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The Trump Brand Goes Down-Market

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The Trump Brand Goes Down-Market

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With polls and prayer as a guide, let’s assume that Donald Trump loses the election. What will he do for a next act?

If Act 1 was selling the Trump name, the play’s in trouble. Ticket prices for things named Trump are selling at a deep discount.

Just last month, a deluxe room at the swanky new Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., posted a rate of $805 a night but could be had for $445 on Hotels.com. And this was during an International Monetary Fund conference, when every other five-star hotel in the vicinity sold out.

Two restaurateurs who had signed up for the hotel fled after Trump called Mexican immigrants rapists. The day after the hotel opened, the Trump Organization executive overseeing the project quit in disgust.

It’s hard to make gold on a brand name that has turned to sludge. Those able to afford these prime locations are finding it most inconvenient to live, work or play golf under the shadow of a Trump sign.

Who would invite Latin American or Muslim dignitaries to a building named for the man who has smeared their people, not to mention the female half of humanity? And would said dignitaries patronize such properties, especially when they have a world of Trump-free real estate to choose from?

The luxury market has spoken. Bookings at Trump Hotels caved 59 percent in the first half of 2016. And since Trump announced his candidacy in June 2015, foot traffic at Trump properties has tripped 17 percent.

In a sage move, the Trump Hotels group is dropping the Trump name for its new line of fancy hotels. They will now be called Scion. “We wanted a name that would be a nod to the Trump family,” CEO Eric Danziger explained in diplomatic fashion.

But the scions named Trump can’t be feeling terribly optimistic. With many women shunning anything associated with Trump, the Ivanka Trump line of clothing and accessories seems headed for the bargain bin.

In a Morning Consult survey, 57 percent of women said they wouldn’t consider buying Ivanka Trump products. A group has even organized a boycott of stores selling Ivanka Trump brand merchandise.

“As the Trump brand goes, so goes the Ivanka brand,” Chad Kawalec, head of the Brand Identity Center, told The Wrap, an entertainment news organization.

Despite Donald’s anti-trade rants, Ivanka procures about 75 percent of her merchandize from foreign factories. We were reminded of this recently when the Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled 20,000 of her made-in-China scarves for being too flammable.

Concerning her role in developing the Washington hotel, Ivanka does have her defenders, sort of.

“As much as her father makes our skin crawl, we have said that Ivanka knows what she’s doing,” said Jason Clampet, editor of Skift, a travel news company. “The question the brand’s new property raises is whether her smarts outweigh his non-smarts.”

Trump’s name is plastered all over Manhattan, but Donald owns very few of the buildings on which it hangs. Flashing his celebrity, Trump cleverly duped the real owners to pay him license fees to use his name. Many no doubt feel burned at the moment. Should they rename the buildings, they would still own them, not Trump.

A Dubai business consortium has erased the Trump name from its new golf course project. The developer of a troubled hotel complex in Toronto is attempting a similar exorcism.

The most plausible Act 2 for Trump would be some sort of TV network, with his devoted fan base as audience. Worth a try as his affluent consumers decamp for other trademarks. For them, “Trump” and “classy” have parted ways.

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IMAGE: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump waves to supporters outside the front door of Trump Tower where he lives in the Manhattan borough of New York, U.S., October 8, 2016. REUTERS/Mike Segar

Froma Harrop

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  1. Dominick Vila November 4, 2016

    The real concern is not what would happen to the Trump brand if he loses, but what will happen to everything we have achieved during the past several decades if he wins. With polls showing a virtual a tie, and our chances of getting control of the Senate slipping away, what should concern us is what is going to happen to the economy, to our national security, to the stock market, to the dollar, to our relationship with neighbors and allies, to our ability to coexist as a nation, and to our credibility as a mature and reliable nation if he wins.
    Vote or everything we have worked so hard to create and preserve is likely to evaporate in front of our eyes, and we will have nobody to blame for that but ourselves.

    1. Barbaradcaudle3 November 4, 2016

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    2. FireBaron November 4, 2016

      Dom, the national poll results are having a definite effect on the economy. Every time Teflon Donnie shows an upsurge or Hillary shows a decline, the DJIA, S&P and NASDAQ take a tumble. The people who make a living out of investing KNOW a Trump Presidency would be bad for the economy!

    3. Box November 4, 2016

      Neck and neck? Dont tell me you are believing conservative polls now. NM and others keep saying Hillary is surging in the polls so what is everyone so worried about? Relax, she has it in the bag, polls say, and newspapers are readying victory edition materials, according to some articles. So the discussion is just academic.

      I dont know how old you are but ive seen many elections. No matter who the pres, no matter how inexperienced, the world kept going. Obama was only a minor, new senator and look what he bagged. Plus he looked black which turned off a lot of people, including world leaders, but still the world got to accept him because they had no choice. It will be no different with a woman or a real estate tycoon. It plain doesnt matter. Most of the world considers the pres as a figurehead because US has lost its luster and influence and power from a long time ago.

      Follow the new pres of the Philippines, he just told Obama to GTH and has severed its ties. Malaysia then followed and just said yesterday they dont care what the West thinks, they are going with China in the future. More will follow, whether hillary or trump.

      The only reason US commands any respect at all is two-fold–we have The Bomb and we have The Petrodollar. Thats all, thats it. The petrodollar is why we invaded Iraq and IS DYING as the world looks to China to replace the worlds reserve currency. When the USD is finally dead, the world will turn on USA. USA is already becoming a has-been country exactly like UK, full of itself and its past glory. Hillary cannot restore what you are worried about, neither can Trump. Outsiders control USA for their own gain and thats all we have until they exhaust the resources and dump us like trash. Did you ever see this video? A lot of people hate it but there is truth there. Face it.


      1. Girlpower November 4, 2016

        Well now Box your little rant just shows us all how anti-American you really are and proves what we all believe. You are just one of Putins paid trolls sitting on your coach somewhere in Russia swilling down vodka and trying to stir up trouble in America our already great country !!!

    4. Dan S November 4, 2016

      If you’ll recall in 2012 Mitt Romney was shown to be very competitive in several polls leading up to Election Day. Of course it’s the Electoral College we need to look at not the popular vote. In the end it’ll go to Hillary before the polls close on the west coast. The markets should have a nice rebound on Wednesday. I’m more concerned about riots breaking out once it’s clear Trump has lost

      1. Paul Bass November 4, 2016

        Chill, most are too indolent to get out of their Lazy-Boys.

        Screaming at the TV about “Lyin’ Hillary” is about as energetic as they get.

  2. Theodora30 November 4, 2016

    If Trump finances are as shaky as a lot of people believe I doubt he will have the money to start Trump TV. Maybe there are some big donors like Robert Mercer but
    he is already funding Breitbart and he may be tired of throwing his money down a rat hole, assuming he is sane.

    1. FireBaron November 4, 2016

      But, remember, he said he loves playing with other people’s money! I am sure he can find people who think Fox is too liberal for their tastes to back him in this soon to be failed venture.

      1. plc97477 November 4, 2016

        Most of his base can’t afford him. You don’t make enough on welfare to handle those kinds of costs.

    2. plc97477 November 4, 2016

      Don’t assume. Russia still seems to think that trump can handle finances. I don’t know why.

  3. The lucky one November 4, 2016

    “For them, “Trump” and “classy” have parted ways.” for most of us, at least those with their eyes open “Trump” and “classy” were never paired anywhere but in Trump’s imagination.

    1. FireBaron November 4, 2016

      Lucky, back when it first opened an Architecture Critic (yeah, there are people with that job) said there wasn’t enough pink Carrera Marble in the world to provide the interior facade Trump Tower presented. Add to that, the gold plating on some of the fixtures has proven to be somewhat less in quality than advertised, too!

      1. The lucky one November 4, 2016

        “less in quality than advertised” Yes that pretty much covers Trump from A to Z.

      2. latebloomingrandma November 4, 2016

        Ha ha. Faux gaudy is the worst kind of gaudy. Nothing would make me happier than see the implosion of the Trump “brand” after he loses the election bigly. Maybe someone can pull him off the stage the evening of Nov. 8 with one of those big hooks used in vaudeville days.

  4. FireBaron November 4, 2016

    Froma, first, you cannot classify Teflon Donnie’s new digs as a 5-star. It hasn’t been open long enough to earn that, and based on initial reviews, it’ll be lucky to get 3! As for his “Scions”, Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee showed more acumen and intelligence!
    Most of Ivanka’s stuff has already shown to be lower-priced, poorer quality knockoffs of top-line items, so were already being sold at “less than exclusive” locations. Soon we may see them in Marshall’s!

    As for his proposed TV network, please let it NOT be part of the basic or enhanced Cable Packages. Please let it be subscriber based, or pay-per-view. That way he would get what he deserves – Bupkis, to use a good New York term!

  5. jmprint November 4, 2016

    He could always become a grand wizard of the KKK. There he will feel like a king, and proudly parade his dunce cap.

  6. Jon November 4, 2016

    I wonder who made the decision to replace the Trump name with Scion. That’s just as disgusting considering the family. Boycott Trump & Scion.


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