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Religious Freedom? Rush Limbaugh Calls Student “Slut” For Using Birth Control

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Religious Freedom? Rush Limbaugh Calls Student “Slut” For Using Birth Control


On Wednesday, Rush Limbaugh, who has no children and is currently on his fourth wife, decided it would be a good idea to slap the “prostitute” label on a young woman who recently testified before Congress on the need for healthcare plans to cover contraception. One day later, the Senate barely defeated a bill that would allow employers and insurers to avoid covering birth control. Most defended the bill on the grounds of “religious freedom” — but Limbaugh’s stone-age utterings may have given the game away.

Sandra Fluke is a law student at Georgetown University who told Congress that rolling back Obama’s policy — which ensures coverage for birth control under any plan — would make birth control unaffordable for many women, including women who need to take it to treat ovarian cancer. Her appearance caused a stir because she only appeared after Democrats walked out of a Republican hearing on the contraception policy that included zero women.

Limbaugh shared his thoughts on Wednesday:

What does it say about the college co-ed Sandra Fluke, who goes before a congressional committee and essentially says that she must be paid to have sex? What does that make her? … It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute. She wants to be paid to have sex. She’s having so much sex she can’t afford the contraception. She wants you and me and the taxpayers to pay her to have sex. What does that make us? We’re the pimps.

This great defender of family values, who has called himself the “intellectual engine” of the conservative movement and commands a unique amount of power over the behavior of the Republicans in and out of Congress, has decided that the best way to wage a policy war is to graphically shame a woman for making a choice that many conservative women — and Limbaugh knows a lot of conservative women — also regularly make.

For whatever reason — cowardice? agreement? annoyance? — Republicans have shied from responding to a letter signed by more than than 70 Democratic representatives asking them to condemn Limbaugh’s comments. Of course, Thursday’s silence coincided with the 51-48 defeat in the Senate of an amendment by Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Missouri) and Sen. Marco Rubio (D-Florida) that would allow companies’ insurance plans to avoid covering the birth control costs (or any other procedure) of employees if there were any moral or religious objections.

Blunt told the Associated Press that the fight “won’t be over until the administration figures out how to accommodate people’s religious views at it relates to these mandates,” making it seem like the fight is for the rights of religious groups. It sounds moderate and inclusive, building an illusion of tolerance for a party that has grown increasingly hostile to any sort of reproductive health rights for women. (Maine Sen. Olympia Snowe, one of the last Republicans who was not anti-abortion, recently decided to retire because of the contraception fight, among other reasons).

Given that 60% of Catholic women supported Obama’s policy even before the newest round of fighting, one might believe that the Republicans would want to start talking about women with respect so they won’t alienate those ever-crucial suburban soccer moms in this fall’s election.

Or maybe, like college, that’s just for snobs.




  1. StevenBrungard March 2, 2012

    A respective resolve for this issue is to bring back the Public Option under PPACA. This move will assure all Americans unrestricted access to reproductive health care and all health care under PPACA. This move will also assure that persons and employers who want religion limited or moral conviction limited health care can get it in the insurance exchange. A petition to bring this resolve to effect is at this URL: http://signon.org/sign/public-option-amendment?source=c.url&r_by=1518387 If you agree, please sign the petition and share your comments there and promote the petition any way you can.

  2. onewhocares March 2, 2012

    This “man” is insane. He opens his mouth and insanity spills out. Anyone that follows him and believes the venom he spews is just as nuts as he is. He gets paid the big bucks to say the things he says and he doesnt give a flip whether they are true or not. He makes it up as he goes along. One thing about it , these little hitlers finally fall and they will take him away kicking and screaming.

  3. imabrummie March 2, 2012

    This sorry piece of trash should not even be given license to spew his vitreol on air. An intellectual engine who pulls a train filled with intellectually bankrupt passengers! And he gets paid for this?????

  4. imabrummie March 2, 2012

    My apologies to all intellectuals out there for referring to Rush Limberdick as an intellectual anything when, in all truth, he is just a moron!

  5. concernedusa7 March 2, 2012

    Generaly Prostitutes have no conscience or moral foundation, that fits Limbaugh to a tee!

  6. tomb215 March 2, 2012

    wanted to practice birth control done in the past? If it was a health issue the medical insurance companies covered it under their medical guidelines. If it wasn’t then those wanting to keep from reproducing paid for that privilege out of pocket. This is the way it has been since the beginning of “The Pill”. If it’s against your religion and you follow your religion that closely then don’t practice birth control by any means other than watching your calendar. If it’s against your religion and your “want” to take birth control then do so and keep your mouth shut about it. It’s between you and whom even you pray to. I think people wanting insurance companies to pay for their inability to control what might be the unwanted results of their sexual activities is totally out of line.

  7. Howz 1 March 2, 2012

    Who are we talking about that has taken the moral high ground in the contraception debate? Well for starters Rush Limbaugh is a convicted druggie who was strung out on Oxy.He should have went to jail like all the young afro-american youth that he has on numerous occassions lambasted for the same thing. For all his whining about immigration, he had an undocumented house keeper. He has been through 4 marriages but who is counting, and has no kids so contraception must have been used regularly. I wonder if it was convered by his health insurance plan? He has no self image otherwise he would keep his mouth shut, but as we can see by his rotund size he does on rare occassions. He has led the Republican party into a corner they they will have a hard time getting out of. Drunk with the congressional victory of 2010 he pushes the party further to the right, thinking that the entire US will follow. He is buffoon, but the real question is why does everyone listen to him?

  8. Peter March 2, 2012

    Rush has been brainwashing the ignorant for years. His radio show is geared to appeal to those who need to have someone else to blame for everything that is wrong in their lives. His illogical ranting most often has no real basis in fact and his believers simply listen and follow his messages of hate without really understanding why. Because it makes them feel better? Sad.

  9. jussmartenuf March 2, 2012

    Isn’t it time for a lot of you folks who have defended the right wing ideologues to finally come to your senses and change parties? I know a lot of you are better than this, yet Limbaugh is your cheer leader. Limbaugh represents all that is disgusting about Republican politics. Obama is an exemplary person, one we can hold up as a role model, a man who has lifted himself to the heights of world respect. Stop kidding yourself and listening to the likes of Limbaugh and other Republican low class trash and wise up. Dump the vicious mean spirited Republican party and join the party of quality, no time like now.

  10. jcurtis595 March 2, 2012

    Rush Limbaugh continually steps over the line legally with his insane comments. However, this time, he has committed a clear, actionable slander and the young woman slandered should sue him requesting compensatory as well as punitive damages. His slander was intentional and his defamation is beyond the pale. If you want to shut up this man and his ultra extremist and total venomous speech then take his money away. A jury verdict of $1 in compensatory damages (no one will believe this woman is a “slut” for wanting or needing medically warranted birth control) and $100,000,000 in punitive damages might just shut him up. Making him a pauper and getting a judgement that will take every penny he might make in the future as well as suing his producers and radio stations (they participate as they know what he says and that it is slanderous generally) might do the trick.

    As an attorney and admitted to practice in three states, I can all but assure this woman that she will win with a jury and do to Mr. Limbaugh in dollars what he does to innocent people in words HIRT HIM BIG TIME.

    Jay Curtis (author of THE CODE)

    P.S. He gave my excellent novel an undeserved bad review on “morals” grounds.

  11. bonomelc March 2, 2012

    It is impossible to imagine the direction that the Republican Party and the extremist so called conservative movement of today. They are more interested in taking away peoples constitutional rights and controlling their moral values through the use of intrusive government cohersion to achieve religious goals.
    Rush Limbaugh is a paradoxical misfit to call a human being. He is the proverbial clown from Broadway that pulls the so called conservatives strings like the puppetmaster from of desperate hope. In the past the Republican party stood for individual right and freedom.

    As a liberterian and a conservative I can’t imagine how people can listen to the rantings of this man caught up in his own self worth.

  12. countryman5231 March 2, 2012

    This windbag who calls himself an intellectual is an abomination and an insult to the real intellectuals. Only in America can someone like this be allowed to spew his poisonous venom of anti-American garbage. But then again look at the republican candidates for presidency….you have Romney who sais that the bail-out of the auto industry was a failure even though as a result of that the auto industry added 11,000 American jobs in 2011 and will be adding and additional 13,000 jobs in 2012. For all you ignorant followers of Limbaugh that is 24,000 AMERICAN workers put back into the workforce in 2 years. what a failure….if we had not done it and let the auto industry “go bankrupt” as Romney once said, how would those 24,000 workers feel? they would be among the poor that Romney is “not concerned” about. Another windbag that proves that only in America can idiots be successful is Santorum who feels that anyone who would want to go to college to get a better job for themselves is a “snob”. God forbid that people should want to be educated so that they can see through the obvious moronic views of these people like Santorum, Romney and Limbaugh.
    Obama has proven that he truly cares about the plight of the 98% of Americans who struggle on a day to day basis to survive and anyone who believes the venom of these morons is beyond ignorant.

  13. dasnider3131 March 2, 2012

    What can expect from a right wing piece of garbage such as him !!

  14. 113121 March 2, 2012

    You should fix this.Although it is sad to note that 3 D’s did vote for it. Can you guess who?

  15. jwozniak March 2, 2012

    So, what is the proper pejorative term for an oxycodone junkie? Seriously, I double dog dare this poor excuse for a human being to walk up to any woman in my little coal patch town and call her a slut. We grew up around coal miners. I double dog dare you!

  16. kathleen trp March 2, 2012

    Wuz up? Is there anyone out there the gop can’t hate and assault? Rush’s 1st amendment privileges should have been pulled years ago; isn’t there a law somewhere out there that says insane, narcisitic, self-indulgent, self-righteous, arrogant, hateful, lying closet homosexual (I’ve seen pictures of your NY bedroom), drug addict, fatso’s aren’t allowed to pollute minds?
    Another problem I have; how can the gop and news media get by with calling them conservatives? These gop groupies are not religious (they hate everyone and they are mean), they have blown thru the surplus we had left them, they took away fed’l. regulations placed on banks and wall street to protect our people from another depression; they are EXTREMISTS! I think we need 2 more political parties, the true conservative gop and the extreme self-righteous hatemongers that call themselves the religious right; and the dems (the old republican party) and progressives (the old dems).

  17. USAYARDIE March 2, 2012

    Who is limbaugh to call people names – has he forgot he was ( and probably still is) a prescription drug ” Junkie” who avoided prison time because of his powerful Republicans friends who brushed the issue aside and covered up anything related. He should be home and not on the Air.

  18. USAYARDIE March 2, 2012

    More and more Limbaugh and (the now quiet) Palin seem to have the same ideas. Could they be …………?
    Ever heard the saying “2 peas in a pod”
    Their utterings and thoughts seem to be same – just different words.

  19. CJ March 2, 2012

    I am catholic and I understand the churches stand on birth control but the US is a secular society and as such must work for the good of all its people. Birth control is a individual choice, insurance pays for Viagra it can pay for the depo shot.

    As a woman in the US I am offended that men in the the name of religion are trying to force me to abstain from sex or face the consequences when they can take a little blue pill and have a good old time. Men do not lose there jobs, have to quit school or face death as the result of an unwanted pregnancy.

    This is another reason I HATE the institution of religion!! Much harm has happened in the name of religion.

  20. iuvenis2000 March 2, 2012

    Please note your mistake when identifying Marco Rubio as D-FL. He is definitely NOT a Democrat!

  21. darlene March 2, 2012


  22. jimmyags March 2, 2012

    Does this mean that anyone using insurance to pay for viagra is a slut and a prostitute? Or are you relying on your usual double standards. Do you remember all those rants of yours when you said that ALL prescription drug addicts should be in prison? Of course that was before you got caught wasn’t it?Do you remember all your rants about “family values”? I wonder what your 3 ex wives would say about yours? When this woman sues you for defamation and slander,and she will, I pray that she doesn’t settle out of court and sign a non-disclosure clause because I really look forward to seeing how much of your money you will put where your mouth is.

  23. Clearbrook March 2, 2012

    It is funny, is it not, that people want to defend one’s right to be a slut, but out of the same mouth they are spewing vitriol at those willing to call a spade a spade. Sorry, but sluts perform a vital function in our depraved society. I don’t know that the girl they paraded in front of the hearing is a slut herself, but there can be no doubt that she is defending the rights of sluts everywhere in the U.S. with her slanted testimony. I would tend to think like Rush in thinking that she might be a slut herself. She wants everyone to always pay for everyone else who may want to live a promiscuous lifestyle. Sluts have their part, but they need to carry the burden for their own actions. Now arguably there are good reasons to need access to contraceptives that go beyond just the need of sluts. However, Georgetown University, (where Sandra Fluke is from) *requires* their students to carry insurance (unless they have other insurance already that provides at least $100,000 per injury and $100,000 per sickness coverage) that includes prescription drug coverage. Meaning, that birth control pills, which can also be prescribed for moderation of the woman’s reproductive cycle, are already covered. I am told that the Student Health Center also provides condoms to students. I am not sure it is at no cost, but I am sure it is cheap, (for a safe roll in the hay) if that is what the College Student is after. Heck, if the girls don’t want to pay for it, they can be a little more discerning in their hookups and only choose those guys that bring their own. Trust me, they would pay for them if they thought it would insure them being able to sow their wild oats and not have to pay for GBH instead… Sure, that health insurance would *not* cover abortions, except in cases of “medical necessity” (i.e., their life was in danger if they did not have an abortion) but honestly, if they are not taking precautions and prefer to ride bareback or whatever, I personally object to the idea of paying extra on *my* health insurance *or* taxes, just so they can have fun irresponsibly. She is a Law Student, isn’t she? Don’t they harp endlessly on holding people responsible for their actions? I mean, seriously, if we couldn’t hold people responsible for their actions, a whole lot of Lawyers would be out of work in a hurry! Sluts serve a purpose. As a young kid in college, heck, even in high school, most all the guys knew who the sluts were who would get on their back for nothing more than a nice word or two. Guys would “score” and be able to brag to their buddies. Not that such was ever a smart thing to do, but boys and girls will be stupid. There is plenty of stupid to go around, and yes, I have had my share of stupid. I paid for my stupidity, however. I refuse to pay for someone else to be as stupid as they please. They can pay for their own, like I did. Looking at her, I don’t think she would be a very good slut, but honestly, when you are after a slut, even a two bagger (a bag to put over her head, and one to put over yours in case her’s falls off) just means you have to have a bit more alcohol (and stupidity) to get in the sack with her. So I am all for calling a spade a spade. Or in this case, I am all for calling a slut a slut!

  24. sleeprn01 March 2, 2012

    I’m a 60 y/o male and it appalls me that so many ignorant and sexist men have crawled out from underneath the woodwork like a group of roaches. There would be no need for birth control if men would just put an aspirin between their knees and only date madam thumb and her 4 daughters. If men would step up to the plate and do their part by having a vasectomy their wives would have no need to use birth control until they reach menopause; in addition it would prevent their wives from having an invasive surgical procedure requiring general anesthesia. A vasectomy can be done under straight local anesthesia with minimal risks and would be cheaper than a BTL. In my opinion men who make their wives under go a BTL show very little respect for them. I would encourage all women to read the Ancient Greek play Lysistrata, for it really does demonstrate the power of women. Menstruation, menorrhage, and menopause; all of women,s problems start with men.
    As far as Rush Limbaugh is concerned the only thing that I can add to the above comments; is that you don’t expect anything else from a pig but a grunt.

  25. Jacqui March 2, 2012

    You are as big a moron as Limbaugh. What do you call a man who has his insurance pay for his little blue pill, just so that he can get it up? A male whore??? Or does he use the excuse that it ‘is medically necessary’ for erectile disfunction?
    The usual double standard….sigh…

  26. rationalhumanbeing March 2, 2012

    First of all, I don’t believe that this issue is as it is perceived to be one of a constitutional nature involving separation of church and state. First, it’s a health issue. Second, it’s an issue involving a woman’s right to choose whether to conceive or not conceive, for whatever reason, health or economical or otherwise. And you can switch 1 & 2 as priorities. It is not a constitutional issue depriving churches (read-mostly-the Catholic Church) of their right to practice their religion. It is, frankly and simply, the rights of an individual to not be required, in the name of religion, to ascribe to the religion’s mandates. How dare the catholic church and whatever other religious bodies-including Hasidic Jews-and I don’t know what Islamic and Hindu and Bhuddist and Shinto and Baptist and other religions-require that mandate that we secularists are bound by the mandates of the sectarians. To that extent, it is the “religionists” who are advocating an unconstitutional requirement that the secularists be subject to the religious teachings of the sectarians, such that religious mandates impare the freedom of those who think that religious objectives (see the Constitution) have no basis in political existance. If you take the religious BS out of the equation-which the Constitution says must be the case (i.e., no church/temple/synagogue/mosque can mandate practices for all others)-then there is no First amendment violation to impose a requirement that certain health benefits be paid for. Nothing requires the nuns (or any church adherents)to take birth control pills (and nothing requires priests to take viagra-although they may for personal reasons) but it is a violation of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States to require that secular human beings be deprived the right to certain health benefits solely by virtue of church DOGMA. To that extent the attempt to ban contraceptive insurance coverage for employees of the catholic church, which employees are not catholic-or, if they are-don’t care, in essence, results in a violation of the Constitutional requirement of separation of church and state, such that such a ban would result in the church trumping the rights of us so-called “non-believers”.

    Isn’t that one of the reasons the Pilgrims came to this continent, so that the “STATE” church couldn’t control their beliefs? Therefore, the FIRST AMENDMENT.

    As to Mr. Limbaugh, it’s too bad his mother didn’t have the opportunity to take the day after pill. We could have been saved from all of the uninformed, unintelligent BS that spews from his mouth on a daily basis, which would probably fill a sewage treatment plant on a daily basis (Shit in-shit out).

  27. PamelaT March 2, 2012

    Recently there was an article the the young are leaving the churches in droves. The remaining people in the churches are the elderly and there are no replacements. If you wonder why the churches are empty its becuase of the likes of the Republican Party spew of lies and threats using the name of God as their weapon. The more the Republicans talk the more you don’t want to go to church are be part of an institution that breeds hate and control like a cult. The Republicans will see the strength of American Women in November. Remember there are more women in the USA then men. You simply cannot fix stupid with the Republican Party.

  28. Jim Groom March 2, 2012

    In short, the man’s a pig and nothing more. People who hang on his every word are delusional small-minded people, and unfortunately the country is knee deep with them. As a man I’m embarrassed by all of the bull over women’s health issues being discussed as if some sort of evil. Women of the country had better be paying attention to the goals of the barefoot and pregrant crowd. It would be a good idea for all men to speak to their wives, mothers, sisters and daughters about the importance of women’s health issues, put ideology aside for a few moments and listen to reason and reality.

  29. florida mad as h__l March 2, 2012

    Rush likely knows a lot about prostitutes, he likely has to pay women to sleep with him. The man has diarrhea of the mouth. The only thing that comes out of it is crap. Any sponsor of his show should be ashamed and withdraw their sponsorship or face boycott by millions of women. He is a small man that suffers from “little dick syndrome”. What a jerk.

  30. ladyj March 2, 2012

    Sleeprno1 I am 59 years old and i agree with you. After I had my last child in 1981 I had a bilateral tuber because we did not want to have another child. My husband did not want to get a vasectomy because he said it takes away his man hood, it doesn’t he can get the feeling of coming but not shooting any sperm. But men does not read up on that stuff, all they had to do is just take a snip and that is that wait a while until the doctor said that there is no sperm left. Then have sex whenever he want to. Men does not know what a women go though, especially Rush he is the most moron idiot, stupid person who every live and I hope she does sue him because he deserve it. Rush before you call someone a slut, you should look at yourself, marry 4 times, I guess your ex’s figure that you are slut.

  31. JimRoberts March 2, 2012

    Any one who would listen to Rush Limbaugh’s radio talk show has got to be the lowest creature on earth. I can’t believe the man is allowed to speak on a public radio station. He is totally absurd, moronic, and a degenerate! He can take his right wing and shove it where the sun don’t shine, that’s where all the right wingers belong right up Rush’s arse!

  32. freethinker March 2, 2012

    I am disgusted with the majority of the comments from people, like Zeniman, who did not hear the actual Limbaugh commentary or simply chose to ignore pertinent parts of it just so they could get a chance to demonize someone on the right. If the best you can do when you don’t have all the facts is call people names, then you are no better than what you think Limbaugh is. A girl going to a very expensive law school, who says she needs for us to pay for her birth control is certainly never going to be smart enough to be a lawyer for me.

  33. Bigspender March 2, 2012

    Rush Limbaugh probably knows a thing or two about SLUTS. After all, he is one himself. So perhaps he is an authority on the subject. Or am I simply mistaking him for egg-sucking, chicken stealing gutter trash.

  34. Sleipnir March 2, 2012

    To Clearbrook. You’re an idiot. Your filled with so much venom and hate for women that you call sluts. It seems you have a lot of familiarity with “sluts”. Must be the only type of women that would have anything to do with you is the ones you have to pay. No decent, smart woman would want anything to do with you. Crawl back in your hole with your Viagra and stay there and while your at it take that gasbag Limbaugh with you.

  35. stephen phillips March 3, 2012

    Clearbrook is “clearly” an idiot and Limbaugh a gasbag and an orifice in the gludeous-maximus.

  36. EATHERICH March 3, 2012

    the 2d grossist american , the newtwit is worse but not by much.

  37. greyfuzz@q.com March 3, 2012

    I have read many places that the Nazi Gasbag is a sex tourist
    The media are too chickenshit to take him on.
    I’ve read that he goes to the Dominican Republic to frolic
    with young boys.
    Anybody know anything provable about this?
    Anybody know anything about a certain very long-haired blonde
    being a trannie?

  38. rustacus21 March 3, 2012

    … about this from the source. I don’t know Y the nation is up in arms over this drug addled, racist, gender-fascist, who’s views on women – in line w/ALL Conservatives (of prominence) – are a throwback to pre-civilization “thinking”! His supporters, who read like a whose-who of the same “theological” sentiments, are a dying breed & like creating these sensations only to see themselves as headliners – b/c otherwise, they’re INVISIBLE!!! If the nation ignores these parasites & virmin, they’ll simply go away!!! What’s tragic is the “national” dialogue is being derailed, away (intentionally?!) from Y no wall st. criminal are yet under indictment, Y FannieMae needs another multi-$billion bailout, Y the prez won’t executive order: an end to the bizarre rules hamstringing the Postal Svc.’s retirement fund to post an “FUTURE ADVANCE” on their pension account (an OUTRAGEOUS demand of a govt. agency, which is resulting in its bankrupting, as well as being potentially a TARGET acct. for a future Conservative admin to RAID as was allowed under the previous admin), or tax cuts (4 the wealthy ONLY), out of existence? What’s wrong w/Americans I can’t quite fathom, but there’s many, MANY more crucial issues on the board, that what this neanderthal is discussing!!! Fortunately, women, nation-wide, now see the results of allowing Conservative men (in their lives) to CONTROL their votes; an error which has emboldened the likes of those Conservative primates noted above. This year however, may turn out to be the year of the woman, as 1 assault after another, continues reducing women’s, as well as non-Whites, the poor, but particularly, the Middle Class’, ability to recover from the INTENTIONAL whack-job done on the economy, by Conservatives, between 2001-2008! No need in getting upset by all this!!! Just VOTE IN A LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVE MAJORITY, which knows the virtues, values & responsibilities of conducting the nations business, the way the PEOPLE EXPECT!!!

  39. stevemccool2065 March 3, 2012

    Rush, well never mind. Biut I like the National Memo, and I am not a Jew

  40. rustacus21 March 7, 2012

    … w/out ‘offending’ any 1? This dude is truly NUTS!!! Anything to create a sensation, he will say. Immoral? Amoral? Unmoral? Who were his parents? Is he actually human (w/the wires & all)? I don’t know, but if he’s any indication, no wonder the vast majority of Conservatives ‘appear’ as mentally ill as dude here!!! Additionally, they vote, no less!!! If this is the philosophical ‘trajectory’ of American civil society, we should all be ashamed, burn the Constitution & start from scratch, b/c alot of Americans STILL don’t get what’s going on, w/such a simple, well thought out, well organized, simply presented plan, that basically says ‘respect the rites of U’r neighbor as U do a friend; violators of this code, by respective degrees, will meet punishments commensurate to their violation(s) – NO exception!!!…’ See, some 1 as simple & modest as myself can even understand PLAIN English! Whatever is Rush’s problem, he needs serious psychiatric help (or intervention) – IMMEDIATELY!!!


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