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What Clintons Do Is ‘Scandalous,’ What Republicans Do Is… Ignored

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What Clintons Do Is ‘Scandalous,’ What Republicans Do Is… Ignored


Whenever a transgression against transparency is charged to the Clintons, whether real, alleged or invented, America’s political media rise up in sustained outrage. From the offices of the New York Times Washington bureau to the Manhattan studio of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, journalists bitterly protest Hillary Clinton’s erased emails and her family foundation’s fundraising methods. And they will surely snap and snark about her “scandals” from now until Election Day.

Which under present circumstances might be justified, since she happens to be running for president — except for one glaring problem. Very few in the press corps apply the same standards to any Republican politician.

Nobody will ever get to see the thousands of messages erased from the private email account used by former Secretary of State Colin Powell when he held that high office. He got rid of them and got away with it (as most likely did former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who implausibly claimed not to have used email, when the State Department asked for hers).

Or at least such is the attitude of the press and punditry, who seem to believe that the dumping of Powell’s emails is somehow “different” from what Clinton did. And it is, of course – because she turned over more than 30,000 emails, while he turned over zero. But there is no sound of furious buzzing within the Beltway over the Powell emails; instead there is absolute silence.

Do readers and viewers want to know what Powell and Rice’s emails said about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, a topic of political and historic interest? Don’t they have a right to know? Well, Washington journalists who claim to represent the public interest don’t care.

And the double standard protecting Republicans extends well beyond the email “scandal.”

Consider the Clinton Foundation, whose critics complain that its fundraising has been opaque and suspect. The names of all of its donors have been posted on its website for years (except for a tiny 0.3 percent who gave to a related Canadian foundation and went unreported for arcane legal reasons).

To this day, however, George W. Bush’s foundation, which collected $500 million to build and endow his presidential library in Texas, has refused to disclose the name of every donor. The names that have been disclosed are difficult to find, unless you visit the library itself.

Like Bill Clinton, Bush began to raise money for his library from undisclosed donors while still in office, which raised ethical concerns. Bush told reporters that he might well raise money from foreign donors (which he did) and might not disclose any of their names (he disclosed some, years later). He hosted White House dinners and meetings around the country for potential library contributors, also unnamed.

Only after the London Sunday Times caught a lobbyist pal of Bush on videotape in July 2008 — soliciting $200,000 for the library from someone who claimed to represent a Central Asian dictator — did the Bush White House promise not to raise money from abroad while he was still president.

Yet this little scandal provoked no more than a few days of press coverage, a flurry of denials, and one or two tut-tutting editorials. And now that brother Jeb is running for president, nobody thinks to demand all the names of all the Bush library donors, so the press and public can gauge their potential influence on the candidate.

No, that kind of obsessive inspection is reserved for one political family. Their name is not Bush.

Those Clinton Foundation critics have gone so far as to claim that it isn’t a charity at all, despite top ratings by Guidestar and Charity Watch. A Wall Street Journal editorial snarled that any good done by the foundation is merely “incidental to its bigger role as a fund-raising network and a jobs program for Clinton political operatives.” Actually, the foundation has employed thousands of people, few of whom had any political ties, to bring vital services to the poor around the world.

But there is at least one tax-exempt entity that serves no charitable purpose, existing only to employ political aides and family members: the “Campaign for Liberty,” dubiously subsidized by campaign funds left over from Ron Paul’s political accounts.

Its employees, which include most adult members of the Paul family and most of Ron and Rand Paul’s top operatives, move between “charity” and campaign. It reimbursed Ron Paul’s expenses, even after taxpayers had already paid those same travel bills. Its current leadership is entangled in a festering scandal in Iowa, where prosecutors are investigating the alleged bribery of a local GOP official who shifted from Michele Bachmann to Ron Paul in 2012.

Which other presidential candidates are involved in such non-profit nastiness? How many used private email accounts and conveniently lost the archives? Voters will probably never find out – because nobody named Clinton is involved.

Joe Conason

A highly experienced journalist, author and editor, Joe Conason is the editor-in-chief of The National Memo, founded in July 2011. He was formerly the executive editor of the New York Observer, where he wrote a popular political column for many years. His columns are distributed by Creators Syndicate and his reporting and writing have appeared in many publications around the world, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, The New Yorker, The New Republic, The Nation, and Harpers.

Since November 2006, he has served as editor of The Investigative Fund, a nonprofit journalism center, where he has assigned and edited dozens of award-winning articles and broadcasts. He is also the author of two New York Times bestselling books, The Hunting of the President (St. Martins Press, 2000) and Big Lies: The Right-Wing Propaganda Machine and How It Distorts the Truth (St. Martins Press, 2003).

Currently he is working on a new book about former President Bill Clinton's life and work since leaving the White House in 2001. He is a frequent guest on radio and television, including MSNBC's Morning Joe, and lives in New York City with his wife and two children.

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  1. Darsan54 May 26, 2015

    You don’t even have to be Clinton supporters to realize there is a huge double standard. Didn’t Jeb get away with “losing” a bunch of eMails from his Florida tenure? No, there is a double standard and journalists flow like lemmings along an established meme.

  2. NowAge May 26, 2015

    That’s not the point. We know what Republicans are about, Joe. But Democrats are supposed to stand for something. The Clintons are faux-populists, with Republican entitlement. That’s the issue. And I still maintain that, if she’s the candidate, she’ll lose the general to the Republican nominee. Because, as much as you love the Clintons, many more are sick to death of them and their schtick. Nothing progressive about them.

    1. Theodora30 May 26, 2015

      When Clinton was President he raised taxes on the wealthy with no votes from Republicans who now take credit for the balanced budget and large surplus that followed. Record numbers of people moved out of poverty into the middle class only to slide back under Bush. Those are the same people that the right now says are lazy takers and not skilled enough to have jobs. Funny how they changed overnight.
      Yes he tightened welfare requirements but he also made it possible for the working poor to get health care, and improved access to job training and child care. He and Hillary both worked extremely hard to get universal health care – something the Republicans had initially agreed was needed until Bill Kristol told them to refuse to allow it so that they could win the midterm elections. When health care reform was stopped by the right he got SChip created. Clinton also tried to keep his promise about gays in the military but had to settle for Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell and he lost a lot of political capital on that. (Saint Colin Powell was part of the problem.) In recent years he has worked hard to improve conditions for poor people around the world.
      Yes he was badly wrong about Glass Stegall but all the accomplishments I have listed are progressive ones. Bush may have undone a lot of them but that is on the voters and the MSM who gleefully trashed Gore and fawned over Bush.

  3. Theodora30 May 26, 2015

    The MSM went berserk over Clinton’s pardon of Marc Rich despite the fact that top Israeli officials lobbied for it.

    Yet the media barely blinked an eye when Bush Sr. pardoned Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger, thus finalizing the coverup of Iran Contra and his own lies and deep involvement in that unconstitutional operation. This is the statement from Lawrence Walsh, the Republican Independent Counsel who was outraged by this pardon.
    Walsh’s final report also said that Saint Colin Powell had lied to investigators. He was Weinberger’s right hand man so he knew Weinberger had kept notes of the meetings but lied about it. Maybe he bragged about that in one of the emails he destroyed?


    1. Theodora30 May 26, 2015

      I forgot to add that in general Republicans get better treatment from the MSM – faux balance makes them pretend even their worst nut jobs are credible – but that for some reason the Bush family gets a special pass for all their extensive misdeeds and screw ups. How often is Poppy’s blundering into the First Gulf War by giving Saddam a green light to invade Kuwait on at least three occasions ever discussed? The media has chosen to buy the story that it was the screwup of our ambassador to Kuwait, April Glaspie, who mistakenly told Saddam we did not care about his dispute with Kuwait. The MSM conveniently omits the fact that State Department spokesperson Margaret Tutweillor publicly told reporters we had no treaty obligation to defend Kuwait and The Defense Department did the same. (Although I have read that Cheney initially said we would then had to have his spokesman, Pete Williams take it back. Cannot find the reference, though).

  4. pmbalele May 26, 2015

    Did you hear this on NewsMax–protesters Ferguson were promised payment
    of up to $5,000 per month? The article is a lie concocted by Repubs and TPs
    using Newsmax as mouth piece to denigrate Blacks as non-humans. These are
    kind of articles that fuel misunderstanding among races. If you have studied
    -Mob-Theory, nobody can organize a mob other than spontaneous reaction to an
    event. Why are these Repubs and TPs not talking if the Waco protesters were
    promised $5,000. TPs and Repubs through right wing-media still think us Blacks
    easily swayed by dumb articles like this one. We are not that stupid.

    1. Dominick Vila May 26, 2015

      Why? Because nobody has dared sue them for libel.

      1. idamag May 27, 2015

        Maybe, it would be like Fox News when they were called to task for false reporting,they claimed they were entertainment.

  5. FireBaron May 26, 2015

    Here’s what it almost seems like:
    A) It is hinted at by someone who has absolutely no involvement with the Clintons, nor has ever bothered to research anything about them that Hillary (and/or Bill) may have done something questionable. Automatically the next 336 broadcast hours on FOX are dedicated to pointing out how evil they are, and how they want to lock away all Conservatives and force their women to abort their children.
    B) Someone directly associated with the (fill in the name of the Republican) that they directly contravened the laws in order to raise money for (fill in the blank), and the next 336 broadcast hours on FOX are dedicated to decrying the witch hunt against that individual.

  6. bparker661 May 26, 2015

    I am a huge Hilary supporter, but there is a difference between her email “scandal” and Powell’s. President Obama had issued a regulation that said ALL State Department employees were to use official State Department email accounts. She did not. So the issue is not the deletion of emails, but on violating a Presidential edict. Her ignoring the rules is at the crux of the issue of the Clinton’s habitually lack of regard for rule following. All in all, if this is all the Republicans have to beef about, it’s going to be a long campaign season for them.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker May 26, 2015

      Yes, yes, yes…You boys need to stop with the GET HILLARY BS. You pulled the same stunt with her husband when you claimed the impeachment was not about his affair in the White House with Monica, but about the lie he told.

      Some people in this country need to stop the BS routines. There isn’t a married man in the US who has not had a flirtation or affair after marriage he would broadcast in front of his daughter.

      Enough already.l No one cares about Hillary’s emails. No one cares what you think about some disobedience. Women do not have to obey men. And, if you keep up the BS, women will retaliate on the GOP to the same degree.

      Are you trying to imply that President Obama was made aware in advance of Netanyahu’s speech to the House? Smell that BS?

    2. FT66 May 26, 2015

      I have noticed you partially get it. You acknowledge that it was Pres. Obama’s Office which issued regulation on how to deal with emails. It was neither a law nor a rule, it was only a regulation which was not issued by previous administration either. It was the way Obama Admin chose to operate. THEREFORE, it is entirely upon Obama admin. to ask Hillary, if they want, why didn’t she adhere to the regulation they put. It is neither the job of conservatives, nor reporters to hold Hillary on this issue. It is completely none of their business. Ask yourself suppose the regulation wasn’t in place, like it wasn’t in previous, admin. what would reporters/conservative have done now? The answer is: NOTHING.

      1. bparker661 May 26, 2015

        Actually, violations of Federal regulations can result in termination, fines, imprisonment, or a combination thereof. Now, could there be a wink and a nod between Obama and Clinton about adherence to the rules? Sure. But Republicans are binary in their thinking. So, rules are rules to them.

        1. FT66 May 26, 2015

          I get you in your first sentence. Those who placed regulations are not asking Hillary’s head. They haven’t asked other party to help them deal with Hillary either. Why those from outside are inviting themselves to the problem which is not theirs?

    3. idamag May 26, 2015

      Don’t worry they have only begun to fabricate.

  7. Eleanore Whitaker May 26, 2015

    There is only one reason nothing the GOP men do is ever broadcast as it is about both Clintons: Right wing Billionaire media moguls like Murdoch, Adelson, Zuckerberg, the Kochs and Turner. When you own 95% of the media, you print, as Murdoch stated back in 2006, it will print only what they tell them to.

    What would make anyone think that a bunch of nasty, old befrigged men like these would not control what people in this country read, hear and see in a way like is not dissimilar to a subtle form of indoctrination?

    Why doesn’t anyone know about JEB and his alliance with Recarey and Padreda? Or his bankruptcy with his brother, Neil, of the Miami Federal? Why wasn’t the truth about why Cantor was shoved to a back burner outed? Because all of these GOP politicians are nothing more than political prostitutes of the Great, Billionaire, Right Wing Libertarian pimps who buy and sell the GOP like hookers.

    1. idamag May 26, 2015

      Except prostitutes are better people. They are honest about what they are. These sleezes are worse.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker May 26, 2015

        What I find most amazing is their inbred ability to ignore truth and facts. Are these people mentally ill or what? They go on and on ad infinitum ad nauseum about the Clintons as if we have not heard their rabble rousing and prattle for more than 2 decades now.

        I have lost so much respect for some men in this country as a result of their inability to be honest and honorable. I tell those who try to pull their games with me to stay clear if they don’t want to be chewed up and spit out by the likes of me.

        1. idamag May 27, 2015

          A group, I belong to, was having a discussion the other night. It is not a political group. I was telling them about the Brookings Institute doing an I.Q. study every ten years and finding out it is dropping. My theory was that the constant bombarding, by the media, with trash for entertainment and the electronic gadget fixation has taken away stimulation and communication. Another member thinks that the chemicals that get into our food has caused it. It just might be birth defects.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker May 28, 2015

            Ida, spot on post! I breezed past Fox News to see a bunch of clowns sitting there rattling off their inane comments in their GET HILLARY war. My impression in 3 seconds or less was recalling seeing a high school film on drug addicts who behaved the same way. Rattling off like robots, refusing to accept any responses to questions without rude interruptions and generally being the sole voices heard.

            As to the causes of this malicious mental aberration, part of it has to do with those issues you stated. But, the dirty little underlying secret is the real reason behind these lunatic fringe rabble rousers…refusal to admit they are wrong. Seriously defective mental patients cannot be reasoned with, as we all know. They also become violent and out of control when someone dares to disagree with them. Their vision is so mentally skewed that they see another whole realm of reality than the rest of us do.

            I’ve encountered this when I was a Lion’s Club volunteer at NJ mental hospital. It was THE most enlightening experience of my life as to what really comprises mental illness. The overwhelming connection between nearly ALL of the mental patients at that facility was the same: a chronic and very manic need to control in any way possible. Some patients there did it passively, others far more aggressively. Still, the object was to treat anyone in their imaginary realm like chess pieces with them as chess masters.

          2. idamag May 28, 2015

            I wonder if some of these trolls are the result of Reagan closing the mental institutions.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker May 28, 2015

            Since they can’t ALL be retirement age, they are unemployed. No matter what excuse these guys use, it comes down to nothing better to do with their lives. I was up at 6 AM this morning and wrote 8 online SEO articles before these guys were even out of bed.

            It may be their mental illness and idleness are useful to the extremists of the right. They now have a full pool of bone idle mental cases to do their dirty work. Still plantation mentality no matter how they slice it.

    2. Dominick Vila May 26, 2015

      …or Jeb’s wife, Columba, getting caught smuggling $19K worth of jewelry and clothing, bought during a shopping spree in Paris, and only declaring $500 in purchases on the applicable Customs form. Or their daughter, Noelle, impersonating a medical doctor, and ordering prescriptions for herself, to satisfy her addiction. Or Mike Huckabee’s son killing a stray dog and being arrested on gun charges. Or W’s transgressions when his Dad was President, and his daughter’s wild parties.
      If the “family values” folks got one tenth of the visibility Democrats get for just about anything we do, deforestation would go on overtime to satisfy the needs of the printed press.
      I usually leave the families of candidates out of the discussions we debate in forums like this, but when the families of Democrats become the target of the pseudo puritans (Michelle Obama comes to mind), it is time to respond in kind.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker May 26, 2015

        Or when Rand Paul’s son got picked up 3 weeks ago for the same thing GWB did back in college, drunk driving. No mention of that in those red state papers right?

        The righties are always into forgive and forget so long as they do all the forgetting and the rest of us do ALL the forgiving as fast as we can.

  8. S1AMER May 26, 2015

    Didn’t you know: IOKIYAR

  9. FT66 May 26, 2015

    Thank you, thank you million times Joe Conason for doing your homework. This is what we call: “good journalism”. You have brought each and everything to the limelight and to the right people, to those who know what is email, Foundation etc. I have read your article twice and I went: eh, eh, eh! It is never easy to throw even a piece of a stone to someone when you are also living in a glass-house. We got it Joe. We will spread the message and we are waiting from the other side to beat their daily drums more and we will start beating ours even more harder than theirs. Once again, thanks Joe.

  10. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 26, 2015

    by right the DIRTY BUSH and CHEEZY CHAINEY should be in line for war crimes for what thy did in Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction . and low and behold there was none . but look at all the ones that died the Iraq people and of course the troops from here in the USA . the leader in Iraq was an evil man . but there are the same ones around the world doing worse thing . the thing with him at least him there was keeping Iran in check . not you have the DIRTY BUSH and CHEEZY CHAINEY child thy made ISIS . why is it that news is what reporters want but thy don’t report the news of the truly evil ones the GOP and Rep. gang of idiots . its too strange that thy only side with 1 and 2 % of the greedy bastards of the country . while the other 98 t0 99 % are to be happy with table scraps . what year is this the 12th centery with king Edward of England ?

    1. idamag May 26, 2015

      Actually, they were tried for war crimes, in absentia, in Norway and Malaysia. They were convicted. So, therefore: they are convicted war criminals. If they go to those countries they will be sentenced. Several other countries have warrants for their arrest if they go to those countries.

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 26, 2015

        then I should take up donations for them and send them both on a fun full trip to those places for a vacation good thing is id only have to send them with a one way ticket

        1. idamag May 27, 2015

          Dick Cheney (as in I’ll shoot you in the face while hunting illegally without a license) had to leave Canada because they told him they were getting a warrant for his arrest for war crimes.

        2. idamag May 28, 2015

          We could send them to Paris. France has a warrant for their arrest. BTW, there is a nazi on this board. In respect to those who were victims of the holocaust, I do not use the term loosely.

          1. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 29, 2015

            at this point that pair that swing in a bulls sack (DIRTY BUSH & CHEEZY CHAINEY ) both just as bad as nizi’s more so CHEEZT CHAINEY he looks and sounds like he be Hitler’s right hand POS . and he is alive now with some one else’s heart im sure if thy knew where their heart was going to go thy rather it be tested for cancer and after it had it then put in in that evil POS

  11. anothertoothpick May 26, 2015

    Until the republiCANT’S are willing to have the inevitable conversation of getting money out of politics they should shut their pie holes!

    1. option31 May 26, 2015

      Money is not the problem, power is. Take the politicians power away – ie make them obey the Constitution – power goes away and money would follow as what would be the point?

      1. anothertoothpick May 27, 2015

        We have a court system for that.

        Money is absolutely the problem.

  12. Alvin Harrison May 26, 2015

    Are we really surprised at this media onslaught against Hillary….Big money owns the media and the wise Dems are starting to feel their Cherrios thanks to Obama….The Dems and the smart Corp/1% have figured out America is changing and will be demanding a bigger piece of the pie….Dumb Big money will do whatever they cam to shut these representatives of the people down.

    1. option31 May 26, 2015

      Yep, Citi, Goldman, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Time Warner, Merrill Lynch, Ernst & Young, 20th Century Fox, Credit Sussie, all small mom and pop operations none of us have ever heard of. She in top 1/10 of the 1%, so she’s going to make herself and Bill pay up…LOL! yea right

  13. idamag May 26, 2015

    There is a lack of honesty in those pinheads with giant magnifying glasses looking for anything and if they cannot find it, they will make it up. The Bible warns us against these new kind of Republicans. When Jesus admonished them for finding a miote in their neighbor’s eye while there was a beam in their own.

  14. Dominick Vila May 26, 2015

    The double standards, lies, and hyperbole that characterize American elections are just some of the instruments used for political advantage in what is, clearly, a cultural or social war between the tiny minority that owns most of our national wealth, and who control policy making in the USA, and the 98% that are used as pawns in a high stakes chess game.
    Political tactics such as the transformation of a terrorist attack against our consulate in Benghazi; an e-mail “scandal” that applies only to Hillary Clinton; alleged wrongdoing by the Clinton Foundation, a highly respected charitable institution that enjoys financial and moral support worldwide; and criticism of a former President because people are willing to pay large sums of money to listen to him, and value his opinions, are manifestations of desperation and intense hatred.
    The problem for the GOP is that a party that relies strictly on negativism, political attacks, obstructionism, and overt lies, is a disaster waiting to happen. More and more people are tired of politics as usual, a fact that can be easily ascertained by examining the low opinion that most Americans have of our current and past Congresses. People are increasingly becoming tired of claims and counter claims. We want a record we can believe in. We want a vision in the form of unambiguous proposals that help us understand what our government is planning to do during the next 5 and 50 years to strengthen our economy, create good paying jobs, improve our standard of living, keep us safe, and help us pass on a better world to our children.
    Personally, I could care less if Hillary, Bush, and every Congressman and Senator used private servers, commercial servers, or government servers, as long as their behavior and the result of their policies indicate they did the best they could while in office. I consider Benghazi the last of a long string of terrorist attacks against U.S. diplomatic facilities. Since the previous ones did not elicit much interest, were not followed up by exhaustive and expensive investigations, and nobody was blamed for them – other than the terrorist that carried them out – I give Benghazi the same treatment I gave the former. The Clinton Foundation, like every other charitable institution, depends on donations to function. Singling out the Clinton Foundation as being an instrument used to influence policy making, granting government contracts to donors, and giving access is a libelous strategy without evidence to support the claims being made. As for Bill Clinton becoming a multi-millionaire because people value his opinions and are willing to pay large sums of money to listen to him, I would say that claim is enough to disqualify the accusers from seeking public office. That claim, if examined carefully, is the most un-American charge made by a political party, and its surrogates, in many years.
    Our focus should be on tangible evidence, applicable proposals, and a vision of the future. Those who rely on political destruction to remain viable should be run out of town.

    1. CPAinNewYork May 26, 2015

      Public officials are not entitled to use private servers for public communications because private servers are security sieves.

      Hillary Clinton is such a paranoic that she cares only about keeping her sleazy messages secret.

      1. latebloomingrandma May 26, 2015

        Yeah, I’m sure there were lost of sleazy messages getting ready for Chelsea’s wedding.

        1. CPAinNewYork May 26, 2015

          You’re an idiot.

          1. latebloomingrandma May 26, 2015

            Nah–just sarcastic. There seems to be a lot of that going around.

    2. itsfun May 26, 2015

      Anybody be it the Bush’s or Clinton’s should be investigated if there are concerns about our national security because of what they are doing. Former Presidents have every right to make speeches for large sums of money. However these sums should be investigated if they are being paid for favors from business or foreign governments. This is especially important if their spouse is running for President. The American public does want a President that is honest and of high character. Hillary running around telling every American that Benghazi happened because of a video shows a lack of character. Having her own email server when she knew she wasn’t suppose to also shows a lack of character. I don’t know who the President will be, but if it is possible in today’s world, we need someone that will not lie to us and will actually be transparent instead of just saying they are transparent.

    3. mike May 26, 2015

      Nothing new in your stupid comments when it comes to the Clinton’s. They hid donations from foreign government for 3 straight years while she was Secretary. She used a private server that was not authorized and ignored NARA policies instituted in 2009. She deleted GOVERNMENT PROPERTY without authorization after her records were subpoenaed.
      But in your world all is fine.

  15. i2grok May 26, 2015

    Simply put, Republican misdeeds and missteps are often ignored because the name CLINTON attracts more viewers/readers. And when “scandals” turn out to be nonexistent, no one reports that, while Fox News continues to proclaim discredited “sandals” as the truth long after the facts are known.
    As an aside, Hannity a few days ago touched on Vance Foster’s suicide as proof that crossing the Clinton’s was dangerous for your well being. Way to go Shwn!

  16. bikejedi May 26, 2015

    Here is the big difference Liberals …Hillary purosefully set up her own server so she would be able to vet what people could see and or make sure people didn’t see anything felonious . She knew she was under investigation and instead of not tampering with the evidence she destroyed anything pertinent . She thumbed her nose at America and the law and decided she was Queen and would investigate herself …She then decided all by herself that she was innicent of any wrongdoing and cleared herself of any wrongdoing …Then she destroyed all the evidence of her wrongdoing. . I mean come on hypocrites er I mean liberals …If this were a Republican you all would be having a cow and your media would make sure that anyone this criminally unethical and dishonest could not run for office ..Since Hillary is a Liberal and your media won’t do that to her I still have to ask why any of you would support someone so criminal

    1. angryspittle May 26, 2015

      Like the Bushs’? Talk about a criminal enterprise……. sheesh.

      1. bikejedi May 26, 2015

        I would be angry if I was a liberal who always felt the need to spin defend and make excuses for people like Hillary . Now show me anytime Bush gave America the middle finger …investigated himself cleared himself of any wrongdoing and the destroyed the evidence …oh and tell me if he did do something like that you wouldn’t have a problem with that ….Hillary is criminally unethical and a pathological liar …She is not fit to be POTUS
        Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

        1. smith76 May 26, 2015

          You can easily see George W. Bush giving America the middle finger by Googling it. He called it “the one finger victory salute.”

        2. Insinnergy May 26, 2015

          The Bush White House decided to invade Iraq days after 9/11… then just looked for excuses, and cherry picked facts from the intelligence briefings.

          See: Interview with Morrel (spelling?) from recent news.

          This insistence on fun war times, on cherry-picked evidence (all part of the official record… google any of it), resulting in trillions in dept, and US soldiers dead, would be the middle finger he gave the USA.

          1. bikejedi May 27, 2015

            And all the Democrats including Hillary wanted the same thing
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          2. angryspittle May 27, 2015

            Nope, they decided to do that even before the SCOTUS made him president.

    2. FT66 May 26, 2015

      Hello, will you go back to your cage where you have been hiding. In 2009 up to now you didn’t know whether Hillary had own server or not. What is the server going to help you now if it didn’t help you then? Talk about low informed folks like yourself. Do you think if anyone wants to do mischiefs it is only done on a server? You seem to be a very low thinker.

      1. bikejedi May 26, 2015

        You can’t structure a sentence and you think I’m a low thinker ? Nobody knew had her own server until it came out a few months ago because SHE HID THAT FACT . Then she destroyed half the emails on it so no one knows how criminally she acted …That’s the point …Please try to pay better attention
        Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

        1. FT66 May 26, 2015

          You have proved so far, to be a bastard, wicked, cantkerous fool. Will you please pack up your stuff and disappear? Go and bike. That is the only thing you know.

          1. bikejedi May 26, 2015

            So you can’t dispute anything I said nor can you intelligently debate anything but because what I said goes against your programmed group think you don’t want me to post …got it…Is it because you know more open minded thinkers might take notice …is that the fear of insecurity I smell ?
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          2. Paul May 26, 2015

            It is not our job to dispute. It is YOUR job to provide evidence for your claims. If you doubt it, google “burden of proof” or “proving a negative.”

            Saying something asinine/unprovable and then following up with “you can’t dispute anything I said” is probably the most cowardly, intellectually dishonest thing you can do. And I see you like to do it often.

            You are transparent.

          3. bikejedi May 26, 2015

            Paul he tried to insult without be willing to debate the issue …When you do that it proves 2 things …first that you have nothing but you just dont like someone posting the truth and second that since all you have is insult you are immature and intolerant Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          4. Insinnergy May 26, 2015

            Let me try.
            Get postable proof, Or shut up.
            Anything else you say is worthless until one of these two things occurs.

          5. bikejedi May 27, 2015

            Let me try …You can’t debate on merit .so you dont …which is probably a good thing because you would probably embarass yourself ….Hope that helps
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          6. Paul May 27, 2015

            Without proof there IS no merit. That’s the point you insist on missing. Over and over again.

            But yeah, keep posting smug little jabs while accusing OTHERS of being “immature and intolerant.” That seems to be working so well for ya’.

          7. bikejedi May 27, 2015

            So you have nothing then ? Sweet have a nice day

            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          8. Insinnergy May 27, 2015

            So far you are nothing.

          9. bikejedi May 27, 2015

            No I think therefore I am …You have not even thought nor can you dispute deny or debate a single thing I posted . You are just trying to attempt juvenile insult because you don’t like the truth …Now try to remember the truth doesn’t have a party nor an ideology …And unfortunately for Hillary she has been lying since she left Cherry St in Rich Suburban Park Ridge ….ride my bike by the big big house poor Hillary grew up in when she was poor …Hell wasn’t she poor when she left the Whitehouse too lol….no really lol Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          10. Insinnergy May 27, 2015

            Your “adult” response to that is “I think therefore I am”?
            See elsewhere in this thread where I definitively respond, point by point, with actual evidence and links to the one thing you wrote that actually has some minimal substance.

            As for your cheap empty throwaway lines in this sub-thread… what is there to debate or dispute?
            Your personal opinion or experience?
            Why would I give a crap about that? You may well be a loon… you certainly sound like a conspiracy wingnut.

            If you’re going to argue like an adult then you need to provide more than ” ‘Cause I think so”.

            “Anecdotal Evidence” is not a valid argument… although it’s used extensively by the wingnut GOP… see Jim Inhofe’s sterling rebuttal of Climate Change using a snowball.

          11. bikejedi May 27, 2015

            On Hillary let me ask you a question…would you trust someone who knows they are under investigation who decides herself what is pertinent evidence and what is not and then arbitrarily decides by herself to destroy that evidence ? You trust her when she does stuff like that ? You trust that those were just personal emails with her record of deception ? Give me a break ..you won’t admit it I’m sure but you know that was wrong ..No way to defend that nor trust her ..Last I checked MSNBC Kool Ade drinking liberals agreed ..Their poll shows 87% would not vote for her …..On Dem Ghettos …As I said the proof is in the pudding …Every City that has had firm Dem control for generations has seen conditions in their Black Democrat Party Ghettos only get worse ..in Chicago Blacks who have risen to middle class status are the biggest Demographic that is fleeing our city for Republican enclaves with good schools and low crime …they aren’t stupid …
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          12. Insinnergy May 27, 2015

            No links. No evidence. No actual logic. “Republican enclaves with good schools and low crime”… hahahahahahahahaha. Can you spell “bigot”?

            You Sir, are the epitome of someone’s fine definition of Twitter as “screaming madly into the digital gulf whilst doing no listening” or something like that (I probably misquoted).

            I’m done.

          13. bikejedi May 27, 2015

            Not a bigot and don’t play your liberal race card on me …I live and grew up in Logan Sq Chicago one of the most diverse communities in America and my last Girl Friend was Black ..This is fact and this is where middle income Blacks ate fleeing to . Let me ask …where do you live ? One of those all white liberal suburban enclaves in Florida ?? You like no State income tax I bet …And you make accusation that I am not listening while I have maturely answered your questions …Meanwhile I can’t get you to answer a single question I have asked of you..hmmmmmm Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          14. bikejedi May 27, 2015

            Care to answer that Hillary question or the Ghetto question ?

            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          15. idamag May 28, 2015

            How about this: bikerjedi is a child molester. Now that I’ve said it – it is up to him to prove that he is not.

          16. idamag May 27, 2015

            You forgot hate-monger which is the tp’s stock in trade, along with continual lying.

      2. idamag May 27, 2015

        I think, as a child, the biker must have picked lead paint off his crib and ingested it.

    3. latebloomingrandma May 26, 2015

      Quite a story. And you “know” this how?

      1. bikejedi May 26, 2015

        Because that is exactly what she admitted . .After it came out that she had her own server she admitted to deleting those emails saying those were personal emails …Now considering her record as a Pathological liar does she even have any credibility with liberals ? If so you aren’t paying attention . Since you didn’t know about this I have to assume that you weren’t or that your liberal media neglected to tell you what’s going on .
        Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

        1. Paul May 26, 2015

          “Now considering her record as a Pathological liar”

          Please provide any reference materials you have pertaining to this alleged “record.”

          If you have them…

          1. bikejedi May 26, 2015

            You have to be kidding me right ?

            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          2. Insinnergy May 26, 2015

            Actually making unsubstantiated, broad statements without some form of posted evidence pretty much makes you the pathological liar.

          3. bikejedi May 27, 2015

            Actually I am stating what happened and what Hillary has Admitted to doing …You know what is surprising ? That you know I’m right you know she is criminally unethical and you would still support her even though you know she would make a terrible President …Why ? Because to you it isn’t about electing the best candidate to you it is only about winning so you can gloat over Conservatives …You don’t seem to care that Dem Policy has doubled poverty and given us 93 million Americans not even working …You don’t seem to card about the Poverty despair and violence in the Democrat Party Ghettos and most importantly you don’t seem to care about a foreign policy that has ISIS threatening the World …and of course a Nuclear Iran …You should be asking yourself if you feel safer or in great peril when they Nuke up ….But keep defending Hillary OK …according to MSNBC she can’t win
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          4. Insinnergy May 27, 2015

            Ok let’s try and untangle this mess of half-truths, Fox talking points, and barely connected blather.

            1) Democrat Ghettos: Oh really… the Democrats created this poverty and suffering?
            The GOP has been ruthlessly pursuing policies of dropping taxes on the wealthy, handing out free money to the corporations especially oil and gas, and cutting the social safety net. Take a good look at Kansas right now as to why this is idiotic. Trickle down economics does not work, and has never worked. In any economy.
            Ref: (and there are thousands of others from academics to journalists) http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/jan/20/trickle-down-economics-broken-promise-richest-85

            You remember that wee government shutdown we had over reducing the deficit? The one that the GOP were roundly abused for? Yeah… that resulted in the sequester, cuts to spending, cuts to social services… cuts cuts cuts… Meanwhile the GOP was still trying as hard as possible to reduce taxes on the wealthiest people and companies. Meanwhile Obama has passed The ACA, expanded medicare, and tried to raise the minimum wage… and largely been rebuffed by an obstinate and deliberately obstructionist Republican party with taxes, oil, war and women’s private parts forever on their minds.

            Consider the voting record for the first 6 years of Obama being in power… it’s a clear and obvious critique of the ignorance, stupidity, and lack of interest in the middle class and poor that sits at the heart of the twisted semi-Christian-Ayn-Randian hellscape that the GOP philosophy has become:

            House Bills passed:
            46 Bills on Abortion
            113 Bills on Religion (anti-gay)
            73 Bills on Family Relationships (anti-gay)
            36 Bills on Marriage (anti-gay)
            72 Bills on Firearms
            604 Bills on Taxation (more obscene tax cuts for the rich)
            437 Bills on Govt Investigations (cost $14 million for nothing).

            Bills attempted and failed to be passed even by the GOP:
            33 attempts to Defund Obamacare…..Failed ( cost to the American tax payer $50 million)
            15 attempts to Cut Funding for Planned Parenthood……Failed
            3 Attempts to Cut Funding for VA Hospitals…….Failed.

            GOP blocked bills:
            Blocked bill to aid Small Business
            Blocked Unemployment extension ( a loss of 250,000 peripherally related jobs)
            Blocked Bank Reform Bills
            Blocked Campaign Finance Reform and open Contributions Law
            Blocked MULTIPLE Jobs Bills
            Blocked Infrastructure Bill ( the nations crumbling infrastructure has a failing “D” rating)
            Blocked Ending Tax Breaks for companies that Outsource Jobs ( blocked the “Bring the jobs back home measure)
            Blocked Wall Street Reform
            Blocked Energy Legislation
            Blocked Mine Safety Bill
            Blocked Oil Spill Liability Cap increase
            Blocked Bill to lower Oil Company Tax Breaks ( 4 billion a year in tax payer subsidies )
            Blocked Bill to impose charging American Oil Companies on Oil achieved in the Gulf
            Held government hostage, economy lost $24 billion
            Blocked Veterans jobs bills
            Blocked Veterans benefits
            Blocked Veterans health bills
            Succeeded in cutting food stamps to 90,000 vets
            Filibustered VA hospital funding
            Filibustered 3 million unemployment extensions costing 250,000 peripherily related jobs, throwing families out of homes.
            Number of TRUE Jobs Bills even allowed to come to a vote in the House….NONE.


            If anyone gets the blame for ghettos it would be the GOP in their relentless pursuit of the bottom of the barrel when it comes to trashing the middle class, jobs, reform, the poor, and social spending, and promoting more money for their billionaire friends and their donors in the war industry.

            2) The last 6 years have reduced unemployment.
            This is a fact not an opinion. You can’t get around it, and your point is nonsensical. Note that the Dems also reversed the massive job losses per month caused by GW Bush.

            I’m not going to post links for this… unless your head is entirely up your own a$$ its incredibly easy to locate. The information is pretty much everywhere, including official reports to Wall Street etc.

            3) More people are in poverty, yes. Its heavily ironic that you are buying totally into Mitch McConnell’s strategy of “block everything, then blame the president for not doing anything”. There were many things that could have been done. However, apart from the ACA…
            Which markedly improved life for 8 million poor and poverty stricken Americans…

            … and a few other smaller things, the Obama white house has been gridlocked out of changing anything by a Republican party who have shown through their voting record that they don’t care. Don’t believe me? Check out the record and resources on how they voted, above.

            Looking at that who do you think is to blame for increasing poverty? Hint: It’s not the people who have been trying to do something about it. And no… tax cuts for the “Job Creators” is not doing something about it.

            4) Hilary has stated that she had a private email server. She sent in her official emails and deleted emails her team felt were personal. Those are indeed the facts.
            You GOP wingnuts attack this from two points:

            a) That having a private server was wrong and against the rules. That is correct. However the counterpoint is that the Republicans have a long and illustrious history of conveniently ‘losing’, ‘misplacing’, and accidentally destroying sometimes years of critical email. Often on private services, or through unusual email arrangements. But sometimes even on Government email servers. Somehow even these official email storage servers mysteriously get wiped.
            Ref: http://www.politicususa.com/2014/06/28/republicans-attacking-obama-missing-irs-emails-caught-web-hypocrisy.html

            Oddly enough these ‘missing’ emails happen to be from key figures exactly around very embarrassing times like: 9/11, the Iraq war… etc
            This counterpoint is this: WHERE WAS YOUR OUTRAGE THEN? Where were the armies of outraged GOP robots screaming about “We have a right to know why you took us to war!”… Yeah… nothing.

            Here’s what Darrell Issa apparently said during the minimal investigation into Bush’s 22 million missing emails:
            “A Democratic source passed along some quotes from Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) from a February 2008 hearing into the missing White House documents. “I think it’s fair that we recognize that software moves on and that archiving in a digital age is not as easy as it might seem to the public,” he said at the time. Issa added that Democratic complaints about the missing emails were “shameful.” ”
            Ref: http://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow-show/lets-talk-about-missing-emails

            Yep… when someone is asking questions about completely missing GOP email it’s “Shameful”. When Hilary hands over 50,000 official emails and deletes the supposedly private ones its the END OF THE WORLD.

            So yes, having a private email server may be against the recent rules, but it’s hardly unusual compared to similar actions taken by the Republicans which passed unremarked by you and your wingnut friends.

            b) The second angle you and your crazies take is that: Since Hilary deleted items considered personal, that this automatically means that she is corrupt and evil and has deliberately deleted emails that would incriminate her…
            This is despite the following:

            —> Every scandal except Monica Lewinsky… not a scandal.
            Whitewater… not a real thing.
            Vince Foster… not a real thing.
            Benghazi… oh so laughably not a real thing.
            And the list goes on.
            Just because you wingnuts keep repeating these stories to each other to keep them alive, does not make them real.
            I can see that if you actually believe all this made up cr@p that yes, you may automatically prejudge her actions of deleting personal emails as a cover up.
            However since none of these things were actually real, it makes you look like the sad conspiracy nutters you are.

            —> Any email dealing with political topics will be sent, and CCed and copied to numerous people within the government and state department whose emails are automatically recorded. Do you think a particularly damning email wouldn’t have at least 5 other copies somewhere in official archives, either through including people int he chain, or by accident, or through someone forwarding particularly good ones to other people?
            Do you even understand how email works?
            Why would Hilary delete and not hand over any sensitive email, when getting caught by a state archived copy of one of your ‘deleted’ emails would be a huge scandal?

            Basically I regard you as gullible and ignorant.
            You have no moral high ground due to the GOP using whatever email setups they liked (including Condi Rice, who insisted she didn’t use email at all so they would stop asking for hers… ) without comment, and you have no case because of the multiplicative way email works, and the vast prejudgement of Hilary as automatically being a criminal based on easily verifiable cr@p Fox talking points.

            You have no evidence. None. Not a single person, or copied email to suggest anything official has been deleted. There used to be a little thing called evidence and a trial before automatically denouncing someone as guilty… Yet she’s automatically a criminal. This is the essence of being a conspiracy wingnut.

            I now predict that you will cherry pick a few small comments, points or things you can claim are personal insults, refuse to actually answer any of my main points above, and continue to fail to supply any useful links or evidence to backup your crazy conspiracy theories.

            Because that’s what wingnut trolls do when faced with an actual adult argument. They divert, throw their toys, and walk away.
            Back under your rock, halfwit troll.
            School is now over.

          5. bikejedi May 27, 2015

            That trickle down economics didn’t work liberal rewrite of history is a lie and a joke …Were you old enough to appreciate the Reagan recovery ? Also whatever you want to say about business regulation that has nothing to do with the fact we have spent over 22 trillion on the so called war on poverty since the 60’s and things have only gotten worse in the Democrat Party Ghettos . For perspective we have spent about 7 trillion fighting all this Nations wars since 1776 . So the Democrats have promoted policies in their Ghettos to break up the traditional two parent household and keep those people under educated but liberally indoctrinated in their Socialist Public Union Schools …They keep them sated just enough with entitlements to keep them there …It seems to be a new plantation system that works for the Democratic Party now else do you explain a whole group of people …mostly of one race who have been convinced to give up their chance at personal opportunity for a place at the Govt tit. Liberals talk about the poverty and despair in their inner city ghettos usually from the safety of their all white liberal suburban enclave .They have convinced these people they are victims and of course no one really cares as long as they keep voting D at a 90% clip. Look at Baltimore ..Solid liberal Dem leadership ( sic ) for over 50 years and they still have ghettos that are 100% Black …Black Progressive President who prefers Communism as a form of Govt . Black Democrat Mayor ..Black Prosecutor…and poverty…and misery ….under Obama and the Dems Blacks now enjoy record high unemployment and your Party wants to legalize millions of illegal aliens who have already proven they don’t respect our Country laws culture or society …oh they will steal even more jobs from Black American Citizens but you and your Party have more compassion for them over our own citizens …Yes liberal policy and Democrats are responsible for their Democrat Party Ghettos …all on you guys and the fact you have convinced these people you are fighting for them is despicable . The rest of your post is spin and deflection worthy of a liberal Gruber …Yes a lot of bills passed the house …The first two years Obama had majorities in both houses and the Dems did nothing to help their Ghettos ..Since the 2010 Republican House takeover they have sent over 350 bills to Harry Reid and the Dem Senate 98% of those had wide Big Partisan support 55 of them were advanced by Democrats and Harry Reid didn’t allow a vote on a single one of them completely making your argument about House bills irrelevant …Hope that helps
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          6. Insinnergy May 27, 2015

            I don’t think I can be any clearer on this:
            Your opinion, half baked conspiracy theories and Fox talking points do not constitute evidence, or “adult” argument.


            You appear to not understand basic English, and are apparently incapable of posting links or any actual documentation to back your wingnuttery. Most likely because it would have to be from Glen Beck’s personal website or something laughably similar.
            All we get from you is more chain burbling of unsubstantiated theories and personal opinion.

            I think I’m done.

            Anyone else want to try to get him to actually point at something real?
            Other than that I’m tired of arguing with someone who sole stock in trade is their own delusions.

          7. bikejedi May 27, 2015

            Yes call in the troops ..I posted fact and logic …two things you don’t need links to do if you are aware of the facts ..I know liberals don’t like truth fact or logic especially inconvenient truths …relying on spin for instance on Dem Ghettos when you all the evidence you need us silliness for instance …I know the truth can be frustrating when you don’t like the results but u can’t help that …So use a life line and call for help …You can’t beat good old facts and logic and neither can your friends Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          8. Insinnergy May 27, 2015

            Alive and well in Amuurica.
            Stephen Colbert, you’re a genius. /salute

          9. bikejedi May 27, 2015

            Oh and who under investigation gets to first conceal evidence and then decide herself what is evidence and what is not .if she were honest and ethical with nothing to hide she would have turned it all over …Logically you know that but here you are still spinning for the bitch ..There is no way to defend that to logical thinkers even most Liberals who can actually think for themselves acknowledge that so your spun is irrelevant and silly Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          10. idamag May 28, 2015

            I think you are wasting your time with these people who don’t read. Or, like any ideologue, only read what fits their pre-conceived notions.

          11. Insinnergy May 28, 2015

            Thanks. I think you are right. But… hey … I had a spare hour, and a desire to educate.

            Elsewhere this willfully ignorant tool has basically said “I don’t need to post evidence because I have facts and logic on my side.”
            Apart from making for a great story to share… this really puts obstinate GOP stupidity on show.

            I appreciate his efforts, which may end up being quite educational to sane people who read this thread, and possibly even change some hearts and minds…. just not in the way he thought.

          12. Life of A Weirdo May 31, 2015

            As there are about 120,000,000 people between the ages of 15 and 65, are you saying that only 30 million people are working?

          13. bikejedi June 1, 2015

            I’m saying 93 million Americans are not working …I didn’t mention demographics
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          14. Life of A Weirdo June 1, 2015

            You don’t address demographics and neither do those that use that figure.

            US population : 320M, give or take.
            People of working age (15 to 65) : 120M, give or take
            People below or above working age : 200M (children, retirees)
            If we subtract your figure (93M), that leaves only 27M people working in the entire US.

            What about those 15 to 18 year olds still in high school, the 18 to 21 year olds in college?

            Demographics does matter but as the gross number is more sensationalistic, that is what people have been repeating.

            Even if we say that half of that 93M are women and we relegate all of them to homemaker status – that would be about 46.5M, leaving the other 46.5M men – that would mean that only about 20M men of working age were in the workforce.


          15. bikejedi June 1, 2015

            It isn’t my figure it is the Governments …Your administration …We have roughly 320 million Americans and 93 million are not in the workforce according to the Government and that correlates with the labor participation rate which is at a 36 year low point
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          16. Life of A Weirdo June 1, 2015

            In US, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) defines labor force
            participation rate as “the labor force as a percent of the civilian
            noninstitutional population.” Labor force is defined as: “all persons
            classified as employed or unemployed.” Employed persons are persons aged
            16 years or older, who work for an employer or are self-employed, and
            excludes people who work as volunteers and people engaged in
            self-service/homemaking. Unemployed persons are those jobless persons
            who are aged 16 year or older, were available for job in last four
            weeks, and had made specific efforts to find a job at any time during
            that period.

            Again, the 16 – 21 range – generally school involved.

            Note they don’t pull out the retirees – which is a huge segment of the population.

            ‘A new report released today by the U.S. Census Bureau provides the
            latest, comprehensive look at the nation’s population aged 65 and older,
            comprising 40.3 million in 2010.’ http://www.census.gov/newsroom/press-releases/2014/cb14-124.html

            Population under 18 – 23% (about 73M)
            40 + 73 = 113 M – 93 = 20M people between the ages of 18 and 85 who would be of the age they should be working to support themselves and/or families.

          17. bikejedi June 1, 2015

            That’s all nice and good and we still have the worst labor participation rate in over 35 years
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          18. Life of A Weirdo June 1, 2015

            From ’48 to ’78, it was (significantly) worse.

            As to ‘the last 35 years’ (1980 until now), that is a statistical fact it has been better.

            However, the right wing talking point of 93M out of work, just not accurate when retirees and teens taken out of the equation. Not even close.

    4. Proud Liberal May 26, 2015

      Colin Powell admitted he had a private email account and deleted all of his emails.

      1. bikejedi May 26, 2015

        Is he running for office ? Was he under any suspicion of wrong doing ? Was he under investigation ? Did he investigate and then clear himself arbitrarily ? OK then
        Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

        1. smith76 May 26, 2015

          Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice should be under investigation for misleading the US into an unnecessary war in Iraq. There have been repeated investigations into Benghazi (even the GOP led House Intelligence committee said there was no wrongdoing in the Benghazi tragedy), but the waste of military and civilian lives in the unnecessary Iraq war was much greater.

          1. bikejedi May 26, 2015

            As I said Powell ( a Democrat ) isn’t running for office and Condi didn’t mislead anyone …So if you want to go after Powell fine but wouldn’t that be racist . As for Killary we may never know what her emails would have revealed because she destroyed them…Now it is very easy to say she was investigated and nothing was found when you can get away with destroying the evidence…and you know if she were a Republican you would not want someone with her ethics to be President
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          2. Paul May 26, 2015

            Powell’s a Democrat? That’s new.

            Why would it be racist to go after Powell? Please explain in detail. (This oughta be good…)

            “Killary” Very clever. No doubt you are immensely proud of that one.

          3. bikejedi May 26, 2015

            Common knowledge he switched sides and since he is Black and a Democrat the left would play their race card
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          4. Insinnergy May 26, 2015

            You’re a fool, and applying double standards, and where was your outrage back when this meant anything?
            Yup. Thought so.

          5. bikejedi May 26, 2015

            You are immature and intolerant just hurling insults because you can’t debate what I posted ..typical liberal …Go whine now Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          6. Insinnergy May 27, 2015

            See my answer to your wingnut conspiracy theories below.
            Answer that like an adult… if you can.

          7. bikejedi May 27, 2015

            You just got served deal with it stop your whining and please stop trying to defend Liberal policy in the ghettos when your policy has only made things worse and please by all that is holy give up spinning for Killary Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          8. idamag May 27, 2015

            Selective outrage is just plain phony.

          9. smith76 May 26, 2015

            As I said. the House Intelligence committee, led by the GOP, felt there was sufficient evidence to conclude that there was no administration wrong doing in the Benghazi tragedy. What is your basis for concluding otherwise? (Other than to further mislead the public.)

          10. bikejedi May 27, 2015

            With Hillary’s refusal to cooperate and with her willful destruction of evidence we will never know if there was criminality . What we do know is there was gross negligence in providing REQUESTED security . We know that she and Obama knew that Americans were under the siege of a Muslim Terrorist attack …We know they didn’t even try to aid them..We know that after the fact when both faced political back lash they came up with an excuse lie coved story about a YouTube Video being the cause …A lie that it now seems was birthed by one of Hillarys liberal political donors …So you have to ask yourself why you would defend or possibly support someone with her bad decision making skills and ethics
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          11. bikejedi May 27, 2015

            With Hillary’s refusal to cooperate and with her willful destruction of evidence we will never know if there was criminality . What we do know is there was gross negligence in providing REQUESTED security . We know that she and Obama knew that Americans were under the siege of a Muslim Terrorist attack …We know they didn’t even try to aid them..We know that after the fact when both faced political back lash they came up with an excuse lie coved story about a YouTube Video being the cause …A lie that it now seems was birthed by one of Hillarys liberal political donors …So you have to ask yourself why you would defend or possibly support someone with her bad decision making skills and ethics
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          12. Life of A Weirdo May 28, 2015

            ‘Refusal to cooperate’?

          13. bikejedi May 28, 2015

            Don’t you remember when she came down with or caught that concussion ? Maybe you don’t know that Gowdy has asked to interrogate her 2 times and she arbitrarily decided she would do only one …for an hour …How does someone under investigation get away with that behavior and the fact ANYONE would defend that is beyond belief …Have you forgotten you are Americans ?
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          14. Life of A Weirdo May 28, 2015

            ‘came down with’?

            She sat for two hearings (on c-span), agreed to more and requested they be public, not the private ones Gowdy wanted.

          15. bikejedi May 28, 2015

            Yes it was a very very convenient case of the concussion probably caused BT Feditis
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          16. Life of A Weirdo May 28, 2015

            I’m sure the doctors and hospital staff were all in on the ‘lie’…

          17. bikejedi May 28, 2015

            I’m sure they were too

            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          18. Life of A Weirdo May 29, 2015

            The level of paranoia it takes to believe that complete strangers, medical professionals, etc would be in cahoots just to keep HRC from testifying – which she did, twice – is worthy of WND et al…

          19. bikejedi May 29, 2015

            Give me a freaking break …You don’t think she can find a personal physician who would work with her on this ? Now I think she was really concussed or has brain damage and probably both but the fact that you don’t find anything suspicious about it shows devotion loyalty and denial worthy of an MSNBC host
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          20. Life of A Weirdo May 29, 2015

            Not finding something suspicious about someone falling and potentially getting a concussion is I believe reasonable. She could have come up with a wide variety of other excuses to avoid the hearings – which she didn’t.

          21. bikejedi May 29, 2015

            Yes but coming down with a concussion was brilliant because if she screwed up she could have said she wasn’t in her right mind …She should have just claimed Anal Blindness because then she could have told the investigators that she just doesn’t see her ass coming to testify
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          22. Life of A Weirdo May 29, 2015

            She claimed no disability so again, the conspiracy falls flat.

          23. bikejedi May 29, 2015

            She claimed a she caught or came down with a concussion . She had to wear special glasses that are usually only prescribed to people who have suffered permanent brain damage and before you ask for a link do a Google search ..its not a stretch that someone of Hillarys stature could find a Dr willing to say she was concussed so she could get out of testifying or at least buy her some time so she could rehearse …And look at the performance she gave ….Her indignation couldnt have come through louder …”what differences at this point does it make ” …How utterly insulting and condescending to the families if her 4 victims ….But I’m sure since you are defending her that you have no problem with that …Hell she has had that attitude for over 30 years
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          24. Life of A Weirdo May 29, 2015

            Well, as she no longer wears them, I would say the ‘permanent’ damage was a bit more temporary…

            I watched the hearing in which she made that infamous statement…context is key…http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/article/2013/may/08/context-hillary-clintons-what-difference-does-it-m/

          25. bikejedi May 29, 2015

            I’ve seen the whole thing too Hillary was mad and perturbed that they bothered her with this …She held the entire panel and process in contempt …She went right back to blaming it on guys out for a walk who may have been incited by a You Tube Video lmao ….and then said it …Yes the Queen was mad and indignant Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          26. Life of A Weirdo May 30, 2015

            Every time I hear someone talk about how ‘mad’ she was all I can think ‘what a sheltered and lovely life you must have led if THAT looks like anger’…

          27. bikejedi May 30, 2015

            Sure …So she wasn’t angry and indignant right ? She wasn’t mad that they dare question her on her You Tube Lie …”who knows what caused it …maybe it was just some guys out for walk who were angered by an anti Islamic Video ” ( even though about 12 people had seen it to that point ) what difference at this point does it make “. I mean they are already dead ….the focus shouldn’t be on me or the fact I didn’t provide security nor that we didn’t offer aid to Americans under an 8 hour Muslim Terrorist attack nor should it be on myself or the fact it was a dereliction of duty and gross negligence …No the focus shouldn’t be on how ridiculously bad I am nor that I made up a lie to excuse my negligence …it shouldn’t be on the fact that I lied and disrespected that families of the dead right in front of their caskets …No dammit I’m Hillary and I deserve to be President because of my name and my vagina dammit …Got it …You are in serious denial or are such a rabid defender you could care less what she does …
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          28. Life of A Weirdo May 30, 2015

            I don’t recall her getting ‘angry’ over any questioning related to the video. The only flash of irritation was about the ‘so why didn’t you call’ repetition by the one senator.

            The video had been played on television by, I believe, Egyptian tv personality.


            And you appear to be a rabid hater based upon the right wing version of reality…

          29. bikejedi May 30, 2015

            Don’t hate anyone …Just reporting what happened and how absurd it is that anyone couldn’t see her reaction in those responses nor would defend them or be a supporter of hers…If that were a Conservative I backed ….I would no longer back them …I guess that is one of the many differences between Conservatives and Liberals …We ditch candidates like that and you circle the wagons no matter what she did …As long as you view her as your only chance or best chance to win you will all defend her to the death …For you people it doesn’t seem to be about electing a moral ethical qualified leader. ( and with Hillary you can’t make ANY of those arguments ) it is about winning just so you can gloat to your Conservative friends you won . Do any of you consider your children’s futures or the future of this Country …Now I listened to OMalley this AM and I disagree with him on almost everything but at least he is ethical ( so far) and has an executive skill set and a record of accomplishment …He is a proven administrator …I can say right now he is better equipped to be a President than Hillary …
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          30. Life of A Weirdo May 30, 2015

            I am always entertained at the gymnastics someone will go to in order to maintain their indignation over her when presented with valid and verifiable information that disputes what I can only assume are talking points from the standard right wing ‘news’ sources.

            O’Malley may be all you wish him to be, but he hasn’t yet survived the media microscope. I would be in the ‘trust but verify’ camp with anyone at this point.

            1st strike 🙂 : He loved him some HRC in 2008. He liked Kerry for president versus Bush…

          31. bikejedi May 30, 2015

            I’m not going through any gymnastics it seems you are . I just posted two videos that perfectly display her attitude .. You can be in denial all you want but somewhere deep in a place that you wont admit you know I am right and that it hurts to see her act this way … By the way watch her dodge Carly … Carly will clean her clock one on one … I don’t care what you think about her time at HP all you have to do is look at the questions she is posing to Ms Clinton and the fact she has been calling her out to know Carly would clean her up and expose her in ANY one on one … Lets just hope America gets to se that or someone asks the same questions of Hillary that Carly is asking ? If that happens she will be exposed and you will all be sifting to OMalley or someone else … Oh and he is a loyal Democrat so what is unusual that he would support your candidate ?? I dont get what you are driving at
            Subject: Re: Comment on What Clintons Do Is ‘ Scandalous,’ What Republicans Do Is… Ignored

          32. bikejedi May 30, 2015

            I have seen the whole thing and she was angry indignant and wanted to shift the focus off of her and even her own You Tube lie and try to make it about preventing this in the future …While that should be one component the bigger issue was in and should be on what kind of total incompetence she had and what gross negligence she had that led to this …For her to be indignant after her actions it lack there of shows a level if contempt for this Country only rivaled by Obama himself ….I think Hillary took the mantle .She views herself as denied her chance before and dintbyou know that was her spot because she is a queen and the liberal media has tried to make her beloved even with all her flaws …Another example of the contempt she holds her fellow citizens in us her response to the reported who had the chutzpah to ask if they would be granted the opportunity to ask her Queenship a question …You did see that and her attitude right. .Now look at those two instances and tell me she doesn’t think she is better than you and holds you in contempt …His can ANYONE defend her ????
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          33. Life of A Weirdo May 30, 2015

            I’m guessing you also view Obama as an ‘angry’ man?

          34. bikejedi May 30, 2015

            Whenever he is cornered on a topic he doesn’t like he plays the blame game or acts like an indignant petulant child . Every President has to answer questions from time to time that they dont like … Obama has been blessed for the most part with a Whitehouse press corp that carries the Water for him and throws him softballs which explains why he signals out the only ones who didnt get that communist memo the other news organizations are adhering to as if they were State run media in Russia … Other times he is pretty affable
            Subject: Re: Comment on What Clintons Do Is ‘ Scandalous,’ What Republicans Do Is… Ignored

          35. Life of A Weirdo May 30, 2015

            I asked if you view his demeanor as ‘angry’?

          36. Life of A Weirdo May 30, 2015

            Do you think Louie Gohmert is a level headed individual who has the appropriate demeanor for public office?

          37. bikejedi May 30, 2015

            No once again that is the difference between Conservatives and Liberals … we dont defend people with questionable ethics nor do we support them
            Subject: Re: Comment on What Clintons Do Is ‘ Scandalous,’ What Republicans Do Is… Ignored

          38. bikejedi May 30, 2015

            I wouldnt vote for Christie either . That is the difference I pointed out earlier … I think he has questionable ethics so I wouldn’t vote for him .. With those ethics and some of his stances he may as well be one of yours .. Remember I pointed out earlier that Liberals would support Hillary and defend her to the death just because they think she is their best hope and rather then support an ethical candidate all you care about is winning so you can gloat .. I pointed out that is but one of the major differences between Conservatives and Liberals and this is exhibit A … I would not support Christie because of his questionable ethics … See
            Subject: Re: Comment on What Clintons Do Is ‘ Scandalous,’ What Republicans Do Is… Ignored

          39. bikejedi May 30, 2015

            Also I don’t understand what Christie has to do with this other then you are trying to spin this to him or someone else to deflect away from what a bitch Hillary is
            Subject: Re: Comment on What Clintons Do Is ‘ Scandalous,’ What Republicans Do Is… Ignored

          40. Life of A Weirdo May 30, 2015

            You made a comment that only Hillary and Obama are rude people…that you couldn’t recall anyone else that behaved in such a disrespectful manner. Just providing information contrary to your assertion.

          41. bikejedi May 31, 2015

            We can agree that there are a lot of A holes in Politics but for sheer volume and with their position s Obama and Hillary just feel they are above everyone else and they show you that they hold you in utter contempt . They cant be held totally at fault however as your media lets them get away with it without ever calling them out . Now it appears at least CNN their opinion show hosts did call Hillary out over this latest dust up … I mean come on you are running for President and you have a whole mess of Media covering your every photo stop and you don’t feel the need to answer a single question or take questions for 28 days ???? First off I don’t understand why an intelligent person such as yourself would support someone like that and secondly what is she trying to hide from ( I think we all know ) and thirdly is that the kind of ” leadership ” needed for the most important job on the globe ?
            Subject: Re: Comment on What Clintons Do Is ‘ Scandalous,’ What Republicans Do Is… Ignored

          42. Life of A Weirdo May 31, 2015

            Again, we will simply have agree to disagree regarding our perception of their demeanor.

            At this moment, with the players on the dance card, I have to go with her. I may change my mind depending upon who decides to jump in the race.

            I take issue with misrepresentations and misinformation. If you don’t like her policies, don’t trust her for whatever reason – god bless. But at least base it upon an information base more well rounded that what appears to be a fairly right wing/conservative pool of sources and ‘facts’.

          43. Life of A Weirdo May 30, 2015

            So, wondering what you thought while reading that the video was in fact played on Egyptian television – a few days prior to the protests.

          44. bikejedi May 30, 2015

            The video that the guy sitting in jail made was shown at one event and drew I think 11 people . It was put on You Tube and had about a dozen hits before the attack . He was scapegoated for being an American and exercising his first amendment rights .. Also I don’t know what this Egyptian thought he saw . The fact remains that this was a planned Muslim Terrorist Attack that was easily predicted based on the anniversary date . That isn’t my opinion it is the facts that the CIA told Obama and Hillary and they STILL continued to lie and make excuses about a video . You do know the CIA informed Obama of this right ?? Right ???
            Subject: Re: Comment on What Clintons Do Is ‘ Scandalous,’ What Republicans Do Is… Ignored

          45. Life of A Weirdo May 30, 2015

            He (tv personality) played scenes from youtube and was shocked by the protests : http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2012/09/tv-host-who-aired-scenes-of-anti-islam-film-shocked-by-violent-reaction/ I noted in an earlier link the vast number of protests that did occur in response to the film. It’s not like the administration and intelligence community just picked that ‘excuse’ out of thin air. It was a reasonable assumption at the time.

            As to the films creator – he had a long record…he was no ‘innocent’. As to being jailed for it – he was arrested for probation violations.

            Nakoula, who was on supervised release from a
            2010 conviction for bank fraud, faces eight charges of probation
            violation including making false statements to authorities about the
            film. When probation officials questioned him about the video, Nakoula
            allegedly claimed his role was limited to writing the script, and denied
            ever using the name “Sam Bacile” in connection to the film, said
            Assistant U.S. Atty. Robert Dugdale. http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2012/09/jailed-innocence-of-muslims-filmmaker-faces-3-years-in-prison.html

            Morrell has repeatedly stated that no account of the event was completely wrong. That at the time, it was an ongoing investigation based upon a wide variety of sources.


            ‘easily predicted’ – 11 years later? We’ve had 10 other anniversaries – what would make this one any more or less a possibility than those?

          46. bikejedi May 31, 2015

            The Intel Community NEVER just picked that ” excuse ” out of thin air because they knew it wasn’t the case . The just released emails seem to point to Hillary’s wealthy 1%er Liberal Elite Donor friends who suggested Hillary blame the whole thing on a You Tube Video . After Obama Hillary and Rice all went out and started using it the CIA told them the whole thing was a lie and they were making themselves look foolish but Rice went on 5 Sunday talk shows and was taken apart for her assertions . A woman who was being groomed to be Sec of State lost that chance by making herself out as a LIAR … She literally threw her own dumb ass under the bus for Obama and Hillary . Obama was still talking video 2 weeks after the CIA told him and he used it in a Global Address basically LYING to the entire World … He has no shame .
            Subject: Re: Comment on What Clintons Do Is ‘ Scandalous,’ What Republicans Do Is… Ignored

          47. Life of A Weirdo May 31, 2015

            Questioners on the House panel asked how he could believe it was both a protest gone awry and a planned terror attack. He said they were not “mutually exclusive.”

            Morell did not name the analysts or detail what specific information the analysts used to base the faulty conclusion over the accurate report of the CIA’s station chief in Libya. He said the first version of the talking points were produced Sept. 12, a day after the attack, by the agency’s top terrorism analyst. The analyst had seen about a dozen press and intelligence reports that a protest preceded the attack, he said.

            On Sept. 13, the CIA’s station chief sent an e-mail saying the analyst was wrong, but Morell said he dismissed the station chief’s objections because it too was based in part on press reports. It was also based on reporting by a rescue team that arrived at the diplomatic post about an hour after the attack.

            “It looks like you’re more interested in protecting the State Department than the State department is, like you’re more interested in protecting the FBI than the FBI,” said Rep. Mac Thornberry, R-Texas. “And Petraeus is upset that there’s not enough information there.”

            Morell responded: “I saw this as a way for the CIA to pump its chest to say we warned and therefore lay all the blame on the State Department.”


          48. bikejedi May 31, 2015

            There may be some truth in that especially the CIA attempting to distance itself from blame . However the lie of the Video was concocted for Political cover and for Political considerations surely you know how Pols do that and why .
            Subject: Re: Comment on What Clintons Do Is ‘ Scandalous,’ What Republicans Do Is… Ignored

          49. Life of A Weirdo May 31, 2015


            In Egypt, the protest was organized by Wesam Abdel-Wareth, a Salafist leader and president of Egypt’s Hekma television channel,
            who called for a gathering on September 11 at 5 pm in front of the
            United States Embassy, to protest against a film that he thought was
            named Muhammad’s Trial.[38][39] However, Eric Trager, an experts at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, has said that the protest was in fact announced on August 30 by Jamaa Islamiya, to release Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman.[35] After the trailer for the film began circulating, Nader Bakkar, the Egyptian Salafist Nour Party’s spokesman, and Muhammad al-Zawahiri, the brother of al-Qaeda leader Ayman al Zawihiri, called for Egyptians to assemble outside of the American embassy.[40]


            It would have been a bold faced lie if there weren’t in fact negative reactions to the video. Was it the sole cause – I don’t believe anyone is standing by that after all the investigations.

            Fast forward to June 2014 and Ahmed Abu Khatallah, a top suspect, was captured by members of the U.S. Delta Force. According to the New York Times, Ahmed Abu Khatallah has admitted that the video was a major reason. http://www.examiner.com/article/benghazi-suspect-admits-anti-islamic-video-was-major-reason-behind-attacks

            In the period before the attack, Mr. Abu Khattala was living in el-Leithi, known for its high concentration of militant extremists. He made his living as a building contractor in blue Dickies coveralls. But he was still active with a small, part-time militia, which at certain times over the last two years controlled at least one checkpoint on a highway near Benghazi.

            On the day of the attack, Islamists in Cairo had staged a demonstration outside the United States Embassy there to protest an American-made online video mocking Islam, and the protest culminated in a breach of the embassy’s walls — images that flashed through news coverage around the Arab world.

            As the attack in Benghazi was unfolding a few hours later, Mr. Abu
            Khattala told fellow Islamist fighters and others that the assault was retaliation for the same insulting video, according to people who heard him.


          50. bikejedi May 31, 2015

            So great…. that all happened in Egypt on the very day that Muslim Terrorists planned and carried out an attack in Libya . There was really no connection and those Muslim Terrorists didnt use that as an excuse for a demonstration because in Libya there was no demonstration just a Muslim Terrorist attack . That is why two Ex Seals came to the rescue … It wasn’t because a protest going on by some guys out for a walk who may or may not have been angered by some inflammatory Video they had never seen it was because there was a Muslim Terrorist attack going on … By the way do liberals really think Muslim Terrorists look for excuse to attack us ? Hell no they do it because they are on Jihad for Allah and they hate us . Also .. Muslims can find ANYTHING to offend them because almost everything civilized does offend the ones who read the Quran literally
            Subject: Re: Comment on What Clintons Do Is ‘ Scandalous,’ What Republicans Do Is… Ignored

          51. Life of A Weirdo May 31, 2015

            ‘excuse’ – no.

            Opportunity – yes.

            Ah, and now we are entering the ‘all muslims are evil’ portion of the program…

            The terrorists who attacked Benghazi were not protesting. The actual person involved in the attack stated he used the video as a manner of cover – ‘eyes over there, no one’s gonna look over here’…

          52. bikejedi May 31, 2015

            You think all Muslims are evil ? .. Me I think if they follow the literal version of the Quran without being able to differentiate what is repulsively evil and barbaric then those are the evil ones because they will KILL YOU . As for the Muslim Terrorist attack in Libya no logically thinking person would buy that it was anything other than a planned attack . If someone in hindsight wants to use that as an excuse after the fact then he should thank Hillary for giving them that excuse … Sometimes you have to read between the lines and apply common sense and decipher for yourself what seems logical and what seems contrived on a very Gruber level
            Subject: Re: Comment on What Clintons Do Is ‘ Scandalous,’ What Republicans Do Is… Ignored

          53. Life of A Weirdo May 31, 2015

            I reread your comment and noted that you commented regarding those that take it literally. I think the same of the fundamentalist Christians…Anyone that reads a religious text and takes it as written (well, when it suits their needs) – is dangerous.

            When you basically live in a war zone – nothing has to be uber planned that far in advance to do damage…

            Sort of like when a gun owner has a bad day – didn’t really ‘plan’ to go blow someone’s head off, but…Or someone is driving down the road and they see someone they hate – swerve a bit to the right and BAM – problem ‘solved’…The waitress has had her nerve plucked by just one more jerk – jams a fork in their hand…

            People take advantage of circumstances…

          54. bikejedi May 31, 2015

            Ok there is some truth in that … You do understand the difference between other faiths and Islam right ? The people who are true believers of the Torah or the Bible have evolved and they are civilized .. they don’t run around burning people alive or beheading them … There are no Jewish Terrorist groups running around trying to form caliphates or going on Holy Jihads for God .. If there are passages in the Torah that command them to Convert or Kill non Jews they aren’t doing that … You see that is a big difference … At least Europe’s Liberals see that . It’s too bad America’s Liberals are buying into Obama’s rhetoric … You folks don’t even want to deal in reality but would rather sugar coat and make excuses for Islam .. Yeah lets call them simple extremists as if their Islamic faith has nothing to do with their Jihads and their Terrorist attacks … Why its as if ISIS isn’t even trying to form a caliphate for Allah but are just doing it because they were all out for a walk one evening and …Do you people realize how absurd you make yourselves sound ? Meanwhile Europe’s Liberals show much more logic and common sense … The French PM called the Hebdo attacker Muslim Terrorists and said they are at war with Radical Islam … See at least their Liberals are allowed to call them what they are … You people aren’t even allowed to have that type of independence of thought or they will pu;l your Liberal card…
            Subject: Re: Comment on What Clintons Do Is ‘ Scandalous,’ What Republicans Do Is… Ignored

          55. Life of A Weirdo May 31, 2015

            Terrorists are terrorists – regardless of their affiliation, reason or named faith.

            You need to call them ‘Muslim terrorists’ – go to it with all the vim and vigor you’ve got.

            Here’s what happens when the word Muslim and terrorist is place together in the same breath over and over and over by the right wing : http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2015/05/30/hundreds-gather-in-arizona-for-armed-anti-muslim-protest/

            You get lovely individuals such as this who covers the entire Muslim community with ‘f**k Islam tshirts… Not ‘f**k Muslim Terrorists’ – he went for the entire faith.


          56. bikejedi June 1, 2015

            Well a lot of people have had it with that whole faith …That is their choice ..On the other hand to simply label them extremists is making excuses for Islam .How can we ever expect the so called moderate Muslims to call out the radical Muslims and denounce them if we won’t ? Labeling them simple extremists is liberal double speak to make them more acceptable …You know to promote Obamas and Hillarys concept of having empathy sensitivity and respect for Islam ..Not long ago Obama said ISIS has nothing to do with Islam even though it is the first word in their name . How dumb and counterproductive is that ? He went in to say they have hijacked Islam ..Of course this ignores that for centuries a great number of Islams followers have been murdering others …While other peoples and other faiths have evolved a great portion of Muslims have not …They have been doing Jihads and Muslim Terrorism unabated for Centuries …It is their religion it commands them to do it in their Holy book …It is their culture society political ideology and their centuries long history ..Maybe when the ” Islamic State ” tells you they are waging holy jihad for Allah maybe you should take them at their word …They are Muslim Terrorists waging Jihad …No need to make excuses for them or sugar coat for them .Until you face a problem in a frank and honest manner you will never solve it .
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          57. Life of A Weirdo June 1, 2015

            ‘Great portions’ of Muslims are participating in the ISIS type activities? By CIA estimates, about 32,000 ISIS members at this point in time…that would be .0002% of the entire Muslim population. If it was true that Muslims adhered to the ‘kill all infidels’, it is not odd that while they had the upper hand in the Middle East centuries ago, that they did not eradicate all Christians and Jews – and Hindus, etc – from the face of the earth?

            There are factions of every faith that ‘hijack’ and are extreme – EVERY faith.







          58. bikejedi June 1, 2015

            Maybe you forgot that the area you talk about is mostly ( almost entirely ) Muslim . As I said I don’t view them all as evil but the ones who believe in the literal Quran definitely are a menace to any civilized person . Also considering very few of the so called moderate Muslims speak out against their Terrorist brethren and also considering their so called Holy book commands them to be purposefully deceitful in the promotion and protection of Islam how do any of us know we can trust any of them ???? Hmmmmm….makes you wonder
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          59. Life of A Weirdo June 1, 2015

            Clearly you did not bother to look at the links which I provided to address the standard ‘but moderates aren’t denouncing ISIS’ talking point.

            I would feel comfortable trusting a moderate Muslim – as much as I trust any moderate from any faith.

            I am aware the area I addressed was/is primarily Muslim, thus my point that they have had hundreds of years to act upon the infidel passages which people cite for their reason for not trusting any Muslims.

          60. bikejedi June 1, 2015

            I didn’t look at all of them . You posted a lot of links and very very few moderates speak up against the ones who are Terrorists ….By the way just so you don’t think I hate Muslims …I have had 3 borders living in my home . One was Palestinian from Ramallah the second Lebanese and the third an Iraqi who was born there came here …became a Citizen and fought in Viet Nam …Also the industry I work in has lots of Muslims so I know many many more of them then most people have even seen on a TV …I live in Jefferson Pk Chicago and the building I lived in is somewhere between 30 to 40% Muslim
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          61. Life of A Weirdo June 1, 2015

            So you fear these Muslims you know?

            I have a feeling that regardless of how many spoke up, it would be about 1 less than would qualify the truth as valid to you.

          62. bikejedi June 2, 2015

            I fear no one . Every single one of them should be speaking up and denouncing Muslim Terrorism ..They might want to publicly say they don’t agree with certain tenets of their religion and prove through time they can be trusted as peaceful cohabitants on this planet …Trust takes time and experience and excuse me if Obama and Hillary don’t understand that …I have no reason to show them any ” empathy ” or be ” sensitive ” to Islam until they prove they are peaceful . Until then I take the ones I know or encounter the way they treat me
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          63. Life of A Weirdo June 2, 2015

            I don’t hear ‘every single one’ in the Christian faith speaking up and out against violence and hate…Why the double standard?

          64. bikejedi June 2, 2015

            First off most Christians don’t have to because they don’t have Christians running around in Terrorist groups launching rockets at civilians from schools …There aren’t groups of Christian Terrorists beheading people in the name of Christ and raping women … Yet most of them do speak out against hate and violence ..
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          65. Life of A Weirdo June 2, 2015

            ‘most’? I would challenge that claim…About as many Christians may speak out as Muslims…depending on the coverage of the story, etc…In general…about even…

          66. bikejedi June 2, 2015

            No way …For instance most Christians around the world including Europe’s liberal Christians speak out everyday against Islamic Terrorism
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          67. Life of A Weirdo June 2, 2015


          68. bikejedi June 3, 2015

            Sources????? Didn’t you watch the events after the Hebdo attack …The French PM stated that it was a Muslim Terrorist attack and that they were at war with Radical Islam …Do you talk to any of your Jewish or Christian nation ? I know all mine speak out against Muslim Terrorism …Sources ???? Just pay attention …Maybe you just hang out with other American Liberals who are being brainwashed into having ” empathy ” and ” sensitivity ” to Islam so THEY don’t speak out for fear of straying from group think and agenda. ..but everyone else in the world is speaking up Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          69. Life of A Weirdo June 3, 2015

            And I provided you with sources which detailed how Muslims have been speaking out but it was ‘too many’ for you to read. Despite that you still claim that they aren’t ‘speaking out enough’.

          70. bikejedi June 3, 2015

            Great links but no …the average Muslim does not speak out

            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          71. Life of A Weirdo June 3, 2015

            Like I said earlier – nothing would satisfy your standard. And I would continue to assert that the ‘average’ Christian or Jew doesn’t speak out either…Doesn’t protest in support of moderate Muslims as they protest ISIS.

          72. bikejedi June 3, 2015

            Where in the hell are moderate Muslims holding protests ..

            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          73. Life of A Weirdo June 3, 2015

            Guessing you really didn’t read any of those links I posted 🙂

          74. bikejedi June 4, 2015

            Did you see that her approval rating is at a 14 year low and that most don’t trust her ? So it seems Social Media and people talking about her ARE having an effect . People are starting to take notice and I think they agree with me that she is unethical and dishonest . They probably don’t like her demeanor either .
            Subject: Re: Comment on What Clintons Do Is ‘ Scandalous,’ What Republicans Do Is… Ignored

          75. Life of A Weirdo June 4, 2015

            I’m guessing the media you look at would never find her appealing.

          76. bikejedi June 4, 2015

            I look at all media and I think it was Gallup did the approval rating poll as they track that year to year … the other one was CNN and you can go to their site for that one … Look at her vs lowly Rand Paul … they have him beating her … Rand Paul for God sakes ..If I were a lefty I would be praying for Biden or some high profile Dem to run … The good news is that another Dem got into the race and he is by far the best candidate you have right now and even though he announced no one knows about it … That’s right local Dem and a Black Man who actually loves America is running … He is a self made millionaire and he is ethical … His name is Willie Wilson and he ran for Mayor against Rahm here … I would vote for him myself
            Subject: Re: Comment on What Clintons Do Is ‘ Scandalous,’ What Republicans Do Is… Ignored

          77. bikejedi June 1, 2015

            By the way they have had a sustained history of Jihads and taking over other peoples Countries …Turkey used to be Christian for instance so I don’t understand why you are asking that question because they have centuries of history of Jihad and Terrorism
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          78. Life of A Weirdo June 1, 2015

            And other faiths also had centuries of attempting to expand – by force or acceptance by other cultures and faiths. Let’s not play it like Christians were oh, so superior when it came to ‘spreading the word’…

          79. bikejedi June 2, 2015

            Are you attempting to compare Christians from centuries ago to the sustained history and track record of Islam ?
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          80. Life of A Weirdo June 2, 2015

            I’m saying that with time, the memory fades and we need to acknowledge the fact that Christians and the Catholic church were not above violence and force…We are comparing the ‘records’ of a teen (Muslims) and a middle aged man (Christianity).

          81. bikejedi June 2, 2015

            The world has changed radically since then ..Everyone else gets that …I fear Islam never will for a variety of reasons chief among them their book teachings tenets culture history etc .Also remember to them this is their political ideology and they want you to conform to their laws wherever they go ….
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          82. Life of A Weirdo June 2, 2015

            Sort of like evangelical Christians…

          83. Life of A Weirdo May 31, 2015

            Neither the Bible nor the Torah are manuals of complete sweetness and light…

            If there be found among you, within any of thy gates which the LORD thy God giveth thee, man or woman, that hath wrought wickedness in the sight of the LORD thy God, in transgressing his covenant, And hath gone and served other gods, and worshipped them, either the sun, or moon, or any of the host of heaven, which I have not commanded; … Then shalt thou bring forth that man or that woman, which have committed that wicked thing, unto thy gates, even that man or that woman, and shalt stone them with stones, till they die.

            — Deuteronomy, Chapter 17:2-3,5

            Some basic math.

            Muslim population : about 1.6 billion or so

            Christian population : about 2.2 billion or so

            World Population : about 7 billion or so

            Leaves the ‘others’ at around : 3.2 billion or so

            Consider this : If all the followers of Islam were of the same ilk as the terrorists – don’t you think they could clear out quite a few non-Muslims based on their shear population and concentration alone?

            You are right – the evangelicals may not be using force; however they are using legislative means.

          84. bikejedi June 1, 2015

            First off I don’t understand what you are getting at . I think we can both agree that Jews and Christians are not waging Holy Jihads against other peoples …Yes there are some passages in the Bible that are problematic but they aren’t going around beheading people burning people nor doing Terrorist attacks in the name of God . Oh and by the way the Muslims are ” clearing out ” a lot of other folks …I mean look at all the death in Libya Iraq and Syria as the Muslim Terrorists of ISIS wage Holy Jihad for Allah
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          85. Life of A Weirdo June 1, 2015

            Gee, look at all the people we killed during the Iraq war – I believe the civilian toll was in the hundred of thousands…

            Sadly, our invasion into Iraq killed many more people than ISIS has a this point.

            I continue to hear the ‘but Christians aren’t beheading/burning’.

            Dead is dead…

            It wasn’t too long ago in our own history that one group or another did violence against another, basing it on their dogma about purity of race and religion. We shouldn’t get to high and mighty as we are barely a generation or so out of our own manner of terrorism.

          86. bikejedi June 1, 2015

            I don’t get it …Are you comparing a war our Government and Country waged against Muslim Terrorists
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          87. Life of A Weirdo June 1, 2015

            We entered a country not our own, people died.

            Do I think our intent was more honorable – yes. But dead is dead.

          88. bikejedi June 1, 2015

            Yes but our Country and Military didn’t go over there and wage holy jihad for Allah or any other God …Our Country and Military are not Terrorists but we respond to Terrorists and Tyranny ….Big Big Big differences… Please do not compare the United States Marine Corp or any other branch to Muslim Terrorists
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          89. bikejedi June 1, 2015

            Yes but our Country and Military didn’t go over there and wage holy jihad for Allah or any other God …Our Country and Military are not Terrorists but we respond to Terrorists and Tyranny ….Big Big Big differences… Please do not compare the United States Marine Corp or any other branch to Muslim Terrorists
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          90. Life of A Weirdo June 1, 2015

            Agreed – we went there for much less noble reasons…greed, politics, etc…

          91. bikejedi June 2, 2015

            Wow if it was greed why didn’t we get anything out of it

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          92. Life of A Weirdo June 2, 2015

            Some folks did *coughCheneycough*…

          93. bikejedi June 2, 2015

            We didn’t go into Iraq so Cheney could make money….. that ended up being a side effect of it though….
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          94. Life of A Weirdo June 2, 2015

            For someone who loves to embrace every possible rumored scandal regarding HRC, you seem to have a much less suspicious nature in regards to Bush, et al…

          95. bikejedi June 2, 2015

            Bush for all of his faults loves America and the Military …He would not have put our people in jeopardy so Cheney could make money …Obama and Hillary on the other hand …Not so much . I just saw a recent poll on Morale in the Military I will try to find ..Those who serve do not trust either one of those two and morale was down because of it …Let me see if I can find that
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          96. Life of A Weirdo June 2, 2015

            See, I respectfully disagree with that. Do I think Bush was a war monger…No, just stupid and gullible…

          97. bikejedi June 2, 2015

            Yeah he was smart enough to leave a stable Iraq and smart enough to warn way wat back in 2007 what would happen if we didn’t leave a presence and Obama ignored that warning so I guess he is a whole lot dumber …oh and please don’t play that SOFA card
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          98. Life of A Weirdo June 2, 2015

            It would seem that he disestablished the area by going in there anyway. Forces Agreement – the country we are hanging out in has to agree to our presence…

          99. bikejedi June 3, 2015

            That’s a hoot …uh no we earned the right to keep a force for stability in blood . What were they going to do if we said we were going to leave a force behind anyway ? Now Bush predicted way way back in 2007 that a MUSLIM TERRORIST group like ISIS would take over if we left a power vacuum . The Pentagon and Intel agencies all warned Obama against a total pullout before he did it . When Obama prematurely pulled out he told the world Iraq was a success story and that they were ready and capable of securing their own Country when their President told him they were not …Obama did it anyway and he did it to score political points for himself and gloating points for liberals …And gloat you all did …How did that work out …So Bush the Pentagon the Intel agencies and almost every Conservative were smarter and had a better world view than Obama …That is exactly what happened
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          100. Life of A Weirdo June 3, 2015

            ‘earned the right’ – ok, Hollywood hero…It doesn’t work that way in the real world.

            A blind man could predict that if you took one power out of an area, another would move in to fill the space – such is the nature of power and greed.

            So, despite the country refusing to sign the Status of Forces for either Bush or Obama – we should have just demanded to stay, despite the fact our own men and women would have been huge targets with no protection from the country and it’s laws, etc.

          101. bikejedi June 3, 2015

            Come on now …our forces are targets wherever they go ..And yes F SOFA….we should have kept some forces there …We weren’t welcome when we came in there but we went anyway so how is staying any different …Now sooner or later we will have to face ISIS in Iraq anyway …Do you think they will want us there ?
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          102. Life of A Weirdo June 3, 2015

            Of course we are a target when we enter another country – we are the supporter of one side and the enemy of the other(s). Such is war, or at least what passed for war based upon faulty reason to enter. However, without the agreement, our people could be targeted by all – even our ‘friends’.

            Of course they don’t want us there – they want us to stay out of their business. American’s have the luxury of never having foreign entities invading and messing with us on our own soil (at least not for the last few hundred years).

          103. Life of A Weirdo June 2, 2015

            Considering the actions taken by congress, or lack thereof, to address emerging and ongoing needs of our military personnel (medical care, homelessness, poverty, etc), I would agree morale may be low.

            It doesn’t help when congress speaks so negatively about the president as it relates to foreign policy and actions being taken by our military.

          104. bikejedi June 2, 2015

            The poll reflected their feelings about CIC more than anything

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          105. Life of A Weirdo June 2, 2015

            Link to the poll, please.

          106. Life of A Weirdo May 31, 2015

            Which specific emails point to the ‘liberal elite donor friends suggested she blame the whole thing on video’?


          107. bikejedi May 31, 2015

            The ones between her and Sydney Blumnethal who suggested almost immediately that they use the You Tube Video story as Political cover … that was reported on several news outlets
            Subject: Re: Comment on What Clintons Do Is ‘ Scandalous,’ What Republicans Do Is… Ignored

          108. Life of A Weirdo May 31, 2015

            So, what are the dates on those emails you read that in (as I provided you the data base of emails via State Department website).

            Or, you can provide the source that stated that – as I’m guessing neither one of us has read them all…

          109. bikejedi May 31, 2015

            Saw it on CNN and Fox … So it has been reported in fact I think the Memo did a story trying to spin and deflect away from Blumenthal …that he had nothing to do with the lie excuse story of a video and he wields no influence over Hillary which is laughable because of the communication between the two … So do a search on this Memo sight and get your spin from them … Repeat after me … Blumenthal had nothing to do with this …. He isn’t the one who came up with the You Tube story … And Oh … These aren’t the droids you are looking for
            Subject: Re: Comment on What Clintons Do Is ‘ Scandalous,’ What Republicans Do Is… Ignored

          110. Life of A Weirdo May 31, 2015

            Reading through his 9/12/12 email to HRC – the video is a part of the entire 6 page email – along with information related to the mood in the region, the leaders concerns, etc.

            She has known him for decades, professionally and personally I would assume. I don’t get the ‘gotcha’ in him sharing information with her.

            In Memo, Blumenthal Initially Blames Demonstrators for Attacks

            The day after the Sept. 11, 2012, attacks on American outposts in Benghazi that killed Mr. Stevens and three other Americans, Mr. Blumenthal sent Mrs. Clinton a memo with his intelligence about what had occurred. The memo said the attacks were by “demonstrators” who “were inspired by what many devout Libyan viewed as a sacrilegious internet video on the prophet Mohammed originating in America.” Mrs. Clinton forwarded the memo to Mr. Sullivan, saying “More info.” (Pages 193-195)

            Second Memo Provides Detailed Account of Benghazi

            The next day, Mr. Blumenthal sent Mrs. Clinton a more thorough account of what had occurred. Citing “sensitive sources” in Libya, the memo provided extensive detail about the episode, saying that the siege had been set off by members of Ansar al-Shariah, the Libyan terrorist group. Those militants had ties to Al Qaeda, had planned the attacks for a month and had used a nearby protest as cover for the siege, the memo said. “We should get this around asap” Mrs. Clinton said in an email to Mr. Sullivan. “Will do,” he responded. That information contradicted the Obama administration’s narrative at the time about what had spawned the attacks. Republicans have said the administration misled the country about the attacks because it did not want to undermine the notion that President Obama, who was up for re-election, was winning the war on terrorism. (Pages 200-203)



            At this point, anyone who still is screaming ‘they lied about the video’ is keeping company with the toddler who blames the dog when he craps his diaper and stinks up the house.

            Do you believe we should have had the entire story, knows all the absolute facts and reasons and motivations, etc less than 24 hours after the attack happened? Even a week later – when the attack was on another continent – in a country we had to get permission to do any investigating in? Even the guy who was a part of it said the video’s protests were used as cover and provided opportunity as the world was distracted elsewhere. Hell, Congress felt we needed a 7th committee – and now on our 3rd year of investigating right here on our own soil and people still don’t want to believe what has been concluded…

          111. bikejedi June 1, 2015

            They did lie about the Video that is fact and it isn’t some toddler screaming it is what happened and the truth …The CIA told them that …It was childish behavior to try to shift blame Hillary greeted the caskets of those who died and didn’t say we were going to get the Muslim Terrorists who killed your loved ones she talked about going after the video guy ..
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          112. Life of A Weirdo June 1, 2015

            You keep holding on to that belief. I have a feeling that unless Jesus himself told you you were wrong, you just wouldn’t be able to bring yourself to accept it. Is your hatred of HRC and Obama so great that the truth cannot be accepted?

          113. bikejedi June 1, 2015

            HRC is despicable … but any logical reasoning person would deduce the same thing I have . There is too much history and prior evidence of her dishonesty and duplicity …When you factor in the timing of the email destruction and the circumstances the ONLY people who would agree with your take are her loyal subjects and most of them know she is criminally unethical but would never admit it out loud …I’m quite sure just from our conversation you also know that but would never admit it
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          114. Life of A Weirdo June 1, 2015

            I have no issue with her supposed, and unproven, ‘crimes’. I have done my research and am comfortable with the information I have found. Again, I have no reason to ‘admit to it out loud’, if I felt the way you do about HRC.

          115. bikejedi May 30, 2015

            Here is Hillary’s indignant and demeaning response to a reporter who had the audacity to ask if she would answer a few questions after 28 freaking days of them dutifully promoting and doing PR for her Campaign for President without answering a single freaking question even from the adoring Liberal Media ….https://youtu.be/ufKR780DTQQ
            Subject: Re: Comment on What Clintons Do Is ‘ Scandalous,’ What Republicans Do Is… Ignored

          116. Life of A Weirdo May 30, 2015

            Good lord, addressing someone who had been rude enough to insert himself, talking over others and she addressed him with humor…THE HORROR!

            Start watching at the 52 minute mark and hear more than just her response…It seems that there was a format to the meeting – focusing on the local business owners and then an opportunity for press afterwards. Some reporter decided to shout out…


          117. bikejedi May 30, 2015

            Give me a break . Her Campaign to date has been photo op meetings with Dem operatives … She has denied the press the opportunity to ask a single question even though they still follow her around like puppy dogs gleefully reporting positively on her sit downs with her flock of admirers … As I stated you seem too smart to keep defending her on these things …I understand loyalty but maybe this calls for some intellectual honesty .. Either that or you are so loyal in your defense that you are in total denial . I mean most of the Liberal media reported it the way I stated it even ridiculing her for not having answered a single question from the media for 28 freaking days … Now ask yourself how does a candidate for President get away with that behavior ???
            Subject: Re: Comment on What Clintons Do Is ‘ Scandalous,’ What Republicans Do Is… Ignored

          118. Life of A Weirdo May 30, 2015

            Who says she has to run her campaign like everyone else? We are more than 18 months away from the actual elections. Clearly she has been through this at least 3 times – two with Bill and once in 2008.

          119. bikejedi May 31, 2015

            So you think she should be able to run for President with her adoring Liberal media in tow and not once answer a question ? Sweet
            Subject: Re: Comment on What Clintons Do Is ‘ Scandalous,’ What Republicans Do Is… Ignored

          120. Life of A Weirdo May 31, 2015

            Again, we have another 18 months to go…I don’t think any candidate should feel compelled to whore themselves out to the media.

            Just because the GOP candidates have a camera attached to them at every turn, go on every news network, Sunday show, talk show, radio show, etc…

            HRC has the benefit if you will of being a known entity with a long history in the public eye and politics. The others don’t have that luxury.

          121. bikejedi May 31, 2015

            Come on now … Give me a break .. Politicians are normally attention whores and they are usually looking for any avenue to get them exposure and up their profile … Most of them cherish the opportunity for exposure … Hillary has been getting all the exposure and has your media carrying the water for her Campaign … Hell if they aren’t going to get to answer questions then all they are doing is PR for her Campaign … Which is pretty much what is going on .. Much like Obama was never vetted by your media we are seeing much the same with Hillary . They are cheerleaders … Yay yay Hillary vote for me … Nixon erased 18 minutes of a personal recording and he’s a crook but I am under investigation and I erased every relevant document and oh I have a vagina … vote vagina even though I don’t believe in equal pay for women and I take money from repressive Muslim regimes how want to kill gays and rape and stone women … Yay vote vagina
            Subject: Re: Comment on What Clintons Do Is ‘ Scandalous,’ What Republicans Do Is… Ignored

          122. Life of A Weirdo May 31, 2015

            ‘carrying the water for her campaign’? Which is it – she is pissing off the media by not answering questions/doing large public appearances or not?

            ‘Your media’? HRC, again, has been in the public eye for the mid-90’s at the very minimum.

            Man, what is it with conservatives – the minute one of their points is debunked they began to throw the kitchen sink at the debate…

          123. bikejedi May 31, 2015

            What’s been debunked ? And the Liberal Media is in her pocket … Yes she was pissed a reporter had the audacity to even ask if he could ask a question … By the way the fact that I read the memo shows I have an open enough mind to see what the other side has to say … Now I cant remember if that reporter was from the adoring Liberal media or maybe he was one of Fox’s which would make sense because Liberal Media just does what she wants them to do … If this guy was from Liberal Media then I am sure they will pull his official Liberal Card
            Subject: Re: Comment on What Clintons Do Is ‘ Scandalous,’ What Republicans Do Is… Ignored

          124. Life of A Weirdo May 31, 2015

            Thricely : we will never agree on her demeanor. You see her as some screeching banshee, I do not.

          125. bikejedi June 1, 2015

            Loyalty by Liberals means they are in denial then

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          126. Life of A Weirdo June 1, 2015

            Perhaps you are in denial…;p

          127. bikejedi May 31, 2015

            Oh lookie there … It did take someone from Fox to corner the Queen and ask after 28 freaking says if she was ever going to answer any of their questions … So I was right Liberal Media is just doing her Cheerleading
            Subject: Re: Comment on What Clintons Do Is ‘ Scandalous,’ What Republicans Do Is… Ignored

          128. bikejedi May 30, 2015

            Here is another one after that reporter got his comeuppance … Here she talks about the reporters idignantly …saying are you going to ” tell me something I dont know ” check out her indignant tone to being pressures to answer questions …. Look the bitch is running for President and she thinks she is above answering questions ??? And you think with her tempermant she would make a good President … Look what has happened with the petulant child in the Whitehouse today ….You want more of that from your President ??? Funny I dont remember any President or candidate acting this way before Obama and Hillary …https://youtu.be/96eR8ulCe_M Subject: Re: Comment on What Clintons Do Is ‘ Scandalous,’ What Republicans Do Is… Ignored

          129. Life of A Weirdo May 30, 2015

            Holy crap – talk about difference in perspective. I watched it, had watched the entire hour long meeting and press questions after…She answered the questions they posed to her, I’m sorry if you lack a sense of humor…or perhaps have a deficit in regards to reading social cues and body language.

            You are outing yourself when you say things such as ‘I don’t remember any President or candidate acting this way before Obama and Hillary’…

            I think her temperament is perfect for public office, as is Obama’s.

          130. bikejedi May 30, 2015

            No other President has acted so petulantly as either of these two . That is not a good leadership quality and even a manager at McDonalds knows you don’t act or treat people in that manner … But neither of these two has an executive skill set
            Subject: Re: Comment on What Clintons Do Is ‘ Scandalous,’ What Republicans Do Is… Ignored

          131. Life of A Weirdo May 30, 2015

            That’s your opinion.

          132. Life of A Weirdo May 30, 2015

            Context…she didn’t say ‘are you going to…’ tell me something I don’t know – she said “Tell me something I don’t know”.

            This was a meeting about the local business community…sorry if looking for input and information is offensive to your sensibilities.

            I believe her temperament, and Obama’s, are perfect for public office.

          133. bikejedi May 30, 2015

            If you cant look at that video and see the contempt she has even for her own cheer leading Liberal media you are beyond the pail in denial … Even the talking hags of CNN thought that very thing
            Subject: Re: Comment on What Clintons Do Is ‘ Scandalous,’ What Republicans Do Is… Ignored

          134. Life of A Weirdo May 30, 2015

            What I have observed is that regardless of her (or Obama’s) demeanor, it is criticized by the right. Do you have a CNN link that characterized her as angry and defensive during the hearings?

          135. bikejedi May 31, 2015

            I’m sure they did criticize her demeanor as some of the talking wags at MSNBC also opined on that at the time but no I am not certain. It shouldn’t matter what opinion shows say to you anyway . I have found you to be civil and intelligent so how would you take it ? And this latest dust up with the press there is no doubt she was indignant and held that person in contempt for even putting her on front street with that question … She knew he was calling her out and she didn’t like it . You are aware her Campaign has sent out marching orders to the media as to what is a valid question and what is not right ? Who gets to do that but a Liberal Dem and what kind of media would comply with that ???
            Subject: Re: Comment on What Clintons Do Is ‘ Scandalous,’ What Republicans Do Is… Ignored

          136. Life of A Weirdo May 31, 2015

            We will simply not agree on how we perceive her demeanor 🙂

          137. bikejedi May 31, 2015

            Come on man …You are smart enough to know her demeanor sucks even if you wont admit it here . Now what about O Malley he is to the left of Stalin Lenin and Obama and at least he seems ethical ?
            Subject: Re: Comment on What Clintons Do Is ‘ Scandalous,’ What Republicans Do Is… Ignored

          138. Life of A Weirdo May 31, 2015

            We will just disagree on HRC…I would have no reason to not say so if I thought that way. Clearly I speak my mind 🙂

            I don’t know enough about O’Malley at this point.

          139. Life of A Weirdo May 28, 2015


            You are correct that she declined something – a hearing solely on the email server/account issue. As no other SoS has been investigated for such, there is no reasonable precident to investigate it.



          140. bikejedi May 28, 2015

            Yes there is because she was already under investigation when she decided she would destroy evidence
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          141. nothingmusic42 May 27, 2015

            Colin Powell is a Republican, goober. can’t even get his political party straight, but we should listen to your regurgitated Fox News talking points on Benghazi?

          142. bikejedi May 27, 2015

            Listen Gruber no Republican would’ve backed Obama not once but after witnessing the train wreck of his first term fi it again …No real Republican would go against the Constitution or the principles that made this Country great …So you go on Gruber and keep believing he is a Republican …Question if he is a Republican Black it wouldn’t be racist to go after him so why haven’t the Dems done that????. Ah got you there huh…
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          143. nothingmusic42 May 29, 2015

            1) why do you keep calling me Hans Gruber?
            2) yes, Powell is a life-long Republican. he backed Obama in 2007 because the Republican field was a clown-show (just like this year)
            3) you have no clue what the Constitution says, you are just a blind ideologue who is convinced that anyone who isn’t a Republican hates America.
            4) how was Obama’s first term such a disaster? because he fixed the mess Republicans left the country in?
            5) more explanation points and periods does not prove how intelligent you are. in fact, quite the opposite. it sows that you have no clue how punctuation works, so you think that adding more makes your point.

          144. bikejedi May 29, 2015

            1 Hans was cool …I’m calling you a disciple of Jonathan 2 Well its clear from the foreign policy debate that Romney would have been a much much better President than Obama and Powell voted for Obama both times because he is black . He can claim to be whatever he wants but his rhetoric and voting make it clear he is a Democrat 3 It seems I know more about the Constitution than you or Obama 4 How was obama a train wreck ? Let’s see Tarp straightened out the banks and the economy and made the Govt a tidy profit . Obama got the largest spending bill in history supposedly to do infrastructure and hire teachers and only 6% went for infrastructure and we have fewer teachers then when he took office . Thanks to obamacare we now have the greatest number and percentage of Americans working part time jobs . Average yearly incomes are down $4000 . We have the greatest number of Americans not even working 93 million and the worst labor participation rate in over 35 years …Black Unemployment is at an all time high and to further screw them Obama tried to illegally and unconstitutionally legalize millions of illegal aliens who will steal more jobs away from our citizens …Obamas pullout of Iraq birthed ISIS and he is allowing them to grow gain ground weaponry territory and infamy . Russia is in the Ukraine just as Romney predicted and so did Palin by the way …ISIS is in Libya and Obama is funding the Iranian Nuclear Program …Pretty much he sucks 5 Not that I care about Grammar Nazis because I am usually typing on a phone but you are criticizing my punctuation and ” explanation ” points ??? Also it is show not sow …This is fun Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          145. nothingmusic42 May 30, 2015

            1) oh, so you’re comparing me to an MIT economist, um ok. how is that an insult? 2) lmao, yeah, Romney would have had a great foreign policy. how much profit has he made sending American jobs to Communist China? and the reason why Powell voted for Obama was because Obama was a hell of a lot better than John McCain or Mittwit. stop being so butthurt that the Republican party has turned in so much fail that life-long Republicans are turning away. 3) ya, i’m sure that you know far more about the Constitution than someone with a Master’s in Constitutional Law. what year did you drop out of high school again? 4) you seem to be confused about the fact that the whole reason why we needed bank bailouts and TARP (which was put into effect before we even voted Obama into office, so good job blaming him for something that took place under his predecessor) was because of 8 years of Republican economic policies: cut taxes for the top 1%, start 2 wars, then borrow nonstop from China to pay the bills. oh gee, another Republican crying that Obama is terrible for not cleaning up their mess fast enough. must be a day that ends in the letter “Y”. that “93 million not working” is a Republican talking point, based on some mythological number of people who have supposedly stopped looking for work. the only people who seem to know this magic number are hardcore right-wingers who are pissed that their last president doubled the unemployment rate from the 4% Clinton left them with. and rather than deal with the fact that the economic policies they champion caused the worst economic crash since the Great Depression, they just make up numbers so they can be mad at Obama instead. and did you REALLY try to say Sarah Palin would be better? LMAO! now i know you are either a Poe, or just qa complete moron. but while we are on the topic of Russia invading foreign countries, what was Bush’s response when Russia invaded Georgia? oh ya, not a damned thing. Obama is not funding the Iranian nuclear program, but i’m sure Rush Limbaugh has you convinced he is.
            on immigration, you seem to be confusing Obama with Ronald Reagan. Obama proposed a path to citizenship, while Reagan is the one who gave blanket amnesty, as well as letting Cuba dump all of it’s criminals on our shores. but what can i expect from a Republican? they are only wrong about everything.
            jesus, for all the nonsense and misinformation that you’ve spouted, i can tell that your head is firmly up the right-wing hate machine’s rear-end.

          146. bikejedi May 30, 2015

            Yes an MIT liberal who told you he lied to you and told you he knew he could get away with it because the Obama voters are that stupid ( maybe not you personally …I really don’t go for insulting people ) .Yes Romney would have been a much better President ..He is better informed has a much better world view has an executive skill set is honest and has a proven track record of accomplishment …As for your off shoring stuff…Can American business help that Dem policy regulations and taxations on our Companies is making us uncompetitive in a global economy and that other Countries offer a better deal…I mean if you want a smaller example of that look what happens in High Tax High Cost of Living Democrat Public Union States like my own Illinois …I mean we are venting jobs and businesses to low tax low cost of living red states that offer businesses a better competitive edge …You see businesses aren’t zero net gain thing …They have to get every edge to stay competitive …Too bad the Communist Democrats don’t understand that . I didn’t drop out and it is apparent I know more about the Constitution than you …If you are referring to yourself or Obama with the Masters in Constitutional law comment …I would ask what difference does it make if you know it and willfully go against it whenever you please ? We needed a bank bailout because thanks to the CRA of 1977 they acquired too many bad loans that the Dems forced them to write under that act … Now when Clinton was President they ( the banks )went to him and told him they were holding too much debt and Janet Reno threatened them with Federal Discrimination law suits if they did not continue these unsafe lending practices ..They were warned and instead of heeding those warnings they in effect blackmailed the banks to continue this bad practice and kicked their can down the road to Bush …While Bush was President he went to the Dem Congress 26 times to warn them of the impending disaster and that is in the Congressional record and is public record that liberals either ignore or are ignorant about …mostly the second …The Dems controlled the House and the Senate and were warned for two years their house of cards was going to collapse ..but yeah go ahead and blame Bush
            …We are in year 7 of Obama and all liberals have even today is its all Bush’s fault and you are racist …Meanwhile most of you don’t understand economics or the CRA of 1977…You don’t know about Janet Reno nor the repeal of Glass Steagal .. You don’t know or don’t care that the Dems controlled Congress for the two years leading up to the collapse and did nada…All you know and say is its Bush’s fault you racist …lol. no rotflmfao lol…Gruber was right …
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          147. nothingmusic42 May 30, 2015

            lmao, you are blaming the collapse that started in 2006 on Jimmy Carter now? that’s a trip.

          148. bikejedi May 30, 2015

            Anyone who has even the basest knowledge of Banking and loaning practices knows the Banks were against that Social Engineering act from jump… they never would’ve originated loans to people who weren’t credit worthy on their own . And now you are somehow surprised that they were holding mountains of bad debt off of those loans ???? Really ??? Maybe they should teach basic economics in the Public Schools then . What I posted is totally factual and a few google searches would verify that but that is up to you if you have an open mind .
            Subject: Re: Comment on What Clintons Do Is ‘ Scandalous,’ What Republicans Do Is… Ignored

          149. nothingmusic42 May 31, 2015

            so your saying that after this bill was passed in the late 70’s, it took 30+ years to finally cause the collapse, and it just so happened to be under a Republican president and Congress (and yes, the collapse started before the Dems to control) and it had nothing to do with deregulating the banking industry in the late 90’s and early 2000’s? or that banks like Bank of America and Leihman Brothers actually bet that these mortgages were going to fail. or that from 2001-2006 it was impossible to get a mortgage loan that wasn’t an Adjustable Rate Mortgage that was designed to screw over the homeowner?
            that is some seriously strong cognitive dissonance you have there. luckily, mental illness in now covered under Obamacare!

          150. bikejedi May 31, 2015

            Glass Steagal repealed by Clinton was the biggest piece of deregulation it created the derivative markets and trunks . All this did was pass bad debt around even further . The financial collapse was predicted way way back on 9/30/99 by the uber Liberal NY Times .. they pretty much detailed what I just post would happen .. Of course what I posted did happen and it is part of the Congressional record as well as Media’s accounts of History . With more and more in the field of Psychology now calling Liberalism a mental disorder I hope that you and your friends take advantage of the wicked awesome wealth redistribution scheme that is Obamacare
            Subject: Re: Comment on What Clintons Do Is ‘ Scandalous,’ What Republicans Do Is… Ignored

          151. nothingmusic42 May 31, 2015

            that’s kind of funny, since DHS has labeled right-wing extremism the biggest terrorist threat in America.

          152. bikejedi May 31, 2015

            So people who believe in the Constitution and love their Country are the problem to this Progressive administration then ? Hmmm Those Progressives sound like the Nazi’s or the Commies under Stalin … Silence those who disagree with you right ? Kirstin Powers has it spot on
            Subject: Re: Comment on What Clintons Do Is ‘ Scandalous,’ What Republicans Do Is… Ignored

          153. nothingmusic42 May 31, 2015

            no, DHS labeled extreme right-wingers a threat because every time you lose elections, you scram about how you want a second Civil War for not getting your way. plus, just look at all the “sovereign citizens” who like to open fire when ever they don’t get their way.
            of course, you think that someone trying to shoot Obama is a hero, not the terrorist scum that they are.

          154. bikejedi June 1, 2015

            You are off the rails . The only people I see advocating a Civil War are the Black Panthers . I have no idea who you are talking about opening fire …Who has done that ? By the way all the theater shooters and school shooters oh and even Ft Hood have all been Liberals including the Muslim Terrorist er simple ” extremist “who did the ” Work Place Violence ” ( sic ) lol …no seriously lmfao
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          155. bikejedi May 30, 2015

            Oh and making up numbers is a Dem thing ..The 93 million is on YOUR administrations website …Dept of Labor …Bureau of Labor Statistics …etc
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          156. idamag May 28, 2015


        2. nothingmusic42 May 27, 2015

          nope, he was never investigated for going in front of the UN and lying about Saddam trying to buy uranium fro Nigeria and ended up costing 4,000 US soldiers their lives.

          1. bikejedi May 28, 2015

            What is your point ?

            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

        3. Life of A Weirdo May 28, 2015

          So the standard of scrutiny for a SoS is different depending upon what they do once they leave the position?

          1. bikejedi May 28, 2015

            Especially when she may have acted criminally and sold her office for donations to the Clinton foundation …Over 20 count them 20 Countries that donated to the Clinton foundation got arms deals…are you going to spin that as merely a coincidence lol
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          2. Life of A Weirdo May 28, 2015

            The proof, please…

          3. bikejedi May 28, 2015

            Don’t you follow the news ? Over 20 Countries who donated to the Clinton foundation got arms deals …That is not a coincidence no matter how you care to spin it …Any reasonable person even a Hillary backer can see that …They may not admit it because they are probably as duplicitous as she is ….But they know it
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          4. Life of A Weirdo May 28, 2015

            You mean the pandering that went on with the Clinton Cash author or the subsequent and numerous stories that proved he was full of crap and hot air?

          5. Life of A Weirdo May 28, 2015

            She could have easily played the same card as Bush and Powell – ‘oopsies, they are all gone’. She didn’t.

            Private server is exactly that – private.

            What evidence did she supposedly destroy? They have been investigating ad nauseum for 3 years now. Gowdy sat on the Oversight committee and then became chairman of this one a year ago. It took him a year to ask her for her emails? He has access to all the other 5 or 6 committee reports as well.

            Either he is a horrible lawyer who can’t find his rear end with both hands or this is what it looks like – a political game…

          6. bikejedi May 28, 2015

            Negative …they didn’t know about the private server for a long long time and when it became known she deleted the emails . I mean that should tell a rational person everything they need to know …But go ahead be in denial ( or are you in denial. ? Hmmmm) and keeping spinning for her
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          7. Life of A Weirdo May 29, 2015

            They may not have known about the server, but are you of the belief that they didn’t know of her private email – she clearly emailed people throughout the government during her tenure, those people were also a part of the Benghazi investigation and I’m guessing more than a few congressmen and women received emails from her…

          8. bikejedi May 29, 2015

            When it became apparent they were going to ask for her emails she deleted them …Now are you seriously going to try to defend that ???
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          9. Life of A Weirdo May 29, 2015

            Do you believe that not a single congress person was aware she was not utilizing a .gov email address during her entire tenure?

          10. bikejedi May 29, 2015

            Don’t know ….has anyone asked ? And it isn’t necessarily that she was illegally using a Private email acct for State Dept business as much as the personal server Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          11. Life of A Weirdo May 29, 2015



            An aide to Mrs. Clinton said in a statement Tuesday that “her usage was widely known to the over 100 department and U.S. government colleagues she emailed, as her address was visible on every email she sent.”

            Mr. Issa had sent letters to the State Department and other executive agencies after it was discovered that some administration and Environment Protection Agency officials had used private accounts to conduct government business.

            It seems that not only was there common knowledge that she used private emails, but it seems to be a wide spread practice…

          12. bikejedi May 29, 2015

            Didn’t the Obama admin pass a new law stating that all Govt emails were to be from Govt accounts to ensure National Security ? …I think I read that on this site but I could be wrong …Let’s get pass that she used her own email …The bigger issue is that she had her own server..Because of her position there could be stuff relevant to National Security on a server in a private home in NY …On top of that WHO does that sort of thing and why ? Why Hillary does of course and the only possible real Logical reason would be so she could control any evidence that might incriminate her ..The proof seems to be that she did just that when she knew the investigators wanted to see EVERYTHING on that server .
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          13. Life of A Weirdo May 29, 2015

            Yes, 2014…

            Well, as Snowden was able to walk away with a crapload of intel from government servers, I think it’s kinda funny that her server is getting so much attention. Don’t you think a hacker would have LOVED to have the street cred of breaking into her server?

            Why did Bush funnel his emails through the RNC server?

    5. Bosda May 26, 2015

      Lovely job of misspelling.
      Also, nothing whatever to back up your claims.
      At all.

      1. FT66 May 26, 2015

        He is stupid republican. Just ignore him.

        1. Bosda May 26, 2015

          But it is so much more fun to mock him.

          1. joe schmo May 27, 2015

            Just because you are arrogant?

          2. Bosda May 28, 2015

            Just because he makes funny, squeaky noises, when you do!

        2. moosewheless May 28, 2015

          and your just a stupid single brain cell Liberal who makes it so easy to prove how uneducated you are. Go get some more talking points.

          1. FT66 May 28, 2015

            Are you calling me stupid? Check again on your comment. You don’t know when and how to use these words: “Your” and “Your are”.

          2. idamag May 28, 2015

            The word should have been you’re. However, his improper use of the language indicates his level of education.

          3. FT66 May 28, 2015

            Exactly, idamag.

      2. bikejedi May 26, 2015

        Hard to type on a phone sometimes …And this is what Hillary admitted she did ? Don’t you people read or watch the news ? Maybe your media isn’t informing you then
        Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

      3. bikejedi May 26, 2015

        Hard to type on a phone sometimes …And this is what Hillary admitted she did ? Don’t you people read or watch the news ? Maybe your media isn’t informing you then
        Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

      4. joe schmo May 27, 2015

        Didn’t you mean ‘whatsoever?’ Hmmm, your liberal/secular education is showing…..

        1. Bosda May 28, 2015

          No, no I don’t.

    6. redastcyr May 27, 2015

      No Just as she said She set up her emails to make her job easier When you don’t know the complications of running a Government institution These actions make you think like this Not always the case

      1. bikejedi May 27, 2015

        She also LIED and said she was incapable of loading two email accounts in to her phone and we have since found out otherwise … Now even if you want to make excuses for her setting up her own email how do you excuse dent forget or still support someone who criminally destroys what was most likely incriminating evidence ?
        Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

        1. Allan Richardson May 27, 2015

          I have several email accounts, of which only one is on my smartphone. I have asked my provider’s tech support if there is a way to load a second email client on the phone and keep the two accounts separate, with separate inboxes. The answer is no, I could attach two accounts to the SAME copy of the ONE email client they support, and MERGE their inboxes, but I don’t waht that. I want to keep them separate, as they are on my laptop; the phone images of the emails are just to be able to preview them.

          So, unless Hillary Clinton had some super-tech-nerd to advise her and manage her smartphone, I doubt if she could do it either.

          1. ren0326 May 28, 2015

            Wow! Are you serious? I have a Samsung Note and have not one, not two, but three email accounts attached to it — each with a separate inbox (also have the option to view them merged). That’s on one server. I have a second server with one email account attached, which, of course, also has a separate inbox.

            I’m not a ” super-tech-nerd” and did not need to consult one while setting up my accounts. It really wasn’t difficult, but if it had been, I’m pretty sure Mrs. Clinton had the resources available to her to pay someone to do it for her. After all, you don’t think she set up her own private email server all by herself, do you? Sounds like you may have a smart phone, but not a smart operator.

          2. bikejedi May 28, 2015

            I have gmail and Hotmail on my phone …two desperate ACCTS totally separate from each other loaded them in seconds …Anyway it isn’t that she had email on her phone or how many it is the fact she felt the need to have her own server . Who does that ??? The other factors are she knows she is under investigation and that the investigator would want to see all of that . He stated that when he found out and Hillary took it upon herself to just delete 10’s of thousands of emails …If that doesn’t scream that she just destroyed evidence even to loyal liberals then you are all in some serious denial . Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          3. Todd Wermers May 28, 2015

            I have two email accounts on my phone. It’s incredibly simple to do. (gmail and netzero). Both have separate inboxes. It doesn’t take a super-tech nerd to do this, just someone with average intelligence that understands email technology.

        2. DigDug2k May 28, 2015

          There’s really no evidence that ANYTHING government related was destroyed. I mean, no one has even found an email send to (and preserved by) Jim-Low-Level-Grunt has from her that wasn’t turned over yet, and I’d EXPECT that out of the thousands of emails she wrote you could probably find something like that if you wanted to.

          Heck, the same accusation would have the exact same value if she had used her state department email. I mean, how do you know that she didn’t have a secret one on the side somewhere for super secret things? We just have her word (and all the same forensic evidence we have now) that she didn’t. I mean, people might take you slightly seriously if you applied the same logic to every candidate running. Do you really think that Rand Paul didn’t kill a hooker in Texas? Why should you believe him! He’d obviously lie about it! Please ignore the legal process and the complete lack of any incriminating evidence. They have no place in a presidential election.

          1. moosewheless May 28, 2015

            Because it was destroyed. I swear just when you think Liberal could not get any dumber here comes another uneducated loon.

          2. bikejedi May 28, 2015

            How will anyone ever know ? Now if someone who is under investigation is found to have her own personal email server and the investigator says I want to see everything and then she arbitrarily deletes 10′ s of thousands of emails …Well if that doesn’t scream destroying evidence then the denial liberals live in and the spin and defense you will do is illogical and cult like …
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

      2. joe schmo May 27, 2015

        Plaeeeese…. Give us a break! You mean to tell me that you don’t think she had time to sort through her ‘personal’ emails. YAH, RIGHT…

      3. moosewheless May 28, 2015

        BWAHAHAHA. No she wanted to cover her arse. If her job was too hard to have two e-mails as Sec of State she really isn’t ready to be President.

    7. joe schmo May 27, 2015

      Because right is wrong and wrong is right:)

    8. Life of A Weirdo May 28, 2015

      What about the millions of Bush emails filtered through an RNC server? That disappeared?

      1. bikejedi May 28, 2015

        Was he under investigation No…Did he investigate himself and then clear himself ? Did he then destroy the emails and claim innocence knowing no one could find anything ? Why are Democrats from Holder to Lerner to Clinton allowed to do this and you see nothing wrong with it and still support these criminals ? If Bush had done something wrong Liberal media would have crucified him …You know that though
        Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

        1. Life of A Weirdo May 28, 2015

          So what I’m hearing you say is that no one needs to actually follow the record keeping policy/law…

          ‘claim innocence’? Unlike Hillary, no one else has produced any emails in these similar situations.

          Seems like Bush got a pass regarding his emails…


          1. bikejedi May 28, 2015

            Don’t be silly …No one else has had to

            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          2. Life of A Weirdo May 28, 2015

            ‘no one else has had to’? So the law/policies are simply recommendations or suggestions…unless of course you piss someone off…

          3. bikejedi May 28, 2015

            No you are speaking of Hillary…to Democrats laws are for thee but not for me and Queen Hillary flipped all of America off ..As for anyone else if there was even a whiff of smoke your Liberal Media would have thrown gasoline on that sheeet …You know that
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          4. Life of A Weirdo May 29, 2015

            Well, as only Hillary is being held to or accused of wrong doing in regards to these laws/policies, your claim makes no logical sense. Republicans have been given a pass, people are told they are deflecting by asking why not all this hysteria for the same ‘crime’ being committed by Rice, Powell, Bush, etc…

            The reason it wasn’t such a ‘big deal’ is because it isn’t a ‘big deal’…Do you believe people truly put anything in writing that would incriminate themselves or others? Even being a lowly teacher, we knew not to put things in writing we didn’t want to end up in court or in the local news papers…Just plain common sense.

          5. bikejedi May 29, 2015

            What same crime ? I mean did Powell it Condi not provide requested Security ? Did they make up a lie to excuse themselves of any blame ? Are there 20 countries that got arms does because they donated to a certain Sec States so called ” charitable foundation ” ? Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          6. Life of A Weirdo May 29, 2015

            Not appropriately archiving email communications (crime).

            Please provide source that supports your ’20 countries got arms because of donations to the Clinton Foundation’. Thank you in advance for the information.

          7. bikejedi May 29, 2015

            Its been widely reported that first those Countries donated and then they got arms deals …Now Liberals will spin defend and make excuses for her but come on now …You seem intelligent and concerned so tell me that you don’t find that fishy
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          8. Life of A Weirdo May 29, 2015

            One of the sources you read it in…?

          9. bikejedi May 29, 2015

            There are a lot of stories about this . Here is one from a Liberal site http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2015/05/hillary-clinton-foundation-state-arms-deals

          10. Life of A Weirdo May 29, 2015

            I’m reading over the 2nd chart, and filtered it by ‘Donation Min’.

            I’m noticing something interesting.

            The top donors (10M) were Australia, Saudia Arabia and Norway. Australia’s difference in weaponry between the two period of time – 198 – 100 more than Saudi Arabia…

            The two countries with the most significant uptick in weapon funding – Qatar and UAE – donated a mere million each…

            Algeria, for their mere 250K – saw a jump in their weapon funding by 274%…Italy ‘bought a 98% jump with a mere 100K…

            So, it’s all nice and easy to toss out this information and see if the conspiracy sticks…but, when you look at that data, it just doesn’t make sense (conspiracy)…

            Either she’s a dumb a** who gave away much more than she got in return, or the worst scam artist ever…or, this just ain’t what the GOP wants it to be – yet another scandal.

          11. bikejedi May 29, 2015

            So your view is that because she sold her office like a cheap ho that its merely a coincidence …hmmm even though Mother Jones is reporting it…hmmmm. How do you know they didn’t just funnel more money through intermediaries ???? I mean she may be stupid that doesn’t mean they are
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          12. Life of A Weirdo May 29, 2015

            So now she is so stupid… way to clever to get caught at any other turn for the last 30 years or so but this – a charity with a world wide reputation for doing positive things is a front so she can sell weapons to foreign countries for shitty contributions…

            Just because MJ reports it doesn’t mean it’s on point…

          13. bikejedi May 30, 2015

            Well when you look at the trail of dead bodies the Clinton’s have left behind she obviously has experience getting away with murder and as for the Clinton Foundation doing great things….Yeah sure about 10% of their donations actually go for the charity projects they say they are helping while the rest goes to overhead …There are many Charities that are over 90% of their money actually going for charity work .The Salvation Army comes to mind
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          14. Life of A Weirdo May 30, 2015

            We can shake hands and stop because you clearly will believe absolutely every thing someone has to say about the Clintons.

            If they have such a large body count, they are scarier than the mob, no? http://www.snopes.com/politics/clintons/bodycount.asp


  17. Proud Liberal May 26, 2015

    The media wants a Republican president.

    1. Insinnergy May 26, 2015

      The media knows that if the same standards were applied to both sides, no-one on the GOP side would look remotely like presidential material.
      They make money off “close” races… and excitement.
      So far the clown car is just sad.

      1. redastcyr May 27, 2015

        No one on the Republican side looks Presidential anyhow

        1. joe schmo May 27, 2015

          Well, miss fumble mouth with the phony accent just seems to stumble her way through her lying words.

          1. Sand_Cat May 28, 2015

            Everything about you is phoney except your malice and dishonesty.

      2. moosewheless May 28, 2015

        Let’s see the Liberals have an old, lying, socialist hag, that was a complete failure as a wife, first lady and Sec of State and an even older, socialist goat. LOL. Not one of those are presidential material.

        1. Insinnergy May 28, 2015

          More baseless, evidence-less brain farts from part-time thinkers.
          Ok smart guy… lets see your evidence for “complete failure as a wife, first lady and Secretary of State”.

          While you’re mulling how to find anything that Glen Beck didn’t vomit up to answer that one, lets look at the Republican clown car…

          Jeb… The “Smart” Bush. Can’t work out whether he would go to war, or why. Still gets Foreign Relations advice from the Dumb Bush who took us into a wasteful and expensive war that cost thousands of lives and trillions of dollars without raising the money to pay for it… and is spending his time painting. Total winner there.

          Rubio… For immigration… no against it… no for it… no against it again. Against Cuba… against climate change…
          Someone get that guy some water. I can see huge numbers of Hispanic voters turning away from this loser in droves.

          Huckabee… I tout fake Diabetes cures on television in my spare time to make money, and think sexual abuse should be between a man and his god. Even if we wins the primary he’s so dead in the water with the general public it would be hilarious… if it wasn’t so sad.

          Walker, Jindal and Brownback… Together they form three horsemen of the Repocalypse. Each dismantling their state’s finances, ignoring infrastructure, cutting education, demoralising and suppressing labor, and cutting social services. The damage these morons are doing not only to the present state of their States, but to the future viability of them is just mind blowing. They the Horsemen of the Repocalypse because together they are going to create a cautionary tale concerning what not to do that may finally put to death the weird concept that the Republicans are better with Finances. It’s never been true… but these guys are out to make it so obvious even a halfwit evangelical Republican will see and feel the idiocy.

          Chris Christie… Do we even need to mention him? One of the dirtiest politicians Jersey has coughed up. Ruining his state’s pension system, doing deals and failing to live up to his end of the bargain, handing free money to his donors on Wall Street, giving the Oil companies a free pass on potentially billions of dollars in penalties for environmental destruction… only to appropriate it under a rule he made sure was in place, to make it look like he hasn’t completely mismanaged his State finances. Which he has. Ignoring his own voters to chase the Presidency… sucking up to Iowa pig farmer millionaires for donor money and ignoring his own legislature. A ethically vacuous hole of incredible proportions even when compared to the rest of the field.

          Carson… Slavery. Nazis. Yep… totally presidential material there. possibly needs mental help.

          Fiorina… a cipher. Trying for a running mate slot at best.

          Rand?… Don’t make me laugh. Cashed in his libertarian principles at the first hurdle… now he’s all for WAR. What a sad flip flopper… and on his most important ideology as well.

          Congrats GOP… Love the selection.
          PS: Go f*** yourself.

          1. Mr. News May 28, 2015

            ROFL, good stuff. “Carson…needs mental help.” Though Christie would make an excellent traffic cone!

          2. idamag May 28, 2015

            I hope everybody takes the time to read your entire post.

        2. Insinnergy May 28, 2015

          Still waiting for any evidence you may have for your baseless idiocy, troll.
          Comon… spill.

        3. AlCum May 28, 2015

          LOLZ!! “Socialist!”

        4. dpaano July 20, 2015

          Name just ONE of the Republican clowns running who would even be CLOSE to being a good president. I don’t see a single one!

    2. joe schmo May 27, 2015

      Seriously! Your comment is a joke….

      1. Sand_Cat May 28, 2015

        Only to corrupt and ignorant morons like you.

    3. moosewheless May 28, 2015

      BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Best joke I’ve heard all day.

    4. idamag May 28, 2015

      Of course, follow the money. Who owns the media.

    5. dpaano July 20, 2015

      Their the only ones!!!

  18. option31 May 26, 2015

    I agree, since members of one party did it that gives members of the other party a free ride. You know kind of like when you were kids and you brother did it, and then you did it and got caught. Of course mom and dad did nothing because your brother did it.
    The twists and turns to justify all the outright criminal activity by BOTH parties is mind boggling. Why do people fall for this? Joe C. is such a disappointment. If what you say about the others is true go after them like a pit bull, don’t sully your reputation by pointing fingers and whining like a little baby!

    1. Jay Louis May 26, 2015

      You’re right. You’ve busted Hillary Clinton for committing actual acts of Chrisitan charity, as opposed to Christian grift. It’s enough to make Supply Side Jesus weep.

      1. moosewheless May 28, 2015

        “Christian”? What’s “Christian about lining their own pockets with over 90% of the donations. LOL.

        1. Paul Bass May 28, 2015

          90%??? Yes, lets just make up numbers and/or believe any Rush lie that he spouts out? Gimme a break!

          Previously listed in Charity Navigator at about 10% overhead (90% given to charity), and now during current election cycle, Charity Navigator doesn’t comment, positive or negative, due to “unusual” organizational structure.

          At least google “% of donations for the Clinton Foundation” before you start typing your ill-informed Faux News opinion.

          1. idamag May 28, 2015

            That is what they do best – lie. I do not belong to any party because like George Washington, James Madison, and Thomas Jefferson, I believe they cause division and chaos. That was their words. However, there is one party that hates the other one passionately and lies continually. I will never vote Republican again. They are lying hate-mongers.

  19. Daniel Jones May 26, 2015

    In other words, the witch hunt is still in effect, and the Lying Media Machine remains bought and paid for.

    And that means you can go Fox News, you aren’t “Us” so go die with the rest of Them.

    I tell my friends, “This is America, what do you expect, a democracy?” I’m *not kidding*.

  20. redastcyr May 27, 2015

    Don’t leave out Mitt Romney’s EMails, when He Left The Governor’s Job All His EMails were destroyed He Said He Was Not Aware They Should Be kept No Problem With Republicans Or Media

    1. joe schmo May 27, 2015

      In a word…Hillary and who lied about Romney, thereby; helping to ruin his run. Nah, the biggest loser of them all….Harry Reidtard.

      1. Sand_Cat May 28, 2015

        Very clever. More fantasies.

      2. AlCum May 28, 2015

        Romney pulled his own ripcord, chief.

    2. dpaano July 20, 2015

      But he was senile…..he had a good excuse LOL!!!!

  21. bwkdad May 27, 2015

    Oh boo hoo, the press is unfair to hillary and they just want a republican president. Hillary is facing some real ethical questions about her tenure as Secretary of State. The donations to the Clinton foundation and the known cover up attempts for the mess in Libya that left four Americans dead. Telling the families of those killed they were going to get the guy that produced a video. The email dump during this period leave some serious ethical questions. The clintons have been very good over the years diverting attention from their scandals to other folks. My favorite use of this tactic was when a prosecutor was given the nick name, Ken “Porn” Star when it was bill that got the bee jay from the intern in the Oval Office.

    1. judi May 27, 2015

      Give me a break…..

    2. Frank Ambessi May 28, 2015

      25 years later and The Clintons continue to make your hair bleed.. Booo Hoo

      1. bwkdad May 28, 2015

        I don’t care tht you are laughing your fat arse off.

        1. Frank Ambessi May 31, 2015

          not what you`re mother said last night #Jerkoff

    3. Willie Wilson Jr May 28, 2015

      No one complained about the thousands that died in Iraq over a bs war that brush lied to us about
      .And you complain and forget

      1. bwkdad May 28, 2015

        Uh, didn’t senator Clinton vote for us to engage in that war?

        1. Sand_Cat May 28, 2015

          Based on lies from the GOP, yes. Sad when Congress can’t trust the president on something as important as that, but no surprise. He obviously relied mostly on people like you.

        2. dpaano July 20, 2015

          Based on lies told by Bush, Cheney, Rove & Rice….remember? The ones about WMD that never, surprisingly enough, were ever found? A lot of politicians voted for the war based on these lies….at least Hillary admit that she would have voted differently had the real truth been known.

    4. rt5guide May 28, 2015

      Did you happen to notice that you ignored everything in the article EXCEPT the Clintons. I guess the gist of the article was dead on. I’m sure that Mr. Conason is smiling,as he well should be.

      1. bwkdad May 28, 2015

        This article was written for hillary ‘s bennefit.

        1. Sand_Cat May 28, 2015

          And your lies are written for stupidity’s sake.

    5. Sally Stewart May 28, 2015

      You must only pay attention to the political media mentioned in the article, because the official reports, of which there are several & led by Republicans, have found no “cover up” of Benghazi…

      1. bwkdad May 28, 2015

        Uh, could have been some evidence in that massive email dump of hillary. There is the FACT that she lied about the stupid video, but what difference does it make?

        1. Sand_Cat May 28, 2015

          It could have contained her correspondence with Martians, too. No wonder GOP candidates can get away with murder: idiots like you will support them regardless.

          1. dpaano July 20, 2015

            And, as the article above notes….how quickly they gloss over the e-mall problems on their own side; i.e., Powell & Rice. They don’t seem to want to discuss that at all!

        2. AlCum May 28, 2015

          Do you make this up as you go along, or are you parroting from a script?

        3. Sally Stewart May 29, 2015

          Yes, that works for you, there must be something juicy in deleted emails–however, where is the proof Hillary lied about the “stupid video”, as you so eloquently put it? Perhaps it would do you well to set aside your hate of the Clinton’s, clear your mind so it can let facts sink in & read what the investigative reports have produced (led by Republicans) & for added emphasis read Michael Morrel’s piece at Politico titled,”Debunking the Benghazi Myths” & David Kirkpatrick’s piece from New York Times—it’s not that mistakes weren’t made in Benghazi, but it’s not the boogeyman you want it to be & take note that some of the blame was put on Ambassador Stevens as well.

    6. Sand_Cat May 28, 2015

      Benghazi “coverup” known by whom? Ignorant morons such as you?

    7. AlCum May 28, 2015

      LOLZ!! Keep on floggin’ those phony non-troversies!

  22. joe schmo May 27, 2015

    What the Clinton’s have done and do IS scandalous, and there’s way too many Repubs to pick on yet, like in the last election 🙂 Genius….I have to say, pure genius….

    1. Larry Wasnesky May 28, 2015

      I guess you did not read the article.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker May 28, 2015

        Schmomo can’t read. He just opens his yap and out it comes…until the trashman comes to collect the garbage.

      2. idamag May 28, 2015

        When hitler marched into Russia and executed entire villages and the siege of St. Petersburg left many people dead of starvation and freezing to death, Russia did not treat East Germans like guests. Many of those nazis escaped to the United States, The united States, thanks to the john birth society, which was an offshoot of nazism, became communist phobic. They helped those former nazis, from Germany escape from East Germany. We let some pretty undesirable people into this country who had destroyed their own Democracy. joe schmo is the son of some of those former nazis and therefore is not one to know what true Democracy is.

      3. Sand_Cat May 28, 2015

        It wouldn’t have made any difference if he did or didn’t. Facts never intrude when they contradict a Joe Schmo argument.

    2. Eleanore Whitaker May 28, 2015

      What’s genius about the GOP billionaire pimps putting all of their GOP political prostitutes in their stable out there? Each GOP candidate is NOT a candidate but a campaign donation money maker..I know you think intelligent people have not figured this out already. Think again.

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 29, 2015

        you know the real bad part to all this GOP bull crap ? its the people how stupid are the people of this country ? thy keep voting and putting these GOP gang of idiots in office knowing thy care only for the 1&2 % greedy bastard . and even then the greedy bastards will be the first to drop and dump the GOP gang of idiots after the get what thy want out of them . by right its the stupid people’s fault of all this country’s problems

        1. Eleanore Whitaker May 29, 2015

          I had the misfortune of working for 3 CEOs on their annual budgets. I also live in the state that created Pay to Play. (NJ). One NJ mayor back in the late 1950s got in a real pickle over Pay to Play. He was a medical doctor.

          Never let it be said that businesses in the US do not include campaign donations in their line items in budgets.

          To show how significant this practice is, these line items are in the top 10 ranking in every annual budget.

          Quite sadly, our votes mean zero. It’s mostly just an effort to avoid appearing to violate our Constitutional voting rights.

          Consider how massive the effect on a presidential election, the electoral votes are. Who are they electoral votes coming from? According to the interpretation of the Constitution? The Electoral College. Who are the Electoral College votes coming from? Electors almost always pledged to particular presidential and vice presidential candidates. The electors of the Electoral College correspond to the 435 members of the House of Representatives, 100 senators, and the three additional electors from the District of Columbia.

          So..as you can see, the GOP knows that elections based on our votes are really just a ruse to keep the public from thinking they pay taxes that are really political patronage.

          1. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 29, 2015

            im sorry for you living there in NJ where the beached whale is messing up your state . none the less it’s still the stupid people that keep putting these GOP gang of idiots in office . and the sad part it is so easy to see what the GOP wants to do for the other 98 to 99 % of the people of the country. whats wrong with this pic. ? do the people have so much hate that it makes them blind ?

          2. Eleanore Whitaker May 29, 2015

            Since I have lived in NJ 68 years…my entire life, I can tell you beached whales are a rarity. I live less than 5 miles from the nearest beaches. I was also a Republican for 33 years until 2004 when I refused to allow my country to become the United States of Texas. Everything the red state politicians do is to weaken the economies of the blue states so more of our money goes to their states.

          3. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 30, 2015

            the beached whale I was talking about and being sorry about is Chris Christie . as for who I vote for I vote for the one’s that want to work for and help the most of the people in the country and that’s the DEMS . the GOP gang of idiots only stand for 1& 2 % of the people . the rick greedy bastards . thy can’t even give a rats butt about the stupid people that vote for them . thy lie to the people and send out a hate that sticks to people . im Trish, Scottish ,French Ca. , English . so one might say im whiter then white . but the GOP is white but with so much hate .and its spreads like a cancer . I hate only the haters as for my race im of the human race . the war the dirty bush and cheezy chainy started and their baby ISIS have and go’s on wasting money that takes away from the people . and if that isn’t bad enough then the GOP give so much to the greedy bastards in breaks and loop holes . if the 1&2 % was to just be paying a fair and same % as the rest of the country. then a lot of our problems would be better off . when Clinton was in office and by time he left the country didn’t owe money . we was on the + side . with the dirty bush in now we owe so much and our bank is China . and thy are next to hit the world watch and see . all the bull that is going on in the middle east now with ISIS and all funny you never hear China in any of the help there . all thy do is give the USA more money . that we have to pay back all these wars and b/s we don’t get any of this money back its thrown out the window .

    3. Sand_Cat May 28, 2015

      No surprise here. Typical of your hypocrisy and blindness.

    4. alwaysthink June 7, 2015

      What? What scandal? There is no scandal except in the addled minds of RW operatives who push this nonsense out and the gullible, lazy press who picks it up and creates a meme.

      And what about Karl Rove’s Crossroad and the Romney camp’s American Rising who now have phony “liberal” social media accounts to push these anti-Hillary meme out into pop culture? http://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/17/us/politics/the-right-aims-at-democrats-on-social-media-to-hit-clinton.html?_r=0

      1. dpaano July 20, 2015

        And what a 20+ individuals that were part Reagan’s administration who were indicted, and in most cases, jailed for various reasons….why don’t we hear more about that? Funny that we don’t hear much about that.

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