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Trump’s Racist Attack On NFL Players Is A Losing Game

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Trump’s Racist Attack On NFL Players Is A Losing Game

For normal people, sports often serve as a refuge from politics. The President of the United States is not among them. Donald Trump’s idea of a spectator sport, it can’t be emphasized too often, is WWE professional wrestling: a phony, pre-scripted spectacle most often on racial and ethnic themes, mainly featuring steroid abusers insufficiently athletic for real pro competition.
 Not for nothing was Trump voted into the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame years before he was elected to anything else. Swaggering, boasting, name-calling and throwing laughably fake punches at antagonists who topple like bowling pins—those are Trump’s skills.
Along the way, he appears to have learned how gullible and easily-manipulated millions of Americans can be, how distracted by publicity stunts, how eager to boo cartoon villains and cheer make-believe heroes such as himself. But who’d have thought that even Trump would attempt to govern the country that way?
His attacks on professional athletes are basically Big Brother’s “Two Minutes Hate” in football cleats.
“Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag,” Trump told an Alabama audience “to say, ‘Get that son of a bitch off the field right now. Out. He’s fired. He’s FIRED!’”
Listening to crowd reaction, I suspect they’d have cheered even louder if he’d shouted “Send those darkies back to Africa!”
Because that’s what it was all about.
About precisely this, as seen in a Facebook post: “Most NFL fans are white Patriots that are not going to pay $300 to $1000 to go see a bunch of entitled blacks take a big [bleep] on the nation! One of the biggest things that makes millionaires out of poor lower IQ blacks is football and they are too stupid not to kill the goose that laid the golden egg for some dumbass reason like sitting through the national anthem.”
Actually, they knelt. Colin Kaepernick’s teammate Eric Reid wrote a New York Times column explaining why: “We chose to kneel because it’s a respectful gesture. I remember thinking our posture was like a flag flown at half-mast to mark a tragedy.”
“It baffles me that our protest is still being misconstrued as disrespectful to the country, flag and military personnel. We chose it because it’s exactly the opposite. It has always been my understanding that the brave men and women who fought and died for our country did so to ensure that we could live in a fair and free society, which includes the right to speak out in protest.”
Reid, an LSU All-American, wanted to make a statement about a police killing of a black man in Baton Rouge. He also pointed out that the much-criticized Kaepernick has donated and raised millions to feed the hungry in Somalia and the USA. He finds it puzzling that President Trump calls people like him “sons of bitches” while defending Charlottesville neo-Nazis as “very fine people.”
I’m not always a big fan of his prose style, but The Atlantic’s Ta-Nehisi Coates may have put it most succinctly: “His ideology is white supremacy, in all its truculent and sanctimonious power.”
Ultimately, it’s a loser’s game.
How things will shake out politically remains to be seen. In the short run, few politicians have suffered from wrapping themselves in the flag. But the reaction of NFL owners and, frankly, white football stars has not gone Trump’s way. Even New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady, his sometime golfing partner, has defended players’ right to protest.
Interesting that Brady’s no-show at the White House last year passed without comment, don’t you think? Meanwhile Trump made a personal attack on Golden State’s brilliant point guard Steph Curry for expressing his own reluctance to go. The president may have failed to take into account that sports stars have constituencies of their own. My view is that somebody who’s got a grudge against Steph Curry has serious problems. Basketball’s a quintessentially American game, and few athletes compete with his kind of open-hearted joy.
 On the other hand, far better that Trump should pick fights with the likes of Curry and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell than continue his angry-toddler dispute with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. You know, the one where two insecure braggarts threaten to exterminate millions with nuclear weapons.
Surrounded by bodyguards all his life, Trump has no idea what can go wrong when one blowhard confronts somebody even crazier. There’s no sign the Korean demagogue has a clue either. North Korea has been making absurd threats against the United States for three generations now, largely to keep its own population in thrall.
 It’s in King Lear: “As flies to wanton boys are we to the gods. They kill us for their sport.”
 Meanwhile, come evening, I’ll be tuned in to the Boston Red Sox game. Three blessed hours, give or take, where the name “Trump” will not be mentioned.
IMAGE: San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick talks to media after the game against the San Diego Chargers in San Diego, September 1, 2016. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports/File Photo 
Gene Lyons

Gene Lyons is a political columnist and author. Lyons writes a column for the Arkansas Times that is nationally syndicated by United Media. He was previously a general editor at Newsweek as wells an associate editor at Texas Monthly where he won a National Magazine Award in 1980. He contributes to Salon.com and has written for such magazines as Harper's, The New York Times Magazine, The New York Review of Books, Entertainment Weekly, Washington Monthly, The Nation, Esquire, and Slate.

A graduate of Rutgers University with a Ph.D. in English from the University of Virginia, Lyons taught at the Universities of Massachusetts, Arkansas and Texas before becoming a full-time writer in 1976. A native of New Jersey, Lyons has lived in Arkansas with his wife Diane since 1972. The Lyons live on a cattle farm near Houston, Ark., with a half-dozen dogs, several cats, three horses, and a growing herd of Fleckvieh Simmental cows.
Lyons has written several books including The Higher Illiteracy (University of Arkansas, 1988), Widow's Web (Simon & Schuster, 1993), Fools for Scandal (Franklin Square, 1996) as well as The Hunting Of The President: The 10 Year Campaign to Destroy Bill and Hillary Clinton, which he co-authored with National Memo Editor-in-Chief Joe Conason.

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  1. yabbed September 27, 2017

    Well, Donald Trump is a certified loser, always has been, always will be. History is going to be harsh on Trump and he fully deserves it

    1. stcroixcarp September 27, 2017

      If trump keeps poking at North Korea, there will be no history in the future.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker September 27, 2017

        Hillary Clinton said it best recently in an interview. Kim Jung Un is going to push Trump to the edge with the Trump “Mr. MIghty Trump” routine to embarass Trump to the world. Not that that would stop the GOP who are as guilty of election rigging as he is, from removing him from office.

        As Hillary Clinton stated, Kim Jung Un knows Trump better than Trump knows himself. KJU ought to. Birds of a feather…mentally ill or not.

        1. idamag September 27, 2017

          With these two posturing diptins, lives are at risk. Not their lives. Not the lives of their families, but the lives of innocent young men and women.

    2. ray September 27, 2017

      History well be hard on his follows too.They are just a bunch of losers like he is.

  2. Leftout September 27, 2017

    Your analysis is wishful thinking, 90% of NFL
    Watchers are disgusted with the players for not having enough smarts to channel thier fame in a more positive direction. Wearing Kill Pigs socks is not a way to garner fans. The respect for the American Flag evidently runs deeper than realize.

    1. The lucky one September 27, 2017

      Where did you get 90% from, wishful thinking in my opinion.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker September 27, 2017

        Where the liar always get everything…IN Covfee they eat for breakfast while they live in “Nambia.”

        Who in the hell allows a Lard Ass to be in the White House who has NO knowledge of the U.S. Constitution, U.S. History, World History or Geography?

    2. Eleanore Whitaker September 27, 2017

      Distortions of truth? Sorry but you can’t get away with posting BS you know you can’t prove.

      The reality is that Trump and his Daddy Fred barred blacks from his oochie coochie Trump apartments and properties in NY City. That’s a matter of LEGAL record.

      So Lard Ass Nazi Boy isn’t hiding anything.

      1. Leftout September 27, 2017

        As i recall that case was a mass a tion suit against all who would engage in hiusin discrimination. Before that one can rent tonwhomever one wanted. Be they WASPS, Pollocks or WOPs , Micks
        God forbid.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker September 28, 2017

          Actually, that black couple sued Trump and his Daddy and won. Which as you correctly stated then set off a huge ACLU lawsuit of mass proportions when it was found that Trump wasn’t the only one pulling that stunt.

  3. Marilyn September 27, 2017

    Eric Reid is right. Why should kneeling be seen as a sign of disrespect? In monarchies, subjects knelt (in more recent times, bowed or curtsied) before the king or queen. We kneel in church as a sign of respect and obedience to a higher power. This whole temper tantrum of Trump’s is not only ridiculous, but outrageous at a time when there are American citizens in desperate need in Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands. We should be concentrating on more important things including addressing the issue which led to the kneeling for the anthem in the first place.

    1. InformedVoter September 27, 2017

      Sorry mary, but reid and you are wrong. It’s not about freedom of speech or respect for the flag. it has to do with what’s acceptable behavior at work and in the workplace.

      The NFL players have every right to protest and kneel or crawl anyway they desire, but NOT at work!

      1. The lucky one September 27, 2017

        When did you or your idol Trump buy an NFL team. Actually a good thing for the NFL that Trump doesn’t own one given that when he did own a team his greed and incompetence destroyed the USFL.

        1. InformedVoter September 27, 2017

          So lucky, if you protested at your workplace, would they tell you to protest “on your own time”?

          This is not about freedom of speech or race. It’s about what behavior is acceptable at work.

          Regarding the USFL going broke. Seems like most rival leagues get driven out of business by lack of product or lack of fan support. The owners have very little to do with leagues folding.

          Typical lefty low information comment that President Trump was personally responsible for the USFL folding.

          1. The lucky one September 27, 2017

            Do the unthinkable for yourself, conduct some research and you will find that it was Trump’s insistence on moving the USFL schedule form spring to fall that led to its demise. just another in a long list of Trump business failures like Trump steaks.

            It is all about freedom of speech. Kaepernick and others are doing something that in no way inhibits the game from being played or the enjoyment for those who like that sort of thing. In other word it has no effect on the conduct of business.

            Trump also tried to make it about patriotism but you are smart not to bring that up. when a draft dodger who insults POWs and Gold Star families complains about someone else’s lack of patriotism the only response is scorn and ridicule for the dupes that applaud his act.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker September 27, 2017

            Deformed claims to be a PhD and the smartest moron in the world. Too bad he has NO facts to prove it.

            Life is all about facts we can see and prove. Deformed likes to do what the right has always done: create covfefe Nambia fantasies and then try to prove negatives.

            How do you ever really prove a lie is truth? See why these nuts’ cheese has slipped off their crackers?

          3. The lucky one September 27, 2017

            The idiot makes the other trolls look reasonable by comparison and most of them even shun him. He does get my vote for the most ironic poster name. I’ve yet to see anyone else remotely close to him in being misinformed and deluded.

          4. Eleanore Whitaker September 27, 2017

            Deformed is just a pathetic example of poor parental breeding. He actually believes his posts make any difference to sane people.

            He will throw out statements in his posts that are pure opinion and then expect automatic acceptance. Trump does the very same thing.

            Some birds who flock together have small brains but caw like a lion’s roar hoping to scare others.

            Deformed has yet to scare me.

          5. InformedVoter September 27, 2017

            POOR Elle, you’re posts are easy to destroy. You don’t have much of and education and you certainly didn’t have much of job. Why else would you post that you’ve had 15 different 30-year careers. Duh!

            You lefies just hate facts and the truth!

          6. InformedVoter September 27, 2017

            Sorry luck, that is not the reason the USFL folded. For you to even post such nonsense shows how stupid and low information you are!
            NOPE it has NOTHING to do with freedom of speach. They are in their workplace! They are at work!

            If you started a protest at your place of work (oh, I forgot, you’re collecting unemployment and welfare) you wold be told to STFU or be terminated!

          7. The lucky one September 28, 2017

            For you to deny my assertion without offering any other plausible explanation shows how irrelevant your view is in any conversation between adults.

            We don’t give up our rights when we enter our place of work. If a worker was disrupting the flow of work the employer could rightfully take action. The kneelers are doing no such thing. The anthem goes on (a totally unnecessary component of the work to be done) and the game begins and progresses to its finish without interruption. Only an IDIOT could fail to see this as an issue of freedom of speech. The same freedom that makes it possible for a know-nothing like you to post absolute nonsense, repeatedly, on a site where everyone sees through your BS.

            BTW it would take a much better man than you to say STFU to my face.

          8. InformedVoter September 28, 2017

            Sorry lucky but you are WRONG! The stadium is the NFL players’ workplace. You can’t protest at your workplace and not expect to get punished.

            NOPE, it’s not freedom of speech at all. It boils down to what you can to at work. Your claim that it does not affect the game is without merit. The crowds are booing. The TV ratings are dropping. YUP, it is affecting the game. Some of the talking heads at ESPN commented that the players are distracted. So don’t tell me it’s not affecting the flow of the game.

            Millions are supporting the President on this. Some of the owners have decided to fix the problem themselves. The Patriot and Cowboy WILL be standing this week. The players were threatened with disciplinary actions if they knelt.

            And I would have no problem with telling you off if you started protesting at my place of work.

            The FAKE MSM makes it look like the players are noble. They why are so many arrested (28 so far this season) for domestic violence and even rape?

            This link will shred the argument that it’s about freedom of speech.


          9. Johnny five September 28, 2017

            Ha dumb ass you do give up your rights when you enter the work place. Just ask the young man who worked for google who spoke about the difference between men and women when it comes to pay. He Was FIRED!!! Dumb ass.

          10. The lucky one September 28, 2017

            Do you always sign your posts as “Dumb ass”? Kudos to you for honestly representing yourself.

          11. Eleanore Whitaker September 27, 2017

            Intelligent people know not to protest at the workplace. A football field is not a “workplace.” It is a location of entertainment for the public in most case paid for by Taxpayer subsidies.

            So you best those highly paid highly taxed football players have a right to protest on the field THEIR taxes pay for.

            Get over it. This all you lazy bums of the right have to do all day?

          12. InformedVoter September 27, 2017

            POOR Elle, you continue to be WRONG! The football stadium IS their place of work! Is matters not if taxpayer money was used. Folks paid to watch them work at their workplace.

            They HAVE NO right to protest during work! Look at how teams are starting to back pedal. The Patriots and Cowboys, after being told that if they knelt they would be fined, “voted” to ALL stand this coming week.

            Even when you were working as an assistant supply clerk, if you had begun to protest, you would have been told to STFU or risk getting fired!

            Once more your folly has doomed you.

  4. dbtheonly September 27, 2017

    No, Trump is not playing a losing game. He’s winning.

    It’s just not the game you think he’s playing.

    While Mr. Lyons writes on this subject; he’s not talking about the botched response to Maria in Puerto Rico. He’s not investigating the planned tax break for the wealthy. He hasn’t noticed that Trump is pushing a tax break from which he personally will benefit. No one seems to notice the planned reduction of National Parks. Oil drilling on public land is ignored.

    They’ve got people up in arms about 100 year old Confederate Statues while ignoring the fact that the public water in Flynt Michigan is still toxic.

    Steve Bannon said that he wins when the topic is society.

    He’s right.

    Maybe he’s right on the facts, maybe not. But all the effort spent on these manufactured “crises” is time not spent on trying to stop Trump and the Republicans from doing real damage to real people here today. Roy Moore won the Republican nomination for the Senate yesterday. And the National Anthem is the most important news?

    1. InformedVoter September 27, 2017

      Sorry DB, but you are WRONG! (what else is new?) First off, the Flint water is NO longer toxic and has been clear for some time.

      The President DIDN’T botch his response speakinig about Puerto Rico, it’s only the poorly informed followers of the FAKE MSM who make that claim.

      The NFL players are starting to back pedal as they are confronted by millions who don’t agree with them.

      This is NOT about freedom of speech. It’s about what behavior is acceptable at work. Lou Holtz, Pat Sajac and others have it right!

      If you went to a restaurant and the server started preaching, you’d get up and leave. If you went to the grocery store and the employees started preaching, you’d leave.

      The NFL players have a right to protest, but NOT during work or in the workplace!

      President Trump will WIN this one. When the owners, who really aren’t on the players side, start to see what harm might happen to their income, they will push Goodell into forcing a policy that will stop it. The players might push back, buth they’ll get punished adn give in.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker September 27, 2017

        Sorry DEFORMED…YOU are wrong. The latest EPA records on the Flint water are fudged. This was already proven when the residents of Flint didn’t trust Lard Ass’s EPA to be transparent and they hired a private environmental water testing facility to test the water.

        As I’ve stated many times, my knowledge of environmental water testing comes not from working with mechanical engineers and chemical engineers as their tech writer for almost a 25 years but from the parent company, International Hydronics who bought Ambient Engineering when our company bought the biofiltration license from ClairTech in Holland.

        International Hydronics was an environmental testing laboratory for over 35 years. Most of their staff were MS degreed chemists and biochemists. They tested water, certain other EPA permitted fluids and reported their findings to the NJDEP and the EPA. Which back then wasn’t a crooked Trump organization run specifically to kill Americans with all manner of benzene from fracking, arsenic in their WVA and NC water from dumping coal ash into local streams and LEAD, that comes mainly from untreated drinking water contaminated by industrial wastes.

        So much for your claims I was a “clerk.” I’ve written more white papers on arsenic in water and heavy metals from petrochemicals than you have pubic hairs on those peanuts you call balls.

        1. idamag September 27, 2017

          The background to that tainted water: The governor (what in hell is the matter with people in Michigan?) declared that any city struggling financially gave him the right to oust their duly elected officials and send in his own. His own decides it cost too much to pump water from a clean source and starts pumping it out of a polluted river. It is laced with lead and no amount of covering it up is going to change that. Why didn’t the people, in Michigan, object to his undemocratic and despotic move to override their elections?

          1. InformedVoter September 28, 2017

            Sorry ida, but you have gotten so many “facts” wrong! The waters are not polluted in either source. It had to do with the city leaders making the decision to save money by not treating the water for corrosion chemicals.
            Moving on, it was NOT the governor, but the city leaders, working with a city manager, who made the decision to switch water sources. This had to do with politics between Flint and Detroit – both run by Dems. Flint has been fighting with Detroit leadership for years.

            Thus, the Dem leaders in Flint made the decisions to poison their own residence. It was out of the governors hands from the beginning. And it was obozo’s EPA reps that OK’d everything, saying the decision was a good move.

            See, a little knowledge goes a long way.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker September 28, 2017

            Yes, yes, yes, yes…we all know you Deformed. You know it all. You are the only one who has ALL the correct information. Too bad being in prison doesn’t help you a whit.

            It was Snyder who made the final decision. Stop trying to pass the buck to his workers. Snyder decided AS HE SAID to save Flint money by refusing to use treated water from the Detroit River.

            This contradicts what you posted and what Time Magazine so aptly reported on last fall. Don’t they allow prison inmates much current information Deformed?

          3. Johnny five September 28, 2017

            Your just old woman that’s just full of anger.

          4. InformedVoter September 28, 2017

            POOR Elle, but you lost this battle last winter when I provided proof that it was NOT the governor who made the decisions, but it was the Dem city council member (ALL Dems) who made the decision. It was fully supported by obozo’s EPA rep too!

            NOPE, this does not contradict anything I posted about this subject.

          5. Eleanore Whitaker September 29, 2017

            Poor Deformed. Right now Mueller has nearly 17 of the U.S. top legal experts in business fraud, international crime, money laundering and all you know is how to kiss a huge LARD Ass.

            I will so soooooo enjoy Mueller’s Christmas gift to Trump: An orange jumpsuit for money laundering and rigging an election.

            Don’t bother to play your silly sociopathic naricisstic games with me. They never work. The fact is Lard Ass is in such hot water with Mueller and he knows it.

            Like you, he tries to play his distraction games. As for Obama, he is loved and respected. He didn’t marry a Slovenian whore who poses nude for money. He never went to court as Lard ASS did in Florida for raping an underage girl.

            And when HE won in 2008 and 2012, the election wasn’t rigged by Russians. Try again shitbagger. Watching your go down in flames is like watching a mashmallow burning over a campfire.

          6. InformedVoter September 29, 2017

            POOR Elle, NOPE, Mueller has found NOTHING so far, He’s even leaked that they have found nothing about President Trump. Manafort will be indicted but that will have NOTHING to implicate the President.

            obozo was regularly mocked by the foreign press. His bowing to the Arab king showed him unzipping the king’s pants! Gasp and doing what! The foreign press always mocked obozo for him drawing meaningless lines – and continually showed obozo being Putin’s servant!

            And finally, NOPE the election was NOT rigged. OK, please tell me how it was rigged. OK, first they did …. um, and then they did …. ummm and don’t forget they did …. DUH!

            HilLIARY was REJECTED by the voters. Moderates flocked to President Trump and helped deliver his MANDATE!

            Mueller will be gone and forgotten by the end of the year when his funding runs out.

        2. InformedVoter September 27, 2017

          POOR Elle, but you continue to prove you were nothing but an assistant supply clerk. Even the Detroit Free Press, about as liberal a rag can get, had recent headlines that the water has been exceeding government standards for over a year!
          You can copy and paste from you water suppliers annual water quality report, but it certainly doesn’t make you look any smarter.

          So now this is the 16th career you’ve posted. OK, so now the other 15 30-year careers are lies! You’re pathetic. And you thought you were making yourself look smart! You have succeeded in showing that you have one femtometer of intelligence.

          You were wrong about the NFL having the right to protest and now you’re wrong about Flint. Gee, I can’t recall the last time you posted anything that was correct!

          1. Eleanore Whitaker September 28, 2017

            Poor PrickyFormed….once again you waste your time posting what you know has no value to anyone. I can’t begin to imagine what your parents ever did to you.

            You again lie. I’ve posted over and over the same career and even named them. You can’t name a single one bitch boy. You know why. A guy who only gets prison yard time has no career.

            You are a fake, a phony and a moron. Why do you even bother?

          2. InformedVoter September 28, 2017

            POOR Elle, Liar, Liar, SKIRT on fire! You have posted, at a minimum, 15 different 30-year careers. Many have called you out on your changing careers. Now, you claim (falsely) that you’ve never done that. How sad an individual you are.

            You’re getting desperate. For years, because of your lack of education and business skills, you were passed over for better jobs at work. You were rejected socially by males and developed penis envy. Again, many have called you out on your obvious hatred of males.

            Time for you to seek out a safe room and have a good cry.

        3. dbtheonly September 27, 2017

          Yeah, Puerto Rico’s an island! Whooda thunk it? Right there in the middle of an Ocean! Except it’s not, it’s part of a long chain of islands.

          Perhaps Fred Douglass could explain to Trump. Douglass is getting ever more recognition these days.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker September 28, 2017

            Didn’t you find that so totally embarassing for the wannabe President of the U.S. to make such a statement?

            Of course, there is always more to his delaying aid to Puerto Rico. Such as he hates Hispanics. He also is partially responsible for the lack of stable Puerto Rican economy and infrastructure.

            AS you probably already know, Trump filed bankruptcy in Puerto Rico and like here in NJ, they got stuck paying off what he owed.

            This occurred when Trump planned to open a golf course in Puerto Rico to the tune of $33 million. Ref: http://www.politifact.com/florida/statements/2017/may/04/florida-democratic-party/did-bankrupt-trump-golf-course-puerto-rico-leave-t/

            Here is his tweet of April 27, 2017: “The Democrats want to shut government if we don’t bail out Puerto Rico and give billions to their insurance companies for OCare failure. NO!”

            The Rio Grande golf course was originally built in 2004 but Trump got his meat hooks into it in 2008. But he didn’t pay for all of it. Some of the funding was from the Puerto Rican Tourism Development Fund of which $25 million was held in bonds.

            The pattern as we in the Metro area have seen for decades with Trump is that he embarks on his pie in the sky real estate deals, finds that all of the lawsuits and fines make his funds low and then he files for bankruptcy.

    2. TerryW September 27, 2017

      Not really DB, I’m subscribed to newsletters and sites that keep us very up to date on all you mentioned and more. And there are millions of subscribers and followers, those of us who care about things like the environment, wildlife issues, etc. Things not necessarily covered in the National Memo but are elsewhere.

      1. dbtheonly September 27, 2017

        Very well, you have seen further and are better informed than I.

        Still, I assert that Trump can, and does intentionally, suck the air out of any given news cycle by tweets or speeches on issues that are absurd, deminimis, or otherwise distractions. As an example, how many transgendered people are in the US Armed Forces? If all the “news” air hours spent on their (dismissal?) from the service was divided by the number affected, would it be greater than one?

        1. BeverleyDLarson September 28, 2017

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        2. JosephineJMcGee September 28, 2017

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    3. The lucky one September 27, 2017

      Misinformed voter’s contention that you are wrong is very strong evidence that you are right given that his record of lies and silliness is unsurpassed here.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker September 27, 2017

        The real reason Deformed and his Lard Ass’s battery of battering rams all gravitate to our social media sites is simple: They are too bored with each others’ posts on their own ultra right wing sites. No challenge for their deep seated needs to always incite a fight.

        These are nuts who simply cannot live without a single day of their lives that doesn’t include an argument or a fight with someone. Doesn’t even matter who.

        1. InformedVoter September 29, 2017

          POOR Elle, still can’t handle the fact that the voters REJECTED HiLIARY and gave President Trump a MANDATE to make America great again. You’re such a low information loser.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker September 29, 2017

            Poor Deformed can’t stand it that North Korea’s leader called your Lard Ass what he is? A Gangster? You can deny truth and facts ALL you like. But the minute your Lard Ass gets his come uppance, I will be on you like stink on an ape making you look like Lard Ass’s covfefe.

          2. InformedVoter September 29, 2017

            POOR Elle, Who cares that he called President Trump names. Hell, many foreign leaders called obozo lots worse name when he kept drawing lines and they drew another line. Without his teleprompter obozo came across as a bumbling fool and the foreign press recognized this and just crucified old obozo!

            It’s more likely that HilLIARy or obozo will get indicted than President Trump. obozo personally ordered the Trump Tower wire tap (President Trump once more has been proven to be correct with his tweets) for political gain. He did the same when he ordered that 501(C)3 be denied right leaning groups.

      2. InformedVoter September 28, 2017

        Poor luck, you sheep keep patting each other on the back for believing the FAKE MSM lies. You all called be uninformed when I told you the polls were wrong and that President Trump ahead. Hell, I even provided links that showed which states President Trump was going to carry. Unlike poor Rachel Madcow who claimed there was no way President Trump could possibly win even if he had the best day possible.

        So you uninformed dummies believing the FAKE MSM left you ill prepared to debate with informed voters like me. How did the election work out for you? I just love the results.

        1. The lucky one September 28, 2017

          You’re like a gambler who wins the first roll of the dice and then loses the next 20 but all he can remember is the first roll. BTW I never put any stock in polls and so never made any claims regarding them.

          “ill prepared to debate with informed voters like me” Thanks man, a good laugh is always welcome.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker September 28, 2017

            Deformed has such an overblown ego that very soon his ego balloon is about to deflate. It always does with this kind of massive ego. It did with Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini.

            As for Trump, the real chink in his armor is that he speed reads everything, gets the gist of nothing unless it is explained to him and then wonders why he appears so ignorant in public.

            He refuses to actually read intel reports unless they are suited to his needs. Ego again. He refuses to take advice from the experts around him because if he did, it would deflate his ego.

            This is not presidential material. My thought is that the genius Mueller is going to hand Trump the worst Christmas present of his life: a criminal indictment in a list a mile long.

          2. The lucky one September 28, 2017

            The danger here is with the weak minded like misinformed voter. No matter what evidence Mueller produces or what crimes tRump is implicated in those like this yahoo will claim it is “fake news”. I believe most of them are too cowardly to take any actions that may have repercussions for them but there may be enough that are brain enough to actually cause trouble. Of course they will be rapidly crushed but how many more civil rights will be lost when the government claims a threat to national security?

          3. Eleanore Whitaker September 28, 2017

            Belligerence, contradictory, hateful and angry white males like Trump and Deformed can say what they like but one thing they will never do is get away with breaking the laws.

            Trump may try to avoid Mueller’s questioning. But, if he does, he gets slapped with obstruction of justice and he sets himself up for impeachment immediately because he makes his guilt even more obvious.

            For us, protecting our children from rapists and molesters like Trump is a must. Protecting their freedoms and their right to protest is just as important.

            To me, Deformed and the rest of the righties are people their parents so obviously didn’t spend much time with. So they handed their kids “things” to make up for their lack or negligent parenting.

            Deformed is a perfect example of what happens when a child has not had sufficient parental bonding. He reeks of insecurity and the need to control “his” world. Thankfully, he cannot ever force us to be part of it.

          4. InformedVoter September 29, 2017

            Sorry lucky, but outside of indicting Manafort for actions not related to the President, Mueller will produce NOTHING. Mueller will be gone when his funding runs out at the end of the year. He’ll produce nothing that will implicate President Trump. He has uncovered that obozo ordered the wire tap on Trump Towers for political gain! Look for the DOJ to investigate obozo and it’s more likely that obozo will be indicted than President Trump.

          5. The lucky one September 29, 2017

            At this point all the Manafort indictment will prove is that tRump is a poor manager who though good at firing people is not very adept at judging their suitability, but we already knew that. Your statement Mueller “uncovered that Obama ordered the wire tap on Trump Towers for political gain” is silly even by the standards applied to those as mentally deficient as you’ve already proven yourself to be.

            I’ll even give you odds 10-1 on Obama ever being indicted and 100-1 on anything related to wiretaps on tRump.

          6. InformedVoter September 29, 2017

            POOR Elle, but obozo NEVER attended his briefings and he looked like a deer caught in the headlights if he didn’t use a teleprompter! The foreign press referred to obozo as the actor. Every time he spoke without a teleprompter, he came across as the idiot he was.

            And NOPE, Mueller will be gone long before President Trump. Nothing that the FAKE MSM has accused President Trump of has grown legs. Your claim about the Florida rape charge is a classic example of why you’re so POORly informed. The accuser was PAID to file the charges and admitted so. The court ordered her to pay President Trump’s court costs but he told her to forget it. That’s how a GREAT leader behaves and it just frosts you to see him winning over moderates and Catholics.

          7. InformedVoter September 28, 2017

            POORly informed lucky, but I’m the gambler who wins on the first roll and continues to win time and again!

            YUP, you wholeheartedly screamed that I was wrong, so you DID put your entire life savings into the FAKE MSM polls. YUP you made those claims that I was wrong!

            And finally, you have not won one round in any debate with me or any other right leaning poster. Only someone as POORly informed as you would laugh at having their posts shredded time and again by folks obviously better informed than you. You and Eleaonre need help and fast.

          8. The lucky one September 28, 2017

            “but I’m the gambler who wins on the first roll and continues to win time and again!” Spoken like the deluded fool you show yourself to be time and again. Casinos, and scam artists like tRump, love your type.

            Again you’re wrong as I never commented on the polls and was never a fan of HRC. As bad as she may have been I don’t think she’d be trading childish insults with a “leader” as deranged as tRump himself is. It’s true that I have pointed out your lack of a grasp of reality and your predilection to try and lie your way through a discussion but not in regard to polls.

          9. InformedVoter September 28, 2017

            Sorry luck, but back pedaling won’t get you out of the pickle you wrote yourself into. You fawned over HilLIARy!

            At least we are once more considered the leader of the free world. This is something obozo tried very hard to surrender.

            Me deluded, hardly. You’re just jealous and wish you knew as much as I do.

          10. The lucky one September 28, 2017

            If I could buy you used on what you really know and sell you based on what you think you know I’d be a very rich man.

            We’ve never been the leader of the “free world”. We just have the most guns and money.

            If we can put our bets into an escrow account I’d be happy to open up my posting history for you and if you can find just one instance of me fawning over HRC you can have the money. If not then it will just be another in your long line of mistakes. How about $1000.that’s cheap for the education you’ll be getting poring through my posting history, a better deal than the fake tRump university scam.

          11. InformedVoter September 29, 2017

            Sorry lucky but the US has been the leader of the free world for decades until obozo took office. He was jealous and tried to lower our country to third world status. The fact you that you don’t seem to know that speaks volumes of your low information status.

            I’ll take that bet, but you know deep down that you were a HilIARY fan from the get go. You’re just trying to save face after the drubbing she took! All last Summer you kept posting that President Trump would pull out of the election because of the beating that he was going to take. So how did your boasting work out for you?

          12. The lucky one September 29, 2017

            Jealous of what? You really do break new ground proving your utter cluelessness with every post.

            If you can determine a way to hold the money I’ll take the bet. (That was that I fawned over HRC) It’s obvious that anyone who worships a proven reneger of contracts like Trump can’t be trusted to not welch on a bet so a neutral party would have to hold the money.

            I may have stated that tRump would drop out but certainly not “all last summer”. If I did it was an ill considered statement because it’s obvious that tRump’s narcissism and incessant need to be the center of attention would never allow him to step out of the limelight willingly.

            The only thing positive I had to say about Clinton was that she is obviously much more qualified and smarter than tRump and I’ll stand by that comment. His behavior since being elected substantiates my view. Past presidents have set a low bar, especially Bush II, but I’ve never seen anyone as blatantly incompetent as tRump.

          13. InformedVoter September 29, 2017

            Sorry to burst your bubble, but the middle class, working class saw through HilLIARY and flocked to President Trump. Hence your opinion that she was more qualified is just that – your opinion. She botched SOS and Benghazi is a perfect example of how poorly qualified she was to run anything, let alone the leader of the free world.

            YUP, you posted that President Trump would drop out in August, because the polls were showing he was losing so badly. Rather than face the humiliation, he would just drop out and leave the GOP stranded! Back then my response was that you were being lie to by the FAKE MSM. They lied to you then and they’re lying to you now.

            President Trump’s base continues to grow with moderates and Catholics abandoning the Dems, yet the FAKE MSM report that he’s losing his base. You can continue to be fooled!

          14. The lucky one September 30, 2017

            “Flocked to tRump” Is that why 3 million more voted for HRC than tRump?

            I partially agree that he is not losing his base. The dimwitted knuckle draggers that form his base are mostly still with him although he’s lost a few that finally realized they are and will be hurt by his self-serving acts. Your contention that Dems and catholics are going over to him is laughable. Any that are going over to tRump are abandoning their faith because no self-respecting Catholic can support a serial adulterer who brags about molesting women. Many Repubs are standing behind him but it’s the “he is a fool but he’s our fool” syndrome of partisanship at work. I have seen some Repubs who have changed affiliation to get away from his lunacy but have seen no Dems who are seeking to be part of a party that has such an offensive jackass as their “leader”.

          15. InformedVoter September 30, 2017

            Sorry luck, but those 3 million votes you keep talking about are the 3 millions illegal votes HilLIARy received!
            Also. my comment about moderates and Catholics flocking to President Trump are voters who voted for HilLIARy and have changed sides. Catholics are opposed to abortion, support the death penalty, are opposed to same-sex unions (never will be a legal marriage according to Catholics). So they certainly can support President Trump because he has less baggage than the Dem party.

            The Dem party’s fund raising is near rock bottom. The GOP fund raising is near record highs. So if the GOP is not gaining supporters, then were is all the EXTRA money coming from. Are you going to be naive enough to say his existing base is now giving more money than before the election? I thought not!

            NOPE, folks like you and Eleanore just can’t seem to grasp that the country have moved away from the Dems, who focused on who was using what bathroom and ignored the working class, middle class voters. Even Bernie acknowledged that after HilLIARy’s drubbing!

            President Trump is leading the party and he’s making America great again. You dummies reelected Pelosi! She’s the biggest fund raiser the GOP has! The Dem party is leaderless – OK who’s your leader?

          16. The lucky one September 30, 2017

            You keep reporting that same tired canard about HRC’s illegal votes in the ABSOLUTELY TOTAL ABSENCE OF ANY PROOF, but I know that’s just your style.

            I’d say neither party has an effective leader at the moment. No Catholic who follows their religious mandates favors the death penalty. True many don’t accept gay marriage but they also don’t accept adultery, especially the serial kind like tRump practices.

          17. InformedVoter September 30, 2017

            Sorry to burst your bubble, but VP Pence’s investigation has already uncovered over 100,000 illegal votes (for HilLIARY) in Michigan and over 5000 in New Hampshire. And because obozo PERSONALLY invited illegal votes in California, how many millions (best estimate is 3 million) of illegal votes were cast? CA is fighting the investigation as they don’t wish to have the number of illegal votes revealed.

          18. The lucky one October 1, 2017

            The only bubble here is your head. Sorry dopey but the best estimate of illegal votes nationwide, not just CA, is near zero. The totally baseless claim of 3 million is laughable but that is the usual response to the nonsense you post, laughter. You probably get that a lot though, that is if you can find someone to listen to your moronic claptrap.

          19. InformedVoter October 1, 2017

            Sorry luck, but you just can’t seem to accept reality. They’ve already PROVEN that HilLIARy received more than 100,000 illegal votes in Detroit alone. They’ve also proven that HilLIARY received more than 5000 votes in NH. This information has been public for months.

            CA will come under some extreme control if they fail to cooperate. Oh, the ninth circus court will declare the government sanctions illegal, and then the SCOTUS will overturn the ninth circus court, like they’ve done 80% of the time. Thus, CA will see a drastic drop in votes counted, not because registered voters will stay away, it’ll be because illegal votes will drop.
            No matter anyway. You have to learn to accept that President Trump will be around for 3.5 more years and perhaps another 4 after that. The way the Dems are leaderless (Pelosi – hahaha) and having to defend way more seats in 2018, the GOP has won every election since November … no wonder you’re so pissed off. Well that’s what you low information sheep get for following and believing the FAKE MSM.

          20. The lucky one October 1, 2017

            Ah yes, the mysterious “they”, also one of tRump’s favorite lying tactics. You two share in common the belief that if you repeat a lie often enough it will be believed. You also share a belief that Alex Jones is a reliable source. I’m about done with you. I’ll stick to those who have some grasp of reality.

            Lies from tRump about illegal voting:
            “Donald Trump is citing unsubstantiated urban myths and a contested academic study to paint a false narrative about rampant voter fraud in the U.S. and the likelihood of a “rigged” election.

            Trump claimed “people that have died 10 years ago are still voting,” citing a report that found 1.8 million deceased people remain on voter registration rolls. But the report did not find evidence of wrongdoing, and numerous studies have found such voter fraud is virtually nonexistent.

            Trump claimed there is a massive problem with “illegal immigrants [who] are voting,” citing research by Old Dominion professors who say noncitizen voters may have benefited Democrats in 2008. But a Harvard professor who manages the data used in the Old Dominion study said the data was misused and the study’s conclusions are wrong.

            Finally, Trump broadly claimed that “voter fraud is very, very common,” and he has called for poll watchers to look for people impersonating voters or voting numerous times. However, numerous academic studies and government inquiries have found in-person voter fraud to be rare.


            Regarding 2016 election fraud:
            Richard Hasen, an election law expert at the University of California, Irvine, called Phillips’ claim “fake news.”

            “There is no credible evidence I have seen to show large numbers of noncitizens voting in U.S. elections anywhere,” Hasen said. “The idea that 3 million noncitizens could have illegally voted in our elections without being detected is obscenely ludicrous.”


          21. InformedVoter October 1, 2017

            Yes, the FAKE MSM keeps saying there is no voter fraud. With their track record for FAKE news, why would anyone be naive to believe them now? During the short-lived recount. they uncovered over 100,000 illegal votes for HilLIARY, and that was just in Detroit. Another 5000+ were uncovered in NH! THESE have been PROVEN. So go ahead and stick to the FAKE MSM stories about zero illegal votes.

            And the way all the above illegal votes got cast, makes it abundantly clear that it is extremely easy to cast illegal votes. Given that obozo encouraged voters to vote even knowing they were neither eligible or registered, the opportunity for millions to have done so greatly increases.

        2. The lucky one September 28, 2017

          I’m not sure that you are capable of reading through this many words without your attention wandering (like your hero tRump) but here, from that bastion of Liberal thought the National Review. It’s good to see that not all republicans are idiots like you.

          “Nevertheless, we apply the limitations of the Constitution with no fear that freedom to be intellectually and spiritually diverse or even contrary will disintegrate the social organization. To believe that patriotism will not flourish if patriotic ceremonies are voluntary and spontaneous, instead of a compulsory routine, is to make an unflattering estimate of the appeal of our institutions to free minds.” – West Virginia v. Barnette, Supreme Court

          “In other words, the power of the salute lies with the choice to salute, and the most repugnant form of censorship is compelled speech — the effort to force a person to state what they do not believe.”

          “This week, a high official, the president of the United States, has repeatedly called for the punishment of American citizens for exercising the very right guaranteed by Barnette — the right to refuse to salute the flag. Or, more precisely, the right to modify their salute to the flag. Oddly enough, many members of the Right endorse this move — including those who would be livid if a Democratic president called on the NFL to fire praying football players because that’s “injecting religion into football.” Many of these same people are solidly behind Masterpiece Cakeshop in its battle against forced speech. Virtually all of these folks are outraged when private corporations and private universities enforce rules on speech that systematically disadvantage and silence conservatives. But then Trump acts in the same manner and the response is . . . Yay?” – David French – National Review

          Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/451877/standing-national-anthem-voluntary-not-required?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20170927%20NR%20Daily%20-%20Sponsored%20-%20WFB%20Prize%20Dinner&utm_term=NR5PM%20Actives

          1. InformedVoter September 28, 2017

            POORly informed lucky, so you provide someone’s opinion. And that someone is a left-biased journalist. You’ve done nothing except reinforce the fact that you have no concept of what’s really going on. You just continue to believe the FAKE MSM polls! how sad for you.

            The NFL players kneeling has NOTHING to do with freedom of speech because there is NO freedom of speech at work!

            Just keep thinking how fast you butt would be thrown out if you stated to protest at work. What about freedom of speech? It doesn’t exist in the workplace.

          2. The lucky one September 29, 2017

            David French is a “left biased journalist”??? Wow even dumber than usual. Did you go off your meds?

          3. InformedVoter September 29, 2017

            Sorry luck, but you confuse “never Trump” with being GOPers.

            This Sunday will be the make or break day for the NFL players. Two teams (Patriots and Cowboys) have ordered their players to stand or risk being disciplined. It’s just a matter of time before Goodell issues and order to stand or else. The owners, who are not really on the players’ side, will force Goodell’s hand.

            The NBA already has it written in their contract that players MUST stand during the National Anthem. I suspect some of the players will challenge that regulation.

            No matter, the point is that President Trump will come out the winner on this. Millions have shown their support for his comments. Most legal experts agree that freedom of speech does not apply.

          4. The lucky one September 30, 2017

            It all depends on what is written in their contract. The owners cannot “Order” anyone to do anything that has not been agreed to by the players’ association. Again wit your baseless assertions. You have no idea whether a majority of owners support the players’ freedom of speech or not. Most likely like the rest of the country, some do and some don’t.

            “Most legal experts agree that freedom of speech does not apply.” Really, then name a few. Anyone with any understanding of law will tell you that the contract determines what is allowable within the workplace. Only an idiot would think that your rights as a citizen evaporate when you walk into your place of employment.

            Glory be, you’re finally right about something. NBA players are mandated to stand during the anthem. Of course nothing prohibits them from turning their back or just joking and talking like many athlete’s have always done during the unnecessary playing of the anthem. Pro sports are not military or government events and the anthem is totally out of place in that setting. When I lived in NE they used to play the anthem before movies and I never stood up, which is my right. If I was at a military ceremony I would stand and unlike your hero the orange https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b96f1bc7cf176efa9a3d213dece992038af0e5b1b0a6d4ab0fd0ee3c45ed1528.jpg buffoon I know the proper etiquette for a civilian and would place my hand over my heart. I guess that’s why he likes to have Melania or Ivanka by his side. Someone needs to tell him how to act when he’s in public.

          5. InformedVoter September 30, 2017

            Sorry luck, but you are still wrong. Did you sign a contract (assuming you are working) when you got hired? NOPE!
            When you get hired, you have to obey the company’s policies or risk getting disciplined. Period. The stadium is their workplace. Hence the owners can mandate anything they wish. It has nothing to do with each player’s contract!

            Sorry, but you do surrender some of your rights when you walk into your workplace! Can you still smoke at your desk? Do you have a certain dress code? Do you have starting and ending hours? The list is just about endless. Some companies are more flexible but you still have rules. Can you hang a Nazi flag at your desk? Can you display pictures of naked people on your wall or on your desk?

            The Patriots and Cowboys have announced that ALL (both teams) will stand during the National Anthem. Why would the players cave in so quickly if, as you claim, they have the right to do anything they wish?

            Legal scholars across the country have given their opinion that freedom of speech ONLY applies to the government restricting your speech. It DOESN’T apply to your workplace or even in public. Have you read about those fined for swearing in public? Their defense claimed freedom of speech and the courts ruled against that argument.

          6. The lucky one September 30, 2017

            Yes clueless I did sign a contract and I belonged to a union as do the NFL players. In the absence of a contract there may be certain conditions of employment that a hiree agrees to follow when they are hired, such as a dress code. Of course laws, like smoking indoors must be obeyed but you sacrifice no civil rights when walking into your job site unless you have agreed to those conditions. In the players case it is clear, absent a clause in the contract like in the NBA, mandating standing the employer cannot enforce it. Yes they can probably get away with illegally blacklisting a player like Kapernick who though clearly better than many QB’s on NFL rosters is not a star player. They can also bench a player but blacklisting won’t work with the star because there will always be an owner who will take advantage of another owner’s stupidity and take on the star player. Benching a star is suicide for a team.

            I’m still waiting for you to name a legal scholar who agrees with you that this is not a freedom of speech issue. I know you like to follow tRump’s example and just make a baseless claim and expect it to be accepted but that’s not going to fly here.

          7. InformedVoter September 30, 2017

            Boy you really are a lying, ignorant fool. OK, tell me that you have a Nazi flag on your wall at work. Tell me you have pictures of naked people on your desk. Tell me you come into work when you want to and leave when you want to, and don’t even stay 8 hours a day.

            NO contract is required for employers to make rules of conduct and work codes! The players surrender just as many rights as you do when they enter the workplace.

            Employees don’t sign contracts when they hire into a company. Yet they MUST follow certain expected rules.

            Regarding blacklisting players, ask Colin about that! Your comment that some owner will take advantage is false, or else Colin would have been picked up.

            Goodell will issue orders within a week or so that players who kneel risk disciplinary actions. The ratings for the NFL are sinking faster than the Titanic. Money talks.

            If the NFL players are so noble, then how come 28 have been arrested for violence so far this season? And that violence has been against women! Domestic violence and rape to be exact.

          8. The lucky one October 1, 2017

            No you ignorant jackass (my apologies to donkeys) I never claimed any of those things. You are too ignorant to understand the difference but comparing mandatory work hours to mandating someone stand during the anthem is what is known as a false equivalence or in your case just being your normal ignorant self.

            Regarding blacklisting Colin, yes he is good enough to be on a roster but is not a star who makes the difference between making the playoffs. I guarantee you will never see a player the quality of Aaron Rodgers blacklisted for such an inconsequential act.

            “If the NFL players are so noble, then how come 28 have been arrested for violence so far this season?” Again another false equivalence but I guess you’re used to judging all members of a group by the actions of a few.

            I could care less if players end their kneeling protest. I’d much prefer they use their celebrity status to speak out against injustice and the buffoonery that characterizes the tRump WH.

          9. InformedVoter October 1, 2017

            Sorry luck but you’re too ignorant to understand that the NFL players don’t even understand what they’re protesting. It’s NOT a false equivalence that so many NFL players are arrested for violence against women and against other black folks.

            Well 64% of Americans AGREE with President Trump and disagree with the NFL players. It’s starting to show up in the sponsors’ pocketbooks. If the sponsors blacklist the NFL, the owners will FORCE the players’ hand.

            The Green Bay fans booed Rodgers when he sided with the players. If fans boycott, Rodgers will backpedal or be suspended. No reason to blacklist him, he’ll do it to himself.

            At least we have a President who didn’t just stir up the racial pot for personal gain as obozo did. 89% of Americans are on record that obozo made race relations worse. That leaves just 11% of dummies like you. Then again you followed the FAKE MSM into HilLLIARYs REJECTION and led to President Trump’s MANDATE from the voters.

          10. The lucky one October 1, 2017

            “the NFL players don’t even understand what they’re protesting” Wow, what a stupid and arrogant statement. Your boy tRump would be proud of you, that is if he actually cared what people like you think.

            Yes comparing mandatory work hours with a silent protest is a false equivalence. They have no comparable characteristics relevant to the argument. Look it up, you may learn something for a change.

            89% of this 64% of that, again like your boy tRump you just pull those stats out of your ass or from right wing nut job like Limbaugh or Jones. They’re meaningless.

            tRump is not stirring the racial pot for gain??? Then why is he doing it? He’s pandering to fools like you and trying to distract from the horrible job he’s doing.

          11. InformedVoter October 1, 2017

            Sorry, no false equivalence! Workplace code doesn’t permit certain behavior, like arriving at noon and leaving at 3 PM.

            NOPE, those numbers are easily verifiable. What those numbers mean is that the vast majority of Americans support the President on this and have grown tired of being subjected to false PC arguments from a group of athletes who ignore laws because they think they’re above them. That’s why the 28 arrested for violence, largely against blacks, speaks volumes about their actual understanding of what they’re protesting.

            So the FAKE MSM prints that HilLIARY will win in a landslide. You didn’t call those numbers FAKE or meaningless. You chose to believe the FAKE MSM lies, just as you’re doing now!

            NOPE President Trump was not the one to play the race card. Them Dems have been playing the race card for decades in an attempt to keep the country divided. President Trump just called it like ii is.

          12. The lucky one September 30, 2017

            What? no comment on tRump’s failure to follow protocol by pacing his hand over his heart during the anthem?

          13. The lucky one September 30, 2017

            While it may be true that employers can dictate terms to easily replaceable employees that is not true with professional athletes. In the absence of a contract an individual is often defenseless against an unscrupulous employer who chooses bullying as a human service tactic but the NFL players have a well-funded union and many of the players are already wealthy so we’ll see who “caves”. Players understand solidarity, something you and trump clearly do not. I know tRump has never been a team player and apparently you haven’t either.

            A QB may choose the corporate line and refuse to stand by his offensive lineman but see how that works out when they accidentally let a 300 pound DT through and the QB ends up being carried off the field.

          14. InformedVoter September 30, 2017

            Sorry luck, but both the Patriots and Cowboys announced that ALL players will stand this weekend. So why did they agree?

            If players are suspended for behavior issues, they could be on the sidelines for quite some time. There are hundreds of players waiting to take their place on the field. When the courts rule in favor of the owners, they players will surrender their salary while they were suspended.

            Here are a couple of links relating to the players rights. One is by a lefty who indicates the players are on shaky ground but hopes the fans and owners “look the other way”.



          15. The lucky one October 1, 2017

            “NFL teams are paying their players to show up and perform their jobs as outlined by extensive contracts and official league policies.” “In other words, the First Amendment does not protect these players from violating the terms of their contracts.”

            Yes exactly as I have said. Contracts and agreed to league policies dictate. If the agreed upon rules are violated then the violator is subject to the sanctions specified by the contract or code. So to make it perfectly clear to your befuddled mind players agreed because their CONTRACT demands it.

            tRump’s attempt to coerce owners to take action against kneelers does border on government restriction of free speech which is banned by the 1st amendment but then how official is a tweet sent by a twit?

          16. InformedVoter October 1, 2017

            Poor luck, I didn’t think you were that stupid. I produce links PROVING my point and you claim you were right! Talk about being out of touch!
            The stadium is a workplace and the players CAN’T protest without being punished – contracts have NOTHING to do with it! The fact that you don’t understand that shows how low information you continue to be. Didn’t the NFL ORDER the players to stop celebrating in the end zone! Nothing in the contract, at that time, forbade it! Didn’t the NFL ORDER the players to stop recognizing fallen police officers! The number of times the NFL ORDERED the players to stop doing something is well documented and NONE of those ORDERS were in the contract. How long can you continue to preach that the contract dictates what the NFL can ORDER. You have been PROVEN wrong!

            And President Trump tweeting is not government interference! Not even close. Please provide just one instance where a tweet is considered the same as an EO!

          17. The lucky one October 1, 2017

            End zone celebrations were ended by the NFL by virtue of penalties being assessed against celebrants.

            You make a totally unsubstantiated claim then assume you have proven it. what a moron!

            But I think you are correct about tRump’s tweeting not being government interference though he undoubtedly intended it to be intimidating. No one in their right mind pays much attention to tRump’s tweets except for entertainment purposes.

          18. InformedVoter October 1, 2017

            Oh my, how could they allow penalties for end zone celebrations? According to you, it had to be in their contracts.
            How could the players be ordered to remove symbols supporting fallen police. It’s not in their contract!

            Getting back to ultra-liberal Rodgers, on Tuesday he announced that both the Packers and Bears had agreed to KNEEL and requested that the Packer fans do the same. On Wednesday, Rodgers was ORDERED that kneeling would not be permitted. So ALL players from both teams stood, as they were ordered. Oh, my, how did this get put into their contracts so quickly? Duh! All across the league, only a handful of players knelt. How could the players back pedal so quickly? Because they were ORDERED that disciplinary actions would be taken if they knelt!

            Gee, it’s freedom of speech and not in their contracts. My oh my, how could this happen.

          19. The lucky one October 1, 2017

            “Oh my, how could they allow penalties for end zone celebrations? According to you, it had to be in their contracts.”

            You really are a classic simpleton. The rules of the game are not subject to the contract. The rest of your tirade is so meaningless as to make any reply unnecessary.

            I’m leaving now but I want to thank you for the chuckles. It’s been funny watching you squirming and twisting to fit reality to your warped perspective.

          20. InformedVoter October 2, 2017

            Poor luck, you get you butt kicked and you run away!
            Headlines in several newspapers “NFL players ORDERED to stand during National Anthem”. Gee, if you were right (and you weren’t!) don’t you think they would have claimed it’s not in their contract!

            YUP, you claim my “tirade is so meaningless” but that’s the whole point, I proved that the players DON’T have the right and the owners have stepped in and ORDERED them not to kneel. Did you see the liberal Rodgers kneeling?

            Thus, it’s been you foaming at the mouth and squirming and twisting all along.

            Chalk up another victory to being well informed! Have a nice day eating crow!

          21. The lucky one October 2, 2017

            You’re still living in a dream aren’t you. You have never proved anything here except that you are an imbecile and you established that long ago.

            You really are as much of a lying POS as tRump or maybe just incredibly stupid, probably like tRump you are both.

            From Fox News: “Dozens of NFL players took a knee during the national anthem as others sat or raised their fists before the games of Week 4 Sunday, a day after President Trump tweeted that it that it was “very important” for players to stand.”

            Yes numbers were down from last week but that was because many knelt last week because tRump effectively challenged them to do so with his childish rant and name calling. Funny, I didn’t notice any players being fined or fired for kneeling. From his mishandling of the catastrophe in the Philippines, his failed attempt to end Obamacare or pass any major legislation to his dangerous and childish insulting of the NK “leader” (who is more like tRump than either would like to admit) his tenure has been failure after failure. Not only that but he has often made things worse.

          22. InformedVoter October 2, 2017

            Sorry POORly informed luck, the number who knelt was way down because they were ORDERED to stand or risk disciplinary actions. Those few that knelt are quietly being fined to help them save face.

            President Trump handled the natural disasters a lot better than obozo did. If President Trump is doing so poorly, then why is the FAKE MSM trying to rally you sheep by shouting “we have to stop President Trump from eliminating more of obozo’s “legacy”? So which is it?

            So despite the challenge that President Trump threw at them, the NFL players got only 200 (estimated) to kneel. That’s less than 1/3!

            So, President Trump just keeps marching along, erasing obozo’s garbage piece by piece. He duped the Dems into the debt ceiling limit.

            I repeat, if they players can’t be stopped from kneeling because of legal reasons (your argument), then why has no one come forward a presented that legal argument. Everyone who’s written on it has said it’s not freedom of speech protection and that while at your place of work, you have very little in the way of rights.

            You just love to keep making yourself look dumber and dumber.

          23. The lucky one October 2, 2017

            I’m wasting too much time on this but I have to admit I enjoy watching you skitter around like a mouse in a shoebox.

            “Those few that knelt are quietly being fined to help them save face. So then, you’re close to NFL owners and they confide in you but one else about players being secretly fined, eh?

            “the number who knelt was way down because they were ORDERED to stand or risk disciplinary actions.” No dummy, the number went way up due to tRump’s bluster. They made their point of blowing off tRump and then numbers went back to where they were before tRump’s bloviation.

            Which natural disaster did Obama handle poorly?

            “I repeat, if they players can’t be stopped from kneeling because of legal reasons (your argument), then why has no one come forward a presented that legal argument.”

            No need. Those that wish to kneel do so and those that want to stand do so. The American way.

          24. InformedVoter October 3, 2017

            Sorry POORly informed luck, but the number kneeling is way down. Owners ORDERED the players not NOT kneel. Those that did are being disciplined. This information is readily available. ESPN, reacting to their falling viewers, determined that by showing the National Anthem, they were adding to the shrinking numbers. After several owners ORDERED their players to stand, ESPN decided to show the National Anthem in the hopes that viewers will see the players have back pedaled and are now proudly standing again.

            obozo mishandled Sandy. Folks waited for over a year for relief. It’s ironic that lefties think the government is responsible for preparing them for natural disasters. Conservatives know it’s their duty to prepare. PR’s government, being Dems, is totally corrupt and incompetent. President Trump has pointed this out and he winning. The PR leaders, all Dems, did it to themselves and for them to play the victim isn’t playing too well with the voters. The voters look at what Florida and Texas did to prepare and compare that to the Dems preparation of stocking up on tequila.

            Your false statement about the players having the right is just that – false. NO news agency has stepped forward to verify your FAKE claim. Don’t you think SOMEONE, besides, you, would have made that claim? Meanwhile, dozens of legal experts have supported my claim! No support for you claim yields that it’s FAKE.

            You’re SO EASY to defeat. Could it be your low information status! You’re continued insistence on the rights of the players shows you to be stubborn to the point of killing yourself. You followed the FAKE MSM over the cliff on the election. You’re doing the same here.

          25. The lucky one October 3, 2017

            OK, you were amusing but now just boring so this will be my last waste of time with such an imbecile.

            You are wrong about nearly everything and too stupid to grasp when you have been soundly beaten but just for GP.

            It’s not likely that players would be ” now proudly standing” if they were doing so against their wishes after being ordered to do so. Whose proud when they’ve knuckled under to a bully? You might since you apparently worship arrogant bullies like tRump.

            Here’s pic for you, oops I guess the owner of “America’s Team” the Dall https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b4c36a60ddf1a89cf80c320e360a2023cd76e0ae2e17410a6eeffb093a42de47.png as Cowboys didn’t get your memo about forbidding players to kneel.

          26. InformedVoter October 3, 2017

            Sorry POORly informed luck, That picture is from LAST week. ALL the Cowboys STOOD this week as they were ORDERED to.

            A dollar short and a day late. YUP, you’re really on top of it!

            And the reason the players are STANDING, is they were informed by their legal team that they COULD be disciplined. Give them credit for not being as stupid as you.

          27. The lucky one October 3, 2017

            “As the NFL is embroiled in controversy over players kneeling during the anthem, the league has steadfastly insisted that players have the right not to stand and will not be disciplined if they choose to exercise that right.”

            NBA players must stand because it’s in their CBA (That’s collective bargaining agreement, I thought I’d save you looking it up since you are clearly out of touch with labor relations and law.) Identify one player who has been fined or otherwise disciplined for kneeling or STFU.

          28. InformedVoter October 3, 2017

            Sorry POORly informed luck, but this is just his opinion – he’s not speaking for the league. If you notice NO league official has made a similar statement – why, because they know they’re on shaky ground if they do.

            The owners are starting to lean on Goodell to announce a policy that prevents the players from violating workplace codes.

            Several newspapers have printed stories that the players have been issued final ORDERS or risk disciplinary actions.

            You just can’t handle being wrong EVERYTIME, but since you insist on believing the FAKE MSM, then you’re destined to continue to be proven wrong time and again.

          29. InformedVoter October 3, 2017

            No NFL official has supported what Smith’s OPINION is. The owners are starting to lean on Goodell to issue orders that will prevent the players from kneeling. The ratings for this past weekend are HORRIBLE.

            Your picture from week 3 of Jones and the Cowboys resulted in Jones issuing ORDERS that this weekend games NO ONE will be allowed to kneel. And NO one did! Mrs. Ford ORDERED the Detroit Lions NOT to kneel, two players chose to kneel and were subsequently “spoken to” to ensure they understand what they are permitted to do and NOT do.

            Here’s a link with 9 legal experts saying the players can be fired if they kneel. One expert disagreed and then changed their mind and agreed with the other experts.

            You just can’t handle being proven wrong over and over. As long as you continue to believe the FAKE MSM sources, the longer you’ll remain low information and having your arguments shredded. Time for you to go have a good cry.


          30. InformedVoter October 3, 2017

            OK POORly informed luck, no mention of your sissy QB Rodges? He holds a news conference on Tuesday announcing that BOTH teams (Packers and Bears) have agreed to kneel and ask fans to kneel with them.
            On Wednesday, announcement is made and ALL players will stand for the National Anthem. Duh! You figure it out. They were told they have no right to disobey the owners’ wishes while at work or risk disciplinary actions. NFL players’ union verified this!

          31. InformedVoter October 3, 2017

            POORly informed luck, As I pointed out before, this picture is from LAST week, NOT this weekend’s games! What an idiot. After LAST weeks’s games, the Cowboys owner told the players they would NO LONGER be able to kneel during the National Anthem.

          32. InformedVoter October 3, 2017

            Sorry POORly informed luck, but this picture is over a week old. ALL the Cowboys stood this weekend, as they were ORDERED to. Jones has begun to have the owners speak to Goodell and have an announcement made to end the players kneeling. The Steelers knelt down BEFORE the National Anthem and got soundly booed by their own fans. The Steelers ALL rose and stood for the National Anthem but several season ticket holders cancelled their season tickets. The owners are getting hit in the pocket book. The networks are complaining to the NFL they want their fees reduced because attendance is way down. ESPN is desperate as their ratings have plummeted. They decided to stop showing the National Anthem because it caused viewers to tune them out. Fans are revolting and hitting the players in their pocketbooks.

            If you seek out true news sources, you may find that all the lies you post will suddenly become true statements. I feel great about posting truth. Meanwhile, all you can do is go to a safe room and cry.

          33. The lucky one October 3, 2017

            The only thing that almost makes me cry is the fact that people as ignorant and dishonest as you get to vote.

          34. InformedVoter October 3, 2017

            Legal experts agree the NFL players CAN be FIRED for kneeling. Firing is a lot stronger than disciplining them and you claim (falsely) that they can’t be disciplined. You’re so low information and it shows. Go have that cry, perhaps if you have that cry, you won’t beat your wife and hit your kids.


          35. The lucky one October 3, 2017

            Nah, family violence is more of a right wing hobby. You can speculate and lie all you want, after all that is what you do well but what we know is that some players continue to kneel and NO ONE has been fined or dismissed for doing so.

          36. InformedVoter October 3, 2017

            Sorry POORly informed luck, but family violence is usually committed by NFL players, whom lefties hold in high esteem! And don’t be so shy, seeing that you’re a card carrying member of antifa, your family violence history is second nature to you.

            Disciplined players have been shielded and remain silent lest then get further disciplined. Why do you think that sissy Rodgers not only didn’t take a knee, but he ran backwards and laid down and whimpered “please don’t fine me”!

            I suspect you’re still waiting for HilLIARy to win the 2016 election. Think of all that money you donated to her campaign. Look how dumb she looked talking about banning silencers on rifles. It was obvious she had no idea of what happened.

            YUP, when we elected President Trump, we got exactly what we were hoping for: a man who will not be pushed around and draw meaningless lines; a man of action who has kept his campaign promises to erase obozo’s “legacy” and make America great again. And despite all that the FAKE MSM want you to believe, the majority of Americans, who were polled, believe President Trump will make race relations better than when obozo was floundering about “if I had a son, he’d look like that thug that just got blown away for fighting with police”.

            The problem with the NFL players, so they had 200 out of almost 1300 stand, is that there are 500 in the wings just waiting for their chance for the golden jobs in the NFL. Players, even sissy Rodgers, know they’re only as good as their last good performance. Colin K would give anything to get back into football. He back pedaled after no team picked him up saying he was ready to stand for the National Anthem now.

            It’s like removing the statues that were erected by Dems and now Dems blame President Trump for the statues being there. What did obozo do about those statues? OK, now that the statues are removed, has anyone’s life been made better? NOPE, it’s just another FAKE MSM excuse as the reason why folks can’t accept they’re responsible for their own situation. The FAKE MSM is great for creating “I’m a victim” mentality.

          37. The lucky one October 3, 2017

            “”I’m a victim” mentality”??? Yes I can see you prefer the “I’m an idiot mentality!” yourself.

          38. InformedVoter October 3, 2017

            POORly informed luck, so I fat fingered “mentally”, but you knew what was meant. The fact that all you could muster was pointing out a tiPo, is just like all the mediocre actors who are mocking President Trump, and failing at that as badly are their careers are failing. Yet you low information sheep just follow them around and think things are getting better for you.

            I’ll break with protocol, I fly to Las Vegas tomorrow and am scheduled to meet with President Trump, before I leave the country (I’m outside the US almost 6 months a year). Should I tell him he’s wrong to condemn the NFL players for disrespecting our veterans and flag? Ha,ha. You can bet (what are the odds in Las Vegas?) that I’ll be telling him that you low information sheep continue to follow the FAKE MSM and are totally clueless.

            I bet you think HilLIARY is correct about silencers on automatic weapons. Hell, the silencers would melt! Yet that dummy HilLIARY, speaking about forsaking politics, introduced politics and made herself look just as dumb as she did when she defended her husband, the rapist, by saying it “was a vast right wing conspiracy”. Thank God the voters REJECTED HilLIARY. At least we have a President with some balls.

            And that is what upsets Eleanore and jphall and independent1 and dominick and a whole bunch of you low information sheep.

            There’s a report circulating that the LV shooter was a member of antifa (since you’re a member, did you know him?) and shot at the country/western crowd thinking they were supporters of President Trump. How sick you lefties are!

          39. The lucky one October 4, 2017

            You really are the most deluded person who posts here, one of the stupidest too but it’s your obvious divorce from reality that sets you apart. Get back on your medications man before you hurt someone.

          40. InformedVoter October 23, 2017

            So you post I’m deluded, but you posted the same comment exactly one year ago as you fawned over HilLIARY winning the presidency. So the truth is that I’m NOT deluded, but it’s you who has shown you’re deluded. HilLIARY got her ass creamed by President Trump, or are you like Eleanore, Aaron of P., Indepenent1, billp, etc who are still waiting for HilLIARY to win the presidency?

            President Trump requested that I postpone my overseas plans and work with the authorities on the Las Vegas shooter. I’ve returned from LV. There will be some interesting news releases regarding the shooter – like the dozen trips he made to Arab countries.

            Meanwhile, I suggest you seek out that safe room and have a good cry. You’ll have the opportunity to meet some of the NFL has beens.

            The ratings took a yuge hit this weekend and sponsors are beginning to announce their intentions of not renewing or even pulling out – like a large beer company. Goodell will reinforce the NFL policy, which you denied existed, that players are to stand during the National Anthem.

            Just keep up the deluded thoughts. It’s what keeps Pelosi in the game and she’s the best fund raiser the GOP has.

          41. The lucky one October 23, 2017

            Haven’t heard any of your deluded nonsense in a few weeks so maybe you took my advice and got back on your meds. Time to renew the prescription I see.

            FYI (Find a child who has enough patience to explain this to you) “NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell made it clear Wednesday the league believes its players should stand during the national anthem, but said the league has no plans to make them do so.”

            LOL, Sure POtuS tRump talks to you. Even he is not that desperate but apparently you actually are insane.

          42. InformedVoter October 23, 2017

            POORly informed luck: for weeks you have been saying the NFL COULD not demand the players to stand. Remember all your BS about contracts, etc? Well what happened to your false defense of that lie!

            YUP, the NFL CAN order the players to stand as it’s already contained in the player conduct code!

            Just a couple of weeks ago, Goodell said the league would not enter the kneeling issue. Changed his mind? YUP, the owners are tightening the screws! The rating took a yuge dip again last weekend. Sponsors are claiming they can pull out of their advertising contracts because the NFL has broken the contracts by allowing the players to tarnish their products reputation.

          43. InformedVoter October 23, 2017

            POORly informed luck: Goodell NEVER said “the league has no plans to make them do so.” Your article says he said that, but he NEVER actually said it. He indicated the NFL was focusing on other issues.

            A couple of weeks ago, you posted that the NFL could NOT force them to stand because of contract issues. That was WRONG. I notice you didn’t try to use that stupid logic again. There is a code of player conduct and it CLEARLY states that players MUST stand during the National Anthem. I kept posting (the truth) that the NFL could FORCE the players and you kept posting (lies) that the league couldn’t.

            Last week’s ratings took another yuge tank! Sponsors are beginning to warn the NFL that they can and will pull out of their advertising contracts. It seems the NFL has to live up to certain requirements or they forfeit their contracts. Fans are contacting the advertisers and the advertisers are leaning on the NFL.

            Last month, Goodell said he would not enter the discussion. Gee, he changed his mind because the owners leaned on him. Look for more owners to put more pressure on him to enforce the league player code of conduct.

            And YUP, you certainly need to use the safe room and have that good cry. President Trump, having been coached about meeting with me, quickly asked that I lend whatever assistance I could to the LV investigation. Because of the chance that it may look like I could have leaked anything discussed, I decided to refrain from using certain types of communications.

          44. The lucky one October 23, 2017

            Yah, I guess the NFL is wrong about what their commissioner said since it came from their website. but I suppose you know better, you know that omniscience thing you have going.

            I was wrong about you. I thought you were just a lying nincompoop like your hero tRump but it’s becoming increasingly clear that you are insane with delusions of grandeur so I’m not going to feed your disease anymore.

          45. InformedVoter October 24, 2017

            POORly informed luck: you’re still not going to admit that you were WRONG when you claimed the NFL could NOT force the players to stand. Time after time you made the FALSE claim that it was NOT in the player code or in the contract, so the NFL could do nothing! I kept posting that the NFL DID have the right. This is just like the pre-election polls postings. You kept claiming that HilLIARY would easily coast to the presidency while I claimed President Trump was leading.

            As the ratings keep dropping and the owners get more pressure from the advertisers, the hand will be forced.

            OK, so I didn’t get to meet the President face-to-face but had to settle for meeting with some of his staff. It still doesn’t negate President Trump’s personal request to lend assistance to the investigation. If anyone is delusional, it’s you, my POORly informed one! I feel sorry for the LV police on this one. The multiple reports that there were multiple shooters really delayed their response. The blame goes to the common core educated dispatchers who reported a shooting at the hotels and not that a person who had been shot showed up at the hotel.

            Anyway, the public sentiment is with President Trump against the NFL players. And those cowards who stated they would retire if forced to stand will end up being chickens like the Hollywood fakes who said they would leave the country if President Trump was elected.

            The left proves they are hypocrites and bullies and extremely violent against peaceful speakers. So tell me again how the lefties are open-minded. They’re exactly the opposite.

          46. The lucky one October 2, 2017

            You’re even dumber than I thought. Green Bay, that’s Rodgers’ team dummy, didn’t play on Sunday. Here’s what did happen:
            “QB Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers became the first team to ask FANS in the stands to join them in a statement of unity after a weekend of intense National Anthem protests. Packers players and coaches locked arms and invited fans to do the same. And guess what? Fans in the stands joined in! The team said it was about “freedom, equality, tolerance, understanding, and justice for those who have been unjustly treated, discriminated against or otherwise treated unfairly,” via a statement.”

            So Rodgers did continue to make a protest statement. But being a leader, unlike tRump, he did it in a way that would strengthen rather weaken team solidarity and fan support.

            Good bye loser, game, set, match.

          47. InformedVoter October 2, 2017

            You’re either lying or dumber than I thought. On TUESDAY, Rodgers grabbed headlines when he said “both the Bears and Packers would KNEE and he wanted the fans to join them”. On Wednesday, Rodgers received ORDERS that NO player would be allowed to kneel. So on Thursday, Rodgers settled for standing. He’s a typical chicken shyt liberal who, when challenged, runs away.

            For tonight, ESPN (another FAKE MSM liberal network) said they would not televise the National Anthem. Guess who changed their minds?

            Teams who took a knee BEFORE the National Anthem, got loudly booed by their own fans. Realizing they would be courting trouble, those teams then stood for the National Anthem.

            The NFL ratings are tanking. They dropped once more this week, even though the players chickened out!

            So I ask you, if you are correct, then why hasn’t the players’ union come forward and proclaimed that? They haven’t because the players’ union knows they have no ground to stand on.

            Yet you keep claiming I’m wrong and you’re right. YUP, you’re right just as when you proclaimed that HilLIARy was going to win the election.

        3. Johnny five September 28, 2017

          I agree with you. Rachel Madcow reminds me of Baghdad Bob.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker September 28, 2017

            Melania poses nude for money. That makes here a paid prostitute. Iskanka has more fake parts and Daddy just loves getting his meaty hooks on her boobs.

            Guess you hicks always do bed your mommies and daughters right?

          2. InformedVoter September 28, 2017

            POOR Elle, still showing your jealousy that no one would ever consider taking your picture, with or without clothes.
            And NOPE it doesn’t make her a prostitute. And you keep implying that the attractive Trump’s are incestuous, but you never commented about obozo being charged with ACTUALLY molesting his younger daughter. Medical experts agree that the reason she is slow, is because of being repeatedly molested by her father.

          3. Johnny five September 29, 2017

            I thought you stood up for women’s rights??

          4. Johnny five September 29, 2017

            Just wondering if anyone would pay to see your body?? No !!!

          5. InformedVoter September 28, 2017

            Thanks. Rachel Madcow regularly blows a gasket. Here is a great video of Madcow explaining that there is no way President Trump can win the election. This one just frosts the left.

          6. Eleanore Whitaker September 29, 2017

            Awwww What’s the matter bot boy? Jealous that Rachel Maddow is far more intelligent than you? What I love is how she is beating the BS out of your Lard Ass.

            Can’t stand it because she is the U.S.’s top journalist today? Oooooh…She’d sew your balls to your face so the world can see what peanuts you have.

          7. InformedVoter September 29, 2017

            POOR Elle, NOPE, Rachel Madcow is not beating anyone in anything. And SHE’s NOT the leading journalist. All one has to do is watch Madcoe frothing and foaming around her mouth at the thought that there was No WAY that President Trump could possibly win the election. YUP, she’s the top foolish journalist!

            So she would take me down, just like you and your gaggle of hens would take me down. Well that’ll NEVER happen. You hens don’t have the balls to take anyone down. Just like obozo didn’t have the balls and kept drawing lines.


        4. Eleanore Whitaker September 28, 2017

          You wish it was “fake” POS. You know it isn’t but you would rather pretend your life away in Nambia and feed on a steady diet of COVFEFE…right?

          1. InformedVoter September 28, 2017

            POOR Elle, you just can’t help but make yourself look dumber and dumber every time you post.

            I must admit, I’ve been to Africa but never Nambia. The way you keep mentioning Nambia, is there where your father ran off to to escape from a having to be near you?

            And I never had covfefe but I understand that it’s healthy for someone.

    4. idamag September 27, 2017

      Good reply.

      1. dbtheonly September 27, 2017

        Thank you ida, I can’t give you the +1 because of the self interest, I can tell you that your approval and good opinion of me is something I value.

  5. bobnstuff September 27, 2017

    Has anyone notices that Trump likes NASCAR. The only sport that still flies the confederate flag and has only one black driver.

    1. dbtheonly September 27, 2017


      I, apparently alone, noticed that Trump complained that the NFL wasn’t violent enough.

      Everyone else seems irate about the National Anthem. I’m more concerned that Trump wants to turn football into a death sentence.

      “Te Morturi Salutant”, was it?

      1. LoisJManzanares September 27, 2017

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      2. Eleanore Whitaker September 27, 2017

        Trump always goes where he knows he has NO power to make any real changes. What I would love is for the entire NFL team players to meet Trump in their locker room…just Trump, all alone.

        Watch him load up his trousers then. Trump is a coward. And don’t be fooled he is not sucking up to his Confederate base.

        He will go double barreled ballistic now that the GOP failed yet again to pass Trumpcare and his boy Strange LOST in Alabama.

        Oh gee. Looks like NOT ALL of Trump’s hick base is supporting him.

    2. Eleanore Whitaker September 27, 2017

      Funny thing. I live about 30 minutes from Englishtown Raceway. We hear the nitro cars, the drag races with top race drivers and see the amazing parade of different types of cars and trucks up and down Englishtown Road on weekends.

      We can hear the nitro cars take off at Spring and Summer Nationals.

      One thing you NEVER see here in NJ is the Confederate flag. That POS flag usually gets ripped down from the hicks who come up north looking for trouble. That’s how people in NJ deal with dumbasses who live in pre Civil War antebellum DogPatch.

    3. idamag September 27, 2017

      This is a sport that trump can focus on. Round and round and round they go, the smoking rubber burns, They’re making a left turn, a left turn and they are making a left turn.”

      1. Eleanore Whitaker September 28, 2017

        Oh Ida! I so love this post of yours! Wow…you got Trump’s number for sure.

    4. JPHALL September 27, 2017

      But isn’t it funny that despite the conservative talk all NASCAR drivers keep turning left at every event?

      1. Johnny five September 29, 2017

        A dumb ass like you would turn right!

        1. JPHALL September 30, 2017

          Speaking of a dumb ass, why would you think that anyone driving in NASCAR would turn right when all NASCAR races require a left turn? As for the politics, I guess you have turned right since you made such a stupid comment.

  6. InformedVoter September 27, 2017

    Reid is wrong. President Trump will win this won. Millions are showing their support for the President. This is NOT about freedom of speech or race, it’s about what behavior is acceptable at work and in the workplace.

    If you went into a restaurant and the server began preaching, you’d get up and leave. If you went into a grocery store and the employees began preaching, you turn around and leave. If you began preaching at your place of work, during working hours, don’t you think you’d be ask to stop or risk getting “fired”!

    Lou Holtz and Pat Sajak have it right. The owners, who really are NOT on the side of the players, will see that harm that will be done to the sport and their income. They will force Goodell to put a policy that will stop the nonsense.

    The players will revolt, and some will get canned or punished. The union will fight for them, but in the end, the action of showing disrespect for the flag will end and President Trump will have won.!

  7. Eleanore Whitaker September 27, 2017

    In case you folks missed the latest Lard Ass in Chief’s rating game, Trump ZERO, NFL 100%. Trump has NO business pissing off the NFL. But, here is what Trump has been doing since Daddy Fred made his little Donny Boy a billionaire with that first dollop of $235 million HANDED to Lard Ass to get his lazy ass in business.

    Trump INSTIGATES others. When public opinion sinks him in the toilet and he’s about to be flushed, he runs for a DIFFERENT distraction to sway public opinion.

    Now really, Puerto Rico, Texas, Mexico and North Korea are LESS important to this scumbag than his thinking he is more powerful than all of the players in the NFL?

    You can stop laughing now. This is why Trump is a pathetic low life bum. When he knows he is on the wrong side of anything, it’s time for his BIG Switch games.

    Watch him pull off this same pattern as do his scumbucket supporters.

    They yell out the “N” word or anti Semitic slurs, pack in the momentary attention until someone with real ethics, principles and morals brings them up short and on they go to their next change of distraction venue.

    Sound about right for Putin and his right wing toilet trash? And if you expect these dirty dogs to ever admit they are childish morons, forget it. They’d kiss Lard Ass’s butt until it got chapped before they’d see what we see about them.

    1. RichFromShowMe September 27, 2017

      I’m always surprised by the Left’s interpretation of President Trump’s statements and/or tweets. True, they do set the Left’s hair-on-fire, but just humorous 🙂

      Can you illustrate, with actual FACTS, just why you think they are Racist?

      1. Eleanore Whitaker September 28, 2017

        This is NOT about left or right big mouth. It’s about a Republican candidate who is the WORST disgrace to this country. Are you really so low in that slimy swamp you cannot see what a liar Trump is? Or do you love that he lies for you so you can line your pockets?

        Where the hell are YOUR morals and ethics when you know everything Trump is doing is a huge embarassment not just to Americans but also to our allies?

        Never forget one thing: YOU are ONLY a minority voice and you have NO power to use our tax dollars and then command us like robots. We will fight you tooth and nail if you think you will tyrannize a majority who refuses to stoop to your low swamp level.

        1. InformedVoter September 28, 2017

          POOR Elle, you just love to make a fool of yourself!
          Foreigners are saying that President Trump has made America the leader of the free world AGAIN. obozo removed us from that lofty title during his 8 years of drawing lines and then backing up and drawing more lines.
          President Trump’s true approval rating is 60% and obozo’s is and was in the mid to upper 30s. The FAKE MSM lied to the public just as they lied leading up to the election by telling you sheep that HilLIARY was leading in the polls.

          Once more your posts have been shredded. You’re so easy to destroy.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker September 28, 2017

            Eat your COVFEFE yet fool? The only one who makes a fool of himself on this thread is you. But, you know that.

            Make America Puke Again? Make America GRATE again?

            You must really live in Nambia like Trump right moron? He is going down for obstruction of justice any day now. Time for you righties to face the reality that we don’t tolerate pigs for presidents who are world class Grifters.

            And what’s with Kushner voting as a female? Did Trump pay him to marry his whore daughter so the dirty family incest secret between Trump and Iskanka is kept on the QT? How many of Iskanka’s kids are really Daddy’s?

            What kid of father admits he is sexually attracted to his 14 year old daughter? That’s what he told Vanity Fair in an interview some years ago. Don’t bother to deny it prickboy.

            Here are some photos of Trump not being able to control his wandering hands on his daughter’s boobs: http://scribol.com/news-and-politics/awkward-photos-donald-ivanka-trump-cringe/

          2. Johnny five September 28, 2017

            You are a very depressed and sad woman. You are a loser like Hillary Pussface Clinton . Crybaby losers!!

          3. InformedVoter September 28, 2017

            POOR Elle, you continue to make yourself look foolish, but then again, what else is new!

            More FAKE MSM lies. You’re so JEALOUS of President Trump’s family and regularly criticize their good looks. Did your daddy beat you with an ugly stick that often?

          4. Eleanore Whitaker September 28, 2017

            The only fool here is you moron. You keep thinking you are important? Think again. I put out more quality trash than you are. As for jealousy, I don’t even Iskanka. Using a private server for private emails to do her fashion business on Government Time? “LOCK HER UP!”

            Only a pig like you would admire a sexual pervert like Trump who paid his way out of a rape charge in Florida.

            I guess now that Hugh Hefner of Playboy is dead, the dirt about Trump’s getting sexually obnoxious with Playboy bunnies at the McAfree NJ Playboy Club is next to be aired.

            Can’t wait for Putin to release those pig tapes of Trump getting peed on by brothel whores.

            Hate it that I know so much more about Lard Ass don’t you?

          5. InformedVoter September 28, 2017

            Sorry POOR Elle, but there will be nothing to reveal. And if HilLIARY wasn’t locked up for allowing classified information to be hacked from her server, then there’s no way what you wish to happen to actually happen.

            Putin had and has dirt on obozo. Why else would obozo let Putin walk all over him? Same for HilLIARY.

            If you’re waiting for tapes, you’re going to be an even old hag than you are today.

            NOPE, so far you’ve shown that you lie to make yourself look important, but fail to do so anyway.

            NOPE, so far you’ve shown that you don’t know crap about President Trump other than he’s making America great again and wiping out obozo’s “legacy”.

          6. Johnny five September 29, 2017

            What a dumb ass you are!

        2. Johnny five September 29, 2017

          We minority’s put out President in office one vote at a time,one state at a time. What a loser!

        3. RichFromShowMe September 29, 2017

          I see you’re off your medication or is it “overly-medicated”? Do you have any actual proof of lying or is this just your usual unhinged bluster.

          President Trump does say things that some may find offensive, but it really doesn’t do much other than set the Left’s hair on fire, which can be fun . . . all its takes is a 140 character Tweet 🙂

      2. The lucky one September 29, 2017

        Overtly racist? I’d say yes but it’s somewhat debatable. That he posts things that are just plain stupid and childish and often in incredibly bad taste, especially for a “leader” is indisputable.

    2. idamag September 27, 2017

      I pass a house when I am out and about. It has a large front porch and a lawn littered with junk. There are always about four or five people sitting on the porch. They are wearing size medium t-shirts and tank tops on size xl bodies. I started feeling sorry for them and thought maybe someday I would order a pizza sent to their house. Then I noticed the trump sticker on one vehicle and a confederate flag on the other. Now, I hurry past with doors and windows locked. They are typical trumsters.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker September 28, 2017

        That Confederate Flag today is more like the Insignia of Dogpatch. The only reason they even have the money to buy it because your taxes pay for their welfare.

        Right now Trump is trying to pull off his biggest Grifter Trick yet. That so called tax reform bill? If you read it, you see the red flags all over. First off, it would remove the inheritance tax so Iskanka and her transgendered husband Kushy Boy who voted as a female in NY state, would end up not paying one dime of whatever remains of Trump’s pretend wealth.

        Then, there is the matter of him lowering the the corporate (15%) from the current 20% and lying about how the US corporation pay the highest corporate taxes. First off, that’s a huge lie once you factor in how European businesses all have to pay VAT taxes. With a VAT tax every step of the way from manufacture to final offshore shipping is taxed on the business owner. As for individual tax rates, the US has the lowest, not the highest.

        Compare this to the Scandinavian countries where 52% of their incomes are taxed. But, here is the BIG difference. Where these countries have the highest taxes they get the biggest bang for their buck. They pay no taxes for healthcare as we do in the US. They also don’t pay for college tuition. Nor do they have to pay fees till t hey come out of their ears like here in the US where Republicans pretend those fees are not really taxes.

        So where do most of the US tax revenues end up? In Dogpatch. Go to the GAO.gov and see for yourself. 65% of every dollar you pay in federal taxes in a Dem state ends up in Republican states where the welfare, phony SSDI and unemployment is all dumped onto our federal taxes.

        Alabama is the worst offender of placing their unemployed on phony SSDI for things people up north go to work with every day: high blood pressure, high cholestorol and Adult Type II diabetes.

        The reality is that Trump’s tax reform doesn’t have a prayer of getting passed because every financial expert has already stated it would end up with trillions more in the deficit these right wingers and Republicans bitch the loudest about.

        So, they won’t spend their state tax dollars but when GOP Tom Price of HHS flies on a private jet costing taxpayers $250,000 and Mnuchin flies on a military jet costing $25,000, ALL on tax dollars they are wasting. Mind you. Price flew from DC to Philadephia on a private jet when it takes less than an hour by plane or Acela train.

        Joe Biden traveled every day from his DEL home to DC by train. But that’s not good enough for the GOP Big Spenders when it’s on OUR tax dollars.

        You know what will happen? The Dem states will start to refuse (CA has already threatened this) to hand over ANY federal taxes. We can always just keep what we pay in federal taxes in our home DEM states where we will use it for OUR states needs instead of having to hand to lazy fat gut, beer swilling high school drop Confederates.

  8. idamag September 27, 2017

    Dissing football players who feel they should be heard is just another sign our democracy has fallen to the fascists.

  9. Ann Waldrum September 27, 2017

    Thanks, Gene, cogent as always.


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