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WATCH: Romney Booed Repeatedly In Speech To NAACP

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WATCH: Romney Booed Repeatedly In Speech To NAACP


Mitt Romney’s much publicized appeal to the African-American community fell flat this morning, as the Republican nominee-to-be endured loud, repeated booing during his speech to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

The opening words of Romney’s address played to tepid applause — the fact that his campaign bused in 200 supporters certainly helped — but the former Massachusetts governor lost the audience the moment he attacked President Barack Obama’s health care reform.

“Our high level of debt slows GDP growth and that means fewer jobs. If our goal is jobs, we must, must stop spending over a trillion dollars more than we earn,” Romney said. “To do this, I will eliminate expensive, non-essential programs like Obamacare.”

That line didn’t go over well, to put it gently.

Considering that people of color — who are significantly more likely to lack health insurance than whites — stand to benefit most from the Affordable Care Act, Romney should not have been surprised by the crowd’s angry reaction.

Romney responded to the catcalls by citing a notoriously unreliable Chamber of Commerce survey, which claimed to provate that Obamacare makes business owners less likely to hire new workers, but it was clear that he had permanently lost his listeners.

Later in the speech, the NAACP members booed Romney again when he claimed that “if you want a president who will make things better in the African-American community, you’re looking at him.”

Making matters worse, some in the crowd actually responded to his claim with laughter.

Aside from the open booing, there were several other bad moments in Romney’s speech. Taking the stage while an organ played, Romney opened with the type of awkward pander that has become his trademark: “I do love that music. I have to tell you, I do love listening to that organ music.”

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. Scooter Livingston July 11, 2012

    OK..how long until Uncle Tom Allen West derides the NAACP for this?

  2. Lazaro Gonzalez July 11, 2012

    At least he had the guts to go up against the opposition. Something Obama will never do.

    1. Manuel July 11, 2012

      What did you expect? He has nothing to lose, and he might convince a few blacks to vote for him.

      1. Bigspender July 11, 2012

        Actually its more likely now that anyone still on the fence will vote democratic thanks to Romney’s speech.

    2. BDD1951 July 11, 2012

      Take you head out of the sand. Barack Obama has more guts than Romney will ever have.

    3. rippper July 11, 2012

      How do you that?! Obama is going to crush Romney in the debates.

    4. WhutHeSaid July 12, 2012

      Huh? Black voters are the ‘opposition’? Please explain in more detail.

  3. 4BusinessOnly July 11, 2012

    What else do you really expect? They all understand that they do not dare bite the hand that feeds them. Got to have that government tit. It is obvious who the real raciest are in this country.

    1. cabadas July 12, 2012

      YEAH YOU

  4. sheilab2 July 11, 2012

    This guy is so full of hooey that it is coming out of his eyes, ears, nose and throat. I wouldn’t vote for him if he gave away thousand dollar bills on election day. And yes, he could afford that, but would have to drain his offshore accounts. He is so untrustworthy, venal, dumb, and completely unqualified to be President of the United States. He has never had an honest job that requires him to do some actual work. All the people who boo’ed him were surely on the right track.

    1. 4BusinessOnly July 11, 2012

      He has more than the one page resume that OHB had.

      1. Elsa July 11, 2012

        Have you seen the Presidents resume? Of course not, you are too busy listening to FOX news

        1. 4BusinessOnly July 11, 2012

          Has he ever held a real job that you know of other than being a community organizer? He knows nothing about the real world of work and running a business. He is a puppet on a string and your media outlets only tell one side of the story.

          1. jc July 11, 2012

            Romney only job has been running for office & shipping our jobs overseas through Bain Capital

          2. 4BusinessOnly July 11, 2012

            You will only hear that with the news you watch. Did you know that one of the current Bain Capital executives is one of BHO’s largest campaign donor’s? There is two sides to a coin and a man running for the white house should be totally vetted and that is not happening with the news you watch.

          3. Martin McHugh July 11, 2012

            Al Capone was a successful businessman also – would you want him to be president? Or George Bush had plenty of business experience – you want him back? (And Romney wants the same course as Bush) Or how about Herbert Hoover? He had a lot of business experience. And what about the Republicans Saint Reagan? His business experience was as the head of a union. Want more union experience?

          4. 4BusinessOnly July 11, 2012

            Anything is better than a community organizer that has done nothing for this country other than to bring it down.

          5. ChristoD July 11, 2012

            You folks will NEVER let the facts get in the way of a good reinvention of history. Let me explain what I mean by FACTS…. HE, saved the country from a depression (along with Dubya) by rescuing the banks AND we made MONEY off of the LOANS, HE saved two American auto companies (along with Dubya) and we will make money on the LOANS, HE ended the war in Iraq that was illegally started by trumped up intelligence created by His Eminance Dick(head) Cheney (who by the way should be tried for high crimes an midemeanors and he would be if he wasn’t American), HE LEGALLY passed Health Care legislation that will cover more than 98% of all Americans without ANY help from the GOP (Greed Over People), HE dramatically altered the image of America in the world through an excellent foreign policy, HE ordered the execution of Bin Laden, HE compassionately intructed the DHD to let children of illegals alone until some SANE policies on immigration can be agreed to….there is more, do you want more ? I assume not since your lame response would be…WHAT HAS HE DONE ? DAH ……..

          6. ChristoD July 11, 2012

            Oh yes and under his watch more than 4.5 million jobs have been created…..didn’t do much, eh ? Take your head out of your butt, Pal. I suppose you want to elect Romney so we can return to the good old days of George W, eh ? Are you freakin’ NUTS ? Where the hell is your head at ? Never mind….I know where it is.

          7. Michael Stoll July 11, 2012

            You live inside the Matrix ..or some Alice in Wonderland type of Utopia where everything is Rainbows Lollipops and Unicorns .. The Auto bailouts weren’t bailouts of the companies but rather the UAW pensions . GM stock would have to go over 53 dollars a share for over 2 yrs for them to pay back those loans . We have invested about 53 bil and have gotten about 26 back . The rest we will never see . GM also is enjoying a TAX exempt staus until 2016 . This is an unfair advantage over its competitors who managed their businesses right and don’t get this TAX exempt status . Boy if those evil Oil companies had gotten such a sweet deal you sheep would be screaming . What Obama did was reward bad behavior and a bad business plan by GM . The real American Co , FORD , didnt ask for a bailout and is getting screwed by comparison . GM by the way has used our Tax dollars to OUTSOUCE JOBS to CHINA . That’s right sheeple 4 new plants in CHINA . Out sourcing our jobs with our tax dollars .Healthcare .. the only reason ObamaTAX was approved by the Court is because the Court rewrote the bill for them . This is the 1st time in history the Court has done this . Roberts changed the word Penalty Fine and Fee to TAX . So Obama didnt pass healthcare legally . He passed ObamaTAX . Your assertion that it will cover 98% of America is laughable as it was only built and designed to cover 17 mil more ..That wont work out to 98% . It also doesn’t take into account allthose who work in the Private sector who will be dropped by their companies and wont be able to afford 10 to 30 K for their own coverage . Most economists expect that in 10 years the number of uncovered will be the same as it is today . the only dsifference is that lazy entitlement people will get a shiny new benefit on the backs of the middle class ..The same middle class who wont have coverage but will still have to pay the TAX PENALTY . To your other point… if the G20 summit was an indicator we have lost face in the World Community . They view Obama as inexperienced and amateurish . Which he is . By the way you sound as informed as Sarah Jessica Parker .”..You know the guy who created 4 mil jobs “( while losing about 8 mil and in which there are 1.3 mil fewer jobs today …. the jobs that are there are lower paying and part time )..That’s how intelligent you sound

          8. DurdyDawg July 11, 2012

            Obviously there’s no tricking the tricksters.. You’ve got all the answers and you haven’t even been in office.. Whoop do woo! Now let’s vote in the mittenhead and really see what we’ll be entitled to. Moron.

          9. Parisgirl July 11, 2012

            Very well said! I hope you do not mind if I borrow the Greed Over People…I love it!

          10. Philipp Santos July 11, 2012

            good job you nail it

          11. Parisgirl July 11, 2012

            You sound about as uninformed as FOX news….I guess that makes sense even if you do not. The president had not only been pushing Bush’s snowball back of the hill, he has been pushing it up while dragging the GOP behind him.

          12. Michael Stoll July 11, 2012

            I would love to have George Bush back …are you kidding me …The worst unemployment under Bush was 7.2 to 7.6% depending on who’s numbers you use . America had a trilple A Credit rating . Gas was 179 . /gal …are you kidding me easy choice .

          13. DurdyDawg July 11, 2012

            Your a total dolt! Living in a past that was quickly being consumed by recession but was held back just before the master baiter left office for his hole in the ground. Hell, before Dubya we had 98¢ gas and even lower unemployment .. Guess that don’t count because he didn’t sport an ‘R’ around his butt. Fool!

          14. Lynda July 12, 2012

            It appears that you’ve forgotten that gas was actually over $4 per gallon in the later part of Bush’s term. How soon they forget when it is convenient to do so.

          15. montanabill July 12, 2012

            George Washington was a successful businessman too, so I guess that also made him a bad President in your eyes. Wise up.

          16. princeben July 11, 2012

            Yes, your president was a community organizer. But he was also a lawyer…he was also professor that taught constitutional law. He had a career, if you want to talk about resume. Pls read up the right info before you start attacking and making stuff up.

          17. Betta July 11, 2012

            princeben – Obama and his wife have both had their law licenses taken away from them. I wonder why? I see you have not done your due diligence. May the scales of koolaid fall from your eyes before it is too late.

          18. Gammaanya July 11, 2012

            Provide evidence of that. I am in Illinois. Both lawyers they both WORKED before became Senator and He worked as a Senator. Nothing wrong being Community Organizer to benefit the common man.. DO you KNOW WHAT COMMUNITY ORGANIZING IS ????? Ask Faux News. They know everything LOLOLOLOLOL
            You like a parrot. repeat know nothings. RESEARCH, RESESARCH Ignorance can be cured but stupid is forever. Join the South in hate and separate from US of America and become United States of Austerity. Visas and proper ID will be required to visit the USA.

          19. 4BusinessOnly July 11, 2012

            Funny you say that Visas and proper ID will be required to visit the USA but you don’t think any form of proper government ID is required to vote. Very interesting.

          20. johninPCFL July 11, 2012

            WHICH proper ID? Want to buy liquor? Student ID is fine. Vote? Oh, hell no. Buy a gun? Student ID is fine. Vote? Oh, hell no. Get a driver’s license? Student ID is fine. Vote? Oh, hell no.

            Why? Well, students mostly vote Democrat. We don’t want them making crucial decisions while they are just students, do we?

          21. 4BusinessOnly July 11, 2012

            I do not have a issue with Student ID or Drivers License as long as it is a valid government issued ID. I do know that in my state you surely can’t by a gun or liquor with a Student ID.

          22. johninPCFL July 11, 2012

            I would bet you can. What I know directly is that in Texas when the new laws were concocted (the best word I can apply here) teh student ID was EXPLICITLY EXCLUDED. Not left in a questionable margin, this STATE ISSUED ID was called out as unuseable for voting.

            Students do track to the Democrat ticket, so…eliminate their votes. The elderly often don’t have birth certificates and often vote Democrat, so…eliminate their votes. Fraudulent voters often have Hispanic-sounding names, so…eliminate their votes (happening in FL).

            There have been under 500 cases of voter fraud prosecuted in the US since 2006. Counting all the votes cast, that is a 0.00000000001% problem. The number of disenfranchised voters under the new “stifle the vote” laws? 180,000 in FL, 650,000 in PA, etc. How many votes does Romney need to win?

          23. Lynda July 12, 2012

            In Texas a gun license is OK, but a student ID is not. Does such nonsense really make sense to you?

          24. Michael Stoll July 11, 2012

            That is such a Stupid statement as all the Red States are prospering and all the Blue States are floundering . they are floundering by pandering to Govt Unions and raising taxes . Businesses and tax payers are fleeing those states .

          25. Landsende July 11, 2012

            Betta, get your facts straight. The Obamas voluntarily gave up their law licenses otherwise they would have had to do continuing education. Hard to do when your the President and first lady. They can reapply for their licenses at any time. It’s apparent you’ve been listening to Faux News and of course they never lie or twist the facts.

          26. Michael Stoll July 11, 2012

            Wrong and a Lie ..they both had their Law Licenesse lifted for disiplinary reasons . You can look it up in the Law review or go to tha ABA or CBA site

          27. Landsende July 11, 2012

            Check out Fact Check a nonpartisan site.

          28. DurdyDawg July 11, 2012

            You can’t reason with them or convince them otherwise Landsende as they drink too much haterade.. Let them sleep it off some where away from us.

          29. DukeDacat July 11, 2012

            Betta… Please provide a link to the Fact Check that supports your outrageous claim

          30. Lynda July 12, 2012

            Who needs facts when a good story from Faux is all one needs? Strange times we are witnessing.

          31. Lynda July 12, 2012

            Betta, you and Mike Stool are quoting from a debunked viral e-mail. The idea is total bullshit and you both should know better.

            James Grogen, deputy administrator and chief counsel of Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court of Illinois says you are full of it.

            That official confirmed months ago that no public disciplinary proceedings have ever been brought against either of them. Voluntary inactivating their licenses was done to avoid a requirement to take continued education classes and pay hundreds of dollars in annual fees. Since they were not going to continue as active lawyers such classes and fees were unnecessary. Such actions are taken by attorneys all the time when, for a variety of reasons, they are not going to be active in the profession. The official has made it clear that the Obama’s can practice law anytime in the future if they wish to do so. Just how many former President’s and First Ladies go back to work? Seriously folks…let the crap fall away and open your eyes and delete such frivolous e-mails before they cloud your judgement. Such nonsense is bad for you and the country.

          32. 4BusinessOnly July 11, 2012

            Like I said he has never had a real job as he has always lived off the public’s dime. I am talking a real job and please tell me how long did he practice law?

          33. joceandre July 11, 2012

            Long enough to become your president. Now that he blessed you with health care ,go seek and you shall find a doctor to remove your blinders.

          34. WhutHeSaid July 12, 2012

            In order for that procedure to be successful they will first have to remove the head from the butt. Then amputate the dog-whistle. I’m not sure greedy bigotry can be cured.

          35. Michael Stoll July 11, 2012

            He was never a Teacher or Professor .Hhe was a Lecturer . This is not a career . even if he were a full Professor is that a qualification to be President ? ..It seems I know a hell a lot more about him then any of you …But I am deeply embedded in Communist Occupied Chicago…Oh and I’ve met him

          36. davia55 July 11, 2012

            LOL do you really know the whole story on that? He taught a few classes in retun to use of an office at the university. The faculty seldom saw him, and you will never see him in any faculty photos. I think YOU need to read up before writing. There are great books to read, and not any of his autobiography brag books, I mean real books written by real authors. The one I found most enlightening was called “The Amateur” and yes…Obama is an Amateur. I wouldn’t call having one and two classes much of a career.

          37. Parisgirl July 11, 2012

            You sir are joking…I hope. The president grew up in the real world raised by a single mother and grandparents who were middle class. He worked jobs like every other college kid and did not have a dad who could write a check for everything. He earned his way to where he is…He did not invest his daddy’s money to earn more…lots more after Bush’s tax cut. What in Romney’s entire life would lead you to believe that he has ever lived in the real world when he was born with 6 silver spoons in his mouth. And I would like to say that it is FOX news against the world. Globally speaking they are out of reality in all aspects of news reporting. And as far as a puppet on a string, if you do not recognize Carl Rove as the puppet master in this fiasco, you entirely missed the Bush years. Romney, by his own admissions, is out to duplicate those years. Just listen to him every time he opens his mouth…Carl Rove…Carl Rove….Carl Rove.

          38. rustacus21 July 11, 2012

            The job PRESIDENT OBAMA now has, was made exponentially more difficult by the last guy who had the position – a guy MIA in the military& in the Oval Office (that fills U w/such pride, rite?) for the entirety of 2001-2009. Had he been on either “job”, he would have known the tax cuts, war & cutting back government didn’t work in 1928, 1981 or 2001, when he proposed his own version of these same initiatives. A “Community Organizer” is a very noble vocation – it allows U to be able to interact w/a broad diversity of people – a “mature” & “adult” skill that Romney still lacks – be it an NAACP crowd, or just an average, ordinary cross section of middle class White America…

          39. rockinthebayinFlorida July 11, 2012

            You are another one that doesn’t understand that the United States is NOT a company for profit, and it can’t be run like one…it is NOT supposed to “make” money. Just because Rombo ran a “business”, doesn’t qualify him to run the country…

          40. Dianrib July 11, 2012

            yes yes yes many jobs read above

          41. Patricia July 11, 2012

            Obama was a Constitutional Law Professor — I think that’s a job.
            And I’m sure he learned a great deal about the world during his formative years without a father and when he was being a community organizer — especially about middle class people, blue collar workers & the working poor. Romney, however, sent jobs overseas when he worked at Bain and when he was Gov. of Massachusetts. Plus, Romney has received 13 pants-on-fire awards from Politifact for bald-faced lies. Obama has only received 3. In Mass. Romney raised taxes & fees on the middle class while cuttting taxes for millionaires like himself. Middle class families in Mass. saw their state & local taxes increase by $1,227 per person. Sources: Fact check, Boston Globe, The Tax Foundation.

          42. Eduardo Gonzalez July 11, 2012

            I’m a small businessman, I’ve had my own pest control business since ’91. I have more faith in Obama than on that phony, Romney.

          43. joceandre July 11, 2012

            Yes , he has held a real job. He has been your president for the last 3 and a half years and has done a very good job at it. So put that in your pipe and smoke it since you no longer have to worry about Bin Laden or Bin crappin and all the others that he got rid of. Have a little humility and and say thanks for a job well done.

          44. Cal2Dave July 11, 2012

            Wouldn’t you consider law professor a ‘real’ job? 12 Yrs! Oh, and constitutional law. Also was a civil rights lawyer. Apparently, whatever your media outlets are – they must tell only one side of the story.

          45. carlondde July 12, 2012

            Did Rumknee pay you some money IDIOT?

          46. Lynda July 12, 2012

            Does college professor count? You are sounding like a pinhead my friend. Also does being an elected state representative and United States Senator count as having a job? Seriously, put down the TV remote and start paying attention.

          47. Ed July 12, 2012

            He has much more knowledge of what was once called “the common people”.

        2. Michael Stoll July 11, 2012

          Ive seen it . He says he went to a few colleges and he recieved foriegn student aidwhile doing so . By the way only foriegners can recieve that so why is he President ? He then became a Community Organizer and did some work for the voter fraud wing of the DEM Party ( ACORN ) . He became a DEM US Senate Candidate and won the DEM primary when Axeldude revealed Blair Hulls divorce records a month before the Primary ( Hull was leading in the polls by double digits ). Hull had a bad divorce from his wife who was leveling nasty but untrue allegations . Axeldude knew this because he was supposed to work on Hulls campaign and Hull had interviewed him for such . During that interview Axeldude asked Hull if there were anything that might come out during an election . Hull told him about his Divorce . A week later George Soros convinced Axeldude to work for Obama . When it became apparent Obama would lose . Axeldude playd Hylls divorce for the press . He then was supposed to run against Jack Ryan in the general election . The L A Times on a tip from Axeldude asked a Judge to unseal Jack Ryans divorce records …Jack was leading in those polls by 30% at the time . Ryan was divorced from the actress Jeri Ryan because he liked to have sex in front of people ( with his own wife mind you ) and she didnt . Anyway with a special needs child they share he didnt want a;l that out there so he dropped out . Obama cleared the field in both of these instances in a very dirty coniving dishonest way . Ok so he becomes a Senator and votes Present 86% of the time . Why ? Well from the minute he became a Senator he knew he wanted to be President and didnt want his opponents to have a record on him they could attack . So instead of representing the people of Illinois who elected him he PUNTED …Showing what kind of leader he is . After 143 days as a Senator Obama announced he would run for President . That is his resume . Community Organizer for a nefarious group of despots and felons …and a Senator who manipulated his way into office with absolutely no practical experience or accomplishments ..Now he is President or Ruler as he makes up his own rules as he goes along and treats the constitution like toilet paper ..Did I miss anything …uh NO .

        3. davia55 July 11, 2012

          yep you are a democrat. Don’t give a rational response, just slam people. Have you seen the presidents resume. It can fit on half a sheet of paper

        4. 2012CA2012 July 11, 2012

          I agree with you Elsa and tricky is the nature of a fox and fox news are tricky!

        5. Jacob July 15, 2012

          THANK YOU!

      2. South Florida July 11, 2012

        You should state facts not assumptions. Clearly your a straight ticket voter?? Elmer Fudd on the Republican ticket, your voting for him?? Damn those rasically rabbits!!

        1. 4BusinessOnly July 11, 2012

          I vote for the man best qualified and I am not happy 100% with Romney but I will take him over BHO.

          1. johninPCFL July 11, 2012


          2. BDD1951 July 11, 2012

            Just because he has Republican before his name. Haven’t I taught you anything. republican voters don’t care how big an ass their candidate is. Heck he’s a republican, let’s vote for him. Even if he is Satan in disguise.

          3. Michael Stoll July 11, 2012

            yes he would have to be in disguise ..to be Satan he would need an Obama Costume …Infanticide anyone ??

          4. rick hughes July 11, 2012

            Then you are a FOOL

        2. Michael Stoll July 11, 2012

          I would vote for Elmer Fudd or Kim Kardashain over Obama …either would be better

          1. WhutHeSaid July 12, 2012

            Yes, yes — neither of them is black, right? We get it.

            Listen: Bigots are a dying breed – fact. Don’t go away squealing, just go away.

      3. Parisgirl July 11, 2012

        His resume shows that he bankrupted businesses, tore them apart and then sent jobs overseas. It would also show that he was #47 out of 50 states in job creation as a one term governor. His own state will not even support him. But on the bright side…he made himself so rich that he has not only Swiss bank accounts, but Cayman Island bank accounts. (Does that mean he does not trust his money in the banks that he wants to deregulate to Bush standards so they can have free reign to rob even more from the poor blue collar guy.) What is he hiding and from who? Oh and he also made a lot of his Super Pac buddies terribly rich. Why not? Now they can spend billions to try to put him in the white house where he can make them even richer. When will these closed minded voters come out of the FOX news cloud of lies and misrepresentation and see the real faces they support. Faces of greed, lies, and complete disregard for this country and no concern for what is good for the majority of people who actually work for a living.

        1. Gammaanya July 11, 2012

          The supporters think that Romney will trickle down his wealth to them and they will be like him. You said it girl. Like I said many times before. Mind is like a parachute, only works when open. Their mind is so closed they will have deadly landings. You go girl. Kudos for you to see the light
          They think that being CEO is a job, I do Income taxes and I am CPA and have never seeing any CEO doing any work except playing golf and sign off on work that others did. Most people do not realize that being CEO is not a work but OK and accept everybody’s work and if they succesfull he takes all the credits and bonusse. Did any of them got any 1M or more bonus for a job well done??? Nah, they can dream about it. In reality that’s why they get bonusses on the labor of others and that’s why Romney became rich.
          Obama did work as a lawyer was bright enough to go for a state job when opening came and he got it, not any dfifference than getting a job as a POTUS. I take Obama resume over Romney anytime. Obama did not bankrupt any company and NO, he did not bankrupt the country. He actually is doing pretty good job,sdespite of the debt that Bush left him to fullfill and pay. Unless people understand accounting, economy and world trade then they can have an opinion otherwise, shut up and don’t speak of things you have no clue. Don’t comment on a book you never read, or don’t quote somebody when you don’t understand the basics.
          Parisgirl – seems to me you got it right. Funny, how much bonus 4 Business Only got on his job. Him vs his CEO.???? LOLOLOLOL

          1. Parisgirl July 11, 2012

            You are so right…most people flapping their jaws do not understand the principles of the economy much less what the national debt is in actuality. Paul Krugman, a nobel prize winning economist has tried to tell these tea party fanatics that you have to SPEND money during a recession or plunge the economy into a depression just like what happened in 1929. We sat in the depression until we were plunged into WWII and were forced to SPEND. I know what you mean about CEO’s not working…I worked for one as an ‘assistant’. Ha! He was either on a golf course, in a bar, or out of the country. And you are right again….everyone else did the work while he collected the play. I am afraid, that like many others 4BusinessOnly has a bad case of rhetoric poisoning. It destroys all logic and common sense and replaces it with partisan ideology that is not beneficial to any but the CEO class of people who spend their days thinking of more rhetoric.

      4. Dianrib July 11, 2012

        Obama harvard College Professor Author Senator Gutsy Pres
        Put that in your pipe and smoke that corp suck up Mitt

      5. LisaC134 July 11, 2012

        OHB had a higher-grade point average, President of Harvard’s Law Review, and a long list of credits that he earned without dear-ole’-dad to vouch for him.
        But most importantly, OHB didn’t have a reputation as a bully, a sick-practical-joker, a dilettante of business management.

      6. 2012CA2012 July 11, 2012

        What counts is the person applying not the resume and Mitt has bad breath during his interview!

      7. carlondde July 12, 2012

        Yes, the other pages have know how to hide money overseas to evade taxes, know how to ship jobs overseas for cheaper labor and very good at impersonating police officers!

      8. Eugene July 12, 2012

        Your AN IDOT!!!!!!You just don’t get math you have to spend to buy,so other people make the things you buy= WORK. Health Care every one should have it?OSAMA DEAD.REPUBLICANS JUST SAY NO DONT GOVERN JUST GREAT.Just keep on cutting till no one spends and everything drys up.Obama saved the auto industry again saved mollions of jobs from the people who make the light bulbs to the brak pads.Wake up you IDOT.That is just a few things if he had help like the jobs bill that would have put 1.2 million people to work?? The wonderful republican party just say no, helped a real lot.Our presiden is a well educated man if you did your homework more educated than mitt the flip flopper lier that he is,yes we need another bush who left the country with a meltdown like losing 750,000 jobs a month,deregulation again = TRANS OCANIC GULF OF MEXCIO SPILL ,KATRINA HIS FRIEND A HORSE TRAINER WONDERFUL.Please get your head out of your behind,also do some real reading.Don’t just get your information off fox news.Their is a new program on HBO that will show what really happened with our disgusting media,by the way they are also bought out 93% are republican owned that is why thre republicans wanted to get rid of public radio.READ

    2. Betta July 11, 2012

      I laughed my fool head off and my mouth hung open in disbelief. He looked and spoke like a complete and utter out-of-touch moron. This video was very telling. Yes, very telling indeed. And if I might add, quite chilling.

    3. S July 11, 2012

      Hooey!!!!! of all the presidents to date Obama is the least qualifies and he is worse than Nixon also. God help us if he gets re-elected, we will all be bowing down to muslims, or he would try to make us do that. And another thing ask Romney to show you his birth certificate, he wont spend a million dollars to prevent it. He is a true american.

      1. Gammaanya July 11, 2012

        Your mind is like a closed parachute. Obama NEVER bowed to MUslims. Faux News at work and brain washed lemming – YOu S stands for .. s head?????

      2. DukeDacat July 11, 2012

        Hey S…You forgot to include your Key Word “He is a true WHITE american”

        I am jist saying, Have a nice day…………..

      3. johninPCFL July 11, 2012

        Obama had the exact same qualifications as Lincoln, right down to the state he served as Senator.

        Romney’s business qualifications are that he knows how to take over a company, borrow the money against the company’s assetts to do it, take HIS money (plus profit) back out of the deal, and let the creditors argue over the resultant debt-bloated corpse in bankruptcy court. So, for the US economy, I’d expect he’d be elected, give away $trillions in tax breaks, pay for them with money borrowed from China, move his money offshore (Caymans probably) and move back to France after the collapse.

        1. Michael Stoll July 11, 2012

          You are kidding right ? No one could possibly say something that stupid unless they were kidding right ? Lincoln held jobs and was a Practicing Attorney . Lincoln didnt use dirty tricks to clear his opponents off the ballot and he was never disbarred . Also Lincoln was born in Kentucky and lived and prospered in Illinois > No one knows what part of Kenya Obama was born in ..Now that his approval ratings are lower then our National Credit rating even the Kenyans dont want to adniot he is theirs

          1. johninPCFL July 11, 2012

            You are kidding right ? No one could possibly say something that stupid unless they were kidding right ? Obama was born in Hawaii as attested to both by the Sec of State of Hawaii and the Sec of State of AZ.

            Obama held jobs and was a Practicing Attorney . Obama didn’t use dirty tricks to clear his opponents off the ballot and he was never disbarred.

            Also Obama was born in Hawaii and lived and prospered in Illinois.

          2. Michael Stoll July 11, 2012

            So you think ..He was never a practicing atty . The only thing he ever did in a Court was to do some paper work for ACORN . as for clearing the ballot of opponents ..You obviously dont know who Blair Hull is do you ? He was running against Obama in the primary for the US Senator > Axelrod cleared him offf the ballot basically by mentioning his bad divorce to the press with 2 1/2 weeks to go in that primary . Blair Hull was leading by double digits before that hit the papers . The only reason Axelrod knew about that is because he was originally supposed to be the campaign mgr of Hulls campaign . During the initial interview he asked Hull if he had anything that might come out during the election and Hull mentioned his divorce . The press was contacted by Axelrod 3 weeks before that primary . This is common knowkedge in Chicago . By the way Axelrod was convinced to shift from Hull to Obama by Puppet Master George Soros ..Also common knowledge in Chicago . If you cant beat them get em off the ballot and clear the playing field . Anyone who lives in Chicago knows that this has always been the way Axelrod operates . Now it would be very easy to bring up scandalous stuff about Obama but everytime someone does the press wont cover it as they are trying to be Liberally PC . They wont mention Ayres , Wright etc ..that would be enough for ANY other candidate to be laughed out of the election …Not Obama because his voters dont care about morals ethics integrity and honesty ..Im starting to believe you all like to be lied to ….Vote for LOKI

          3. johninPCFL July 11, 2012

            Idiot. Corporate paperwork requires an attorney to process, submit, and appear in court. So by your own words he was a PRACTICING ATTORNEY.

            Hull didn’t want to stay in after his divorce was public? Seems kind of thin-skinned. Seems like you don’t like Axelrod playing the Karl Rove part. Maybe you have a problem.

            Ayers’ case was thrown out. Wright sounds just like Todd Palin’s mentor Joe Vogler:”In 1973 Joe Vogler began arguing about the validity of the Alaskan statehood vote. Early in that year, he began circulating a petition seeking support for secession of Alaska from the United States. Alaska magazine published a piece at that time in which Vogler claimed to have gathered 15,000 signatures in three weeks.

            Vogler has been quoted as stating “I’m an Alaskan, not an American. I’ve got no use for America or her damned institutions.”[5][6]

            Maybe that’s why the GOP has dropped it. Too much hypocrisy is bad for business…

    4. montanabill July 12, 2012

      Your incredible ignorance about Romney is astounding! It appears all you know is whatever nonsense you have read on leftwing slander sites. I’m sure you won’t vote for him, but at least learn the truth about his job history, his offshore accounts and his history of success so that you won’t be voting (again) in ignorance.

    5. Jacob July 15, 2012


  5. mmuoio July 11, 2012

    He is truly dumber than he looks.

  6. flatlanderNC July 11, 2012

    Romney says he want’s to help “every American, Poor people and all” I have yet to even hear him mention the poor people of America. When have you even seen him in a poor section of a city or small town? You won’t either. He’s all sit in a studio and talk and no action.

    1. Dave_dido July 11, 2012

      The way he plans to help the poor is to allow them, like dogs, to fight over the crumbs that fall from the rich man’s table. By helping the wealthy, the table will be fuller and so there is more likelihood that some crumbs will fall. This is called “trickle down”. Vote Republican so you will get better crumbs.

    2. Laundy Brewer July 11, 2012

      Romney say he will make sure the Rich don’t lose there money to government.
      And that the Rich don’t become poor. I know Obama Care will not lose jobs not true.
      The number one Children’s Cancer Research Hospital St Jude need this support of Obama Care. Know they don’t have to turn children down who need this hospital.
      This would let them hire more Doctors, Nurse and staff because the children would have health care insurance. The same with Regional Medical Center in Memphis Tn
      where Steve Jobs have his transplant. Now these Great Hospital can be reward for the work they have done for people with no coverage. And don’t wait for money from the city budget each year to keep the hospital. At one time they was talking about closing the Regional Medical Center because of the budget When Bush was in office just 4 years ago.
      And you tell what Hospital or Doctors is going to turn down money they need to running there Health Care Company .

  7. EdwardB July 11, 2012

    Mitt should of rented “Malibu’s Most Wanted” and pickup some su-ziz-le.

    Man. . . how can you look so out of place, “word to your mother”.

  8. connemarasports July 11, 2012

    Rommey Never mention realities like it cost 150 Billion a year of Federal/State funds to pay for emergency care for uninsurance and another 150 Billion a year for Federal/State health ins. for low income working families and another 400 Billion a year for health coverages for medicaid.In the latter this almost 800 BILLION a year in state/fed health aid would be wipe out by private sector provided low income assisted by fed Obama care.

  9. Elsa July 11, 2012

    Camber of Commerence has been against anything that even remotely looks like a single-payer system since the early 20th Century. They were against Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid; now how reliable can their survery be. Perhaps that is why Romney choose to quote their study. If the Republicans want to win so bad, they should have picked a better Candidate. They will not win the Presidentcy unless they cheat.

    1. 4BusinessOnly July 11, 2012

      Why do you think BHO did what he did with illegals and now wants to make sure that they can vote with out showing a valid photo ID. Really? Come on now how stupid can you be?

      1. truthseeker021265 July 11, 2012

        Here we go again with the voter fraud canard. The truth is that reports from elections officials and law enforcement statistics prove that voter fraud at the polling place is almost non-existent! Check into the facts for a change. Individuals are very unlikely to risk voter fraud because of the possible consequences. Especiallythe people you denegrate as illegals.

        On the other hand, voter photo ID laws disenfrachise hundreds of thousands of eligible voters. According to PA state election officials, 758,000 registered voters in Pennsylvania do not have a photo ID from the state’s department of transportation. Now that is more than significant! Anyone who is intellectually honest knows what the Republican Party is up to. So when you speak of stupid, maybe you should takje a look in the mirror.

        1. Michael Stoll July 11, 2012

          Wrong.. Fla is having No trouble finding thousands already to be purged from their rolls . My Ex works as an election Judge here in Chicago where the motto is vote early and vote often . The Union people take that serious and vote for the dead if they cant get them to the polls . In the last election she stopped 3 people who tried to vote twice and then was threatened by another election Judge …You live with Blinders on and will believe whatever talking point some comedian feeds you . With no one checking Ids and Immigration Status how do you know how many of them vote ? Use common sense I know that might be hard for you . All the States that have enacted voter ID have avenues for those who cant afford an ID to get one FREE . That is something Liberals always leave out . So to say that it would overly effect the poor and minorities shows what contempt Liberals hold Blacks in. After all what you are saying is they are less capable of getting a free ID then others .What , You think they are stupid or unable to sign their name ? How disrespectful . If I were Black I would feel very disrespected by that . Now if you want to talk about voter fraud why dont we talk ACORN who have 32 people convicted or awaiting to be convicted of voter fraud . There are more to follow . What about the Black panthers doing unabated and unchallenged voter Intimidation . Eric Witholder wont go after them and that is RACIST

          1. truthseeker021265 July 12, 2012

            To Michael Stoll the Republican Troll:

            The Republican National Lawyers Association (RNLA) attempted to discredit a NAACP report on the lack of voter fraud evidence. Instead it bolsters the view that there is no need for voter ID laws, imposed by many states.

            Viewing the data for the period 2000-2010, the report by its own account shows there is no link between voter fraud in states and the need for stricter voter ID laws. The data shows that during the entire 10 year period, 21 states had only 1 or 2 convictions for some form of voter irregularity. And some of these 21 states have the strictest form of voter ID laws based on a finding of 2 or less convictions in ten years. Five states had a total of three convictions over a ten year period. Rhode Island had 4 convictions for the same 10 years. Taking a close look at the RNLA data shows 30 states, including the District of Columbia had 3 or less voter fraud convictions for a 10 year period.

            In the states with higher convictions of improper voting, most involved voters improperly filling out registration forms, vote buying or a person with a felony conviction attempting to vote. Vote buying occurs when a voter is paid or offered money for their vote. Neither of these issues would be prevented by state photo ID requirement.

            Once again: According to PA state election officials, 758,000 registered voters in Pennsylvania do not have a photo ID from the state’s department of transportation. I would say that is a much more significant number than your alleged voter fraud cases.

            Now we can see that this so rampant? We must have Voter Photo ID laws? There are a number of studies out their, including The Brennan Center for Justice. Please use google and do actual research! Oh I forgot you have all your talking points supplied to you. And how do you have so much time to be all over the comments section of this site and others? Probably a paid troll! I know this because I googled your name as Michael Stoll Republican Troll!

  10. Bigspender July 11, 2012

    Here’s one story that you won’t see on FOX.

  11. mtooey July 11, 2012

    The man is an idiot. Doesn’t he have speech writers or advisors to tell he what “NOT” to say. You can’t fix stupid but the GOP is sure trying to buy a buy an election in spite of studpid. Do they think we don’t get what they arre doing?

  12. GodlessRabble July 11, 2012

    It is pretty sad that one of the greatest countries in the world can only get a moron like this to run for president. Funny thing is, why does this guy with all his money want a job that pays only 100k a year?

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a candidate that actually has a clue…with a plan to make this country what it should be – where we make things that we are proud to sell – where we can earn a decent living for ourselves and our families – where we don’t have to worry about old age or an illness causing us to lose our homes and destroy our lives. A place where folks in other countries look to with envy and our citizens have pride in what we are doing and who we are.

    This country doesn’t need any more pandering politicians….we need a leader…and we need folks to wake up and consider what is good for the country and it’s citizens….We already have enough idiots spreading fear, discourse, religious funaticism and greed.

    We can take this country where it should be. A leader in the world….not a dictator….but a leader. It can be done…but it means GOOD education….real JOBS…FAIR rules….and above all CONSIDERATION and COOPERATION. Voters need to get educated, ask hard questions, get real answers and have a REAL Candidate.

    Maybe someday….

  13. Steven Michael Goins July 11, 2012

    I have to agree it took guts to address the crowd. But I don’t agree with him.

  14. dagamer July 11, 2012

    The problem with the 2 party political system is that now that the last republican president set the bar so low that anybody(Obama)would look good compared to what he did… Nobody wants to go back to the republican policies that lowered the standards of america across the board…Obama is not a great president but he’s not a republican so he will win again…the majority know that you can’t have the fox guarding the hen house.The last republican administration showed us that less regulation only means more white collar corruption..

  15. Larry July 11, 2012

    the us chamber of horrors as i refer to them as well less jobs but see dead people who die from lack of health care can,t work these jobs

  16. Steven Michael Goins July 11, 2012

    and who are the real racist. The poor and disenfrachised. Who are the real racist? If I do not agree with Romney and Agree with Obama I am racist? The only person mentioning race is YOU. So yes we do know the real Racist 4businessonly

  17. Judex July 11, 2012

    “who let the dogs out?” It is Mitt Romney!

  18. mrgwr42 July 11, 2012

    You know if you really want to know how out of touch he is consider this……….In Hamilton, Montana he gave a presentation that was invitation only and the cost of going to see him was $25,000 and then the cost of a dinner plate was $2500 and if you wanted a picture with him it was another $2500. This is a Republican stronghold but also a not very wealthy area and I doubt that 1% of the people around here could possibly afford that. To say he is out of touch is an understatement. You can tell who he really cares about by the fundraiser he had here. The common ordinary person is basically a piece of shit to him and his address to the NAACP is total bullshit and a politically correct attempt at nothing because he really could care less about blacks and any other race besides whites. You know he has his head up his ass when he even tries and pull off a bullshit stunt like he did with the NAACP. I say just build a bunch of Mitt Romney dummies to throw eggs at so you can get some real satisfaction for yourself. The only people he cares about are the ones who will pay $25,000 to see him and $2500 a plate and another $2500 to suck his dick.

  19. Parisgirl July 11, 2012

    Okay….he wants to cut back on teachers and offers them less salary and benefits. This will improve education how.? Firemen and police are nice to have around he said, but they take jobs from the private sector?????? and they add nothing to the economy. This improves the neighborhoods how? No health coverage…how will that improve life. Is he bringing back the jobs he sent out of the country. He is going to confront China harder than the President. Then he misquotes facts and brings up the ‘voucher system that he intends to replace medicare with. Does he ever listen to the crap that spews from his mouth.??????

  20. Jack Wormer July 11, 2012

    We know, after almost three years of GOP/Teabagger political “discourse” in the land, Ideology can overshadow intellect and reality!

    I wonder if, at the end of the Republican National Convention, we’ll be confronted with the bombshell news that Gov. Romney has NOT received the Republican Nomination as Presidential Candidate – and that, instead, an aging but still sprightly Texan, who despite his almost Antediluvian Ideology sounds more in touch with Reality and projects a more straightforward persona, has won the GOP-nomination…

    It’s been much too quiet on the Libertarian Front!

  21. Simon Potts July 11, 2012

    he should be on the price is right, a more shallow waffler is hard to find

  22. Harriet Boe July 11, 2012

    Three cheers to all those that booed this rich, insensitive, tax dodging bum. He banks offshore while he makes his lucre in this country and is nothing but a stooge of Big Business. Hat off to the black community – they have my support.

  23. Etonia Jones July 11, 2012


  24. Robert July 11, 2012

    I give him credit , just for showing up! bravest thing he has done during this campaign!

  25. Robert Blankenship July 11, 2012

    Bull—- is the word. mitt pander….what a joke. It’s an affront that this guy is a candidate for the highest office in the country.

    Stay on his case about his finances America. He’s hiding because he knows that if America sees the details they will puke on his campaign…..as they should. The guy is a phony…bigtime.

  26. Stella53 July 11, 2012

    I must be deaf. I listened to the entire speech and only heard one round of boos and some snickering when Romney said, “if you want a president who will make things better in the African-American community, you’re looking at him.” The headline made it seem like Romney had been booed for most of the speech. The reception was frosty and the folks applauding must have been the 200 supporters who were bused in. Having stated this, I could never support Mitt Romney. There is something about an american President or potential President with Swiss bank accounts, money in Cayman Islands accounts, a record of outsourcing American jobs and getting American workers laid off, and not willing to show more than one year of his income taxes – smells.

  27. Docsplace July 11, 2012

    Isn’t this the same guy who wants to give us fewer police, firemen and teachers? How is he going to be good for people of any color with his plan? I haven’t heard his plan to make things better, just attacks on Obama. Offshoring of jobs has put us in the position we are in. He is rehashing Reagan’s “Trickle Down Economics”, which still hasn’t trickled down. When you go from a surplus at the end of the Clinton administration to the hole we fell into at the end of the Bush administration, intelligent people have a starting point to figure out how we got there.

  28. Thomas m July 11, 2012

    Bishop money man Mitt is asking the NAACP for support is like asking the KKK to support the NAACP.

    1. S July 11, 2012

      Amen Thomas M

  29. S July 11, 2012

    All I have to say is 4 years ago we got something new and untested, now we need a serious change, neither of these guys are great but Romney has a lot more business and political experience than the other idiot. Lets make a change then a real change in 4 more years clean house of all the long timers and put term limits on everyone of them. Then you will see some things get done. Oh and for those of you who booed Romney ask your repeat your politicians to take the same plan Obama is offering you and watch their repsonses. Nuff said

    1. johninPCFL July 11, 2012

      Romney’s business experience? Borrow other people’s money to buy a company, take a huge cut back immediately, transfer the debt to the company, walk away whistling while the debtors close in and push the company to bankruptcy. Romney’s exposure during the takeover? Less than 10% of the buyout amount, and always repaid after the borrowed money arrived.

      Romney averaged $75million per takeover, and more than half of the companies went bankrupt AFTER he got his cut.

      So, for the US economy (following HIS BUSINESS EXPERIENCE), push huge tax cuts through Congress, borrow the money to pay for them from China, move his money offshore (already done), retire to Paris after the collapse.

  30. Dale Davidson July 11, 2012

    To cut that trillion dollars of over spending, how about cutting the huge war machine that wastes dollars and lives?

  31. ChristoD July 11, 2012

    What a crock of shit. The way to fix SS and Medicare is to raise the ‘premiums’ (or FICA taxes….something that the Republicans will not support) for these programs and cut back on fraud. End subject. That is the ONLY way to keep basic services that are absolutely necessary for a half assed retirement. He and the Republicans KNOW that and come hell or high water THAT is what they will do IF they take over the House and Senate. It is called ‘power grabbing’ folks. THAT is what this isall about. As for cutting back benefits to the rich….whoopy ding, BFD.

    1. S July 11, 2012

      Term limits, the president has them why not the congress and senate ??????????

  32. wayne July 11, 2012

    He is a Herbert Hoover all over again. A puppet for big business. Another trip to the soup lines.

  33. Deardra Shuler July 11, 2012

    The only time Romney said anything about the poor was in the early days of his campaign before he was coached and spoke from his heart. He said he did not have to worry about the poor because they had a safety net. What that safety net was or is, he didn’t say or couldn’t say. He also mentioned that his wife was close to the middle class because she had two cadillacs. This is his idea of middle class? One wonders with his money why Romney who had access to Ivy League schools didn’t bother to learn anything. That could apply to George Bush as well. And why were these two so cavilier –because money cushioned their lives and they didn’t feel the need to try harder. Money has a way of making folks feel comfortable, priviledged, arrogant, selfish, thoughtless, uncaring, self-deluding and isolated from those outside their money class. They surround themselves with people like themselves so have no idea what goes on with the rest of the world. Do you think if Romney becomes president, that will change? They feel superior to the those who don’t have their kind of money. They feel their money makes them qualified to lead and dictate – look at New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg as an example. Not all rich, some are fair like Warren Buffet so I am not going to make the wealthy the enemy. But let’s look at the history of folks like Romney. He was governor…was he there for the middle class, the working class, the poor and diverse races, or was he for his own? While he says he will save jobs now in order to get elected, his records showed he handed out pink slips to Americans right and left while shipping jobs overseas. He avoided paying taxes via every tax loophole possible. He says he will preserve Medicaid but not so long ago he said he would slash education and medicaid if elected. That would leave college entry students unable to go to school so unable to pursue good jobs. That would eliminate the ability to get operations, needed medicine, and be able to pay doctor expenses for the majority Americans of every race. It seems Romney will say whatever it takes to get elected but once in, will he resort to his early premise of slashing education and medicaid? Let’s face it, the middle class is dwindling. Its been the middle class that has shouldered the burden for much of the taxes while the rich claim that to over tax them would leave them unable to employ. Yet, these corporate rich have not been creating jobs for Americans for some time. Rather have been saving pennies by hiring and exploiting foreign workers overseas. These traitors to America that continue to play the sleight of hand game telling Americans how Obama is breaking the bank because he is giving the average American health care. While they collect trillions via Wall St and bank bailouts. Other presidents promised healthcare but never delivered. Where Obama fails is his PR. Obama needs to come before American and explain in great detail what Obamacare is and how it works once and for all, so all Americans understand how Obamacare will benefit us. We cannot believe the Republican rhetoric because they have already proven to be out for the rich. What is going to change with Romney? He is just another rich guy helping other rich guys and the beat goes on. The average American must take their country back because unless they do, America will never be the same. Lets not lose our freedoms so the few can continue to prosper and fearmonger to keep us in line. Make them pay their share. Its time.

    1. 4BusinessOnly July 11, 2012

      A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship.

      1. DukeDacat July 11, 2012

        Hey 4BusinessOnly, you loud mouth Jack ass … how about an example of your bull shit logic!!!!

        1. 4BusinessOnly July 11, 2012

          Because of the ignorance you show in your statement my logic would go over your head. It is a shame you can’t have a conversation without using curse words. Totally shows your ignorance. Must be sad to be you. Study up on history and then we can have a conversation about it if you can refrain from talking like a idiot.

      2. johninPCFL July 11, 2012

        Yeah, Beck’s been beating that horse since 2006. Has Limbaugh begun shouting the same crap now?

      3. microt1000 July 12, 2012

        This country is not a Democracy. It is a Republic. It was founded as a Republic and was never intended to be a Democracy.

  34. Larry Lynn July 11, 2012

    If a republican has the balls to show up to a NAACP convention, the people who invited him there should show some respect. Now that has been said, I still voting for Obama

  35. mrgwr42 July 11, 2012

    4Business only is another example of exactly what I’m talking about. He is for business only and f*** the rest of society. It makes sense that he would support Mitt Romney because he is one of those elitist bastards who would have paid $25,000 to see Romney and $2500 to suck his dick. He has cum all over his face from it and is licking it off right now as we speak and yes he does swallow. If you want to know anymore just continue reading his blogs and you will get the clear picture. He is partially blinded by the cum that got in his eyes and that he can’t get out with his tongue. If you want to be extra nice splash him in the eyes with clear water and clear up his vision so he can see once again.

  36. TaxEmLike1938 July 11, 2012

    He mentions a survey by the Chamber of Commerce. Everybody Knows that the Chamber of Commerce is owned and run by the Republican Party. Who is he Kidding?

  37. stacie monahan July 11, 2012

    I am not surprised that he was booed at the NAACP, I am going to play the devils advocate and just say that he did have guts to even go there, but I have no respect for a man who is just there to get a token vote. He is in desperate need for more African-American support, and he is also in desperate need for women voters as well. I am getting a little worried though this is going to be quite a close one, and every one who has the opportunity, should be out there on election day voting. I think every single vote is going to matter in this one!

  38. miked July 11, 2012


  39. Michael Stoll July 11, 2012

    Romney was booed once and it was when he asserted he would repeal the ObamaTAX bill which would help Blacks .Unfortunatley most of them are typical Low Information Liberals who cant understand how ObamaTAX is going to break them . 1st it would save them from having to pay a TAX PENALTY,,because they cant afford to buy INS . 2nd the ones that arent working and that is a whole lot more then other races ,,might find work . Blacks and Women have been negatively affected the most under Obama in terms of employment and pay . Hell They really need to stop waging war on women

    1. CAThinker July 11, 2012

      Geez you’re such a moron…

  40. Steve danna July 11, 2012



  41. rustacus21 July 11, 2012

    Several days ago, National Memo writer Mr. Leonard Pitts Jr. “offered” to assist Romney in his prep for this speech. Obviously, Mr. Romney declined this advise & well, this is the result. Being so out of touch w/American diverse cultures, Romney, like all (or most) conservatives doesn’t know – or often care what’s on their minds. Besides, his policy priorities would only address .05 of 1% of the NAACP demographic, just as its geared to address only 1% of the entire American population. Not a very good outlook for a person aspiring to be president of all of America & ALL of it people. President obama has no such conflict, as even his policies have shown. But then again, conservatives have NEVER viewed the entirety of the American people as a priority – only the rich & corporations…

  42. John Zeigler July 11, 2012

    National basic health insurance for all…. let those who can afford it buy additional insurance. This is not that difficult. If we do nothing we are certainly going to be like so many others destroying our countries wealth. What we have now is going to lead to an implosion and it will not be fun.

  43. PaulWells52 July 11, 2012

    Why bother with the NAACP crowd? Of course they are in favor of Obamacare, they aren’t the ones that will pay for it, the rest of America will. Well, at least he tried, but it does not surprise me at all that his message of financial responsibility, and government accountability did not go over well with THIS crowd!

  44. JOE July 11, 2012

    If Romney wants clapping instead of boo’s he better go give the same speach to rich white america,he must think the rest of ous must be preaty dumb

  45. rick hughes July 11, 2012

    Romneys mentors were Richard Nixon and George W. Bush

  46. earlwatters July 11, 2012

    what the hell is he even there for sorry ass blacks want everything they can get free. get a job mother f—kers

    1. cabadas July 12, 2012


  47. rustacus21 July 11, 2012

    Response to Mr. “4business”: Being effectively made ineffective by a do-nothing, obstructionist conservative congress, I would almost agree, except for the fact that women are closer to pay-parity to their male co-workers (the Ledbetter Equal Pay Act), a thriving auto market (the bailout of Detroit auto makers), improved workers safety rules, but most important, not letting the economy slip over the cliff as the last administration tried to, I’d say is a VAST improvement over his predecessor…

  48. rick hughes July 11, 2012

    There is voter fraud , but on the Republican side, just look at Florida, hanging chads………. and Carl Rove and his connections with the elecronic voting machines .

  49. Arvid123 July 11, 2012

    The anger I hear from the right is truly scary. That anger will come out over any proposal that means changing something from how it has always been. Doesn’t matter what the benefits of the proposal might be. If it means real change, the righ will show no mercy with their toxic rage.

  50. rockinthebayinFlorida July 11, 2012

    I wouldn’t vote for this guy for urinal patrol in the men’s room!

  51. rick hughes July 11, 2012

    Ill take take that bet , i bet i can refute every issue you might have and i wont quote the media like u do with fox……. lol

  52. rick hughes July 11, 2012

    Just check your facts, we have been going down in the world ever since Richard Nixion was in office, every time a Republican gets in office we as a nation loose, we even had a balanced budget at one time ……. oh yeah it was under a democrat……fancy that

  53. Bobby Upchurch July 11, 2012

    If u believe that then u love boiled ice cream

  54. bcarreiro July 11, 2012

    “just vote for the other guy” ….we will:-)

  55. michael July 11, 2012

    how rude of any crowd to boo an individual running for public office. I say get rid of obama care and he and biden, palosi and reed. what a bunch of creeps and nobody can believe a single thing any of the say. they would say or do anything to get a vote, legal or illegal. the booing is not a surprise, probably set up by our current admininstration at the White House. that is about the level of response one could expect from them.

    1. microt1000 July 12, 2012

      Michael, you just pointed out one of the biggest problems with the political system in this country. The people who are elected to public office are nothing but “Public Servants.” They are given fancy titles like President and Senator but they are there to serve, guess who? US!
      They aren’t there to be placed on a pedestal and they aren’t there to serve their own interests or the interests of powerful lobbies or their rich friends but the interests of we, who elected them, are put on the backburner in favor of those other interests.
      Our system of government is broken. The two party system hasn’t worked for some time and, until we come to terms with this, and really push for change we are all going to find that things are going to become very difficult in this country.
      I don’t know about you, but I’ve worked too hard for what I have, including my retirments savings to lose all of it because the people who run this country on a daily basis are nothing but a group of incompetent, self-serving individuals who probably can’t even balance their own checkbooks.
      Yet, we trust them to manage the everyday activities of our country including the billions of dollars in taxes collect on a yearly basis. Ask yourself how stupid that is.

  56. Looking at Romney is like looking at Bush all over again. In my opinion, the US economy would more than likely go deeper into the RED if Romney is elected. He is already being dishonest to himself and the American people with “lack” of knowledge and “lack” sharing personal information. I wonder if Romney and his family have a concept of what it is like to struggle with a job and still not able to buy groceries or necessities for the children. Not to mention a possible first lady that does not know what it is like to be a working mother with various obligations other than telling staff members when to wipe her babies behinds, go grocery shopping or scub a dirty toliet.

  57. Robert A. Williams July 11, 2012

    Lets see – Obama has been President for more than 3 years. How much better have things gotten in the Black community during that time? Oh – they’ve gotten much worse? How did I know that?

    1. Patricia July 11, 2012

      Because the Republicans torpedo his every move. Republicans are even torpedoing bills that they like –because as soon as they hear that Obamalikes the bills too — then the Republicans are against it. The Republicans have stated time and again that their number one priority is to get rid of Obama — not to help our country.

  58. Dianrib July 11, 2012

    Keep o n dreamin Fox fans Obama = College Professor Author Senator Gutsy Pres Got boin laden Saved US auto industry Middle class tax cuts
    A Great resume Mitt Corp suck up Job and pension killer Pusher of low wages Buster of workers rights Anti women policies Birth control =
    fair pay and more try PBS FOX Hannity & Rush lie cheat make stuff up
    T bag congress blocks all even road repair bills Corps & T baggers will run
    NO guts Mitt would not stand up to Rushs vile comments about women or Trumps birth er trash and vowed to crush Obama Screw jobs as long as Obama loses NO thanks

  59. Dianrib July 11, 2012

    NO facts Rick just Fox BS and bluster

  60. Dianrib July 11, 2012

    Ignorance is not bliss Its dangerous former GOP voter

  61. If you are so much more educated than Sarah Jessica Parker, why aren’t you President of the US. Plus you need to learn how to spell and write correctly.

  62. ExPAVIC July 11, 2012


    The person who filmed this piece needs an award. Seeing how Mittens was flip flopping all over the place, it was hard to keep the camera in focus.

    Come on people, this guy isn’t worth a minute of your consideration. In reality RoMoney has more male bovine fecal matter in his pockets than can be found in Kansas City or Omaha.

    The al-Qaeda leadership must be laughing their turbans off just thinking about dealing with this clown. Where will Mitt be holding his prayer meetings with them and will he be using The Book of Mormon as reference?

  63. James July 11, 2012


  64. Kellymarie July 11, 2012

    obama care makes ppl less likely to hire? hmm…maybe thats an excuse not to hire, or maybe obama care has nothing to do with them hiring, they just dont like it and are threatening not to hire to get their way.

  65. Philipp Santos July 11, 2012

    kiss you ass then fool

  66. Kellymarie July 11, 2012

    wait, he knows nothing about the “african american community”….he was too stiff…his phony was seen right through..

  67. Philipp Santos July 11, 2012

    Yeah you’re right mostly Republicans who are commenting here are too stupid .Pretty sure they’ve been brainwashed by Fox News again and again.

  68. HLMP06 July 11, 2012

    Someone please inform Mr. Romney that there is no Obama Care, the CORRECT title to the act is the HEALTH CARE REFORM ACT.

  69. Philipp Santos July 11, 2012

    very well said ..

  70. Robert P. Robertson July 11, 2012

    The wealth of America was gained off of the holocaust of hundreds of millions of Africans in America. For 400 years, that wealth was invested into America to create the generational wealth enjoyed by whites in America in the form of entitlements and privileges. During the Bush/Cheney Administration, that wealth was stolen from white America under the false pretenses of two wars with Bush and Cheney profiteering from those wars through Haliburton and Blackwater costing America billions upon billions of dollar and has gotten America into the double-digit trillion dollar debt it is now in. Instead of laying the blame where it should lay, the republicans and the tea Party is blaming the Obama/Biden Administration for a mess they inherited. If Mitt Romney get into the presidency, not only would the Republicans and the Tea Party finish the destruction they started in America, within four years, America will be no more. America will sink like a rock! White people should remember that before Europeans began the holocaust of millions of Africans, they enslaved their own for over a thousand years in the form of serfdom, vassalage, and fiefdom. Cannibalism has always been the staple of a pig.

  71. Patricia July 11, 2012

    Why don’t we remember what FDR did during the Great Depression — and just do what he did? He created a huge burst of Federal spending between 1939-1941 (before the U.S. entered WWII). FDR’s burst of spending caused a 7% rise in the total number of jobs in America — the equivalent of adding 10 million jobs today. FDR ran up an enormous amount of debt, much more than we have today — but that debt did not hurt us at all. A large amount of debt is not a problem when you are in a depression or a recession. Obama has been trying to spend more by giving the states a lot more money to help them pay for teachers, fire fighters & police officers. Scranton Pennsyvania is now cutting fire fighters & police officers pay down to minimum wage — and other cities are on the verge of bankruptsy! The Federal Gov. has to spend a lot of money to get us out of this recession. And we need to forget about the debt until the economy is much healthier! Remember, when Clinton left office with a surplus? Why was there a surplus then? Because we had FULL employment then! It is full employment that helps bring down the deficit. And when we are at full employment is when we should start cutting down the debt — not during a recession or a depression. Cutting down the debt during a recession or a depression is the absolute worst thing you can do to a slack economy. Obama included $35 billion to prevent layoffs of police firefighters & teachers in his $447 billion jobs package — but the bill was overridden by Republicans in Congress.

    1. 4BusinessOnly July 16, 2012

      You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. You cannot help the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer. You cannot further the brotherhood of man by encouraging class hatred. You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich. You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than you earn. You cannot build character and courage by taking away man’s initiative and independence. You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves.

  72. Patricia July 11, 2012

    Republicans around the country are trying to keep registered voters from voting by requiring identification they do not have and have to purchase to get. The Republicans know that a large percentage of minorites (25% of African Americans) do not currently have the required identification. They also know that the vast majority of minorities vote Democratic. More than one Republican Congressman has stated to the media that the new voter identification laws will keep Obama from winning the election — and that is exactly why they implemented these new laws in the first place — It’s like Selma Alabama all over again — and Americans across the country should not stand for it.

  73. Patricia July 11, 2012

    Mitt says that businesses will not hire people if the Affordable Care Act is implemented — then why is Romneycare doing so well in Massachusetts? It’s virtually the same as the Affordable Care Act. The current Gov. of Mass. says that more businesses in Mass. are now offering health insurance to their employees than before Romneycare was implemented. So if its working so well in Mass. why won’t it work for all of us? No reason at all.

  74. DurdyDawg July 11, 2012

    Absolutely, the man is out of touch. His lame suppositions cling to deaf ears. How can one claim to help a particular people by claiming cuts in g’ment spending that can only be implemented through the poor and middle class while keeping mum about real money pits.. Saying to cut tax favors for the wealthy will not assure future jobs, the blacks (as well as the whites) have seen these last ten years that giving them these tax breaks actually produces jobs…. Over seas!! He say’s he will treat the black community special, much better than Obama did yet the blacks know that nothing added to nothing still leaves nothing. It’s like I’ve said before, Romney and the GOP believe they will be a sho-in by riding on the rebel yell of, “Anybody but Obama!”.. He just got a taste of reality of this philosophical by-phrase and it didn’t taste good. Number one.. To gain someone’s trust, you first must be trustworthy and to date, he hasn’t even acquired that ability. Number two: Do Not try to take away somebody’s only hope when you don’t have a working alternative and finally, stating you will reveal ALL your plans to make this a wonderful place again once you become POTUS is in itself a trick manipulation.. He will not reveal his actual tax returns of this and prior years (3 to 5 would suffice) until AFTER he becomes head clown THEN he will think about it.. In that light, who’s to say he’ll even come clean then? I have no assurances, do you?

  75. SA Tom July 11, 2012

    Why did you not show the multiple clips where his speech was interrupted by applause? Oh, and you forgot about the standing ovation at the conclusion of his speech. Your story title should have read “Romney Gets Remarkable Cheers From Anti-White Audience.”

    1. rmarqua2921 July 12, 2012

      Spin it anyway you want! I am hoping November comes fast! I frankly don’t care who is voting for whom! I know who I am voting and you trying to say that Romney was loved by the NAACP, or not loved, is not going to make any difference to me. Romney never said anything that even makes sense! Now he even lost his etch-a-sketch! Maybe he just realized thinking Americans can’t be fooled anymore!

  76. Evelyn July 11, 2012

    why would you want to take away the health care that can help people who work and pay insurance but still can’t get the care they need. Mr. Romney you have never had to work on a job in your life. you don’t know how it feel to work on a job that has asbestos. employer don’t let you know you are working around asbetos. later you have health issue that your insurance want cover, it’s not your flaut. just making a living for your family.and now you got to live or die with chest pains, difficulty in breathing. until one day you die. This come from the oil riggs.you made your money from. and you say cut out the Obama care.

  77. Robert P. Robertson July 11, 2012

    Many Americans forget about FDR. Republicans and the Tea Party would have called him a tax and spend liberal. They forget that Clinton left millions of dollars in surplus. They forget that Bush/Cheney doled that surplus out as tax breaks to the rich. When individuals are on an agenda, they develope tunnel vision. The Bush/Cheney Administrations has had more of a devstating effect on America can any of us can fathom. I would dare to sat rhar Buxh and Cheney are two of the wealthiest men in the world right now from the wreckage they wrought on the American econmy. They have exposed the naivete of an innocent American citizen who unwittingly call themselves Republicans and Democrats, and leave it up to them to get things done for us. But anyone who would spend millions of dollars to get into a certain office should be automatically suspect! AMERICA IS IN TROUBLE! Why can’t we all work together to pull America out instead of working against one another to ensure America’s demise? As much money as Mitt Romney has, what has he done for just one American family that he doesn’t know or who hasn’t worked for him? They are all taking advantage of the innocents of America— the people who really pay their salaries and support their health care: American citizens.

  78. 2012CA2012 July 11, 2012

    Mitt, i know you are lying! i didn’t hear you or any of the other republicans talk about an alternative to the current health care system. So if Obama plan is not a good plan, what is your plan?? of course it hasn’t been thought of and unlikely to be thought of if you win. Additionally, I remember that you voted “yes” on the Iraq war along with your little buddies Bush & Israel and I know very well how your the republican administration screwed the economy during the Bush era by offering twisted loans to people who couldn’t read the contract to find out two years later they have been screwed by their own government. Bottom line, you should talk to stupid people and you are loosing the election because I just can’t smell the common sense coming out of your mouth.

  79. microt1000 July 11, 2012

    They are all a bunch of jokers. Anyone who thinks that anyone of these “politicians” are the slightest bit interested in the average American is on crack. They are interested in the average American only to the point they can convince enough of them to vote for them during the election by feeding everyone a line of BS by telling everyone what they are “going to do” when they become President or Senator, etc. and then do nothing for anyone but themselves and their rich friends and the powerful lobbies.
    We are all at an extreme disadvantage when there are elements in Washington likes lobbies that spend billions of dollars to get the people in Washington to bend to their will and, in the process, take away some of our rights as American citizens.
    Wake up America. Our government doesn’t work. It hasn’t for some time and until we all get “mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore” the people in Washington are going to continue to do what they have done for decades and that is trample the rights of Americans.
    I would say “use your vote to send a message” but all you will do is replace one idiot with another. We’re up the creek without a paddle and the only thing that will solve the issue is a complete overhaul of our government system where our representatives are not placed on a pedestal and given the best of everything and not held accountable for acts of treason like wasting taxpayer money.
    This country was not founded so that idiots like the ones in Washington could bring it to it’s knees.

  80. 2012CA2012 July 11, 2012

    funny how you managed to bring the anti-white at the end of your comments. is that why your are voting for the mitt? i am independent and can’t see any common sense coming out of his mouth!

  81. microt1000 July 12, 2012

    These people are all career politicians and they know nothing about the true struggles of the average American citizen. When John McCain ran for President his idea to provide health insurance coverage was to give a $5000.00 credit to people to go out and get their own insurance. That, in and of itself, shows how disconnected this group of people in Washington are with what goes on in American society on a daily basis.
    Did John McCain or anyone within his group do any research on what health insurance costs before allowing him to make that statement? Do they realize how much of a fool he sounded like when he said that?
    In 2009, the average health insurance premium for a family was around $13,000. So, with a $5000.00 credit, that leaves an $8000.00 gap for the family to pay on it’s own. Add that to the out of pocket expenses it would pay on an annual basis and that same family could spend upwards of $20,000.00 per year on health insurance.
    This is just one example, and I’m not singling out Repbulicans because the Democrats are just as ignorant when it comes to the struggles Americans face on a daily basis. Don’t kid yourself for a minute. The Democrats have a long standing as the party that is for the “working man” while the Republicans have been “for the rich.” If you think that’s the case, you haven’t been paying attention because they both tell you what you want to hear in order to get elected.
    It’s a sad state of affairs but this election year isn’t going to be any different from any other as we will all come out the losers once again. Our government has brought us to the brink of economic catastrophe by allowing the U.S. Treasury to continue to print money at will and the financial system in this country has become too big and too powerful and controls too much of the everyday functions of this country and can pretty much bring it to it’s knees anytime it wishes and we have no one to blame but ourselves because we have allowed it. I just hope it’s not too late to save it.

  82. creatingscholars July 12, 2012

    I am going to try to be as polite as possible. To begin with President Obama is one of the most effective presidents since president Kennedy. I have seen the racists abundantly from the first day president Obama ran for office. Every policy he tried to put into place it was attacked. Bush started a war not because of weapons that was suppose to be detrimental to the United States but because Bush and his colleagues wanted that country Oil. President Obama took out the a murderer that murdered many innocent people yet Bush seem to have given up on looking for him but yet he murdered Hussian the way this country ran their affair was none of our business. President isn’t been attack for his policies he is being attack because he is a black man. Who ever known anyone to be allowed to bring a gun anywhere near the President of the United States. Its a different set of rules and it cant be sugar coated. Teresa Moore

  83. creatingscholars July 12, 2012

    It seems this man call Romney has so much to say …yet he is saying nothing but repeats of formal runner-ups. He’s not worth my vote and that’s for sure

  84. Lynda July 12, 2012

    I can’t figure out just what Mitt was trying to accomplish in today’s speech. As a candidate for the highest office in the land it has become standard practice to address that crowd. However, just reciting the same tired old bromides and talking points certainly did not inspire the masses. He could have addressed the plethora of social and economic problems facing people of color in the country. He did not, which begs the question just what in the heck was he trying to accomplish? Maybe he was just trying to show his base that he has the cojones to face a seemingly hostile crowd. Who knows what his campaign is trying to do?

    Maybe he should have just been honest and told the multitutes that he represents the party that wants to take away their recently acquired health care, make it more difficult for them to exercise their franchise, cut their food stamps, unemployment insurance and whatever else they can think of. At least that would have told them what is actually in his heart.

  85. jarheadgene July 12, 2012

    Give “4 business” a break you guys ….he/she wants to talk about ROMoNEY’s resume……Let’s see, He was born into a wealthy mormon family, which made him feel privledged enough to run around impersonating firemen, police, robbers and act like a bully ….without fear of punishment. OH….and then he bought his way into Harvard…without those pesky, evil, low-interest (still, thanks to Obama)student loans. Then he become the model to “Gordon Gekko” at BAIN capital, shipping jobs overseas, along with money he wants to hide in the Caymans and Switzerland. Then became the Governor of Mass. which went downhill in education and jobs during his time. Then “SAVED” the Olympics in Utah….go figure. By charging in and getting big money friends and MOSTLY Govt. loans to bail it out. Wait Gov’t. loans…guess you and I really bailed out the Olympics. And let us not forget his important mormon missionary work in France that superseded any military obligations during Vietnam, where many of my family members served and died. We don’t need another Chicken Hawk in office…wasn’t Dick(head) Cheney enough. Oh yeah, isn’t he actually having dinner , TODAY, with ROMoNEY? A fot for Romney is another vote for more of Cheney/Bush. NO THANKS. Let Obama keep beating up on Congress and let’s vote out ALL “DO NOTHING” Congress and Senate….starting with blockage guys McConnell, Reid, Bohener….etc.

    1. 4BusinessOnly July 16, 2012

      You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. You cannot help the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer. You cannot further the brotherhood of man by encouraging class hatred. You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich. You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than you earn. You cannot build character and courage by taking away man’s initiative and independence. You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves.

  86. Cissy Elkins July 12, 2012

    Full of poo, he will kill food stamps and medicare, medicaid, I will continue to be a smart American woman and vote for Obama, get rid of all the republicans I can by voting democrats and bein careful about them//Color is not even on my agenda as I seek out people to represent the mass. I am looking for good past track records…I mean look at Clarence Thomas, who would of thought he would be such a puppet..I am American and I say to all African Americans vote Obama and then make SURE you vote again at the mid term to give him his tools and help clean out the republicans and fill our House with democrats..

  87. John July 12, 2012

    this guy belongs to the Bush- cheney,Rumsfeld and Wall Street BAND, THAT ALMOST DESTROYED THE COUNTRY, He’s FARTING from His mouth.

  88. Lyle Miller July 12, 2012

    Well, did you expect them to like you Mitt? The only thing you accomplished is showing just how Racist the NAACP can be. (That is not to say that everyone in the NAACP is racist, but their overall culture most certainly is…)

    People get upset when someone asks the president a question. Not booing. Not being overly disrespectful. Just asking a question. And they get raped for that! Not one peep about the bad behavior of the crowd here, though. No sir, Bob. Because they are Black and Feel Protected, I guess. I am Indian. I am offended by their behavior. Do you understand Title VII? I do. I am *greatly* offended by these “better than you” racists in the crowd. Oh. Just look at the Demographics for Gallup polls. It is as clear as it can be. They Love Obama because he is the First Black President. They don’t care that under his administration Unemployment for black teens has gone up drastically. He is the First Black President, Dammit, and they will defend him no matter what! There are Fewer Women Working now than Obama Took office. If there is growth for economy, the Women are also being cut out. Hey, you can get these stats directly from the government. Obama has not made an executive order to restrict that information, yet. And don’t say he can’t because it would be against the law. He has already made some executive orders that have crossed that line, at least in the considered judgement of some people.

    So, because Mitt Opposed ObamaCare, he is worthy of being booed. Go figure.

    Pathetic. Really Pathetic. And that most Definitely is beginning to resonate with some people. Just because you are in some “protected class” does *not* give you license to be a spoiled punk *** wannabe dissing anybody for just any old reason you want. (Yeah there was a word missing there that rhymes with what they call it when the quarterback throws the football, but no sense in saying it and getting the post deleted — it may not be the phrase as *they* think they can freely say it, but I think you can get the idea…)

    And the comments from most of the people here suggest that they think they are just as special as their “brethren” in the NAACP. Just try to get some support back from them if your skin isn’t the right color, though. Someday for some of you, that day will come, and I will have as much respect for you as you have respect for Mitt. I may have sympathy (unlike many here) and try to help (like I don’t expect from anyone here, they depend upon the Government to do it for them so that they don’t have to get their hands dirty helping anyone) but it will take a lot for me to have any respect for you. I will probably treat *you* like the spoiled children you behave like. At least while you still behave that way…

  89. Bob Darr July 12, 2012

    You know there was a survey & uhh , uhh , the survey said Romney’s a MONKEY”S ASS !!! VOTE OBAMA IN 2012 !!!

    1. Lyle Miller July 12, 2012

      Thank you for making my point Bob. You call Romney the back end of an animal that everyone went ballistic over someone calling Obama. Seems to be somewhat of a double standard and then some, doesn’t it? As for the resemblance, I don’t generally look at animal butts, but I suspect you are an expert in the field with many hours spent watching them, so I will concede the point but then ask if how someone looks is important. Does their hairstyle matter? What about the clothes? Obama is a pretty snappy dresser, although he does, even in a suit, have this uncanny resemblance…

      What about scars, tattoos or piercings? Just what is your personal taste in visual bigotry? Certainly it could not be the color of his skin, could it?

  90. Lyle Miller July 12, 2012

    Oh, and for the Record, I don’t care so much about Mitt — he is far from my choice for president. However, unless he really makes himself totally unacceptable, I will be voting for him as a clear vote *against* Obama! And the funny thing is this folks, I’d be happy to see Obama stay in the White House if the Senate became Republican and he no longer had the ability to attempt unilateral control, although the past couple of years make it clear that he would probably still try…

    We’d see if he could actually do something bipartisan. As of yet, I have not seen anything significant coming even halfway close. But most of you could care less about *that* broken promise. Many of you are *not* the types to try and compromise. That is why America is getting more polarized. Those of you who are always taking are finding that the rest of us are getting very tired of giving. Deadlock is better than letting you scrape one more dime out of my living for your pet projects!

  91. BabyRuth July 12, 2012

    Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Who needs him as president (yes, small p) He has about as much intelligence as an ant.


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