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How Republican ‘Success’ Could Sink The GOP Presidential Nominee

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How Republican ‘Success’ Could Sink The GOP Presidential Nominee


Congratulations are in order for conservatives. Their legal challenges to President Obama on health care and immigration have a real chance of gutting his policies, and in the first few weeks of the all-Republican Congress, the GOP has made its differences with Obama very clear. What’s not clear is how House and Senate Republicans plan to demonstrate competence and problem-solving ability. Even fuzzier is how any of this will help their eventual nominee for president.

Nothing could be more effective than Obama’s veto pen in underscoring how important it is for a party to occupy the White House. Yet many of the Republican activities of the past few weeks are designed to fire up conservatives. They don’t aim to broaden the reach of the GOP, and could shrink it. The endless war on the Affordable Care Act and the determination to roll back the administration’s new immigration initiatives both fall into that category. So does the sense that the party is unprepared to deal with the consequences of success.

Today let’s focus on immigration, which has been a sore point for Republicans in national races. The most immediate quandary is the partial shutdown threat hanging over the Department of Homeland Security, which enforces immigration laws. It’s been only three months since the GOP captured the Senate and incoming Majority Leader Mitch McConnell pledged there would be no shutdowns on his watch. So how did we get here? In brief, a divided Congress did not pass comprehensive immigration reform in Obama’s first six years; Obama moved on his own late last year to shield up to 5 million illegal immigrants from deportation; House Republicans passed a bill that funds DHS after Feb. 27 but also blocks Obama’s immigration actions; and Senate Democrats blocked the bill.

Obama this week postponed the launch of his new plan in light of U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen’s order halting it on the grounds that, among other things, it burdens states. But the administration is appealing and may request a stay, so the Obama plan is far from dead. Whatever congressional Republicans do, a CNN/ORC poll shows they would shoulder most blame for a shutdown — 53 percent compared with 30 percent who would blame the president. So maybe they’ll use Hanen’s order, temporary though it may be, to approve a funding bill and put the shutdown dilemma behind them.

Yet even if they do, and that’s a big if, that still leaves the root problem of how the Republican Party relates to immigrants. The way forward seemed obvious after Mitt Romney lost Hispanics and Asians to Obama nearly 3 to 1 in 2012: Pass reform that offered a path to citizenship or another form of legal residency to some of the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States. That is what the Republican National Committee recommended in a post-election autopsy. But the party has moved in the opposite direction. The House even voted — twice — to kill Obama’s 2012 program that has given temporary legal status to some 700,000 undocumented young people who were brought to the United States by their parents as children.

Millions of the people here illegally, possibly up to 40 percent, arrived legally and have overstayed their student, business or tourist visas. About half of all undocumented immigrants are from Mexico, about a quarter are from Central and South America, and more than 10 percent are Asian. And they are very much a part of the larger immigrant community. In a 2014 Latino Decisions/Center for American Progress Action Fund poll of registered Latino voters, when asked to “think about your family, your friends, co-workers, and other people you know,” 62 percent said they knew an undocumented immigrant.

The media are already highlighting sympathetic examples of hardworking people affected by Obama’s executive actions and Hanen’s order to stop them. The political impact of these tales and the policies they reflect reverberates far beyond immigrants here illegally, and their friends, family and colleagues. The policies and rhetoric make the GOP seem callous, and therefore less appealing to moderate swing voters.

Republicans are fortunate to have a couple of presidential prospects that might soften that perception of harshness. One is Florida senator Marco Rubio, a Cuban-American who was key to Senate passage of an immigration reform bill that died in the House. The other is former Florida governor Jeb Bush, who speaks fluent Spanish, has a Mexican wife, and supports immigration reform. He can also claim a father who called for “a kinder and gentler nation” and a brother who ran as a “compassionate conservative” champion of immigration reform. The family legacy is an albatross, no doubt, but Jeb may yet convince Republicans that this particular baggage helps make him the best choice they’ve got.

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Photo: Speaker John Boehner via Flickr

Jill Lawrence

Award-winning journalist Jill Lawrence is a nationally syndicated columnist and a contributing editor to U.S. News & World Report. She also contributed to The Surge: 2014's Big GOP Win and What It Means for the Next Presidential Race (2015). Lawrence has discussed political and policy developments on television, radio, and many other media outlets. She was an adjunct professorial lecturer at American University in 2014, teaching on the relationship between politics and the media.

Lawrence has covered every presidential campaign since 1988, as well as historic events such as the Three Mile Island nuclear accident, the 1994 Republican takeover of Congress, the Clinton impeachment, the Florida recount, and the 1993 and 2009 battles over health reform.

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  1. robertblair3174 February 19, 2015

    If the GOP wasn’t so paranoiaclly xenophobic, they’d find a lot of socially conservative voters among both the Latino, AND Muslim communities.
    Good thing for Democrats, that they’ll probably NEVER figure this out

    1. John Pigg February 19, 2015

      I think it depends on the state. Texas despite its image has a lot of immigrant friendly policies. In these rock solid states expect Latinos and Hispanics that are serious about Public Office will join the GOP.

      I don’t think Democrats should just bank on racial politics and young people to win nationally in 2016. We need to rebuild at the state and local levels first, then we will win in 16. Providing we have good presidential candidates.

      1. robertblair3174 February 19, 2015

        I agree, I also think more could be done to educate working class whites (Which the Democrats seem to be losing badly) HOW progressive policies can benefit THEM

        1. kG February 19, 2015

          Ah ah ah ah….by filling the country with illegals?

        2. John Pigg February 21, 2015

          Couldn’t agree more….!

      2. FT66 February 19, 2015

        I beg to disagree with you John. Dems should bank on racial politics and young people. If we stick on them especially the racial ones we will be sure they will remain with us and be a minus to the other side. Regarding young voters, there are more coming in being first time voters. The old voters remain the same or becoming less as some have passed away. It is all about doing the right Maths and as far as I can see, Dems are still on the same path as they did in 2008 and 2012. Nothing to worry about, what is important is to keep these blocs engaged.

        1. John Pigg February 21, 2015

          You may be right mathematically they make the executive more achievable. But the problem is… they don’t always show up. They didn’t show up in 2010, or in 2014. And I do not see them turning up for Hillary.

          These sorts of policies and campaigning tactics look good on the National Level. But they won’t give us Indiana (my state).

          And if a Dem President doesn’t get the House or the Senate… then how much can they realistically achieve?

          And for me personally, the Democrats have the most appeal in my state.. Because they are fiscally responsible, Democratic, Good Government, and against Corporate Schooling corruption.

      3. kG February 19, 2015

        You won’t have a youthful ,one speech wonder to wip up young people into a frenzy like you did eight years ago,myself included. The unemplyment rate among young people is 13% , among newly grads 25% and among African Americans 12% . While they may be socially liberal most young people are not gonna vote for your socialist ,open borders, amnesty party in as large numbers as they did in 2008. You think Hillarey is going to sweep the country like the criminal in the White House did? Good luck with that!

        1. gunslinger February 19, 2015

          “Hillaryous” will lose. Nobody wants four more years of Obamanation!

          1. jmprint February 19, 2015

            Looking through your crystal ball, next time don’t buy it at the dollar store.

      4. gunslinger February 19, 2015

        Not if your candidate supports amnesty and/or gun control.

    2. kG February 19, 2015

      The GOP can win without the majority of Latino votes. The conservatives only need to win around 30% of the Latino votes. Dems can keep the illegals. But the key issue is to keep the 11 to 20 million illegals from becoming citizens because then no one will be able to win a national election without fully catering to the Latino interst which will eventually turn this country into a Latino nation. Not much different than Mexico, look at California,sorry I meant Mexifornia!

      1. robertblair3174 February 19, 2015

        The GOP took about 30% of the Latino vote in 2012, and lost.
        That attitudes like yours are so common in the Republican party, and that so many Republican politicians pander to those attitudes is the reason that the GOP will continue to lose national elections. You can’t treat an entire ethnic group like dirt, and expect many of them to vote for you.

        1. kG February 19, 2015

          Will see buddy,right now they have the house and the senate! Historic wins nonetheless ,both won on amnesty. At this point the American people are sick of the word Latino. We have had enough of these illegals demanding they are appeased. I think the pendulum is swinging the other way and it is swinging hard. The American middle class is finally waking up and hopefully they will come out to vote and counter the Latino threat to this nation. Mark my words, 2016 will be a good year for whoever runs on secure borders, no amnesty and on a merit based immigration system.

          1. Carolyn1520 February 19, 2015

            When only 36.7% of the population votes in the midterms, calling it a victory is questionable.
            Romney thought he had it in the bag after the 2010 midterms. He still has his unused victory fireworks.
            He can pass them on to the next delusional GOP candidate and then they can pass them on.
            The thing is, voters will be out in force in 2016. Count on it.

          2. kG February 19, 2015

            Read the new polls coming out of the key states. You guys are done! I think you missed my point, the groups that overwhelmingly elected Obama are not going to be that enthust about Hillary and the groups that will show up to vote have had enough of your Mexicrat party!

          3. Carolyn1520 February 19, 2015

            Yeah, okay.
            Run out and buy some victory fireworks.

          4. kG February 19, 2015

            Fire works? You mean some coke and a hooker! Will getter done. Sounds like you want to join in.
            For any gov agents who are ease dropping,I don’t do coke or hookers

          5. gunslinger February 19, 2015

            The previous bog said ” you can’t treat an entire ethnic group like dirt and expect them to vote for you”. This is how lost these libby demos are. Obamanation has sucked up to the illegals so much it is pathetic. 2016 spells a greater a** kicking than they got in 2014. I’m sick of this BS and most I talk to as well.

          6. jmprint February 19, 2015

            SO you want to box in American, Good Luck!

          7. kG February 19, 2015

            No,I just want to put an end to the endless flow of illegals coming in. I am all for merit based immigration.

          8. jmprint February 19, 2015

            Well when God appoint you, you can have that job.

      2. jmprint February 19, 2015

        You are an idiot, California was all Mexican, before the land was sold to US. You have a problem with Latinos move to England or Africa your preference.

        1. kG February 19, 2015

          Yeah? I don’t live in Ca and California is Mexican now. I am worried about the rest of the country. I don’t want to live in Mexico ,do you?

          1. jmprint February 19, 2015

            So why do you think the immigrants came here, just like your ancestors the American Dream. No I don’t want to live in Mexico, but I am not a prejudice person. I don’t think any race is more superior then the other. People of all races have issues and faults, I am not here to judge. Your hatred for latinos is about at same level as your hatred towards the President, so if he is black and latinos are brown, your issues are that you think you a superior “white” being. Don’t want to bust your bubble, but that is what you live in.

          2. jointerjohn February 19, 2015

            Of course I don’t want to live in Mexico. It is ruled by a right wing government which disallows organized labor, no minimum wage, no environmental protection, and regressive taxation. It is a demonstration in what right wing governance always produces, lots of millionaires while everyone else dips their water from a ditch. In view of that, why would you want the U.S. to be the same?

  2. Dominick Vila February 19, 2015

    The problem for Democrats has absolutely nothing to do with our record, policy making, or vision. Most Americans favor raising the minimum wage, most Americans understand know how hard it was to overcome the effects of the Great Recession and what contributed to that calamity, most Americans support raising the minimum wage, we have no objection to same-sex marriage, we support a merit system designed to ensure women and ethnic minorities have the same opportunities and are rewarded the same way their white male counter parts are, and most of us favor short and long term solutions to our immigration problems. What we don’t have, and the GOP does, is full control of the message. We simply don’t know how to articulate our gains, we don’t know how to compare our record to that of the opposition, and we have allowed Republicans to distort our accomplishments and turned them into negatives with absolute impunity. I fear that unless we manage to take control of the agenda, and we do it soon, the future of the Democratic party is in serious trouble.

    1. gunslinger February 19, 2015

      How about gun control? Tell me again how many Americans support libby demo gun control… because you STF aren’t getting it done are you. 2016 will be a defining moment on illegal immigration too. How many Americans are for AMNESTY? We will see!

      1. Dominick Vila February 19, 2015

        What about gun control? The last gun control legislation was Reagan’s Brady Act. How do you like it? What President Obama proposed was expanding the Brady Act to make it more difficult for criminals and the mentally ill to have access to lethal weapons, something the NRA and most Republicans oppose.
        I have no idea how many Americans support amnesty, the only thing I can tell you is that I don’t. I support Sen McCain’s Guest Worker program solution, and President Obama’s TEMPORARY Work permits though.

  3. disqus_QR7ejvoSVU February 19, 2015

    The Tea Party, the Faux News followers, the GOP, and the
    Heritage Foundation have nothing to worry about — President Obama until 2016
    and President Hillary 2016-2024. By 2024 the Republican Party will cease to

    1. FT66 February 19, 2015

      Not so fast. Politics is never predictable. It is the same thing what am hearing from GOP commenteters and the 2016 contenders sticking on Foreign Policy and think that is a winnable issue come 2016? Are they all dreaming? Politics never work that way and a lot will change up to 2016. We might be young in politics but we are mastering it.

    2. whodatbob February 19, 2015

      In your dreams! We were riding a high in 2008. From where I sit Obama, Nancy P. and a supporting cast of buffoons, Hilliary included have become enamored with their power. They have fallen into the trap of I know what is best for the people. Sounds like what we say about the Republicans, and it is! In a democratic Republic we have have a tendency to throw the arrogant asses out. Be prepared for a shift in power. Hope not.

  4. ray2hill February 19, 2015

    The more hateful and ignorant a group becomes the more vulnerable they are to be led into the political traps laid for them. The RNC are the most vulnerable bunch on today’s political scene and they do not even know it…

    1. Dominick Vila February 19, 2015

      I would love to agree with your opinion, which makes perfect sense to me. Unfortunately, that conclusion is inconsistent with the realities that became apparent in 2014.
      The Democratic party, and most of us, tend to see what is happening as evidence of progressiveness against irresponsibility, a battle between the haves and the have not, the perverse influence of money in the American political process, the effects of inequality, and other laudable issues that ought to be at the forefront of political opinions. We tend to see this as a battle between confidence in government and fear of government, and we see it as a struggle to avert the implementation of a plutocracy, where one already exists. The part that we tend to ignore is that the GOP already won the battle of the minds. They have managed to convince millions of Americans to vote against their best interests. They convinced Americans that social programs are manifestations of evil socialism that must be destroyed. They convinced Americans that efforts to reduce the growing wealth inequality in the USA is an evil concept called class warfare, which must be rejected at all cost, for reasons known only to them. They convinced Americans that foreigners are potential enemies, most likely terrorists, that must be kept as far away from the homeland as possible, and if at all possible annihilated.
      What difference does it make to show the contrast between the GOP and Democratic record on issues ranging from fiscal responsibility to accumulation of debt, to fighting for programs that benefit the dwindling middle class, when what really matters is to convince a naive populace to vote against their best interests? Our desperate attempts to establish a contrast and highlight the truth by providing evidence is meaningless when such attempts are only heard and understood by a small segment of our population, while more than half of our fellow Americans are more inclined to form political opinions – and vote – based on what demagogues like Rush Limbaugh tells them?

      1. gunslinger February 19, 2015

        Your pure envy of success will consume you fool!

        1. Dominick Vila February 19, 2015

          If you feel compelled to insult people you disagree with, make an effort to write English correctly. “Your” is a possessive pronoun. Try “you are” next time you write your ignorant shitty. While you are at it, consider a crash course in English comprehension.

      2. whodatbob February 19, 2015

        Your post are always eloquent and accurate. Wish all post were so well put, particularity mine.

  5. Eleanore Whitaker February 19, 2015

    “If” is always a word that can have a far deeper meaning. If cows could fly, if dreams were reality…sorry. I don’t fly the white flag of surrender to the GOP before the battle has even been waged.

    First of all, GOP men are wusses, blowhards and let’s face it, not exactly the most honest in the country. Then, comes time to show off, and their peacock feathers preen in colors bright enough to blind. Their back room strategy. Blind ’em with lies and they can’t know what the truth is. So they think.

    The GOP has Americans, even in their own red states, fed up with the sequestrations, government shut downs, takeovers by their backward ideology to know who they must vote for if they don’t want to become free slave laborers of a handful of plantation owners.

    Republicans and “success” are anathema. How successful was Warren Harding? Herbert Hoover? Nixon? Reagan? Bush ’41 or Bush ’43. Added together the ingredients in their recipe spell “diaster” never success.

    You can’t bilk the middle and lower classes forever with packs of lies, deception and secrecy. If that’s the kind of government you want, North Korea may be a better choice than our democracy in the US.

    1. kG February 19, 2015

      Off your meds again?

      1. Eleanore Whitaker February 19, 2015

        Nose full of coke again? O are you one of those midwestern meth labs in the back seat of your car?

        1. Carolyn1520 February 19, 2015

          Drugs might help this ilk.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker February 19, 2015

            Hadn’t thought of that…but …yes…I agree.

        2. kG February 19, 2015

          No, but snorting coke off a hookers tits would be fun!

          1. Carolyn1520 February 19, 2015

            I’m sure your only opportunity to get near any, involves payment or a felony charge.

          2. kG February 19, 2015

            And your point is ?

          3. Carolyn1520 February 19, 2015

            Thanks. You made it.

          4. kG February 19, 2015

            A liberal taking the high moral ground! Like it.

          5. Carolyn1520 February 19, 2015

            How would you even know?

    2. TheSkalawag929 February 19, 2015

      Eleanor since the 2010 elections two things have become apparent.
      Number one: the American people have shown that they easily duped.
      Number two: democrats, independents and moderates don’t show up at the polls in numbers that reflect the sentiment of the country as a whole.
      My proof is look at who is in control of local, state and federal government across the country.
      I agree with you that what the republicans have done should be enough to get them booted out of office but as I pointed out it hasn’t it hasn’t manifest itself at the polls.
      Until democrats, independents and moderates start showing up at the polls and electing people willing to serve us instead the 1% we are doomed to be represented by the greedy, the callous and the stupid. In other words, the best that the republican party has to offer.

  6. adler56 February 19, 2015

    This article was definitely written to the hundreds of millions of airhead Americans. Jebbie has less of a chance than I do once the slime on him gets out- “he’s a bush” should be enough to kill his chances but with so many stupid Americans voting the actual charges will have to be printed over and over and over again. That’s the only way dumb people learn.

  7. Karen February 19, 2015

    So Jill Lawrence is saying the GOP should do what democrats want – not enforce current law – because the media is bias.

    1. gunslinger February 19, 2015

      I want winners running the country, not losers!

  8. FT66 February 19, 2015

    Brilliant Jill Lawrence, your article is superb and well thought through. I said right in Nov. when republicans won both Chambers that their win meant nothing. I was attacked so heavily that I am insane and know very little about politics. Now tell me who is the lame duck now? That can’t move and stay where it is and quacking around. We all learn through mistakes we make, BUT if we continue repeating them always we end up in failure. It looks like republicans never learn anything since 2008 up to now. They keep repeating the same mistakes every now and then. Nevertheless it is bad for them and good for us. Who doesn’t like this situation from the Dem side?

  9. jamesowens February 19, 2015

    yes they wil fail because now even the ignorant people that put them in office will see they have only profit /payoff/ and their corporate sponsers greed in their minds- the do notheing congess has stopped anything that will help the 99% of Americans in order to favor their “COROPORATE SPONSORS”
    and the majority will stop them from gaining full control no matter how badly they cheat with gerrymandering -poll taxes and rigging elections

  10. kG February 19, 2015

    There are two winning issues that the conservatives have going into the election two years from now. The spread and expansion of ISIS and this president ‘s weak,wishy washy respnces and amnesty. Americans I verwhelmingly oppose amnesty and citiziship for illegals and want the border secured. I don’t know of a single American of any background who wants more illegals poured into this country. I also don’t know a single American Of any background who thinks giving amnesty to these law breakers is a good idea. I am ethnic myself and live around the greater DC area. I also work in the hospitality industry ,I am surrounded by different ethnicities and not a single person I know thinks it is a good idea including my best friend who is of Mexican background from Ca.
    I predicted that results of the last election based on anti amnesty and I was proven more than right. This president ,whom I voted for, is weak ,infectual and is trying to break the law by shielding 11 million illegals from our laws. He is Not a king. The liberals are done. Who is going to run for president and defend an unconstitutional act to spent billions on these illegals? Amnesty is a poison for this country and the liberal socialist Democrats!

    1. kenndeb February 19, 2015

      I totally agree with you. I am a registered democrat, but after the second coronation of the Emperor, he started to show his anti American agenda clearly.

      1. Carolyn1520 February 19, 2015

        B U L L S H I T
        I’m so sick of the disrespect shown to this president and the cries of Anti American from mouth breathers such as yourself.
        Don’t you ever get tired of the same old tired rhetoric?
        I know I am and I was once a republican before the hijacking freaks took it over.
        Do you even realize how stupid you sound?
        Anti American. Hah

        1. gunslinger February 19, 2015

          The dems will get their asses handed to them in 2016 on the amnesty issue alone! Obamanation is a looter in the WH. A true communist dictator spending taxpayer dollars to fund illegals and reward failure. He is the “food stamp” pres. that is his legacy idiot! How about another shot at gun control fruitcake? NEVER HAPPEN FOOL and you know it.

          1. Carolyn1520 February 19, 2015


          2. jmprint February 19, 2015

            This is the legacy you want for him, but on record he is already the best, most productive President. His vision for a better country as a whole. not just the privileged.

        2. kenndeb February 19, 2015

          Just when did you become a member of the communist party? Was it before or after coming to America?

          1. Carolyn1520 February 19, 2015

            You must get paid for your stupid posts.

          2. jointerjohn February 19, 2015

            Who on the right would pay for the comments of someone so ineffective, so unpersuasive, and too dumb to even be clever about it? They pay trolls alright, but only ones who aid their cause, not ones who just make fools of themselves.

          3. Carolyn1520 February 19, 2015

            Good point. I was only thinking of the low standards required.

          4. kenndeb February 20, 2015

            No. Unlike liberals that have a need to lie and distort truth, I have neither the need to lie, nor do I need pay to speak truth.

          5. Carolyn1520 February 20, 2015

            But you don’t speak any truth. Your comments are limited to derogatory references to our president , liberals and opinion based bias.
            It’s no more than a mouth dump.

      2. jmprint February 19, 2015

        Stop lying! The only point you ever make is your hatred for our President.

        1. kenndeb February 20, 2015

          America no longer has a President. We have an illegal tyrant that believes he is Emperor.

    2. jmprint February 19, 2015

      I totally disagree with you. President Obama is doing the right thing. This is a temporary fix, he has given the GOP time to execute laws to fix immigration, but they are not ready to get out of the women’s (womb) business yet and of course there most precious pipeline, that will bring more harm then good to America.

      1. kG February 19, 2015

        ‘ once the tooth paste is out of the tube it can not be put back’ give them work visas and driving previlages and then take them. What a scam!

        1. jmprint February 19, 2015

          What scam! They are human being, just like you, there blood flows just like yours., they want to better their life also. Did God give us this world so that only the privileged can survive and advance.

          1. kG February 19, 2015

            Wtf? I said scam,and I was referring to Obama. I think you got scum and scam confused!

          2. jmprint February 19, 2015

            Yes I guess I was thinking of scum when I saw your post.

          3. kG February 19, 2015

            I realize these people,most f them anyway are trying to make a better life by so does everybody in the world.we are gonna let them all in? this country can’t afford it. Not anymore.

  11. Alvin Harrison February 19, 2015

    The demographics of America have changed and will continue to change …it is a fact… and it is irrefutable…GOP ignore this at your peril.

    1. gunslinger February 19, 2015

      It only changes if you don’t enforce the law Einstein! Sure rolling over for illegal aliens will help them along but the peril begins if they are given amnesty and can get welfare. Growing large families on taxpayer money. What kind of idiot are you. No doubt a law breaker!

      1. Alvin Harrison February 19, 2015

        I can see you can call names..so I guess I will use your tactic…first of f your choice of handle “Gunslinger” shows your mentality…DUMB….”gunslinger”…please…It’s already changed Mr. Dumbass. Here is a definition of demographic since you obviously do not understand the term..demographics : the qualities (such as age, sex, and income) of a specific group of people….do you not use the internet for other that spouting your ill informed rhetoric …if you do you might realize that it is not just race….women, gays, the young are ALL more progressive now…you GOP goofballs have no idea that the US changed right from under you…you hang around people like yourselves so much you can’t believe you are no longer relevant….and getting less so every day. It is already 42% democratic to 39% Republican…and getting worse for you…

      2. jmprint February 19, 2015

        I am sure your immigrant relatives feel a little different.

  12. Daley Butler February 19, 2015

    We Democrats could win back a large block of voters if we will allow for the ten commandments to be posted in state houses. Also allow prayer in school, I personally have no objection to either. I do have concerns that doing so would put us on a slippery slope into the hell of an official religion, but we do need to learn to fight from within the system. We could also make it clear that we are not trying to take people’s guns away. Both of these issues are currently working against democrats.

    1. Carolyn1520 February 19, 2015

      I would strongly object to it.
      So we should bend to the will of who? The loud right?
      Hell no.

      1. Daley Butler February 19, 2015

        I’m not saying I like the idea, but as any military strategist know sometimes a small retreat in order to gain strength helps to win the battle

        1. Carolyn1520 February 19, 2015

          And this in your mind is a small retreat? You can’t be serious.
          Yeah because a take over by the American Taliban would benefit the greater good ,huh?
          Did I say HELL NO? Let me repeat that.
          HELL NO.

          1. gunslinger February 19, 2015

            American Taliban??? What kind of fool are you? Tea Party Patriots are a group of proud Americans that want to keep our core values and not bend for every other culture and leaving ours behind. Todays democrats want to reward failure and damn success. WTF kind of values are those? Sure they want to take everyone’s guns because they don’t want an uprising!

          2. Carolyn1520 February 19, 2015

            Yeah, okay troll boy.

          3. jmprint February 19, 2015

            Tea Party Patriot are fools following a religious CULT. Not the word of God. Our core values are the same, Democrat are people of faith, they believe in God. Where do you get of saying democrats reward failure, please do tell in what manner. Do you think if there was an uprising that we wouldn’t obtain the necessary weapons to defend ourselves. Think again, we just don’t want guns in the wrong hands. What is wrong with that, you can keep your guns, just don’t shove it down my face.

        2. charleo1 February 21, 2015

          If political strategy, or expedience was always the answer, the Democratic majorities in Congress would have never allowed the Civil Rights Act to come to a vote, and LBJ would have never signed it into law. And George Wallace might have become President. The Supreme Court would be filled with Justices like Scalia, Thomas, Bork, and Roberts. Jm Crow, and discrimination, would overrule such foundational tenets of democracy as equal protection. Sometimes we must do these things as JFK said. “Not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” And also, because they are right. There is no greater good in surrendering what is clearly right.

          1. Daley Butler February 21, 2015

            At the end of WWII the Japanese emperor said “We must now endure that which cannot be endured” Not sure I have the exact quote, but it’s close. But by accepting the lose Japan came out the winner atter all.

          2. charleo1 February 21, 2015

            I get it, sort of. But the premises of the Emperor did
            not prevail. Nor was the retreat a stratigic one, but a unconditional surrender. Or was the continuation of the institution a righteous, or negotiable one, from a democratic standpoint, certainly. And just as those two institutions were incompatible. I would submit,
            just as equally incompatible, is any union of Church, and State. Even in it most symbolic forms. As well it has proven to be, and continues to be incompatible, and wholly unacceptable, to the other foundational freedoms of expression, and the freedom to decide one’s own religion freely, and in accordance to one’s conscience. And, we must hold to the strict maintenance of those protections against any impositions of the State. We know there have
            always been those ideologues, who fail to see beyond their own freedoms. And we know they are
            wrongheaded, no matter how well meaning they believe they are. And we know to compromise with
            them, irrespective of trend, or popularity of doing so. We surely know, we don’t put our Constitutional guarantees up for a vote. Not if we intend to keep them for posterity.

          3. Daley Butler February 21, 2015

            I do agree with you, I firmly believe religion and government should be separate at all levels. However, I think that since 9/11 my beliefs have been in contrast with reality. We so called liberals, democrats,socialists, or what ever name the republicans decide to assign to us, are losing voters and we need to find a way to pull them back. So a step or two back in order to regroup might be one strategy. I’m open to listening to other ideas.

          4. charleo1 February 22, 2015

            I think you make a good point, and probably the number one complaint of Democrats. Namely our Party is losing what is a very compelling case. That we are failing to inspire, and motivate the younger demographic to get out and vote. Especially in the mid-terms. And I think you might agree, given many of the candidates the Party supported in the last one. It’s actually no wonder GOP gained the largest majority in the House in what, 80 years? And lost control of the Senate, as well. And while it’s true, we have refused to engage in the nuttery, and out, and out propaganda as the GOP have decided to do. When you have a candidates that run from their Party’s platform, and refuse to, “confess,” they voted for their Party’s President in the last election… Who won by 8 million votes, it’s outrageous, and it certainly doesn’t inspire, or motivate. And there’s also the tremendous amounts of money involved. And our platform doesn’t always empower the folk that are able to shell out a million, or more to a Lefty S. PAC., with our candidates running on a platform of higher wages, climate change regulation, and suggesting the rich pay more of their fair share. But, they still must find a way to compete. And, so I think what is happening is, they listen to their fundraisers, and their campaign managers, and hedge their positions. That’s part of the reality of the post Citizens United World of big money politics. And, Democrats need to understand this. But also the candidates themselves can’t allow that to make them come off as total shills, and lying spineless hypocrites, and expect the base to turn out in droves. There are already too many of our voters that are so disheartened, and cynical with the process, they now believe both Parties are the same, and colluding to run a con game on the public. Which is not true. But none the less, the narrative the Democrats running for office, especially in red, and purple States are helping to create. And so even those voters that support what the Dems are doing Nationally, will not vote for candidates that voted for ACA, for example.But are now trashing it, and running from their records, and losing. I’m what they call a Liberal Progressive. So I say, if you lose, you lose. But at least keep in tact the courage of your convictions, if you have them. And if not? Then, do your Party a big favor, and don’t run.

          5. Daley Butler February 22, 2015

            You’re right that some our elected Dems. are traitors to our cause. I think they are the ones who are just trying to protect their own jobs, but a lot of our voters have allowed the repubs. to shame them into denying they voted for Obama. It’s a shame that we have so many who are seeming tied to big money.

    2. kG February 19, 2015

      I am a conservative and I am against posting the Ten Commandments or any other religious scriptures any where near our state or federal gov houses. And the gun people are already voting GOP. You are just a lefty nut job !
      The issues in the next election will be the economy as it relates to over immigration ,amnesty,secure borders and ISIS. Whoever advocates amnesty and open borders will lose!! Hence, we will have a GOP house ,senate and White House !

      1. Daley Butler February 19, 2015

        I do lean left of center, true, but I do not hide behind a monitor screen and call people names. I do that face to face.

    3. oldtack February 19, 2015

      Having lived in that far off time when Christianity was the Primary Religion in this Country where Islam was only known through history books and even Jews were a rarity and other religions were almost unheard of I too would be comfortable with what,in my time was the status quo. But this is not the far distant past, this is the stark reality of the present. Civil rights was just a phrase in my early days and civil rights were ignored. Today Civil Rights hold sway. Allowing the Ten Commandments in public buildings and Christian prayer in schools opens the door to all other faiths to exercise the same right. What do you suggest? The Schools pray to GOD on Monday, bow down to the East and give praise to ALLAH on Ttuesday, then pray to Buddah on Wednesday?

      Following the precepts of separation of Church and State needs to be strictly enforced. We can see what Sharia Law does to the people of a Country when they and their Clergy control the functions of government.. We have also seen the effect in history when the Clergy ruled supreme with the Puritans and where the Catholic Church ruled a Country.

      Democrats can win back the confidence and the votes by being constructive and providing leadership that helps the individual people. Providing for solid growth in business that produce in the United States so the rank and file can have dependable good paying jobs. Honesty and integrity can do this.

    4. gunslinger February 19, 2015

      You must first convince democrats that disarming American Patriots whom tie guns to their freedom is not only unpopular but many see it as treason, tyranny etc. WTF, why are dems so bent on disarming Americans, And yes, the PLAN is to DISARM not RESTRICT or CONTROL. All you need to do is investigate the facts. Of course faith makes a difference too, when you have Godless types running around committing crimes. So yes if they answer to no God then they themselves think they are a God and worship themselves by taking and doing what they want without regard for anyone or the law!

      1. jmprint February 19, 2015

        You can read the comment for Daley on Guns. Godless, really! There is nothing worse than a false prophet and there are manny of those in the republican field of nuts. Having your faith in the republican GOP Tea-Party isn’t the same as having faith in God. You are a little confused.

    5. jmprint February 19, 2015

      First off it’s the atheist that don’t want prayer in school, and second NOBODY is trying to take and guns away from anybody. We just don’t want every Tom, Dork and Harry to be carrying open arms like Texas is trying to do. I don’t understand why you guys want the old wild, wild west to be the new. It didn’t work then, what makes you think it will work now? A little restriction on arms of mass destruction isn’t going to hurt anybody’s constitutional rights.

  13. James Bowen February 19, 2015

    What is it going to take to get people like Jill Lawrence to understand that blocking amnesty is a popular position, and granting amnesty is a very unpopular one?

    1. jmprint February 19, 2015

      Because James blocking it is the wrong decision. Economically, compassionately are all the right reasons to allow these immigrants from being deported. The majority pay taxes in some form or another, the majority help our economy. When are you going to realize you are wrong?

      1. James Bowen February 19, 2015

        They do not help our economy. The help line the profit margins of the 1%. The rest of us are stuck with the bill in the form of depressed wages, increased job competition, overused public infrastructure, and an overall reduced quality of life. If legalized, most would be excused from paying taxes because they fall into low income brackets. Yet they would then be eligible for public and social services which they are currently not eligible for.

        Bottom line, this country has limits, and we simply cannot take in everyone who wants to come here without it destroying our quality of life.

        1. Godzilla February 19, 2015

          It will either add to the National debt or cause a huge raise in State and Federal taxes. I would suggest that we have a National election on the issue. If amnesty is voted for, those who vote for it PAY for it.

          1. jmprint February 19, 2015

            I have no problem, I’m paying for Tea party idiots to act like clowns, at least the immigrants would be more productive.

          2. Godzilla February 19, 2015

            How are you paying for Tea Party people? I don’t even know any, nor are they publically active that much. They have been eaten up by the Elites in the Republican party and are insignificant.

          3. jmprint February 19, 2015

            My taxes help pay the salaries for those unproductive, selfish thieves in congress. I wasn’t speaking of the voter.

          4. Godzilla February 19, 2015

            I agree, all 536 of them and their employees. We would be much better off without all of them.

          5. Carolyn1520 February 20, 2015

            No we wouldn’t. “Them” are us. It isn’t us against them.
            Those who think we should do away with all government are the first ones screaming for help in times of disasters

          6. oldtack February 19, 2015

            The Tea Baggers haven’t been eaten up by the elites in the Republican Party. They masquerade as Republicans and they have infiltrated the Party. If any of the old-line Republicans dare oppose them then they work hard to attack that person and force them from office. They are Tea Baggers but they are not Republicans. Soon there will be no true Republican Party. It will be consumed by the masqueraders..

          7. Godzilla February 19, 2015

            Possibly, but the DNC is quickly becoming Fascist’s and may need to rename their party. Democrat is far from the reality.

          8. oldtack February 19, 2015

            Would you please expound on this ideology?

          9. Godzilla February 20, 2015

            Sure Oldtac, Our government has gone the way of Fascism, both sides. Those on the Left demanded Obamacare, which is nothing more than the marriage of government and health insurance industry, a perfect definition of fascism. We are all against Corporate welfare. Yet, when your guy does it, there is silence, when the other guy does it it’s criminal. I tuned my back on the Fed’s after the bailout. That was when I realized that we had become a fascist nation pretending to be a Constitutional Republic. The Fed’s no longer are held accountable for their actions. I don’t know what happens down the road, but freedom will become a thing of the past if the elite ruling class has their way. We are in the final stages of the historical Democratic type government, we were given a Republic and we couldn’t keep it. Good luck to you and your family, I see some very tough times ahead.

          10. oldtack February 20, 2015

            I don’t think the General Public has any inkling of just how rough and tough the next few years will be. It will make the Depression of the 30’s look like nothing.

        2. jmprint February 19, 2015

          They sure do, help the economy. Wages don’t have to be depressed, call your republican senators tell them to raise the minimum wage which is long overdue.

          Nobody is excused from paying taxes. Who put limits on the country?

          If you are so worried about quality of life why do you vote for the pipelines and fracking?

          Every race has indigent people, those are the one that the Lord wanted US Christian to help, are you putting limits on Him also?

          1. James Bowen February 19, 2015

            They do not at all help the economy. Their presence in such large numbers depresses wages regardless of the minimum wage. Supply and demand has a much greater impact on the market wage that the minimum wage. I do support increasing the minimum wage, by the way.

            Nearly half the people in this country don’t pay taxes. There are many loopholes for the rich to avoid it, and those below a certain income get almost all of their taxes refunded, so they effectively do not pay taxes. Most amnestied illegals would fall into this category.

            The country is limited. It is limited in physical extent, resources, and carrying capacity. Those are facts. Are you going to deny them?

            I did not vote for pipelines and fracking. I support relying on nuclear power as our primary energy source until such a time we can effectively harness solar power to supply most of our needs.

          2. jmprint February 19, 2015

            We cannot afford to deport all illegal immigrants, it’s impossible without spending millions. President Obama is trying to help those that have been here a decade and have American born citizens. They are already here. Is America doomed? NO it is not. Is it broke? NO it is not. Do they help the economy YES, they do.

          3. James Bowen February 20, 2015

            We don’t need to deport all of them. If we enforce the laws in the workplace to drive them out of their jobs, they would leave on their own accord. They came here to work, not out of a burning desire to become Americans. If they are driven out of the job market, they would leave. Even if we did actually deport all of them, it would be cheaper in the long run than letting them stay here for good.

            How do they help the economy? They depress wages, they use public infrastructure which was not designed to handle so many people (ex. overcrowded schools), and they put American workers at a competitive disadvantage in the job market. That doesn’t sound like helping the economy to me.

            The ones who have been here the longest are the most aggregious offenders and should be the primary targets of enforcement. We do need to restrict birthright citizenship to the offspring of citizens and legal permanent residents, even if it takes a Constitutional amendment to do so. In the meantime, their kids can go with them and re-enter upon their 18th birthday.

            America is broke (look at our national debt), and unless it reduces its population to sustainable levels, it isn’t far off from doomed. Illegal aliens are foreign invaders, and it is high time we treat them as such.

          4. jmprint February 20, 2015

            Why did your ancestor come here, if not for a better life and who told them they couldn’t stay. The children that are born here have no fault, and we (US citizens) are not evil monsters. It is not their fault that the past administration have not applied or enforced laws, we cannot and should not punish them for our incompetence.

            They help the economy by doing jobs that employers can’t get work for, and they are also entrepreneurs. You need to stop portraying them as evil criminals. They will grow up to be self sufficient as you and yours did.

            Those that are here the longest are already part of the working system, self sustained.

            Hey you got your piece of the American dream to hell with every boy else Right!

            Why don’t we just deport every one that wasn’t born in the United State period, if we can’t bend the rule for one, nobody gets the right. See how foolish that sounds.

            Get a grip, even if they all got amnesty today, which is not what President Obama is doing, you would not feel a difference tomorrow.

          5. James Bowen February 20, 2015

            When my ancestors came, much of the U.S. and Canada was frontier. Today, these two countries are overpopulated, and immigration is what is causing unsustainable population growth. Immigration laws therefore need to be strictly enforced and overall immigration reduced to levels that will not cause net growth. The kids are not being punished, they are accompanying their parents as their parents are deported and they may reenter at legal age.

            Do you really think that, with 56 million members of the U.S. labor force unemployed and with wages stagnant for decades even before the recession began, that employers can’t find jobs? That is pure hogwash. Those employers want cheap labor and they don’t want to hire pesky Americans who have the nerve to ask for a living wage and know their rights.

            Those that are here the longest have been leaches on the system longest and should therefore be targeted first. If we let them stay, we let them become a permanent drain on the system. If we do not let them stay, labor would become more scarce and that would put upward pressure on wages.

          6. jmprint February 20, 2015

            You are punishing and dictating to an American citizen either way you slice it. So what is next a firing range because we are over populated. Which we are not, you don’t give enough credit to employers, they will pay if they want to stay if business, it is a privilege to be in business.

            Quit blaming the illegals for wages being low. Greedy Corporations have that fault, blame them.

          7. James Bowen February 20, 2015

            On the contrary, I give plenty of credit to these employers for knowing what they are doing. Wages are in a market economy are dictated by supply and demand. These corrupt employers know this very well and have supported mass immigration, be it legal or illegal, to that end.

            We are overpopulated. We can only indefinitely sustain about 150-200 million people, and we are twice that now and climbing, thanks to immigration.

            As far as deportation is concerned, we are not even punishing the parents. Deportation, strictly speaking, is not a legal punishment, it is a corrective administrative action that compels them to get right with the law. The kids may re-enter when they reach legal age, should their parents choose to take them with them. Why do we hear so much about splitting families when it comes to deportation (a non-issue) and almost nothing about American citizens being sent to prison for non-violent crimes who are separated from their children (which is a major issue)?

          8. jmprint February 20, 2015

            Wages are not dictated by supply and demand, I have NEVER payed my employees minimum wage. I have never hired an illegal. You keep saying the kids can return when they are of age, WHY, they are American citizens no matter what. How dare you dictate a persons life. Breaking a family apart is a horrible thing to do, uprooting law abiding individuals is wrong.

          9. James Bowen February 20, 2015

            “Wages are not dictated by supply and demand…” Yeah, one might as well say the Earth is flat. That statement is patently false.

            The deported parents are the legal guardians of the kids. Whether the kids go or stay is up to the parents. If a family is broken apart, that is the doing of the parents, not the authorities. Illegal aliens are by definition non-law abiding. Most have committed Federal felonies relating to SSN theft/fraud.

          10. jmprint February 20, 2015

            Quit lying to try to make a point. Facts are these people are human beings, all God’s children. Most are not thieves you lier.

          11. James Bowen February 20, 2015

            All new hires are required to submit a SSN on an I-9 form. Illegal aliens who are in payroll jobs (there are an estimated 7-8 million of them) would have to have put either a false or stolen SSN on them. Either is a Federal felony. The only way they could not be felons is if the employer doesn’t have them fill out an I-9. This is unlikely considering that there is plenty of plausible deniability in the I-9 process to cover the employers in case illegals are discovered. This is why mandatory E-Verify would be a major deterrent to using false SSN’s. I would remove that plausible deniability.

          12. jmprint February 20, 2015

            I am aware o the I-9 form, I understand the process, many are on work permits, and yes they do pay into the system, but they do not collect IRS refunds, or they would get caught. There are some US citizens who loan out there SSN to some immigrants, and yes immigration laws need fixing, but that doesn’t give you nor I right to dictate who can be uprooted and suffer. There is nothing wrong with what President Obama wants to do in order to help some of this families that are in limbo.

          13. James Bowen February 20, 2015

            Then you know very well that it is a felony to use a false or stolen SSN, whether the true owner of the SSN is complicit or not (the owner of the SSN has also committed at least one felony in the former case). We as a nation have the right to say who may be here and who may not. Therefore, we do indeed have every right to uproot those who are not supposed to be here in the first place. These families are not in limbo. They are illegal, end of story on their status. If our immigration laws are to be respected and serve their purpose, they must have teeth.

          14. Leftout February 20, 2015

            It is possible toTake them
            To The border, there would be many volunteers to drive the busses, look how easy it was to distribute a million border crossers lately . It can be done on a month . Round Them up included overstayed student visas. Billions would be saved .

          15. jmprint February 21, 2015

            So which border will you use for British, Asian and Africa overstayers?

          16. Leftout February 21, 2015

            The Atlantic and Pacific would be Terrific. British to Toronto , Blacks and Asians can stay, of course as well as all work card permits , visas.

        3. grammyjill February 19, 2015

          that is what the Indians said when our ancestors showed up. yet here we are.

          1. James Bowen February 20, 2015

            What happened to the Indians is exhibit #1 in what happens when immigration laws are not enforced.

          2. Carolyn1520 February 20, 2015

            No, it’s what happens when you trust white people.

          3. Carolyn1520 February 20, 2015

            My statement didn’t make any more sense than your response did.

          4. James Bowen February 20, 2015

            Come on. People are people, regardless of their color, and white nations are not the only nations in history to commit atrocities and partake in conquest. The Mongols, the Zulus, the Aztecs, the Japanese, etc. have all used violence to accomplish objectives.

            Just because our ancestors did nasty things does not oblige us to wreck our quality of life or commit national suicide.

      2. Carolyn1520 February 21, 2015

        Not to mention the American employers who do the right thing and withhold taxes and social security and file employment tax returns ask workers for social security numbers. Of course the numbers are fake because only citizens can have legitimate social security number but to work you need one. The SSA has all the money paid in by undocumented workers who can never collect on it and that benefits the rest of us. If employers waited around for citizens to apply for the jobs, they wouldn’t have anyone to do the work because they have tried that route. These workers aren’t taking American jobs away from citizens and they are donating 7.65% out of their pay into our social security system. Monies they will never see again. If they earn enough, they also have a tax liability and can get back the remaining withheld if they apply for a federal ITIN and file a tax return. Most do not because they don’t want to bring attention to themselves so all that withholding paid in goes into the federal coffers never to be paid back out. While they are living here, they are contributing to the economy with their purchases.

    2. ericlipps February 19, 2015

      “Popular” and “right” are not the same, except to an utterly cynical politician.

      1. James Bowen February 20, 2015

        Generally, you are correct. However, in this case they are the same, at least as far as the interests of U.S. citizens are concerned.

        1. ericlipps February 20, 2015

          Then why didn’t you come out and say it’s the right policy in the first place? Merely saying a policy is more popular than the alternative sounds as though you’re suggesting that popularity is what counts.

          1. James Bowen February 21, 2015

            The reason why I said it is because this author repeats the false argument that opposition to more immigration and amnesty caters to an increasingly irrelevant demographic (i.e. that amnesty is popular and is becoming more popular by the day). The most recent election is stark evidence to the contrary.

            What people like Jill Lawrence don’t seem to understand is that immigration is far, far more than a social issue. It is an economic and ecological issue, not to mention one relevant where national security and sovereignty is concerned. When we are bringing in more foreign workers each month than we are creating jobs, as has been the case in recent years, there is bound to be opposition to that in all demographic groups.

          2. ericlipps February 21, 2015

            But at the moment job creation is slower than it should be. When it picks up—and it will pick up (it’s already much better than at the bottom of the recession)—we won’t be admitting more foreign workers than there are new jobs. Unfortunately, though, immigration isn’t something we can just
            turn up and down like a thermostat, so there will be times when it is out of sync with job creation.

            Opponents of amnesty are attacking the wrong targets. Big agricultural operations, in particular, wink at illegal immigration because it gives them a pool of what amounts to serf labor, workers who have no rights and dare not complain to the authorities no matter how they’re treated—and these operations have plenty of friends in high places, in both parties. Indeed, some anti-amnesty people fear an immigration amnesty less because it will legitimize illegal immigration in general than because it may allow workers they’ve been abusing to come out of the shadows and complain about their treatment without fear that they’ll be thrown back over the border.

            Of course, one might ask why they stay in jobs where they’re abused—but the same might be asked of millions of native-born American workers, and they answer is the same: however badly they’re treated, they need the money and fear that if they left their current jobs they wouldn’t be able to find new employment in time to stave off financial disaster. Who wants to trade an abusive employer for homelessness?

          3. James Bowen February 22, 2015

            First of all, we don’t know if job creation will pick up or not. This might be the new normal. There is nothing at this time that would motivate significantly more job creation. Second, even if it does pick up, the influx of so much foreign labor increases the supply of labor and thereby puts downward pressure on wages. The U.S. simply cannot sustain bringing in so many foreigners each year. We don’t have the resources.

            It is actually the various big business lobbies that are the major driver of efforts to legalize illegal immigrants. They understand supply and demand very well, and legalizing illegal immigrants would permanently lock in a larger labor pool. The major organizations that oppose amnesty, such as NumbersUSA, know very well that it is corrupt employers who drive illegal immigration. Their highest priority is not border security or even deportations, it is workplace enforcement measures such as mandatory E-Verify.

  14. FireBaron February 19, 2015

    Ironically, the Republican party welcomes every illegal Cuban immigrant that arrives in this country. They are automatically granted amnesty and residency as soon as they are above the high tide line, knowing that they will be good flunkys to the Republican Party, even though that party has done everything it can to ruin Cuba’s economy. This is why Cuban-Americans like Rubio, and Cuban-Canadians like Cruz don’t understand the Republican Party’s problem with Hispanics – their ethnic group has no problems!

    1. pmbalele February 19, 2015

      Ted and Mike Rubio cannot understand their fellow GOP plan. Ted and Marco do not know their fellow Repubs hate them for being Latinos.

    2. oldtack February 19, 2015

      Want to see the problem up close and personal? Go for a tour of “Little Havana” down in Dade County, Florida.These people did not assimilate into American society. They are as much Cuban now as they were when they waded ashore. Purebreds are bad. Half breeds like Cruz are worse.

      1. Dominick Vila February 19, 2015

        I visited Little Havana (aka Miami) a couple of times. I am glad I speak Spanish fluently because otherwise I would have been lost there. The outrage that so many Republicans voice when they hear Mexican and Central American migrants speak Spanish, evaporates when they go to their beloved stronghold in South Florida to discuss the evil liberals.

        1. ralphkr February 19, 2015

          Hey. Dominick, I used to think that the men who took care of my parent’s yard in California were illegals because they spoke Spanish all the time and broken English to my dad and were exceptionally hard workers unlike my fellow Americans. Then I found out that they were 4th generation Americans but lived in an area of California that was all Hispanic so they rarely spoke English. Rather like my father as a child growing up only speaking English in school but German at home, Kirk, & with friends so he had a strong German accent. My father had it on good authority that God only hears prayers if they are in German.

          1. oldtack February 19, 2015

            Listen for the accent and the word usage. Native Latinos speak what I call an Americanized Spanish whereas a Latino from Honduras or Nicaragua speak a more correct Spanish. Listen and you can hear a difference.

        2. oldtack February 19, 2015

          Quite an experience and an awakening. Unlike oyu, my command of Spanish is rudimentary at best.

  15. Godzilla February 19, 2015

    I have been saying for years that voting is useless and is simply an illusion of choice. This article and many comments support that theory. Let’s explore that theory. In 2008, Obama won the presidency and the democrats won a super majority in Congress. The people spoke and the Republicans were told “you lost, so sit down and shut up”. Basically the ‘Left” winners told the “right” losers that their vote don’t matter now, because they lost. This is the typical “we are a democracy” mentality, although it fails the reality test.

    So now, after a few more elections, the voters have spoken and the “right” now has the majority in Congress, including having the majority in the “Peoples House” since 2010. Still, the mentality shows that votes don’t matter and their voices have no bearing on governmental thinking. If voting mattered, amnesty would be dead and Obamacare would be buried right next to it. But, as is true that voting is simply an “illusion” of having a voice and a choice, we the people are ALL ignored by the elite ruling class. The Courts will ultimately decide the fate of Obamacare and amnesty, NOT the voice of the people.

    You may now return to your normal brainwashed thinking and continue to believe you have a voice in the Federal Government.

    1. kG February 19, 2015

      We allow two million legal immegrants into the country every year. In the past decade supposedly there were 9 million jobs created and we had over 18 million people from all around the world emigrate here. That is two immegrants per each job. We don’t need illegals, they are burden on an already stretched nation. There is an easy solution ,eVerify as national law. Don’t have right to be here you don’t work! Simple!

      1. Godzilla February 19, 2015

        The Cloward/Piven method of destruction is at work. The outcome won’t be good at all, keep your guns loaded and ready.

      2. oldtack February 19, 2015

        eVerify is great – IF our Government would enforce it and take punitive action against all that disregard it. BUT – in the “good old boy” system our Government (either side) embraces the violators are simply slapped on the hand and given a nothing fine then the perpetrators continue business as usual.
        It isn’t only big businesses that ignore this law. We individual citizens are equally guilty on a smaller scale. How many of us go to the employment area and hire day laborers for a project? How many of us check to see if they are legal. If you hire a Lawn Service to tend your lawn and flowers do you ever check to see if that person’s employees are legal? Do the Big Agri Producers screen the crop gatherers for legal status?
        If the Government would strictly enforce eVerify and shut down repeat violator Companies and issue stiff fines to all who are found in violation then we the people would solve much of this problem. We would see self – deportation because if their is no work available and no assistance available for illegals they will be forced to leave or starve.

        1. Godzilla February 19, 2015

          Here’s the problem. Obama is using selective enforcement that those on the Left like. When a new President does the same thing, and the left don’t like it, then tough titties. If we just demand following laws that Congress has made, with no exceptions, we have no arguments. If Congress changes the law, then so be it. When you allow one to act in a certain way because you are in agreement, then you must accept when one acts the same way if you don’t agree. Be careful what you ask for, because you may get it.

  16. ericlipps February 19, 2015

    Millions of the people here illegally, possibly up to 40 percent, arrived legally and have overstayed their student, business or tourist visas.

    Not that I want to give any ammunition to the freak-show right, but that apparently was how the 9/11 bombers got into this country.

    The problem, though, is what to do about it. Short of turning legal immigrants into the modern U.S. equivalent of Jews in 1938 Germany, with no legal rights any pure Aryan, er, native-born American, need respect—or into the modern equivalent of the interned Japanese-Americans of World War II—I don’t see any solution. Certainly we can’t, and won’t, halt all

    And don’t deceive yourselves: if we decide to treat even legal immigrants as people who must constantly prove their papers are in order, eventually so will the native-born. There’s already more than enough of that.

    1. angelsinca February 20, 2015

      I married an immigrant. She entered America with permission on a 30 day tourist visa. She extended the stay legally with a student visa and went to school, paying full tuition. Soon afterward, we married and she was granted resident alien status. I was her sponsor. After waiting, having her vaccinations, and demonstrating she was not a criminal or burden on American society, she was given permanent residency status.

      Eventually, she decided to apply for US citizenship so she could vote, and insulate the family against illegal immigrant sentiments that always seem to be percolating. She paid the fees, passed the tests, and gave the oath. This is how it works to become a US citizen. It doesn’t involve ignoring the law or demanding services or avoiding allegiance to the host nation.

      In the past 30 years, she hasn’t had to ‘show her papers’ except for passport renewal and employment. As a citizen, she only has to show the same ID that I, or any other citizen, is expected to produce if stopped by police. We obey the law and don’t hang out in seedy places. We don’t fear the authorities.

      1. ericlipps February 20, 2015

        You miss the point. Of course you and your wife have no
        reason to fear the authorities under present law.

        My concern is that put of fear of illegal immigration the law might be changed, in ways which would put even legal immigrants under constant suspicion.

        1. angelsinca February 20, 2015

          I saw your point and raised you one. There isn’t anything wrong with present immigration law as long as immigrants make the effort to obey it. In addition (and I hope this doesn’t cause added confusion), efforts to change the law seem to be motivated by present policies that are trying to modify it.

          1. Leftout February 20, 2015

            Oops you beat me

        2. Leftout February 20, 2015

          The law is the same and safe today, all we need to do is enforce it. No need for Angst

          1. charleo1 February 21, 2015

            So all the corporate farms down in South Dade County Fl., are planting their winter crops now. Squash, pole beans, corn, and thousands of acres of tomatoes. So you think there’s no need for angst? You come down here, and start enforcing the law. Asking for papers, putting these workers in detention, and lining them up for deportation. I dare you. You want angst? You won’t know what ‘angst’ is, until you come down here, and tell these multi-billion dollar industries, you’re enforcing immigration law. And that’s the problem with every non-solution, and obfuscatory excuse for not taking up immigration reform. It’s not reality based.

          2. Leftout February 21, 2015

            Even in the North east we have migrant carded workers that are able to come across levfly , return to their homelands after their stint , Pollocks , Spaniards, South Americans , etc. we pay therm . Even in Florisa where I went to school we whites from the North were recruited to pick , or help
            On fishing rigs . We were glad to do it . If business we would pay higher it would attract Gringoes. Prices for commodities are paid for by the users. The economy equilibrates to higher prices AND lower wages. We are all getting acvustomed to. 30 % reduction in spending power over the past several years and our 2500$ savings from medical insurance premiums and 30 hour / week jobs yet still be able to buy 400$ iPhones and gadgetry . Raisin prices for commodities is the cost of doing business

  17. Whatmeworry February 19, 2015

    The good news is the Republicans are responding to the voters whishes unlike the little socialst

    1. Whatmeworry February 19, 2015

      The god news is the Republicans are not responding to the voters whishes unlikee the littttlee sochialst

      1. ericlipps February 20, 2015

        Did you just have a stroke, or is something wrong with your computer?

        1. Carolyn1520 February 20, 2015

          No child left behind…

          1. jmprint February 20, 2015

            No I think you are wrong, this child got left in the closet too long.

          2. Carolyn1520 February 21, 2015

            You’re right. LOL

        2. Whatmeworry February 20, 2015

          Just stroking my chicken whije typing

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