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This Week in Crazy: Castratos for Cruz

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This Week in Crazy: Castratos for Cruz


Mandatory office guns, a tropical torture chamber, Vladimir Putin battling Satan, and some very dedicated Ted Cruz supporters. Welcome to “This Week In Crazy,”  The National Memo’s weekly update on the loony, bigoted, and hateful behavior of the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:

5. Andrea Tantaros

President Obama’s announcement Tuesday that he was issuing a proposal to close Guantanamo Bay was met with the predictable conservative backlash. Count on the hosts of the midday roundtable Outnumbered — Fox News’s high-concept daily show which resembles what might happen if the Plastics from Mean Girls cattily recited conservative bromides — to churn out the most tin-eared and ignorant response. Specifically, co-host Andrea Tantaros referred to the prison complex as a “tropical paradise.”

It’s true that Gitmo is located on an island in the Caribbean, where the climate is likely “tropical.” But it is also true that the site has been a place where America has kept detainees, held and tortured them, some for several years, without trial; a locus for water-boarding and other “enhanced interrogation techniques;” and a black stain on the country’s reputation domestically and worldwide.

Tantaros also speculated that this was part of the president’s master plan to propose something that he knew would get blocked in Congress, just so that he could issue an executive order, which would, in turn, get challenged in the Supreme Court, “conveniently without conservative Justice Scalia there.” What delightfully smug eel-like illogic, compounded with self-defeating rationalization that somehow a recalcitrant Senate Republican cabal is just a pawn in Obama’s ninth-dimensional chess.

“It’s insanity, it’s illegal,” she concluded, adding, “it’s disgusting,” in what we might charitably speculate was a moment of self-reflection.

Hat tip and video courtesy of Raw Story

Next: Steve Deace 

Sam Reisman

Sam Reisman is the former managing editor at The National Memo, where he still writes the weekly "This Week In Crazy" column. His writing has appeared in Flavorpill, The Huffington Post, Columbia Daily Spectator, and Bwog. He was the publisher of the 2010 edition of Inside New York, an annual guidebook to the city for students and young professionals.

Since 2011, he has co-curated and hosted Peculiar Streams, a showcase for NYC-based writers, musicians, comedians, and filmmakers. He is a staff writer at Mediaite, and blogs at SamReisman.com.

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  1. greenlantern1 February 26, 2016

    Ever read the book, CRUSADE IN EUROPE, by President Dwight David Eisenhower?
    He asked, why no war college, ever told them what to do with a quarter of a million prisoners that were located at the end of a rickety railroad.
    Is FOX smarter than he was?

    1. Phil Christensen February 27, 2016

      Would you expand on your point?

      1. greenlantern1 February 27, 2016

        He was proud to serve under both President FDR and President Harry Truman!
        Was he proud to obey the BONUS ARMY orders of President Herbert Hoover?

        1. Phil Christensen February 27, 2016

          Well, in the early years of the Great Depression, Eisenhower was a little further down the trough. But your point is made.

  2. The_Magic_M February 26, 2016

    Re: Alex Jones

    When you hear him talk like that, you just have to think of General Ripper’s “precious bodily fluids”.

  3. Eleanore Whitaker February 26, 2016

    Any day now one of those Calgary hookers is going to want more bribery money and will spill the beans on how little Cruzie spent his wayward youth. Calgary brothels are legal and so is prostitution…Now you know why little Cruzie “got religion.” A dirty past and a guilty conscience laundered by the Big Oil boys.

    1. dtgraham February 26, 2016

      You heard about that Eleanore. The Supreme Court of Canada ruled that prostitution and physician assisted death were legal, all in the last two years. Harper tried to obstruct the prostitution ruling as long as he could, but the Liberals will surely act on it. Just like they’re going to legalize marijuana sometime this year.

      It’ll be great for terminally ill tourism because now you can get high, and get in a quickie, just before you check out.

  4. CrankyToo February 26, 2016

    Alex Jones has kids???? Now that’s scary!

  5. The lucky one February 26, 2016

    “you have no idea if he has kiddie porn on his computer at home. You don’t know if he has got a tongue ring and a john account online” Is Deace saying these are the things he is willing to overlook so that he can support Cruz?

    Who’s have thunk it? Jones is right about GMO foods. As they say even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  6. Sand_Cat February 27, 2016

    I loved the line about armed employees having a “quick, effortless way to resolve workplace disputes.”

    1. Independent1 February 27, 2016

      Is that maybe what just happened in Kansas at Excel, a lawn care company where 3 were killed and 14 were injured (a disgruntled worker decided to settle some disagreements with a gun)?

  7. idamag February 27, 2016

    Andrea Tanaras: You are no journalist. Not even a pimple on a journalist. You are the home-grown fascists’ wet dream. Definitely not a thinker. Steve Dean: Go ahead. No skin off my anatomy. Lance Toland Assoc. Oh well, Iowa just okayed kids packing.
    Alex Jones: Conspirancies are the meat of the radical right. So is paranoia.

  8. Buford2k11 February 27, 2016

    Ever wonder why the NRA has been going about the business of arming anyone and everyone???? Alex Jones doesn’t have all the answers…They are arming the “Revolution/Civil Warriors”…who is buying all or most of the weapons? those who fear the government because they don’t know any better, and are being programmed by hate radio, and Fox propaganda….there are fewer people purchasing more weapons…the Bundy Brigade is not the only Brigade around this nation…It seems, every State has some kind of Insane Brigade that is dangerously armed, and trigger happy…Hence, the NRA is profiting…Or you have entered the “Twilight Zone”……..


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