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WATCH: Scott Brown Uses Border Crisis For New Attack Ad

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WATCH: Scott Brown Uses Border Crisis For New Attack Ad


New Hampshire Senate candidate Scott Brown released a new attack ad on Monday, accusing incumbent senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) and President Barack Obama of causing the border crisis with their “pro-amnesty policies.”

The ad, titled “Secure Borders,” is the first by a 2014 Senate candidate to politicize the huge numbers of unaccompanied minors crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.

“Americans go through security before they get on a plane, enter a government building, or attend a ballgame,” Brown says in the ad. “But folks who come here illegally? They just walk across the border. That’s wrong.”

“Thanks to the pro-amnesty policies of President Obama and Senator Shaheen, we have an immigration crisis on our hands,” he continues. “We respond with compassion. But it’s time for us to secure the border once and for all. And tell people who try to come here illegally that we intend to enforce the law.”

In a memo accompanying the ad, the Brown campaign specifies Senator Shaheen’s votes for the DREAM Act and the Senate’s 2013 comprehensive immigration reform bill as the “pro-amnesty policies” in question. Brown voted against the DREAM Act while he represented Massachusetts in the Senate in 2012, and has criticized the “gang of eight” bill.

New Hampshire’s other senator, Republican Kelly Ayotte, also voted in favor of that 2013 legislation. Although Brown has accepted Ayotte’s enthusiastic endorsement, he has repeatedly criticized votes that she and Shaheen made in tandem.

According to a recent NBC News/Marist poll, New Hampshire voters favor immigration reform that would create a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants who currently have jobs, by 50 to 46 percent. That margin is closer than some past polls, perhaps giving the Brown campaign reason to hope that the issue could resonate for him.

But that same poll shows Shaheen leading Brown by 8 percent, a finding that is mirrored in other surveys of the race. While respondents viewed Shaheen favorably by a 52 to 39 percent margin, Brown’s favorability sat at just 40 to 39 percent. That number is far too low for him to knock off a popular incumbent, and Brown’s negative ad campaign seems unlikely to help it rise.

Brown may not have any other choice, however. Although Republicans initially hoped that his entrance into the race could expand the November battleground, the former Massachusetts senator has struggled to gain traction — leaving even his members of his own party concerned that his candidacy may be a bust.

Screenshot: Scott Brown/YouTube

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Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. Budjob July 29, 2014

    The “Attack of the Carpetbagger’ featuring Scott Brown and a supporting cast of,who knows?

  2. Dominick Vila July 29, 2014

    Trying to appeal to the xenophobic tendencies of the 39% that already support his candidacy is not going to do the trick for Scott. His best bet is to update his resume. Who knows, there may still be magazines interested in his displaying his body. I doubt too many will be interested in his intellect, decaying brain cells, or his total lack of vision.
    The Central American refugee crisis was not caused by President Obama’s policies, but by the policies put in place by former President Bush. The legislation signed by the latter in December 2008 require granting a hearing to people seeking asylum in the USA. Whether or not they meet the criteria used to grant them asylum is a different matter.
    When President Obama met with the Presidents of Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador last week he informed them that the majority of the women and children seeking asylum in the USA are likely to be deported due to lack of evidence of persecution or human trafficking. He also encouraged the presidents of those countries to invest and create opportunities for their people to dissuade them from seeking opportunities in other countries.
    In any case, Scott Brown, the GOP, and the xenophobes are all well aware of what is going on, and the root causes for the latest influx of immigrants from Central America. I suspect they also know the difference between Mexican immigrants having to jump fences or crawl through tunnels, and people going straight to a U.S. port of entry and asking for asylum. Hopefully, they are intelligent enough to understand the difference between a refugee being escorted to a bus and taken to processing facility to be interrogated, and people jumping fences and entering the USA illegally.
    The obvious question is why is this suddenly a hot topic, considering that illegal immigration is at an all time low and deportations are at an all time high? The answer to that question is simple: because this is a midterm election year, and lacking a record to run on, or a vision, Republican candidates have no choice but to appeal to those whose decisions are often driven by ethnic or cultural hatred, intolerance, and lack of moral and Christian values.

  3. Lynda Groom July 29, 2014

    As usual Scott is tossing crap against the wall in hopes that the rubes he’s trying to appeal too will belief the nonsense and side with him. I can’t help but wonder does this man stand for anything that does not change with the prevailing winds?

    1. Independent1 July 30, 2014

      Unfortunately, it appears that many of today’s politicians are wannabees who don’t have the brains and qualifications to make very much else out of their lives other than running for Congress, hoping they can hoodwink enough clueless people in America’s electorate, to elect them into office as a Representative or Senator so they can keep a roof over their heads; because otherwise, they’d likely be homeless (unless of course like some, they’re independently wealthy from some other sources).

  4. Independent1 July 30, 2014

    My hope is that Senator Shaheen will air a counter ad that exposes this fraud of a politician for what he is, nothing more than an opportunist looking to make a buck on the cheap off the government. I hope she makes it clear in her ad that Brown is grossly overplaying the situation and clearly getting it ALL WRONG!! As usual for him!!


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