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Putin Thanks Romney For Reckless Remarks

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Putin Thanks Romney For Reckless Remarks


Russian President Vladimir Putin thanked Mitt Romney earlier this week for labeling Russia as America’s “number one geopolitical foe,” explaining that Romney’s position has helped to justify Russia’s strong opposition to a NATO missile defense shield in Eastern Europe.

“I’m grateful to [Romney] for formulating his stance so clearly because he has once again proven the correctness of our approach to missile defense problems,” Putin told reporters, according to Russian news agency RIA Novosti.

Russia has long opposed NATO’s plans to build a ballistic missile defense shield, which would theoretically be able to destroy incoming Russian warheads over all of Europe by 2018, and over the United States as well by 2022. According to Putin, this would irrevocably damage Russia’s nuclear deterrent. An interim version of the shield has been up and running since May.

The United States has claimed that the shield is not meant for use against Russia, but to protect from rogue states such as Iran. Russia has demanded that the United States back up that claim with a legally binding treaty. In May, Russia’s top military official went as far as to threaten a pre-emptive military strike if NATO doesn’t alter its plans.

Although Putin has called President Obama “a very honest man” who is “quite sincere” in his willingness to negotiate with Russia over the issue, he believes that Romney’s aggressive stance vindicates Russia’s refusal to compromise on missile defense.

“The most important thing for us is that even if [Romney] doesn’t win now, he or a person with similar views may come to power in four years. We must take that into consideration while dealing with security issues for a long perspective,” Putin said.

Putin’s comments reinforce the serious policy implications that come along with Romney’s bombastic rhetoric. Although his stance on Russia has primarily been met with mockery — as when Senator John Kerry joked at the Democratic Convention that “Mitt Romney talks like he’s only seen Russia by watching Rocky IV” — nuclear security is clearly no laughing matter. That Romney has managed to damage U.S.-Russian relations without even holding a government job should be filed along with his bungled response to the current crisis in Libya and his reckless remarks in Jerusalem over the summer as reasons to seriously doubt his capacity to manage American foreign policy.

Photo credit: World Economic Forum/Flickr

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. bcarreiro September 13, 2012

    just another warpig with no sense of direction….guzunti

  2. TheOldNorthChurch September 13, 2012

    Are you guys holding up Putin as an outstanding world citizen? This is the guy that had thugs beat his opposition and jailed his competition on the day he took office.

    Old School Soviet!

    1. Joel Sorenson September 14, 2012

      Once again the old north is completely missing the point. No one said Putin was a great guy what we said was that mitten’s thoughtless comments and antiquated views of forign policy strengthened Putin’s position against NATO, and they did. So go back and actually read whats there and take your hate glasses off would ya they are seriously skewing your world view to the point you can’t do math or read at a third grade comprehension level…seriously I know you are smarter than this…read what IS written not what you wish was.

      1. TheOldNorthChurch September 14, 2012

        Joel – I did reread the article. I would say that it is very clear that the Romney stance is the correct position for the United States. The Obama stance continues to show his naivete as is playing out in the Middle East right now.

        1. McNeil September 26, 2012

          I suppose you want to go to war with Iran and bomb N Korea too, huh? People like you are the scary ones. You speak without thinking, as evidenced by your first post idiocy, and your gut instinct is to fight wars for reasons you can’t begin to comprehend.

          1. TheOldNorthChurch September 26, 2012

            I do not ever relish the prospects of War. However history is a difficult teacher. I suppose you endorse a Neville Chamberlain approach. The problem is is that Iran is much like Hitlers Germany.

            I would support Israel and pull all support, financial, trade etc from all the countries in the Middle East that do not support Israel’s right to be left in Peace.

  3. tokoloshi27 September 13, 2012

    Decker must be really hard-up for Romney attack material to use Putin. Lets face it this whole thing will feed Putin’s ego if nothing else (and likely get Decker a piece on Russia Today network).

    Of course what Decker isn’t (somehow) mentioning is the President’s recent on camera aside to the Russian foreign minister that seemed to offer concessions during his second term.

    Who can deny that the Russia/Putin activities in support of Iranian nuke program and the now pariah regime in Syria have exacerbated international tensions out of a clear case of post-Soviet nostalgia? How else would any rational person define a “foe”?

    1. George September 14, 2012

      No, to rational people, Obama’s comment about needing to wait until after the election before dealing with the nuke issue was just recognizing political realities that the GOP will stop at NOTHING — no matter how harmful to the U.S. — to try to get him out of office and that there was zero chance of having Congress approve any new nuclear agreements.

    2. Joel Sorenson September 14, 2012

      No one is hard up for attack material on mitten…every single time his mouth is open his feet are in it…..THE DEBATES ARE COMING….THE DEBATES ARE COMING

  4. Cynthia Smith September 13, 2012

    Mitt’s bringing back the cold war.Gee thanks.

  5. TabyCat8218 September 13, 2012

    Romney is not fit to lead. He is clueless. Foreign policy is the job of the current President and his State Department, not an idiot on the campaign stump. This country can only have one president at a time.

    1. Tom_D44 September 14, 2012

      May I remind you about the State Department’s head, Mrs. Hillary Clinton, who grasciously spiked the ball when Ghadaffi was taken out of power? I think her words were, “we came, we saw, he died” followed by laughter as she referred to thugs dragging Ghadaffi down the street while he was dying. And these people are somehow fit to lead?

  6. Theresa R September 13, 2012

    WOW – Once AGAIN he runs his mouth, now, to the point where damage is done !!

    The GOP/Tea Party = The American Taliban, Our Very Own Home Grown Terrorists Cells operating in plain sight, Lying and Hating is What They Do, Fear Mongering and Terrorizing The American People Is How They Roll !!! 🙁 They Are Just a Bunch of Racist, Selfish Low Life Money Grubbing, Lying Ass, Knuckle Dragging, Traitors To Their Own Country and Their Own People !! A Group of Wealthy Liars and Thugs Who’s Only Agenda Is Control, Power and Money !! They Don’t give a Damn About America nor the American People, Just Themselves and Their Welathy 2% Handler, The Koch Brothers !!!

  7. Turn Ky Blue September 14, 2012

    Repubs arn’t kidding when they say they want to take us BACK

  8. Dominick Vila September 14, 2012

    This is just one of many examples of what inexperience and arrogance can bring about. The last thing we – and the world – need is a man that shoots first and ask questions later in the Oval Office. Can you imagine Mitt Romney in charge of a nuclear arsenal such as ours? God help us!

    1. George September 14, 2012

      Romney would do all he could to expand our nuclear arsenal rather than try to reduce nuclear weapons worldwide. He sees them as $$ in his and other billionaires’ pockets.

    2. Tom_D44 September 14, 2012

      Yes Dominick. Let’s not forget President Obama’s vast amount of experience with foreign policy when he was campaining in 2008. Oh wait, there was none. In fact he didn’t have much congressional experience at that time either, because he was never there. And he didn’t have much economic experience because he never worked in the private sector, owned a business, hired and fired employees, or had to find access to capital. Wait, I’m wrong about the finding access to capital thing because he did find that sweet deal of a loan on that $1.65 million dollar home he bought in Chicago. Another politician getting favors from the people branding him and putting him in power. But now, for some reason, he is all of a sudden an expert in all of these issues?

      And of course Obama never shoots first and asks questions later right? “The Cambridge police acted stupidly.” “If I had a son he would probably look something like Treyvon.” He has interjected himself into just about every major controversial issue since his inaguration, all in an effort to politicize it regardless of what he ever knew of the facts. And in many cases he just makes up the facts.

      Let’s face it, there are no good politicians – on either side.

      1. George September 14, 2012

        But even you must admit that Obama’s 4 years of experience, now, makes him much more experienced and qualified to deal with international issues than Romney. We are in such a pickle with the world that we don’t have time for Romney to have On-the-Job Training … and he’d probably screw it up anyway because he thinks he is so much better than everyone else. He’s pushing “American Exceptionalism” waaaaaay too hard. By all kinds of measures, America is no longer so “exceptional” in the world. We might have the strongest military in the world by a large margin, but that means very little today with the nature of the threats we face. Only China and Russia are potential adversaries in classic warfare, but they would both rather get stronger economically by keeping us as customers than waste their resources on a traditional war. Romney doesn’t get it that the Cold War is over!

      2. Dominick Vila September 14, 2012

        You are right, President Obama had no foreign policy experience when he was elected. However, one of his greatest strengths is to admit that he is not infallible, does not hesitate to seek advise, listens and respects the opinions of others, and makes an effort to learn. Mitt Romney’s behavior throughout the campaign suggest that he is not only unfamiliar with foreign policy and what afflicts the middle class and the poor, but that his arrogance prevent him from admitting he made a mistake, even when doing so may cost him an election.
        Yes, President Obama has made mistakes and he has acknowledged as much. I rather have a President who acknowledges his shortcomings and humanity than one who thinks he is above everyone else and should no be questioned or challenged.

        1. PGA September 15, 2012

          Romney is a walking time bomb, a loose cannon.

        2. FixYourselfFirst September 27, 2012

          “I rather have a President who acknowledges his shortcomings and humanity than one who thinks he is above everyone else and should no be questioned or challenged. ”

          I second that and would like to mention that Romney demands for apologies from the President. All the while spreading lies and standing by them and speaking about Americans with such disdain, Romney makes no apologies.

      3. 113121 September 14, 2012

        Thank you for your concern.
        As of right this minute Obama is the most qualified with the most experience and Romney hasn’t learned a thing in 11 years of running for President.

      4. Justin Napolitano September 14, 2012

        Tom, Tom, Tom, you are forgetting that once a person becomes President they have at their beck and call every expert in the country, including every economist of any stature. You would suggest that since Romney has had business experience he knows how to run a small business such as a hardware store or car repair shop or grocery or computer repair business or any of the thousands of different businesses out there. His experience is in vulcher capitalism, and tax dodging; hardly qualifications for running a country.
        The very idea that he is qualified sickens me. Further, in case you have been a coma the last 3.8 years, the stock market has doubled and unemployment is getting better despite the European recession and a Republican congress with its head up its ass.

        1. Tom_D44 September 14, 2012

          Justin, why exactly has the stock market doubled? Because companies today are twice as valuable as they were 3 years ago. Really? Things are that good. All I hear about everyday is “well it’s not as good as we had hoped but it’s a lot better than it could have been”. Really? The stock market is another bubble and could crash anytime because it’s not based on the actual value of companies. It’s a reaction against the news of the day. If the Fed announces it’s going to print more money as it did yesterday, the market goes up another 200 points. Please don’t be so naive. Printing more money is not a good thing.

          Next you have to look at the experts that Obama has exposure to – many of which he dismisses due is hard core ideology. Simpson Bowles gave him pretty good advice and he ignored it all. His generals on the ground gave him good advice and he ignored them as well. But let’s see he has lots of meetings with Andy Stern the president of SEIU. I wonder what great advice he has for our economy? Raising wages with no thought as to how that will effect prices of goods made in america. He said he was going to take care of the “fat cats” on wall street but most of his economic team are ex-goldman sach’s executives. Really? He supposedly dislikes people who ship jobs overseas yet buddy’s up with Jeffry Emmelt, CEO of GE. In case you didn’t know that’s the guy who just put together a deal to be part of building a new airliner in……Yup China.

          Now I’m not sure why you are such an expert on Romney and his background. Sounds to me like everything you just spewed out came straight from the MSM which is exactly what they say every single day. Care to share some facts about this tax dodging or are you just speculating like the media? Due you actually understand the role of a venture capitalist and what they provide to the business community? If he saved and built 15 companies and 3 were broken up and sold off is that really a bad record. Do you know what that record for Bain Capital really is? Has the media really investigated that impartially or have they just harped on the few bad examples?

  9. Elisabeth Gordon September 14, 2012

    While abroad this summer, Mitt referred to Russia as the Soviet Union. Hmmpff…my recollection is that the Soviet Union was dissolved on Christmas Day in 1991…this man is an abomination and a threat to all Americans.

    1. George September 14, 2012

      Romney really has no knowledge whatsoever about international affairs. Yes, that was true about Obama as well before he took office. Now Obama has 4 years of intense international experience and is clearly more qualified to represent U.S. interests abroad.

      1. Dominick Vila September 14, 2012

        Can you imagine a President Romney with Sarah as Secretary of State and Akin in charge of the Department of Justice?

        1. twfox September 14, 2012


        2. onedonewong September 14, 2012

          Yea Hilary can’t carry Palins shoes

          1. Warren Nicholson September 14, 2012

            sock puppet give it up you don’t make any sence.

          2. onedonewong September 14, 2012

            a yuck a yuck a yuck thanks Goofy

          3. Calvin Hawkins September 15, 2012

            wow, everone that read this know you are very stupid

          4. onedonewong September 15, 2012

            You honestly think that old porker has a brain??? Name 1 just 1 accomplishment since she became Sec of State other than shopping

          5. Scotchguard September 28, 2012

            Read the post by Jam O.

          6. onedonewong September 29, 2012


          7. marshall white September 28, 2012

          8. marshall white September 28, 2012

            you read it, didn’t you?

          9. auggiedoggy September 16, 2012

            Hill carries O-blamo’s shoes. Role reversal. Bet she really enjoys steppin’ and fetchin’.

          10. Joan Maurer September 17, 2012

            Why would she want too? Hillary Clinton is a well qualified lawyer who did well in private practice. Ms. Palin barely has a college degree. Not even her supportors would classify Ms. Palin as an intellectual or a diplomat.
            I for one am glad we do not have a Sect. of State observing Russia from her porch!

          11. onedonewong September 17, 2012

            She did well in private practice?? You mean white water and futures?? Name for me 1 accomplishment of Hilary as either as a Senator or Sec of State just 1. She is neither an intellectual or a diplomat
            I can name you a dozen from Palin’s career as Governor. Mrs Palin has a degree. Guess you relish a president that thinks we have 57 states. PS Palin can see Russia from her porch

          12. Jam O September 24, 2012

            Myanmar, I live in Asia and I have watched the approach this administration has taken with Myanmar, and quite frankly this is a masterpiece of how to deal with despotic nations.
            The administration was given just a sliver of a opening into Myanmar, and they stuck in their toe. That opening came when Myanmar voted against China building a dam on the Mekong. They have since lost their Chinese benefactors. There was no recrimination against the junta, just working with Myanmar as a whole, and at a pace they are comfortable with. This administration and Mrs. Clinton in particular seem to understand the nuances and subtleties needed to move this diplomatic initiative along.
            Now Ms. Suu Kyi is in Washington, free to travel wherever she pleases. Even more importantly, the US diplomatic efforts are not being written by lobbyists for Chevron.
            Quite frankly, I believe Mrs. Clinton deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for this effort, and while this is not a panacea for dealing with despotic regimes, it bears studying for future efforts.

          13. onedonewong September 29, 2012

            who the hell cares about myanmara. a backward country who’s only claim to fame is a cocaine. Ms Kry is in the US doing nothing but living off the us taxpayers

          14. Irene49 October 15, 2012

            You’re an idiot, no more replies to you onedumazzhole

          15. CPANewYork November 15, 2012

            How does anyone get to be as uninformed as you?

          16. onedonewong November 15, 2012

            Just live in NYC for awhile and you will become completely comatose

          17. ridgerunner110 September 29, 2012

            Palin wears shoes?

          18. gl0beTroTTer October 8, 2012

            You just made my day!

          19. seagazer101 October 7, 2012

            You go right ahead and vote for her, Honey. Maybe she’ll invite you to sit on her porch and look at Russia. I’ve been there, and there’s this little obstacle between her and that view: It’s called Denali; look at a map someday.

            Meantime I’d LOVE to see that list of the dozens of accomplishments.

          20. onedonewong October 7, 2012

            Guess your not use to using a US Map, your using the Kenya one that Barak has substituted in the schools and libraries

          21. Highly_Amuzed October 8, 2012

            If you cannot fathom how much more INTELLIGENT Hilary is than Sarah, then you are clearly as dumb as dumb is!>..

          22. onedonewong October 8, 2012

            has nothing to do with fathom Hilary’s intellect is as shallow as they come. All I asked was to name 1 single accomplishment of Hilary’s as either a Senator or as Sec of State… Palin’s has many Hill has 0

          23. trevor watson October 21, 2012

            then name palin’s many accomplishments.

          24. Independent1 October 13, 2012

            I think folks here should stop responding to your nonsense comments as like with lying Ryan, it’s virtually impossible to get common sense out of a total moron.

          25. onedonewong October 14, 2012

            You can’t handle the truth.. that’s what happens when you have a party of losers

          26. Irene49 October 15, 2012

            Was your party that ukfayed the economy, blew the war of WMD, blew foreign policy, blew the deficit, emptied the treasury, increased divisiveness among the electorate. Your party can’t handle governing, they make the country a loser whenever they do.

          27. nomoretraitors September 20, 2013

            No, instead we have one who basically handed the Russians a diplomatic coup with his off-the-cuff remarks. His predecessor ignored repeated requests for increased security at the consulate in Benghazi, refused to send aid as the attack was in progress, deceived the American people with a phony story afterwards about a YouTube video, then has the gall to tell a Congressional investigating committee “what difference at this point does it make” when questioned about the motivation of the attacks.
            If that’s your idea of competence, that’s scary

          28. Ken S September 18, 2012

            of course she can’t, because Palin probably owns like a thousand pairs. Now, if you’re talking ability to do the job as secretary of state or any other government job above say, dogcatcher, I would have to ask, what in hades have you been smoking?

          29. onedonewong September 18, 2012

            Can you name a SINGLE accomplishment of Hillarys either as senator or sec of state???

            Still waiting…

            still waiting having trouble???

          30. CPANewYork November 15, 2012

            Ken S:

            I’m certainly not an admirer of Sarah Palin, but I would like someone to detail Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments for me, starting with her tenure as a senator from New York.

            I’ve asked this question of two other people who expressed their admiraton of Mrs. Clinton, but all I received was vague references to her abilities and success as a lawyer.

            I have read comments on the internet about some bad things that happened to people who crossed Hillary Clinton or who held information detrimental to her political ambitions. When Vince Foster allegedly shot himself in Rock Creek Park, a story circulated that Hillary Clinton and her chief assistant entered Foster’s office and took all of his files. I believe that Hillary Clinton didn’t hold any official government positions at that time.

          31. David Arias September 18, 2012

            onedonewong: What on earth have you been smokin???

          32. onedonewong September 18, 2012

            Name 1 just 1 accomplishemnt of Hilary’ either in the senate or as Sec of State. I can name 10 for Palin

          33. charles holloway September 18, 2012

            Dum dum, dont you know? If you dont know why should we tell you.

          34. onedonewong September 20, 2012

            Must be a state secrete HuH??? looks like you got NOTHING

          35. seagazer101 October 7, 2012

            At least you have your two little friends supporting you. You’re so stupid, they probably have to tie your shoes for you.

          36. onedonewong October 7, 2012

            Can’t name 1 much as I thought

          37. David September 19, 2012

            You must be confused the former “beauty queen” couldn’t carry he Rhodes Scholars shoes..

          38. onedonewong September 19, 2012

            you must be able to read well we’re talking Sarah Palin VS Hilary and Hilary is no Rhodes scholar

          39. seagazer101 October 7, 2012

            How would YOU know? You’re so stupid you believe Palin can see Russia from her porch, and THAT is stupidity compounded.

          40. onedonewong October 7, 2012

            Having been to Alaska multiple times on fishing trips an I can confirm you can see Russia from a lot of porches. On the other hand Hilary can’t see her shoes unless she takes them off, too hard to get past her big belly and triple chins

          41. ord September 20, 2012

            You must be from another planet.

          42. Ed Carlock September 21, 2012

            WOW…You are a piece of work

          43. onedonewong September 29, 2012

            its a sham that hilary and barak are sos and pres, neither one is smart enough to deliver newspapers

          44. Arthur Gane September 22, 2012

            That’s a joke, RIGHT

          45. onedonewong September 29, 2012

            Your right Hill is so fat she can’t bend over to pick them up

          46. Steven Ketza September 24, 2012

            Yes Palins shoes are too full of crap

          47. onedonewong September 29, 2012

            Hilary doesn’t own a pair of heels just 1 step and all that weight turns them into flats like her chest

          48. Mike Johnson September 26, 2012

            Hope this was snark – cuz if not you are clueless…

          49. William September 26, 2012

            What world do you live in. she wasn’t even asked to her own parties convention. Dumb and dumber

          50. onedonewong September 27, 2012

            was Hilary there??

          51. ALWAYS RIGHT October 25, 2012

            it’s against the law for the sec of state to come to the convention…dumb dumb

          52. CPANewYork November 15, 2012

            What law is that?

          53. Maynard September 27, 2012

            I do not think she will ever have to.

          54. onedonewong September 27, 2012

            problem she’s not smart enough or can even bend over with that big GUT she has

          55. Scotchguard September 28, 2012

            Oh, I get it…..TROLL

          56. onedonewong September 29, 2012

            I notice that you were unable to refute my points

          57. Miguel October 4, 2012

            Palin is an idiot and anyone who does not think so must be just as stupid. Let me see if you can pass the Palin test. Is Africa a country? And your answer is….

          58. onedonewong October 10, 2012

            Its one of the 57 States….I’m barak obama and I approve this answer

          59. Miguel October 4, 2012

            The reason that Hilary can’t carry Palin’s shoes is that Hilary is too busy being Secretary of State. Palin couldn’t even handle four years of being a state Governor, remember, she quit the position.

          60. onedonewong October 4, 2012

            can you name a SINGLE accomplishemnts???

            Still waiting,,,

            Hmmm guess you can’t find any

          61. Irene49 October 15, 2012

            Thanks to Jam O for this response to our troll onedonewong……
            I live in Asia and I have watched the approach this administration has taken with Myanmar, and quite frankly this is a masterpiece of how to deal with despotic nations.
            The administration was given just a sliver of a opening into Myanmar, and they stuck in their toe. That opening came when Myanmar voted against China building a dam on the Mekong. They have since lost their Chinese benefactors. There was no recrimination against the junta, just working with Myanmar as a whole, and at a pace they are comfortable with. This administration and Mrs. Clinton in particular seem to understand the nuances and subtleties needed to move this diplomatic initiative along.
            Now Ms. Suu Kyi is in Washington, free to travel wherever she pleases. Even more importantly, the US diplomatic efforts are not being written by lobbyists for Chevron.
            Quite frankly, I believe Mrs. Clinton deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for this effort, and while this is not a panacea for dealing with despotic regimes, it bears studying for future efforts.

          62. Mark October 4, 2012

            Why? How many shoes does she have? Do Alaskans have to wear snow shoes? Do they ever take their shoes off? Do they sleep with their shoes?

          63. seagazer101 October 7, 2012

            Really, that’s meeting stupidity with more of the same. Have you heard of Anchorage? It’s got better weather than Minnesota.

          64. Samuel William Bopp October 7, 2012

            Why would she want to?

          65. onedonewong October 7, 2012

            That’s the only skill set she has. Even Bill said she’s no good at sex

          66. Jacqui October 10, 2012

            You really need to get a life. You seem to be living vicariously off of Sarah Palin’s. You both have nasty mouths.

          67. Jonathan Cresswell October 15, 2012

            You are a FOUL and STUPID and VULGAR little man/ or woman. I am no fan of Sarah Palin,.but ewven SHE would be offended by your crass, crude,.and Offensive comments about The Secretary of State. Hillary Clinton did not attend the Democratic Convention,.because as a sitting Secretary of State,.you do not attend political conventions. Bill Clinton is a Rhodes Scholar,..and Hillary is a BRILLIANT woman,..whom I admire,..even when I disagree with her. I suggest now that you stop all this nonsense,..and all the rest of us will ignore you. Having a political difference is one thing,.beig a filthy mouthed,.well,.I refuse to go any further with this.

          68. seagazer101 October 7, 2012


          69. onedonewong October 7, 2012

            she can’t bend over to touch the ground, that big FAT belly is in the way

          70. Jacqui October 10, 2012

            you are a class a idiot. why dont you join palin on her porch and watch Russia?

          71. onedonewong October 10, 2012

            I would but I’m trying to visit all 57 sates before the election

          72. Independent1 October 13, 2012

            I’m sure she wouldn’t want to they would stink so bad.

          73. onedonewong October 14, 2012

            She is use to picking up Bills cum stained shorts all over the world as she cleans up his messes

          74. Irene49 October 15, 2012

            She wouldn’t want to as they’re always in Palin’s mouth.

          75. Laidetea October 17, 2012

            Palin can’t keep her weave together…..Please. Palin can’t even visit the White House nor carry the FLOTUS shoes let alone be compare to former FLOTUS/Secretary of State Hillary. At least Hillary can keep a job. Palin went awol after rogue episodes

          76. Tully Mars October 17, 2012

            I doubt anyone could carry Sarah shoes. The stank must be awful.

          77. s2ss October 21, 2012

            Yah, look how good Palin did for Mccain.

          78. Daniel October 29, 2012

            and my dad can beat up your dad..

          79. onedonewong October 29, 2012

            I didn’t know that your dad had awoke from his drunken stupor

          80. A j CARIAGA jr November 4, 2012


          81. onedonewong November 4, 2012

            No question Clinton has more going on right now she holds the record for eating the most hot dogs in a single setting and has also won the pie eating contest. Right now she tops the scales at 350 pounds and has to be flown on a Cargo plane where ever she goes. I’m still waiting for 1 just 1 foreign policy accomplishment

          82. Michael Richards November 4, 2012

            Who could? She’s like a size 12. Mammoth feet that one.

          83. onedonewong November 4, 2012

            Hilary doesn’t own any heels. After one days wear 4 in heels turn into flats from all the weight

          84. Fran November 6, 2012

            First of all…you bet that Hillary cannot wear Palins shoes..because first of all, Hillary if governor of alaska would have never frauded that state as Palin misspent the monies of the state..and after she frauded the state…instead of going to the Attorney General’s office to set up a trust fund to pay the state back all the monies she swindled from the state…for her facelifts…etc..and using the money on herself and the family…she went trough lawyers…thinking that she could deceive some more…and she quit that job because the heat was just too much for her…Hillary, isn’t like that..Palin suffers from narissism just as Mitt Romney…she is a con-artist and an actress just like Mitt is an actor..and love being on stage..to perform do your homework when you comment on here…you insert your foot into your big mouth..and don’t know what in the hell you are talking about…

          85. onedonewong November 6, 2012

            You mean like White Water, or her billing records or her futures buying or Vince Foster “suicide”.
            No Hilary bills the US Government $250,000 a year for the use of a cottage o her estate so they can provide security for her. Hilary is with out question the biggest crook to ever occupy the WH since LBJ. Whether taking $$ for pardons to taking $$ for speeches and campaigning for barak .
            When you post after me then make sure your literate and writing in the English language not ebonics that you and barak love so much

          86. charles holloway November 13, 2012

            What world do live in, can you see russia from your house on clear day.

          87. onedonewong November 13, 2012

            Sure can when you have the advantage of all 57 states

          88. James D November 13, 2012

            Reply to one wong dong…..you can carry her shoes and her daughters shoes and her out of wedlock offspring. You can pay for them too….sucker!

          89. onedonewong November 13, 2012

            She’s shoeless now because every time Hilary goes to carry one she eats it to maintain her 300 pounds of ass

          90. CPANewYork November 15, 2012


            You’re a jerk.

          91. onedonewong November 15, 2012

            Palin is head and shoulders smarter than bloomberg and Kumo, and hilary on her tiptoes can’t come any father than her knees

          92. Luther E Corbett November 16, 2012

            Are you on something.

          93. onedonewong November 16, 2012

            Hilary is on a pork chop look at her hands

          94. John Sehler November 18, 2012

            onedonewrong: You off your meds? You need another shot of Fox news?

          95. onedonewong November 18, 2012

            just stating the obvious

        3. auggiedoggy September 16, 2012

          Libtardians – all answers, all talk, all the time. Complaints, no solutions. Always in good form, no surprises here.

        4. Korey September 24, 2012

          Can you imagine four more years of Obama and having gas be $6.50 / gallon?

          1. FixYourselfFirst September 27, 2012

            Korey – have you ever actually looked at the ones charging you 6.50 a gallon? The same Oil companies making huge profits. The Oil companies that the government subsidizes? A vote for Romney will allow Oil companies to keep holding America hostage. The more we move away from oil, the better off we will all be. Had it not been the oil companies we would have thriving industries that get energy from the sun or bio fuels by now. All that technology was invented long ago – it was the Oil companies that oppressed the advancement and widely acceptage usage of these sustainable resources that cause less damage to the planet. Why is it Obama’s fault when he’s trying to turn America down another path and reduce oil dependency? Do you support Romney’s plan for allowing oil companies to drill anywhere for the “chance” that oil might be found? Where are your priorities? If you want cheaper – stop paying for oil and join the fight against Big Oil. The more we consume oil and the more we live this lie that we are dependent on Oil, the more they win and the more profits they get while charging us more and more.

          2. Andrew McLean October 4, 2012

            Wait world the American some of the American public wants to deliver to the world another moron President in the stupid name of Mitt. It appears that roughly half of the American public who support this unbelieveable moron mormon Mitt Romney are completely stupid, gulible, blind & brainwashed.
            They want to give the world another twit like Bush (who caused the problem but the Americans dont want to hear that) They actually believe that their world would be without any crisis – There would be an abundance of jobs – Gas would be really cheap – Food would be cheap – America would be the power they were before – If it wasnt for Obama. What a complete load of crap – but 50% of Americans believe it! You see that sector of Americans cannot see beyond their own back yard when it comes to the real world.

            Frankly I really do hope that Mitt gets elected cause then I can watch America fall from the greatness it once was, to the third world nation it wil become – I will not have to worry, although it troubles me that other nations will pay a price with Mitt the twit flip flopney in power – hopefully we can ride it out.

            Here is what the 50% that support this goofball believe:

            Health Care is not needed – The I’m alright jack attitude.
            Obama did nothing – There were no fillibusters.
            America does not need a balanced budjet.
            The republicans did nothing to create the problems that the country is in over the past four years.

            I would go on but I cant – I’m laughing to hard about these fools.


          3. nrash58 October 19, 2012

            Andrew – sometimes I feel the same way about Mitt being president, just to show them what would happen. But, imagine it – he would just blame everything on Obama. Of course, they will all say just like Obama blames Bush. We all know what happened under Bush – the facts speak for themselves, however these people don’t deal in facts! They wouldn’t know a fact if it bit them in the (you know what) and even then they would still have to verify it with Faux News. I cringe at the thought of Romney becoming President! This democracy as we know it will come to an end! It will be a long fought battle to win our country back from CORPORATE AMERICA!

        5. Barbara October 2, 2012

          LOL! But…omg!

        6. Mary October 7, 2012

          OMG!!! It gives me nightmares to even try and imagine it!

        7. S October 9, 2012

          Yikes! Is your real name Wes Craven??? Scary stuff!!!

        8. Pam Henderson October 13, 2012


        9. Bethleen October 25, 2012

          Hell NO!

        10. NorFin October 26, 2012

          If that happens it will be a sad day. There’s room up here folks Sincerely, Your Canadian Neighbor

      2. montanabill September 14, 2012

        That’s a joke, right?

        1. joyscarbo September 15, 2012

          The real joke is Mitt Romney’s campaign for the presidency. What else can he do to make himself look completely inept?! I have a vision of a nail poised on the lid of team Romney/Ryan’s coffin. It’s becoming clearer every time either of dupes opening their mouths.

      3. onedonewong September 14, 2012

        when will he start?/

      4. auggiedoggy September 16, 2012

        Wow. If only a Fleabagger Liptard really could validate the source of this wealth of information. Based on recent world events, I’d say that Oblam-o has pretty much screwed our presence on the world stage for decades to come. Does the term ‘Can’t make it worse”, looking at the economy, ring a bell? Like Romney tucks and runs like his Majesty? Puh-lease.

        1. el September 19, 2012

          It’s from a better source than yours.10 to 1 your source is THAT CARTOON SHOW FOX NEWS.

        2. el September 19, 2012

          It’s from a better source than yours.You’ve been watching that cartoon show Fox News too long.

        3. Scotchguard September 28, 2012

          Oh, another TROLL

      5. Steve September 17, 2012

        Obama had the intellect to understand where places are on a map and know that the cold war is over though…

      6. Michael Bryant Sr. September 17, 2012

        So why put your foot in your mouth. I was teach, when I don’t know something. Don’t say nothing. Beside the guy has been a governor once. They interact with foreign countries all the time. All the jobs he outsourced to India and China. China of all places. They are still communist and very hard on the working class. At least Russia has free elections now. Mitt just mad because the Russians will not let him hide any of his offshore investment profits in their banks. Either that or his just plain STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!

      7. jklasf September 30, 2012

        yes “clearly more qualified,” are you being sarcastic? Are US citizens safer now than they were 4 years ago? or would you consider your own death caused by terrorists or a death of a loved one as just “a bump in the road?”

      8. Kansan October 3, 2012

        Obama had a degree in International relations before he got his law degree, had lived in Indonesia for years as a child, and had traveled throughout the world.

        Romney has extensive experience in international affairs as well, as he’s visited his money in many countries from Switzerland to the Cayman Islands and went to Israel to grovel before the most reactionary Zionists.

      9. Miguel October 4, 2012

        Obama was a congressman, of course he had plenty of knowledge about international affairs. Who do you think makes the policy on international affairs anyways? Congress does.

        1. CPANewYork November 15, 2012


          Wrong. Some people in Congress, the President and the State Department mahe our country’s foreign policy.

      10. Ken October 4, 2012

        Which is it? Romney is an international businessman who outsources to China or he has no foreign experience. You can’t have both.

        1. CPANewYork November 15, 2012

          Yes you can. Outsourcing jobs overseas has nothing to do with knowledge of foreign affairs, because outsourcing is a straightforward arithmetic calculation. Knowledge of foreign affairs requires familiarity with geopolitics and how our nation’s actions affect our allies and the present balance of power.

      11. Dean Rocco Chirieleison October 17, 2012

        yeah… all he has to do is cave in to russian interests as he told putin he would when he gets reelected,remember? or didn’t you see the video that was taped of Obama telling Putin,he just needed time until after the election,He’s a weak leader favored by weak minded folks such as yourself{you probably are also benefitting from one of his handouts,paid for by us hard working Americans.

      12. Don October 26, 2012

        Obama has failed miserably in foreign policy and has even chosen to partner with the Muslim brotherhood who is a terrorist organization. Wake up he has weakened America like no other President has ever done.

      13. VedX October 27, 2012

        Sorry to disappoint you, but as a Harvard business school grad, it’s unlikely he would know less knowledgable than you about geopolitical facts.

        1. CPANewYork November 15, 2012

          Don’t use a degree from the Harvard Business School as a mark of accomplishment or intelligence. George W. Bush is a Harvard business School graduatec and he strikes me as being quite a bit on the dumb side.

          If Bush is as dumb as the media make him out to be, it’s really a shame that he was even admitted to the Harvard Business School. It’s a disgrace that he was awarded a degree. If he’s as dumb as the media makes him out to be, then one has to conclude that his admission to the school and his degree were obtained through other than academic means.

      14. MichDR October 31, 2012

        Not to worry. Before the polls open on Tuesday, Romney will have changed his stance on Russia. But, first he needs to get a feel for what will get him in the WH. The clock is ticking.

      15. Fran November 6, 2012

        George…what would you know…Obama has help from behind the scenes from people that has served in that same office…he has people that have the highest respect..and if you are so self-righteous as I think that you are..you must have memory loss…right now..Bill Clinton, one of the best orators of our time..he has been helping Obama…and by the way..Obama doesnt’ have a “big mouth” as you do…he has Hillary working on international affairs..am I right?…doesn’t he have people working in different departments that are handling their end of the job…you are one that has the “foot in mouth disease” and don’t even know who is handling international affairs..poor thing

      16. James D November 13, 2012

        The main difference between Obama and Robme is that Obama made a choice to serve the interests of America with all he had. With Romney it is just that he wanted to be the chief exec. as he always was. Take the money and let the underlings take the fall.

      17. sam arzhang November 14, 2012

        Unfortunately he is not the only one, if you re-collect, at live Television interview,GW Bush, when he was asked :do you know the Denmark? answered , yes it is Capital of Sweden, then what you expect of ordinary people, over 64% haven’t travelled oversea , do not have passport ,nevermind general knowledge ,but they have Gun’s .

      18. nomoretraitors September 20, 2013

        The Mideast is a mess with the expansion of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Russians are upstaging us over Syria despite his “intense international experience”

    2. auggiedoggy September 16, 2012

      Gee, the same guy who claimed we had what, 53 states? ] Says real Americans didn’t build anything, someone else did? Same guy who never held a real job, soaked up the benefits of social engineering via LBJ’s “Great Society”? “Constitutional Law Professor” given his degree by rubber stamping Communists at Harvard, who obviously doesn’t respect the Constitution or the separation of the branches of government (for the Libtards, that’s the Exec, Legislative, Judicial) and (obviously got race based grading and earned exceptionalism from collective white guilt pandering, due to the lack of hard credits earned, AKA as “zero” transcripts (if a doctored birth certificate means anything, why should we believe he actually got a degree from Hah-vahd). More like an honorary degree – so much for a community organizer. Wait, who was the failed artist/paper hanger/anarchist from Germany who took us to the brink of destruction?

    3. auggiedoggy September 16, 2012

      An Obama-nation is what you meant. Sorry, hope this helps.

    4. Charles Gunn September 30, 2012

      Romney did NOT refer to Russia as the Soviet Union. His political adviser did. Romney may be a complete and total moron, but so are you for disseminating incorrect information.

      Get your facts straight so you don’t make the rest of us liberals look like uneducated jackasses.

    5. Dave B October 4, 2012

      Obama thinks we have 57 states, he thinks Hawaii is in Asia, says we built an “Intercontinental Railroad”, says Navy Corpse-Man because he isn’t smart enough to know that the s is silent in “Corpsman”, called Joe Biden the next President, he said: “On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes — and I see many of them in the audience here today “, and he made fun of the special Olympics just to name a few.

      “No, no. I have been practicing…I bowled a 129. It’s like — it was like Special Olympics, or something.”

    6. Wod Ocaya October 8, 2012

      One may add: “He is an arrogant and pompous tycoon who thinks he can Lord it over the majority of the poor-ill-informed Americans! His gaffe-filled trip abroad over the summer, should have been proof enough to tright-thinking Americans that he was not a presidential material for a great nation like the USA!

    7. jor623 October 9, 2012

      An abomination because he called Russia the Soviet Union. You must be receiving some type of goverment aid, I would guess medicaid and food stamps.

    8. Sacha Mason October 17, 2012

      as well as an idiot

    9. Bobby G October 19, 2012

      He want people to think that he is crazy. But, He has a plan to sell American down the drain. What that grin on his face…He has a plan, And we are not included.

    10. 1guy2 October 23, 2012

      Elizabeth, he is a habitual liar,that has no business running for ANY government office. After seeing the liar that he is,I can’t understand why the Mormon church has not ask him to resign. Only glad I’m not a Mormon

    11. Fran November 6, 2012

      Elizabeth…you didn’t understand the man too well…he is saying that he does not approve of Mitt’s rhetoric..he likes Obama a lot more to deal with…you just didn’t get what he said…if Mitt is in…Russia would do something…because Mitt doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut…or to say the right things..he changes his view points every 15 minutes..very unstable…

    12. nomoretraitors September 20, 2013

      He’s a private citizen. How is he a “threat to all Americans?”
      Just when I thought the left couldn’t get more stupid…..

      1. Elisabeth Gordon September 20, 2013

        My comment was written a year ago while Romney was running for President…read much?

        1. nomoretraitors September 21, 2013

          Yeah, I noticed it after I posted. (Makes ya wonder why National Memo still has it on the website after all this time)
          But I stand by my statement that you liberals keep re-defining stupidity for me

  10. digoweli September 14, 2012

    Seems Putin has read what the various American Presidents did to the American Indians through electioneering and profit. The American people never made a treaty that the next President couldn’t just ignore or outright reject. A missile shield is hardware with the guns trading hands every eight years at most and maybe even four. Why would anyone deal with us seriously around such issues? Look at how America follows Russian immigrants as if they were the truth. Ayn Rand, Orley Taitz insulting an American President who has had family in every war fighting for America since the revolution.

  11. Teddy Parker September 14, 2012

    Sure Romney may be an ignorant buffoon but there are millions in the electorate that are going to cast ballots for him simply because they’re “Obama haters”

  12. montanabill September 14, 2012

    Nice to know to know the National Memo sides with Vladimir on issues, because that will make Obama’s ‘flexibility’ with Putin that much easier after the election. He’ll have a guaranteed cheering section for unilateral disarmament.

    1. Charlie Watkins September 14, 2012

      Reporting that Putin, Thanked Romney for justifing Russia’s stance on the missile shield issue, IS NOT taking sides. It’s just stateing fact.
      As for Obama’s flexibility comment, I strongly suggest you get a Dictionary and look up the the word flexibility, you will find that there’s nothing Sinister about it, as you suggest. That too is merely a statement of fact. All politicians have more “flexibility” to negotiate after an election is over, in fact Obama was actually stating the obvious.

      1. montanabill September 14, 2012

        Would the National Memo print an article from Khomeini praising something Obama said? Am I to gather that you didn’t find anything just a little disturbing about Obama telling Medvedev to tell Putin he could be more flexible (re: nuclear disarmament) after he was re-elected? Change the name to Bush and see if you would feel the same.
        One more question. How are you going to feel about that missing missile shield if Putin is successful at rebuilding Russia’s strike capability?

        1. anyasnote September 14, 2012

          What Russian have NOBODY WILL EVER KNOW. Most of their so called Manufacturing is UNDERGROUND and THEY KEEP THEIR MOUTHS SHUT. Did you ever heard any reports from the Russian Media about what their agents are doing in other countries?? Did any Russians Senator or Congressman goes public and talk about people in Russian Gov. Are Muslim, or Liberals or whatever and must be investigated???(Bachmann + 4 dumb Rep).
          Romney opened his mouth before even actually happened – hmm.
          Another problem to criticize Obama but it backfired in his face.
          You want a man with loooose tongue and NO BRAIN for a Pres??? We had one for 8 yrs and we see the results.
          Drunkard and dumber than most US Pres and some will pick another Ditzy. World is watching, laughing and some attacking us for our IGNORANCE, INTOLERANCE and racism against other nations and their faith.

        2. Sand_Cat September 14, 2012

          The article isn’t “from Putin,” you idiot! Why don’t you try getting some eduction, and maybe a little sense, before making a fool of yourself in a public forum?

          Do they have schools up there in Montana? Actually, you shouldn’t embarrass that state by including its name in your inane postings here.

          1. montanabill September 14, 2012

            No, it is from idiots quoting Putin. Obviously you didn’t or couldn’t read what I wrote. By the way, you appear to need help putting together adequate insults. If you would like some help, I can point you in the right direction.

    2. Joel Sorenson September 14, 2012

      bill unilateral disarmament is the only sane path for a human future, the fact that anyone opposes it is hard to believe. Do you really think a world armed to the teeth and ready to go is better for mankind than a world without weapons? I’m not naieve enough to believe we are ready for that world yet but “come on man” do you seriously want our grand children living with missiles pointed at them just because we are so insecure that we can’t admit we want peace.

      1. montanabill September 14, 2012

        Joel, we have had security in this country since 1945 for only one reason. My grandfather had grandchildren with missiles pointed at them and one of the reasons they were never used is that we could hit back and hit back hard. Almost everyone in this country wants peace, but look around. If Iran gets a nuclear weapon, who would deter them from using three on Israel in a surprise attack. Would Russian or France retaliate for Israel? Putin is working hard to restore Russia’s military. Would he be afraid of our conventional weapons when he has a large nuclear arsenal? If China wasn’t worried about us, they would have taken Taiwan years ago. There is no way we could fight a ground war with China. Worse, there is a massive, suicidal Islamic population that fully intends to fly their flag on the White House and they make no apologies when saying that. Unilateral disarmament? Join the real world.

  13. howa4x September 14, 2012

    Romney and his republican party are reaching into their, how do we scare people bag, and pulling out a very old relic. Thats right folks we need to be frightened of the red menace, again. You know that Russian bear that wants to gooble up territory, but had all it’s soviet member states leave,and the one that got its ass kicked in afganistan, or the one that has formed an oligarc based on petrol, that one? Really!!!
    I know that Romneys advisors are older neo-cons but as they say on sports center” come on man”?

  14. TabyCat8218 September 14, 2012

    I have no knowledge of any such quote from Hillary Clinton, but if she did say such a thing, at least she waited until AFTER he was dead and the mission was accomplished. That is more than I can say for President Bush, who sat on an aircraft carrier declaring MISSION ACCOMPLISHED when it clearly wasn’t. On election day, my ballot will be cast, along with millions of others to RE-ELECT President Obama and Vice President Biden for 4 more years. I cringe and shiver at the thought of the alternative.

    1. Scotchguard September 28, 2012

      I won’t wait until election day. I’ll be voting for OBAMA as early as I can.

  15. adriancrutch September 14, 2012

    Rommie’s 65 years old, he should out terrorizing fisherman,skiers& canoers in his big boat! The idiot is eligible for social security for christ’s sake!

  16. Melvin Chatman September 14, 2012

    This CLOWN could get us all KILLED!!

  17. Jonathan Hughes September 14, 2012

    The thing people need to protect is the soul. A good soul gives good. A bad soul gives bad. It is simple. Bombs cannot save the soul. In fact using them kills the soul. Using them would be the worst thing anyone could possibly do. They would be like the foolish Peter slicing off the ear of the high priest.

  18. Cindy Stuart September 14, 2012

    Obama just declared that Egypt is not our ally. Is he an idiot or what? He was also too busy campaigning to listen in on security briefings where credible evidence existed that on 9/11 our embassys would be in danger. 9 /11!!!! does that ring any bells. Did he wisely fortify our embassy defenses; did he order our Marines to at least carry live ammo. He did nothing. He is Jimmy Carter part 2. Wake up America. Obama is clueless and he is sending those signals worldwide. He coddles our enemies and outright disrespects our friends. Ie: Benjamin Netanyahu. Everyone of his policies is disasterous. Look around you! How can you reelect this man whose a dismal failure at best. When elected he had a lot of good will along with the Senate and the house; the entire govenment was his and he proceeded on his goal to “fundamentally change America” (his words) Thank God for the midterm election that slowed him down. Open your eyes to these last 4 years and you want to double down on them!!! There’s a saying that you get the gov’t you deserve. God help us if he is reelected. Oh I forgot, you Dems removed God and support for Israel from your platform.

    1. Joel Sorenson September 14, 2012


      The economy is WAAAAAY better than it was, health care is an enormous problem and ACA only went halfway to fixing it, everyone in America is better off then in 2008 and it is getting better all the time. Look up some actual facts for yourself.

    2. Joseph Hemphill September 14, 2012

      you are just another low information poster spewing fox talking points, right out of the Joseph Goebbles playbook. Mittens displays sociopath tendencies and suffers from narcissistic disorder and should be in isolation and on heavy meds.

  19. Sand_Cat September 14, 2012

    Isn’t your statement about the effectiveness of this “shield” just a tiny bit overoptimistic?

    Have they succeeded in hitting anything that didn’t have built-in attractants yet, even in tests under ideal conditions?

  20. Rhiannon West September 14, 2012

    Romney should open his mouth and insert both feet permanently. This man is a danger to our country.

  21. Ford Truck September 14, 2012

    So now Romney is helping the Russians (who he still thinks is the Soviet Union) in their backward stance, and helping them justify their opposition to a missile defense system. He says Russia is the biggest U.S. enemy, yet he is siding with them. That makes him guilty of treason!!

  22. Jose T September 14, 2012

    If Mr. Putin said it, it has to be true!

    Mr. Romney keep tripping over his own feet–keep listening to Little Man Karl Krove.

  23. Raymond Brytan September 14, 2012

    The Brits, another people with an opinion of the guy, were right. He’s a “twit.” That someone who engages in such inflammatory rhetoric, cons his way through “legal,” yet questionable, investments in offshore banks, (add your own “furthermore”) is fostered as a candidate for the highest office in the land is pathetic.

    No doubt the Brits consider some among our electorate to also be twits. Shame on us.

    1. CPANewYork November 15, 2012

      The English are in no position to criticize the United States for incompetence. Their successive governments have been unable to stem the downward spiral of England’s position in the international arena.

  24. johnk September 14, 2012

    If I remember correctly at the time of the Vietnam War, America had the most powerfull military in the World, and look what that Mission Accomplished. There are other examples of the power of American military wasted efforts, but Russia, at the time, had only nukes, that concerned us, same as Israel and India, and maybe China.

  25. Butch September 14, 2012

    Let lil dink mitt and the republicKKKans scream war it won’t be their problem it will be our son’s and daughter’s our economic dollars! OUR RECOVERY! buyer beware! WE are NOT in the RR PLAN = WAKE UP! Obama 2012.

  26. Carlos Gonzalez September 14, 2012

    Romney is not the man to lead this country! President Obama is sincere and deserves to be re-elected! Romney has a hidden agenda this country can not afford !

  27. Wokeup flared up September 15, 2012

    With Mitty we will not have to worry about paying out aid to all the world, we will be in wars with them. Not even elected( I hope not) he is destroying our relations with other nations.

  28. rridge September 15, 2012

    Republicans chose Romney, a good looking guy, to get the women’s vote. He really is, till he opens his mouth.

  29. alumahead September 15, 2012

    Heaven forbid I agree with Putin, but the man has a point. Mitt’s a frigging foreign policy disaster.

  30. PGA September 15, 2012

    Every time Mitt open his mouth something stupid comes out.

  31. Gerald Rollins September 15, 2012

    ROMNEY is a rich man who is out of touch and time with reality. HE doesn’t have a clue of what it is to struggle and live payckeck to paycheck, he just wants more power to turn the clock back……

  32. chacalcdn September 15, 2012

    Mitt the TWIT did it again, LOL
    Please give him a $lollypop and send him back to his vault.

  33. Kent September 15, 2012

    Europeans are horrified at the idea of a Romney victory and a Secretary of State John Bolton, and a Secretary of Energy- from the oil industry. I am glad I already voted absentee- the ballot was marked straight Democratic.
    Enough of the rhetoric. Organize, make sure to vote, even getting a voter i.d. in voter id states. help others to get voter i.d.s, and get out the vote. for a straight Democratic ticket.

  34. Justin_Fair September 15, 2012

    Mitt Romney is so far out of the loop that a win for him would be devastating to America. Already the Russians don’t trust him, the British don’t like him, members of his own party don’t believe in him. I don’t understand how this race is a “dead heat”. Who are those who want him as our president? There aren’t that many racists in the US, are there?

  35. Cathy Hoskins September 15, 2012

    I agree that Mitt Romney needs to stop attacking other countries with his words and what do we want to do send our children to war again so they can be killed. I for one would like to see our leaders try negotiations first then go start a war.

  36. Themad Scientist September 16, 2012

    Not even in office and already screwing up. This is the GOP’s answer to Obama. The question is almost more palatable.

  37. A j CARIAGA jr September 16, 2012


  38. Michael C September 16, 2012

    i think romney all just stay out big desengion stay out if youdont know let president do his job ithink obama doing good

  39. auggiedoggy September 16, 2012

    Putin. KGB. Loves Obama for his stupidity and complete lack of spine in foreign affairs.
    Romney, knows a Red and a Red lover too when he sees one, calls a spade a spade. Better knowing your enemy (kids, read about the Russian alliance with the Nazis during WWII before Hitler turned on them), rather than grovelling before our enemies and kissing a–

  40. haidacable September 16, 2012

    I think the credibilty is now becoming an issue over time after many remarks Romney suggested raises concerns how would he manage the situation if he was in power, I can see he wants to change things around fast and I don’t thinks Americans wants that changes being drastically that we may later rethink “How did we voted Romney in the first place?”

  41. Kunal Sharma September 17, 2012

    Mitt Romney is an Ignorant, Arrogant Coward who didnt even have the guts to join in support the US during the Vietnam War…….He is another George Bush who will do a lot more damage to the Country……….What is happening i fail to understand………………

  42. Michael Bryant Sr. September 17, 2012

    At least on his travels to the white house Obama wasn’t hopping around on one foot because the other one was in his mouth all the time like Mitt (Al Capone) Romney. I call the guy Al Capone because he thinks we have forgot about those tax reports

  43. Ken S September 18, 2012

    you have no idea what she has done or hasn’t done. Compared to the huge barnful of steaming manure that the last president and secretary of state left, the fact we’re not in another war or two by now is an accomplishment in itself!

  44. Ken S September 18, 2012

    I have to hand it to you, I have no idea who you are attempting to insult here with the term Libtardian, it could be republicans, liberals, or libertarians, or two of the three, of all of the above. Good job; you’ve really stumped us here.

  45. mangydog September 18, 2012

    It’s incredible that a country as powerul as ours can only produce as a candidate for president this total ignoramus who has a severe case of foot in mouth decease!

  46. Joseph Ogunrinu September 18, 2012

    Republicans and TeaParty are a group of knuckleheads that can trusted with America in all areas. They are just seriously empty up there. Let’s impeach Romney even before he loses in November 6. I thought 4 years is more enough to study the Presidential stuffs. He knew he was going to sit for the exam. Somebody!please help him.

  47. charles holloway September 18, 2012

    Mitt romney you are no ronald reagan, you are a want a be, i did not vote for ronald reagan in 1980. In 1984 i was sold on ronald reagan, the american people learn we could trust him, even most democrates could trust him. Sure there are a lot of conservatives republicans that will go down with you until the end,because you are all we have now. If we lose this election its your fault.Russia is a threat, but they are not are # 1 foe Mitt Romney can you trust your self?

  48. ca19th50 September 19, 2012

    This is only one reason that Romney should not be President of the USA

  49. Patricia September 19, 2012

    Romney, Romney, Romney — everytime you open your mouth you make the world a worse place to live in.

  50. j0eschm0e September 20, 2012

    stop the saber rattling already, its only costing more and more in the long run. with everyone having their guard up constantly, other countries follow suit and then we wonder why…..

  51. nancy williams September 20, 2012

    Obama has experience allright. Takin out leaders in middle east causing and uprising with the muslims and He and Hillary supporting Arab Spring in the name of democracy. Putin will not meet with Obama hates him. But, meet with Israels leader and others. China and Russia vetoed the votes against Syria because think the U.S. and U.N. are trying to take over the world. Bring in new world order. I saw a tv show last night where they are planning on taking our Guns and our Bibles. Bring in the New Word Order this does not scare you?? Think about people our democracy here is no more. We have pure evil in the Office. They are trying to split up Israel and the Lord makes it very clear you divide my land I WILL DIVIDE YOURS. We do not protect Israel then the curses come on us. So for all you none believers out there if you vote him back in office be ready for the ride of your life. Obama hates America and Americans.This is why he is standing for his middle east muslims.Read his books it is in there. He states he would stand for his faith if it comes down to it instead of America and you want to reelect him?? If you like Obama you will love the Anti Christ.

  52. ord September 20, 2012

    Romney scares the hell out of me!!! Plus he’s a wimp.
    They could have gotten someone , even me,
    who would be better than him.

  53. Foot September 20, 2012

    because the warmongers that profit from war like the billionaire Buddies of Bush are prepaying for Romney’s election we can count on agression. to spend $100,000 on a bomb makes more sense than rebuilding America’s inter structure or helping it’s people.

  54. John Aller September 21, 2012

    If President Obama would have said this, the Mitt Twitt supporters would have called him a terrorist. Sad how one guys big mouth can piss off the world.

  55. Chas123456789 September 21, 2012

    Mitt Romney is just a complete IDIOT!

  56. Chas123456789 September 21, 2012

    It is appalling that Americans can even consider a man who goes to Great Britain for the olympics and insults the English – our greatest allies. He goes to Israel for a photo op, and insults the Palestinians. He goes to Poland and insults the Poles. He opens his mouth about 47% of Americans and says he does not intend to represent them or pay attention to them, and insults everyone who is struggling to make ends meet in America by saying they are all entitled and just want hand outs from the state. Now he insults Russia by an absolutely stupid remark.
    How can anyone think he could be a good leader when he makes so many stupid mistakes. I just don’t understand it.
    And when the Republican party is saying that they endorse a Constitutional Amendment making it illegal for a woman to get an abortion, even when she is raped – this should offend every woman alive!
    And the Republicans are rabidly against equal rights for Gays and Lesbians.
    And the Republicans are rabidly anti hispanic.
    Who but the 1% would even consider voting for this party?
    They run on the platform that Government does not work, and have spent the last 4 years sabotaging everything the Democrats have tried to do to help the economy, create jobs, improve healthcare for Americans, lower taxes for the middle class…
    If they take power back in America, it will be an absolute nightmare for most Americans, and we will certainly lose all respect from our Allies.
    And when you consider that just ONE more ultra conservative Supreme Court Justice will definitely put women’s rights back 50 years, along with Gay rights, and all Minority rights…. (hello Jim Crow)…. people in America should be RUNNING to the polls to vote in Democrats everywhere.
    This may be the most important election of our lifetimes.

    1. Yarrr September 22, 2012

      You are a complete ass clown. He was right about the Brits not being prepared to host the Olympics and he never said he doesn’t plan on representing the 47%. He was merely talking about the strategy of trying to get elected. Why waste a lot of money and time trying to convince people who will not vote for him? Seems like a solid strategy going after the independent voters. Is he going to make a good President? No one knows for sure but for gods sake, your country can’t afford another 4 years of a President who has said he will not work with the House on a budget unless it involves higher taxes for the rich. It’s just wrong. As for the comment about the Olympics, believe me, he is 100% right. There were so many issues with the security we had hired that it was embarrassing. The security staff were sleeping through briefings and failing to catch bombs and weapons in mock runs.

    2. sydneyst September 24, 2012

      Chas, I agree with everything you’ve said. Your points were well considered. The majority of the rest of the world is horrified with the thought of Obama not being re-elected as President. He is held in great esteem in. Romney on the other hand is a walking disaster. The Republicans in my opinion have no right to power when they have, over the past four years, put their own interests before the interests of USA economy and it’s people.

    3. CPANewYork November 15, 2012

      Don’t be overly concerned about insulting the English. I worked alongside them before I retired and learned quickly that the English frequently insult the United States and are not sorry about it.

      The same goes for the Canadians. They “hate our guts.”

  57. TeAni Solomon September 21, 2012

    Oh, and Obama’s negotiable style has helped you Americans gain the LOVE of those countries whose people are killing your people and Ambassadors no less, has it? Guess what? You deserve Obama. By the end of his tenure, if you elect him again, you’ll be worse than a third world country – totally broke, which you already are with your $16T in debt! Oh boy, get your heads out of the sand – you are NOT the wealthiest country in the world as some of you keep spouting! Even our countries downunder (Australia in particular), are more wealthy than yours. Wake up America. Printing money willy-nilly does not mean you are wealthy. PAY YOUR DEBT, even if it means having to struggle while you are doing it!!

  58. Prime Time Limos Luxury Rental September 22, 2012

    Wow what a total mess before day one of a Government Job.

  59. Richard Baker September 23, 2012

    Gee Mitten Man, I always taught my people to think before they stuck a foot in their mouth – quit trying to be your father, it is not working.

  60. Gene Gilbert September 23, 2012

    Thanks Mitt! You just wasted alot of U.S money, time and efford! We our not at war but i can see who your working for! Do you live on being Stupid! Your not the Prez, and now you taken the the step of blowing another effort for the U.S and others to protect thenselves ! Who side our you on?

  61. Steven Ketza September 24, 2012

    The Russians are even showing why Romney needs to be shown the door. This man is not even President and hes already caused international tension between Russia and the US and NATO. I don’t even want to imagine what would happen if he was actually President.

  62. Matibili September 24, 2012

    Mitt the Twit strikes again!

  63. Matibili September 24, 2012

    Obama can actually just remain silent for the remainder of the campaign and win with a landslide without spending another dollar or saying another word. With buffoons like Mitt the Twit, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Ann Coulter (the list is endless) on the other team, Obama really does not need to waste his time campaigning!

    1. ALLLLAMERICAN September 26, 2012

      He will win for sure, just like four years ago with VOTER FRAUD!!!!!

      It was proven, they push Obama in from the very beginning.
      They forged signatures to get Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards on the Indiana Democratic Primary ballot in 2008.
      “Indiana State Police investigators identified a total of 22 petitions that appeared to be faked, yet sailed through the Voter Registration Board as legitimate documents,”

      Also an election worker was “ordered to forge presidential petitions for Barack Obama, illegally faking the names and signatures of unsuspecting voters to put the then-Illinois senator on the presidential primary ballot.”

      Also, at least 54 ACORN employees and individuals associated with ACORN had been convicted of voter fraud. It included fraudulent voting, identity fraud, perjury, voter registration fraud, forgery, and a variety of crimes related to the electoral process. ACORN itself was convicted of the crime of “compensation” in Nevada for its role in a conspiracy that gave voter registration canvassers cash for exceeding daily quotas.

      There were so many more, too many to mention—-the buses they sent around and had them vote Obama.—-It’s all so unreal and so unconstitutional. Everything he does in unconstitutional.

      Obama doesn’t believe in the CONSTATUION OF THE UNITED STAED OF AMERICA.

  64. Nerdyredneck September 24, 2012

    In other words Putin prefers a little wimp he can push around and who will probably even bow to him.

    Can’t blame Putin though, if I were in HIS place I too would rather have as an adversary a man who treats acts of war and murdering of ambassadors as “bumps in the road”.

    Heck, I would much rather have as my counterpart someone who spends more time at golf than security briefings!

    Putin is no fool!

    1. droccu September 24, 2012

      If Putin would like another George W. Bush- Romney is the guy!

  65. Nerdyredneck September 24, 2012

    Yup! But still so much better than Obama. 🙁

  66. PounceT September 24, 2012

    I hate it when putin is right

  67. hoodinki September 24, 2012

    I wish Putin was running against Obama and Romney, he’s a far better leader.

  68. Michael Meredith September 24, 2012

    Way to fucking go, Mitt.

  69. TheDrIsIn September 25, 2012
















    1. PounceT September 25, 2012

      Caps lock stuck?

  70. Rosa Jordan September 25, 2012

    It would be a good thing if Romney would do two (2) things. They are:

    #1 Sit down, and
    #2. Shut up.

  71. stormeagle1 September 26, 2012

    Just what we need – another global conflict stirred up by simpleminded GOP hotheads

  72. William September 26, 2012

    Talk like that is counter productive in this world. He’s just blowing smoke up his buddies butt.

  73. Joseph E Michel September 26, 2012

    Putin is such a d–k head, he’s the only Freaking KGB agent that hasn’t been debriefed that the cold war is over. That two extremely intelligent and articulate individuals, Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev ended it. Not to mention that no one wants to send any kind of missiles to Russia, Putin’s the only nut job over there that really believes someone or country actually wants to launch nuclear missiles at Russia. This guy just will not disconnect from the 60’s when he was a young, aggressive, KGB spy. He has to keep the good old days going with his STUPID 1960’s mentality. I suggest he starts to live in today’s world and for today’s Russian citizens and leave punk rock bands alone.

    1. Mixituphk Hk September 27, 2012

      Apparently Mitt Romney did not receive the ‘cold war is over’ briefing either.

    2. concerner September 27, 2012

      He’s dangerous but apparently, it’s hard to play trick on him. For some reason, if Romney got elected for example. Then Putin proves he got a point. So far, Romney becomes very scary with his remarks. God help us all not became ragged heads and have to learn stupid Koran, neither being stupidly led with airplane-window president.

      1. john townsend September 29, 2012

        Romney has assembled a foreign policy advisory team populated by the neo-cons (Bolton, Senor, etc) who counseled George Bush with horrific consequences from which the nation has not entirely recovered. And in this, his first forays into the international arena, it shows.

  74. abmill September 26, 2012

    Why are we even having an election? According to the media and their lickspittles, it’s over.

  75. Ayesha Khan September 26, 2012

    Putin is so confident in his observations, sometimes his statements are penetrating, and scary. The only one, head of state that i listen to really seriously. The impact of his comments is subtle. And he is so very correct when he said, Mr Romney is not fit for foreign policy, and this is the only one significant factor, that is the major blockage in Mitt Romney’s triumph for presidential elections–

  76. Jay Dee September 27, 2012

    Romney’s mouth will take us into another cold war, as well as a few hot wars…Syria, Iran and North Korea. For Romney to say, “Russia is our number one geopolitical foe,” while running for president only assures that the man is incapable of thinking before he speaks, and is unsure of what repercussions his flamboyant statements may cause if he were to get elected. Did he really think his statements would go unnoticed by the Russians? Hopefully the citizens of the United States are more level headed and re-elect President Obama, as Obama already demonstrated that cooler heads prevail during the Korean missile launch.

  77. paul bater September 28, 2012

    Putin is so righteous. I would go ahead and vote for the guy that he endorses because Putin is so honest. OK, did you sleepy dems see that? Its called more proof to the fact that Obama has lost international credibility. Let’s do the right thing and vote Romney in. You see Putin is trying to make Obama look good when actually he just doesnt want a missle defense set up in europe. He just wants a puppet in US presidency.

    1. flubalubaful September 29, 2012

      Romney just created a problem for America that would not have existed if he had just kept his mouth shut and you think this has anything to do with Obama, Putin has just said that although he believes Obama is dealing honestly with him he does not trust that a republican will not go back on there word and that is sad for the country and its security, or are you incapable of understanding the most basic principle of this post. To try to twist this in a way that it makes Romney look good is impossible, get over it and start to think about your country and not about Romney making these huge mistakes that cannot be taken back.

      1. LKLSPEEDY October 2, 2012

        and you would vote for a president that goes campaining after we lose amb. you are sick, bet your mother loves you

        1. flubalubaful October 2, 2012

          Seriously this has degenerated into a kindergarten comment section

  78. CaptainWes September 28, 2012

    It is obvious to me, as well as any THINKING (read non-fanatical Republican Tea Bagger) American, as well as those abroad, that Romney suffers from a form of political anthrax – more commonly known as Hoof In Mouth disease. The only known cure for this abominal virus is a closed mouth, and a lifetime ban from politics.

    It also would be a good idea for him to wash his feet at least every four hours.

    1. LKLSPEEDY October 2, 2012

      better close yours before bo sees a place to put his d==–0. or maybe you would LOVE that

      1. CaptainWes October 2, 2012

        Just look at the numbers and dates, and tell me that all of this started with Obama. Jobs exported back to the Reagan years, before he even started to clean up our economy ( or should that be clean OUT?). Companies bought up so that their assets could be converted, and then sent overseas. Advocating the end of the US auto industry.

        Why does he think he is so much better than all of the other Presidential candidates since, and including, his own father in the disclosure of tax records? My personal feeling is that those records will show he has lied about his “retirement: date from Bain Capital, and was, ndeed, in charge in 1999. They will probably also show just how much money he made when he invested $75M in Stericycle, a British company that recycles medical waste into fertilizer, including the purchase of aborted European fetuses. That would not sit well with his anti-abortion slate, since he makes money off of each and every abortion over there. You can’t justify banning abortion here and advocating it overseas on religious grounds, which is what most of the reasoning is.

        Dismissing 47% of our population as deadbeats is a disgrace to our people who have either worked all their lives to collect Social Security and receive Medicare, as well as those who are disabled adn unable to work. Every US veteran returning from war with injuries is a part of that 47% he alluded to. The President I want is the President who will be President of ALL the people, not just the ones who pay taxes.

        He is taking us BACK FROM THE FUTURE to a past that we have worked very hard to leave in the past. If you want to KEEP AMERICA AMERICAN, then go ahead and find yourself a KKK candidate, unless you have already found one?

  79. tomatoacecompany September 29, 2012

    Very strange reaction from mister Henry Decker.Putin is the better man compared to Romney….of course.I guess democrats would have a really tough time choosing between Putin and Obama.Obamas lip service is more important than thousands of russian nuclear warheads still targeted at the USA and its allies.Putin may be the right man for Russia but anyone suggesting he is for the US or its allies is a very sad nitwit.I choose Romney honesty above the stick my head in the sand politics of Obama any day.

    1. flubalubaful September 29, 2012

      I did not think anyone could drop to the level of stupidity of Romney but it seems like you are really making a good job of it.

    2. LKLSPEEDY October 2, 2012


  80. Robert2011GB September 29, 2012

    Romney sat out the Vietnam war in France. Not one of his 5 sons have ever served in the military. Like all armchair hawks he would plunge this country into war again and again.

    How can Russia or indeed any country ever trust America when men like Romney or Tea Partiers might gain power?

    1. LKLSPEEDY October 2, 2012

      and where was bo hiding, no one even knows where he is getting money for 88 million manson in hawaii. com on you know everything maybe you were hiding to

      1. Robert2011GB October 2, 2012

        Obama was 8 at the height of the Vietnam war, Romney was 19, the average age of the young men sent to fight in Vietnam. The difference between the two is that while Obama went to school, Romney was dodging the draft in France.

        As for the rest of your comment, keep on telling your white Republican lies, after all, you’ve only got until November 6 before you and all the good ol’ boys lose.

  81. 2012willbefun September 30, 2012

    An interesting site. Of course completely unbiased. But, um, where is the Dislike button?

  82. Stephan Larose September 30, 2012

    A Romney win would be a disaster for the entire planet. Voters, make sure your vote gets counted!

  83. ancientWisdom2 September 30, 2012

    I hate to side with Putin, but the truth is that a “missile shield ” is a Reagan-era scam, conning people into believing such a system could stop all incoming missiles. It would not. any modern missile would have MIRV technology (Multiple Independent Reentry Vehicles). Some warheads are bound to get through. The only function of such a system would be to make the threat of a first strike credible; it facilitates nuclear blackmail.

  84. C F October 1, 2012

    Putin for President of USA !!

    1. LKLSPEEDY October 2, 2012

      sure better than obama

  85. C F October 1, 2012

    I see censoring is at work here !!

  86. Dan107 October 1, 2012

    Stupid statements like Romney’s makes HIM one of America’s biggest enemies.

  87. Scruffy Forreal October 1, 2012

    Romeny should go back to SLC and help his fellow Latter Day Saints to continue converting dead Jews into Mormans. Golda Meir, Moshe Dayan, Albert Einstein, and Leonard Bernstein are sure going to be surprised come Judgement Day to see which line they will be standing.

    1. LKLSPEEDY October 2, 2012

      you sound like a a-s-s-h-o-l-e athiest yust because you suck bo, dont call people names, how does this sound, ha ha

      1. Robert2011GB October 2, 2012

        Typical white Republican cretinous moronic troll.

    2. LKLSPEEDY October 2, 2012

      and i guess you love that lying jerk reed, he is a morman, and 3 more dem. but you love than , and idoit polosi. what do you think,or do you

  88. CaptainWes October 2, 2012

    What Romney did was to go over there as a PROVATE CITIZEN, and make inflammatory as well as insulting remarks meant to be coming from the Head of State. The only difference is that he is a candidate for that position, while most idiots who go there are merely doing it on their own and expressing their own belief AS their own belief.

    What he did was go over there and attempt to undercut the sitting President, his State Department, as well as put all Americans abroad in jeopardy by inferring that his beliefs are their policies.

    The man is a warmongering fool, with delusions of a monied privelege that he, at this time, does NOT possess. He has given us a glimpse of his idea of the USA with him in charge, and it s NOT nice. He has opened up the door for more unfunded wars, as well as reason for other nations to not trade with the United States – as in import anything we have left to export, after he and his kind of “loyal Americans” had sent most of our industrial might overseas at the expense of our nation’s security.

    Yes, the man suffers from Hoof in Mouth disease, but he is also trying to insert his hoof into the mouth of every American citizen. That we cannot afford to allow.

    1. Dave B October 4, 2012

      Oh, like Jimmy Carter did when he talked to Hamas on Bush’s watch?

      Putin likes Obama because he is going to give him our defenses on a platter. “When he has more flexibility”.

      President Obama: “On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space.”

      President Medvedev: “Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you…”

      President Obama: “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.”

  89. Barbara October 2, 2012

    As always, don’t feed the trolls. 😉

  90. D_evil October 3, 2012

    Mitt Romney is a real twit. How can he be that stupid?

  91. Frank Fama October 3, 2012

    Why are the candy Azses like Baby Bush & Romney always willing to start ground Wars?

    When during the two asian wars Romney left the USA so he would not be drafted as he claimes to be a holy-man and Baby Bush got into a defend group, station in the USA, in which he never show-up for duty, except for parties and flying lessons on aircraft that was classified as never going into a war zone. I know why, Bush’s VP companies and other friends got $billions of dallors in no bid government contracts . How do pigs like these two sleep at night knowing that many 1000’s of our boys where killed and 10’s of 1,000 blooded and 100’s of 1,000s needing medical help, so they could act like big bad men and party hardly along with their other elites who children would never be place on a front line..

  92. fozia411 October 3, 2012

    Obama is very wise leader; as well he is very strict by taking serious measures on bold and visible America’s enemies. Romney’s difference from Sarah Palin is only wealth rather than that, all of his attitude that of the same as her.

  93. rajadiablos October 3, 2012

    There are equivalent idiots in Russia but we don’t design our foreign policy around them.

  94. Michael October 4, 2012

    If you are with the obamanation you are too young to have seen the old sov. union is the new russia with nicer suits

  95. Liqsandre8 October 4, 2012

    You have to admire mittens for being an expert at talking with a foot in the mouth. He is also an expert at citing figures with no basis on facts.– and being able to do so with a straight face and confident mien.

  96. Ken October 4, 2012

    So who should I vote for – someone Putin likes or someone who will stand up to him? Do the people writing these articles even think of these things? There should be some sort of common sense rule for reporters. Yes, I know how smart they think they are. Don’t give me the smartest guy in the room. Give me the one who makes sense.

  97. Brady Alder October 5, 2012

    This article seems to be saying that Russia is not a threat and the proof is that they’ve long opposed us building a ballistic missile defense shield that could stop their missiles from hitting us and our allies.

  98. ellen_h October 5, 2012

    Its obvious from the comments on this article that no-one has a clue about foreign policy or diplomatic communication. The President has been trying to persuade Putin that the missile defense is NOT because the EU and US expect imminent attack from Russia, but because of the lunatics in countries like Iran who are openly at war with us and pose a direct threat. All NATO countries have a vote and if enough countries disagree with our plans, not only will we be thwarted, but we risk aggression from yet another country. Stating publicly that Russia is America’s “number one geopolitical foe,” makes it clear Romney is working against the best interests of our country and the good work of our government. It seems that all Romney wants to do is provoke war with every country he possibly can. Presumably that is how he intends to improve the economy. All Romney does every time he opens his mouth is show how bad a President he would be for the US. Thanks from bringing this article to our attention, people need to know so they know not to vote for Romney in November.

  99. Sarfaraz October 6, 2012

    Russia’s concern is of notable importance, she has rightful reasons to protect her part of the world. First of all it’s ironic that US is member of an organization that is called North-Atlantic, furthermore she has has concerns for her security leaving behind the importance of other countries’ self-defense stances such as Russia and Iran. I would totally back Russia to demolish this plan by NATO and ultimately weaken NATO in whole.

  100. smokedbacon October 6, 2012

    After Obama’s disaster in his debate with Romney I could understand why Putin would want Obama. Do you think for one minute Putin will be Mr. Nice Guy to Obama? Putin now might just have to negotiate if Romney is elected with Obama the games over!

  101. sifraser October 6, 2012

    Time to dust off my pip-boy 3000 I think, I’m going to need it

  102. Brad Boudreau October 6, 2012

    Why would Putin want Obama in charge for 4 more years? Hmmmm? Because it’s the reverse of what Reagan did to the former Soviet Union… We spent them into bankruptcy w/ arms proliferation….Now it’s Putins ally Obama thats spending us- USA into our Demise. Russians are Communists- they don’t like our society. Pretty simple…Just ask someone from Georgia how fast he’ll roll heavy tank and artillery over your ass if you have a aspiration to start a grand democracy.

  103. Crazy_Glue October 7, 2012

    Mitt doesn’t want to win the election. He just wants the hundreds of millions of dollars that the morons have poured into his election campaign.

    Would YOU want the job? Not me, no thanks.

  104. Harry O' Donnell October 7, 2012

    Mitt can always get a job with the 3rd division Teddy Bears, as sally Mc Coist talks along the same line!

  105. Mary October 7, 2012

    STUPID STUPID STUPID!!!!!! How anyone can even CONSIDER Romney as viable for the Presidency is brain dead! OMG!!!! PLEASE AMERICA!!!! Vote OBAMA!!!!

  106. Stephanie Palmer October 7, 2012

    Romney is truly wacko.

  107. Bunny Ramsay October 7, 2012

    Only morons who believe that if Romney wins they will get to have $300 million can not see that Romney is a horrific idea for US security.

  108. cormans October 8, 2012


  109. Ghanageorge October 8, 2012

    Russia must be honest and admit that America is not Russia’s number one enemy. I bet the US will be prepared to assist Russia to deploy anti-missile defence against missiles from “rogue” states. Ghanageorge.

  110. seethroughurlies October 8, 2012

    Romney will have us in a war befor his first year is over if he is elected. The Republicans love war. He wants to add 3 trillion dollars over the budget for the military, but end PBS television! Obama better get his game on for the next debate. He can not let Wacky Willard win this election!

    1. Marqueta Charles October 19, 2012

      If Rob-mey becomes president (which he WILL NOT), Heaven help us all!!!

  111. The_Outsider_A October 9, 2012

    The Russian SUPPORTS the man whom he can BAMBOOZEL! That Man is THE SITTING PRESIDENT .

  112. Jeff Cake October 9, 2012

    I dont even think Mr Romney and Mr Obama should be debating serious foreign policy
    in primetime.
    To many hot spots and tensions that could trip a balance in sanity.
    I believe and have faith Team Obama are work day and night to find a peacefully resolution in chaotic times.
    Mitt pounding his chest will only build his EGO and not advance USA position for
    resolution peacefully.

  113. Don Larson October 9, 2012

    Here’s your, “Dream Team,” Political Fans: Romney as President; and Joe Bidden as V.P. Can you imagine?!!

    Romney is so stupid for making a remark like that, about Russia. Add Russia to Romney’s list of, “Haters;” right behind, China, the U.S. 47%; Women, Blacks, Hispanics, Gays, Seniors, and the unemployed. That Mormon is one scary Political Candidate. Too much like Bush: Shoots from the Hip; without considering the consequences.

    Why would Russia want to renew SALT? Why not – – enhance your Military? A possible U.S. President Elect – – is threatening your Country?! And China; he wants to get tough on Trade Sanctions. Has our own Manipulation of the Dollar – – along with an out-of-control Fed; had anything to do with World Currency problems?

    One can count on a War with Iran; or an Israeli, Proxy. Count too, an Intervention in Syria. Here is my worry: let’s piss off the Turks too; so we have no Friends in the Region.

    The Neo-cons just cannot stand the accolades that Obama received for getting the, “Bearded One.” They want to get back on the Battlefield. Besides, it is good business, for the, “Merchants of Death;” the Profiteers where Death is good business!

    And . . . dear ones; who is going to pay for all of this Soldiering? I suggest that if the Hawks can’t be controlled; the Nation require a WAR TAX, before a shot is fired. The Tragedy AGAIN! is the fact the it is the Men and Women from Lower Social Economic Classes that will be pressed into fighting, yet, another Stupid War. Could be the next Saga in the, “The Tail Wags the Dog!” The Republicans have had a lot of experience with Wars – – having STARTED THREE! during the past 20 years.

    1. EloquinsBow October 10, 2012

      Responding to the hateful “That Mormon” comment. no person or group should be judged in total by the acts of a group or a rouge individual. That is like saying all Russians want to bomb the USA. Being Russian doesn’t make someone automatically anti-american and being Mormon shouldn’t make a person automatically bad either. The problems with Romney stem mostly from how poor a Mormon he is! If he was truly a follower of the faith then he wouldn’t be raising tensions and war mongering with anyone. war and violence is strictly against the Mormon faith. He would not be favoring the wealthy in his tax policies. Mormons are against hording wealth and all about equally sharing with everyone to make sure no one is doing without. Instead of cutting services he should be rallying to promote them. Mormons are all about volunteering to do as much helpful service for people as possible. Romney terrifies me. He is really a terrible person who is using his influence with a very organized church for personal gain and all that does is make the people of that church look bad when he does something wrong, even though his actions are the exact opposite of his supposed faith. So people, please remember that when he screws up, it isn’t because he is Mormon. Its because he’s a terrible human who is too wealthy and power hungry for his own good without the intent to do good by it. There are always those who do stupid things that end up getting the group they are self associated with labeled because of it. The stupid and wrong actions of a few shouldn’t mar the reputation of the whole. It always strikes me as so weird that there is sooo much hatred for the Mormon faith when historically they have not killed people, not bombed buildings, not had violent demonstrations, and are the most loving people in general that I know. yes, some of their afterlife beliefs are different than other denominations of Christianity and to some that seems weird, but having studied that religion and many other religions of the world and other denominations of Christianity, I can tell you there is nothing negative or harmful in their belief system. It’s all about love and peace and getting along together. Where as there are many MANY religions that routinely practice hateful acts against others. not even the Muslims are as hated as the poor Mormons! so strange! This country was founded on the principle that people should have FREEDOM of religion. We have strayed so far from those basic rights as a country I wonder if it is ever possible to have a place where people can truly have those freedoms. I hope that whoever the next people in charge end up being that they remember to support policies that keep people free to live without fears and oppression just because of a different viewpoint.

      1. ROBERT C HASTINGS October 10, 2012

        Much of what you say about the Mormons is true, that like all other Christians they are driven by the desire to help others. But their early history is not without serious incidents of violence against “others”. And those incidents are part of American history.

        1. EloquinsBow October 10, 2012

          The violence in the past history with the Mormon population was terrible. But it was violence done TO them, not BY them. By people who feared different beliefs. They were a completely peaceful population of people, but their new and different views offended others and those of other churches saw them as a threat because they were converting people away. They were not killing people, they were asking people to join a different church, and for that they were tossed out of town after town. Rumor followed ahead of them and the superstitions and lack of education of the time made people fear them. They were met at gunpoint in any new town they tried to settle in. Eventually people started killing anyone who they found out was Mormon, mostly the men who ventured out to find a place to live. This led to a surplus of women and children with no husbands and so the church members turned to a polygamy based lifestyle temporarily to take care of each other while they were being persecuted and chased across the country. That made people hate them even more and it turned into an all out slaughter. Men, Women, and children were hunted like animals. They finally crossed a state border where people behaved reasonably and the law men there didn’t let the people chasing them from other states come after them. An arrest order was issued for the church leaders from the last state they passed through for charges of polygamy and so they went back across the border to stand trial. but instead of a fair trial they were just killed. The entire town came out and shot all the men in their hotelroom as soon as they got there. There was no trial. The Mormon people believed they were under direct orders from God not to fight back, not to shoot back, not to physically defend themselves. so they ran, doing what they believed was the will of God for peace. They later even had to be forced to fight in the military and ran from being drafted because of the firm “No violence” belief clause. Yes there is a very terrible, bloody history behind the Mormon population in this country. A very similar history to the Jews in Germany on a much smaller scale. But only because there were less of them to kill than the Jews. And far less understood and publicized. Early America, even with the ideals of freedom, was not a friendly place to live if you didn’t perfectly fit in. Anyone from a different culture or belief system was usually met with hatred and ostracized from society. Education was very poor in many places. People were very superstitious and lacked technology to help them understand the world around them. It was a naturally violent time. As inventions like the telegraph, telephone, TV, and other forms of tech that helped take information quickly to people became more available, people in this country settled down quite a bit and didn’t freak out killing everyone who was different around them anymore. We became more tolerant of others who do not share the same beliefs as the local community. This kind of behavior has been a natural part of human history all across the world. Not a nice one, but still a reality of human behavior.

          1. CPANewYork November 15, 2012

            It’s true that a lot of violence was directed at the Mormons, but they did one terible thing: the Mounain Meadows Massacre.

    2. ROBERT C HASTINGS October 10, 2012

      The wealthy ARE the ones who, over the past century, have paid for wars, because they are the ones who have profited. The highest income tax rate at the end of WWII was 90%, for the uber-wealthy. That rate did not come down until JFK reduced it to 70%. By the time Reagan came along, the top rate was only about 40%, and he proceeded to reduce it. Wisely, he realised that he had reduced it too much and, as a Republican president, he went so far as to RAISE taxes, although his other policies led to large deficits. Papa Bush, remember his “no new taxes, read my lips?” He didn’t raise income taxes, and it wasn’t a “new” tax he put in; he just increased FICA taxes. When Clinton left office, the government was operating with yearly budget surpluses in the 150 – 200 billion dollar range, which W immediately transformed into tax cuts for the wealthy, a loss to the Federal government over the 8 years of his presidency, along with the cost of two wars, in the neighborhood of $5 trillion, an eight year period that say the most stagnant growth of any similar period in the past seventy years. And now we are facing a fiscal cliff that revolves largely around the failed policy of “trickle down economics”, a policy that was shown to be wrong during the Reagan presidency, during W’s presidency, and it will certainly meet the same failure during a Romney administration.

  114. Oceaneer October 9, 2012

    Hmmm…seems like Putin prefers Obama. That should give some a warm and fuzzy feeling.

  115. El Infidel October 9, 2012

    First thing we need to do when Romney takes office is put missles in Poland and re activate and re target our ICBM’s.

  116. alexc October 9, 2012

    I don’t like Putin, but China is the only real American geopolitical foe.

  117. Retnan October 9, 2012

    A dictator would be upset if he couldn’t bomb us?

    And liberals are on his side?

  118. George Peters October 10, 2012

    Way to go Myth. Undermine the country’s foreign policy and you are not even in power. The world has been fairly relaxed since the end of the cold war. Might as well stir things up and get everyone scared of nuclear destruction again.

  119. Paula October 10, 2012

    Yes, we all remember the hot mic comment made by Obama. “tell Putin I will have more flexibility to negotiate after my election”—Pretty scary.

    1. rickcain2320 October 12, 2012

      Negotiation is the art of diplomacy. Obama shared a hamburger with Russian President Medvedev and during the conversation hand-shook a deal to sell Russia poultry. We need leadership like that, not a 56 year old reactionary who acts like a child in the face of disagreements.

    2. Marqueta Charles October 19, 2012

      What’s really scary is that Rob-mey said “PHUCK 47% OF AMERICANS”! Now that’s what’s scary!!!

  120. Matthew Clark October 11, 2012

    This race has been so sad gosh 🙁

  121. Jennifer Prokhorov October 12, 2012

    Glad to see Romney’s lead over Obama which gives us an opening for Obama’s separation from his advisers in the White House, which could bring Obama back to his Chicago community in which his strengths of character, commitment & communication skills show clear. I think Obama has been a good President however am unclear as to why he did not fire someone among his policy advisers, a specific individual who resists logic. Obama returning to Chicago could be beneficial for North American oil negotiations upon which Obama’s international relations & public role could be based upon his negotiation skills in his Chicago milieu. Insofar as Obama could be willing to step aside, maybe Hillary Clinton could lead the Democrats back into the White House in four years – seems to me the Democrats tried to do something these past four years (although we may not yet be sure what due to the ineffectiveness of Obama’s advisers).

    1. Marqueta Charles October 19, 2012

      You ain’t gonna be so “glad” come election day. You’re gonna be one sick BEEOTCH!!!

      Question: Are you an legal immigrant with a name like “Prokhorov”??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    2. Marqueta Charles October 19, 2012

      Are you even going to be able to vote with a name like “PROKHOROV”? Where in the phuck are you from?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  122. couyon October 12, 2012

    Romney will reduce America’s standing in the world and erase all the mending of fences that Obama has been able to do, especially with America’s allies. This will lead to a more dangerous world and more terrorist attacks. Do americans want another war? Are americans prepared to have another 9/11 on their soil? These are real possibilities if Romney gets in. Then, again, all this hawkish talk from him is just that, talk to win votes and once in office, reality will set in and he will change, classic flip-flopper.

  123. rickcain2320 October 12, 2012

    Putin used to kill people in East Germany when he was an agent in the 1980s. I seriously doubt a pudgy stockbroker like Romney is going to scare the man.

  124. Michael October 13, 2012

    That’s the difference between Romney and Obama. Romney is not going to let Russia and Putin push the United States around. Putin is a bully with crazy idea’s. Here is a guy that supports Iran and sends weapons to Syria to kill their own people. Putin hates the United States. He likes Obama. Obama wants to decrease our defense, while Russia increases theirs. Why wouldn’t Putin not want Obama back in office. He wants someone in office that he can push around and get his way, Obama has been perfect for Russia.

    Please people, vote Romney…

    1. shaysite October 15, 2012

      Vote Romney to help the economy by growing the US defense industry through more needless wars started by neocon recklessness.

  125. Abison Ace October 13, 2012

    Romney needs be wised and a little diplomatic as an expected leader. Right now, Mr.Romney is very dangerous. He is about to bring much more enemies to America. The world has changed people…

  126. Glenn Thompson October 13, 2012

    Mitt Romney’s should think before he open’s his lying mouth.

  127. Stephanie October 13, 2012

    Robme/LyinRyan a scary prospect for international representation.=; almost as bad a Palin seeing Russia from her yard.

  128. Hans October 14, 2012

    Putin would love to maintain our puppet weakling president. He looks forward to more groveling sessions with Obama.

    You know, as a person, Putin is a stone faced leader. That I can respect.

    But no one should ever forget who this guy is – a former KGB operative. Ultimately, a soldier from an old war, and he still wants to fight it.

  129. carwash1 October 14, 2012

    as far as class mates goes call him a jerk or whatever nbut at least he was and is a succesfull jerk more than i can say for some of those johnny come lately

    1. Marqueta Charles October 19, 2012

      Anyone can be successful when robbing and stealing from everyone else!

  130. carwash1 October 14, 2012

    romey a much better and more experienced person than what we have in office right now

    1. nobsartist October 15, 2012

      take it from the carwash

    2. Marqueta Charles October 19, 2012

      Everyone on this thread can see that you are a dumbazz! You don’t even know how to spell Rob-mey’s name. Once you have completed an reading and spelling program, you MIGHT be able to debate. But until, STOP POSTING!!! LOL!!!

      1. HispanicAmericanCitizen October 22, 2012

        you are such an idiot stop posting everyone in USA thinks you are an idiot i should nominate you for some sort of education I dont think you can even think right, Marqueta Charles

  131. carwash1 October 14, 2012


  132. Jaycee October 15, 2012

    The future of the world is now on the hands of American people in this coming USA election.

  133. nobsartist October 15, 2012

    willard is a traitor.

    willard is hiding the fact that he is in business with the RED CHINESE ARMY.

    mccain knows, thats why he picked an idiot like palin

  134. alphaa10000 October 15, 2012

    Clearly, the Russian leadership (or what passes for it) regards Romney as a useful idiot. Observe Exhibit A– Romney’s first achievement in foreign policy is to persuade Putin the NATO missile shield is a threat to Russia, after all.

  135. common sense1 October 17, 2012

    Even the Russians, according to the above article even the Russians know Romney is trouble, if the American people can’t see this we are all in trouble, because Russia would immediately be in a cold war stance with the world. According to Russian Vladimir Putin’s statements above ,Romney is not liked at all in the world because of his bullish attitude that could kick off more than America wants to deal with. It’s possible that Russia might find reason to join with Iran though the artical above don’t spell this out.

  136. Dean Rocco Chirieleison October 17, 2012

    obviously the writer of this article is heavily pro Osama.

    1. Marqueta Charles October 19, 2012

      His name is “President Obama” BEEOTCH!!!

      1. blackie Sheep October 19, 2012

        you ROCK!! Kick some some disrespecting butt!

  137. jarheadgene October 18, 2012

    I LOVED IT when The President of the United States scolded WILLARD, during the debates, for politicizing Benghazi the way he has.

  138. Abg October 19, 2012

    President Mitt Romney day one agenda in the White House : pre-emptive attack on Iran, provoke war with China, Russia, move US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to challenge the resolve of candy ass moslems — ha ha ha ha

  139. Abg October 19, 2012

    President Mitt Romney day one agenda in the White House : initiate pre-emptive attack on Iran, provoke war with China, Russia, move US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to challenge the resolve of candy ass moslems all over the world — ha ha ha ha

    Edit Reply

    1. blackie Sheep October 19, 2012

      You are missing a big part of this puzzle. Don’t expect American to exist..

  140. Marqueta Charles October 19, 2012

    Even the foreigners know that Rob-mey is a crook! lol!!!

  141. BC October 19, 2012

    Sorry, George. The only thing that’s helped Pres. Mamba is that he had Hillary and they respect her across the world. Mamba is there for the photo pics and there for the cake and ice cream.

    1. bogwart October 20, 2012

      Totally wrong. You won’t find many people outside the US who give an armadillo’s armpit for that shrew, who is one of the worst holders of that job ever.

      Where does she get off talking to heads of foreign nations about human rights when the US practices such disregard for anything to do with them?

  142. randylin October 19, 2012

    Obama lied for two weeks about the terror attack in lybia. then at the debate tried to lie about what he really said the day after the attack. And quote “In May, Russia’s top military official went as far as to threaten a pre-emptive military strike if NATO doesn’t alter its plans.” a missile defense is just that defense . Any country that threatens to attack you for being ready to defend your people from attack is a country you can not trust . Just stating the obvious.

  143. drsaul October 20, 2012

    would you also pull all support,financial,trade etc from all nations that refuse to support palestinians right to be left in peace?

  144. s2ss October 21, 2012

    Wow, while only as candidate Mitt Romney shows how damaging his foreign policy views are. Wake up anyone even considering Romney as a candidate and realize he will take us though more bad times like George W Bush did.

  145. Carlos Decourcy Lascoutx October 22, 2012

    …living in Mitt’s past is becoming an American pass time. he certainly is the Nash Cosmopolitan of the family. i remember a trip from Pensacola to Mass in Cosmo packing
    5 sailors. can you imagine a trip that lasts an entire presidential term in one?
    stopping to change positions every half-hour like Mitt’s Republican campaign planks?

  146. Hugo Guzman October 23, 2012

    Mittens can probably see the Soviet Union from his front porch. I could be possible to have Palin as Secretary of State in a Mittens administration. That combination would certainly give the US the diplomatic leading edge we are missing.

  147. Moonwalker58 October 23, 2012

    Looks like Romney just made friends with Putin. Wonder how long the friendship will last when they are fighting over who should get to push the “red button” first?

  148. Mildred Johnson October 23, 2012


  149. Ollie Paadimeister October 24, 2012

    “Putin Thanks Romney For Reckless Remarks” – my oh my, Romney’s foreign policies are already working and getting attention. How many horses and bayonettes does Putin have ?

  150. Ollie Paadimeister October 24, 2012

    Bet ya that Putin has more horses and bayonettes than we do

  151. priscillah October 24, 2012

    God help us all, need someone who is going to take charge domestic and foreign policy, not someone who changes when it suites him or say things that is not good for the United States
    Please Vote

  152. Joseph Oliver October 24, 2012

    Never in the history of the United States a Russian President expressed support or showed favoritism for any particular individual occupying the WH or runing for President as this time, why? BIRDS OF ONE FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER?!!!

  153. Alogon October 24, 2012

    Did I read Putin right? He expects us, if attacked by Russia, to promise to roll over and play dead
    a few minutes before we all are dead.

    Dream on, Putin.

  154. Ali B October 24, 2012

    Thank You Mittins for making the world less safe for my children again…

  155. jimbolat555 October 25, 2012

    Once again. Not journalism or correct reporting. Don’t believe these articles.

  156. jstsyn October 25, 2012

    Romney is an airhead that could involve America in a war just about anywhere he goes. Don’t vote for PeeWeeRomney.

  157. NorFin October 26, 2012

    The Mittster is an aristocrat who has little knowledge of the real world outside of the bubble in which he lives. Ticking off the the Brits and now the Russia’s is but a tiny glimpse into Americas future if more voters don not remove their out of their…………you get the picture. It worries me to think of the further trouble he would cause by “scolding” and name calling the country’s largest creditor – China. The borrower strongarming the creditor – seems a bit bass akwards to me but sadly is right in step with the rest of Mittneys platform. God help us!

  158. JeanC October 26, 2012

    So, Putin says we may not defend ourselves, so we bow and scrape? Oh well, we don’t even defend our own ambassadors. . ..

  159. zaydesvox October 26, 2012

    It was a stupid remark. Russia is no friend and no angel, but certainly not an enemy! China either! Radical Islam is the real foe. Do we in the USA govt understand this! One word describes it…”BENGHAZZI:”! or how about 9/11/01!

  160. LJP October 27, 2012

    OBAMA is worse than Carter! so any president is far superior to either one! Romney speaks the truth about Russia.. !

  161. Orlando Aloma October 30, 2012

    THis is serious rommey put his florsheim shoes in his mouth again and again , no leader of the world has any respect , for this guy , he is out of touch leaders of the world dont like this guy , and they say it plain and true

  162. Hussein SoetoroObama October 31, 2012

    Ah love you all surrender monkeys…too bad, folks, come visit me in Hawaii!!!
    (Ahm tired of that shit and Ah made my money, so fuck you all!)

  163. Hussein SoetoroObama October 31, 2012

    Mee An Marr…take care of your moose limbz invaders that are killing and raping your people, then we can take you seriously!

  164. Antonio October 31, 2012

    Even if it were the 1930’s, Romney is what is wrong with America today or yesterday, Evasive/Obscure/Greedy.

  165. Anatole Pushkin November 1, 2012

    Romney is a headless goose.
    Putin is a stately swan.

  166. Anatole Pushkin November 1, 2012

    Romney’s Bain sold cigarettes to Russia, outsourced jobs in China.
    Mitt the Twit is a traitor.
    Off with his head! (Sorry, he has no head anyway.)

  167. lcano November 1, 2012

    Romney’s idiology is clearly dissapointing for Americans. Romney’s political views (under cover now) will only lead us into another war. Russia has reason to defend themselves from our ‘right wing crazy’s’, who would rather burn the world (for thier idiological values) rather than be inclusive and admit that they are on the wrong side of history.

    Let the Republicans send their children to die in the wars that they start !

  168. JOAQUIM November 2, 2012

    That shows how much he knows. Our #1 enemy is Iran and many Muslum crountries. We do business with some of them, like Pakistan, even sold the atomic bomb. And they were hiding BinLaden. As a consequence, they got a splap in the wrist followed by more billion dollar donations. How is that Beatle song: Cannot buy love, yeh, yeh.

  169. flipped54 November 3, 2012

    This proves that one statement, a very dumb one, can alter foreign policy in the wrong direction and undo what it may have taken months or years and lots of expense to accomplish. Just as he said the statement about the 47%, a very un-thoughtout statement, he can be a very dangerous foreign policy destroyer.

  170. Roland E Gauthier November 3, 2012

    OMG, You know what I dont care for either person, but it be good news if Putin knocks him on his arse…I like to see Baby Huey Romney get one in the right eye.

  171. julito5604 November 3, 2012

    I think Romney is misinterpreted on his stands. Russia is not a Rogue state, and Russia should not be offended if the conservative view, is just protecting the people of United States. It is the duty of the leaders to show his actual stands whether there is misinterpretation or not, and it helps strengthen the diplomatic relationship in place. His is more of a brave , and bold move, that America needs a man like him. Once Romney will win USA will have lots of respect in the eyes of the world.

  172. Thomas m November 3, 2012

    Here we go dam Mitt one thing we don’t need to get on the bad side of Russia. Please stay with the LDS and you dam company.

  173. jan cooper November 3, 2012

    good works putin romney is good no obama satan antichrist…

    1. Diane Ribbentrop November 13, 2012

      Your hate lies & Satan BS is why your guy MITT LOST Thanks

  174. A j CARIAGA jr November 4, 2012



  175. thussy1841 November 6, 2012

    Romney, the flip-flop artist has no plans at all and should not be into politics.

    Why would american voters go back to the past when Republicans created all
    the mess.

  176. Peter Maclean November 6, 2012

    Romney enters into the election with 50% american against him along with 75% of his allies …….anyone voting for him should not cry foul when another 9/11 falls out the sky

  177. Byron King November 9, 2012

    Great article

  178. Michael Kollmorgen November 14, 2012

    You know, this anonymity between NATO/USA and Russia goes all the way back to WW2.

    Russia was screwed twice during WW2, once by the Germans who signed a treaty with them only to find Germany later on trying to conquer them. Germany killed millions of their citizens. Stalin did as well.

    Later on shortly before the end of the war, The Allies had been developing the A-Bomb in secret and Russia was not included in the planning or any knowledge of it. The A-Bomb was only supposed to be used against Germany if the war had dragged on, on that front.

    When Germany surrendered, it gave the US a new toy against Japan. Most of the scientist who worked on the Manhattan Project signed a petition to Truman asking him to dismantle the project and destroy whatever development there was to that point, including working bombs. These scientist considered the bomb too horrible of a device to use once they seen its ultimate power. Of course, Truman refused. Truman hated the Japanese with a passion.

    The reasons for Japan invading Perl Harbor are long and clouded with many US government coverups and dirty dealings in the Orient. Believe or not, Japan was a member of the Allies during WW1. What changed it?

    When the USA dropped the bomb on Japan it threw Russia into a tailspin of mistrust of true Allies (now NATO) and US intentions ever since. Naturally, they developed their own devices on their own, by using half of the scientist that had been working in Germany after the war.

    Einstein was duped into sending Roosevelt that letter approving of development of the A-Bomb, one of his greatest regrets later on in life. If was found later on after the war, Germany was very far away from ever development an A-Bomb, very similar to the Big Gun and WMD that Sadam was supposed to be developing and using.

    Ever since, Russia has been extremely wary of NATO and USAs true intensions, and I don’t blame them either.

  179. sam arzhang November 14, 2012

    You can blame Putin being Ex KGB ,person, but his vision and integration to the Capitalist world may be admired , but all we know that Anti-Russian mentalities is widely spread within warmongers , as they see they incomes has been shared ??. shame neither of them think about Humanities, ignore the facts that 1/4 of American Children live under poverty line, those homeless,hungry people sleeping out in street at cold nights and yet Trillions wasted in invasion of Iraq,?The other day were trying to write a comment about President Clinton ,as on his office time USA had surplus ,and what about President Obama heritage of Bankruptcy from previous administration ,as his opponents expect miracles , that is unfortunate of negative publicities ,immagine the amount of money spent for negative publicities , were use for benefit of unemployed people , how much different it would have made .
    These are an wake up call for responsible people .

  180. Ana L Lewis November 16, 2012

    thanks romney you dumb ass THANK GOD H E HEARS OUR PRAYERS he listen to cheeny the war monger who wants to make bigger bucks from defence spending.

    1. Michael Kollmorgen November 16, 2012

      You know this is what it really all boils down to.

      Keep the Military Complex making money – killing our people for Corporate America.

  181. Danny Linehan November 22, 2012

    Sorry Putin, Romney is just stupid, and doesn’t speak for America or for anything resembling common sense or truth. Nothing he says justifies your stance or fears.

  182. Virginia November 24, 2012

    Willard – the gift that keeps on giving.

    1. Elisabeth Gordon February 12, 2013

      One really has to be thankful for the stupidity and sheer ignorance of Mr. Romney….he was, and will continue to be his own worst enemy…talk about dodging a bullet….whew!

  183. Christopher Dunn December 3, 2012

    A nuclear war in Europe is ecological and environmental suicide. The USA and Russia cannot ever fight a war. Now that the Warsaw Pact has been dissolved-all NATO members now-it is time for some serious disarmament action in Europe. We should also work with Russia on a joint command-a mistake is much more likely than an invasion. Also, The USA and Russia need to not only reduce our own arsenals, but we should insist that no new Countries become members of this nuclear club, and that Pakistan-India reduce their stockpiles to near zero. Also we should coordinate a missile defense system for short range missiles, locate it in Ukraine, or Russia. Russia is well aware of radical Islam, they have Chechnea, and had their own 9 year experience in Afghanistan, when we were arming Bin Laden and calling him a freedom fighter. Russia wants to sell Iran the technology for nuclear power- yet most are convinced Iran wants nuclear weapons. They can also make dirty bombs that are non nuclear. I do not believe Russia wants Iran armed too much-I think it is possible that we will need to take action against Iran-they are motivated by Religion,and are extremely intolerant, as they keep calling for the complete holocaust for Israel. The USA’s vital security will be at stake-we will not be taking a ‘Police Action’ like so many in the past, rather, it will resemble WWII, except that we are capable of ending this threat in 3 days, but the Iranian casualties would be enormous, even without using nuclear weapons. A cruise misse can handle a 5000 lb pound- a few thousand of those, along with some 25,000, 50,000 bunker buster bombs-and the Iranian attitude will wish they had never pursued a path of war with The USA, nor Israel for that matter.

  184. kounjd February 12, 2013

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    李长江两口子和女儿李晓晔的邪教组织股东上海市委书记韩正诱奸After School组合,韩正喜欢和各国女学生性交。韩正的同党李长江两口子和女儿李晓晔的邪教组织股东中央政治局常务委员会委员俞正声和老婆张志凯和亲戚们。韩正和俞正声的情人有中央电视台主持人柴静,曾媛,丁曦,陈怡,董倩,陈滢,董卿,丁苑苑,董艺,窦筠韵,迟丹,杜云,韩佳,方静,管彤,李东宁,劳春燕,经蓓,季芸,李潘,李思思,李文静,李小萌,李晓辉,李梓萌,罗晓芳,梦桐,申家宁,沈竹,刘欣,蔚宁,欧阳智薇,孙小梅,童可欣,筱漫,许可,刘纯燕,月亮,章艳,涂经纬,张悦,紫凝,杨一,鞠萍,刘轲,这些情人也是李长江两口子和女儿李晓晔的邪教组织的股东,同时也是李长江两口子和女儿李晓晔的邪教组织股东国家广播电影电视总局局长蔡赴朝,副局长田进,纪检组长李秋芳,副局长李伟,中央电视台纪检组长张海鸽,总会计师刘国良,副总编辑黄传芳,海外记者曹旻,曹卿云,董薇,方健,张昕,高军,嵩卫东,黄薇,张文静,李清昊,门继光,李卫兵,齐奇,中国国际电视总公司董事长李建,中国国际电视总公司总裁梁晓涛,中央电视台副台长高峰,中央电视台副台长何宗就,中央电视台副台长罗明,中央电视台副台长孙玉胜,中央电视台副台长袁正明,中央电视台副总编辑李挺,中央电视台副总编辑朱彤,中央新影集团副总编辑时间,中央新影集团副总编辑谢九如,中央新影集团副总编辑张跃,中央新影集团副总编辑赵捷,中央新影集团副总裁安为民,中央新影集团副总裁刘成浩,中央新影集团副总编辑郭本敏,李长江两口子和女儿李晓晔的邪教组织股东中央干部中国科学院院士艾国祥,教育部副部长杜玉波,中国科学院院士黄祖洽,中央委员陈求发,教育部副部长陈小娅,陈晓东,外交部傅莹,教育司司长葛道凯,中国证监会主席郭树清,郝平,中央编译局局长贾高建,中国科学院院士李安民,中国科学院院士李未,中国科学院院士法捷耶夫,国家发展和改革委员会连维良,教育部副部长刘利民,外交部刘海星,国家发展改革委纪检组长刘晓滨,外交部卢沙野,教育部副部长鲁昕,外交部罗照辉,中国科学院院士彭实戈,中国科学院院士沈绪榜,外交部沈智良,外交部副部长宋涛,孙旭,中国科学院院士闻邦椿,党委组织部部长吴利军,谢锋,国家公务员局副局长杨春光,外交部欧亚司司长张汉晖,张明,国家发展和改革委员党组书记张平,国家发展和改革委员会党组成员张晓强,外交部党委书记张志军,中央政治局委员李源潮,周敏浩,张哲,香港特别行政区行政长官梁振英,谭志源,黄启民,张英潮的情人。韩正俞正声和国家广播电影电视总局、中央电视台、主持人、海外记者、中央干部这些同党们喜欢群体性交





    李长江两口子和女儿李晓晔的邪教组织美国股东美国国务卿希拉里,美国中央情报局局长莫雷尔,美国CIA喜欢和美国公共事务局副局长Tara Sonenshine性交,美国Led喜欢和同性美国秘书部部长Michael P.Leavittk口交肛交,美国俄勒冈州州长Michael Charles Smith喜欢和同性美国国防部新闻秘书George Little口交肛交,美国海岸警卫队士官长Michael P.Leavitt喜欢和美国副总统拜登妻子Jill Biden性交,美国外交部Cheryl Mills喜欢和美国阿拉斯加总督Sean Parnell性交,Sean Parnell喜欢和Jill E Sommers性交,Deval Patrick喜欢和Haley Portrait性交,美国海军作战部长Jonathan W.Greenert喜欢和美国国防部Laura Junor性交,美国参谋长联席会议主席登普西喜欢和同性美国纽约市市长Rudolph Giuliani口交肛交,Brian Schatz喜欢和同性口交肛交,美国国防部新闻秘书George Little喜欢和同性美国阿拉巴马州Spencer Bachus口交肛交,Neil Abercrombie喜欢和同性口交肛交,美国总统奥巴马和妻子女儿Obama and Wife Daughter,美军欧洲司令部司令James G.Stavridis喜欢和同性美国国防部新闻秘书George Little口交肛交,美国白宫总参谋长Jacob Lew喜欢和同性美国国务卿John Kerry口交肛交,John Mccain喜欢和同性美国白宫总参谋长Jacob Lew口交肛交,美国怀俄明州参议员Barrasso John喜欢和同性美国弗吉尼亚州副州长Bill Bolling口交肛交,美国弗吉尼亚州副州长Bill Bolling喜欢和同性美国怀俄明州参议员Barrasso John口交肛交,CBP喜欢和同性美国海军作战部长格林纳特口交肛交,格林纳特喜欢和同性Fitial口交肛交,田纳西州参议员Alexander Lamar喜欢和学生性交,美国所有


    Li Changjiang couple and girl Li Xiaoye destroying the company stock market manipulation, the couple and Li Changjiang girl Li Xiaoye destroying the company flickers people to buy stocks, futures, they heavily short money, but in other markets have short several million contract, each number is not necessarily

    入侵上海证券交易所服务器,里面有李长江两口子和女儿李晓晔邪教组织的秘密,用黑客的智慧做你想做的,入侵方式有很多种,可以通过入侵使用综合业务平台大宗交易客户端_EzATP_2012版,易神系统通用报盘软件_EzSTEP_2012版,上海证券交易所易神系统AB股报盘子系统_EzOES_AB_2011版,上海证券交易所易神系统A股报盘子系统_EzOES_ASHR_2011版,上海证券交易所易神系统B股报盘子系统_EzOES_BSHR_2011版,上海证券交易所新交易系统(易神系统)盘后文件传输工具 RptGet 2009版这些系统的客户机或服务器,然后入侵到上海证券交易所服务器,还可以通过很多种方式入侵

    Invasion of the Shanghai Stock Exchange servers, in which Li Changjiang the couple and Li Xiao Ye both girls destroying the company secrets,using hacking the wisdom to do what you want to do


    Shanghai stock exchange server data has been a lot of people steal, Li Changjiang couple and girl Li Xiaoye destroying the company pulled the stock market is to stabilize the shareholders, A shares will continue to decline

    Hello, Li Changjiang, the couple have a harmful companies。Business throughout the country, including some abroad, specializing in harmful work.Specializing in harm.Li Changjiang, the couple sent follow-up survey each other.Intimidation, aggressive behavior, seriously affect the social order.Li Changjiang, couples home in the West Award Street Shenyang Liaoning China .Li Changjiang, the couple tried to cover up their harmful behavior.And the various scandals of the girl, Li Xiao Ye, divorced.Li Changjiang,the couple and Li Xiao Ye photos.

    臭名诏著李长江两口子和女儿李晓晔表面做别的,背后有一家毁人性质的邪教组织,业务遍布全国,包括部分国外,专门从事毁人工作,毁公司经济和有关的亲戚好友等。李长江两口子和女儿李晓晔的邪教组织还忽悠别人买股票,期货,他们自己大量做空挣钱。李长江两口子和女儿李晓晔的邪教组织派人跟踪调查监视被毁对象,威胁恐吓,寻衅闹事,严重影响社会治安。李长江两口子和女儿李晓晔的邪教组织人数达到上万人,李长江两口子和女儿李晓晔的邪教组织要把世界各国搅乱,也要把中国搅乱,李长江两口子和女儿李晓晔的邪教组织还专门冒充别人干坏事然后污陷别人干的毁人名声,李长江两口子和女儿李晓晔的邪教组织还演戏,收买,挑拨制造各种事件各种误会挑拨别人关系,李长江两口子和女儿李晓晔的邪教组织还雇人或收买人假装唠克故意毁人声誉还雇人或收买人在背后故意用手指人家给别人看等手段。李长江两口子和女儿李晓晔的邪教组织还特别喜欢喊别人色情什么的。李长江两口子和女儿李晓晔的邪教组织还雇人,收买或威胁你的熟人,亲戚在你侧面,后面嘎巴嘴,假装干点什么安排各种假像给别人看。李长江两口子和女儿李晓晔的邪教组织还找和你长的像的人冒充你干点什么来陷害你。李长江两口子和女儿李晓晔的邪教组织还伪造你的车冒充你的车干点什么来陷害你。李长江两口子和女儿李晓晔的邪教组织还伪造,合成各种图像视频声音给别人看陷害你。李长江两口子和女儿李晓晔的邪教组织还使用各种有毒气体害人。被李长江两口子和女儿李晓晔的邪教组织收买的人跟本不知道已被李长江两口子和女儿李晓晔的邪教组织用微型摄像机,数码望远摄像机拍下录像或是录了音,留下了交易和毁人的证据。李长江两口子和女儿李晓晔的邪教组织害怕被那些被收买的人给出卖还会跟踪监视他们。李长江两口子和女儿李晓晔的邪教组织还在网上毁人,传播各种真的或PS过的图片视频造谣生事。 李长江两口子和女儿李晓晔的邪教组织还装好人找各方面的人看那些被害人怎么报复李长江两口子和女儿李晓晔全家的。李长江两口子和女儿李晓晔的邪教组织是伪君子,小人,耍心计,每天都找一些人看,变着法的忽悠给这些人,今天给这些人这么忽悠,明天给那些人那么忽悠。或者这几天给这些人这么忽悠,那几天给那些人那么忽悠。故意每一个动作,声音都变着法的忽悠,说什么也咬文嚼字的忽悠。



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  186. Thehermit August 2, 2013

    Go Mitt! The gift that just keeps giving. Come on, open your big dumb mouth again. Tell us about magic underwear and… I don’t care…anything.

  187. nomoretraitors September 20, 2013

    Putin’s also thanking Obama for his utter lack of leadership, resolve and competence.
    Also for his mendacity (I didn’t set the red line. The world set the red line. This as the British Parliament voted decisively to reject British military involvement in any potential strike on Syria)

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