    1. idamag October 10, 2014

      If you are so smart, why don’t you know how to spell? They probably called him professor. Why don’t you get the names of his fellows, at Harvard, and ask them. BTW, brilliant one, you left out a set of quotation marks. How can someone with such a poor education say anything about anyone else’s education?

      1. Whatmeworry October 10, 2014

        His room mates have said he was dope dealer and only took classes that were pass fail.

        1. idamag October 10, 2014

          liar, liar, liar.

          1. Whatmeworry October 10, 2014

            Hey its his room mate is on record as well that barak was bisexual

          2. idamag October 10, 2014

            If you understood the institutions of higher learning and you won’t ever get the chance because you will never be in one, you would know you have to have a gpa of 3.8 or better to make the Harvard Law Review,. The Bible does not say, “Thou shalt not lie.” It says, “Thou shalt not bear false witness.” Spreading the fascist lies of the radical right is bearing false witness and it also says when you break one of the commandments, you break them all. Now give us the name of the roommate so we can contact him. Those lies were spread by the right wing hate groups. I will not respond to any more of your posts as you are too stupid.

          3. Whatmeworry October 10, 2014

            If you understood the Harvard Review you know that it isn’t part of the law school and has NO formal basis with the school. Those who are on the review are voted in based on POPULARITY NOT GRADES.
            Barak ONLY took courses that were P/F as you can see by looking at his transcripts
            His roommates were Sohale Siddigi, Phil Boerner and John Drew. Drew said he knew he was homosexual and Sohale said he moved out because Baraka was so aggressive about his homosexual desires that he was constantly coming on to him

          4. Sand_Cat October 10, 2014

            You obviously never worry about the lack of truth in your posts.

          5. Whatmeworry October 11, 2014

            Not hardly, its the low information posters that post here like yourself who never reads and just posts MSNBC blather

          6. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            Caught you, AGAIN.

            You mean the transcripts that you bigots carried on about so much because he wouldn’t release them?

          7. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            Caught you.

            You mean the transcripts that you bigots carried on about so much because he wouldn’t release them?

          8. idamag October 14, 2014

            I would love to see these trolls transcripts or even their high school gpa.

          9. Russell Byrd October 14, 2014

            It might be interesting if they indeed had an high school gpa. Of course, in their coursework for their Belcher of Arts in Applied Trolling, I bet the all got near 4.0.

            I was just kidding as I don’t think they could even do that right.

          10. ericlipps October 11, 2014

            Actually, the Bible does say “Thou shalt not lie,” but it’s considered a separate commandment from the one against bearing false witness, which is a specific form of falsehood in which one makes false testimony against another.

          11. ericlipps October 12, 2014

            You mean the roommate who spent his college career stoned out of his mind? Not exactly a trustworthy source.

          12. idamag October 14, 2014

            I checked it out and you are still a lying hate-monger

  14. djs1138 October 10, 2014

    The feckless man loves running for office…but runs from the responsibilities of office…and is completely incapable of running the office…

    1. charleo1 October 10, 2014

      And you would this how? Running the grill at Burger King, and being President of the United States, irrespective of what they tell you on Fox, are not at all alike. Look, if I didn’t live in this Country, if my family, and my children could somehow be spared of being put thru the ringer. Or if, at the end of the day, I didn’t love my Country, and care what it would become of it, if your heroes had their way with it. I’d say, good enough. People like you deserve exactly what you’re asking for. But, don’t say no one ever tried to tell you different. So, stew in it! But, none of that is the case. So, I’ll say it again. You’re wrong. You were wrong with Reagan, wrong with both Bushes, and you’re still batting a thousand.

      1. djs1138 October 10, 2014

        I could not disagree with you more… I find people who hold your opinion…well…to be kind…just not very bright…

        1. Sand_Cat October 10, 2014

          Well, it’s nice you can find something; you sound like someone who can’t find his ass in broad daylight.

          1. idamag October 11, 2014

            His a might be hard to find if he has an upside down digestive system that spews waste from his mouth.

          2. djs1138 October 13, 2014

            Maybe so…but you’re a dimwitted a**hole…and I seem to have found you…

          3. Sand_Cat October 13, 2014

            Have you indeed? From your description, seems like you found yourself.

    2. holyreality October 10, 2014

      Are you trolling?
      The feckless one was the big duhbya, he loves being the center of attention, he hated “doing homework” Hint doing homework is the job description of POTUS. Georgie refused to read his daily briefings and mocked CIA analysts who insisted on infringing into his vacation time to personally tell him Bin Laden was going to strike. In a meeting on torture he screamed the ‘Constitution was just a G-d damned piece of paper’.

      He wanted to be the ‘decider’ but refused to do homework to base a decision instead depending on uncle Dicky to tell him what his decision was.

      That is what you call incapable of running the office.

      1. Faraday_Cat October 10, 2014

        Or he let God tell him what his decision was…that was the one I cringed at most, me being a Buddhist and all, that’s just what I never wanted was a national leader himself being led by the voices in his head…

        1. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

          So you pray to that chubby statue?

          1. kenndeb October 13, 2014

            Nah. The liberals pray to a picture of our illustrious Emperor.

        2. idamag October 14, 2014

          Nam.Myoho Renge, Kyo?

      2. idamag October 10, 2014

        Strange – we value Democracy where a president is elected by the people. If our candidate does not win, we scream “fraud” or something instead of accepting the Democratic way.

      3. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

        Absolutely, Obama does his homework on the golf course while muslim fanatics cut off innocent peoples heads.
        I Saw him writing numbers down on a card with a little pencil, must have been missile launch codes or sumfin.

  15. GSR October 10, 2014

    Was Barry Dunham Soetoro bin Obama ever, really a professor? I don’t think so. I believe he was more of a part-time / guest lecturer on his favorite topic – RACISM and sexism in the US Founding documents…..ha, ha, ha, ha…..what a loser.

    1. charleo1 October 10, 2014

      Obama entered Harvard Law School in the fall of 1988. He was selected as an editor of the Harvard Law Review at the end of his first year, president of the journal in his second year, and research assistant to the constitutional scholar Laurence Tribe while at Harvard for two years.During his summers, he returned to Chicago, where he worked as an associate at the law firms of Sidley Austin in 1989 and Hopkins & Sutter in 1990. After graduating with a J.D. magna cum laude from Harvard in 1991, he returned to Chicago. Obama’s election as the first black president of the Harvard Law Review gained national media attention, and led to a publishing contract and advance for a book about race relations,which evolved into a personal memoir. The manuscript was published in mid-1995 as Dreams from My Father. University of Chicago Law School and civil rights attorney

      In 1991, Obama accepted a two-year position as Visiting Law and Government Fellow at the University of Chicago Law School to work on his first book. He then taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School for twelve years, first as a Lecturer from 1992 to 1996, and then as a Senior Lecturer from 1996 to 2004.

      Barack Obama is also a doting Father to his children, and a loving husband to his wife. He is a self made millionaire, who once was refused a rental car, because his credit card was declined. He, like millions of college graduates today, once struggled with the pressures of student loans, a growing family, mortgage debt. And this is the real difference between Barack Obama, and so many of the born rich, and connected, and ultimate losers, like George W. Bush, or Mitt Romney. They took their fortunate circumstances, and the privileged stations they were born into. And used them solely for their own benefit, and the benefit of the other rich, and gilded narcissistic assholes, like themselves. While Barack Obama took his solid gold Harvard Law Degree, by which he could have written his own ticket. Went instead, to the ghettos of the South side of Chicago, to work on behalf of some of the poorest people in America. And by that unlikely
      path, became a TWO TERM PRESIDENT, of his Country.

      Now, let’s see your resume. So we can see for ourselves, who the
      real loser is here.

      1. GSR October 10, 2014

        Thank you for answering my query. He was/is not a professor. Secondarily, he never really worked in his life. Govt jobs and education (govt. again) jobs are not real jobs. Thirdly, he did indeed grow up in a relatively well off family, and attended very expensive, exclusive schools.

        Lastly, he will go down in history as the worse US President in a century.

        1. charleo1 October 10, 2014

          “Not real jobs,” as opposed to what? Hollywood Actor? Reagan. Lifelong politician, Nixon, Son of Precott Bush, who married the daughter of one of the wealthiest bankers in the Country. His privileged Son George H.W. Bush, took over his Daddy’s company, and worked for the government the last 35 years of his career? His Son, a failed businessman. President, of a professional baseball franchise, 8 years as the ho hum Governor of Texas. Or maybe Eisenhower? A career Government employee, of the U.S. Army. Supreme Allied Commander, that according to you,
          never had a, “real job.” Well enough of this. You’re
          stupid, and I suppose have a real job. So, therefore…

          1. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

            Ronald Reagan, the greatest president ever.
            Uniter, proud to be an American.
            Ended the communist regime in the Soviet Union.
            God bless him.

          2. ericlipps October 11, 2014

            You do know, don’t you, that the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, after St. Ronald of Hollywood left the White House–and that the Communist regime in Russia fell two years after that?

            And Mr. Reagan was so proud to be an American that he never left the country during World War II, but instead spent the war years, as one critic put it, serving “in costume, not in uniform.” Not that that stopped him from claiming, many years later, to have been personally present at the liberation of Buchenwald.

          3. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

            You didn’t know your history before, and you still don’t

          4. ericlipps October 12, 2014

            Pity for you, I did and do. Can you cite any actual evidence that Russia abandoned Communism while your demigod was in power? Or that he actually did serve in combat, as, for instance, his VP did?

            Of course not, because there isn’t any. But you’ll go on working your miracle of turning nonsense into whine just the same.

          5. Alfred1957 October 12, 2014

            So since your education was in greek mythology I understand why you don’t get it.

          6. ericlipps October 12, 2014

            Actually, Alfred, my education was not in Greek (note the capital letter, please) mythology. I just happen to read.

            And your response is what I should have expected for corresponding with the sarcasm-challenged. My bad.

            You didn’t actually respond to my points, I notice. And I doubt that you can, other than by further attempts at insult. So don’t waste my time and yours trying.

          7. charleo1 October 12, 2014

            Corporate shill, Plutocratic Ideologue, relentless
            advocate for the rich, traitor to his lower middle class upbringing. Reagan, the perfect empty suit, that led
            the U.S. from the path of prosperity. From being the World’s largest creditor Nation, to it’s current position, from which it’s never recovered. The World’s largest debtor Nation. Under Reagan’s leadership, Middle Incomes fell 10%, overall. While top incomes in the one half of one percentage, increased 300% over all. And we as a Country experienced our largest trade deficits with the Communist Chinese, and Asian Rim sweat shops. A trend not reversed since the days a trickle down, huckster, too unbelievable for even Hollywood, was foisted upon the Nation, by the gullible, star struck, half wits in the GOP.

        2. holyreality October 10, 2014

          “Lastly, he will go down in history as the worse US President in a century.”
          That designation already is taken by the Big Duhbya.
          President Obama was given a sow’s ear in 2009 and while we still don’t have a silk purse, at least is isn’t a pile of dung.
          The deficit has been cut by two thirds, the DOW soars over 17K while unemployment dropped below 6%. Domestic oil production is higher than ever while big oil profits are better than ever. Wall Street hucksters game and manipulate huge free profits while SEC oversight is blind to the grifting.
          More collateral damage racks up from illegal drone strikes as the dead are all classified as enemy fighters until proven otherwise.
          If he were a GOPer he would be the greatest success story since the Reagan myth.

          1. idamag October 10, 2014

            W had an approval rating of 29.It was the lowest ever recorded since rating started.

          2. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

            Not so, Obama is worse than Harding, he will go down in history as an abject failure and communist who did nothing for the black americans he said he would since they are worse off today that they were 6 years ago.

          3. ericlipps October 11, 2014

            An “abject failure and communist”?
            Sometimes I wonder if comments like these aren’t deliberate fabrications just to jerk readers’ chains. They come across as too loopy to have been posted by anyone not signing in from a padded cell.

            Oh, and an alleged patriot should know that “Americans” is always capitalized.

          4. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

            I stand by my comment

          5. ericlipps October 12, 2014

            No, you’re standing in it. Head down.

        3. Faraday_Cat October 10, 2014

          “Govt jobs…are not real jobs” Is this a “there is no spoon” moment? If they are not real jobs, then I guess no one is actually collecting your taxes, you are just hallucinating the difference between your gross and net pay…I guess the road you drove on this morning actually wasn’t there, and you were really just bouncing your way through a field…I suppose the last time you flew you just REALLY trusted that the mechanics and pilots had only your best interests at heart, and that’s why you weren’t fearful…maybe the last time you passed a semi on the highway you guessed that the driver would surely get enough sleep before getting on the road, lest he accidentally jackknife right in front of you at 80 MPH…etc.

          Yes, I work in the government, so I’m biased, but any American with a functioning brain that understands at least part of what government provides would look at your claptrap and tell you to STFU. And do not even get me started on education…let’s see you do even half as well at teaching a diverse class of students with as little resources as our nations teachers do, then maybe you can comment on it. You are free to criticize teacher’s unions, NCLB funding (or lack thereof), school superintendant over-reach or underperformance, but the job that most teachers strive to accomplish is easily in the top five hardest in the country.

          Oh, and by the way…this was the answer to your query, that you seemed to miss:
          “He then taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School for twelve years, first as a Lecturer from 1992 to 1996, and then as a Senior Lecturer from 1996 to 2004.”
          Where “taught…at the University” means he WAS A PROFESSOR…very sad that you need it spelled out for you.

          1. idamag October 10, 2014

            I did, too.

      2. idamag October 10, 2014

        gsr doesn’t want facts. He wants to spread malignant hate, probably born of racism, everywhere.

      3. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

        Obama is a race baiting, divisive communist

        1. charleo1 October 12, 2014

          Jealous much, Alfred? Your dumb ass is showing
          again. The Communists in America, are the ones shipping our jobs to China. The Communist are the ones demanding that we build the XL pipeline, to refine the fuel for their factories. Who is serving the Communist? Which Party is taking their orders from Communist China? Better wake up Alfred. Time is short. We can’t afford to waste it on dumb trash talk.

          1. Alfred1957 October 12, 2014

            Obama’s getting his haircut November 4th.

          2. charleo1 October 12, 2014

            Then so will you, if you’re not in the top 1%. So you
            can cheer that if you want. It doesn’t say anything
            good about your IQ. The GOP is dead in two cycles,
            if they don’t change in major ways.

          3. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            Well, at least Alfraud has finally got his date right. He was ragging on at me about October 4th.

          4. kenndeb October 13, 2014

            Hopefully, just a rail, along with a good helping of tar and feathers.

          5. kenndeb October 13, 2014

            Actually the liberals are embracing the Marxist ideology.

          6. charleo1 October 13, 2014

            Actually, that statement is so simplistic, as to be
            meaningless. And what exactly, “Marxist ideology,”
            means to those who have been trained, that any reference to Marx, or Marxism, is pejorative, and
            is often used interchangeably with Communism, or
            Liberalism, or Socialism. In order to argue against
            all kinds of governmental initiatives, or enactments,
            from consumer/worker protections, to taxation, and environmental regulations. To restrictions on how
            various pension plans may be funded, to anti discrimination laws in the workplace. Again, not all that’s labeled Marxist, has anything to do with Marx. Just as not all deregulation has anything to do with promoting a free market. As the idea a free market will always be able to protect itself, was debunked in the early 20th century. And, as we’ve seen with the deregulation of the financial, and banking sector. Disposing of government’s proper role of enforcing the rules of the road, has produced institutions too big, and too harmful to the economy, to be allowed to fail. Thereby privatizing profits, and holding the public responsible for the loses of these largest entities. So, to what economic philosopher do we attribute to that situation? Certainly not Adam Smith, or Ayn Rand. And it is clearly not a free market, when some institutions are able to extort the government into cover their loses. While lesser businesses are determine to be expendable. While at the same time now, the Conservative Right, is calling the government’s largess, used to empower, or help the Middle Class families educate their children, or provide medical care for the working poor, or temporary assistance to the unemployed, or nutritional support to unemployed Mothers with children, as quote, “embracing Marxism.” It’s political jingoism, and nothing else.

      4. idamag October 11, 2014

        And, I asked a Phd from Columbia about the Harvard Review. He said you have to have a gpa of 3.7 or better to even get asked.

    2. Russell Byrd October 10, 2014

      Goose Shit Residue?

      1. idamag October 10, 2014

        gsr is very immature and doesn’t make sense.

        1. Russell Byrd October 11, 2014

          Breathtakingly so. He comes from a class of creatures that are mostly white and mostly male. He refuses to use his God given brainpower for anything but his heroic imaginings. No telling how many wars he has fought, and enemies he has killed. ALL in his own mind. He probably is a coward that really does hang out in his mother’s basement.

          1. kenndeb October 13, 2014

            And here I thought you were the coward hiding behind your mommie.

          2. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            I will not brag, like one of your ilk always does, but I can pretty much prove I am not a coward. I know you have been a real prosecutable threat against the President, and we have the proof. So, if you are interested, maybe we can meet if you like.

          3. kenndeb October 13, 2014

            Still delusional, are we ? Never have I made any threats against a president. Only in your and the other rabid jackals minds that have twisted and contorted what I say. As far as meeting, anytime, any place.

          4. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            It’s been logged, fuckstick. You made a DIRECT threat of violence against our president a while back. Why do you people think your shit does not stink? Why do you really think that your anonymity guarantees your safety from law enforcement? It does not, by the way. You are nothing more than a treasonous criminal.

            As far as meeting? Your answer speaks volumes. You will huff and puff, but no real proposal will ever be made. I only ever had one troll that did, and he wanted to meet in Illinois. Of course, I already knew that he lived in New England. So, of course I never went, nor did I ever hear back from him.

            So, let’s just say you are nothing more than some bad wind that came out of an horse’s ass.

          5. kenndeb October 13, 2014

            Just as I thought, you challenge me than back out. I expected that from a coward liberal. I’m semi retired, and work for myself, so I have a very open schedule for travel. My guess is that you live in a large urban liberal have, like NYC or Boston. Although seeing your tendencies toward the immoral, perhaps San Francisco? Then I guess there is the question as to if your mommie will let you out of the basement. Really, I would love to meet up.
            As far as your delusion that somehow I broke some law, I have not. As with all your documentation, it is flawed, and mostly lies. I have never made any threats toward any president, not even an illegal Emperor. Try again.

          6. Russell Byrd October 14, 2014

            I never backed out, you lying cocksucker. I pointed out that your non-commital response was just the portend of more cowardly behavior. In other words, you want to keep talking big, but you will never leave the safety of your anonymity. So, fuckstick, go ahead and lie some more.

            And who the fuck cares where I live. Intelligent thought is universal. It is just suppressed in the cesspool backwater that shit like you float around in.

            And you know very well who we have been saying is in their mommies’s basement.

            As far as immoral, you are really quite evil with your racism, misogyny, and homophobia.

            We have the threat documented. You shits are not smart enough to know your own mind. You only contest this, BECAUSE YOU KNOW IT IS THE TRUTH! An innocent man would have shrugged off what cannot hurt him. But, like I said, we know you made the threat, AND you do to.

          7. idamag October 14, 2014

            All they do is throw out ugly slurs against the Black President. Their language tells me that they were the bullies in school.

          8. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            Sadly, they still are bullies. I do not mean to run this into the ground, but this seems to support my most important point. These trolls do not actually come here to bait us. For one thing they are not that smart and they sure don’t know much about true human nature. They are just disagreeable and they want to inflict their views on us. Like angelstench said, to “educate” us, and to “shut down” these blogs by drowning us out. Angel also says these are “minor liberal blogs,” but you would think by his reactions this blog is the greatest threat to his way of life. Of course, he really does want to squelch any oppositions right of free speech. He is just not smart enough to realize that is impossible, in practice. Not unless we let him. They do get a perverse joy out of leading us on, but in most cases, they are much more serious than they wish to convey. I doi admit that I do like to bait the hook myself. Yet, what they come here to do is force us to behave. Everything else is just happenstance. They want to mark up the group with their crap, and in their minds, we should just behave, and let them do as they will.

          9. kenndeb October 15, 2014

            Still crazy after all these years? (great song) With all the crazies lurking this site, you actually think I’m going to give out personal information so one of you nutso liberlas can stalk me? Only stupid people give out info on a public forum. I knew you would never meet up with me. You haven’t the guts. Besides, I doube your mother would let you leave the basement long enough. I live in NY, so anywhere in the eastern US is doable for me. Just name a tiem and place where you won’t show up. LOL. Like you would actually do anything but talk. After challenging me, you will hide and cower. You are far too cowardly to do anything else, and you lack any honor.

          10. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            So, you confirm that you are an all talk, all cock and no balls, chickenshit, big mouth Kochsucker. Hmm . . . I already knew that. And, for the second time, you tell a bold face lie about what I never, never said. That after you claimed it was what you really wanted to do.

            Face it. If I was as miserable a lying and hating bigot as you, I would jump off the nearest bridge. Man, you have no life whatsoever. WHY can’t you fucksticks be happy with all that money you claim to be making, and let people that want to help their fellow man get the job done?

            YOU are the one that won’t show up, cocksucker. You just want to keep ragging on with the false bravado, and we both know that you have no intention of going anywhere, or doing anything. I BET you don’t even live in New York.

          11. kenndeb October 15, 2014

            Like I said scumbag. Anytime, any place. I know you are just hiding. To bad you haven’t an honorable bone in your cowardly body. There was a time if you made a challenge, you went through with it, but I know it is too much for you to be a man.

          12. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            Name the place, and give me the bona fides to prove that you will show up.

            It must be painful to be as cowardly a sissy as you.

          13. kenndeb October 15, 2014

            I know we will never meet, nor should we. I don’t think getting arrested for doing damage to an asshole would be a good thing. Besides, you would never put yourself in danger for anything except maybe if it was to save your own butt. You stuck your head out, and now are afraid of losing it. Go hide somewhere.

          14. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            I never backed out, you lying cocksucker. I pointed out that your
            non-commital response was just the portend of more cowardly behavior.
            In other words, you want to keep talking big, but you will never leave
            the safety of your anonymity. So, fuckstick, go ahead and lie some

          15. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            No, but honor demands that I damage that asshole and take my chances with the law. I think a good case could be made for justification.

          16. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            You opened up with the challenge, and you have done it before. I am just forcefully putting you on the spot to put up or shut your cowardly ass up.

          17. kenndeb October 15, 2014

            I’m not hiding in a basement.

          18. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            But you are indeed a cowardly, lying son-of-a-bitch.

            I never backed out. That was your mealy-mouthed back pedaling, and like any good lying, fuckstick teabugger, you want to blame me for your lack of intestinal fortitude. You are just a gutless freak.

          19. kenndeb October 15, 2014

            More fabrications?

          20. Russell Byrd October 16, 2014

            No, I think I have collected enough of your fabrications for one night. BUT, can you at least tell the truth just once. I wonder if you are capable of telling the truth.

            I have said in regards to shitsticks like you, that if the truth would sound better, you would still lie just to hear it told.

          21. kenndeb October 16, 2014

            You really are in need of some serious help. I would suggest that you seek it immediately before you hurt yourself or someone else. You have shown yourself to be completely unstable.

          22. Russell Byrd October 16, 2014

            Actually, I am extremely stable. It is you with your constant lying prattle, your constant racist claims against Obama, such as constantly callling him “the Emperor,” over and over and over again, your constant bullying, your attempts to spin conversation in a blog that neither wants you nor welcomes you, your uncaring attitude towards your fellow man, your hatred for immigrants, gays, women, minorities of all sorts, your inability to defend anything that you say, all point to the true sick mind.

            You need to be institutionalized. Absolutely do. You live in an imaginary world of white supremacy where any lie is automatically the truth. You go one better than Lewis Carroll’s “white knight,” in that you use words to mean anything you want them to be at any given moment of time, but as well, you use them to create a world based entirely on lies.

          23. Russell Byrd October 16, 2014

            And I am still laughing about your claim that your wife was Repub, but
            you are a Democrat. I have heard that lie about being a Democrat, or
            ex-Democrat quite a lot lately. Faux Noise has done a bang up job of
            poisoning the public’s mind.

            I really doubt that you have ever been married. More likely, your “significant other” needs to have her air pressure checked every day or too. 🙂

          24. Russell Byrd October 16, 2014

            Don’t you get the Koch, Wall Street (Journal), Fake Noise, and all the rest are merely trying to get you to hate everyone else. Then why we are struggling, and ignoring the real problems, they can continue to screw us?

            Did you ever think about that? Or more rather, do you ever think at all?

          25. Russell Byrd October 16, 2014

            Debbie, when I read your posts, what I really hear is, mooooo, mooooo, mooooo. You have the brain of a dumb steer.

            And like a dumb steer, if you take us on the path you claim to desire, you will wind up in the slaughterhouse. That is your right, but I will be damned if I am going to join you. The Kochsuckers and company of this world, have already sucked enough blood out of me, and everyone else.

            Since you want to embrace the policies of hate, and even the destruction of the Nation for totally bizarre reasons, and you have not got good sense at all, and you are a neurotic liar, I can only assume that you are likely a schizoid sociopath. And they are dangerous as can be, and need to be institutionalized.

          26. kenndeb October 16, 2014

            This coming for a wacko that goes on about his death wish. You need to grab a cab, be taken down to your local looney bin, and be taken in for a long rest. You are a danger to everyone around you, and yourself, apariently. Get some help before you end up being another of those mass shooters. You were exhibiting signs that you are just that unstable.

          27. Russell Byrd October 16, 2014

            Just more lies. You have an unending supply.

            I never “went on” about any death wish at all. That was YOUR THREAT of violence which I have made a statement about this very morning.

            You are the dangerous one. You continue to do what any insane idiot would do, keep telling the same lies, change the subject, tell some more lies. Yet, do you think they will come true. That I will have some fuckstick epiphany and agree with you lies. Why are you bothering?

            On the other hand, I will always be here for you. In contrast to your crazy song, remember the hit by the Police, and yes, you should think about the Police, as I work less than 100 feet away from their administration here.

            . . . I’ll be watching you. And I will.

          28. kenndeb October 16, 2014

            You really need help, as I have said many times now. You challenged me, and I went along, but you continued to show more bravado as I tried to slow things down. Watch all you want. After over 50 posts to me in less than 24 hrs should give you some example as to how unstable you are. Before you hurt someone or yourself, get some help. Before someone that will actually be willing to hurt you, you should realize that there are people that you do not know anything about that have REAL skills, not your imaginary ones, and challenging them is dangerous. Be relieved that I would not go along with your fantasy. It would only have turned our bad for you, and keep in mind that there are those that would feed your delusions. GET HELP.

          29. Russell Byrd October 16, 2014

            As you have said “many” times now without any factual truth, and with absolutely no effect. Do you think I care. YOU are the one that has proven time and again that you are a wackjob.

            NOW, brave, brave Debbie says that he was trying to cool things down. Well, if you went to somewhere you belonged, we would never have to “cool” anything down. So, YOU JUST LIED AGAIN.

            You claimed you were so, soooo brave, and I was the coward when you backpedaled on your big talk, but now you factually admit that you were doing something else that both of us knows is not at all true.

          30. Russell Byrd October 16, 2014

            How many posts did you make Debbie? My dear little lying, schizoid shitstick. And, you are still doing it.

            Like I said, you are nothing more than a school yard bully that feels brave because he can hide in anonymity.

          31. kenndeb October 16, 2014

            Like your anonymity? You are using a false name also. And I did tell you what state I was in. I still think you would benefit from a long stay at happy camp.

          32. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            Debbie, you are using a false name. How much more hypocritical can a cowardly, dishonorable, liar get? Well, with you, I don’t think I can imagine anyone as low as you.

          33. Russell Byrd October 16, 2014

            I don’t give a shit who you are. Criminal, threatening, treasonous bullies I will resist until my last breath. And you don’t know me at all. From where I sit right now, I am about 90 feet from the sally port of our jail.

            Should I invite you down, so that you can “entertain” us for awhile?

          34. kenndeb October 16, 2014

            Address? Really, get help. You have gone off the deep end without your floaties.

          35. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            Don’t read at all do you. Whether the articles you defame, or the libelous replies you make.

            You could have arranged for that meet you advised me you would teach me a lesson at. I just challenged you to do it. So, you just continue to tell cowardly lies.

            You even lies about me being the one backing out, right AFTER I offered you the opportunity to name the place and time. YOU HAVE NO HONOR.

          36. kenndeb October 17, 2014

            Once again, you are fabricating and twisting. Are you in that much of a hurry to hurt yourself? Get some help before you snap and start shooting up a school or church. Most likely you would go after a Jewish temple.

          37. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            Keep threatening and keep lying. I will always be here to tell the truth.

            How do you know I am not a Jew, you fucking racist?

          38. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            Get help, before you do hurt someone, or just as likely, they hurt you out of fear of your crazy actions.

          39. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            The word address does not appear in my post, so I can only conclude that you are replying to what the evil demons in you own head have told you.

          40. kenndeb October 17, 2014

            “Should I invite you down, so that you can “entertain” us for awhile?”
            I was asking what the address was to come down . Don’t follow along well do we? Perhaps in your drug induced rage it is hard to do so.

          41. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            You really are insane. And, you really are criminal. And, guess what, you are a damned liar.

          42. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            So, you right-wackjobs just love lying. So, let’s see what I really said:

            I don’t give a shit who you are. Criminal, threatening, treasonous bullies I will resist until my last breath. And you don’t know me at all. From where I sit right now, I am about 90 feet from thesally port of our jail.

            Should I invite you down, so that you can “entertain” us for awhile?

          43. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            What about jail don’t you understand?

            SEEK HELP! Before some poor individual, a lot less stable than me, kills you out of fear for their life.

          44. Russell Byrd October 16, 2014

            You have absolutely no skills at all, except a propensity for running your mouth. And even at that, you are nothing but a loser.

            Keep pushing that enter key. I might just get motivated enough to actually file a report on you. And you can shove the “false” malarkey right up your ass.

          45. kenndeb October 16, 2014

            Find help.

          46. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            SEEK HELP, before you are committed to a secure facility.

          47. Russell Byrd October 16, 2014

            Your words, are the words of a total coward. A sissy that ran away and hid, but wants to act brave while he is hiding in a closet.

            And you do hide in a closet, don’t you Debbie.

          48. Russell Byrd October 16, 2014

            Get help, or I will arrange for someone to force you to get help.

            Do you actually have anything pertinent to say. I don’t mean right now, I mean do you EVER have anything pertinent to say.

            You can’t post one factual or true statement, and when you are boxed in, you just start insulting someone else, or making vacuous false claims.

          49. Russell Byrd October 16, 2014

            If you have all those skills, coward, then you still have an open opportunity to “put up or shut up.” I log everything, so when you whine about cowardice late, in another blog, I will just trot out your chickenshit words for a good laugh amongst the posters. Of course, I realize that you cannot be shamed. That fake, cowardly power of the hidden has made you drunk. That, and all that vodka you drink, Debbie.

          50. kenndeb October 16, 2014

            Unfortunately, you are becoming that good laugh. get help before you get hurt or hurt someone else.

          51. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            Tanked up again, are we, Debbie? Maybe you are drying out too much. You seem to be having an onset of DT’s.

          52. Russell Byrd October 16, 2014

            GET HELP. Seriously, save yourself, before someone that actually has those skills you keep lying about, and threatening with does you harm.

          53. kenndeb October 16, 2014

            I’m not worried about anyone. I think I actually worry more about you.

          54. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            You really should worry about yourself, and leave other people alone:

            SEEK HELP, before you are committed to a secure facility.

          55. kenndeb October 17, 2014

            AGAIN, YOU HAVE MISCONSTRUED MY WORDS. What I meant was that I am more afraid of some unhinged, mentally ill person (that would be you alone) than anything else I could come across, including gang members, thugs, bears, or mountain lions. You are the greatest threat.

          56. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            I did not misconstrue your words, as you plainly said what you meant.

            If you are afraid of looking in the mirror, then head to your nearest psychiatric facility.

          57. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            You prove that is is you that are unhinged.


            Did I say that someone was going to hunt you down and hurt you? YOU DID.

            What are you trying to accomplish?

            Do you think that I am going to change my mind about you?

            That I will give in to your lies?

            What you are doing is the height of madness. AND, you do it for the exact same reason that you troll. You have created a perverted game that you MUST win. And you cannot figure out that you cannot win, and that there is no reason on God’s green Earth for a pervert like you to win.

          58. Russell Byrd October 16, 2014

            I still like what John Cleese said about YOU!

          59. Russell Byrd October 16, 2014

            You opened up with the challenge, and you have done it before. I am
            just forcefully putting you on the spot to put up or shut your cowardly
            ass up. . . .

          60. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            I notice that you refuse to be committed to doing what you claim a “man” would do. You just threaten people, and talk down to them. Then you want them to act like a “man.” Which, a man is something you are not, you fuckstick cross-dresser.

          61. kenndeb October 15, 2014

            Try again girlyman.

          62. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            You know, I waited for your reply when I got notice that you were tying. Yeah, Disqus often does that, by the way.

            I got so bored that I posted three more times while I was waiting for your cowardly ass to finish ONE post.

          63. kenndeb October 15, 2014


          64. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            BUT, unlike yourself, I TELL THE TRUTH, AND I TOLD THE TRUTH. Your are an incompetent nitwit that has to lie every time you make a post.

          65. kenndeb October 15, 2014

            I have more to do with my time than to hang out all day replying to your stupid, cowardly comments.

          66. Russell Byrd October 16, 2014

            SO, you LIE and claim you are here to stay, and then you LIE and say you don’t have the time to hang out . . . and keep taking a verbal beating with not even one decent reply. And then, you make LIE again, and make 3-4 more lame ass no content posts.

            You definitely come to these discussions totally “unarmed.”

          67. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            Even better, I can put content in my posts, while you just smart off with total fabricated lies.

          68. kenndeb October 15, 2014

            What content? Your propaganda and liberal smears and lies? All you can do is lie. About fabricated threats, about challenges to meet, about how brave you are with your mother holding your hand. All you do is lie and distort. Are you the Emperor?

          69. Russell Byrd October 16, 2014

            I have never told a lie here. And who am I smearing? A racist that makes lying remarks about our president. Some would say that is treason. All I am doing is using the truth to flatten that stall whine of yours. Which, using the truth, is really, really easy to do.

            There are not emperors, lying, racist, fuckstick. Oh, maybe I should say MR. fuckstick to you.

          70. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            “There was a time if you made a challenge, you went through with it, . . . ”

            Well, you have never been a man then. Never.

            Instead of just calling you keendweeb, why don’t I just call you Debbie? OK?

          71. kenndeb October 15, 2014

            You keep digging yourself in deeper.

          72. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            “There was a time if you made a challenge, you went through with it, . . . ”

            Well, you have never been a man then. Never.

            Instead of just calling you keendweeb, why don’t I just call you Debbie? OK?

          73. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014




            YOU ARE NOT A MAN AT ALL.

          74. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            Like your posting, YOU have no honor. YOU lie and harass abusively, and you know you can do so because of your anonymity.

            THAT ALONE, proves this shit out of you is just more lies, and that you are a coward without any honor.

          75. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            IF everyone here that is liberal on a liberal blog is crazy, then what are you even doing here.


            LURKING? By definition, that is you, cowardly fuckstick! I have been here from the beginning as a reader, and I never bothered anyone here with a bunch of racist, bigoted lies. I, and WE, cannot by definition be lurkers. THAT IS YOU, COWARD!

          76. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            And, I am debating whether to turn your threat over to the FBI. I know not much will happen with all the racist, treasonous cocksuckers like you that this Nation has today, but one never knows. AND, if the FBI moves at all, your name will become known. Then where will your cowardly, I harass from hiding in mom’s basement, ass going to be?

          77. kenndeb October 15, 2014

            Go for it scumbag. You do know that you can be arrested for reporting a crime falsely? Would you like me to give you a phone number? Or I could always turn myself into my brother in law that is a regional director? You are now just trying to show what little testosterone you have, either because you have not reached puberty, or are too old to care. Either way, you are again fabricating something that never happened except in your liberal mind. Just like anyone that says anything negative about the Emperor is a racist. Try again coward.

          78. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            But, your post was captured, so it is unlikely that I will face much scrutiny. What is the phone number to, the psychic shitstick line. I am sure that your brother in law would just be tickled to death to admit he even knows you. Of course, we know that you are stuck in a basement with absolutely no social connections to anybody.

            So, I am related to Obama, and as you know he is a real dictatro, then he will just probably have you shot. Yeah, how about some more lies, shitstick.

            So,, you freely admit that you suggested this challenge, and that now that I have made it, you are just going to turn tail and show your yellow streak.

            And cocksucker, there is no emperor, and you know that. ONLY a racist would even have brought up Obama’s name.

          79. kenndeb October 15, 2014

            SEEK HELP.

          80. Russell Byrd October 16, 2014

            Yours is the useless prattle of a morally bankrupt, and intellectually challenge dimwit. Add your cowardice, and like all cowards your bullying, and we have a package of shit named kenndeb that desperately needs to take his own sick advice.

          81. Russell Byrd October 16, 2014

            GET SOBER!

          82. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            Not too bright are you. After making a threat against the president, you show your seriousness to do him harm by your extreme focus on our President.

            And call that brother in law. Let him give you advice on just how deep you are in.

          83. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            Name the spot, dipshit, and then give me an email to monitor your progress to the spot. I already know from what you did in the past, that you will name some place far from that cesspool you live in, and you will not even leave the basement. You have done it before.

          84. kenndeb October 15, 2014

            You are just too much of a wuss to do anything, aren’t you?

          85. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            You are the chickenshit that turned tail and ran. Come on, give a meet up and I will arrange for you to be shitting the teeth out of that big lying mouth of yours.

          86. kenndeb October 15, 2014

            Seek help. do you have a death wish? Just find some professional help before you hurt someone or yourself. You seem to have suicidal tendencies.

          87. Russell Byrd October 16, 2014

            No, but you do have a death wish apparently. You stir up a challenge, but when it is made, you show your natural yellow streak. And like all dishonorable cowards, you run to safety, all the while spewing your typical, cowardly lies of blame and threats.

            We both know that we will not meet, because you are such a chickenshit.

          88. Russell Byrd October 16, 2014

            I will point out, that you just made another threat, and that this threat, when one considers the rest of your lies and nonsense, is a veiled threat suggesting you will look up my name and shoot me in the back. You would, wouldn’t you, because you are a total fucking coward, a liar, and a treasonous piece of shit that should be hanged by the neck until dead.

            You can’t even tell the truth about what your actions are. One minute, you are here for good, and the next, I am just a waste of your time. But then, because you are a sick cunt that needs the last word, you stir it up again.

            What another long session. I’m here. And when you get another snoot full and think you are a big brave . . . SISSY, I will still be here to rip your ass.

          89. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            You accuse me of cowardice, fuckstick? YOU are the one that mealy-mouthed your way around having to show up. You cowardly, lying skin, isn’t worth two cents.

          90. kenndeb October 15, 2014

            And you t’aint worth two dead flies. I can do this all day and night asshole.

          91. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            You are going to have to. I can do this for months. In fact, for a particularly abusive racist, I just finished a four month, everyday barrage of over FIVE THOUSAND POSTS.

            Do I care if you believe me, NOT ONE DAMN BIT. Unlike yourself, I am an honest and honorable man. I always warn the fucksticks at some point about what I am doing, and going to do.

            There is another fun factor as to why I do so. You all are too STUPID to avoid the disaster you are getting in too.

            So, go ahead and see how much of your time I can tie up. I mean, it’s laughable that you are so stupid to let me lead you around by the nose.

          92. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            But you are! Flies love to swarm around a big turd like you.

          93. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            Crazy? Look in the mirror, fuckstick. What you will see will be a coward of epic proportions.

          94. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            Lying bastard. You are just ALL cock and NO balls, at all.

          95. kenndeb October 15, 2014

            You are just all dick.

          96. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            So, do you want to give me a big slobbering lick? You know you what to!

            Rolling on the floor laughing at a useless coward.

          97. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            You really are BOTH sides of your “avatar,” aren’t you. You are just a sick, lying little sissy.

          98. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            I never backed out, you lying cocksucker. I pointed out that your non-commital response was just the portend of more cowardly behavior. In other words, you want to keep talking big, but you will never leave the safety of your anonymity. So, fuckstick, go ahead and lie some more.

            And who the fuck cares where I live. Intelligent thought is universal. It is just suppressed in the cesspool backwater that shit like you float around in.

          99. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            You are a racist bastard that threatened the President. Now you add cowardice to the mix, you sick shit sissy.

            And you know very well who we have been saying is in their mommies’s basement. As far as immoral, you are really quite evil with your racism, misogyny, and homophobia.

            We have the threat documented. You shits are not smart enough to know your own mind. You only contest this, BECAUSE YOU KNOW IT IS THE TRUTH! An innocent man would have shrugged off what cannot hurt him. But, like I said, we know you made the threat, AND you do to.

          100. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            And go ahead and yell about harassment. It’s going to get worse, much worse. You never seem to read the articles at all. You come here just to abuse, and you never post anything even remotely factual. All you do is come to harass and be a smart ass. Well, you can do the “ass” part pretty well, but forget the “smart.”

          101. kenndeb October 15, 2014

            Go for it bucko.

          102. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            Absolutely. i am glad that you approve.


          103. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            Remember, you come to troll and lurk and harass and lie, in what is a liberal blog by charter. You are not welcome, and you have no Constitutional rights under the law here at all.

          104. kenndeb October 15, 2014

            I have EVERY right to post on any site I want, as do you. I do think you should be regulated, as you seem to have anger issues, along with being a compulsive liar.

          105. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            It must be painful to be so cowardly, hate filled, and racist. How do you live with yourself? Oh I know, it’s called ignorance.

          106. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            You are making false statements in reply to my calling out your cowardice. You can do so without fear, because you know being hidden in mama’s basement keeps you safe. You know she will do all the real fighting for you, her worthless son.

          107. kenndeb October 15, 2014

            Unlike your protective mother, mine has been gone for some years now at the age of 94. I’m not some punk kid spouting false bravery to impress other liberals.

          108. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            No, you are just an old cocksucker that thinks bravery is pushing an enter key.



            YOU COWARD!

          109. kenndeb October 15, 2014

            Like I said, you need professional help.

          110. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            No, you are just some old bullying coward that thinks pushing an enter key is some sort of bravery.

          111. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            Hurry it up keendweeb. I can type an entire page with one hand, before an ignorant fuckstick like you can type a couple of sentences.

          112. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            That yellow stain starting to cause you anxiety. Of course, your relief for every issue is just to run your lying racist mouth.

          113. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            Still stoooopid are we? I suppose I am being harsh, as I doubt you can change. BUT, the problem is, you like being an ignorant racist asshole. AND that, I cannot abide.

          114. kenndeb October 15, 2014

            You seem to be the only cowardly racist.

          115. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            You are the one that complains about Obama being “half-black.” Only a racist would see a point to bring that up.

            You accuse our black president of things that are disproven again and again. Only a racist would do that.

            And like I said, you are the one that double-talked your way out of the challenge that you yourself instigated. So, by definiton, you are the coward.

          116. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            You have been stalking good people here for far too long. Why should we tolerate you any further. It is about time to turn over the evidence to authorities, and then your anonymity will mean nothing after about ten, whole minutes.

          117. kenndeb October 15, 2014

            I haven’t stalked anyone, but you have. You really think you are impressing anyone with your threats and bs? You actually think anyone in their right mind uses their real name here? If so, just how difficult would it be for someone to find Russell Byrd? You might want to rethink what you say to people you don’t know. Someone might actually take offence and try to find you. Looking over your shoulder the rest of your life is not a good way to live. You may want to stay in mommies basement.

          118. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            I am not threatening you at all. You made the suggestion. I merely took you up on it.

            So, you admit you are a lying, no honor, yellow streak coward. Fine, if that is the way you want it.

            You just made another threat that I am logging right now. A veiled threat is a threat just the same.

            An honest man uses his own name. I am not the one that has stalked and harassed in a blog where he is not welcome, and treats with contempt. You can come anytime you like!. All you have to do is shed the cowardice and tell me where and when. AND, give me a method to confirm you are there.

          119. kenndeb October 16, 2014

            Actually, you did make a threat of death to me above, along with your desire to meet me. Try as you might, this really is not going quite like you want, is it? You do not use your real name. You lie as well as your messiah. Get help.

          120. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            You are the one that said that we should meet. So keep right on lying, you chickenshit coward. You stir things up, and then you think you are a real man because you can push an enter key while you are in mama’s basement. Sorry, Debbie, it just doesn’t work that way.

          121. kenndeb October 17, 2014

            Actually, it was you that made that suggestion, as it is posted on this thread, which I pointed out to you. Are you in NYC? You would never show up even if I would feed your delusions, which, I won’t. I’m not going to place myself into a situation where I would have to hurt someone. I know that this is not a problem for your sick mind, but I don’t hurt anything, unless I absolutely have to. I place life above most all things. Unfortunately, you see to be a typical liberal that only talks about love and tolerance, but want neither. GET HELP.

          122. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            Oh, you can bet your bottom dollar I would have shown up.

            BUT, let’s just examine what YOU were doing. You claimed you would teach me a lesson! The fact is, I just took you up on it.

          123. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            Even better, YOU implied that someone would ambush me at home!

            You are nothing but a lying, vicious, evil and very empty sack of skin.

          124. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            I really don’t care if you get help. Just put a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger.

            PROBLEM SOLVED for EVERYONE, including you!

          125. kenndeb October 15, 2014

            As I said, go for it. Remember that reporting a made up crime is illegal, but that doesn’t matter to you does it? You don’t think the laws apply to you, just as they do not apply to the Emperor. I was starting to get bored with this site. Congratulations. I’m here to stay now. You have made this too fun now.

          126. Russell Byrd October 16, 2014

            Knock yourself out with the lies. Of course, it is not like you need practice. And we both know that nothing I said was made up. If I were innocent, i would just mention it, and then ignore it. But, WE DO both know that what I said is true.

            And again, lying racist, nothing that Obama has done makes him an emperor, as has already been proven many times.

            Only a racist would keep off-topically bringing up Obama. Especially when the racist is a total liar.

          127. kenndeb October 16, 2014

            You mention your lies everyday. I don’t think you know the difference anymore, especially if you are in a drug induced stupor like you were last night. You seem to be so unstable, that I would suggest that you might be the next mass shooter at some school. You need real help, and should seek it out before you either hurt yourself or someone else around you. You could snap at anytime, it seems, and you are capable of hurting some innocent that just happens to say the wrong thing in your presence. GET HELP.

          128. Russell Byrd October 16, 2014

            You need some help, and my obligation to the law may require that I DO turn you in. You are dangerous, threatening, and delusional. As well, as being a disgusting liar and coward. Those go hand in hand, by the way.

            Do you think that you are going to change anything with your lies?

            You have lost absolutely every exchange, but of course, I realize that you are just a bullying abuser that always needs to have his way. Ignorant and arrogant, which are two other traits that fit together in you very well. I have made an ass of you in every exchange, yet, your cowardly “bravery” of pushing that “big” enter key, really makes you a man.

            Correction: Though I gave you a lot of help, the fact is YOU made as ass of yourself.

          129. kenndeb October 16, 2014

            Keep in mind that falsely reporting a crime, one that is made up in your delusional mind, is a crime. As I said , go for it, and hopefully YOU will be identified as a potential mass shooter that is becoming unhinged and are a threat to yourself and others. After challenging me to a duel, you should have just backed off, but no, you got more bravado as I tried to defuse the situation. Meeting with me will only get you hurt, and me in trouble. I’m not willing to do either. I will not fulfill your fantasy of being a martyr. Get Help. It is obvious you need it, especially after over 50 ranting comments in less than 24 hrs should be a clue. Do you think our posts are from a rational person? I would think not. Go hide away somewhere and stop replying to people that you do not know. Someone, someday, will actually take you up on your offer to meet, and they will not be as reasonable as I am. SEEK HELP.

          130. Russell Byrd October 16, 2014

            Why keep repeating the same lies. Oh, that’s right, you are clinically insane. BUT, I guarantee you are not criminally insane.

            If I report you, likely nothing much will happen. I know that from the experience of others, but occasionally, especially in this day and time, an investigation will be made that cuts a little sick sissy out of the herd.

          131. kenndeb October 16, 2014

            Find a good mental health professional.

          132. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            SEEK HELP, before you are committed to a secure facility.

          133. Russell Byrd October 16, 2014


            I will put it to you honestly right now, if you had, or if you do, show up here, any part of you that does survive will wind up in that jail that I am looking at right now.

          134. kenndeb October 16, 2014

            You need help. Do you really think you are being a rational person asking me to come to you so you can do just what? Hurt me? Shoot me? stab me? talk me to death? Threatening to do me harm is actually a crime. Please seek help before you either get hurt or hurt someone else.

          135. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            You’re the one that suggested this. I just took you up on it. Then you cowardly lied and said I was the coward when you decided to flake out.

            And old son, you have been threatening me. You even suggested that you, or likely, some goon as goofy as you, was going to sneak up on me unexpectedly, and do me harm. Now, you bleat like a sheep about what I was going to do to you. You ARE certifiably insane.

            Well, you are not insane. You are definitely not normal, but all that is wrong with you is you are a hate filled, lying, racist, god complexed SOB. And I can find a lot more adjectives to describe a lot more of your traits.

          136. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            Like I told you, you have an open invitation to visit our local jail. Like I said, I am looking at it all day. It would be a short walk for you, and I am sure some nice law enforcer would be happy to drag your rotten ass if you needed the assistance.

            SEEK HELP! Before you kill someone, or rant so much that they have to lock you in a rubber room.

          137. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            Face it, this will go on as long as you desire it to. The choice has always been yours.

            If you acted like a real poster, and read the articles, and made fine points of conversation based on the topics, I would never have said anything at all. BUT, you came here to harm and disrupt.

          138. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            I have never even suggested to do you harm. Truly, I don’t give a damn if you are dead and roasting in Hell where you belong. Yet, I am not going to let you troll, lie, hate, and disrupt, and then threaten the president, and myself, AND take it lying down.

            So, if you are too much of a coward to back up your big talk, fine. Just take your useless carcass and GET.

          139. Russell Byrd October 16, 2014

            Meeting with me will end your bullying, cowardly bullshit for all time.

            You are not “willing” to do either, as you are a cowardly, lying sissy, Miss Debbie.

          140. kenndeb October 16, 2014

            Now that is a death threat, isn’t it? That is a crime

          141. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            Not at all. It is a warning that I will not tolerate YOUR threats against my person, whether stated plainly or implied.

            Remember, you are the one that wanted to meet me. I just challenged you to actually do it.

            You are the one that went all in for it, AND you are the one that cowardly lied that I was backing out, right after I told you to name the place. All the while making excuses for why you weren’t coming.

          142. kenndeb October 17, 2014

            “Meeting with me will end your bullying, cowardly bullshit for all time.”
            That is a DIRECT threat on my life.

          143. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            In response to YOUR DIRECT threat!

            I merely stated what would happen if you tried what you claim to want to do.

            YOU put your life on the line when you threatened me.

          144. Russell Byrd October 16, 2014

            “Do you think our posts are from a rational person?” Well, you got it half right, yours are not rational. An example is your post right now.

          145. kenndeb October 16, 2014

            I did ask you to stop. Yet another 15 plus posts. Don’t you realize that you are a real threat to yourself and others?

          146. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            Really, that is a lie. Yet, let me agree with that just for demonstration purposes.

            Like right now. You DEMAND that I stop, BUT yet you keep flooding my inbox and time you please.

            My offer is NOW, go away, and you will not have to listen to me again. I have been here from the beginning, and by charter, this group is as much mine as any other progressive’s. That does not include a threatening criminal that violates the “terms of service.”

          147. kenndeb October 17, 2014

            I know that you believe that anyone that does not agree with your radical opinions do not have rights, but the liberals have not yet done away with the constitution. The first amendment gives me every right to be on his site. You are a great example of just how unstable liberals can be.

          148. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            The TERMS OF SERVICE state clearly that you cannot do what you do. As a private entity, you can be removed at any time. You abuse this blog with your lies, and you are damaging the Civil Rights of everyone that does not agree with you. And you keep doing it. You take advantage of the fact that you should be barred forever, but you are tolerated.

            Your lies, and the love of lying, is what is a hallmark of all Teabuggers such as you. This is after all a progressive blog by charter. You do not have to be allowed.

          149. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            Your first point describes you, no me. You will not leave until you break up conversation. IN A BLOG THAT DOES NOT WELCOME YOUR LIES.

            Liberals, of which I am one, strongly believe in the Constitution. However, unlike you, we do not believe it should be interpreted to destroy rights, or cause hardships, and serve a chosen few.

          150. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            You do not read or respond on-topic. NEVER.

            You come to demand compliance with whatever hateful ignorance you happen to be into at any given moment.

          151. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            I am not threatening anyone, dickhead. In fact, all you have to do to end this entire conversation is leave this blog.

            SEEK HELP, before you are committed to a secure facility.

          152. Russell Byrd October 16, 2014

            You are a total, self-servicing dickhead. You accuse me of being TOO EASY TO FIND, now you do a 180 and want me to hide just like a coward like you. YOU ARE SICK. That’s not a lame joke, either.

            You are not reasonable, fuckstick, but you are as made as a hatter.

          153. kenndeb October 16, 2014

            You are using a false name as well. And you say how open and honest you are?

          154. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            In actual fact, you are legally using an alias. Which is a false name, by the way.

            So, once again, you falsely accuse and lie.

            “And you say how open and honest you are.”?

            Your own sick, sad, lying, evil words will convict you.

            We still love that bit about your brother-in-law. That was hilarious. And illegal to claim.

          155. kenndeb October 17, 2014

            Now you are talking about yourself as “we”. Is that because you keep a dead mouse in your pocket?

          156. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            “WE” refers to more than one person. Stop referring to yourself as a mouse. You are definitely a rat. A stinking rat.

          157. Russell Byrd October 16, 2014

            SEEK HELP, before you are committed to a secure facility.

          158. kenndeb October 16, 2014

            Looks like you are well on your way there.

          159. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            SEEK HELP, before you are committed to a secure facility.

          160. Russell Byrd October 16, 2014

            Yeah, and I loved that LIE about your brother-in-law. Do you think your anonymity will withstand an FBI probe into your whereabouts. You damn well better think about it.

          161. kenndeb October 16, 2014

            Yet another 15 posts directed to me? You really are a sick puppy , aren’t you. You really need to get help. PLEASE GET HELP.

          162. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            All you have to do is stop your “15 posts.” And that is exactly how many you have made, and I WILL probably make 40 in reply. You are a fuckstick of the lowest possible mentality and morality. You stir this up, and then, you keep stirring it up whenever it is convenient to you. Sorry, my world does not work that way.

          163. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            Yet another 15 posts directed to me? Along with the other 40plus in the last 24 hrs.You really are a sick puppy , aren’t you. You really need to get help. PLEASE GET HELP.

          164. kenndeb October 16, 2014

            You started this exchange. But I now realize that I am dealing with a mentally challenged individual. Please seek help.

          165. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            You started this exchange when you came here. AND, you heightened this exchange to the present level by continuing to post insults. So, I returned them in kind.

            Face it, this is far from the first time you came here to destroy the First Amendment rights of others. You came to force your views on the blog. NO, not state them, but forcefully troll your bullshit on this blog.

          166. kenndeb October 17, 2014

            So the party of love and tolerance will not tolerate anyone that does not agree with everything the regime says. A great example of a liberal. Rights are for everyone, unless they are not a liberal. Good message.

          167. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            Your statement is not based on anything I have done, or anything I have said.

            YOU are the bullying aggressor. YOU believe you have a right to be abusive, and I, and everyone else here, must passively allow your perverted game to play on.

          168. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            You had equal rights when you came here. You forfeited those rights when you tried to destroy the rights of others.

            Go to Freitfart, where you might fit in well with those that would give no rights at all, except to straight, white, arrogant, ignorant, racist males.

          169. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            Giving hate does not generate love. Why do you think we should take your abuse?

            Being intolerant does not encourage tolerance. Why do you think your intolerance of other people’s rights, sexual orientation, sex, or ethnic origin, AND add treason and prosecutable threats against a sitting president make you deserving of tolerance?

          170. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            You are a very sick and evil hollow shell of a girl, Debbie. For that reason, I am doing God’s work by opposing your sick madness. I will never stop, until your tyranny ends. You will never get the sick, perverted pleasure you so badly desire.

            Seek help, and accept that help.

          171. ericlipps October 14, 2014

            “Emperor,” you say? Tell me, Kenny: who was it who said, “We’re an empire now”? Karl Rove, that’s who, on behalf of George W. Bush, AKA (with apologies to Gene Roddenberry) “Five of Nine.”

            This was in the same diatribe in which he ridiculed Bush’s critics as “the reality-based community” and said, “we create our own reality.” Know who does that, Kenny? Psychotics, that’s who, the sort of people who hear God telling them to invade other countries.

          172. ericlipps October 14, 2014

            But then, you don’t believe Barack Obama actually is lawfully the president, do you?

          173. kenndeb October 16, 2014

            And here we are, at the very start of your mental breakdown. This is the post in which YOU said you wanted to meet me to do what exactly? Calm down. SEEK HELP. YOU ARE A DANGER YO EVERYONE AROUND YOU,

          174. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            Except, I only accused you of the provable charge making a death threat against the president. You just called attention to that yourself.

          175. kenndeb October 17, 2014


          176. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            You can’t even spell it. That’s not good.

            And you are about to stroke out. That’s good.

            You should know all about fabrications. You come up with at least one in every post.

          177. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            You are a pathological liar that desperately needs help. For OUR sake, if not for yours.

          178. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            Nothing in that post even suggests meeting your foul, treasonous ass.

          179. kenndeb October 17, 2014

            ” So, if you are interested, maybe we can meet if you like.” YOUR POST< YOUR WORDS<YOUR CHALLANGE

          180. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            Which is a response to your original threat of what you would do if we met. . . . So, I merely offered to make it so.

            You not only cannot tell the truth, you cannot even keep to the subject that you chose.

          181. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            Their is no emperor in the United States. There never has been, and as long as we can keep assholes like you from controlling the Nation, then there never will be an emperor.

            Of course, you probably could be the emperor of the rubber room you are headed to. Or, is it a jail cell.

          182. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            I am extremely calm. Dealing with a common criminal does not give me much angst.

          183. kenndeb October 17, 2014

            The criminal is the one that ACTUALLY threatened to KILL. That would be you. Get help for your mental illness.

          184. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            You are the only one that threatened. I just suggested that you would “reap as ye have sown.”

            And Dr. Goebbels, no matter how many times, or with how much fervor you keep telling those lies, that will not change the true facts.

            SEEK HELP! Before it is forced on you.

          185. Russell Byrd October 17, 2014

            As far as me being a danger, that is your little mental challenge. So:

            SEEK HELP, before you are committed to a secure facility.

          186. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            “Breathtakingly so. He comes from a class of creatures that are mostly
            white and mostly male. He refuses to use his God given brainpower for anything but his heroic imaginings. No telling how many wars he has
            fought, and enemies he has killed. ALL in his own mind. He probably is
            a coward that really does hang out in his mother’s basement.”

            EXCEPT, mommie probably wound up in her basement freezer when she got tired of your lazy smelly ass lying about.

          187. kenndeb October 13, 2014

            Projecting your own delusions, are we? Get a grip on reality. Better yet seek help. Seeing liberalism is a mental disorder, you may find help, along with the other obvious mental ailments you seem to suffer with. Perhaps try taking your meds again?

          188. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            “Breathtakingly so. He comes from a class of creatures that are mostly white
            and mostly male. He refuses to use his God given brainpower for anything but his heroic imaginings. No telling how many wars he has fought, and enemies he has killed. ALL in his own mind. He probably is a coward that really does hang out in his mother’s basement.”

            Seems like it hit the right spot the first couple of times, and it’s the gospel truth. So, let’s just do this again.

          189. Russell Byrd October 13, 2014

            Translation in normal speak: kenndweeb, the cross dresser eunuch, wants to project his delusions onto others. He cannot face reality at all. His radical, fascist brand of “conservatism” only appeals to very, very sick minds. He has a paranoid, schizoid personality with a serious tendency toward the sociopathic. His meds are far too weak, and without any real job, and his hate for Obama, he has no way to seek the psychiatric help he desperately needs.

            If you do have any meds, tell me what they are. They definitely are not doing the job.

    3. kenndeb October 13, 2014

      How would anyone know? When have a sitting POTUS ever had their records sealed and secret? The Emperor is a fraud, just like his followers.

  16. GSR October 10, 2014

    “It’s time for Republicans to give serious thought to what happens if they win the Senate and House this November, as it looks increasingly that they will. Barack Obama is a man unaccustomed to losing. Life has been exceptionally kind to him, sailing, as he did, through balmy Oahu sunsets, college, law school and career on into the presidency with scarcely a bump. He has been a protected man beyond any in recent memory, feted and praised virtually everywhere he went until the last couple of years. Even now, despite catastrophe after catastrophe, there are acolytes who continue to celebrate him, paying tens of thousands merely to have their photographs taken with him. When such cosseted people are forced to confront failure, they typically do not do so with grace.” – Roger Simon

    1. charleo1 October 10, 2014

      Now, put that up side Bush, and Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Rice. Who are afraid to venture outside the Country they left in smoking ruin, for fear of being arrested, and held to account for war crimes, and torture. So, if I was you, (which I’m not, thank God,) I would be ashamed to spew such horse manure. No offense to horses, or their manure. Tell you what, Sport. The next 3 trillion dollar war the Country is led into with a pack of lies. Or the next President that ignores warnings from the National Security Advisor, that Bin Laden is determined to strike America using jet planes. And the Country gets caught with a sucker punch, while he’s reading, “My Pet Goat,” to a bunch of second graders. Then turns around and says, “Well, he’s not really concerned about bringing the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks to justice.” While just making sure Haliburton, and Black Water continue to receive their no bid contracts, to prosecute a war we never should have fought. Then, get bak to me about how spectacularly you believe this President has failed.

      1. idamag October 10, 2014

        Bush, cheney, and rummy have been tried and convicted, in absentia, for war crimes in three countries. There are warrants in three more.

        1. Russell Byrd October 10, 2014

          Funny really. Rumpbuggers always want to lock foreign nationals up as war criminals, yet their heroes have to be damn careful where they travel to or they may never come home again. Alas, if only they would.

          1. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

            I think we should be sending them to your house instead.

          2. Russell Byrd October 11, 2014

            Go ahead. If I had the authority, I would truss your buddies up right after they arrive, and cart them off to the lands that want to jail them.

          3. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014


          4. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            I know you people are dumber than a sack of hammers, and meaner than a rattler, but it’s the lack of a sense of humor that really amazes me. I guess you just can’t get it when somebody spins your lies into biting sarcasm. Oh well, so (stupid) goes.

          5. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            And once again, did you not hear us about your ACA nonsense. Really, the only people that actually lost their doctors anyway, had hideously awful medical coverage to begin with.

            And you all talk about the 200-500% increases in rates, but I have yet to see even one bill that was more than 10%. And guess what, that is just about the going rate for the year from those capitalist money grubbers. Most people’s rates had the least percentage increase in years, if there premiums did not actually go down.

            So, if all you are going to do is post racist hate, and some really fruity lies, then no wonder we don’t listen to you. I like blogging, but my time is definitely more valuable than to check out another of your lies.

          6. idamag October 14, 2014

            Me, too. They took our foreign relations down the toilet.

        2. charleo1 October 10, 2014

          Yes, the truth is painful for these Wingers. I guess
          that’s why they love to avoid it, deny it, and pretend
          every President they’ve elected for the last 65 years
          has not done all of the very things, they now claim to despise. It was Eisenhower that invested Federal funds to build the interstate highway system, raised the corporate tax rates, and cut the military budget. Nixon that approved raising the minimum wage, let the dollar float, by taking it off the gold standard. Created the EPA. And, as we now know, was a consummate liar in most everything he said. Reagan ran huge deficits, expanded the size, reach, and cost of the Federal Government. Raised taxes five times, and defied Congress by breaking the law they passed, expressly forbidding funding of the Contra Rebels in Nicaragua. While dealing with, and paying ransom to the terrorist regime of Iran. Can we just imagine what would be the reaction of the T-Baggers, if President Obama even thought about doing such a thing? Can you picture Darrell Issa having a real scandal like that, as opposed to the phony ones? His head would literally explode!

        3. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

          Slummy and Bummy and what?

        4. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

          Yeah, Kerplakistan, and i forget the other important democracies he is a criminal in.

          1. Russell Byrd October 11, 2014

            What I think is really pathetic, is you not only have to tell whoppers, but you are so short of approval that you must give yourself up votes. Tsk, tsk.

          2. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

            You should know, working at Burger King

          3. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            So, you’re the little creep that left the pickles off my burger, even after I asked for extra. Shame on you.

            By the way, I have never worked any job as low as the ones you obviously have. And that includes having never worked in a restaurant at all.

            So, pray tell, what did that prove except the fact that you are morally and intellectually bankrupt.

          4. idamag October 14, 2014

            Why, are you retiring soon?

          5. Alfred1957 October 14, 2014

            Need a job Russell? Are you almost to the workers paradise in Cuba?

    2. Russell Byrd October 10, 2014

      Dreeeeammmmm, dream, dream, dream, dreeeeammmm, dream, dream, dream.

      Only a complete idiot counts the chickens that are going to hatch, especially from the turds that Rumpbuggercons’ think are eggs.

      1. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

        It seems you own some kind of chicken farm?

    3. charleo1 October 10, 2014

      Well it may be time for Republicans to think about what they plan on doing, if they take the Senate, and control both Houses. But, they won’t. They already know what they’re going to do. The same thing as the Republicans in the House have done for the last 4 years. Basically jerk off, and go on vacation. Then when they resume, make more sophomoric vacuous comments, and promise, and talk about impeachment. Because their ignorant base likes it when they do that. Then, they’ll take another break. And upon their glorious return will vote to repeal ObamaCare another 50, or 60 times. Then, perhaps, threaten to take the Country into default, again, or shut down the government again, if Obama doesn’t do what they are demanding. Like finally admitting he’s really a secret Muslim. And has created his own underground Mosque at Arlington Cemetery where he secretly prays to Allah three times a day for the destruction of Israel. Or, who knows what the nut jobs will demand? Or maybe, show all the bigots in Republican Land, his college report card. They naturally think it’s all, “Fs.” And so, all their Social Security sucking, Medicare draining, Republican supporting, ass hats, will glue their White fat wrinkled asses in front of their precious Fox T.V. to see the long awaited lynching. And they won’t be the only ones disappointed come 2016. I guarantee it.

      1. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

        Obama is a muslim, you can tell by what he did in Iraq and Afghanistan. Lots of American boys dies for nothing so he could fulfill a campaign promise.

  17. GSR October 10, 2014

    QUANTIFIED: How Unpopular Is Barack Obama? More Unpopular Than You Think. “Outside of a handful of states–California (49/48), New York (50/47), Massachusetts (50/47), Maryland, which benefits from the D.C. boom (56/43)–the numbers are brutal. Even blue states like Minnesota (40/57) and Oregon (44/54) have had it with Obama. And in his last redoubts, California et al., Obama is not much more than breaking even.”

    Unemployment rate, labor participation rate, welfare use rate, deficit, debt, energy prices and national security are all worse under Barry Soetoro than even GW Bush, not the best president. Poor Barry.

    1. Faraday_Cat October 10, 2014

      Unless the polls you are citing are (likely) crap…let me see the questions asked, then maybe I will believe it.

      1. idamag October 10, 2014

        These people don’t or can’t read. They parrot what the Koch brothers told them to. There are places to go for statistics that are just a bunch of crap. There are bona-fide places to go.

        1. Russell Byrd October 10, 2014

          Ever notice that a large percentage of these dirtbags are named for violence, or weaponry, or just stooooopid? And 9 out of 10 of them is just a big talking, infantile, whiny, scared little boy hiding in mom’s basement. And over half don’t even have those jobs they think everyone else should have.

        2. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

          Oh yeah, Koch is constantly sending me messages on what to “parrot” haha.

          1. ericlipps October 12, 2014

            No, you’re getting them from aliens through the plate in your skull, right?

    2. idamag October 10, 2014

      Instead of parroting the Koch blather, why not get the real facts. Unemployment is down to 4.7%. When was it last that low? No matter how long ago the evil trio put us in war with false statements. it is going to take time to pay off cheney’s oil war. Where was the national debt in 2001? Where is it now?

      1. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

        I love that Koch boogie man you guys use, how about we talk about George Soros and the half dozen other billionaires that give money to the Democrats only.
        These two guys have the whole Democrat party scared out of their pants, Harry Reid is peeing his pants, haha.
        You can see the spittle flying out of his mouth. Maybe it’s rabies, that would explain a lot.

        1. Sand_Cat October 11, 2014

          Yes, we’ve heard your delusions many times before. There are plenty of others here repeating them constantly.

          1. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

            But not often enough for you to learn anything I see.

          2. Sand_Cat October 11, 2014

            I’ve learned to recognize them. I see you have no sensible responses.

          3. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

            Thats because you wouldn’t recognize sensible if it sat on you

        2. ericlipps October 11, 2014

          The Koch brothers are feared and disliked even on the Republican right, whose operatives, referring to the brothers’ pervasive influence, speak of “the Kochtopus.”

          1. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

            Um, no your wrong

        3. idamag October 14, 2014

          Liar. If you tell something that is not true, you are a LIAR. No one has ever seen Reid with wet pants. You tell so many lies I can’t believe a ward that you say. You are a hate monger and boring, boring, boring and with the strong language you trolls use – bullies.

          1. Alfred1957 October 15, 2014

            Spittle is spit, not wet pants dummy

      2. angelsinca October 11, 2014

        The total US outstanding debt has risen from $5.8T in 2001 to $17.9T now. What is your point?

        1. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

          Which demonstrates the need for new revenue sources, or more practically, make those that the system works to enrich, pay their fair share. AND, their fair share is ALL of the taxes, as all of the economic expansion has gone into their pockets.

          1. idamag October 14, 2014

            The bill came due from the war we were lied into.

          2. Russell Byrd October 14, 2014

            Which war in which almost all of the right-wing rich became even wealthier.

      3. angelsinca October 12, 2014

        As of Sep 2014 unemployment is 5.9%, not 4.7% The last time it was this low was 2008 when Bush was president. In fact, the UE rate was down in the 4’s during most of his terms. Must be those ‘poor’ republican economic policies.

        1. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

          Now that was a totally manufactured lie. Gosh, why do you bother to tell them. To impress us with your vicious stupidity.

    3. Russell Byrd October 10, 2014

      Except, if you can really quantify that unpopularity at all, why is the entire Rumpbuggercon party rated as HALF as popular as the President. Actually, depending on the day, less than that.

      1. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

        No facts again, dang those facts, huh

        1. Sand_Cat October 11, 2014

          You really got it right. Facts, intelligence, and education are the deadliest enemies faced by the GOP.
          We’re talking about facts connected to reality, not the “facts” you and your friends parrot here.

          1. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

            Caw caw caw

          2. Russell Byrd October 11, 2014

            Careful, we shoot crows. Of course, why should we be concerned. You are already full of corn.

          3. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

            We still have ours

          4. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            That actually was an answer to anything, but if it is all you can come up with, then that will just have to do. Of course, it just makes you look all the more simple minded.

          5. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            Oh, by the way . . . caw, caw, caw. Whatever that was supposed to be.

          6. idamag October 14, 2014

            He is trying to be a crow, but can’t make it as they are one of the smartest birds there are.

          7. Russell Byrd October 14, 2014

            You have a point that is irrefutable.

            He reminds me of the old Eric Idle line. What sounds like a bell, but is not a bell?

            Wait for it!

            DUNG! And of that, he is full to the gills.

          8. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

            You mean head in the sand cat, don’t you?

          9. Russell Byrd October 11, 2014

            No, just Alfred with his head up his ass.

          10. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014


          11. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            Agreed, LOL!

          12. idamag October 12, 2014

            This Alfred us very immature. If his name is Alfred, he is probably old and senile.

          13. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            I discovered many years ago, that what John Cleese recently did a skit on, was absolutely true. A person has to reach a certain level of intelligence before they can understand just how stupid they really are. Alfraud and his kith have never gotten remotely close to that intelligence level.

        2. Russell Byrd October 11, 2014

          Where’s yours? Besides, the wackjob falsehood mills, that is.

          1. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

            You skipped school didn’t you?

          2. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            I think that I would be safe in believing that I have at least 8 more years of education than you do. Maybe, even ten. So, I will let you pick how much I really have, and we can calculate yours from that. Okay?

            Unlike a-holes like you, I don’t like bragging, but I can safely say that I have more education and an higher I.Q. than you can comprehend. Your little tired, humorless sixth grade insults are just not on a par with what you need to compete with me.

            Even if you could, your lack of veracity pretty much makes any argument you make a dead end.

        3. Russell Byrd October 11, 2014

          You do continue to have no facts, but never fear, you just make them up as needed to suit.

          1. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

            double lol

          2. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            “Double lol” really just boils down to “lol,” but it does prove doubly that you haven’t got one coherent thought to share. Disarm you of your lies, and you are as helpless as a newborn. Of course, newborns are smarter.

      2. idamag October 14, 2014

        Congress has an 8 percent approval rating. Tell you anything?

        1. Russell Byrd October 14, 2014

          That we need to get a new Congress. And definitely one that does not stay in recess 75% of the time. Well, I will take that back. With this Congress, it is a mercy that they stay gone.

    4. ericlipps October 11, 2014

      It’d help your credibility if you wouldn’t parrot the discredited claim that Obama’s real last name is Soetoro.

      1. angelsinca October 12, 2014

        That is a discredited claim for the fraudulent Columbia student ID that shows the name, not the name itself.

        1. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

          It is a discredited claim, and we both know that to be true. That makes you a harasser in that you intentionally told a lie to damage his civil rights.

          1. angelsinca October 12, 2014

            “you intentionally told a lie to damage his civil rights”

            Thanks. We were running out of Stupid Things People Say.

          2. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            Which is still “a discredited claim, and we both know that to be true. That makes you a harasser in that you intentionally told a lie to damage his civil rights.”

            And my rights too.

          3. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            Keep it going fuckstick, this time it will never end. So, your infantile whine will not help you anymore.

            I only let you go a dozen times before, because it is unseemly for a real man to verbally browbeat a neurotic, mental midget, such as you.

          4. idamag October 14, 2014

            You notice that lying comes easy to these trolls.

          5. Russell Byrd October 14, 2014

            Practice makes perfect, as they say, and in this case, is sadly true.

    5. angelsinca October 12, 2014

      Hey GSR, ‘popularity’ isn’t a very good indicator of how ‘good’ a leader is. Hitler was probably the most popular leader ever. If you are trying to show approval, then this president’s rating is now at 42%. This trend has been continuing since May 2013 when it was 47% approval.


      1. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

        You shouldn’t talk bad about your hero Hitler. It is just bad form.

      2. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

        If you are willing to admit 42%, then I can say that Obama is easily four times as popular as the Teabuggercon party. In fact, the sorry truth is, Rumpbuggercon voters hate their party, but are propagandized by right-wackjob talking heads into going to the polls and voting against their own best interests out of fear and hatred.

  18. Shamuz Alonzo October 10, 2014

    I think we can all agree that Obama is a crazed lunatic and a delusional menace.

    1. Faraday_Cat October 10, 2014

      If you think that, then it appears that you are the delusional one…

      1. idamag October 10, 2014

        You’ve met paranoids. They see it as always the other guy who is crazy. I doubt if this cretin has a degree in psychiatry and is qualified to make diagnosis and on what basis.

        1. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

          Well, I read your post, but I haven’t met you.

          1. Sand_Cat October 11, 2014

            I’m sure idamag doesn’t need to meet any new arrogant and patronizing trolls like you, so it’s just as well.

          2. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

            Oh yes, I remember you, your the guy that sucker punched that old white guy in the alley, I admire your bravery

          3. Sand_Cat October 11, 2014

            The best you can do?

      2. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

        Um, no I think when they took you in that spaceship they did “things” to you.

        1. idamag October 11, 2014

          Like sucked his brain out and replaced it.

          1. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

            For sure

          2. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

            I think in the case of these teatards, the slogan would be “why compromise, . . . lobotomize.”

  19. Alfred1957 October 10, 2014

    Bush 1 and 2 were a mistake, no more dynasties please.
    And to think they wanted to put the other brother onto the ballot.

    Then they tried to push, of all people, McCain down our throats, what a disaster.
    The RNC lost the elections for us, honestly, McCain?
    This last one Obama deserved to lose, I sure as heck didn’t vote for him either time.
    We can thank women for doing that, specifically white women, the only women who vote against their own mens and families best interest.
    You don’t see black or hispanic women doing that.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker October 11, 2014

      I’m one of those white women. I was also a Republican white woman for 33 years. Your post reeks of white male supremacy. Are you implying that white women are less intelligent than you white males? Really? 235+ years with white males in the White House and you whit male supremacists can’t stand that a bi-racial male, worse, a product of a single Mom, is president.

      Before you go strutting those cocky feathers, I’d suggest you learn that today’s women don’t need ANY man. We are free, financially and emotionally from buttheaded men who think Mr. Man must always be King and the Chief Decision Maker. Time for you men with those double standards to face facts.

      Your post is quite amusing…So..”specifically white women?” Really and does that chafe your butt because how DARE any white woman with brains ever consider bi-racial, much less totally black male for president? Take your Plantation mentality and shove it. We see through your post…white women…bi-racial male…Oh Laudy Laudy Whatevuh will become of all those pretty lil true southern bailes in those purty lil balloon gowns now?

      Thanks for proving what white women have been suspecting about some “ignernt” white males..the thing you fear most to bash those bloated egos? A white woman admiring any black or bi-racial man.

      We will vote for the president who bests suits the needs of women. Thanks to you bulls of the GOP with their sabotage, sequestering and threats of government shut downs all while they pour our tax dollars into billionaires has seen its last.

      1. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

        Hmmm.. where to begin.
        Sorry you were apparently hurt so badly by white men that you feel the need to put down every white man, as if they all were responsible, but they aren’t, are they?
        As for President Obama being bi-racial and being raised by a single woman, you fail to note that it was a white woman that raised him, and why was she alone? where did Obama’s father go?
        He abandoned her to go back to Kenya, what unusual behavior for a black man, don’t you think?
        And Obama honors his mother by standing up and saying “I’m a black man? He basically glosses over her contribution to his being and her hard work in raising him.
        I don’t know who Mr. Man is, presumably all white men, or what the double standards are you refer to.
        Do you mean basically giving women everything they ask for? The proof of which is evident all around you.
        And who was it that ended slavery? President Lincoln sent white men to fight and die by the tens of thousands to end slavery, and what party did he belong to? Well lawdy lawdy, he was a Republican.
        Republicans have done far more than anyone for black americans, not just making government programs supposedly to help blacks like the Democrat Presidents, putting them on the government plantation.
        What has Obama done for black americans, nothing, they have it worse now than they did 6 years ago.
        How bout Sharpton ans Jackson, what have they done but stoke racial fears, divisiveness and doing their best to make sure they stay on the plantation waiting for their government checks.
        While you let the Democrats scare you into thinking that if they don’t win reelection the Republicans will have you wearing corsets and churning butter, don’t let the door hit you in the a_s on your way out, because we don’t need your kind of racial suicide honey.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker October 11, 2014

          Hmmm…Where to end your male supremacy…Sorry you are a bully mentality with the belief that your gender is the Supreme Higher Rulers and Masters of the Universe.

          Why was President Obama’s mother abandoned? For the same reason men always abandon women..they want THEIR and only their way.

          You lose your white male supremacist case because millions of American women think as I do..we’ve had enough of men always grabbing for the head of the table by refusing women even a high chair at their tables. If you guys can’t get rid of your Old Boys Clubs…in business, you’re all showing where your weaknesses really lie.

          Giving women what they ask for is playing fair. Something men like you have never remotely pretended you had to do. Now, women earn their own livings, don’t need men to get PhDs and jobs they create themselves…all without the help of men like you..who want dominance gift packaged.

          You live in the Pre-Civil War era where women had to bow to their husbands in order to have a valid identity.

          Lincoln ended slavery only because white men like you thought you could buy and sell human beings..you still do…brothels and child sex slavery is rampant..and yet you sit on your asses, glib as Cheshires chats raking in profits women know you can’t earn without employees who do your dirty work, consumers 52% of which in the US are women…and taxpayers, 52% of which are female taxpayers…Must hurt your male asses to know you’re outnumbered in population.

          You’re outnumbered in something else…the ability to live longer..Try again Joi Boi…Your male supremacy act took 5 seconds to breed you hours of childbirth to get you into the world.

          1. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

            So first the white guys are the devils, then it’s all guys.
            Do your black friends know you’re just using them for your lesbian agenda?
            I’d like to help you Eleanore, but we only have time for the cases that have a possibility for survival.

          2. idamag October 14, 2014

            You lying sack. If you could read and understand you would never have seen Eleanor as a male basher. She is pointing out some of the faults in some males and believe me there are those kinds in both genders. I had a sister-in-law who was the town slut.

          3. Russell Byrd October 14, 2014

            Alfred is a town slut too. He has been used and abused by just about every right-wacko talking head propagandist. And he seems to enjoy it mightily.

          4. Alfred1957 October 14, 2014

            No thanks I don’t need your “lying sack”

          5. Alfred1957 October 15, 2014

            Oh my God, Eleanore is not a male basher, finally got that cleared up.

        2. Sand_Cat October 11, 2014

          So you’re a crude sexist and racist in addition to being a jerk. Can’t say it comes as any surprise. Want to show again you’re also (mentally, at least) a 13-year-old by making more toilet and bodily function jokes?

          1. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

            Go back to sleep now

          2. Russell Byrd October 11, 2014

            Please wake up now. There is a real world outside your mama’s basement, and as frightening as it must be to you, you really can’t spend your entire life down there. Life is not a fantasy role-playing game. I bet you are a mage in World of Boorcraft.

          3. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014


          4. Eleanore Whitaker October 12, 2014

            Alfred, this is 2014…Not 1890. No..women don’t have to ask a man’s permission to exist today. No, women don’t need any man’s permission to choose what to do with their own bodies..

            But, how about if we women choose whether or not you Viagra addicts lose your right to procreate? That be the bully BS you have in mind?

            Admit it…You’re a geezer autocrat relic of the 1800s who can’t stand to allow any woman anywhere the right to earn equal pay for equal work, to choose where she will live, to pay her own bills without you rip off artists always jerking us around and best of all to choose whether or not we actually need any man in our lives..Particularly not one like you who would end up be a 2nd child in our families.

          5. Alfred1957 October 12, 2014

            Remember Eleanore, you’re hate is going to consume you.

          6. kenndeb October 13, 2014

            She’s just a burnt out spinster that hates everyone. I guess that explains her liberal leanings.

          7. idamag October 14, 2014

            kenndeb, I feel your wife it the little wifie who says, “Who are we voting for dear?”
            The use of both names tells the tale.

          8. Russell Byrd October 14, 2014

            Could be that “it” is both and there is no other. 🙂

          9. kenndeb October 15, 2014

            Avctually, my wife use to purposely mislead me as to when and where to vote. She is a die hard republican, and I was a democrat. She figured that if I did not vote, hers would count. If we both voted, than we cancelled each other out. My wife does as she thinks best, regardless of my desires. I use the name I do because that was the Email address we first used when we got married.

          10. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            The only thing to be gathered from that bit of rot, is you are a diehard liar.

            I bet you are not married anymore.

          11. Russell Byrd October 15, 2014

            No, I think she just hates harassing pricks.

        3. Eleanore Whitaker October 12, 2014

          Aww…little Alfie was left behind when the women in the 1960s got fed up with the Father Knows Best and women must play Donna Reed routine.

          You’re a racist. White men like you aren’t worth the Fruit of Looms you put on your dumb, “ignernt” butts.

          President Obama is smarter than you will EVER be. Hate that, don’t you? Most white male supremacists do. How dare a bi-racials man from a single Mom make it to the White House, right? Wrong.

          And in case you missed a chance to do your Oscar award winning performance of “I’m not a racist..” Clinton, the first president was raised by a single Mom…

          No woman wants anything you men demand.. and you can stop your victim routine..Men NEVER give women anything. Period. Men as my grandmother born back in 1872 would tell you were she still living, only GIVE when they know they’ll GET in return.

          That’s why men more than women bitch about abortion rights. You men are jerks. You love to make babies…but as President Obama so accurately states, you call yourselves men and then don’t hang around for the next 20 years to raise your kids..That’s a woman’s job right? Only because jerks like you say so.

          Men give only to get. Any woman with any brains knows this. It’s why you men hate to see your “seed” wasted by any woman. You love to impregnate..just not stay around and be fathers.

          A woman’s job today is not controlled by micro control freak men like you. We do as we see fit to raise our children on salaries you men sabotage at every possible opportunities..all with the same BS claim that women “can’t do a man’s job.”

          Go through labor and childbirth then come back Mr. Man and tell us how much work women can do. You got here thanks to a woman…Not because your Daddy was so generous with the seed that produced you.,

          1. Alfred1957 October 12, 2014

            Bye Eleanore

      2. angelsinca October 11, 2014

        “We will vote for the president who bests suits the needs of women.”

        Why not the candidate that best suits the needs of ALL constiuents?

        1. Eleanore Whitaker October 12, 2014

          Oh sorry…I didn’t realize ALL meant a tiny minority of big mouth rabble rousers with minds narrower than the eyes of needles.

          You and your generation of Me First, To Hell With Everyone Else is a joke. Your grabby, greed has not impressed anyone but yourselves.

          The US population today is at 325 million according to the 2014 US Census Bureau..a fact you’ll be ready to jump all over and try to prove wrong, as all of your contrary overindulged Me Firsters must always do..after all you kind can NEVER be wrong.

          What about the Constitutional right of majority rule don’t you accept? Time for little bois and girls too middle aged and too long in the tooth to get a life and learn it isn’t ALL about YOU YOU YOU.

        2. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

          Well, whether “he” or “she,” that person will not be a Rethuglitard.


        3. kenndeb October 13, 2014

          Eleanore just want to further the liberal agenda of fundamentally transforming our country into a soviet style communist police state. Just another brain dead liberal.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker October 26, 2014

            Little kennyboydebbygirl …forgot to takes “its” meds again. Guess you got tired of the Thorazine shuffle and the mental institution let you play on the computer again?

            The difference between you and me asshat is that I CAN validate MY existence..you can’t. Your tombstone will read: Hateful little asshat hates itself to death.

          2. kenndeb October 26, 2014

            You should try to be civil. I know that your liberalism prevents that, but you should at least try. Your own validation is just that, your own. You seem to be a legend in your own mind, like many liberals. Lies and deceit are your forte.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker October 26, 2014

            Only a moron who debases the president and others has the nerve to dictate what is and isn’t civil. You are full of yourself, your anal cavity is overloaded.

            I am not civil EVER to anyone who calls the president of my country “Emperor” in an attempt to make yourself look superior. An amoeba has more superiority.

            Lies and deceit is it? Prove that in a court of law..or stop the BS…Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and GWB has lied so often, you can’t tell lies from truth..ergo your moronic insistence we have an “emperor” and not a president.

            You’re a hateful little turd someone forgot to flush.

          4. kenndeb October 26, 2014

            You are too stupid think for yourself. Unless someone agrees with you , all you can come back with is name calling ad lies. Just like your messiah, that has done nothing but lie to the American people. I can’t wait until the libtards are out and we can start to rebuilt what you have destroyed. Go crawl back under that rock you live under, hag.

        4. Eleanore Whitaker October 15, 2014

          Why not? I’ll tell you bulls with testicles for raisins…Because you think YOUR gender IS the RULING gender. What about that being stupidity don’t you get? If elections were not all about MEN and those raisins in their jeans, do tell us why the Koch Brothers are spending hundreds of millions to put MEN, not women in the White House? Do tell us why for 235+ years, ONLY men have been put out there by MALE controlled party bosses?

          When do you guys get it? Don’t you dare ask any woman to pay taxes equal to yours and then take a back seat on wages or in electing the president WE, not YOU, want? How dare you think that only MEN can be party bosses, candidates and have entitlement to leadership?

          Time for you to head out of the Neanderthal caves and go on the hunt for T-Rex…Women have always voted for the president that best suits our needs…the problem is that YOU men only put MEN on ballots..try again hot shot.

          1. angelsinca October 26, 2014

            Oh look! Another angry feminist. Have never seen THAT before. lol.

        5. longtail October 18, 2014

          I have found that presidents who suit the needs of women tend to suit the needs of ALL constituents.

      3. idamag October 14, 2014

        Great answer!

    2. angelsinca October 11, 2014

      “… no more dynasties please.”

      I agree. This also rules out the Clintons.

      1. ericlipps October 11, 2014

        Well, technically, having Hillary elected president wouldn’t be a dynastic succession. And Chelsea is too young to run even if she were interested.

        And it’s worth noting that for all the terrified speculation about it from right and left alike, Hillary Clinton has still not declared that she is running–and may not do so at all. If elected in 2016, she’d be 69 years old when she took the oath. I suspect her moment has passed. However, she gets a lot of political and even financial mileage out of the deep, dark, fearful suspicion that she just might.

      2. Russell Byrd October 12, 2014

        I would vote for a drunken hamster before I would vote for any of the psychotic, neurotic, sociopathic, chronic lying, bigoted, racist front runners in the Rumpbuggercon party.

    3. idamag October 14, 2014

      I like a country where women can think for themselves.

      1. Alfred1957 October 14, 2014

        Are you a woman?

    4. longtail October 18, 2014

      Why would women vote for someone elses’ interests? They aren’t stupid.

      1. Alfred1957 October 19, 2014

        Their families interests are intertwined with their own?

  20. Faraday_Cat October 10, 2014

    I get that Jeb may have the right temperment, in the context being discussed, but since his ideas are still relatively lockstep with the toxic idiocy of the GOP, I would still hope that the country would reject him as a candidate.

    1. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

      Gee, lots of comments about toxic this and that, but no facts, hmmm…

      1. Sand_Cat October 11, 2014

        Yes, where are your facts, troll?

        1. Alfred1957 October 11, 2014

          About what knucklehead?

    2. idamag October 14, 2014

      A man whose attorney general purged 30,000 names from the voting rolls and it turned out most of them were qualified, franchised voters is a good candidate?

  21. idamag October 11, 2014

    I did some research (actually several hours) on the names given by the dip. Siddige,Boemer, and Drew all admitted to drug use in college. Siddige said that Obama never used drugs in college. Did he ever? I never witnessed it so I cannot say in all truth that he did. None of them hinted that Obama was bi-sexual, although I like my gay friends, who are smart, much more than some backwoods dumbass who has never experienced diversity of thinking or anything else. They are so boring.

    1. ericlipps October 11, 2014

      Hypothetically stipulating that President Obama was, or is, bisexual (something I don’t believe for a second), what difference would it make?

      Oh, right-wingers would turn cartwheels if such a thing were proven, but since they already think he’s a foreign-born secret Muslim fundamentalist Communist terrorist who is illegally holding office while he plots to destroy America, how could such a revelation lower him any further in their eyes?

      And while many on the left would be upset (let’s face it, anti-LGBT prejudice isn’t limited to the right), liberals already have legitimate issues with Obama and would probably not bother adding this illegitimate one to the mix.

      It’s not as though he’d have to face the voters again, after all. For any such thing to have any serious political effect, it would have had to come out years ago. And the wingers have so discredited themselves with their cuckoo claims about Obama that it likely wouldn’t have been believed even if it were true.

      1. Russell Byrd October 14, 2014

        “Republican” is a bad drug that washes out one’s morals, and any capability of higher order thinking. As well, it often develops into a lifelong addiction, with hate, bigotry, incredible dishonesty, and total ethical confusion as symptoms. . . .

        1. ericlipps October 14, 2014

          If only it were that simple.

          The Republican Party once was a rational, if generally conservative, political force. But today, it’s in the clutches of what I like to call either the freak-show right or the cuckoo caucus, and there’s no sign it will escape their talons any time soon.

          Now inevitably someone will say that the Democrats are in the grip of their own crackpots, of the far left. It isn’t so. The closest the
          party ever came to that was in the period 1968-1972—and it’s been running away from that ever since, as fast as its little donkey legs will carry it.

          Quick quiz: Who do historians rate as the most conservative Democratic presidents since Grover Cleveland, who was one of Ronald Reagan’s
          idols? Jimmy Carter and . . . drumroll, please . . . Bill Clinton. As for Barack Obama, for all his populist rhetoric, he has governed, or tried to govern (in the face of a massive GOP campaign of obstruction) as a moderate. Even his health care bill is far more modest than what any of our allies in Western Europe take for granted.

          I don’t expect any of this will appease the usual trolls. As their idol Ronald Reagan infamously misspoke, “facts are stupid things”—to them,
          anyway. But I don’t particularly care about appeasing them. They can spit forth their usual venom and drivel; it won’t change a thing.

          1. Russell Byrd October 14, 2014

            I have always said, and some local Repubs hate me for it, that Clinton was the best Republican president we have had since Eisenhower, or even Teddy Roosevelt. And hard shell radical right-wingers hate both of those as well.

          2. ericlipps October 15, 2014

            Clinton himself reportedly said he was governing (unwillingly) as an “Eisenhower Republican.” Of course, to today’s Republicans that amounts to a confession that he was a card-carrying Communist.

      2. idamag October 15, 2014

        It makes a difference to those people who have their noses in other people’s crotches.

        1. ericlipps October 15, 2014

          Agh. I could have done without that mental image.

    2. Russell Byrd October 14, 2014

      I wish I could up vote this post a second time! Oh yeah, then the Rumpbuggers would yell “fraud.”

      1. idamag October 14, 2014

        They would yell fraud even if there wasn’t any. I know a guy who signed up for one of their blogs and used a Hispanic name. He has been called “spick”, Wetback” and “greaser.”
        Yet, they yell “race card” when it is racism that drives most of them.

        1. Russell Byrd October 14, 2014

          They are natural born liars. They have nothing to refute the obvious racism that they are charged with. So, they fall back on what they do best. LIE!

  22. longtail October 18, 2014

    It’s hard to imagine that Americans prefer a rootin’ tootin’ gunslinger who is quick to lead us into war over a nuanced, thoughtful approach to governance but 35-50% of us seem to. I also had some difficulty grasping the idea that a corporate raider/governor/olympics organizer was more qualified to be president then a senator/ community organizer/ constitutional scholar, but what do I know.


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