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Trump Falsely Claims He Won The Popular Vote, Blames ‘Millions Of Illegal Votes’

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Trump Falsely Claims He Won The Popular Vote, Blames ‘Millions Of Illegal Votes’

Trump claims he won popular vote

By Roberta Rampton and Dustin Volz

PALM BEACH, Fla./WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President-elect Donald Trump tweeted on Sunday that besides winning the Electoral College “in a landslide” in the Nov. 8 election: “I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.”

The allegation, made without evidence, comes as Democratic rival Hillary Clinton’s lead in the popular vote over Trump has surpassed 2 million votes and is expected to grow to more than 2.5 million as ballots in populous states such as California continue to be tallied.

Clinton’s legal team said on Saturday it had agreed to participate in a recount of Wisconsin votes after the state’s election board approved the effort requested by Green Party candidate Jill Stein, which Trump has called “ridiculous.”

“In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally,” Trump tweeted as reporters waited for him to leave his Mar-a-Lago golf resort in Florida to fly back to his residence in New York City.

The U.S. presidential race is decided by the Electoral College, based on a tally of wins from the state-by-state contests, rather than by the national vote. Trump has surpassed the 270 electoral votes needed to win the White House. The Electoral College results are expected to be finalized on Dec. 19.

Trump added he would have won the “so-called popular vote … easily and convincingly” if the U.S. election was determined that way instead of by the Electoral College.

Before the election, Trump made unsubstantiated allegations that the results of the election might be “rigged” against him.

Since the vote, Trump’s message has alternated between appealing for unity and railing against his opponents and the media.

In a video message released ahead of the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday, Trump said he hoped it would be a time for Americans “to begin to heal our divisions” following a “long and bruising political campaign.”

Trump has derided the fundraising effort by Stein to launch recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania as a “scam.” Those states had voted Democratic in recent presidential elections but all broke narrowly for the Republican Trump in this month’s election. The recounts are not expected to change the results of the election.

Stein, who won about 1 percent of the national vote, has said she wants a recount to guarantee the integrity of the U.S. voting system, a push that came after some experts raised the possibility that hacks could have affected the results.

Democratic President Barack Obama’s administration has said there is no evidence of electoral tampering, but experts have said that the only way to verify the results are accurate is to conduct a recount.

Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence have a series of meetings in New York on Monday to interview potential Cabinet members and other advisers. Trump takes office on Jan. 20.

(Reporting by Roberta Rampton and Dustin Volz; Writing by Dustin Volz; Editing by Peter Cooney)

IMAGE: Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures during a campaign rally in Tampa, Florida, U.S. June 11, 2016.  REUTERS/Scott Audette



  1. sigrid28 November 27, 2016

    If Mr. Trump is so sure he is the true winner of the 2016 election, what does he have to fear from a recount?

    1. FireBaron November 28, 2016

      The Truth. Something he has never been able to handle.

      1. The lucky one November 28, 2016

        That and the fact that he is a minority president. He can’t stand the thought of not being at the top of everything.

        1. Dan S November 28, 2016

          He lost bigly or is that big league ? The first President to take office by ever losing the popular vote by such a large margin. This is a good reason why many people are saying “Not My President”

          1. The lucky one November 28, 2016

            Those who voted for any of the other candidates can make that claim but not those who didn’t vote. If a little more than half of them voted we could have elected a third party president. Maybe Stein is not qualified by experience to serve in that position but it’s the only way we will ever get anything close to a “draining of the swamp”.

          2. dpaano November 28, 2016

            Oh, I disagree….I think Hillary would have done a great job draining the swamp…..at least a lot better than Trump. He’s just filling it up rather than draining it!

          3. The lucky one November 28, 2016

            I see no evidence to indicate Hillary would have done a great job draining the swamp. I do agree that Trump is making it much worse.

          4. dpaano November 29, 2016

            And I see NO evidence that Hillary would NOT have done better than Trump. I find it ludicrous when people say that they think someone would do something when we have NO idea what they would do.

          5. The lucky one November 29, 2016

            You’ll notice that I did indicate Trump is worse. We don’t know what Hillary would have done but she has no prior history that shows she would “drain the swamp” and her transition team choices as well as her speeches to banksters likewise undercut any claim that she would have tried to reduce corruption.

          6. dpaano November 29, 2016

            Just because Hillary gave a couple of speeches before a banking group does NOT mean that she would cut them any slack. She clearly stated during her campaign that she would NOT kowtow to them and would do what was best for this country. Many of our presidents, senators, ex-presidents, etc., have given speeches to banking groups….doesn’t mean anything. Again, I don’t see any reason to “infer” what she would or would not do. Just saying……I’m not trying to undercut your opinion; just giving mine for all it’s worth.

          7. The lucky one November 29, 2016

            Okay we can agree to disagree. Since she will not be president the argument is moot.

          8. dpaano November 29, 2016

            Works for me……thanks, Lucky One….have a great rest of the day.

      2. dpaano November 28, 2016

        I don’t even think he would know the truth if it hit him in the face! He’s spent his entire life lying because that basically is what most real estate moguls and developers do…..he can’t tell the difference any longer!

    2. Jim Samaras November 28, 2016

      He doesn’t, he only looks at it as a typical waste of time and money that has been normal in old administrations. Get on with productive thinking is what he’s saying

      1. iamproteus November 28, 2016

        Why does Trump always need someone to explain what he means?

        1. Jim Samaras November 28, 2016

          So, he doesn’t suffer fools well….he’s concise in his wording that most can understand

          1. iamproteus November 28, 2016

            Jim, there have been many things said by and about Trump but to say that “he’s concise in his wording that most can understand” is one of the most laughable yet.

          2. Jim Samaras November 28, 2016

            LOL, I’ll give ya that…..I understand what he’s trying to say though and apparently I’m not alone

      2. jmprint November 28, 2016

        Waste of money will be paying 1 million dollars a month so Barron can keep going to the same elementary private school.

        1. Jim Samaras November 28, 2016

          Sound as though you were an economics major in school huh?

          1. jmprint November 28, 2016

            Anyone with a little common sense, knows it’s a waste of tax payer money, especially when the Trumps don’t pay taxes.

          2. Jim Samaras November 28, 2016

            He pays what has been LEGALLY allowed and who can blame him for that?

          3. jmprint November 28, 2016

            yeah, yeah, heard all about it, now can we see the tax forms to prove it.

          4. Jim Samaras November 28, 2016

            Why should he, you didn’t vote for him. It doesn’t matter to those who did

          5. jmprint November 28, 2016

            This is still my country, just as much as those that voted for him.

          6. Jim Samaras November 28, 2016

            He’s already president so what would he gain by showing anything…anything other than 5% economic growth, a balanced budget, manufacturing jobs returning and clearing the swamp that IS Washington. That’ll be enough for most

          7. jmprint November 28, 2016

            He has already failed, the two headed snake is the commando-in-chief of the swamp. And no I am not ok with him running his business while being our president, he already lied to YOU about putting his business in a trust fund.

          8. Jim Samaras November 28, 2016

            I didn’t care if he did or did not. If everything goes swimmingly over the next 8 years why should you care?

          9. jmprint November 28, 2016

            Because the outcome will be the same that Bush offered, where we have to clean up the $hit you guys leave behind every time you get a hold of the white house.

          10. Jim Samaras November 28, 2016

            If I remember correctly Bill Clinton inherited a pretty good economy after the Reagan/Bush Sr years….

          11. jmprint November 28, 2016

            It wasn’t in the plus.

          12. sigrid28 November 28, 2016

            Trump is NOT already president. He is president-elect. The electoral college has to vote for him, and he has to be sworn in. He doesn’t seem to want to do the job very much, what with spending his time on Twitter instead of taking top-security briefings, dragging his feet on his cabinet appointments whilst he takes it easy (since not reading up on job, apparently). I don.’t blame him. He’s a very successful billionaire celebrity who will have to sell his lavish real estate to take office. He doesn’t even like the White House. He refuses to learn all that is required in the position. He’s likely be a mediocre president who disappoints most of the people who voted for him, who will end up with privatized health care, medicare, and social security, all tied to a volatile stock market that only “serves” billionaires like Trump, whose federal taxes (which Trump doesn’t pay anyway) will go down while John Doe’s will go up: a lot. Then there’s Trump’s reneging on the infrastructure jobs plan (back burner for that one), on “locking her up,” and on building “the wall.” His only concession to those who voted him in is appointing a bigoted senior adviser with an Alt-right agenda. At least the racists are happy.

          13. Jim Samaras November 28, 2016

            Again, we will see

          14. bobnstuff November 28, 2016

            I want some of the drugs you are taking.Trump plans to disrupt trade, decrease our work force and spend money like a fool on a worthless wall. If the economy grows at all it will be a surprise and you can’t cut taxes and increase spending and balance the budget. Trumps so called plans are in direct contradiction with each other. Those manufacturing jobs he will bring back don’t exist. The man promised to bring jobs back in industries that are dying or dead. Oh and just how is making the head of the party your chief of staff going to help you drain the swamp?

          15. Jim Samaras November 28, 2016

            Disrupt current trade deals……a good thing.

            decrease our already decimated work force……jobs will increase.

            Hasn’t mentioned “the wall” since the election. Better border security is also a good thing.

            You can cut taxes and increase spending if total revenue increases. Give him a chance

            They DO exist….in other countries, which will come back when the savings are no longer there.

            Rence is an intelligent man as is Trump. Give the man a chance to do his thing for Christ sake. It could just be a good thing for everyone in this country.

          16. bobnstuff November 28, 2016

            Your as stupid as Trump when it comes to trade. We have trade deals with two out of our top four trading partners.These two are close to a balance of trade. the two without trade deals are way off so of course the ones with the deal Trump complains about. Both Canada and Mexico buy billions of dollars of our goods. How many jobs do you think that is? Do you know why we don’t have as many illegal Mexicans here anymore, half the number of only a few years ago? Jobs in Mexico so they don’t come over anymore.

            Do you know where those manufacturing jobs went? Ever heard of automation? We have increased the amount of goods manufactured in this country every year even while we have been loosing manufacturing jobs. We also are with in a hair of being the top manufacturing nation in the world. I bet Trump never pointed out those facts. I bet you didn’t even know that we export steel.

            Unemployment is down and job openings are up, Employers can’t find good workers. Work force participation is down not because there aren’t jobs but because people can choose not to work.I’m old enough to remember when people stayed home and raise children instead of putting them in daycare. I remember a time when people could retire. Both these things are happening again.

            The idea of cutting taxes increasing spending is myth that has been disproved but just won’t die. Reaganomics didn’t work then and won’t work now. Trumps tax cuts go mainly to the rich and they already send as much as they are going to. Cutting taxes means less money for the government to spend, plain and simple. You can’t cut taxes and increase spending without getting the country into trouble, ask GW.

            The wall is unworkable and a waste of money. We have walls right now on parts of our border and they don’t work. They just dig under them. Also only half of the illegals in this country came in over the Mexican border. If you want to close the border you must spend money on man power. The number of people coming in has been cut in the last eight years because we have doubled the number of agents. Go check some facts.

          17. iamproteus November 28, 2016

            “It doesn’t matter to those who did”. I’d be willing to bet that it would matter to most of them if they were allowed to see his taxes…..a lot!

          18. Jim Samaras November 28, 2016

            To show how he used the tax laws legally to his advantage? If I were he, which I’m not, I would show them just to open the public’s eyes as to what their elected officials have determined to be “fair” tax laws only to be exposed as to their fettering their own nests and those of their friends. These times they are a changing……

          19. iamproteus November 28, 2016

            “These times they are a changing……”
            Yes, sadly, they are and not for the better with Trump at the helm.

          20. Jim Samaras November 28, 2016

            Okay Nostradamus…….but I certainly would like to hear positive comments from this crowd when and if things turn out for the better

          21. jmprint November 28, 2016

            I will be the first to praise, if and when he does something honest and great for the country, but I will expect you be here when you find out that the con man did a good job for himself ONLY.

          22. Jim Samaras November 28, 2016

            You can count on the fact that I will be here screaming right along with you. Crying as a matter of fact, but let’s see how it plays out. For crying out loud he hasn’t even taken office yet

          23. jmprint November 28, 2016

            …and he is already padding his pockets, already scary!

          24. Jim Samaras November 28, 2016

            Please advise as to how

        2. Jon November 28, 2016

          You are low on the amount of freeloading Trump will be doing. Experts have estimated it will cost $1 million per day to provide security for Trump Tower.

          1. Jim Samaras November 28, 2016

            It will be interesting to see how much has been spent on security and all the comforts the WH has to offer including staff in comparison to Obama through the same period. I believe it will shock you but we will see

          2. Jon November 28, 2016

            Okay Nostradamus.

          3. sigrid28 November 28, 2016

            Of course we will see. Once Trump is in office every little tiny bit of information about him MUST be public knowledge. I wonder how well he will hold up to such tight scrutiny. It comes along with the office he sought.

          4. sigrid28 November 28, 2016

            Then there is the security detail for the son and wife as they go about their lives in New York, as well as for Trump himself as he goes back and forth between Washington, D.C., and New York.

          5. dpaano November 28, 2016

            And it’ll all be paid for with our hard-earned taxpayer money!!! When he decreases the taxes for the upper class…..watch and see how much the poor and middle class get hit to pay for all his wishes and wants!

          6. Jon November 28, 2016

            Trump has turned freeloading into an art he has mastered. At least he can do something in addition to lying and running fraudulent schemes.

      3. sigrid28 November 28, 2016

        Other ways Donald Trump is thrifty:
        *No need to pay for secure phone lines to world leaders or expensive State Department hacks to brief him before telephone conversations: he prefers to wing it.
        Please feel free to add to this list.
        *No need to pay expensive White House staff when he is not in residence.
        *No need for “hers” towels, etc., when Melania does not live at White House.
        *Big savings when he refuses pay for serving as president: Trump puts the “servant” in public servant.
        *No need for dog dishes: Trumps are not dog or cat people.
        *No need for press briefing room as Trump will make most public statements via Twitter.
        *No need to pay for daily newspapers, as Trump doesn’t read them.
        Please feel free to add to this list.

        1. Jim Samaras November 28, 2016

          *No need for greedy middlemen congressmen and their buddies when negotiating contracts for infrastructure.
          *How about the savings from paying sanctuary cities for harboring illegal criminals
          *Or the savings from SS and welfare fraud
          *Saving of lives at the VA may wanted to be included in there someplace
          We could do this for hours on end without even talking about the savings from the elimination of Michelle Obamas personal staff….

          1. sigrid28 November 28, 2016

            You mean Melania Trump will not have a personal staff!

          2. Jim Samaras November 28, 2016

            Yes, one that will dwarf the size of the current First Lady

          3. sigrid28 November 28, 2016

            Give me a break!

          4. jmprint November 28, 2016

            Michelle is not a needy person, Melania is.

          5. sigrid28 November 28, 2016

            No so fast about the “greedy middlemen congressmen.” Trump’s Republican party leaders in Congress are alreay proposing to reinstate earmarks. So cross that one off your list.

          6. Jim Samaras November 28, 2016

            They can “propose” all they want but the “pork” will be eliminated under a Trump administration

          7. sigrid28 November 28, 2016

            No pork will be eliminated unless it is crosses Trump’s empty desk in the form of bills passed in Congress. He cannot make the Congress do anything, really, that they do not want to do. He can only veto what they actually propose, write into bills, and pass.

          8. Jim Samaras November 28, 2016

            True, but if oppressed by them on things that actually are good for the people he will take it right to the public in the form of these infomercial type messages they will then worry about reelection and will change their tune quickly.

          9. sigrid28 November 28, 2016

            I don’t think you are any more than a disrupter on this comment thread, a foreigner put here to collect clicks. Your knowledge of American process and non-native English suggest you may be part of the Russian disinformation hack. The real problem with your presence here is that you have no skin in the game.

          10. Jim Samaras November 29, 2016

            Who on this board has “skin in the game”? What game are you referring to? Trump is changing the game of bringing it to the people. He distrusts (rightfully so) the media to get his message out to a mostly uninformed public.

          11. sigrid28 November 28, 2016

            No changing the goal posts, Jim. You brought up the idea of saving money, not “lives.” Trump has promised to spend more on VA, and not appointed his person to drain that swamp, yet. He was too busy not going to intelligence briefings and hosting his American Idol type audition for cabinet posts.

  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 27, 2016

    The eternal whining machine never knows went to stop. Trump needs to find something to complain about or the day just isn’t right—First there was moaning and groaning for being found out that he was lewd and clearly determined to be outside the norms of decency by his extracurricular groping activities; there was the 3 AM Twitter attacks against a woman he had earlier denigrated but wasn’t satisfied, and felt the urge to continue to stomp the woman; then there was complaints about rigging when he fell behind following this salacious interview. And now, he’s on the Whining Wagon complaining about election fraud.
    Here is a man who clearly is in need to be confined to a mental hospital as a result of never having reached maturity except in shoe size, and yet he stands poised to assume the mantle of running a nation during the world’s most precarious position in decades on a variety of fronts.
    The fact that so many approve of this failure as a human being speaks volumes of the moral decay of he and his supporters. The economic woes of the country are for the most part a byproduct of this moral decline—certainly Donald isn’t suffering any economic crisis, so his problem obviously is a spiritual crisis which has resulted in an emotional and mental breakdown.

    1. Carleyrlopez November 28, 2016

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    2. BDD1951 November 28, 2016

      He’s just a “titty baby.”

    3. InformedVoter November 28, 2016

      Still spewing your religious hatred are you? Get over it. It is a mandate and a repudiation of the failed Obama policies.
      Concerned Americans voted for President Trump because they grew weary of the garbage the Dems have been handing out.
      Careful what you post, for all to see, comments about the President. The Secret Service has jacked up their surveilance because there are so many crazy lefties out their. Don’t be surprised if there’s a knock on the door and …
      President Trump is correct. If the outcome was by popular vote, he would have concentrated on gathering the popular vote.
      HilLIARy and the Dems were more worried about bathrooms than jobs. They lost the blue collar and working class. I know, your religion calls these great Americans all kinds of hatred names.
      Perhaps you should be the one checking into a facility.

      1. Marilyn November 28, 2016

        Did you even bother to read Aaron’s post? There was nothing about religion in it. There were no threats against Trump that would bring out the secret service. And your repeated comment about bathrooms and jobs is becoming redundant.

        1. InformedVoter November 28, 2016

          Sorry, but you’re coming in on the middle of the movie. AofP likes to name-call folks and uses religion as the reason those that don’t agree with his warped comments.
          Yes, by mentioning actions to remove the President from performing his office duties IS considered a threat against the President. Small threat, but since you lefties have burned businesses and shut down freeways and even fought with police, I would not wish to take a chance and make a comment that lots of folks can see as a veiled threat against the President.
          My repeated comments were made to different posters – so by definition, they are not repeat. Oh, if only you knew which bathroom to run to and feel safe. Guess you’ll just have to go to some wimpy college campus and use one of their safe places. Not to worry, just keep repeating “it’s just for 8 more years; it’s just for 8 more year …”

          1. Dominick Vila November 29, 2016

            Did all the name calling, insults, and claims of being an illegitimate President because of President Obama’s alleged birthplace, deserve the attention of the FBI?
            I don’t consider what Aaron said a threat to anyone. Just a benign observation, when compared to what we have heard, time and again, during the last 8 years.

          2. InformedVoter November 30, 2016

            All the name calling? Outside of the birther movement, the only other names for Obama were: he’s a Muslim (true); he’s a socialist (true); he’s acting like an emperor (true); he’s a hypocrite for spending $100 million on vacations (true).
            Hmm, are you seeing a pattern here? When someone calls someone something that is true, I don’t believe it’s name calling.
            Regarding Obama’s birth, I’m still wondering why he sealed his college application papers. Was it because he listed himself as foreign born and a citizen of Kenya? This could have been done to move his application to the top and to procure financial aid that would not have been granted if he was US born.
            Just asking .. so if he really lied on his application, then that makes him a bigger liar than HilLIARy, almost.

          3. Dominick Vila November 30, 2016

            Insulting President Obama went well beyond the birther issue. He was accused of being a liar during a State of the Union addressed being broadcast to the entire world. Right wingers, including several in this forum, routinely call him Obumbo and other ridiculous names (as well as calling Hillary, Hiliary), they claim Obama is a Muslim, after demonizing him for attending Rev. Wright’s Christian Church. They alternatively call him a socialist, as well as being in the pockets of Wall Street, dependent on what fits the narrative best. They call him an Emperor, apparently because he signed fewer EOs that many of his predecessors; and they call him a Messiah, an interesting epithet for an alleged Muslim.
            Should we assume similar name calling will be employed when the right refers to Donald Trump, or does his golden mane give him special privileges?

          4. InformedVoter December 2, 2016

            All the name calling of Obama pales in comparison to what the MSM has done to President Trump. Obama is an ISLAMOPHILE as is the AG.
            We now allow teaching Islam in public schools. This would never have occurred if Obama wasn’t a muslim.
            “What difference does it make” HilLIARy was found to have lied to the FBI about her emails. Even Comey said she lied.
            As to his EOs, Ford Motor and even GM (who supported HilLIARy) are saying they’re ready for some sane regulations for the auto industry.
            Don’t know anyone, except low information lefties, who called Obama messiah.

          5. Dominick Vila December 2, 2016

            Wow! If the man that ordered the raid that killed OBL, authorized drone attacks that killed dozens of ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorists, supports the right to choose, supports same sex marriage, and has been fighting relentlessly for gender equality, is evidence of being a Muslim, all I can say that the values enshrined by Islam have undergone major metamorphosis.

          6. InformedVoter December 2, 2016

            Even staunch believers in their religion “bend” the rules where they see fit. Obama had no choice in much of the above. If you recall, he was against same sex marriage, but saw a chance to get the LGBT money and votes so he “bent” his religious rules.
            As to OBL, the GW plan was in place from when GW was in office and just played itself out. Obama is not stupid. He knew if he finished as the groundwork of GW to get OBL that he could claim it as his own – gee – isn’t that just what he did?

          7. Dominick Vila December 3, 2016

            W had gone as far as saying, publicly, that getting OBL was not a big deal, after 7 years of futile searches, Musharraff playing cat and mouse with him, one million Iraqis killed, two million Iraqis fleeing their country, 4,700 U.S. soldiers killed, tens of thousands maimed or suffering from PTSD, the Persian Gulf in chaos, and Saudi Arabia, the homeland of OBL, the Saudi Wahhabi princes that financed the 9/11 massacre, and 15 of the 19 terrorists that carried out the attack enjoying the benefits of W’s decision to declare that country a MFN for trade and diplomatic purposes, immediately after the attack. Yes, W had a plan. It was a miserable failure, and it resulted in misery, death, and destruction in countries that had nothing to do with 9/11.
            I realize that it is hard for you to admit that Barack Obama, a black man, was successful and deserves credit for his achievements, but I am willing to bet that history will be much kinder to him, than to W and, very likely, Trump.

          8. InformedVoter December 5, 2016

            Have you ever thought of getting a job as a fiction writer? Perhaps you could rewrite history for the text book folks too. You historical account, sadly, does not match well with most historian. Obama had as much to do with OBL’s death than you did! As to Obama’s legacy, even he is claiming that the press is not treating him fairly in blaming his failed policies for HilLIARy’s crushing defeat. As Patton said “all glory is fleeting”. Obama’s honeymoon with the press is ended and they have to find someone to put the blame on. They won’t admit they blew it and are turning on Obama and smell blood.

          9. Dominick Vila December 5, 2016

            The real reason for your hatred of President Obama is showing.

          10. InformedVoter December 5, 2016

            I don’t hate Obama or HilLIARy. I hate their policies and attitude. You make claims that the economy is doing just fine, but the Dems themselves are saying they ignored the economy and it cost them the election. As Sanders said he’s upset the Dems lost the blue collar workers and the middle class. Here are some charts that explain reality vs what the MSM has been feeding the public.


          11. Dominick Vila December 5, 2016

            Yes you do. President Obama’s policies, and W’s TARP, prevented our banks from going under. President Obama’s stimulus package provided the impetus to prevent our economy from the collapse announced by W in the Summer of 2008. President Obama’s policies contributed to the DOW Index rising from 7,000 to 18,500 points. The deficit has been cut by 2/3. Instead of losing 800,000 jobs we have been creating an average of 250,000 new jobs. Salaries are finally going up. More people than ever have healthcare coverage. The earnings potential of women has been reduced to the point of being gone.
            Don’t confuse the fact that millions of Americans are commiserating and complaining about the loss of hundreds of thousands of assembly line jobs to robotics and outsourcing, to policy failures. Hillary lost, in part, because she did not listen to what many blue collar workers were saying, and proposed nothing that made sense to them, other than financing retraining programs and free college tuition that most of those workers are not interested in. They want to go back to the way things were in the 1950s, at a time when the rest of the world is moving forward. It is not going to happen. People either acquire the skill set that our companies demand, or they will spend the rest of their lives stocking shelves at WalMart or working in fast food joints.

          12. InformedVoter December 6, 2016

            You’re still in self-denial about Obama’s terrible economic policies. He rammed 2000 business regulations through in his 8 years. Companies are breathing a sigh of relief and so much optimism with President Trump’s mandate.
            The market made record gains when President Trump won.
            And now today another 50,000 jobs and $50 Billion!
            You are just scared that President Trump just might succeed.
            I don’t hate Obama, but I do hate his policies to drag the US down to the rest of the world.

          13. Dominick Vila December 6, 2016

            I see no point trying to help you see what is evident to most Americans. I suspect the reason for your insistence on a horrendous economy, that if you keep it up is likely to include claims of hard working Americans suffering from malnutrition as a result of Obama’s policies, is because you are laying the ground work to explain the reason for the economic mess that Trump’s policies are going to cause.

          14. InformedVoter December 7, 2016

            You should probably ask HilLIARy why she said that this recovery is the “weakest, longest, and worst in decades”. Her words, not mine. She was trying to distance herself from the criticism that she was getting when questioned was she just a continuation of Obama’s failed policies.

          15. Dominick Vila December 7, 2016

            I am not sure who you are citing, but I can tell you that the reason the economic recovery was not as fast as it could have been was due to a GOP controlled Congress rejecting proposals such as investment in infrastructure to ensure President Obama was a one-term President. That acknowledgment was made by Mitch McConnell, not me.

        2. Jon November 28, 2016

          Potty training must have been a traumatic event for the moronic clown as he can’t stop posting about bathrooms. Now I know what he has for brains.

      2. Dominick Vila November 28, 2016

        Most concerned Americans voted for Hillary, who won the popular vote by 2.2 million votes more than Trump. He is President elect because he won the electoral college vote, thanks to the support he enjoyed in the most sparsely populated, and poor states, in the country.

        1. Jim Samaras November 28, 2016

          And thanks to our forefathers far thinking that didn’t want large cities determining elections

          1. Jon November 28, 2016

            That was never the purpose of the electoral college. Spend a little time reading the Federalist Papers and less time on not so breitbart.

          2. Jim Samaras November 28, 2016

            The founding fathers established the electoral college in the United States Constitution, believing that it would be both a buffer and provide fair power to all states regardless of size.

          3. sigrid28 November 28, 2016

            It was not about the size of states. The electoral college was a buffer between regular citizens and the presidential candidates, for whom ONLY members of the electoral college voted.

          4. Jon November 28, 2016

            Now troll don’t you know anything about the debates that took place at the Constitutional Convention do you? The concessions to the less populous States were counting slaves as 3/5 of a person, guaranteeing each State at least 1 Representative and 2 Senators, and the number of Electors on the Electoral College each State was guaranteed was equal to the number of Senators and Representatives the State was entitled to in Congress. It had nothing to do with giving the less populous States an equal or greater voice in the Electoral College. At no time was your bizarre statement true.

          5. sigrid28 November 28, 2016

            The purpose of the Electoral College was to prevent a demagogue from winning the office of the president. Regular citizens voted for wealthy landowners who made up the electoral college–not for the presidential candidate. These wealthy landowners then voted for the president. They were thought to have better judgment than the regular citizen. The Electoral College was an elitist institution in its original form.

          6. Jim Samaras November 28, 2016

            People with skin in the game usually do make better decisions than those who don’t.

          7. Dominick Vila November 29, 2016

            That was part of the equation. Another important consideration was the need to minimize the probability of a demagogue influencing the outcome of an election. The part that was not mentioned, was the fact that they did not trust the unruly masses, and wanted to make sure their fellow intellectuals and wealthy land owners were able to determine what was best for the nation.

          8. dpaano November 29, 2016

            Boy, were they ever wrong!

          9. Dominick Vila November 29, 2016

            …and had a very twisted interpretation of democracy.

        2. dpaano November 28, 2016

          And those are the states that will end up being hurt the most by his presidency! I hope they’re happy!

          1. InformedVoter November 28, 2016

            Hello racist and bigot, so what’s you logic that the read states will get hurt by President Trump. From what’s been published, the predictions are that the economy will finally get out of the doldrums from Obama’s failed economic policies. Despite the MSM spin, Ford Motor announced it will not relocate 5000 factory jobs from Louisville to Mexico. Even electronic firms are talking about building new plants within the USA.
            So until you can come up with something to support your lies, you should probably keep a low profile.

          2. Dominick Vila November 29, 2016

            The Ford CEO announced a couple of months ago, during the campaign, that he had no intention of closing the plant in Louisville, and that he was not planning to lay off anyone. The plans involved changes in product lines, with production of the most lucrative increasing in the USA.
            If this is an example of what Trump meant when he said he was bringing jobs back to the USA, a lot of American blue collar workers are going to get a rude awakening.

          3. dpaano November 29, 2016

            I agree, this did NOT bring ANY workers back to the United States since there were no jobs that were going to be lost by this change in production lines. In fact, Ford plans to hire more people for his Kentucky plant based on the fact that they are now going to be concentrating on SUV’s and their truck line! The only change is that they moved their smaller car production to Mexico with NO loss of employees! Typical Trump to take credit for something that he didn’t do!

          4. InformedVoter November 29, 2016

            Sorry racist and bigot, President Trump’s move stopped Ford from moving 5,000 factory jobs to Mexico. Dominck made several mistakes in his post. He has not joined the lying crowd the MSM has been trying to build. Shame on Dominck!
            Bill Ford personally called President Trump to inform him that they were NOT going to move those 5,000 jobs to Mexico. Hence, President Trump saved those jobs, and he’s not even in office yet. Isn’t that wonder! Blue collars are going to really love what President Trump does.

          5. InformedVoter November 29, 2016

            You are confusing your plants. CEO Mark Fields indicated Ford would move small car production to Mexico and replace those jobs in Michigan with another car line. Ford also (though they didn’t widely publicize it) indicated that they were relocating 5,000 jobs from the KTP (in Louisville, KY). When President Trump won, Bill Ford personally called President Trump and told him Ford would not make that move. Hence, President Trump DID save 5,000 factory jobs. Also, two electronic firms indicated they would build factories in the US because of President Trump’s election victory. Today Wall Street leaders cheered the President Trump would remove the barriers Obama put in that has strangled the economy.
            Blue collar workers will love the results. You need to get your facts straight or you’ve been reading the wrong sources. You have thus become part of the MSM lies about the GOP. I thought you were better than that.

          6. Dominick Vila November 30, 2016

            Let me get this straight, Trump saved 5,000 Ford Motor company jobs because Bill Ford told him, when he called the President elect to congratulate him for his victory, that Ford was not moving any of the product lines in Kentucky to Mexico? Judging by that standard of accomplishment, Trump is likely to get credit for millions of jobs during his first 100 days in office! As for Obama, it is readily apparent by now that the steps he took to save GM and Chrysler, save the U.S. economy from collapse thanks, at least in part, to his stimulus package, and presiding over a DOW Index increase from 7,000 points to around 18,500 means nothing to most “conservatives”. Sadly, Trump, and loyal supporters like yourself, are likely to succeed in turning your idol into an amazing leader whose attributes are almost evidence of divine qualities worthy of a Messiah.

          7. InformedVoter November 30, 2016

            It’s amazing how you get your “facts” jangled up. Ford DID announce they were relocating those 5,000 KTP jobs to Mexico. Bill Ford DID call President Trump, not to congratulate him (the call was made days after the election) and told him Ford had REVERSED their decision. I happen to know a couple of folks who work in the KTP. They all started celebrating when the plant manager made the announcement that their jobs were saved.
            Obama’s economic policies were ALL disasters. He’s doubled the debt to 20 trillion! Here’s a nifty link that debunks your “accomplishments” from above. Good riddance to the Obama failed policies!

          8. Dominick Vila November 30, 2016

            Does that mean that Trump negotiated the Carrier deal as well? Are you aware that only half of the Carrier jobs will stay in the USA, and the other half will be lost as a result of a planned relocation to Mexico? Admittedly, keeping half of the jobs that were going to be lost is better than losing them all, but it is nothing to brag about, especially when some of these deals involve concessions by labor unions, such as the UAW in the Ford case.

          9. InformedVoter December 2, 2016

            “Does that mean that [President} Trump negotiated the Carrier deal as well?” Well, actually YES.
            Today’s AP from Johnathan Lemire,TRUMP SALUTES CARRIER AND HIMSELF FOR SAVING JOBS. Nice headline isn’t it?
            The article credits President Trump’s influence for saving these 1000 jobs. At least the AP has the guts to give credit for saving these jobs.
            You can just deny that the article said that President Trump’s involvement led to a REVERSAL of their plans, but it did.
            So, even you should be able to grasp that President Trump is doing what he promised and he’s not even in office yet.
            Can’t wait for January 21. Obamacare gone – HilLIARy charged – Planned Parenthood defunded – and who knows what other great announcements.
            Happy New President.

          10. Dominick Vila December 2, 2016

            Of course I don’t deny the article! I expect similar articles to emerge routinely during the next four years. What I question is the logic of paying bribes, this time in the form of tax credits supported by taxpayers, to entice U.S. companies to do business in the USA, instead of moving their operations abroad. What will stop dozens of other companies from making the same claim, expecting similar compensation? I also question Trump’s involvement, since what really convinced Carrier to stay was a decision made by Pence…that his successor is going to have to deal with.BTW, do you believe the Labor Department statistics that show that President Obama’s policies helped create 12 million jobs during the last 8 years?

          11. InformedVoter December 2, 2016

            Oh Dominck, I thought you were better informed than most of your fellow low information posters. Perhaps it’s because you live in FL instead of one of the nut states like dpaano and eleanore live in.
            Let’s see, have you ever heard of a city that gave tax breaks so a sports team would move or stay there?
            Have you ever heard of a city or state that gave tax breaks so a business would relocate or stay there?
            Of course you have. This is just more of the same negotiating that goes on and it’s called politics. The above mentioned cities and states claim they will get back their incentive many fold in other ways like taxes on the employees or the revenue from the lunches these employees consume.
            The number of jobs Obama created was minimal and pathetic. The economy was and is still in shambles with record numbers on food stamps, record number on welfare, record number of 95 million not working, record deficit and growing. The Dems concentrated more on bathrooms and ignored jobs and the economy.
            When Carrier announced they were closing the plant, the resulting video went “viral”. The reverse was true when this announcement was made. Why don’t you make the announcement to the Carrier factory that this is a bad thing and see how long you last.

          12. Dominick Vila December 3, 2016

            Tax breaks to businesses have always been an incentive to stay, grow, and hire more employees. The problem is that those tax breaks have not prevented companies from offshoring, not only because of the attraction of significantly lower operating costs abroad, but because of the allure of getting a slice of the sales and profits in countries enjoying robust economic expansion.
            When Obama became President, we were losing 800,000 jobs a month, unemployment was rising rapidly, GM and Chrysler were on the verge of bankruptcy, the real estate market was on free fall, the DOW Index was at 7,000 points, domestic and foreign investment was gone, and the situation was so bad that even W announced in 2008 that the U.S. economy was on the verge of collapse.
            Today, unemployment is at 4.7%, we have been creating an average of 250,000 new jobs, wages are finally rising, the GDP is growing at around 3%, deficit spending has been reduced by 2/3, GM and Chrysler are profitable and tens of thousands of automotive related jobs were saved, the real estate market is growing once again, inflation is under control, and hiring signs can be seen everywhere we go.
            Convincing Pence to give state tax breaks to a company, and taking credit for what the VP did, is not something to brag about. Especially, when Carrier is still moving hundreds of jobs to Mexico, and many other companies are either considering or moving overseas to reduce operating costs, increase profits, and benefit from increased sales. I would have been a lot more impressed if Trump had convinced the Carrier union members to make some concessions, instead of giving the company a handout that only resulted in a marginal retention of jobs, or if he had proposed legislation banning companies that outsource jobs from bidding on Federal contracts. Had he done the latter, United Technologies would have instructed their subsidiary to keep every single job in the USA.
            Hopefully, the economic expansion and job creation plans touted by the Trump administration involve more than paying bribes. They have not done the trick in the past, and will not do it now.

          13. InformedVoter December 5, 2016

            Again, your recollection of history is more fiction than fact. You’re just pissed off that President Trump has saved almost 6500 jobs as he won’t take office for another 6 weeks.
            The “shadow unemployment” remains about 11%, the same as when Obama took office. Even HilLIARy admitted during the primaries that the economy was hurting.
            Record number on food stamps, record number on welfare, record number of 95 million citizens not working, wages pretty much stagnant, the list of the horrible economy goes on and on. The auto bailout cost the tax payers nearly $1 billion, and you low information dudes cry about $7 million. Dan Gilbert, CEO of Quicken Loans, personal wealth of $4.6 billion, is asking for government incentives to build in Detroit. Prof. Mogk, development law professor at Wayne State University, is chiding folks for not understanding the value incentives provide.
            And HilLIARy’s team said they lost, in part, because they focused more on bathrooms and jobs and the economy, So if the economy is doing so good, then why would they say otherwise?

          14. Dominick Vila December 5, 2016

            Are you planning to propose the method that would show 11% unemployment, instead of the U6 method used to determine unemployment during the past several decades after Trump’s Inauguration?
            Incentives and low interest rates have been used routinely to stimulate the economy. The problem is that Trump is taking credit for what Pence did which, by the way, is not stopping Carrier from moving half of its jobs to Mexico.

          15. InformedVoter December 5, 2016

            Proposing a new method? Gosh no. The “Shadow Unemployment” number has been around for quite some time. It shows the unemployment rate has remained in the double digit area for years and has not really improved under Obama.
            Even the Dems have admitted the economy is not great and they underestimated the frustration of voters.

          16. InformedVoter December 5, 2016

            Proposing a new method? Gosh no. The “Shadow Unemployment” number has been around for quite some time. It shows the unemployment rate has remained in the double digit area for years and has not really improved under Obama.
            Even the Dems have admitted the economy is not great and they underestimated the frustration of voters.

          17. Dominick Vila December 5, 2016

            I don’t know about “shadow unemployment numbers”, I know that the conclusions reached by the Labor Department, using the U3 methodology that has been used during the past half century, regardless of which party controlled the WH and Congress, is now around 4.7%.
            Yes, a lot of people are under employed, and many wish they could get the jobs that once upon a time allowed them and their parents to support their families. Unfortunately, most of them are doing nothing to prepare themselves to qualify for the good paying jobs that are going to immigrants from countries like India and Pakistan. Most displaced assembly line workers lost their jobs because of the emergence of robotics, new technologies, new processes, and outsourcing. Many miners lost their jobs because a large number of Americans no longer support the use of fuels that produce high carbon emissions. The world is changing, we are changing, and those who prefer to just complain and hope for miracles are not going to get anywhere, regardless of how many ridiculous photo ops and claims are made by the incoming administration.

          18. InformedVoter December 5, 2016

            You keep claiming the Obama economy is fine. Even HilLIARy claimed it wasn’t. The Dem leaders are now admitting they blew it regarding the economy. But for a real dose of reality, check out all the indicators that say the economy, under Obama is worse than before.

          19. Dominick Vila December 5, 2016

            I said, and will say it again, that under President Obama we managed to prevent the collapse of the U.S. economy, the collapse of Wall Street, GM and Chrysler going under, millions of Americans losing their jobs, their homes, and confidence in the future. Much remains to be done, but compared to where we were in January 2009, this is a completely different economy.

          20. InformedVoter December 6, 2016

            Just because you repeat a falsehood over and over, it does not make it true. Obama’s economic policies, like his terrible foreign policies have done more damage than good.

          21. sigrid28 November 28, 2016

            Notice the non-native English flags in InformedVoter’s post beginning, “Hello racist . . . ” What native speaker of English uses that diction? Notice the homonym “read” for “red”? I think this is one of the click trolls belonging to Russia, sent to disrupt American “voters” with dis-information. What irony! This one calls itself InformedVoter.

          22. InformedVoter November 29, 2016

            You know not what you post about. dpaano earned the moniker “racist and bigot” when she decided to call well-educated black males “boy”. And unlike Obama, I was born in the good old US of A. For the record, I live outside the US about 6 months a year, which may account for you thinking I’m not native.
            And if my posting on this site disrupted the American voters, then I have done my job. I only try to educate the low information lefties who frequent this site on to the truth and real facts. Thanks for the compliment that I was able to convince some unfortunate low information voters to find the truth and eventually to vote for President Trump.
            I know now that my efforts have been rewarded and shall continue my mission of educating those that need it most.

        3. InformedVoter November 28, 2016

          If I recall, you live in Florida. You know, the state that voted for President Trump. Yep, the same state that the northern and western lefty nuts move to when they get tired of paying outrageous taxes to support the entitlement programs like crying rooms in universities. President Trump won the blue collar and middle class votes. Even Sanders said he was humiliated that the Dems lost those supporters.

          1. Dominick Vila November 29, 2016

            Yes, there are financial advantages for those that move from wealthy states to impoverished states, but in my case there were also other reasons that influenced my decision, which are not germane to this discussion.
            The way Hillary, and Democratic strategists in general, neglected one of the most important constituency of the Democratic party was, indeed, embarrassing. We have nobody to blame for what happened in November but ourselves.

          2. InformedVoter November 29, 2016

            I don’t think too many would agree that Florida is impoverished. HilLIARy and her gaggle did campaign in all the swing states. She lost because the voters saw through her lies and just couldn’t bring themselves to vote for her.

          3. Dominick Vila November 30, 2016

            Most red states are. Florida not so much, but it is certainly not as affluent and progressive as California, New York, and even small states like Massachusetts. In addition to economic factors, the states I cited have some of the most advanced educational systems in the world, excellent healthcare, and infrastructure that, while not as advanced as that in some West European countries or Japan, is in much better shape than what prevails in red states. I readily admit that there is more to quality of life than material excellence, but comparing the economic, fiscal, intellectual, and infrastructure gap between blue and red states is a losing argument for conservatives. Unfortunately, Hillary, her campaign staff, and Democratic strategists, ignored the angst that exists among the populace in so many states, that it caused us the election when large numbers of blue collar Democrats voted for Trump. To his credit, he listened to them, and made promises that regardless of whether or not they become reality, or as nothing more than a chimera, such as the Ford caper, it was well received by those who wanted to be listened to and treated with respect.

          4. InformedVoter November 30, 2016

            It’s ironic that you list Illinois, CA and NY. States that businesses are leaving because of the burdensome regulations and high taxes.
            These states are almost in over their head. They have more collecting social programs than paying into them. Under Obama, the rich got way richer and the poor got shoved down into the sewer. The pool middle class shrunk as more joined the poor class.
            Voters are weary from all the years the Dems have lied to them. Remember when President Trump challenged the black voters “what have you got to lose?” Well the working middle class picked up on that and sent a clear message that the Obama and Dem polices were not working.

          5. Dominick Vila November 30, 2016

            I mentioned California, New York, and Massachusetts, as examples of affluent and progressive states with a very high standard of living. If you get a chance, visit places like Silicon Valley, or Washington State where companies like MICROSOFT and Boeing employ tens of thousands of people, and pay substantially more than the national average. BTW, you got it backwards, those states support the red states where misery prevails.

          6. InformedVoter December 2, 2016

            Sorry you continue to believe the left-leaning sites that overstate the life styles in those states.
            Businesses are leaving CA and NY because of the regulations and taxes.
            The economies in NY, HI, CA and IL are unsustainable. More are collecting than paying in. It’s just a matter of time before they can no longer expect those paying to cough up more and more.
            It’s the same in all the blue states and cities. Give yuge pensions and benefits and everyone is happy. Then the day comes when the bills can’t be paid. That’s what happened in Detroit.
            Blue states are reverting to right to work and other actions to balance their budgets.

      3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 29, 2016

        You don’t have a clue as to what I’m saying.

        1. InformedVoter November 29, 2016

          I understand that you so called religion is screwed up. On several occasions you told me my religion was wrong. Yet you are the one who rants, makes up facts, can’t face reality (that Obama was a failure and voters rejected HilLIARy for a multitude of reasons).
          I’m enjoying watching you and your lefty buddies get yourself into a tizzy over the election. I’ve been telling you guys for weeks or perhaps months, that the polls were fake. So now that media like NYT has admitted they paid the pollsters to publish polls that showed HilLIARy winning to discourage President Trump voters from actually voting, I guess you are feeling betrayed. Since your religious beliefs don’t allow you to deal with that scenario, you are left with nothing but hatred and feelings of violence. Your lefty crowd, by burning and looting, share your religion of hypocrisy and hatred.
          If you wish, I can get you directions to the nearest college crying room.

    4. Dominick Vila November 28, 2016

      This is his response to Jill Stein’s request for a recount in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania to determine whether or not hackers determined the outcome of the election. Nobody ever accused The Donald of acting like an adult.

      1. dpaano November 28, 2016

        He couldn’t even ACT like an adult if he wanted to!

  3. pics fixer November 28, 2016

    The spectacle of a President Elect going to social media and making unsubstantiated claims of massive voter fraud is at the least embarrassing. He lost the popular vote and won the electoral collage vote, that has happened before and will again if we keep our antiquated system. He has to understand that he is entering a role where some dignity and a thicker skin is required, not just for his sake but for ours.

    If Ms. Stein wants and can pay for a re-count, fine. She knows she won’t be the winner. She wants to end any question that our voting process in safe especially after some unaffiliated experts cast a cloud over the votes in certain states that use hackable machines. Mrs. Clinton is offering her support thought it won’t make her the winner either. Mr. Trump shouldn’t have any complaints. He won, right?!

    1. Disqus Ted December 2, 2016

      Wouldn’t that money be put to better purpose fixing the water system in Flint?

      1. Arnie December 3, 2016

        Yes Ted, but it would only be a start. In this case removing the danger of hackable voting machines and assuring the integrity of the voting process is critically important. If there is any suspicion, and in this case there seems to be, it must be checked out. Everything should be OK. Then we must remove all machines that don’t have a good paper trail. That’s why we have re-counts.

        long your note, think about this: With this dirty carnival side show of a campaign !00’s of millions of dollars were spent. The big bucks by only a handful of people whose desires may not be in our best interests. That money could fund allot of necessary things. Instead it’s being spent fighting to prevent those silly things like school books, teachers, transportation and so on from happening so there can be bigger and better tax cuts……..but not for the unwashed us……….well I wash every third Friday of the month even if I don’t have to. So there!

        1. Disqus Ted December 3, 2016

          In summary, you believe it is more useful to recount the paper ballots in Michigan without any evidence of wrong doing or error, the day after they are certified, than to prevent poor children from getting lead poisoning because those children are no longer useful political pawns for the Democrats and the Greens to use as fodder in a campaign. Now the most important thing for the left to do is to throw desperate Hail-Mary’s to try to retain power..

  4. LCR78 November 28, 2016

    Whine whine whine. Trump simply lost the popular vote and any event that reminds people that Trump lost, enrages him.

    1. Charlotte Sines November 28, 2016

      Which is why we all need to constantly remind him he is a LOSER. He lost the popular vote to a woman and he just can’t deal with it. How could anyone think he couldn’t win the popular vote? Easy. He didn’t which means that the majority of the American people don’t like him and that hurts his poor little feelings.

      1. dpaano November 28, 2016

        Yep….he’s the “minority president!” He’ll never be anything but a minority president!

  5. FT66 November 28, 2016

    Trump is one of those who is spreading fake news as well. He should also face consequences. By the way Donnie, what about nullifying the whole election altogether and start afresh. That will clear out all problems.

  6. The lucky one November 28, 2016

    “In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally,” Trump tweeted. OK first, 306-232 is not a landslide especially when he lost the popular vote, For perspective Reagan 525-13, LBJ 486-52 are landslides and even Obama 365-173 is close to a landslide. Trump’s was the 12th closest electoral contest out of 57.

    Secondly, Trump has to be the biggest crybaby in history. He won the election but still his fragile ego leads him to make an entirely baseless allegation about 3 million improper votes. He has as much evidence for that as I do if I claim that Trump received 3 million votes from extraterrestrials.

    If it wasn’t going to be so tragic his presidency would be the most hilarious event of the 21st century.

    1. Dan S November 28, 2016

      I’ve heard of sore losers & Trump would be there at the top crying if he had lost the Electoral College also. But instead he’s a sore winner because he failed to also win the popular vote. That’s right Trump lost but gets the Presidency because of the EC. Lucky us, we get Americas first whiner in chief. Now can we see those tax returns ?

      1. dpaano November 28, 2016

        We’ll NEVER see those tax returns EVER!!!

  7. InformedVoter November 28, 2016

    What a bunch of drivel. If the outcome was dependent upon the popular vote, President Trump would have concentrated on getting that vote. HilLIARy and the Dems were more concerned about bathrooms and not enough about jobs.
    The blue collar, working middle class, voted against her in large numbers. It cost her the election.
    It’s comforting to know that the Founding Fathers anticipated such a result. They did not wish large urban areas to have a leg up on rural areas. Just look at the map of the USA. Then tell me again how HilLIARy should have won. Just for grins, look at the overlay of the electoral votes and crime rates. Hmmm.


    1. Jim Samaras November 28, 2016

      Great information! These morons just don’t listen or are on the country’s dole. Their thinking is unimaginable!

    2. Jon November 28, 2016

      You have written a lot of stupid uninformed posts and this one is another of your proud offerings of ignorance. Your posts is filled with lies and distortions. Try getting educated so you stop embarrassing yourself like this.

      1. dpaano November 28, 2016

        Jon: He’s just taking after his exulted leader, the “liar-in-chief.”

        1. InformedVoter November 28, 2016

          Hello racist and bigot, I’m surprised you still have the nerve to continue to make posts after all the hatred and ignorance you put in your posts before the election, only to have them shoved right back down your racist and bigoted throat.
          I’ll give you the same advice I gave that dummy Jon – seek out a wimpy college and ask for their safe space crying room. If I was still teach at a university, I would have marked down every student who skipped my class because they couldn’t understand that getting participation trophies does not prepare someone for reality.
          President Trump, doesn’t that sound great!

          1. Jon November 28, 2016

            Your fascist rants continue to show just how low functioning you really are. When it seems you can’t say anything dumber than you have said before, you best your worst. Amazing!

          2. InformedVoter November 29, 2016

            Better hurry and get to that safe zone at your favorite wimpy college, your slip is showing! Or did I see you in this link?
            FYI, dpaano has been labeled a racist and bigot because she refers to well-educated black males as “boy”. So now are you saying that it’s OK to call these men “boy”? Careful what you respond, if you agree with her, then that would also make you a racist and bigot. Talk about dumb responses; your above response is less than worthless (the same as your other responses).


          3. Jon November 29, 2016

            You must be one of the Russian trolls working for Trump as you really put the azz in asinine. Go lick your Trump toad. You are too stupid and waste too much time.

          4. InformedVoter November 29, 2016

            You are obviously a very mentally disturbed individual. I knew I saw you crying (like a baby) in more than one link. Apparently you and dpaano (the racist and bigot) have not had any luck finding a college safe zone to cry your bleary eyes out. I can provide links to help you get to where your blanky is.

          5. Jon November 29, 2016

            Big boys don’t cry and men don’t need a college safety zone whatever that is in Trumpland. You see pea brain things work different here in reality. I realize you love the hallucinogenic trip you take every time you lick your Trump toad but for your own good get some help man.

          6. InformedVoter November 29, 2016

            Thanks for confirming that big boys don’t cry. Unfortunately, no men cried when Obama won. Proving that GOPers are big boys. Now that HilLIARy lost big time, all you see is little boys crying. I knew I recognized your picture in several of my links. You looked so darling with snot running down your chin and wiping your eyes with that pink hanky. Yep, you sure are a big boy.

        2. Jon November 28, 2016

          He is claiming that the votes of vacant land and rocks are more important than the votes of humans. Lucy thought Charlie Brown was a blockhead. Her description applies equally to the moronic informedvoter.

          1. InformedVoter November 29, 2016

            Just keep repeating to yourself “just 8 more years…just 8 more years”. You really need to find that safe space. Why don’t you just go to the nearest Target and go into the ladies room? As I’ve posted before, HilLIARy and the Dems lost because they concentrated on bathrooms and ignored jobs and the working class folks. Don’t worry about crowds at Target, even though it’s holiday shopping season, Target’s sales have dropped since they implemented their open bathroom door policy. The same for Pepsico stock. Guess rocks do vote.

          2. Jon November 29, 2016

            What is with your obsession with bathrooms? Did your mommy drop you on your head when potty training you? The only thing you have right is that under the current makeup of the Electoral College rocks do vote and their vote carries more weight than those of people. Wyoming has 3 electoral votes. California has 55. If both States had the number of electors representing an equal number of people per elector, California would have 198 at least. So yes troll, rocks like those in Wyoming have a vote, Either that or the people of California are getting royally screwed.

          3. InformedVoter November 29, 2016

            The Obama team spent millions so people could walk into the bathroom of their choice. HilLIARy supported this position. Target sales have dropped since they made all bathroom available to everyone. I personally have not shopped at Target since they announced that policy and so have a lot of others. I suspect they will not survive.
            Sorry but you have just proven yourself to be low information once more. Electoral votes are proportioned based upon – guess what – population. The numbers are adjusted after every census (that would be every 10 years on the tens). So CA has their electoral college number based upon the 2010 census and therefore, they ARE NOT underrepresented!
            So your 198 number is nothing but a lie, but that’s not surprising, Just about everything you’ve posted is based upon lies and low information.
            I can still provide directions to that crying room for you.

      2. InformedVoter November 28, 2016

        So you’re claiming that the maps presented are wrong? You’re the low information for making that claim. I await you to produce maps that show different facts.
        Here’s another that shows how the Dems were soundly thrown out of office by the working class folks of America. And lest you claim this one is a fake, then please explain why Bernie said he was ashamed of the Dems for losing the blue collar, working class votes.
        It would, once again, appear that you’re the one who continues to make himself look foolish. But that’s easy for low information lefties like you and poor dpaano (who is a racist and bigot by her own postings).
        How do you like them apples? No matter, President Trump has a mandate and will pull the guts of all the garbage Obuma put into place. Try going to a wimpy college and ask for the nearest crying room for a safe spot to have a good cry.

        1. Jon November 28, 2016

          Hey dipstick I don’t give a flying f!!! about your map. What’s the point of your little map anyway little brain? You are making the case that the desires of vacant land and rocks are more important than those of living breathing human beings. With you being as dumb as a rock, I understand why you relate to them more than human beings.

          1. InformedVoter November 29, 2016

            Typical name=calling tactic of the losing side in a debate. So let’s just take a look at your post. You claim that rocks are not people etc. Well the Founding Fathers used the electoral college formula to ensure that densely populated areas would not have a greater say than the rural areas. All those leaders who toiled over how our country should be run, ran the gambit of all the ins and outs and decided that, according to you, that rocks count as much as people.
            Your whiny, teary-eyed comment about not caring about the FACTS that show that President Trump DOES have a mandate speaks volumes about your low information brain.
            If you wish to upset a conservative, you tell them a lie. If you wish to upset a liberal, tell them the truth. Gotcha! You low information lefties claim the right doesn’t provide facts (totally false), but here, I provided scads of FACTS that show that HilLIARy and the Dems lost big time. Your claim about rocks etc really falls apart when you consider that GOP held both the house and senate, all with popular votes, not electoral votes!
            So who’s the dummy now? You continue to have a strangle hold on that title!

  8. Ken Walker November 28, 2016

    Yes, Trump did win the popular vote, if you discount the majority of voters who didn’t vote for him. This loser really hates being a loser.

    1. dpaano November 28, 2016

      Even if they had voted, he STILL would have lost the popular vote!

    2. dpaano November 29, 2016

      No, he did NOT win the popular vote, even though he seems to think that he did! As for the “majority of voters” who didn’t vote for him……they also didn’t vote for Hillary, and we can blame this all on gerrymandering, not allowing valid American citizens to vote because they couldn’t get ID’s thanks to the GOP governors, etc. Trump is just acting like a child because he didn’t win the popular vote…..he should be glad that he’s got the presidency and quite his whining!

  9. Jim Samaras November 28, 2016

    Trump has been proven right in many ares during the campaign. Why would this be any different?

    1. jmprint November 28, 2016

      Yes, it’s been proven that every time he accuses someone of something, it’s because he is the one doing it, since he said the system was rigged, he probably knows how it was rigged.

  10. dpaano November 28, 2016

    What is truly interesting is (1) he has NO proof whatsoever about “illegal votes” and has no idea what he’s talking about; and (2) if he had lost the presidency, you can be sure that he’d be screaming “RECOUNT!!!” from the rooftops and suing any state that didn’t immediately drop everything and recount the votes! But, since it’s the other side, it’s suddenly a “scam.” And, in conclusion, he deflects from this by telling his followers that he actually won the popular vote…..yeah, Trump, believe it, but you’re so wrong!


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