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Sean Hannity Calls NSA Surveillance ‘Unconstitutional,’ But He Used To Attack Democrats As ‘Weak’ On Defense For Opposing It

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Sean Hannity Calls NSA Surveillance ‘Unconstitutional,’ But He Used To Attack Democrats As ‘Weak’ On Defense For Opposing It


Sean Hannity, the man who promised to be waterboarded for charity more than 1,400 days ago, is outraged — outraged! — by the National Security Agency’s surveillance of Americans’ metadata and foreign contacts. Mr. Obama, he opines, is guilty of “hypocrisy!”

“I think for me, it’s a matter of trust,” Hannity said.

But just a few years ago, the Fox News host was blasting Democrats as “weak on national defense” for opposing data mining.

This trend of only opposing NSA surveillance when the opposing party does it isn’t unique to Hannity. But, as Media Matters‘ research director Jeremy Holden put it, “Of all people, Sean Hannity does not get to criticize data mining.”

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  1. lana ward June 12, 2013

    Sean Hannity has one of the popular shows ever!!! Sean Hanniry, you’re one GREAT American Patriot!!! Keep up the good work!!!! God Bless you and your fact finding show!!!

    1. Sand_Cat June 12, 2013

      The fact that millions of people “believe” something stupid doesn’t make it any less stupid. Same for popularity.

      1. lana ward June 12, 2013

        So why do you keep believing Obama????

    2. John Pigg June 12, 2013

      You do realize that Hannity makes absurd claims and will push any talking point that opposes the Democrats and Obama?

      This is why this news network has lost all credibility.
      “Obama is a coward and loves terrorists” -THEN
      “Obama is a dictator who is pursuing terror so relentlessly he is violating our Civil Liberties” – NOW

      “Obama is incompetent” – THEN
      “Obama is so intelligent that he bends all agencies to his will and they prosecute his enemies without us having any proof” NOW

      The contradictions that this network provides on a daily basis has done more to erode the credibility of the GOP, than any law, policy, or speech. The sooner this is addressed we can return to a two party system that works.

      1. lana ward June 13, 2013

        Those aren’t contradictions, just more information. The contradictions are what Hannity played the other night. Obama then and Obama now, complete opposite beliefs

        1. John Pigg June 13, 2013

          Yeah, but when the same is true of FOX how do you expect the American people to take them seriously even when they get something?

          1. lana ward June 13, 2013

            Fox gives both sides when it comes to politics. Republican and Democrat to argue a point of view. Other channels just give the dem point of view. Rarely is there a Republican on with their point of view. That is why Fox has been # 1 for 13 years!!! And more are watching now with all of these scandals, they want to know what is going on, Fox is telling them

          2. John Pigg June 13, 2013

            They don’t give both sides of an issue. They pay a liberal or democrat quite well to get blasted on any issue for whatever limited amount of time they are discussing something.

            I implore you, get your information from newspapers, FOX has a vested interest in keeping its viewers fearful. This is why it has been number one for 13 years, because news when it is not sensationalized is really quite boring.

          3. lana ward June 13, 2013

            They give both sides on an issue. And they don’t pay anyone to get blasted. You are a denier of facts. Just so happens dems are on the wrong side of the issue. And right now there is an awful lot of issues out here. You just keep watch MSM, they’ll make you feel better but it’s all fake. Truth slaps you awake when you watch Fox, that’s why so many on the left tell you not to watch–your loss

          4. Robbissimo June 13, 2013

            Honey, you can believe anything you want and the rest of us will believe what we want and in the end it doesn’t matter to us because we know you’re never going to win another presidential election. The Republican party is doomed to mediocrity. Enjoy your delusions.

          5. MVH1 June 13, 2013

            There’s just one thing I don’t understand. Why does anybody ever respond to Lana?

          6. moderationpreferred June 13, 2013

            Because they believe if they just give her enough reality that she will start to believe it. Sadly she is lost in her very narrow view of the world and will never surface. She is an exceptionally gullible person.

          7. MVH1 June 13, 2013

            Aw, you know that’s not going to happen, ever. Poor Lana is exceptional in a lot of ways that make it pointless to acknowledge her.

          8. TheSkalawag929 June 13, 2013

            Republicans may never win another presidential election but they are winning state and local elections which is more dangerous to the health of the nation.
            Democrats need to wake up and start fighting for their political lives closer to home. EVERYTHING done in your state legislatures and local governments is more important to you than a lot of what’s going on in Washington.

          9. MVH1 June 13, 2013


          10. lana ward June 13, 2013

            Dems wouldn’t win if the IRS, the DOJ, the NSA and all other parts of communist Government would quit targeting conservatives. Cheating is the only way dems can win, that’s why they do it!!!!! They wouldn’t stand a chance otherwise

          11. gmccpa June 13, 2013

            Without ranting about Obama or Dems…or even us, please explain how the above clip about Hannity… provides a truth that can possibly ‘slap you awake’.

            I suppose you can claim its balanced because he presents two contradictory points of view. Unfortunately, he is contradicting himself.

          12. MasterWes June 13, 2013

            I can see from reading your posts that you have ALL the answers, Lana. So tell us all – exactly how RIGHT is the Republican view on government small enough to fit inside the bedroom, and take away women’s reproductive rights? I am a man, and feel that until men can give birth, they should stay OUT of any child creating situation that they are not personally AND intimately involved with. Besides, how many women who believe in Pro-Choice chose an abortion when they were pregnant? I believe everyone will be interested in your answers on this one.

            Please, defend or defund GOTP hypocrisy!!

          13. lana ward June 13, 2013

            When there is a baby involved, how can it be just the womans’ “rights”??? Where are the babys’ rights. You don’t want a baby? Be responsible, don’t get pregnant. Over 55 million babies murdered, something to be proud of isn’t it

          14. edwardw69 June 13, 2013

            She has all the answers all right. Last week she posted a comment calling for the death of the president. I forwarded to the Secret Service the entire article, the entire comments section, and the date/time of her comment. Now, we’ll see how much she/he/it knows.

          15. metrognome3830 June 13, 2013

            You mean you don’t get paid for making a damn fool of yourself day after day? I guess you are an idiot!

          16. John Pigg June 14, 2013

            I don’t watch the news I read newspapers. For the specific reason that its harder to make someone think Red or Blue when they read printed fact.

            Fox has a dangerous history of opposing the President just to do so. When they oppose the President on every issue they lose all their credibility in the off chance that they make a good point.

            Fox controls their share of the market, but moderates have abandoned this network as a responsible news source.

          17. lana ward June 14, 2013

            Fox does not oppose OHitler on every issue. They tell their viewers what he is doing then they can oppose him or not. Which other channels don’t tell what he is doing, just what they want you to hear

          18. John Pigg June 14, 2013

            I didn’t appreciate people calling Bush “Hitler” during his Presidency. Calling Obama “Hitler” falls in the same category. Leading our country is difficult, I disagree with most of his policies and decision, but at the end of the day I give him the respect that a sitting President of the United States deserves.

          19. lana ward June 14, 2013

            Obamas’ sweeping surveillance of our most private communications EXCLUDES the jihad factories where the terrorists are–mosques. Islamic groups complained about FBI stings at mosques, so they were placed off limits. Before they were, there were dozens of successful sting operations against homegrown jihadists, inside mosques , and dozens of plots against our country were disrupted. So WHY ISN’T Obama snooping on them??? The Boston bombing could have been prevented. So I will call the leader OHitler if I want, because that is who he is. Check out the site, Jihad Watch.org, and learn some interesting things

      2. TheSkalawag929 June 13, 2013

        John you are wasting your time with lana ward. She is eternally stuck in unreality land.

        1. John Pigg June 14, 2013

          I think she means well, but the refusal to listen to alternative arguments is troubling.

          perhaps you are right….

      3. Mari Johnson June 14, 2013

        It might seem like proper criticism but I have been told by my daughter that I would not believe the racism in our party. She still lives in Texas and attends precinct meetings and has actually heard the “N” word right out in the open many times where it was unchallenged. When that happens, our party defies our Lincoln traditions and has no right to call ourselves authentic Lincoln Republicans.

    3. MVH1 June 13, 2013

      Still crazy after all these years.

  2. docb June 12, 2013

    Is there some reason for quoting one of the Poster Boys for ignorant liars here? Most know these lemmings are dutifully anti American with convenient memory edits! Just like P.King thinks journalists should be jailed now but wanted the people in the Plame affair to get medals and then there was the IRA!

    Idiots all!

    1. TheSkalawag929 June 13, 2013

      What does that say about the millions of people that swear by the Hannity types and elect the P. King types.

  3. rustacus21 June 12, 2013

    I listened for as long as I was able, to this insanity & was saddened but completely amused that a person could be so schizo in public & actually think nobody really NOTICES?! This says alot for the mentality for those who rely on him for… quote, unquote, ‘information’ relevant to deciphering events of the world & the day. & speaking of God, there is the Divine of the holiest of holy’s & then, there’s that ‘other’ entity, in that place consumed by fire, sulfur & eternal suffering. Lets not be mistaken which entity Hannity, his sponsors & ‘subjects’ represent, if we dare read scripture & reference the commandments & word, direct from Jesus (the Liberal). Nothing anywhere in the Holy Scriptures vindicates Hannity in any way, shape or form & it’s blasphemous to equate Sean Hannity w/God in any way, except to pray he finds his righteous mind, that resembles the very LIBERAL Jesus Christ. Greed, selfishness, hate, division & indiscriminate destruction of Gods creation is where Hannity is. Let’s be clear on that! Denying people their opportunity to become more, be better, according to our Liberal Constitution, is what he’s about. This is the work he’s doing & there’s nothing good for any one in that endeavor, but rich white men. Period! Looking at who prospered from the 2001-2009 demise & ’08 economic crash lets us all know who that was, if there’s any question…

    1. MVH1 June 13, 2013

      Hannity is one of the dumbest people I have ever seen appear in public.

  4. charleo1 June 12, 2013

    If a wider audience ever starts to actually listen to what these guys are saying,
    they are done. As it is, their fans, people that for whatever reason vote GOP.
    Are kind of in on the joke. They know these guys say things that aren’t true,
    contradict what they said last week. Sometimes on the same program! But, it
    doesn’t matter. The main core of the Republican Party seems to have
    concluded, that yes, he did lie. But if it fooled someone out there, it’s all good
    in the end.

    1. Dominick Vila June 13, 2013

      You are right, not even nuts like Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck, Coulter and the rest believe their own claims, but if they think they can convince a single uninformed potential voter, the end justifies the means.

  5. Lynda Groom June 12, 2013

    Of course his remarks make no sense. This is Sean Hannity we are talking about.

  6. Dominick Vila June 13, 2013

    Attacking and demonizing democrats for embracing some GOP policies is almost a requirement for bonafide Tea Party supporters. Let’s not forget that had we repealed these policies they would be claiming treason and would insist, regardless of evidence to the contrary, that we are compromising the security of the USA. Just consider the source.

  7. 788eddie June 13, 2013

    This is very funny. But then again, I’ve always thought of Sean Hannity as a joke, anyway.

  8. FT66 June 13, 2013

    Can anyone enlighten me why Fox News are still keeping this man? They were wise to kick out Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Dick Morris etc. etc. why not this man? Is what he does each day means what journalism is all about? It is absurd!

    1. gmccpa June 13, 2013

      They keep him because he fits their agenda. He has one purpose…to be against Obama (and liberals and Dems). And since he lacks any combination of brains, conscience, or memory…he can do it perfectly. No need to worry about sounding stupid, having a moral compass, or contradicting himself.

      And – likely for the same reasons – the FOXBOTS love him.

      1. TheSkalawag929 June 13, 2013

        Fox keeps him because he makes them money.

        1. MVH1 June 13, 2013

          And that is it in a nutshell. Nothing any more complicated than that.

      2. rustacus21 June 13, 2013

        … & w/ALL those negatives, he can be proud of his 1 & ONLY saving grace: that perfectly coiffed, helmet-shaped hairdo!!! Hahahaha what a joke this guy is!!! There’s still hope for him & the rest of their tribe – they can embrace Jesus as a Liberal & maybe, just MAYBE they can be redeemed for ALL the wickedness they’ve perped ALL these many years!

    2. TheSkalawag929 June 13, 2013

      Because FT66 there are a whole lot of people out there like lana ward.

  9. bjay59 June 13, 2013

    One of the reasons why the GOP will not win another national election is support from idiots like Hannity. Hannity, please stop trying to convince people that you are intelligent enough to have an educated opinion about anything beyond second grade fairy tales. Go back and finish elementary school and while you’re at it wipe your snotty nose !!.

  10. midway54 June 13, 2013

    Here we are reading about the continuing rightwing drivel out of an uneducated, very wealthy dolt who is looking to succeed his also uneducated mentor Limbaugh and who brazenly pretends competence in constitutional argumentation. Of course, the dupes and yahoos who comprise his audience will obediently run off with flags waving and preaching the gospel as espoused by this joker and adding to his wealth.

  11. JDavidS June 13, 2013

    Hannity is to truth and good reporting as John Wayne Gacy was to clowns…

  12. metrognome3830 June 13, 2013

    Hannity is the perfect type for Fox News. Just look at that vapid expression. The cutesy little hair style, parted in the middle. I think he is saying, “If I only had a brain!”

  13. Mike Kercher June 13, 2013

    Sean Hannity serves and important purpose, he serves as a figure head to the incredibly ignorant. i would say he serves as a ‘mouthpiece’ to them, but it seems like none of the incredibly ignorant ever have a problem running their own mouths.

  14. ralphkr June 13, 2013

    Ok, National Memo, you have completely stepped over the line here and are being completely unfair to “The Only True American Patriots”. It is verboten to confuse the conservatives with facts.

  15. commserver June 20, 2013

    Sean Hannity is nothing more than a lot of hot air. He says things that are meant to incite. This is limited to things that he is using as speaking points provided to him by his “betters”.


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