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Tar Sands Pipeline Sides Heighten Efforts To Sway Obama

National News

Tar Sands Pipeline Sides Heighten Efforts To Sway Obama


The different sides in the Keystone XL pipeline controversy are stepping up their efforts with new ad campaigns, trying to sway opinions for or against the contentious project.

Those opposing the pipeline have pointed to egregious bias by the State Department, arguing that officials’ close relationships with lobbyists revealed in disclosed emails and the revolving door between tar sands lobbyists and the government have prevented the State Department from making a fair assessment of the project’s costs and benefits. Now, in yet another example of the administration’s cozy relationship with the industry, Obama has hired former Keystone XL lobbyist Broderick Johnson as a top campaign adviser.


  1. trott.tim October 26, 2011

    Yes, and here are the videos from the other side:

    I can’t believe the oil people are actually asking for donations to support their spin video!

    The biggest employment will be when people are hired to clean up the inevitable spills, but unfortunately the won’t be able to clean the aquifer. What’s it worth if we ruin what water supply is left after the spills and hydraulic fracking?

  2. ErikaConn October 26, 2011

    Here is why. Does it really matter what is more polluting, oil from wells or from tar sands? We all need oil, I’m sorry to say. This way at least it’s coming from a friendly neighbour. I should hope you’d rather do business with Canada than half way around the world with countries constantly in a state of tension.

    What makes you so sure that spills will happen? I would like to think that today’s engineers working on such an important project will make sure they don’t happen. Besides, what’s the alternative? The status quo?

  3. awegweiser October 26, 2011

    ErikaConn, the answer to your question is easy. We are sure it will happen again because it has repeatedly happened in the past. On land and at sea. Engineering is not magic and errors occur by people, sometimes by unexpected accident but sometimes through greed and carelessness. Sure, I would rather buy Canadian oil than Arab and Canada does have a good bit of it that is not from Tar Sands (a word you will note is always avoided in their commercials just as they claim fracking is so greatly protected from water supplies and fail to mention what is done with the huge quantities of foul waste water from the wells.)

  4. LarryS October 26, 2011

    On existing oil sands pipe lines there have already been over a dozen spills in the last two years. The oil has to be heated and pumped under very high pressures. The Yellowstone River has already been one victim of the tar sands. This passes ove the ogalla aquifer which is the largest fresh water resource in Kansas and Nebraska. At least reroute it around the aquifer. This oil source is the dirtiest and most polluting source of oil. The mining of it in Canada is already a disaster.


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